Even the Left Has Had Enough of Author Michael Wolff

It is a rule of American politics that, eventually, the left will eat their own. You see it happen over and over again. It’s the very nature of “progressivism” that you have to keep feeding the beast. Thus, heroes who were champions of progress a decade ago become fodder for the new wave. This happens with regularity in the concentric circles of feminism and it happens in mainstream politics as well. You’ll recall with a grin how many Democrats suddenly turned on Bill Clinton late last year.

Apparently, though, sometimes it doesn’t take decades for the left to get a taste for their own blood. In the case of author Michael Wolff, it only took a couple of months. It wasn’t long ago that everyone in the media was reading his book, Fire and Fury, with Joe Kennedy-esque drool dripping from their collective mouths. They beat each other over the head just to be the first to publish the latest insane excerpt from the book. Not since the days of Kitty Kelly had a volume of abject Washington gossip received this much attention.

Wolff began wearing out his welcome rather quickly as the more responsible members of the liberal media started to suspect his book was not just boring and overhyped, but rather poorly sourced. In addition to over-relying on Steve Bannon for quotes and a point-of-view, Wolff took the liberty of including everything from hard news to random idle gossip in his 300+ page expose of the Trump White House. And while that gave websites from here to HuffPo plenty of clickbait to work with, it undermined the super-serious business of destroying the Trump presidency. For that reason alone, the media started to distance themselves from a book that even THEY could recognize as #fakenews.

But things got really nasty when Wolff went on Bill Maher’s program to make the claim that among the rumors he left out of the book was one where President Trump was having an affair right now, currently, in the Oval Office. Wolff refused to say any more than that, but he did drop an unmistakable clue by saying astute readers could read between the lines of a paragraph near the end of the book. It was there that amateur detectives found Wolff slyly noting that Trump had been  “spending a notable amount of private time with [UN Ambassador Nikki Haley on Air Force One and was seen to be grooming her for a national political future.”

On MSNBC Thursday morning, Wolff was a guest on the Morning Joe panel, and Mika Brzezinski – certainly no fan of this administration – decided she’d had enough.

After being asked if it was appropriate for him to make that kind of wild allegation, the author insisted: “I didn’t go after her, but what I found puzzling was that she would deny something she wasn’t accused of.”

“You’re slurring a woman. It’s disgraceful,” Mika said.

Wolff said, “She’s been accused of nothing…Certainly I didn’t accuse her of anything.”

At which point Mika told him to hit the road. “This is awkward, you’re on the set with us. I’m sorry, but you’re done.”

So say we all.

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  1. Excuse me while I slap my jaw shut…. Mika did the right thing….
    And for a Conservative no less…..

  2. God willing their all done.😇

    • Check your English first

      • My reply to AmazeTech also applies to you!

        • You are a liberal and ignorant. I don’t know what Lana said because I blocked her. You may need to be blocked for your arrogance.

          • Liberal and ignorant? Definitely a wrong assumption. If you did not know what Lana said then what prompted your reply “Check your English first.” By the way you forgot the period (.) in your reply. You may now block me sweetie.

          • You are blocked. Hatefulness is not appreciated by anyone.

            PS: Since it was not a full sentence, it did not need a period.

            Sweetie boy!

          • 👍👍👍

          • Back at ya’!

          • fight nice kids!

          • Thanks, I got a laugh out of that!

          • Hey whatever your differences – thank you both Andy Ruby and AmazeTech, for your Service!

          • It was my HONOR to serve. Thanks.

          • Just my two cents worth here. Not every one had the good fortune to go to college and become a teacher or flight surgeon. Some barely got through high school. Attacking someones spelling or punctuation is low class.It is uncalled for.
            Personal attacks should be left at the door. carry on soldier

          • The only reason I got to attend & graduate from college is because I served. I had no money to go to school without the GI Bill. I grew up poor as so many have.

            Was just trying to help.

          • Something went wrong. My comment went to the wrong location. Sorry. Computer is acting up. Thank you for your service. Mine was 58-61 US ARMY.. Again I do apologize.

          • Thank YOU for your service, too. Mine was US Army ’64-’67. We are all PROUD Veterans. Wish more people were patriotic and loved this country.

            No apology needed.

          • I agree. That’s enough of the grammar, punctuation, and spelling lessons. Let’s focus on what’s really important: making fun of anti-America demonicrats.

          • Correct AmazeTech. “Hatefull is not appreciated by anyone.” Your hateful replies here have earned you an “F” in attitude and a block party. You are now blocked from my screen for your attitude. You insult Veterans…I am a Veteran.

          • As am I, a Veteran, and proud to be one! I served in the Army from ’64-’67.
            When were you in?

      • Liberal smugness, you used their instead of they’re, your statement is invalid. I was in a hurry because I had to go to work, which you I’m sure wouldn’t understand. You know trolling conservative sites hoping to spot a mistake you can smugly point out so you don’t have to make any kind of point yourself, because liberals generally can’t, isn’t actually a job right? It’s a silly, useless childish pastime that accomplishes nothing. So it’s not a surprise so many liberals indulge in it.

    • they are = they’re

      • Spelling police? Is this all you have to say? Also, hope “their”,” they are”, or “they’re” are all done! The comment Natalie made is understood & I agree with her! I am sure you never spelled a word wrong and/or used it in the wrong context. Sarcasm, if you did not recognize it! You are another far left wing whack job who should pull your head out of where the sun does not shine before you suffocate. Never mind let it in there.

        • You have it wrong. I am a veteran (Vietnam) and a proud conservative. I am proud of our country and PRESIDENT TRUMP. Just wanted to help when spelling is a weakness.

          Now quit jumping to conclusions like a liberal!

          • USAF 63-67 & a Nam Era veteran also! So do not use your veteran status to impress me. If that is all you had to say, it would lead one too believe what I suspected. Again, have you ever spelled a word wrong or used a word in the wrong context? If you say no, you lie! Also, it came across as a put down. You best look at the many weakness’s you probably have.

          • You don’t impress me with your replies, either. I served in Army from ’64-’67 so almost contemporary. I also taught English, which is why I notice spelling errors.

            “…would lead one too believe…” should be “to believe”.

            Now buzz off you arrogant idiot.

          • Your defensive attitude here cost you a lot of credibility AmazeTech. Go take a cold shower.

          • Making corrections is not a defensive attitude, but being insulting toward someone, for no reason, is.

          • Thank you for your service to America Andy. Me, USAF 61-65, also Nahm Era Veteran.

          • Thanks for yours also.

          • Nobody owes us a living for our contribution. We just tried to help keep the Greatest Nation on Earth safe. We have passed the torch and it is up to our followers to keep running. Dogs bark, but the caravan moves on! God Bless you, your family and loved ones as we strive to keep America Great! Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Liberty.

          • Well said.

    • Ignore the spelling police, since they are far left loony tunes & have nothing substantive to say.

    • Natalie, you are right. My previous spelling comment was just FYI stuff, but Andy Ruby got triggered like a liberal.

    • God’s lazy or tardy. Where’s he been for the last 2000 years? Useless git!

  3. It’s more Fake News folks…

    Michael Wolff however laughed all the way to the bank!!

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  4. Aside from the fact that he is a liar, as well as being fat, ugly and stupid, he’s a great guy, just the kind of guy you would expect to be working for the Demoncrats!

  5. The Obammunists are increasingly desperate as one gambit and hoax after another fails to reverse the 2016 election and put America’s Madame Mao in the presidency. They are floating and then discarding canards with increasing rapidity, largely because the tissues of lies are increasingly flimsy and obvious. Wolff’s trademark scurrilous trash was intended to dovetail with another run of the “Goldwater” play, in which leftist “psychiatrist” Bandy Lee diagnosed the President as insane, demented, stupid or all three, after which the President was to be clapped in a straitjacket and hustled into Dr. Streisand’s Twenty-fifth Amendment Asylum to be “examined” and then removed from office. These wheels did not even stay on the wagon for a week, as Wolff’s screed was almost immediately exposed as a fabrication by those ostensibly quoted in it, and at the same time Lee was revealed to be unlicensed, uncredentialed and quite possibly not actually a physician. Both of them are now well along down the road to Trivial Pursuit, with Khizr Khan in front of them and Stormy Daniels behind them, but sadly there will be many more.

    • Replace your elected dotard with Obama, add Stormy to this and all the moronic tweets. There is no way to describe how you would act. Focus.

      • actually kenyan boyo the racist illegal alien rag loving communist leg humping ahole was “replaced” by an adult instead of another hore like the ho clintoney or the socialist $lut bernhole…now if we can just get that african ahole to leave the country forever and take a bunch of the rats that run for office as democrapo hos there is a good chance the the USA stands to return to greatness….well we will still have to ship a bunch of the morons in the bowel licking movement, the new black pu$$ies, the aclu, the southern poverty lawless center and the murderers in the unplanned parenthood group to re education camps for a few years…

      • I guess I am one of the lucky ones. The other 65 comments are all some sort of personal abuse about the appearance, ehtnicity, cleanliness or intellect of the poster. This one is just incomprehensible, but probably good enough to get $15 an hour from Soros.

      • Waah-na? you really have to go out of your way to act as if your “enlightened” left never tweet anything moronic – as we all know, they are such downright Constitution loving, real honest-to-goodness Americans that would never Dream of turning the USA into a deep state communist 3rd world country, it just happens by accident while they’re all getting stoned and OBozo and Hildabeast are run-amok on the loose.

    • Obamunist is a real nugget! Do you mind if I use it in some of my future posts?

  6. This wimpy little snot should never have seen the light of day! He wrote a trash book without a shred of truth to any of it. He is as vetted an author as Pelosi is a congresswoman…not! Both just lying twits.

  7. I thought libel and slander were against the law. Shouldn’t Wolf-ie be prosecuted? I’m being factitious, of course; those laws are only applied to conservatives.

  8. Sure the likes of sleazy slime ball Chuckiee, Piglosi, Kerosine Waters, etc. are not among them.

  9. William L. Ramsburg


  10. Michael Wolff, Christopher Steele, what is the difference? Both have exited stage left and the next “wonderful source” will come on the scene! How about the big mouth liar, James Comey? He certainly has a big imagination!

  11. This “Michael ‘Mikey’ Wolff” is Nothing but A Total AH … Period!!!!!!!! Needs to be Arrested for Slander – this isn’t “Freedom of Speech” here …. it’s Plain “”””””””SLANDER””””””””” and especially of OUR POTUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WTF has “Our Country” become ….. these Days, duh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I want it “””””FIXED”””””” and “””””FIXED””””” …………………………….”NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
    PEOPLE OF THIS CRAZY BS NATURE AND SLANDEROUS CRAP OF OUR “””POTUS””” ARE “”SIMPLY”” GOING TO GET SHOT, IT IN THE AIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Has anybody noticed that Andy Ruby upvotes himself?

  13. For once Mika got something right. Wollf is one of the more slimy members of the liberal Democrat party. Even Mika could not stand him.

  14. More, more, more from Michael Wolff!

  15. Michael Wolff is a fool! He is an intellectually dishonest fool! But worst of all, he is a God hating fool! He will lose everything!

  16. Wolf is history!

  17. I love it when the predators dine on one another.

  18. Slimeball Leftist trying to disgrace our president with his own Slimeball trash life! Disgusting.

    And the Left wonders why the rest of the World just shakes their heads in disgust when they make such fools of themselves. Sad thing is Leftists never learn by their mistakes but just keep doing the same dumb things over and over again until they get caught. That for sure is a FOOL!

  19. I wouldn’t waste my time with this loser.

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