Even the Left Has Had Enough of Author Michael Wolff

It is a rule of American politics that, eventually, the left will eat their own. You see it happen over and over again. It’s the very nature of “progressivism” that you have to keep feeding the beast. Thus, heroes who were champions of progress a decade ago become fodder for the new wave. This happens with regularity in the concentric circles of feminism and it happens in mainstream politics as well. You’ll recall with a grin how many Democrats suddenly turned on Bill Clinton late last year.

Apparently, though, sometimes it doesn’t take decades for the left to get a taste for their own blood. In the case of author Michael Wolff, it only took a couple of months. It wasn’t long ago that everyone in the media was reading his book, Fire and Fury, with Joe Kennedy-esque drool dripping from their collective mouths. They beat each other over the head just to be the first to publish the latest insane excerpt from the book. Not since the days of Kitty Kelly had a volume of abject Washington gossip received this much attention.

Wolff began wearing out his welcome rather quickly as the more responsible members of the liberal media started to suspect his book was not just boring and overhyped, but rather poorly sourced. In addition to over-relying on Steve Bannon for quotes and a point-of-view, Wolff took the liberty of including everything from hard news to random idle gossip in his 300+ page expose of the Trump White House. And while that gave websites from here to HuffPo plenty of clickbait to work with, it undermined the super-serious business of destroying the Trump presidency. For that reason alone, the media started to distance themselves from a book that even THEY could recognize as #fakenews.

But things got really nasty when Wolff went on Bill Maher’s program to make the claim that among the rumors he left out of the book was one where President Trump was having an affair right now, currently, in the Oval Office. Wolff refused to say any more than that, but he did drop an unmistakable clue by saying astute readers could read between the lines of a paragraph near the end of the book. It was there that amateur detectives found Wolff slyly noting that Trump had been  “spending a notable amount of private time with [UN Ambassador Nikki Haley on Air Force One and was seen to be grooming her for a national political future.”

On MSNBC Thursday morning, Wolff was a guest on the Morning Joe panel, and Mika Brzezinski – certainly no fan of this administration – decided she’d had enough.

After being asked if it was appropriate for him to make that kind of wild allegation, the author insisted: “I didn’t go after her, but what I found puzzling was that she would deny something she wasn’t accused of.”

“You’re slurring a woman. It’s disgraceful,” Mika said.

Wolff said, “She’s been accused of nothing…Certainly I didn’t accuse her of anything.”

At which point Mika told him to hit the road. “This is awkward, you’re on the set with us. I’m sorry, but you’re done.”

So say we all.

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