Even Liberal Media Confesses: Maxine Waters’ Hypocrisy is “Cringe-Worthy”

When a liberal politician like Rep. Maxine Waters can draw condemnation from the liberal media, like, whoa, you know she stepped in it.

Not only is Waters a progressive, she’s a BLACK, FEMALE progressive, which puts her on such hallowed ground that we’re shocked that anyone at the Washington Post dared to take a swipe at her. Not only is she a BLACK, FEMALE Democrat, but she’s someone who has never had one good thing to say about Donald Trump. That doesn’t just put her above criticism in liberal circles, it makes her a kind of living deity.

This is a woman that is so cherished by the leftist media that when Trump had the audacity to question her IQ (a fair and reasonable question for anyone who has listened to this woman speak), the left said it was a racist attack.

But the Washington Post’s Aaron Blake couldn’t hold his tongue when Waters went on MSNBC this week and made a fool of herself. Perhaps cognizant of her low IQ, host Chris Hayes kindly asked Waters to explain how it was that she could say former FBI Director James Comey had no credibility when he was in charge of Hillary Clinton’s email investigation, but now rush to his defense as he gallops around on his anti-Trump book tour.

Her answer was one for the ages.

“I’ve tried to clarify that and to say, yes, coming out of that classified briefing, I said that, and I certainly meant it,” she said. “However, I think it is quite different when you take a look at Comey and his relationship to the president, what he said, what he’s done. I believe him. So then was then and now is now.”


Blake writes:

Part of being a politician is showing that you have some consistent moral compass — that you don’t just promote things and people because they say things you like and denounce them when it’s inconvenient. Saying Comey has “no credibility” means he lacks character and can’t be trusted to tell the truth. That doesn’t really change with circumstances and with the passage of 15 months.

What’s more, Waters said she “certainly meant it” when she said Comey had no credibility. So either she’s acknowledging that she is a bad judge of credibility (and probably shouldn’t be trusted to judge it today), or she’s admitting to a thoroughly convenient political evolution.

Politicians aren’t viewed as the most consistent and trustworthy people; in fact, Gallup polling shows that members of Congress are basically tied with lobbyists as the least-trusted of 21 professions tested. And sometimes they show us why.

To be fair, though, she may not be smart enough to see the hypocrisy in her answer. Why attribute to malice what we could just as easily attribute to idiocy?

Oh, but that’s racist. We forgot.

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