EU Turning on Israel? America Could Soon Stand Alone

President Obama has done significant damage to a once iron-clad partnership between the United States and Israel, but they remain close allies despite the friction. If reports coming out of the European Union are right, though, we could soon stand alone in our defense of the country. According to a secret document that has been distributed to each of the EU’s 28 member states, plans are in progress to hit Israel with harsh sanctions if they move forward with continued settlement development.

The sanctions, still in the early stages of consideration, could include trade restrictions, limited governmental cooperation, and compulsory labels for products made in the West Bank. They come as a result of increased concern among European governments over what they view as Israeli aggression against the Palestinians. There is fear that Israel’s continued occupation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem could make a 2-state solution impossible in the future.

Avigdor Lieberman, the Israeli foreign minister, has said there should be no connection between the country’s Palestinian conflicts and their relationship with Europe. “One thing should be clear: we will never accept the definition of building in Jewish neighborhoods as settlement activity. We won’t accept any limitation on building in Jewish areas of Jerusalem.”

EU Liberals Blind to History

It is becoming increasingly clear that a true peace between Israel and the Arab world is not to be had, at least not within our lifetimes. What is disturbing is how quickly European liberals (to say nothing of their American counterparts) have forgotten history. This is not a war that Israel asked for. While you may have your thoughts on their unwillingness to compromise, you must consider the kind of violence and rhetoric they see from the other side.

One of the biggest myths sold by the Islamic world is that this conflict is centuries in the making. That’s really not the case. Jews lived and thrived under Arab governments for much of the last thousand years. While they were oppressed under an Islamic majority, they were allowed to practice their religion in peace. They were not seen as some great enemy to Islam. That all changed when Nazi propaganda began to filter down into Egypt and the rest of the Middle East. Today’s Arab intolerance for the Jews is not just similar to the views of the Third Reich; they are directly influenced by them.

After a humiliating defeat in what came to be known as the Six Day War, Arab countries became more susceptible than ever to the lure of fundamentalist Islam. The population became convinced that it was their Westernization that had caused God to favor Israel in the fight. This shift laid the foundation for everything we’ve seen since: the Iranian Revolution, the formation of al Qaeda, and an absolute, abiding hatred for the West.

Peace is not possible under these circumstances. Until we have another massive shift in the Arab world, the fundamentalists and the terrorists will continue to grow stronger. With that strength – largely buoyed by rampant anti-Semitism – they will continue to attack Israel and its allies until they win or are destroyed. Sanctioning Israel in such a situation is worse than misguided; it borders on evil.

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  1. The EU has always been Anti Semite. What is new!

  2. If it isn’t a war Israel asked for, they should stop building settlements in disputed land in violation of INTERNATIONAL LAW. THAT is why the World is coming down on them. NOT the “liberals in Europe” The entire world. With the exception of the US because we need a launching pad for our continuous policy of war and regime building, in addition to the fact that our spineless politicians are afraid to turn their back on AIPAC and its $$

    • Ahhhhhhhh…spoken like a true Liberal LibTurd…with your head jammed so far up your chicken s*it arse you can’t breath!! Israel needs to protect themselves…….if it means destruction of their enemied, then so be it!! Just like YOUR empt suit Prez. Obongoloid. How many times has he called out who our enemies are and done NOTHIUNG to sdtop them?? How man times has he drawn “Red lines in the sand 9i.e. Syria. Iran, Russia) and done ABSOLUTELY nothing about when the lines are clealy crossed?? How many time has he lied to the American people and the rest of the world?? Obozo is weak, has no true/real allies in the world….he is judt a loser and will go doen in history as the WORST President ever!

        • Well Said??? That was barely intelligible Did he spell one sentence correctly?? Violating International Law is not defending themselves, it is provoking them. Ye reap what ye sow

          • You know , people like you just do nothing but have negative attitudes, bring people down , just because someone does not comment the way YOU think they should, misspelled words, etc,, who made you the JUDGE , JURY on the comments here… Maybe someone may have a disability of sort, hmmmm ? Get a life, OKAY ?

          • Your existence is a violation…. International law what a joke… it is like the KKK making rules for blacks to live under. It is a violation to store missiles in neighborhoods, schools, and hospitals and build tunnels into another country and shot rockets indiscriminately at civilian population, but you hear nothing from the UN on this. It is also against the UN to wear uniforms of your enemy to infiltrate a country and kidnap civilians, but no condemnation on this. Seems you and the Nazis have a double standard.

    • The dipstick progtard is heard from. Guess who doesn’t care what trolly boy says?

      • You morons are hilarious. 28 European nations and many non euro nations are united in the belief that Israel bears some blame, but to you morons it is because they’re all “liberal”

        The whole world is liberals, except those who think the way you do. Same with the media. It’s one big conspiracy of liberalism. When it’s just you tin foil helmet wearing idiots and some dolts on fox it’s time to question whether its just you

        • Most of the middle east belongs to the Jews, read your bible…the others are squatters.

        • YOU NEED to stop with critizing everyone… ISRAEL are our friends, period… i agree with them, they must protect themselves, they are not perfect, NO ONE IS BUT, THE MAN ABOVE, HE IS THE ONLY ONE ! What you need to remember , you sure as heck are not one of them ! LOL !

          • Isreal IS our friend, not “are” Hey dummy. Did you thinks the Japs had to protect themselves from us? Or do you think pearl harbor was instigation? Israel is instigating these attacks. They maybe our friends, but that doesn’t mean you ignore their behavior no matter what they do

          • Okay Turbo Turtle, try again… changing your name will not do you any good, as I CAN report you again… I do not need any of your spelling or speaking lessons MORON ! GET LOST !

          • Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha,,,,,,,

          • Jimmy King the KKK Nazi…. or are you just another Muslim Terrorist sympathizer or wanabee. You have your head up Obamas rear and need to come out for a breath.

        • He, ha, ha, ha,,,,,what a maroon! Keep it up trolly boy, you’re stupid, but funny.

        • They are Nazis like you… they are socialist corrupt lazy parasites that will not pay their own way. The US still foots the bill for most of their protection and pays to be at bases to do it. Fact is they have accepted Nazi Muslims in their mist and are now afraid of them. I say let Europe fall and pull out of the old corrupt country and when cry for held tell them to f off. It is amazing that you support the lynch mob mentality…but immoral people without character tend to do that.

    • Muslims are in control of UN and they only condom Israel, never Muslims and it them talking Israel they cannot build in their own land. Israel should kick all the Muslims out of Israel. fact is Israel has given back more land capture during the Muslims attempt to eliminate them than they have now. Israel is a small dot in and ocean of land in the middle east. It is like New York city compare to the rest of the US. I guess you feel that is to much space for them too.

  3. Ah! the narrow mindedness and envy of the lower class of society. The French with most of Europe have allowed the muslins to move in, now they are citizens, they vote and they get elected and they use their power to advance their ideology. Just because they were born in different countries it does not make them better or smarter people .
    But on the other end the jewish people have voted all along for the wrong party. So now we have a Muslim lover, and jew hater in the white House which was elected with the help of American Jews. What an irony!
    I have lost faith in any common sense anything in this corrupted world………

  4. The U.S. stand alone with Israel? I think o has made is perfectly clear he does NOT stand with Israel. He thinks he’s being subtle – it’s not working.

    • That halfbreed mooselum, communist, terrorist is in love with himself! He has visions of a one world government, of which he sets his halfbreed ass up as king. Hopefully he’ll be treated just like he did the world’s best sniper… The BIG question is, Why is America allowing an undocumented terrorist to remain in the white house for so long??

    • Obama is a Muslim just like his father and as one it is okay to lie to infidels, Christians, non Muslims and we have seen Obama is a habitual liar. Just as the Muslims hate the US, Obama does also and his latest threat concerning illegal immigrants (economic and cultural terrorist) shows he hates America and its people for he knows millions more will come and this will cause greater difference between the wealthy and middle class and poor. This will promote division and Obama is all about divide an concur. Lower wages, more taxes are coming.

      • But obamy sure likes taking all those VACATIONS on “We the PEOPLES” money. When is he/she going to earn its keeps?

        • Shows all his concern on global warming when he has a carbon foot print of a small town.

        • Obama has his own agenda and while in office will do
          as he pleases. He has already shown us that with what
          he has done with the Illegal Aliens, Obama does not
          respect our laws. He needs to leave the White House
          before his term is up, one way or another.

          • Sorry to say, but your wrong…. it will be just like the Clintons…. write more books and get millions even if it does not sell …. make speeches and get paid millions …. just like the Clintons…. your daughters need a job…. they got it and will be 10 times what others are paid …. just like the Clintons…… Obama has helped them steal trillions of dollars and kept the poor poor and decreased the pay of the middle class and that will be rewarded for the greater the differences in income the more power they have …. this is all about the haves and have nots and bring in terrorist and rioters to make the people fear thus creating more government power with more spying and cameras everywhere giving more control and keeping the people in check and the classes of people where they being under their control…. the newest immigration is to also bring in hundreds of thousands of high tech immigrants under B6 visa which will bring down wages more…. this after shifting millions of high paying jobs overseas…. the billions have made promises to Obama if he does this and they will pay up later or no other president will believe them in the future.

      • If Obama thinks the New World Government Elites are going
        to accept him after he leaves office and the NWG takes
        over the world, Obama is in for a big surprise. He is just
        another slave doing the NWG ‘s work.

    • obamy is a FRAUD, And the demoncrapic party backed this FRAUD. Therefore; the demoncrapic party is against a FREE United States of America……

    • He is a Muslim…..

  5. obama is a muslim. Under the koran,you can lie if it promotes islam.

    8:65 “O Prophet! rouse the Believers to the fight.”
    al-Lah (so-called “Allah”) about the “wishy-washy” (or so-called “moderate”) Muslims in his Qur’an 33:23, 24 “…and punish the Hypocrites”

    3:110 “Ye are the best of peoples, evolved for mankind” (Muslims)
    vs. 8:55 “vilest of animals” (kuffar, unbelievers) + 98:6 “They (unbelievers) are the worst of created beings” The same concept like “Adolf Nazi” with his Aryan cult: “SUPERmen vs. subhuman beings”

    • You have MISQUOTED the Holy Book.
      Try these edits in the bible, that’s what is happening
      Kill those who are not Christian or Jewish:

      You must kill those who worship another god. Exodus 22:20

      Kill any friends or family that worship a god that is different than your own. Deuteronomy 13:6-10

      Kill all the inhabitants of any city where you find people that worship differently than you. Deuteronomy 13:12-16

      Kill everyone who has religious views that are different than your own. Deuteronomy 17:2-7

      Kill anyone who refuses to listen to a priest. Deuteronomy 17:12-13

      Kill any false prophets. Deuteronomy 18:20

      Any city that doesn’t receive the followers of Jesus will be destroyed in a manner even more savage than that of Sodom and Gomorrah. Mark 6:11

      Jude reminds us that God destroys those who don’t believe in him. Jude 5

      • Yes, and that God is Jesus Christ.

      • Now YOU are misquoting scripture. What kind of Bible are you quoting anyway……there are so many now that are NOTHING like the original translation. That is one thing that is hurting the Gospel….so many of these Bible translations are FAR OFF. AND, the Old Testament is for our example and was meant for those people back then, NOT for us to copy. God created this Universe, He can do whatever he wants to do. I pray that you will find Him before it is too late. If everyone would just live like the Bible says, even if you don’t believe, we would have peace on Earth – No need for guns, no hunger, no evil, no need for police or military, no need for taxes, no need for government, etc., etc., etc. Even atheists have to agree with that fact. God bless you!

        • I am not the bible i was requoting it.
          As you mentioned too many Gospels too much confusion, unlike the Holy Quran one book all over the world no errors.
          God bless you.
          So far in recoded history there have only 225 year’s of peace.

      • satanic aholes

    • 8.65 is for the Muslims to fight the enemies, up to that time killing Jews and Christians was not allowed.

      Sahih International: O Prophet, urge the believers to battle. If there are among you twenty [who are] steadfast, they will overcome two hundred. And if there are among you one hundred [who are] steadfast, they will overcome a thousand of those who have disbelieved because they are a people who do not understand.

      Muslims are the best of people in the eyes of Allah whats wrong with that.
      Your bible has porno blessings in it.

  6. what the European Union is suggesting is the same thing Adolf Hitler did in world war ll. these people nothing but nazis, what are they going to do next start building FEMA camps over there like they have done in the United States. and here is the most important thing all of you should remember the Israelis are God’s chosen people. I also wish there was some way to let the Palestinian people live next to all of those who think Israel is wrong let’s see how long you people would put up with somebody bombing and killing your family and children and do nothing about it hypocrites every last one of you

  7. EU. Friends of Israel through thick and thin. What do you suppose Hitler might have done to the Jews in Europe if not for those EU Countries who were our “friends?” There would have been a holocaust. So let’s not forget how much we depend upon their good graces?

    • They were protecting their own butts…. they did little to get back all the stolen property of the Jews for they kept it themselves.

  8. Tell the EU, The UN, John Kerry< and all the other blow hearts to stick it. I am sick of th whole bunch who don't do a thing for the world except talk- The US should stop funding the EU & The UN – hear again no guts

  9. NOT SURPRISING… After the treatment of Obama, the Socialist Democrats to our Allies who are our friends , will no longer be… I have predicted this a while back after how he treated Israel, Putin, which I thought was rude, NOT necessary , but then he is not our Buddy ,but we did have a cordial relationship with Putin… he did NOT like OBAMA, he is NOT alone…. THIS ADMINISTRATION HAS DONE SOOOOO MUCH DAMAGE TO THIS COUNTRY… what is amazing how the Democrats have shown thier TRUE COLORS through all this, ENEMIES IS A MILD CALL !! WE will prevail America !

    • Could you tell us who exactly WE are?

    • Look what a fool he made of us and himself in China…Totally no class…very evil man?? or girl. The girl Obama.

      • I agree, but Obama proved one thing to me, he could chew gum and walk at the same time.

        • Liars usually can… it seems that Gum is their security blanket, have you ever notice that about someone that is a known liar or con artist, they are chewing gum, true story… take notice when Obama is getting on or off air force one or the helicopter he is chewing Gum… even notice him chewing gum at a funeral , the news noticed & remarked about it… he has NO CLASS !

        • He am sure can more exiting things while chewing gum.

      • Doesn’t it just make you see red when someone takes YOU for a Dummy or a Fool ? Especially wearing the” SMOCK ” { AS I CALL IT } & Under Garment like the other China man, when he was shown on TV I had a great laugh, ” PHONY LIAR ” , looked rediculous, what he was trying to prove, was way out in left field, not proper, never seen other Presidents do that or BOW to the Saudi’s, Only with this So Called President, always a surprise or shock !

      • Obama a great president, lucky for him he did not cover the chairman wife like Putin did , they said good things of Putin.

    • GW say into Putins eyes and saw him as a good man. What happened

  10. So Lieberman thinks that nobody should be entitaled to an opinion?


  12. Who is kidding who???? No one is standing with Israel. Obama would love to attack Israel right now…He may wait until spring…Many American people stand with Israel and their fabulous leader. Oh to have such a leader instead of this insane piece of garbage who has made our White House an Outhouse…He is such a classless creature..If there is a wrong way, he will find it…STOP HIM NOW>


    • In the end days, the nations of the world will turn against Israel. I hope and pray that our nation will stand behind Israel. I fought in Vietnam for our country, i will gladly fight along side of Israel. Semper fi

    • You’re just pissed because them jewish people are not taking no more shit from the other countries in witch i dont blame them after what happend to them in the second word war.

      • So the same has to be repeated, the revenge must stop.
        Very few people died, its a big hoax.

        • Please tell me you are just talking to be talking. You don’t believe the Holocaust was real? Wow! There is nothing else to say. I pray that you will find your way to the one true God, the creator of the Universe. He loves you even now.

          • The holocaust is real, I do not know how you surmised that I said it did not happen, the act was beyond cruelty.
            On one side the Jews were getting killed and on the other side the Jews were supplying arms via Switzerland and vehicles to the Nazis to kill more people.
            They made the money both ways.

      • Only holocaust keep coming up, keep loathing over a few dead. The hoocayst started again in Palistine.
        No one seems to be pissed except you .
        shit is everywhere where you go

    • BHO is the best of the presidents

  13. Obama the enemy of the world just set this up against Israel and the EU being greedy stupid trash are going for it. well there is some news coming their way and it will not be good for we are taken our government back and we support a lot of them and they can kiss that good bye

  14. ArizonaMilitiaDotCom

    Every munition manufactured for use by U.S. forces should incorporate packets of pork grease. All munitions, no exceptions.

    Make sure that the camel-shaggers know this. Invite them to send representatives to witness the assembly process and view the destructive capability of U.S. armaments.

    The basis for this is that the camel-shaggers fear pork products like Libtards fear independent thought. When the Israelis were having problems with the camel-shaggers sending suicide bombers onto civilian bus vehicles, the Israelis started building all of their busses with packets of pork grease incorporated into the walls. Any camel-shagger who would blow himself up inside one of those busses would have been instantly barred from entering Virginworld by their beloved “Albert Lah”, since their shredded hides would have been contaminated by the pork. Since the pork grease packets were incorporated into the assembly of those Israeli busses, not one suicide bomber has even dared to ride on one.

    Next, tell the camel-shaggers that we have developed a missile with a warhead composed almost entirely of shredded hog flesh. Let them know that we can fire that missile from a submarine, and that the resulting blast area would be 1 square kilometer of pork products in every direction.

    Let them know that we will target every single one of their holiest shrines and mosques, everywhere in the world. if they don’t sit down, shut up, cease having sex with barnyard animals, and stop acting like psychotic children.

    If they don’t get in line, fire a couple of missiles at the Kaaba in Saudi Arabia, the camel-shaggers’ holiest shrine. The shredded pork won’t actually hurt anyone, but the camel-shaggers won’t be able to ever set foot there again.

    Repeat the process at all of the other camel-shagger “holy places”, one after another, until they beg us to stop.

    See? Can do easy.

  15. this site isn’t a “Patriot” site – it is totally Zionist!!!! How dare you try to pull this crap off?? I support Palestine & I am Irish American. The world is fed up with the actions of Israel.

    • WHAT? Are you kidding me? Israel has done nothing but try to protect their home and keep what is rightfully theirs and protecting themselves. Maybe you need to do some more research.

      • You can’t argue with a zombie, they have no brain, remember?

      • oh sure – Israel is so pure & innocent. They keep taking land from the Palestinians & continue to murder them. The entire world sees what Israel does…

        • Are they not supposed to protect themselves? Have you seen a map of the land Israel has GIVEN UP, even when they didn’t HAVE to? They are only killing people in self defense!!! This land is theirs, it has been theirs since the Bible days. (How old are you? I would guess by the name, pretty young and inexperienced and unlearned.) Read the story in the Bible, this battle will never end because it is about the heir to the land and the other heir who felt he deserved it. Plain and simple. Is Israel just supposed to give up? They are protecting themselves and taking WAY less lives than the terrorists who are fighting against them. Anyway……end of this conversation. None of us know the absolute truth anyway, we only see what the media lets us see. God bless you.

          • & WHO wrote the old testament???The Jews!!! & who decided to make themselves God’s chosen people? The Jews! Wake up. They’ve been murdering the Palestinians for so long I’m shocked there are any left. & remember Rachael Corrie???

          • Please do some research.

    • you obviously have no idea what the muslims are doing to Israel and the Jewish People.. so they even fooled you. What is wrong with people that they cannot see truth———-
      ‘;the world’ you speak of – is people like you – so please don’t include the ‘world; because it is just not true. What the world is fed up with the isis maniacs who are beheading babies, women and children..-
      that is the real evil in this world………. that needs to be stopped. Your president could have done that by now!

    • Irish … I remember these terrorist… have a lot in common with ISIS. A lot of bombing killing women and children…. your good old boys. You and the Nazis are just like the Palestinians and ISIS. Fact, Jordan sits on the largest amount of land the so-called Palestanians are suppose to have and no attcks or demands for that land. Fact Palestinians have attacked American soldiers in the US and burned our flags. Fact Palestinians are parasites and terrorist that preach hate to their children and give out candy when other people’s children are butchered.

  16. This is absurd! It’s like they have more disdain and unsubstantiated hate for a people who are only trying to protect their home than they do toward ISIS!!!! What is going on in this world???

    “While they were oppressed under an Islamic majority, they were allowed to practice their religion in peace. They were not seen as some great enemy to Islam. That all changed when Nazi propaganda began to filter down into Egypt and the rest of the Middle East. Today’s Arab intolerance for the Jews is not just similar to the views of the Third Reich; they are directly influenced by them.” – See more at:

    • We’re talking about European states. NOT islamic ones

      • This happens so much on these sites – maybe you should read my note again. I just said, they show more ill-will toward Israel than they do ISIS! Agreed? Put as much effort into stopping ISIS as you are in finding sanctions against Israel!!! The excerpt is from the article itself.

  17. God is on Israels side and even if we turn our backs, Jesus will come and save them.
    Obama, the UN and the Muslims are anti Israel. God have mercy on we Christians for
    not doing anything. We need to get on our knees and ask God for forgiveness and
    then pray for the Jews worldwide.

  18. Wow…..I just have to say, the God of our fathers is still on the throne. He is the creator of the Universe and this is ALL being allowed to unfold as a part of His plan….He is not the cause of it, but He is allowing it to manifest to fulfill the prophecies in the Bible. He knew what would happen once again and knew that He would have to take His hands off of us so that we can see our need for Him and that we are mere humans and HE ALONE IS GOD!!! There is no doubt that America has turned its back on God and God has taken His protection and blessings and provisions away from us……now we WILL pay the consequences. Unless, we “humble ourselves and pray.” (2 Chronicles 7:14 – “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”) The same story is told in the Old Testament over and over and over again. We worship the creator and serve Him and live for Him and He blesses beyond all imaginations and He builds great and powerful nations in His name…..”WE” then become too big for our britches and think somehow that it is our doing and forget that it is because of Him and Him alone that we have been great. They always turned away from Him, stopped being obedient, started letting other peoples’ religions and gods into their lives, etc., etc. and then He takes His hands off and the great powers CRASH AND CRUMBLE TO THE GROUND. This is happening again today!!! WAKE UP AMERICA!!! God loves us, anything He asks us to do or not to do is for OUR GOOD, not His. He doesn’t NEED us. He loves us with an everlasting and unconditional love that He only wants us to accept and then return our affections toward Him. He wants NOTHING from us except US!!!!! He gave His only son to be a sacrifice so that we could be in a relationship with Him. He WANTS us. He cries over the disobedience, the evil, the hunger, the heartbreak, the darkness, the violence, the depravity and the godlessness that is going on in America today. His heart is breaking….just like an earthly father’s does when a son or daughter turns away and makes wrong choices that bring pain and destruction. As parents, we want to help, but children are rebellious and think they know it all. They just want to have fun, not thinking about the future or the consequences or the damages, etc.
    The Bible is a simple love letter, examples of His character, examples for life’s lessons, book of directions – THE owner’s manual to lead us to a peaceful and joyous life with Him on this earth until we all get to go to Heaven with Him. PLEASE, PLEASE take a little while each day to search the Word of God and I PROMISE you will find what you are looking for and MORE! Our God is an awesome Spirit that has no limits of any kind. We cannot even imagine or comprehend the things He has in store for us. Look at what man can do…..mere men; why is it so hard to imagine that the God who created us is capable of anything and everything we could ever imagine???!!!!!
    I love my Creator and cannot wait to see Him one day. He is a spirit and He is everywhere and in each believer…..we cannot comprehend Him……we are His hands and feet on Earth. He wants to help you live a productive, peaceful, joyous, happy, full life……let go of your life, seek His will and watch your life morph into a life you could never have dreamed of, here on Earth and then later with Him!!!!! You WILL still have troubles, pain, sadness, good times and bad times, HOWEVER, we have His Holy Spirit here with us to give us strength, direction, protection, security, etc., etc. Plus, with other believers, we have an entirely new family who are on the same journey and have the same purpose. As soon as you ask Him to forgive your sins and come into your life, HE IS WITH YOU!! You have a place as His child, His sons and daughters.
    Thank you for listening. Pray, just ask Him to forgive you of trying to live this life selfishly and your own way, worshiping the creation rather than the Creator. He will forgive you because of the blood Jesus sacrificed for you. Yes, you….before you were ever born, before you ever sinned…..He knew you in your mother’s womb!!!! In any case, I would be glad to pray with you, for you, listen to you, talk to you, read with you, whatever you need, I would love to help. If I can’t help, I will find someone who can. You see my name? I’m in Lakeland, Florida. If you need me, I would love to talk with you. I love you because HE loves me and loves you through me! I have been through hell in my life and Jesus saved me and continues to keep me, though life and the enemy throws curve balls at me constantly!!! 😉 I want to share the wonderful gifts He has in store for you, if only you will believe and receive!!!

  19. 1. Fk the EU. 2. I proudly stand with Israel and I believe the majority of REAL AMERICANS do as well. Boycott the EU and the fools that run it

  20. The EU is intimidated by the possibility of rioting Muslims living in EU countries. No EU country has the guts to serve notice upon Muslims in respective countries of the EU, that their war against Israel will not be tolerated in the EU. Once again, European nations are not absolutely serious about keeping Muslim violence out of their countries.
    They’d sell out Israel in a heartbeat, but they’d also sell out each other also.

  21. As muslim influence creeps over Europe, of course Israel will suffer. Just look at teh muslim influence in this country right now. All taking place while Christians sleep and just can’t be bothered.

  22. Obama is a liar, traitor, deceiver, and fascist commie fool. He proves this best on many videos… But dont take that out of context…

  23. Europe has no backbone and has aloud the Muslim terrorist in their country and now bow to them as their new God as they have abandoned Christianity and Jesus. I say we remove our military from Europe and tell them they are on their own. Tell them find the own heating fuel. Europe has embraced Nazism and shown they are now socialist parasites. None of these cowardly countries would find it acceptable to be treated 1/10 as bad as Israel is being done. They would not stand for a neighboring country attacking them and celebrating the murder of its citzens. They would not find it acceptable if a neighboring country taught its people they have to destroy them and drive them into the ocean leaving none alive as they launched rockets into their country by the thosands. This why it easy to say they are hypocrites and cowards.

  24. With a musloid president why would the USA be alone?

  25. I still think we should invite them to come here. We have plenty of room in West Texas. Give them a land of peace to live in. In return they could take over the border. Send Masad and the Israli Army down there. We just need to tell them, we don’t want any wetbacks, drugs, drug dealers, terrorists, mexican gang members or other general miscreants. Presto, Done. Two major world problems solved.

  26. Israel is NO ONE”S friend. Israel is out to destroy all non-Jews. Jews are out to take over the world.

  27. Janna Iverson Roberts

    I stand with Israel!!!

  28. The author says, ” One of the biggest myths sold by the Islamic world is that this conflict is centuries in the making.” It has in fact been going on for centuries. Google “The Crusades”

  29. Hamas provided training and support for ISIS, ISIS has declared war on the west in no uncertain terms and kidnaps and then kills every westerner they find(aid workers and missionaries are their favorite targets). Their long term plan is the conquest of the western world via insurgency and they are already in Mexico training operatives to enter the US under it’s loose border policies.

    The enemy of my enemy is my friend and the EU was invaded and Islamified right under their own noses.

    Supporting Israel isn’t even about liking the friggin Israelis, it’s about maintaining a buffer that soaks up the Caliphate’s resources and manpower rather than having them camped across the border in Tiajuana or Nuevo Laredo learning enough Spanish to mingle with the immigrants and fool US authorities.

    I support Israel as a matter of enlightened self interest.

    Thomas Jefferson already had to fight these creeps who while called the Barbary Pirates were actually a Plausibly Deniable militant wing of the official government slave trading regimes of North Africa.

    Just as ISIS is backed by Saudi, UAE and Yemeni money today.

    Support Israel, Support Secular Egypt and Support the Kurds because they are the only allies we have left now that Europeans are quaking in fear from Muslim Beheadings in their own shining cities from the Muslims that let in under the guise of magnanimity and humanitarian zeal.

  30. Once OBAMA’S out of office things will settle down between us and other countries.

  31. I say stop all the foreign aid to the EU, and close all our bases over there, and let those countries defend themselves. All they’ve ever done since World War II was taken advantage of us. The only decent leader they ever had was Winston Churchill. And this lowlife president that we have now slapped Great Britain in the face by sending the bust of Winston Churchill back to them, saying there was no room to put it in the White House. Now you see what kind of scum is running the free world.

  32. You people are blind or stupid. God won’t allow anything to happen to Israel… Satin sure has a blind fold on the majority.. I stand for Jesus Christ.. this should get real interesting.. John 3:16

  33. The Bible says that in the last days ALL nations will turn against Israel. But They still have God on their side.
    God will protect and preserve Israel.

  34. the US does NOT stand with Israel – only the politicians in DC mouth off with that kind of talk. This is & has been a Christian country & will remain so & we will continue to celebrate CHRISTMAS. We will keep calling it CHRISTMAS. & we have CHRISTMAS trees, NOT “holiday” trees. & this may be the “holiday season” for you guys but for us it’s the CHRISTMAS holidays. Merry Christmas to you all…

  35. The EU is just full of Pussy nations and people! They bow down to Muslims everyday! No back bone and no balls! Soon they all will wear Robes and smell like camel shit!

  36. obummer hates the constitution -,legal elections,-israel,our used to be allies,-christians , an especially our freedoms, every despot hates freedom for the people he controls. now make a list of the people he promotes by his executive orders, an behind the scenes covert actions as glorius leader. hmmmmmmmm

  37. Is it possible? Can this be real? Are these comments truly an accurate picture of the intellectual competence of the American voter today? What has our pathetic public school system done?! What has the socialistic form of government which has dominated much of our nation for nearly 50 years created? The collapse of American exceptionalism is no mystery. By producing millions of uneducated puppets incapable of meaningful expression, unable to debate an issue, unable, even, to recognize the issue up for discussion, we have produced a generation unable to think and respond appropriately. The “dumbing down” of America has been accomplished. The percentage of functionally illiterate teens and adults in our nation has obviously grown exponentially over the past 50 years. Johnny can’t read or write. He can’t even think. Our nation is on the path to international nothingness.

  38. What a shocker…I hope Israel just blows them to dust! I’m so fed up with these lil sissy, daisy, limp wristed, george jetson snap on hair wearing, bad capped teeth smiling, LIARS in this administration. absolutely fed up! They are making a mess…I pray we can fix this after they are gone…

  39. I hope Israel just drops a nuke on the agitators and calls it a day….no more tunnels, no more be headings, no more human bombs, no more attacks, no more nothing!

  40. Yep UZOOZY, I remember full well. I also remember; Israel, was asked not to RESPOND to missile attacks and they honored AMERICA’s request. I also know about the long history and pattern of the Europeans of looking down their noses at Israelis. It is HISTORIC.

  41. The EU and there secret hero Herr Hitler felt that way in the 30s and you know that outcome,now its beginning to show again as America gets weaker in the world. Guess we gotta kick butt again.

  42. The only massive shift that the ragheads will understand is a massive bombing, preferably nuclear in nature. That ought to shift them right out of existence.

  43. Tired of pussy footing around…nuke the sob’s and get it over with!

  44. My Bible says, that Israel, one day will be all alone except for the God of His Chosen People, that is!


  46. The worst part of this is that Obama doesn’t stand along side Israel. Liz. Seems to be friends with Hamas ,Muslim Brotherhood.

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