Eric Swalwell: I Still Think Trump “Acts on Russia’s Behalf”

What’s the minimum we should expect from a presidential candidate? The ability to look at a set of facts and come to a coherent conclusion would be a good first requirement, we believe. That’s apparently beyond the capabilities of Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA), who appeared on MSNBC Wednesday to insist that he’d read nothing in the Mueller report to convince him that President Trump was not a Russian asset. We’re sure Swalwell is joined by many leftists in this conviction, but wouldn’t you at least be embarrassed by making that admission on television? Did he even read the report?

We can’t tell, because he was on with Ari Melber spouting all the same Russia/Trump nonsense that he was spouting before the report was released. At one point, Melber finally challenged him on his accusations against the president.

“Do you accept the findings in the Mueller report that do not support some of those claims?” Melber asked.

“I accept that I probably should have been out there a little bit earlier because who knew how many links there were? 200 pages of links,” Swalwell said.


Melber tried again, asking Swalwell if he could at least give up his idea that President Trump is a “Russian asset.”

“No, I think he acts on Russia’s behalf and I challenge him to show me otherwise,” Swalwell said.

Oh. Allrighty then.

Of course, this is nonsense even in the absence of a Mueller report. If anything, President Trump has been Vladimir Putin’s worst enemy. He’s boxed in Iran and stolen their license to build an Islamic empire across the Middle East, a series of actions that flies directly in the face of Moscow’s agenda. He’s put extraordinary pressure on Syria’s Bashar al-Assad, another close ally of the Russian president. He’s maintained existing sanctions against Moscow and added new ones. Don’t think Putin appreciated that.

The only thing Swalwell can talk about is “he wants to reduce the role of NATO,” which is a baldfaced lie. Trump wants our NATO allies to pay their fair share, that’s all. And he’s been very successful in getting them to do just that. That makes NATO more powerful, not less. Again, not in Putin’s interests.

We already knew that Eric Swalwell was eaten up with a bad case of the dumbass, but his refusal to accept Mueller’s conclusions proves that he’s also a partisan hack who isn’t fit for the office of dogcatcher, much less President.

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