Eric Holder’s Last Stand

Before Eric Holder leaves the Justice Department in the next few weeks, he is determined to clear up the lingering embarrassment that is Ferguson, Missouri. Insiders say there is not one chance in a million that Holder will bring charges against Officer Darren Wilson for the shooting death of Michael Brown, and that leaves the self-styled civil rights leader with egg on his face.

In an obvious attempt to save what’s left of his reputation, Holder may sue the Ferguson Police Department over a broad spectrum of racial discrimination issues. According to CNN’s sources, the Ferguson PD has two choices: comply with the demands to review and revise their tactics or face a lawsuit. When CNN spoke to Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson, he said merely, “Everything they suggested in the past has been reasonable and we have tried to comply.”

Holder spoke of the two investigations – the one into Brown’s death and the one into the Ferguson PD – at the National Press Club last Tuesday. “I think everybody will see when we announce our results that the process that we have engaged in is, as I said back at the time when I went to Ferguson, independent, thorough and based on all the facts. And I am confident that people will be satisfied with the results that will be announced.”

Judging by lawsuits already filed against the Ferguson PD, there do appear to be issues in the department worthy of examination. That said, this lawsuit – this investigation – would not be happening were it not for the backlash over Michael Brown. Holder, who has made his entire tenure as attorney general about race and guns, saw no choice but to stick his nose into the controversy.

Last November, Holder said that Brown’s death was proof that “the struggle goes on” before comparing the circumstances surrounding his death with those of Emmett Till, a black 14-year-old murdered in 1955 after flirting with a white woman. In these comments and others, Holder has drawn his line in the sand and exposed his prejudices. To have to come back a few months later and admit that the Ferguson grand jury got it right after all is embarrassing, no matter how you slice it. That’s why he’s drumming up talk of a lawsuit against the department. Not to make sure Ferguson is properly policed, but to protect his own legacy.

Sorry to tell you, Eric, but that legacy is unsalvageable. Don’t waste the taxpayer’s money trying to recover from your sad tenure as AG. If it makes you feel any better, you will be quickly forgotten. You served under the worst president in modern times, and Obama will bear the lion’s share of the criticism. Feel free to retire in peace, set your speaking fee, and write your book. I can’t say the country is in good hands – not yet – but rest assured it’s better off without you.


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  1. Holder should be impeached before he leaves office.
    And then he needs to do some jail time.

    • MAHB001, RIGHT ON!!!!

    • How about arrest, trial, conviction and EXECUTION?? instead of Impeachment. Same for his boss, Assbama, the Muslim Islamic PUNK ASS BITCH. BOTH are TYRANTS and LIARS.

      • i could not have said it any better then that!

        • Thank you Peter. I love OUR country and have been here since birth. I am 69 years young and have invested my soul in it. I have worked hard since about 10 years old and am still doing it. I appreciate what I have and resent it when PARASITES come to take from us. PERIOD. Obama is a LYING TYRANT and yes, he is a PUNK.

      • Where the hell are all the expertly trained snipers when you really need one? Oh, I forgot, the nigger in our white house had him “taken out!”

        • We can’t truly blame Obama for all of this that is happening, he is just an instrument which God is using…. We all have sinned and the wages of sin is death, thus we all deserve death…. We are told in the Bible how God used many unrighteous leaders to bring judgment upon nations and their citizens throughout the Bible, even upon His chosen children of Israel hoping that the hearts of the people might turn to Him.. Just as the majority of the Israelites failed to turn to God so too have the vast majority of Americans have failed… And just as Israel was destroyed so too will America be destroyed.. God has never ever allowed the destruction of a nation nor of its’ people before first sending them His warnings so they might have the time to turn to Him… God’s has made His warnings clear to many of us who have sought to be obedient to His WORD in all that we do… But let me make this perfectly clear, we have all failed in one way or another. 9?11/01 was the first of 3 major attacks upon America… The 2nd major attack will be approx. 1000x greater and I believe the 3rd attack will follow is 40 days or so..

          • The only “god” using Obama is the demonic one called Allah.

            Obama is NOT punishment by the Father of Jesus, because we still live in the Age of Grace, and God does not do vendetta.

            That is the path of Allah, aka Lucifer.

            Blaming Christians for their suffering is an easy slap, but Obama was created and raised up by leftist collectivist Progressives, who used lies, vote fraud, manipulation of the electorate by hiding his history and background and lack of citizenship to foist this monster on us, and use media hiding of Benghazi to re-elect this manbeast.

            The majority of the public is against abortion, gay marriage, and the other parts of Obama’s agenda, but the Dems used their temporary majority to ram their entire agenda down the public’s throat, as well as huge numbers of Judges to use judicial activism to keep that agenda in place. Our government is no longer representative, and its blood is just on it’s hands.

          • Allah is dead. satan & his cohort demons aren’t. Just cannot give Allah any life let alone like he has any
            power! We have covenant POWER Jon you men ban together to pray and watch God move. He works through the leader men. The God of Abraham Issac & Jacob! Our words ,prayers avail much! All these fires being started such as racism ,religious war ,health take over, the whole homo thing. BTW, LGBT stands for “LET GOD BE TRUE…and every man a LIAR.
            The men are so gung HO to join the military fight for their country RA-RA & most many don’t see being a KINGDOM man as much gain!! I don’t get it since we have such GREAT & precious promises!! Jn. 16 WOW!
            The Church has really dropped the ball & just like Jesus said if the salt looses its savor it is will be trampled on by men. I’ve been sold out to Jesus 25 glorious years and most of the church think they’re home! Bible study so important as it is they that know their God who will be strong & do great EXPLOITS!

          • Joni, you need to reread my post. Allah is, as I said, a name that Lucifer uses, and the one that Obama clearly worships, in that he has many fruits of a muslim in his policies.

            I do a weekly men’s prayer group, to be a watchman on the wall for my country. I do NOT have the knowledge of the hearts of men, especially Christians, because I only know the people in my area, and I do not think the internet or the media reflects the true nature of Christians, because most live in small towns and rural areas.

            I am not convinced that the Church has dropped the ball, but I think that the government has used unlimited immigration to thwart the will of the public, so that they can pursue an evil agenda to get power.

            As bad as the US is, we still have a chance to fix ourselves, whereas Europe is falling to Islam and leftists, and Islam is surging throughout the world to declare war on both the Church, Jews, and Western freedoms. Humanity is facing a new Dark Age, and we are being killed off by genocide in a way not seen since the initial rise of Islam.

          • So you understand all that has happened and will happen? I don’t think so.

          • watchman48, Altho’ it is hard not to blame Obama, what you say is completely true. We as a country have allowed this to happen by “kicking” God out and not repenting as a nation. God is an awesome God, but He is also a jealous God, and will not be replaced by idols and pride. Just as Israel, His chosen people did, we in America have also done. We have turned our back on Him and and have the audacity to think that we don’t need Him. The signs and wonders that we are seeing all around us is the Lord warning America, but in their complacency, they are not listening. Those who have ears, let him hear, what the Spirit is saying. Look up folks, Jesus is coming soon, for our redemption is drawing nigh. Are you ready?

          • Yes, I am most certainly ready…. Thank you for your reply and it is good to see a wise Christian who knows His WORD… May the Good LORD bless you and all your loved ones…

        • Unwarranted comment.

        • Or just like ANYONE else that does have, or has had ANYTHING at all that may be “embarrassing”, “degrading”, or may shed some degree of light on anything potentially “damaging” to his,and his puppeteers agenda! The same as with the slick willy, and hitlery body bags!!!

        • Careful what you say. The Muslim PUNK ASS BITCH may send one of Eric the DICK Holders ASSHOLES after you. They are ALL fuck-ups and should be HUNG. AND, as Assbama has said in his healthcare talk. PERIOD.


      But who’s going to do it they are all sleeping in the same bed Democrats and Some Republicans you can’t trust any of them!! Before the Republicans won the majority they were going to impeach Obama but there’s nothing they have done that seems to be the only way to get rid of him!!!!

      • There is insufficient votes in the senate to sustain a vote of impeachment. Hang in there. His time is running out. We must hold him in check until jan 2017.

        • Every time I hear the “word” VOTE, I hear Detached! The system has been bought and paid for. It’s always narrowed down to 2 seriously deranged individuals to choose from. “Bonny or Clyde”? or worse! I’ve lost ALL faith in the entire supposed electoral systems. It’s all about dollars now, not “Basic Human Rights & Freedoms”. The guy or gal that makes the most sense for “The People” is ALWAYS silenced. Over, and over again. It’s the people that promise the most, deliver the least. They’re too busy meddling overseas to be bothered with their own country. Here, we’ll make your country just like ours……Uh, No Thanks! …Take it anyway damn you. Now you have an outbreak, you need Shots! FREE Military Hardware, Cars, and GMO FOOD TOO! Could “The People” have been wrong this much Voting? I think NOT!

    • Hitler?
      Don’t you mean al Obama and his ISIS administration of sharia “Law”?

  2. Holder, his boss and all the other vultures associated with this dis-administration need to be ousted from Washington permanently.

    • They need to be interred in Guantanamo.

      • Let them see first-hand the animals that they have sought so hard to protect or turn loose. Bend over and take it O-man and Holder just like you’ve done to the American people!

      • Personally I would not send them to Gtmo. I lived there nearly 3 years and loved it, the weather was nice and plesant and I loved to snorkle dive. Fishing was good, really enjoyed it. This was back in 61 – 63 and the gates were closed. My suggestion is to take them to the closed Coast Guard Loran stations on the Aleutian chain, fense those properties to make prisons and let them suffer the long cold winters as we did manning those stations. If they feel well, let them try and swim to Russia. Long cold swim and if they don’t make it, one less mouth to feed swill to.

    • YES , YESTERYEAR!!!!

  3. Let Holder go up against the property owners but with his own money. Wanna get really stupid?? Let him out of jail to go try this case in Ferguson in his orange jump suit and flopper sandals.

  4. Obama the worst president ever and Holder the worst attorney general ever. What a pair.

  5. I’m sure that Holder is going to lose.


  7. Holder and Obama arm in arm to destroy our Constitution and by doing that our Country.

  8. Impeach Holder and DEPORT OBAMA back to AFRICA!!!

  9. God is angry with whats going on in the east. Stealing money from the US citizens in frontal attack of Global warming. No one has brought god into this because they are afraid I just might be right. Brian Williams you were in the way you dont have anything on Obama!! 10 lashes for every lie Obama has commited in the last week?? Im sure there wouldnt be anything left of him. Just as this anti christ showed up poof he would dissapear out of his chains

  10. Guilty of Treason!

  11. ConservativeSenior

    Anyone in this regime who might be arrested and tried for any crime will be pardoned by the criminal-in-chief. We need to arrest and imprison the criminal-in-chief.

    • Wait until after 2016- when Conservatives add 10 more senators and 20 congressman and we have a Conservative Pres. Then prosecute all these bastard traitors.

  12. Absolutely the most racist, corrupt, and disgusting attorney general our great nation has ever suffered. Simply pathetic just like his boss.

  13. Should not be allowed to resign, should be fired and arrested.

  14. Sherriff Joes desert tent city for that sock-cucker…..

    • how about a tent in the desert outside of Teheran ??

      • I think they need to send Obama and Holder to ISIS headquarters in Syria so they can see the one (Obama) who helped them get started but now is “supposedly” planning their demise.

        • they could earn their “wings” with a HALO from AF1…..tricky navigational problems over sand land though….they might get the “green” and jump out only to see water….what a shame……

  15. often when you pray for a “good shoot” it never happens…what a shame with one special place in the USA having the title of “target rich environment”…..

  16. This is what happens when nigrs control a Country Built by White people. Very sad it is that ignorant White people put these assholes in the White House.

  17. The race-baiting rampage has slowed down and Holder and muslim obama are once again going to stir the pot. Watch and see if I’m not right. They love any form of destruction.

  18. Eric Holder and Barack Obama both give their race a black eye.

  19. He and OBAMA cannot be GONE soon enough!

  20. Where are they with Loretta Lynch, does anyone know?


    I think the racist POS should be disbarred, tried and after his conviction sent straight to jail ! Never able to hold any type of government job again ! My2cents

  22. Holder has been a terrible attorney General, he’s let obama influence his thoughts, kept up the racism lies front and center, refused to bring blacks to trial when the charges are murder, totally racist moves, un-American and a shame to his race!


      Not only a shame to his race but a shame to this great country!! I say he needs to be brought up for trial convicted and sent to prison!!

  23. Holdout is in COMTEMPT OF CONGRESS for refusing to release the fast and furious documents that Congress requested. What’s the status of that ????????? He is a ‘civil rights’ activist all right. He activated the race wars all over again by sticking his nose in local events and standing up for thugs while IGNORING black on white crimes that happen more often. His job is to ENFORCE THE LAW, not promote a political agenda by selectivlly enforcing some laws and ignoring others like ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION. Omuslim and Holdout did a real good job cleaning up cities like Detroit and Chicago,NOT !!!!!!!!!!! Violent crime in Detroit increased in 2012.

  24. How long is it going to take before people figure out that it is not just people like Obama and Holder who are the enemies of America. It is Democrats—every single one of them. And sadly, about half the Republicans.

  25. This little weasel of a henchman and butt-buddy of the ‘Dick-taker-N-Thief’ should be tried for treason and hung! The NWO-ists knew what they were doing when they implanted the Muslim-Marxist jihadist because of his skin color which happens to match the color of his evil soul! They got a two-fer – a built in voting bloc; blacks and white mentally disordered fascists and they clould pull the trump card of rascism when he is deservedly criticized for the intended destruction of this nearly dead Republic! REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION! mInr, NSA!

  26. Holder needs to be arrested as soon as he leaves that office. The chances that he will be able to get a lawsuit against the Ferguson, MO police department to stand after all the crap that he and his side kicks, Sharpton and Jackson, etc. pulled in that city are the same as charging Officer Wilson, more than a million to one. People in this country have gotten a lot wiser in the last year or so. It was a long battle but even those who voted for Obama and were partly the reason we are in the situation we are dealing with today have seen the light. Where we are today, it’s almost impossible to believe there is ANYONE left who hasn’t seen the light but there still is and it’s mostly those who get those monthly checks and all the freebies, not to mention the liberals who have been complicit with him from the beginning. There are liberals who no longer support him and they have openly stated that recently but it’s becoming apparent because of the filibuster over the illegal amnesty overreach in the Senate right now that many of those who have expressed they don’t support his illegal amnesty overreach have been reminded what side of the aisle they are on and “encouraged” to stay the course with Reid and Company.

  27. If your children show criminal tendencies, better steer them into federal politics, where crime is so rampant that prosecutors are hard pressed to find anything to be outside of contemporary standards.

  28. Reese family Fast and Furious scapegoat? (pls google), ERIC, what about your nd the pretender in chief’s 2000+ guns to the cartels in Meheeko??????

  29. Holder is totally racist to the point of stating that the law only protects the minorities. Which with his selective enforcement was true. Holder and Obama are in agreement as is the rest of the lawless administration. Obama has muslims that hate America running our country. The racism is just a part of separating America for the socialist to control us. Rich against poor, socialist education reduce our Christian faith with law suits. Community organizing = communist agitating for socialist control of our government. Tell everyone that they are unhappy and then blame capitalism, economic differences, racism, and the conservatives. Make hate the glue to hold their base together. They tell all the special interest groups what they want to hear. They can’t possible do the things they say since the groups want the complete opposite thing and yet they will promise them all. Obama promised the coal workers that he would support them and then declared war on coal. He had no intention of helping them. Just another lie.

  30. Wish sheriff joe would make holder wear pink underwear while serving jail time

  31. The more the left plays with the 2nd amendment & race baiting, the more they get burned. Bring it on!!

  32. Holder is a racist and a traitor. So is Obama. Both should be arrested, tried, convicted and executed.

  33. Good old Chicago politics! Watch for the goon squads to roll into Ferguson very soon! ER’s should see an increase in broken bone cases! Wish I was kidding, but I’m not!

  34. Holder should be arrested for treason and with the murder! Many innocent people not even involved with the Fast and Furious gun running were murdered because of this botched plan! Where is the justice here?

  35. he Sharpton and Obama are racist

  36. It will be a breath of fresh air when we get rid of that trash Eric Holder and his perverted idea of justice. He has made a mockery of his office and should be dragged out of his office kicking and screaming.

  37. Holder should be headed straight to jail! This guy is a bigot, a racist, has conspired to riot, has conspired to try to get guns away from law abiding citizens via Fast and Furious, has allowed his buddy Obama to commit blatant crimes against the country and ignore the constitution!

  38. This racist negro just won’t let go of his racist beliefs like his negro boss. They truly are of the NNN nub and in that case what are NNN members doing in office?

    We scream & shout when even one KKK member runs for office so how come the racist NNN members are RUNNING this country???

  39. Let’s bring criminal charges against Eric for Fast and Furious. Put him behind bars for a long time. He is and has been the worst A.G. since the beginning of time.

  40. A fine example of what you can get away with in the obie world , he ought to appreciate just being their, killing people for selling louse cigarettes if equal justice was applied Holder should be ground down to hamburger meat
    the big guy died by cops . for selling cigarettes.

  41. Eli Charlie Noseworthy


  42. Racist oriented socialist rabble rousers never give up until complete mayhem is accomplished. It was accomplished in Watts and Ferguson. It will be accomplished in the whole of the US by our chief rabble rouser before 2016 ends if the people through congress do not curb this administration’s thirst for power and a one world government either socialist or Islamic the priority seems to be Islamic. The ISIS threats have been rendered for a terrorist strike on a US shopping mall. Thousands of Mideast refugees are destined for our shores by acclamation of the president. Hopefully the vast number is not inundated by hundreds or thousands of trained ISIS sympathizers. We may have to be able to read Arabic soon since it is no longer required to read and speak English.

  43. Let us all hope that this closet Muslim will leave office and just never be heard from again. Aalthough I would really like to see him brought up on charges for being the traitor that he is. Horrible man, knew nothing about what to do in his department, just another black radical that Obama could order around.

  44. Mark N Starla Traina

    The latest ATTORNEY GENERAL news from the

    Before Eric Holder leaves the Justice
    Department in the next few weeks, he is determined to clear up the lingering
    embarrassment that is Ferguson, Missouri. Insiders say there is not one chance
    in a million that Holder will bring charges against Officer Darren Wilson for
    the shooting death of Michael Brown, and that leaves the self-styled civil
    rights leader with egg on his face. In an obvious attempt to save what’s left
    of his reputation, Holder may sue the Ferguson Police Department over a broad
    spectrum of racial discrimination issues. According to CNN’s sources, the
    Ferguson PD has two choices: comply with the demands to review and revise their
    tactics or face a lawsuit. When CNN spoke to Ferguson Police Chief Thomas
    Jackson, he said merely, “Everything they suggested in the past has been
    reasonable and we have tried to comply.” Holder spoke of the two investigations
    – the one into Brown’s death and the one into the Ferguson PD – at the National
    Press Club last Tuesday. “I think everybody will see when we announce our
    results that the process that we have engaged in is, as I said back at the time
    when I went to Ferguson, independent, thorough and based on all the facts. And I
    am confident that people will be satisfied with the results that will be
    announced.” – See more at:

    More about the most RACIST




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    Listen to my new episode COMMUNISM IS ALIVE AND STRONGER IN THE USA. WHY WE WATCHING NAZIS? at #BlogTalkRadioReply to SOAP

  46. Thank God he is on his way OUT!!!! Next = OBAMA & MUSLIM CABINET!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. BO/Eric Holder/Valerie Jarrett…a triumvirate of EVIL. I pray, Lord, you reserve a special place in Hell for them!

  48. Ferguson police should bring suit against Holder for inciting riots.

  49. One of the best things that could happen to America will start the second Holder is out of office. His racial bias and even greater incompetance has damaged this country immeasureably.

  50. Good riddance to this racist. That’s right, it’s not only white people that are racist.

  51. Sylvia Carpenter Kimrey

    I really feel for the people of Ferguson they have endured mass rioting by Holder’s niggers. One cannot call them black or African American because being violent in their actions, puts them entirely outside of the black community. Holder has tried to put the problem on the fact that the police force was more white than black and they are racist. This of course is a fallacy, but Holder, like Obama, think all people in America who are not black are racist. And who does Obama and Holder think elected them? It was a lot of races besides blacks. Yet we are racist? I guess Obama hates whites because he is half white and being a half breed is really a stigma because that makes him nothing. Not black, not white, not Asian, maybe homosexual who knows about that.

  52. The fact that they say “trying to save any reputation he MAY have left” is in itself a JOKE!!!! They only BIGGER JOKE is the fact that this piece of garbage will be permitted to just walk away from a position that was LOADED with bigotry, prejudice, bribes, kickbacks, and all manner of corruption! Or worse yet, the LEAD dirtbag may, or may not “appoint” this vile puke to some OTHER fancy, big salary “position”, when the only “position” either one of them deserve is swingin’ from a rope!!!! IT’S ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING…and I have had just about my fill of it!!!!

  53. Keep him in Office, I’ve never seen a Sitting AG do the “Perp-Walk” (and he knows it’s coming).

  54. That whole house of cards should have folded and collapsed more than six years ago. They are all frauds, liars, cheats, etc.

  55. One wonders how much of OUR money will be spent to provide security for the racist, Marxist for the rest of his days. And to think “We could have had a V-8”. Ya gotta be old enough to dig it.

  56. So it’s racist to stop looters & rioters from burning down a town?? But, I think as long as he’s in office, Obama can block Congress from legally throwing the book at Holder. Once Holder leaves office, all bets are off.

  57. Poor holder….he feels it is necessary to keep the pot stirred before his exit. he feels the need to keep those pathetic negros protected at all costs..(whether they need it or not)..he is an embarrassment to black people everywhere.. they should feel like crawling under a rock to get away from his disgusting rhetoric..
    how convenient it must be to cry racist.. when something doesn’t go the way you think it should.. and you use your power as a leverage against the opposing people. he is a scumbag…

  58. Filing Law Suits Against Police Depts is all fine and dandy, but “The People” are paying every day in Blood, Money and Lower Quality of Life. Furthermore, even if Police Depts are sued and loose “The People” pay that too! The System is Corrupt and Broken. People should stop denying it, otherwise it’ll NEVER be fixed. Admitting you have a problem comes first! Let’s face it, Debtors Prisons are Back! How the hell did that happen? The States are Corporations too? w/ the power to jail? It sounds a little Central Banky to me! not to mention Communist!

  59. Holder is now and always should be referred to as a criminal. Just like the illegal alien criminal in the WH who appointed him! Oh and one of the biggest racists ever to be appointed also to any national office, ever!

  60. Enough embarrassing your self. The two trails got it right! ! You were wrong! ! Quietly collect your money and leave! ! That’s the problem today no one wants to admit that they are wrong! !

  61. This Justice Department is just as CORUPT as the WHITE HOUSE it serves. Always thought that DOJ was
    supposed to uphold the law no matter what, but alas I guess I was really wrong with this Justice Department.

  62. Holder is like Obama and the rest all LIARS, Holder do not believe in the law so now he wants to use Racism lawsuit in-order to by-pass the law in the name of BLACKS muslims against Americans

  63. An ASSWIPE of the first degree should be in jail, PERIOD!

  64. This is likely nothing more than a ‘Hail Mary’ threat. Holder will probably not file the suit against Ferguson himself, just stir up more crap and walk away leaving his successor to deal with it and take the heat from blacks for the fact that Holder didn’t have a leg to stand on when it came to accusing Ofc. Wilson or the city of Ferguson. He’s nothing but a pompous fool adept at ducking responsibility.

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