EPIC: Will Donald Trump Take Over the Rush Limbaugh Show?

According to a new story from The New York Times, President Donald Trump has expressed interest in doing a live radio show each day from the White House. According to insiders, Trump’s only reservation is that the show would put him in direct competition with radio legend Rush Limbaugh, to whom he bestowed the Presidential Medal of Freedom in February.

But on his show Wednesday, Limbaugh said he would be happy to turn the famous golden microphone over to the president for a day.

“If the president wants to do this — if he wants to come on and have a show — we’ll let him do it,” Limbaugh said. “I’m here making it known — and I will call later, too — but I’m doing it here, making it known that this program is available to the president if he wants to audition, if he wants to use it for a town hall, if he wants to have direct connect with you, that we got it handled.”

Limbaugh said the invitation was open-ended, and he gave no impression that his tongue was planted in his cheek.

“We could do it noon to three for as long as he wants. He could have direct connect with you in the audience. You know, not a bunch of bureaucrat experts up on the stage, and certainly no journalists choosing the questions or any of that. We’ll do it in a different way than anybody’s ever done town halls or any of that stuff,” Limbaugh said.

After reading the report in the Times, Limbaugh came to the conclusion that Trump could make a success out of an interactive radio show.

“Donald Trump is one of the few who could fill my shoes,” he said with his characteristic modesty. “With proper training and proper instruction, I could see that. I think there’d be nobody better to fill my shoes than Donald Trump. I’ve often said nobody could, but if anybody could, it would be him. I find it once again very pleasingly satisfying that a man who owns television wants to be on radio.”

We would think that the idea of Trump doing a long-form radio show for any extended period, while awesome to consider, would be unlikely. But for Trump to come in and take over the EIB airwaves once or twice? That would be epic, and it’s something we could actually see happening. Although, if you thought it was hard to get through to Rush on the phone lines, just wait ‘till you try getting through to talk to President Trump!

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