EPA Spends $300,000 to “Change the Habits” of American Workers

The Environmental Protection Agency, not satisfied with the damage their regulations are doing to the nation’s fossil fuel industry, has awarded $300,000 in grant money to a tech company that will alert American office workers that they are using too much energy.

The company, Lucid Design Group, is in the midst of developing technology that will track electricity and water use in commercial office buildings.

“Through this project, Lucid is focused on reducing energy consumption in commercial buildings by influencing people’s behavior,” said a press release from the EPA. “With this award, it will further develop, test and commercialize low-cost high-tech approaches that can reduce electricity use in commercial buildings by providing real-time feedback to office workers.”

Yep. Americans are growing increasingly angry about the woeful state of the economy, and the Obama administration thinks this is a good time to harass those workers about how much energy they’re consuming.

“The technology seeks to reduce peak electricity demand and associated utility bill costs through ambient color-based visual messaging; balancing energy usage and occupant comfort,” said the federal agency.

It’s tough to chop your way through the government-speak to figure out what this technology will actually do, but here’s the best guess. Lucid is apparently developing a system of lights that will change color according to how much energy building occupants are using. If you went to one of those schools where the administrators put up a traffic light in the cafeteria, you probably get the gist of it. Those lights would turn yellow and then red according to the level of student noise. These lights will do something similar according to energy/water use.

“Lucid’s project is a great example of how technology can be used to help protect the environment,” said an EPA spokesman. “Giving office workers immediate feedback on their energy use can help them to change their habits for the better.”

This agency has gone off the reservation. The EPA under Obama is no longer about reigning in pollution and making sure our water is safe to drink. In fact, as we’ve seen in Flint, they can’t even manage to do that. Instead, it’s about carrying out an anti-American agenda that treats the nation’s citizens like children. And while they position this technology as something that will subtly pressure workers to “change their habits,” you can bet your bottom dollar that it won’t remain a suggestion for long. Another ten years of liberal dominance in Washington, and they’re going to stop “trying” and start “forcing” us to change our wasteful ways.

As dangerous as illegal immigration and Islamic terrorism are to our country, the biggest threat to America may very well be this ridiculous climate-change issue. Democrats are using this issue to undermine the free market, redistribute wealth, and expand the federal government to an unprecedented degree. We are headed for a very dark future, and it has nothing to do with melting ice caps and super-hurricanes.

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    • Lower cost = Increased profit.
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  2. head breaking time that is the only cure for this.

  3. Another BS article, it is not about “saving energy”, it’s about getting people used to more government control.
    Control the Constitution does not give the federal government.
    Energy control or any control will be implemented when the “company” gets the bills, private enterprise well take care of itself without a big brother.

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    • I like what some of the republican candidates are saying about neutralizing the EPA and cut funding way way back in both cash and manpower. They will take away ALL of there policy implementation that has not been approved by congress. They will reverse ALL of what obama has allowed them to get away with.

  4. I would rather see all asshole democrat motherfuckers hung from a tree

  5. And the GOP wonders why voters are so angry. And with the puppet they want to put in the White House it would be business as usual and we DO NOT WANT business as usual.

  6. I would like to be king for a day so that could dissolve the EPA.


    • This project join the other BS useless wasteful projects. The EPA should hang that meter on all the chemical and oil manufacturing plants, and others. How come solar panels have not been installed on all Federal buildings? How come the federal government haven’t replaces all their vehicles when they get old with energy efficient vehicles, electric and natural gas? The top managers of the EPA should be fired since they conspired with Many States to falsely report that the drinking water unsafe. A Tax Payers $300.000 ripoff.

      • Better yet, why don’t Gov. employees’ green weenies, eco thugs, libTURDS, Democrats just off themselves. Think of the saving of water, air, food……………….

  8. To Hell With The Environmental Polluting Agency.

  9. *Ahem*

    “Power corrupts. And total power corrupts totally.”

  10. Michael Dennewitz

    Keep em poor, keep em unarmed and keep em in the DARK. And the Lil halfbreed faggot goes on vacation to kick the little white ball around and WE PAY FOR IT ALL!!! WTF are all the highly trained SNIPERS when you really need one? Oh, that’s right, the PMIC had Kris Kyle taken out…

  11. I dont think Obama wants people to get any work done. I suppose we could go back to using candles but those things use oxygen and give off co2. Can you say eye strain.

    • What have the Republicans done in seven years? President Obama tried to submit an Infrastructure Job Bill, but the Republicans leaders said “Hell No”. The Bill would have reduced or stop all the flooding that is happen now in LA, MS and other states, with repairing or replacing the 450 levees and dikes. Your racist thinking keep you from intelligently seeing what the GOP IS NOT doing for the American citizens. The Bill would have also repair the million miles of roads that need repaired or replaced, PLUS the 100 millions mile of sewer, gas and water lines. It would created million of jobs for American Citizens. You and others need to take your head out of the sand and see who is NOT doing anuything.

      • WOW, racist, the liberal way to try to defend your opinions. The article was regarding office energy consumption which is as idiotic as monitoring BBQ grill emissions. Where was the money going to come from for all that work. “O” only did that contemptuous bill to game the conservatives just like the conservatives passed a bill to stop funding ocare which “O” vetoed. No mention of the deliberate flooding that “O”s administration caused in 2011 that lasted for several months, why not? You figure out how to pay for it without increasing the debt or raising taxes. Liberals are like children that refuse to act intelligently. Spend, spend, spend there is no tomorrow. As far as creating millions of jobs, every time the economy starts to show some life “O” hammers another regulation on business like he is playing the wac-a-mole game. How much money was wasted on “O”s previous stimulus plan? A free economy started this country but you liberals give it all away.

      • More than asshole fuckin democrat Muslim motherfucker Obama all he is nothing but a terrorist Muslim motherfucker if black people were smart enough not to vote democrat,just maybe vote republican just one time and see how many jobs republicans can bring in right now companies are leaving the United States check it out oh I forgot nigger are lazy motherfuckers that would rather stay on welfare which they prefer,start drug testing those assholes on welfare and see what happens

  12. Global warming, weather change or whatever excuse is being used to destroy our economy, control the people and increase taxes is a total fraud. Weather isn’t changing it is being totally controlled by 15 developed countries and has been created and controlled since the 1950s. Check geoengineeringwatch.org to learn the truth about what the one world government is doing to us.
    Insofar as the epa is concerned, it is an illegal agency and if the congress was doing their job, they would defund it. It is another tool being used by this administration to destroy our country.

  13. The gov has been doing this type of control for decades. There is something we can thank the thug in chief for, he is so arrogant he has been blatant to the fact the gov has been using mind control techniques to control the masses. Now, let us shrug off their sick power play and strike back.

  14. yea it is just another way to scam the public like here in wv …they don’t read your meter anymore they point a device at it from the main road and tell you what your bill is … but how do I no they’re reading it… I live 4or5 100 yards off the road and a old house and a lot of trees between me and the road even a radar gun on a police car won’t read threw that…plus I don’t trust them at all aep is a bunch of crooks that much I no for a fact

  15. Obama’s Green hoof print is sharp and deep. Instead of helping American companies save water and electricity Obama quietly moves the companies that employ Americans overseas.

  16. ..and you wonder why we want to shut down the EPA. I don’t want my tax money spent this way.

  17. Or, will folks protest the thug, incompetent EPA’s waste of taxpayers money by leaving lights on, running the water, turning up thermostats?

    • seersuckerandapanama

      I think that without the EPA that Americans would continue to prudently abstain from wasteful energy usage, although it would be because of economic incentive. However, that’s OK. Economic market incentive is part of how our country should work. Also, there are enough state agencies that handle environmental issues. The Flint, Michigan water case has EPA fingerprints all over it. Liberals leaped to blame Gov. Snyder in their typical political reflex and to divert attention from the role of the EPA’s failure.

  18. Let’s get rid of this useless, bloated agency, and save some money for Americans who deserve, and need it.

  19. I remember seeing a news clip were Lynch suggested their idea of punitive action against deniers of climate change. Their desire is to aim their planned or suggested punishment against coal companies. Most of our electricity comes from coal in many regions of this nation, not to mention hundreds of thousands of jobs and local economies. It is like putting the cart in front of the horse instead of behind him. The last seven years of this executive branch was shocking, these next nine months scare the poop out of me. We live in fear of what he has planned to force upon a majority that does not want or trust his agenda or wants. Most just want him to go away so we can try to fix the damage he and his cabinet heads have caused. We pray they might allow us a free, fair, and uncorrupted election. I strongly doubt that, thus only mass voter turnout can send his cronies a message, no more lies.

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