Enraged Cops Don’t Want NY Mayor At Their Funerals

In the wake of the grand jury’s decision on the Eric Garner case, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio made it his business to speak publicly against the system, if not the specific results. The decision sparked cries of outrage in New York City and around the country, where people who saw the videotape of Garner being brought to the ground by a group of NYPD officers felt that justice had not been served. That the decision came on the heels of a similarly disputed grand jury decision in Ferguson only made matters worse.

In a move that was likely part-genuine and part-PR, de Blasio likened Eric Garner’s death with the plight of his own son of mixed race. “We’ve had to literally train him, as families have all over this city for decades,” de Blasio said of his 17-year old son, Dante, “in how to take special care in any encounter with the police officers who are there to protect him.”

For many of New York’s Finest, that comment was too much to handle. Though de Blasio has been careful in his public statements to maintain support for the police, the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association distributed fliers with the headline: “Don’t Let Them Insult Your Sacrifice!” The fliers were passed through the NYPD for signature requests, the aim being a waiver that would keep de Blasio and City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito from NYPD funerals.

“I, as a New York City police officer, request that Mayor Bill de Blasio and City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito refrain from attending my funeral services in the event that I am killed in the line of duty,” says the waiver. The text goes on to contend that the two public officials did not give “police officers the support and respect they deserve.”

In a joint statement, the mayor and the council speaker characterized the waiver as “deeply disappointing.”

A Country Divided

If anything, the twin uproars from police officers and citizens shows how these verdicts have divided Americans. Much of the controversy has settled on race, though even Garner’s wife said she didn’t believe the color of his skin had anything to do with the incident or the decision. While protests have continued to grow in the wake of both the Garner and Michael Brown incidents, many believe that the two dead men cannot be excused from their own responsibilities.

That hasn’t stopped many prominent politicians – de Blasio among them – from calling for law enforcement reform. In an interview, de Blasio said U.S. police departments needed to “change the fundamental relationship between police and community” with re-training across the board. Meanwhile, President Obama insisted that Americans needed to “recognize this is an American problem and not just a black problem or a brown problem or a native American problem…when anybody in this country is not being treated equally under the law.”

Whatever your feelings are on either case, it seems clear that the groundswell of anger is not going away anytime soon. While there may be issues that need to be addressed, it is unfortunate that the overwhelming majority of good police officers are being painted with the same broad brush. If politicians like Obama and de Blasio want to spearhead change, they should start by elaborating on the deep debt we owe to the men and women who put their lives on the line to keep us safe. Police aren’t perfect. But the issue is not as black and white (in either sense of the term) as many of the protestors seem to think.

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  1. Already, I can see the “hanging tree” returning… Woe unto this screwed up nation, thanks entirely to one halfbreed isloomic bastard!!

    • You forgot to include Dirty Eric

    • YOU can’t give Him all the credit . We have a lot of card carrying communist in the Government . A lot of People that are to lazy to work for a living and want ever thing giving to them .

    • WHY NOT! IT WORKED SO WELL IN THE EARLY DAYS MIKE! LET`S BRING IT BACK AND SCREW SOME CROOKED LAWYERS OUTTA Thew pa they get from us Taxpayers for defending all these guilty crooks. Millionaires are made from this stupid practice?

    • I would love to see the military say the same about obama, you are not welcome at our funerals.

    • Sadly it is the fault of the idiotic jerk off’s (liberal progressives) who voted for him.
      The American people tried to change things again and what did they get a RINO’s HOLE’s Congress.

    • Why in the hell are you blaming the isloomic bastard, he does not control our behavior, we do.

      • No, the HNIC does NOT control us……..YET! But…..he’s the low life bastard that is out for control, just like ALL the terrorist mooselums are! HE’S the one who’s practicing”divide and conquer!” HE’S the one that’s working on starting a racial war! HE’S the one who is inciting the black populace into believing the sorry assed story they’ve been repeating since day one – “We be gittin stepped on fo the last 200 years!” HE’S the one…and the bastard is mooselum, and all mooselums believe that WE are the infidels and deserve to die.. We need a special holiday called, “Eradicate the mooselums,” Starting with his sorry ass first!!!

  2. NY is all screwed up. They have a really crappy Mayor now and no respect for law and order. Time to move and just quit paying those idiotic taxes and putting up with the scum in office there!

  3. What part of “Obey The Law” don’t these low lifes not understand? Selling cigarets without a licence and not paying taxes. OH!! I guess it is OK, if your skin is dark and your name starts with Al!

    • That is my opinion as well, I do not need someone wearing a uniform of any team, making a political statement. It’s time now to see these idiots stand up and admit. IF THEY WERE OBEYING THE LAW and orders from a LEO, than they would be alive. Parents also need to STOP putting the blame on the police, and assume the blame fro NOT teaching their kids right from wrong and to respect LEO orders.

      • We need to boycott any teams that do this. Pull the support and the money. Don’t buy their over priced tickets let them give them free to the people they are siding with, and when there is no money to pay them, maybe they will understand we do mean business. Every city needs to do this. Ball player fever should not prevail when your children’s lives are being changed daily by weirdos with no brains or consciences.

  4. Sorry. He. Killed him on purpose. There were a least 4 officers there. This was murder. Nothing else.

    • The officer in charge was there. A Black woman who obviously didn’t see anything wrong with what her officers were doing. I doubt that the FACTS will ever change your mind.

    • There was a female black police officer there, might have been a Supervisor and she saw nothing wrong with how things were going. I saw the video and the police office initially had his arm around his neck and then he changed it to the correct procedure and didn’t he die of heart attack? At some point I quit watching but I thought that was what was said.

      • His health played a big part, Obesity, heart and asthma, hollering “I cannot breathe” If you can’t breath you cannot talk or holler. and I agree with Hannity, there are more important crimes than selling cigarettes on a street corner, ( he sold single ones) but he still resisted arrest when told to put hands behind his back, started fighting the officer and said “Leave me alone” more than once.

    • 350 pound nut who was throwing policemen around like rag dolls and had been arrested 31 times before and was ordered to stop fighting but kept resisting arrest . You must be from south Chicago?

    • Sorry, was the man being arrested for breaking the LAW? Must have forgot that part, didn’t we? You resist arrest, you pay the price. DO NOT RESIST ARREST! Both of these two now National Celebrities would be alive today if they had followed that advice! OR, don’t you and the rest understand you ARE NOT TO BREAK THE LAW and EXPECT SYMPATHY OR MUCH COMPASSION FROM THE MAJORITY OF US! RESPECT of law, police, and others is a requirement if you expect that in return!

    • Hang up your 0bamaphone, go sit in the corner…
      and finish your Kool-Aid, Lib Licker ………………..

    • If you believe it was a murder, OK, is your opinion. But DiBlazio is wrong, he is helping to rise the violence in NYC streets.

  5. I think we all need to settle down. He is a politician. He is doing what the vast majority of politicians do, lie, deceive, and in a good many cases defraud the public. Many in the East have turned it into an art form, which is not to say in the west we don’t have our share. Hey, it’s CYA and that’s all. The rest of us support you!


    • There is enough black cops to patrol black areas, if the area goes to hell and they keep killing each other then so be it. White police only patrol white areas, if this sounds racist, oh well! it’s racist every time a white cop stops black people!

  7. De Blasio – a piece of crap always looking for his next photo op. We don’t need to retrain the police. We need to retrain those who break the laws and the dumbass politicians sucking up to the criminal element for a few votes.

    • Yeah, a total piece of CRAP followed an even BIGGER piece of CRAP! What a World!

    • are criminals allowed to vote????

      • The dead democrap criminals are allowed to vote just like any other dead democrap. Discriminating against a dead democrap is not “FAIR”.

      • Why not twins… They’re allowed to carry unregistered weapons to rob and kill with! Hey, it’s those damned law abiding citizens that we need to watch out for, right? Those ones that work their asses off, try to make some kind of a future for their kids..you know, the ones that aren’t allowed by law to have any kind of a weapon?? Yeah, they’re the ones that are dangerous!! HA!

  8. Most of our Cops are good people and serve the country well . Some People want felons to look like saints . All were resisting arrest for crimes if not for that fact all would be alive Today ….

  9. I saw my beloved Phoenix Suns come out on the court last night wearing ” I can’t breath “” warm ups and threw up.. I will not attend or watch another Sun’s game this year. When i pay or devote my time to watch a basketball team that i love and have bull shit shoved in front of it by some phoney do gooder’s who don’t really know what really happened , I get upset because these are grown men acting like young punks that are supposed to be in school instead of making a lot of people upset because these people are blocking the streets for people trying to go to work or the doctor or just going out to the store. They are all screwed up so they want everyone to pay for their immature tirades. I am not crazy about the cops but would you rather have “mob rule”‘ or laws??. You do NOT fight with the police after being ordered to stand still. I wouldn’t be a cop for anything now. They are called out on the worst situations and expected to handle criminals like they are little children.

  10. If I was a New York Cop I would refuse to be the body
    guard for any member of his family. Especially since he
    thinks all New York Cops are RACIST.

  11. Di Blasio forgets that he is the mayor of all NYC, not just the blacks. He should have kept his mouth shut. He is wrong to take sides as a Mayor.

  12. I don’t blame them one bit; he is a leftist traitor anyway.

  13. What we all need to acknowledge is that all these peopleare looking to chime in to get their 15 minures of fame.. bandwagoneers…soooo many people have no cause but to create and grasp, hold on for dear life, anything controversial……we have a lot of broken damaged people in positions of authority…

  14. Crap says it mildly for de blasio! what word is worst than crap! He’s it!

  15. Fuk da Mayor ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  16. Isn’t it amazing when it comes to the safety of the citizenry, an all our effort is put forth to demoralize and degrade law enforcement and CIA but when a whimpy intruder managed to breach the white house, the coward sitting there. is all in a tizzy..This bull ,demonizing the police is going to hurt everyone in this country and some are just too dumbed down to see it. Perhaps the next breach should just be ignored, labeled workplace violence and refer it over to a committee to check it out. i think sitting with one’s child in a spot of extreme safety, feasting on the purported woes of the masses is really sick. But each generation has its own way of handling things that are intolerable.

  17. You cops don’t want him at your funeral, we in North Carolina don’t want him or the rest of his communist friends to ever come to our state!!!!

  18. Equality for the few!

  19. Many of my friends are cops; it’s safe to say that the lion’s share of police have no use for liberals and their propaganda and failures. A few ride-alongs by liberals would quickly change their minds about police and law enforcement in general. They put their lives on the line every time they don a uniform, and without police on duty, the streets of the nation would quickly fill with violence and chaos on an uncontrollable scale!

    • They are already daily filling the streets with terror theft and bully tactics that are supposed to be illegal.

    • But that’s what the little halfbreed communist mooselum in the big house is counting on. Start a racial war, divide the populace, conquer and set up his mooselum kingdom. Don’t be screwing up his agenda now!!

  20. 350 pound nut who was throwing policemen around like rag dolls and had been arrested 31 times before and was ordered to stop fighting but kept resisting arrest . You must be from south Chicago? What part of stop resisting don’t they understand ?? Fight the cops , you lose ?? Idiots !!

    • Even if you feel you are innocent, let them figure it out at the station house, true he would have a fine to pay, and another fact, OUT ON BAIL.

  21. I can’t and don’t blame them….The Mayor is a royal Jackass

  22. We do not need to “retrain” our police forces to treat law breakers according to the color of their skin. We just need to make sure that they treat all law breakers in the same way!

  23. New York will descend back to pre-Rudy Giuliani levels of violent crime with this joke as mayor.

  24. ANY SUCKIN’ O’Hamma PUKE association is a legitimate argument to hate and hang………

  25. The guillotine is what will be coming back. They are beheading already and when the time comes they will be doing it daily if you don’t take the mark of the beast!!!!

  26. I think all the police across the nation should just call in sick for a few weeks and let nature take it’s coarse!
    When all the thugs think they have a free run on everything the working class ,you know the ones who pay the taxes step up and thin the herd the cops will have a much easier job when they return!
    Who knows there might even be a few million illegal Mexicans trying to get back across the border despite Obama’s begging them to stay!

    • police need all the support you can give them. I wouldn’t want that job. it takes more courage than I possess. I used to be a teacher and you get a lot of mouth from the children…the parents and the poor administrators just trying to get through the day.

  27. The don’t have to worry about him or Ohomo showing up if they are a law abiding citizen or police officer. They don’t show up but send someone if you are a hoodlum and are committing a racist crime when you were killed. They will never show up themselves and they will only seek the company of tax evading racist, riot inciting criminals named Al Sharpton for company and advice. And if “he” Could have a son (not possible between males) he would look like a limp wristed fairy. What happened to honesty, integrity, honor, respect and god fearing patriots who run for office to serve the people? Why are all who run are crooked, gay, atheist, lawyers who write bills that no common man can understand and time the release of 1600 pages of toilet paper that no will have time to read and is filled with all kind of hidden corrupt attachments that has to be voted on to find out what the bill contains. Haw is a common everyday hard working citizen suppose to figure out what corrupt laws they are supposed to obey this month.

    • senators make a minimum wage of $185,000 for a 10 month year. plus other money for speeches and whatever. they leave office millionaires.

  28. My pray is this that these lunatic socialist progressive bastards all find themselves in the need for a police officer, Only to never have one come to their rescue. Revenge is a dish best served cold.

    • hey, hey. are you saying you won’t do your job and outline their body on the street?

      • I am saying. I would not be saddened by their deaths should any an all officers stay on coffee break when they got the call from these progress socialist scumbags. But Yes if I were an officer I would not answer their call for assistance.

  29. Why would honorable men who had given that “Last full measure” want any modern politician anywhere around their funerals.

  30. he probably won’t actually come to your funeral he will probably visit your grave after dark and take a nice piss.

  31. Good for them…….would you say?

  32. De Blasio is a communist and doesn’t give a damn about this country or the people just like Osama the other terrorist pig. I spoke with one person on here one time and as he said, we are now stuck with stupid De Blasio the moron. He will not stand with the Police as you have seen. I don’t know why anyone would want to continue to be a cop in that corrupt city. They can make more money elsewhere and not have to risk their lives so much like there. A friend of mine did the right thing years ago, took early retirement from there after he was hurt and then started his own business, which turned out to be the best thing for him.

  33. Good for them. I would not want that whiney-cat libtard at my funeral, either. Maybe they should work harder to keep his ilk from being elected as their mayor, in the first place. His policies just make their job harder. There are some bad apples in the law-enforcement barrel, as in any other profession, but, it is up to the profession to keep their own roles under control. That is the only way to renew their reputation as trustworthy. I happen to think that Michael Brown was a thug, and no other response would have saved the officers life, and that Eric Garner was just a poor guy trying to feed his many kids, and was NOT a threat to the officers who killed him with a choke hold. Did they not have real criminals to pursue??? That being said, I fear we are heading for a race war in this country, and that there are forces who would like to see that happen. The good people of America need to lock and load, and be ready to defend what is yours.

  34. Most of the post here is so childish in is not even funny.

  35. Do police officers give the public the respect they deserve

  36. If the Police in this country are guarded in their interaction with Blacks, do you think it miight have anything to do with the black community embracing the ‘gangsta’ culture? duh

  37. OB makes a comment about “when nobody is being treated equally under the law”. Well OB, the only ones not being treated fairly are the whites since you have shown you prejudices against the whites, and the police. You stand for crime, arson, those shouting by a bunch of idiots saying the want a dead cop now, you keep stoking the fires of violence in any way you can just like that racist Holder does and your best friend: Sharpton. What a sad piece of garbage you choose to get wisdom from. IT shows a lot about your mindset of biases, prejudices, hatred of a country you are choosing to divide for selfish gain, and you are one uneducated idiot that only knows the ghetto lifestyle and you discourage anyone to move beyond that. Every decision you have made is for the destruction of America by giving terrorists free reign in anything they choose, criminals can do what they choose without any form of justice, but look out if it is white man.
    No wonder the world looks at you like you are the biggest idiot that has the nerve to even steal the breaths you take from someone who could use it so much more and more constructive.

  38. They were misquoted,,,,the cops said they would like to go to de Blasio’s funeral.

  39. when they have a funeral for the police, the mayor might as well go play cards will al sharpton

  40. Will the people of NY ever wake up? They keep electing socialists/communists to their government. First Bloomberg now the tyrant De Blasio. Amazing.

  41. BILL de BLASIO wouldn’t make a good trash truck driver much less a MAYOR of a CITY like NYC .


  43. If all these people were walking on the right side of the law they wouldn’t encounter the police in the first place.

  44. Unless the funeral service is for the Mayor

  45. trai·tor·ous Subtle definition for Barry Obama pursuant to HIS own words/actions for USA.
    adjective: traitorous
    relating to or characteristic of a traitor; treacherous.
    “when his traitorous actions were discovered, he was imprisoned”
    synonyms:treacherous, disloyal, treasonous, renegade, backstabbing; More
    double-crossing, double-dealing, faithless, unfaithful, two-faced, Janus-faced, duplicitous, deceitful, false;

  46. The most disturbing thing about both of these public servants is that they question and just about state than the very people which they are dependent on the supply the protection of the populace and the institutions that investigate any wrong doings ..the legal system..law enforcement are not given their respect…the take the side of thugs over the people that put their life on the line on a daily basis…..and say any investigations that doesn’t conform to mob rule is suspect….shame on you both…

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