Embarrassing: 53% Say Race Relations Worse Under Obama

Few conservatives saw Barack Obama as the transcendent leader his supporters did, but who could have foreseen the racial divide that has accompanied his tenure? Instead of improving America’s race relations, Obama seems to have worsened them. At least, that’s what 53% of people think, according to a new Bloomberg Politics poll. These respondents believe that interactions between white communities and black communities have taken a hit since his election. Obviously, the recent incidents in Ferguson and Staten Island have only served to highlight some of that deterioration.

The obvious first question is whether Obama owes it to the country to improve “race relations.” That doesn’t seem to be implicit in his constitutional duties, and it is perhaps unfair to expect such a thing from a president of any color. If we concede that it isn’t really the business of the White House to act as a “community organizer,” then we have to move on to the second question. Has he actively done things to worsen race relations? And that’s where things look a bit worse for the president.

Visiting The Issue When Convenient

His first big misstep came only a few months after he took office. A black Harvard professor named Henry Louis Gates was arrested in front of his house after getting into an altercation with police. Obama admitted up front that he didn’t have a full grasp of the facts, but he chose to go forward with some dicey comments anyway. He opined that the Cambridge police that arrested Gates had “acted stupidly” and that there was a “long history in this country of African Americans and Latinos being stopped by law enforcement disproportionately.”

That would serve as a talking point Obama would revisit several times during his next six years in office. Though he rarely made race a central tenet of his policies unless a special event warranted a comment, he didn’t pass up too many of said events. In conflict with the evidence, he condemned the Trayvon Martin verdict without coming out and directly saying so. His attorney general – Eric Holder – has spent much of his own tenure focusing on issues of race. And, of course, he has made his opinion well known on the cases of Michael Brown and Eric Garner.

Obama’s Supporters Are Worse Than Him

If there has been a significant worsening of race relations under Obama, a lot of the blame lies outside the White House. It belongs to the media, the Democrats, and the left-wing columnists who have made it a racist sin to criticize the country’s first black president. This has been going on since his primary with Hillary, and it’s still going on today. And while there are undoubtedly a few racist whites who hate Obama a little bit more just because of his skin color, they don’t comprise even a fraction of his critics. Conservatives would have been dismayed with Obama’s policies with every bit the same fervor if he’d been a white man. I guess the world forgot how much we disliked Slick Willie.

If the last few weeks are any indication, Obama is going to be highly focused on race for the remainder of his time in office. It would be nice to think he might do some good, but he’s too eaten up with liberalism for that to be possible. The best we can hope for is that he doesn’t screw things up too badly. In fact, maybe he should just go golfing.


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  1. I thought it was higher only because of Obama, Holder, Farrakhan, Sharpton, Jackson, Barber (NC NAACP) keeps stirring the pot and making it worse!

  2. Everything is worse under Obama.

    • What do you call a president who steals votes for the wrong reason from voters who were fooled by him?

      • A Muslim.

      • Mr. Obama.

        • Never would I refer that lying treasonous sissified BOY barack hussein obama as what you wrote . I’ll stick to my words on this liar and piece of human waste.

          • Why because he is black?

          • obama is not black, he has a black heart and evil flows through his veins and is destroying this country. obama even put law breaking illegals a head of the blacks in this country that support him almost 100% and is making sure illegals get jobs. I detest obama and he makes me sick to my stomach and I have no respect for him what so ever.

          • Turn off the right wing media shows, so you can get back to using your own brain instead of letting the Obama haters implant these ridiculous ideas in your head. Read, listen to both sides. Look at who is doing what and why they are doing it. You maybe surprise at what you find.

          • I don’t need anybody to tell me anything about that lying piece of human waste obama, I have my own opinion and he’s the worst to ever be in the white house.

          • You say turn off the right wing media shows. Then you say listen to Both sides. That’s what I did and I’ll stick with Fox news. Fox was recently removed from Dish due to a contract dispute. Its been two weeks and I’ve been forced to watch NBC, CNN and I’m disgusted with watching next to nothing of the news. They tell you nothing but about 10 percent of whats really going on in the world . But I agree about watching and reading all opinions .

          • @WayneRigor, that is my point, I don’t like Fox NBC, CBS, ABC, Cnn. These shows report the news as they see it, and they are not always accurate.

          • Of course not!! But because he has be trade this country.

          • Race relations are worse because, as David Duke points outs there are racist in Washington DC.

            Former Klansman and congressional candidate David Duke discusses his bid for the seat opened by Rep. Bob Livingston during NBC’s ”Meet the Press” March 28, 1999 in Washington, DC. (photo by Richard Ellis)

            Former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke issued a warning to Republicans who have criticized House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) for speaking to a white nationalist group in 2002, saying they “better be looking over their shoulders.”

            In an interview with Fusion, Duke said he has ties to politicians on both sides of the aisle, and he is ready to release names if criticism of Scalise continues:

            Overall, Duke was rather flabbergasted by the new focus on Scalise. He said he has hosted both Democratic and Republican legislators at everything from conferences to his children’s birthday parties. He said he has met with Democratic legislators at least 50 times in his political life.

            And he delivered a warning to both Republicans and Democrats: Treat Scalise fairly, and don’t try to make political hay out of the situation. Or he said he would be inclined to release a list of names of all the politicians — both Republicans and Democrats — with whom he has ties.

            “If Scalise is going to be crucified — if Republicans want to throw Steve Scalise to the woods, then a lot of them better be looking over their shoulders,” Duke said.

            Scalise has struggled to distance himself from Duke since a Louisiana blogger revealed earlier this week that the GOP leader had associated with the former KKK Grand Wizard and had spoken to a group Duke founded, the European-American Unity and Rights Organization, in 2002.

            “I didn’t know who all of these groups were, and I detest any kind of hate group,” Scalise said on Monday.

            Peter Wehner, a former adviser to President George W. Bush, said the news about Scalise’s 2002 speech is “acidic for the Republican Party.” But GOP leaders — including House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) and House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) — are standing by Scalise amid the controversy.

            Read more at Fusion. Also on HuffPost:

    • How can anyone expect race relations to be better when you have a hard core racist in the WH and as AG. It ain’t gonna get any better until these two especially are removed from office.

    • That’s the truth and nothing but the truth so help me God.

      • He doesn’t believe in God and had the audacity to have God taken out of the oath of cadets at the academies. That’s so his Islamic brethren can become officers of this nation.

        • obama is anti God, America, and our Constitution and also our military. Just wish those who took the oath would do their job and remove this traitor.

          • Unfortunately those that can won’t because they don’t want to jeopardize their pensions, careers, or freedom. There is a Major out there in prison that refused to follow Obama’s orders contending that he wasn’t truly president. They threw him in Leavenworth and is still there. Generals and colonels that were removed didn’t agree to shoot on civilians or wouldn’t deny their Christian faith. Chaplains were also removed or chastised for not following orders or not adhering to policies concerning homosexuals.
            Bottom-line is that military personnel will not remove him. Congress members won’t band together either because they don’t want to remove the first black president for fear of racism blame. I’m sorry but cowardice is rampant throughout our leadership.

  3. Noticeably worse with Obama, Holder, Michael/Moochelle (take your pick), et.al., that reverse racism has become a part of their “administration.” The country is led by ignorant, racist, adolescents who don’t have a clue about keeping a country – and world – working harmoniously and peacefully. They are professional trouble makers. I dream of them being out of office and in prison.

  4. Anybody that says its not worse under obama and holder is lying…..would you say?

  5. how about 99.9 percent

    • The little halfbred asshole set out from the very beginning to alienate whites and blacks. He studied our history for years, just so that he would know which “button” to push. His aim, after depleting our military and taking most of our troops from overseas, has been to start a damned race war, then make sure the biggest percentage of citizens are on welfare, thus making the populace completely depending on the government. Then, BINGO, he does away with the constitution and declares himself an emperor!! AND THE ENTIRE SITS BACK AND WATCHES him make his strategic moves.. Even the repooplicans are starting to get pansie-assed!!

  6. 0bama – GUILTY!
    Holder – GUILTY!
    Sharpton – GUILTY!
    Jackson – GUILTY!
    Rangel – GUILTY!
    Farrikahn – GUILTY!
    Black Panthers – GUILTY!
    C.A.I.R. – GUILTY!
    La Raza – GUILTY!
    A.C.O.R.N. – GUILTY!
    Congressional Black Caucus – GUILTY!
    A.C.L.U. – GUILTY!
    The New York Times – GUILTY!
    The Washington Post – GUILTY!

  7. America is much in much worse shape today because of Obama. I don’t dislike and disapprove of him because of him being half black but I do dislike and disapprove of him because he is a racist, communist, muslim POS and pray he will be gone from our WH before he can totally destroy America. He, Holder and Sharpton needs to be in jail for the harm they have caused not only to whites but to blacks also and to all Americans.

  8. Of course relations are worse ,when he seeks counsel with haters like Sharpton and Jackson.

  9. obama is as ridiculous as we believe–he and holder, and sharpton are nothing but sh*t stirrers, and that is their agenda. They do not care about this country, they just want to tear down and destroy that which is not theirs, just like the citizens of ferguson tore up their own town. Tell me what did that accomplish–now no businesss will be in that town for it to thrive, for anyone–they do not care, they just want to see their face on tv–and the sheeple are more than willing to obilidge them at any cost, instead of holding them accountable for property damage and interfering with public transport by getting in the way on the highway–Their idol, Martin Luther King would be ashamed of them truly and the stupid media which only adds fuel to the fire—stop giving the idiots coverage, and they will go home to their burnt out houses and maybe even rebuild–no federal or state funds should be given to them at all–that is taxpayer money, and this taxpayer says NO–let all those over paid ball players who want to get in on the hoopla open their personal billfolds and divy out the cash for them,.

  10. Problem is we have Black president that can not handle White mans job

  11. If he does screw things up, he can invite the people to the WH for a beer — like he did the professor and the cop. What an arrogant pos.

  12. Obama and his whole ilk are a bunch of racist pigs who use blacks as a way to push their agenda. Media controlled by government is trying its hardest to start a race war so the idiot dictator cab reign supreme leader. Obama is a lie, cheat, and a downright impostor who claims peace but stabs Americans in the back. Wish we could just impeach his bum and am surprised it has not happened yet with all of his illegal actions and executive orders.

  13. EVERY ONE IS SOOOOO` RIGHT SO FAR! Next it`s our TASK to get rid of ALL trhe croopks and slackers in both parties. The DEMONCRATS WOULD WIN BY MANY VOTES!

  14. it is worse and the President is not just black he had a white mother so I guess we are all have to claim part of this.

  15. Race relations are no worse under Obama, than any other president before him. The problem is that, the discriminations against non-whites that have been going on for centuries in the USA and all over the world, are now suddenly being highlighted, via the ‘weapon’ of the INTERNET! Thus, what was considered traditional, “NORMAL everyday life”, is now being hit at as BAD behaviors!! Not surprising that Whites take much offense to these things, because it would seem as if their privileges and dignity are under serious attack! I honestly can say that I do NOT blame conservative Whites for being as angry as can be. And, as for Obama being able to fix race relations…….that’s a loud “LAUGH” His being elected to office, not once, but twice causes serious tumultuous feelings of fear in conservatives. I mean, I can hear them saying, “How the heck did this happen??!!” “What are we doing?” Traditions die very hard….or, NEVER die! Don’t blame Obama. Blame our global indoctrination for the way we feel and think.

  16. Saul Alinsky Lives in Ferguson
    Posted By John Perazzo On December 5, 2014
    If the late Saul Alinsky—the America-hating godfather of community organizing—had fathered a black son, he’d look like Barack Obama.[1] Obama has embraced, revered, and employed Alinsky’s philosophy and tactics of social revolution for decades . Indeed, he even taughtAlinsky’s methodsin community-organizing workshops and seminars in Chicago, when he was a much younger Marxist. As we witness the continuing racial unrest sparked by the shooting of Michael Brown and the Ferguson grand jury’s subsequent decision not to indict Officer Darren Wilson, it is vital to understand that everything the protesters/rioters are doing—in Ferguson and elsewhere—is straight out of Alinsky’s most famous publications, Rules For Radicals and Reveille For Radicals . And Obama has encouraged them, every step of the way.
    Obama and Alinsky never actually met in person, as Alinsky died when Obama was just 11 years old. Happily for the future president, by that time he had already been introduced to the man who would mentor him throughout his adolescent years—the America-hating, pro-Soviet, pro-Stalin, Communist writer Frank Marshall Davis. Thus, when Obama eventually encountered Alinsky through the latter’s writings, the young community organizer was well prepared ideologically to soak up Alinsky’s message.
    In his quest to cultivate the type of chaos that would spark social revolution against America’s capitalist system, Alinsky exhorted activists to constantly “rub raw the resentments of the people” and “fan the latent hostilities to the point of overt expression”—but to do this in measured tones, so as not to “scare off” middle-class Americans.
    Thus did Obama dutifully and blandly call for “unity” and calm in the immediate aftermath of Michael Brown’s “heartbreaking and tragic” death, even as he repeatedly reminded us that: “police should not be bullying or arresting” anyone without cause; “in too many communities, too many young men of color are left behind and left as objects to fear”; “there is no excuse for excessive force by police”; “the justice gap” between whites and nonwhites is unacceptable; “the criminal-justice system doesn’t treat people of all races equally”; and “too many young men of color feel targeted by law enforcement, guilty of walking while black, or driving while black, judged by stereotypes that fuel fear and resentment and hopelessness.” And when the grand jury in Ferguson subsequently chose not to indict Darren Wilson because the officer obviously had shot Michael Brown in self-defense, Obama pronounced the black community’s indignation to be “an understandable reaction.”
    Obama’s carefully chosen words—all delivered in the type of nonthreatening tenor advocated by Saul Alinsky—clearly communicated a single, foundational theme to African Americans: In the racist cesspool known as the United States, black people are routinely treated like second-class citizens, if not subhumans. Oh, and by the way, please remain calm. Wink, wink.
    Alinsky also taught that in some cases activists must be completely willing—for the sake of the moral principles in whose name they profess to act—to turn up the proverbial heat and watch society descend into chaos and anarchy; to “go into a state of complete confusion and draw [their] opponent into the vortex of the same confusion.” “Wherever possible,” Alinsky counseled, “go outside the experience of the enemy. Here you want to cause confusion, fear, and retreat.”
    Mobs of shouting protesters can accomplish that objective quite effectively—even if, as in the present case, they are oblivious to the irony that the poster-child of their crusade is a multiple felon who tried unsuccessfully to murder a police officer. Such demonstrations tend to give onlookers the impression that a mass movement is not only well underway, but may actually be preparing to shift into an even higher gear at any moment. A “mass impression,” said Alinsky, can be lasting and intimidating. Thus did President Obama recently meet at the White House with Al Sharpton, his leading advisor on race-related matters, and other protest leadersfrom Ferguson, urging them to “ stay on course” with their activism.
    Yet another highly noteworthy observation by Alinsky was this: “Power is not only what you have but what the enemy thinks you have.” “The threat,” he explained, “is usually more terrifying than the thing itself.” Thus, “if your organization is small in numbers,… raise a din and clamor that will make the listener believe that your organization numbers many more than it does.”
    This can be well achieved by orchestrating a host of simultaneous demonstrations in multiple cities or venues, exactly as the highly organized Gentle Giant crusade has been doing. The stature of these rallies is magnified by the fact that they receive lots of media attention, while scores of millions of ordinary Americans who view them with contempt and dread are busy quietly going about their lives, caring for their families, working at their jobs, and pursuing their personal aspirations as they see fit. Such people are many thousands of times more numerous than the perpetually aggrieved rabble-rousers of the Left, but Alinsky understood—as Obama understands today—that a spraying skunk inevitably gets all the attention when it intrudes unexpectedly upon a picnic.
    The America-hating Alinsky also taught that activists, in order to cast themselves as defenders of high-minded principles, must theatrically convey “shock, horror, and moral outrage” whenever any of their demands—however inconsequential—are not met. And no one conveys such emotions more convincingly than Obama’s aforementioned racial “advisor,” Al Sharpton, who vows to continue the Michael Brown/anti-police brutality crusade until the end of time if necessary. Alinsky understood quite well that even a pathetic moral degeneratelike Sharpton can be an effective revolutionary if he is skilled in the otherwise worthless arts of bluster and righteous indignation.
    Lest anyone think there might be a way to bridge the gap between civil society and the revolutionaries in the vanguard of the current Gentle Giant Brigades, a dose of reality is in order: Alinsky emphasized that the overarching objective of any crusade is never to promote peace or reconciliation, but rather to be unwaveringly “dedicated to an eternal war” in which “there are no rules of fair play” and “no compromise” whatsoever; to mercilessly “pulverize” people with “fear”; and ultimately to “force their capitulation.”
    We got a glimpse of this mindset recently when we learnedthat two New Black Panther Party members were plotting not only to blow up St. Louis’s famed Gateway Arch, but also to assassinateFerguson police chief Tom Jackson and the city’s prosecuting attorney Bob McCulloch. And a shrieking Louis Farrakhan, for his part, has been busy urgingblack Americans to throw Molotov cocktails at white people in order to fulfill a scriptural “law of retaliation”; condemning whites for allegedly “killing us” in large numbers; and warning that “we’ll tear this goddamn country up!”
    Like all Marxists, Obama, Sharpton, Farrakhan, and the rest of their fellow revolutionaries seek to tear society apart by pitting the “races,” the “classes,” and the “genders” against one another—“rubbing raw” their respective “resentments” until hatred abounds in every person’s heart and mayhem fills the streets. Michael Brown’s corpse is merely a building block for these rabble rousers. They know that someday another African American will be killed by a white police officer and thus be anointed as their movement’s next martyred saint. Bit by bit, the inconvenient fact that Brown was a violent, abusive criminal whose death was brought about entirely by his own actions will be airbrushed out of public memory. And the grievance mongers of the “civil rights” movement will wistfully remember him as just another innocent black victim whose life was tragically cut short by white depravity.
    Saul Alinsky would be proud.
    [1] In March 2012, not long after the death of Trayvon Martin in Florida, President Obama famously said: “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.”

  17. What did people expect? O is a Muslim and he hates America and is out to totally dismantle it from the inside out. And he seems to be doing a grand job of it unfortunately.

  18. And We would be surprised Why! with having the racist We have in the White House.

  19. His big mistake is coming,and we are the ones who will suffer from his grand delusion.

  20. Kommandante O’CornHoler is doing his level best to start a war between the races .

  21. Remember what Obama said when he was runing in his 08 term? “And did they tell you he was Black?” Sounds racist to me,

  22. Yes, race relations are worse since O took office. The Whites are not the racists today, the racists are the blacks. When are we going to wake up from our deep sleep? Why are we allowing 13% of our population to dictate to us whatever they want they get.

  23. In 2008, Obama said that he would be “the first post-racial President.” Six years later, he has lit the flames of racial discord and is the tool leading minorities to protest and riot against Whites. Despite having a White mother and technically being half-White, one would never know it from Obama’s actions. The pent-up hatred and animosity that he feels for Whites and traditional culture in this country knows no bounds!

  24. Thanks to Obama, Holder, and that IDIOT Al Sharpton, things are crazy. I bet all of these Idiot Protesters are being paid by Sharpton via YOUR GOVERNMENT. I bet 80% don’t even know why they are protesting.Just remember if you BREAK THE LAW, THEN RESIST AN ARREST, YOU MAY BE NEXT NO MATTER WHAT YOUR COLOR MAY BE.

  25. Every since obama was elected by those whose brains were defected, our country has been neglected.

  26. Just goes to prove that racial bigotry is not just a white thing. It would be naive to have expected Obama and Holder not to favor their race over others. We are ruled by 13% of the population.

  27. Race relations NOW are far worse than back in the 60’s, and 70’s! Back then Congress was trying to improve, now the Dems and eBOla are doing everything in their power to create problems.

  28. Francisco J. Mariategui, PhD

    Obama wants to polarize the race conflict!

  29. Whites own racism. President Obama is a black/white man. His children are black/white, His wife is black. President Obama does not hate himself or his family or black people. Racism is hatred for another race. America has a history of black hatred from whites, even in our military, We had a segregated military while going to war fighting against Nazis, facist , preaching freedom and democracy in other countries when we did not have it here at home. Once in a while these articles pop up claiming racism is worse because of President Obama. These articles are written for young people who were not around when racism was at it’s worse not only in the South but all over this country. What we are witnessing is a replay of the 30s 40s 50s 60s in this country. White supremacy.

  30. Ariel Gail MacLean

    I agree that “race relations” are worse under Obama – Who could not agree with this observation?
    However, we have to stop forming or altering our opinions by the latest poll – and that is what polls do People, nudge people subconsciously in one direction or another. Polling is destructive to our individual thinking processes because they control the question being asked – BIG PROBLEM! We need to decide via our own thoughts, what the question is. Secondly, unless you have lived in a cave for the last few decades, you should have figured out by now that polls are funded by pre-existing power structures to be used as fodder for the furtherance of some point of view – in other words, the outcome is completely rigged and then the use of that “data” becomes a weapon against every free-thinking person. And this is done adinfinidim adnosium as the marketing experts (AKA: psy-ops thought police) will re-hash and re-form that data into endless bullets targeting us from every angle. Americans are ignorant as to just how psychologically conditioned they have become. We are so unaware that we are not even aware of how we are affected every minutes of every day. Turn up the volume on your own thought processes – THINK! Tune out the din of messaging which bombards us – RESIST!

  31. Obama, Holder, and Sharpton are the new creators of current day Racism!!!

  32. Race relations in this country is the same it has always been. You hear more about now because we have a black President. Racial hatred will never change has long as there are whites who feel superior to all others.

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