Elon Musk Is Going To Great Lengths To Defend Free Speech

Elon Musk has deemed himself a supporter of free speech, especially in Ukraine, where he launched his Starlink satellites upon the request of Ukraine’s leaders in early March.  

While media outlets, financial institutions, and some big-name franchises have cut business dealings with Russia, trailblazer Elon Musk has decided he’s going against the grain and is keeping satellite communication with Russia. Even Biden’s decision to ban Russian imported oil this week didn’t sway Elon’s decision.

On March 5th, Elon used liberal social media conglomerate Twitter to express his distaste for governments worldwide (not Ukraine) who have recently requested Starlink to block Russian news sources and essentially block “free speech.”

Starlink has been told by some governments (not Ukraine) to block Russian news sources. We will not do so unless at gunpoint. 

Sorry to be a free speech absolutist.

The list of companies banning Russian and affiliated companies and communications is growing every day. 

Last week Reddit, the 19th most visited “social news aggregator” website whose servers are owned by Amazon Web Services, banned some users from posting links to RT and Sputnik.  

Reddit wasn’t alone. Other tech giants like Microsoft, Twitter, YouTube, Meta, Snapchat, TikTok, and Spotify banned Russian media outlets in response to the global dismay of Russia’s “sloppy” invasion of Ukraine.  

On March 3rd, Elon tweeted a warning about using the non-Russian communication systems. 

Important warning: Starlink is the only non-Russian communications system still working in some parts of Ukraine, so probability of being targeted is high. Please use with caution.

Elon activated the Starlink terminals last Saturday at the request of Ukraine’s Vice Prime Minister Mykhailo Fedorov, who’s said the broadband internet service “keeps our cities connected and emergency services saving lives” in the event of outages.

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