Elitists Savage Walker’s College Record

If you ever wanted a look inside the liberal brain, you need only read the nonsense that has been written about Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker in the last week. Starting with the Washington Post, the left has fallen all over themselves to disqualify Walker from the presidency over the matter of his college transcripts. Having dropped out of Marquette University, Walker is apparently too stupid to occupy the White House.

Speaking to Joe Scarborough last week, Howard Dean lamented that Walker “would be the first president in many generations that did not have a college degree.”

In the WaPo article that fired up the pundits, author David Fahrenthold noted unnecessarily that Walker “still has not found the time to finish,” as if he has been lounging on the couch for the last quarter-century.

In a separate WaPo article, presidential historian H.W. Brands is quoted as saying a college degree “has become the entry credential to nearly all jobs requiring any skill at all. A candidate lacking one would have some heavy explaining to do.”

Brands is not wrong. The media, to say nothing of Walker’s opponents, will see to it that this becomes a major issue. The question is whether the American people – 67 percent of whom have no degree of their own – will buy into the controversy. Walker’s lack of a diploma has not stopped him from becoming an enormously successful leader in Wisconsin.

Of course, liberals think that nothing is more important than your educational credentials. If it were up to Democrats, only Ph.D.’s would occupy the White House. Who else but a properly-educated professor can lead the great unwashed masses away from their folly?

It’s funny that this should come up as we celebrate President’s Day. Neither George Washington nor Abraham Lincoln were college graduates. Was their lack of higher education a burden on their respective presidencies? Things have changed, of course, but would another 34 credit hours transform Walker from a hick governor to an established, worthy president? No one could possibly think that.

If anything, Walker should jump to the head of the line solely based on his decision to drop out. The less liberal claptrap forced into his head, the better. We’ve put far too much emphasis on the importance of such an education in the first place. Is someone with a Women’s Studies diploma hanging up in their living room more respectable than someone who got a real job after high school? I think not.

If Walker was some nobody off the street, perhaps we could take his lack of a degree into consideration. Considering his long, successful political career, however, this kerfuffle is absurd. It’s a non-issue. Besides, we have a well-educated man in the White House right now. How’s that working out for us?


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  1. Where are the College Records of the FRAUD ILLEGAL TREASONOUS KENYA MUZZY , KING OBOGUS !!! ???

    • I believe everyone in this country would like to know that.

    • I’d like to see Gov. Walkers and Nobummers records side by side. Gov. Walker not finishing college is a non issue to me unlike the muslim we presently have that is rapidly carrying America to HELL in a handbasket !!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • The hypocrisy of the left is ASTOUNDING!!

        • The often say what they think, and offend what they say!

        • The gullibility of the right is mind-numbing!!

          • You can keep your doctor.

          • Graybeest1938@yahoo.com

            Yep, but you have to consider that all politicians are accomplished liars with or without a College Degree.

          • Not all but many more than we would prefer there to be.

          • .
            from the right or the left.

          • “We have to enact it to see what’s in it.”

          • “The island gwons to tip over.”

          • AND U can keep ur plan!

          • Jonathan Gruber, architect of the ACA said that in order for the bill to pass, we will need the gullibility of the voters, he wasn’t talking about republicans. You are the low information voter that Gruber was referring to, your party needs you, Grubered one!!

          • and got royally paid for it by the libtard party.

          • Boy are you ever confused!!!! Know your left from your right??? It’s the left that is gullible. If not, why would you have ever voted for Obama in the first place and further to that, after seeing who he is, what he’s up to and where he plans to take you, why would you continue to be gullible enough to continue to support him? You’d better look in the mirror more often if you want to see gullible. The right is trying our best to save your sorry hide and you are only continuing to be a part of the problem!!!

          • Your head must be up your ass cause it sure as hell is not straight moron.

          • Look around you.

            The world is falling apart piece by piece… The Democrat vision of one for all and all for one is not just stupid… it’s not even theoriticlly possible… and yet, in their constant push to obtain that (the impossible dream), they are eroding the very foundation of this country.

            The concepts and ideals our founding fathers formed this country with are being washed down the drain.

            Oue supposed “leaders” are beyond pathetic. They are corrupt and often criminal. They ignore the constituents they were elected to represent. They make every effort to circumvent the very constitution they ALL swore to uphold and defend.

            The voters meanwhile, have been openly and bluntly called STUPID, by Jonathon Gruber… in a moment of pure honesty (a moment which our occurred three times). At least he said what the people in this administration are THINKING.

            What exactly does it take to open our eyes to all the bad…. while watching the United States be destroyed from within?

            Does anyone even care?

          • Dennis Gurevitz

            I challenge any liberal, progressive, or communist who visits this forum, to show me and all the others as to what countries around the globe have been successful being communist, or socialist in government.. The SOVIT UNION COLLAPSED,along with the rest of communist eastern Europe. Western Europe which likes socialism, is a mess their economies and the euro are near worthless. Just look at the country of Greece. If Cuba is so great why do their people attempt to cross shark infested water to sneak into the USA. Cubans are hungry, unemployed, and the government rations how much beans, rice and coffee they can monthly have. North Korea, well what’s to say more than two thirds of their people are actually starving to death. The democratic peoples republic of china,aka red china economically shifted to capitalism, because it works while their government is communist. Vietnam the same thing. Or Robert muggabes Zimbabwe aka Rhodesia. People staving, no work, hyper inflation. And this president Mr. Obama, what’s to bring to america, wants to transform america into a failed country, where our citizens have no rights except what the president and his unelected, unanswerable to congress,Czars tell you , that you have. Stupid gullible lib-tards.

        • Hypocrisy from the Left used to infuriate me too (and it still does), but the thing is, the Left is waging War on the Right, and the conservative leadership hasn’t yet figured that out. In my opinion, the one biggest problem with Romney was that he was too nice a guy, and would not lower himself to the gutter level it would have taken to expose Obongo for what he is (like in the debates, etc.)

          • Dennis Gurevitz

            You are 100% correct. This time we need someone who is truly conservative. No good ole boys of the republican establishment. John MaCain and his buddy senator Lindsey Graham are establishment guys okay. This time around NO PRISONERS got it.

      • Vic, I don’t think our illustrious leader even went to school I hear tell he was too busy in the gay bath houses to actually spend time attending classes. He obviously doesn’t know the constitution from a hole in the ground so even if he did go to college what good did it do him?

        • And add to that, SMOK’IN CRACK!

        • Must be where he picked up his swing for golf?

        • NONE

        • Am sure he is very familiar with a certain hole? Corn anyone?

        • The President graduated MAGNA CUM LAUDE from Harvard Law School, the second highest honor granted by that institution. He practiced law in Illinois, which would not have been possible if he had no law degree.

          You and others who utter such asinine blithering nonsense as “I don’t think our illustrious leader even went to school,” are just putting your wackiness on display.

          • If he did practice law, it was for an abbreviated time and was so treacherous that they took away his license to practice, his wife’s, too. They must have been a real pair to lose their license as you have to have done something really bad. Too bad that was a part of the hidden record.

          • An old, stale, and proven FALSE ASSertion, afanaglenn. Here are the FACTS concerning the President’s and First Lady’s law licenses. They completely destroy the fabrication you are promoting: Read the TRUTH. Then show some integrity and be an honest broker of information and go back to all those people to whom you have made your false report and apologize and tell them the TRUE facts.





            “Q: Did Barack and Michelle Obama “surrender” their law licenses to avoid ethics charges?

            A: No. A court official confirms that no public disciplinary proceeding has ever been brought against either of them, contrary to a false Internet rumor. By voluntarily inactivating their licenses, they avoid a requirement to take continuing education classes and pay hundreds of dollars in annual fees. Both could practice law again if they chose to do so.”

          • For one thing, Snopes is not a good source for information, so much found to be less than truth. You would be better served to use another source. As to the licenses for these two, Obama was given the opportunity of surrendering his license or facing nullification. You are correct in saying no charges were made against him as the license was surrendered in consideration of no formal charges. AS to his wife, she was found to be charged with insurance fraud and was also given the same option as Obama, relinquish or face formal charges. I don’t care if you rescind your statements, or not. Facts are hard to dispute, unless you are a democrat where everything is grey matter or a falsehood. As a democrat, Snopes will serve you well.

          • Now you need to cite your sources for this assertion. You argue that Snopes is undependable. You did not challenge my other source, Factcheck. But YOU provide NO references, NO documentation, as though we are expected to believe what you posted on your “say so” alone!

          • Factcheck.org was originally funded by Annenburg, a Conservative. BUT UPON HIS DEATH the foundation took a dramatic turn to the LEFT. It now has ties to Bill Ayers AND Barack Obama. They have an agenda, no independent perspective. Never rely on one source for your information.

          • Both sources are questionable.

          • That is a standard dodge of the wackadoodle
            “true believer” when confronted with documentation that proves him wrong.

          • You are SO stupid….
            Of Course THERE ARE NO RECORDS!!!
            No way to prove either Your premise or Mine BECAUSE HE IS PAYING SOMEONE TO KEEP HIS RECORDS OUT OF OUR REACH!!!!

          • Tax payers paid that tab.

          • Who the phuque are you to tell ANYBODY to shut up, you corksocker? You try that to my face or others on this site you have insulted, you’d be on your worthless a$$ spitting teeth, you liberal scum sucking pig!!!

          • My,My, you sure get sore when your dearly-held erroneous perceptions are challenged and you are unable to respond with anything except except foul language, insults and threats.

          • You are the one who crossed the line by telling a poster to shut up & this is the way you respond? You gob of liberal vomit – get this straight: I despise you bottom feeding liberal scum! Have you not looked around to see the damage liberal policies have done to this nation? As to erroneous perceptions, it is you liberal dumshitz who own that bs!!

          • Still sore, aren’t you! And stilI raving with vile opprobrium. I told afanaglenn to “Ante up or shut up.” So far he has not anted up, so I presume he can not handle what I posted. As is often the case, I posted sources that discredited what afanaglenn posted. Those taking up for him have simply asserted things with NO documentation, NO references, just their opinions. They have not anted up and therefore, until they can do better, they should shut up.

          • Not just America, look at Europe, ALL liberal and falling apart.!!! no borders gave terrorists free reign to kill, behead and torment Jews and Christians. Anti gun laws have the citizens helpless while the gangs and terrorists have the semi auto weapons to shoot them like fish in a barrel and their huge liberal entitlements have left their military forces shrunken and too weak to secure their countries. There is only so much money and Europe chose to encourage laziness and apathy by cutting military in lieu of welfare. If the Libs in America have it their way, the PTB will be dictating the food we eat, what we drink ( no 32oz soda) No guns, no privacy, and if you love America and the values she was founded on…you are terrorist. THEY most likely never shed a drop of blood to defend her and will sell us all out for the sake of “fairness and PC nonsense” Our forefathers had characteristics the libs despise. Backbones, faith, integrity, honor and shin thick enough to not quake in their boots every time someone said a hurtful thing, like the truth….just because the truth may be hurtful, does not change the fact that its the truth. Truth has no agenda, race,, or other affiliation.

          • You haven’t proven ANYTHING erroneous. But I’m sure you’ll keep checking in with the koolaid venders.

          • Like the other dingbat wingnuts on this forum, you think something is so because you say it is so.

            James Grogan, deputy administrator and chief counsel for the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission of the Supreme Court of Illinois. ARDC , ” said claims that Michelle Obama went on inactive status to avoid disbarment are simply false. ‘We had to consent to this,’ he said, noting that the ARDC would’ve brought up any disciplinary problems with the court. And he added that simply changing the registration status wouldn’t prevent the ARDC from bringing a case against a lawyer. (The online registration record no longer refers to Michelle Obama as being on “court ordered inactive status.” Grogan said that changes were made to the online registration system because other inactive lawyers had complained that they were also being suspected of wrongdoing.).

            “And the Obamas could return to practicing law if they decide to, Grogan said. “President Obama would have to submit a written or online notification stating that he intended to return to active status. And he would have to pay the registration fee for each year that he was retired.”

            What more do you need??!!

          • Why would all records be sealed if there’s nothing to hide. Every other POTUS has had their info and school records released to public. Right now, Rand Paul and Scott Walker are being reviewed. School records, Tax records and legal records are public records and to have them sealed is not only very rare but very questionable as well. Anyone who graduated in the top of their class would be proud of releasing them. We only conceal info we are ashamed of.

          • Soros’ ‘factcheck’? You REALLY used THAT source?

          • No source will satisfy dense-as-depleted-uranium wingnut wackadoodles who already have their minds made up.

          • your insistance on defending what they are doing to this country astounds me,so let me ask you this?do you wanna wear a burka?

          • I posted true information form a reliable source. I showed that what was being posted about the Obamas’ law licenses was wingnutty crapola. You got a problem with TRUTH?

          • Snopes is a leftist dis-information site. Their left leaning slant on responses are atrocious.

          • What is really funny is that the bar association web site claims they are HONORARY MEMBERS, but if you check elsewhere on the sight you find there is no such thing as a voluntary surrender of one’s license…you either have it or the association takes it from you. Yet another thing that does not ring true.

          • That’s really interesting. It is just another of the Obama cover-ups, and there are a bunch, and continues today.There is a lot of money covering him up, like the million dollars that he used to sequester his school records and other life history.

          • Treated special as he was black and going to school as a student from another country to get by cheaper >> And the school to be P.C. let him slide thru >>WHY ARE HIS SCHOOL RECORDS SEALED ?? WHERE IS HIS THIESES TO GRADUATE ??? WHERE ARE HIS FRIENDS FROM ALL THOSE CLASSES HE ATTENDED ??? WHERE IS HIS WIFES ?? as for practicing law were is the proof of that >. and where is his license ???

          • That cognitive impairment is creeping up on you Grandpa. I urge you to make an appointment with a good neuropsychologist who can assess the status of your incipient dementia and plan a course of therapy for you.

          • TRUTH HURTS >> PEOVE DIFFERENT >> AND The ONLY ONE WHO NEEDS THERAPY IS “YOU” but it never helps fools who are lemmies and are follower of a leader who can’t be trusted

          • How clever, libTURD refers to grandpa’s mental state. What an original, elementary school retort. How is it giveshead on straight, that any of us can, upon request, provide birth records, college records, social security cards? You know, we do it every time we cash a check, buy a car, house etc.

          • Yes, that is the proverbial pot calling the kettle black. Grandpa’s mental state is much, much better than his own or he would be making a total fool of himself on this site today.

          • The ONLY ONE WHO NEEDS A BRAIN TRANSPLANT IS “YOU” >>> BUT THEN “NOTHING” has been known to correct A cognitive DYSFUCTIONAL BRAIN like YOURS >> Not even a GOOD NEUROPSYCHOLOGIST /// as it is brainless wonders like “YOU” that has this country in the out house ?? YOU LOVE HIM , FOLLOW HIM AND BELIEVE ALL HIS LIES AND BULL CRAP


          • Messaging yourself are you, Grandpa? Better get yourself checked out by some competent neuropsychologist! That cognitive dysfunction needs to be evaluated and treated. “CRITAIZE”?? When you blast out with all caps, your egregious spelling errors look even worse.

          • Don’t you get a little tired having to keep taking your britches down to talk ?

          • Don’t YOU get tired of never producing any form of original thought or substantive argument, Emma. Your attempted (and failed) cuteness and your insults contribute noting of worth to the discussions you contaminate.

          • You know,
            There is no point in talking to an idiot.
            You will continue to believe what you will. I really don’t care.
            I suppose what bothers me most is the fact that when it comes down to it, if our side doesn’t get you, your side will.
            Either way, you won’t be around long when this illegal occupation ends.
            Have a good life while you can.

          • Be sure to store up lots of dried beans and rice for the siege, Emma. along with a lot of jugs full of tap water. When the black helicopters arrive, you will be snugly ensconced in that secret cave you have dug behind your rust-bucket 1973 single-wide mobile home.

          • headonstraight–just because someone has a piece f paper saying they granduated from a school doesn’t necessarily mean they actually attended classes. #1. I had a daughter who was so brilliant the school begged her to just show up for the tests so they could give her a degree as she was bored our of her skull attending classes and was holding down two interesting and challenging jobs before she was seventeen. But, in no way am I saying Obama was bright enough to pull that off. #2. I went to school with two people who’d never attended college in their lives, but who were able to transfer in and graduate with my class with falsified records indicating they’d already achieved courses. Now, that certainly would fit our illustrious leader who has proven himself to be a chronic liar. And, “If” Obama really attended why has he refused to put his scolastic records out in the public where we can see what he achieved. Maybe he took course on drawing, or poetry, or merely Marxist philosophy and how to impliment it into US government, but he certainly didn’t get the ones that taught him to respect constitutional law. And, why is it no one can remember him attending classes? did he have am stand-in like so many other students do when they can’t pass the tests and need to get a grade? Too many questions about Obama’s scholastic achievements to just ignore and too many references to his “outside” activities that make us wonder when, if ever, he had time to achieve the actual knowledge he was supposed to be getting. As for his work in a law firm even that is suspect since he was already being groomed for political achievement and it is well known his wife was given a pretense of aposition where she was paid a ludricrous salary unheard of prior just to give her resume’ a jump. So, you go ahead and continue drinking the koolaid for Obama all you want, meanwhile the rest of us really don’t care that much what he did in the past, but sure as hell care about what he is doing to destroy this country now.

          • You say, “Too many questions about Obama’s scholastic achievements to just ignore….”

            Yet you have proceeded on your own independent tirade and have IGNORED what I posted that established the TRUTH about his and Michelle’s law degrees and standing with the bar association.

            Mighty selective and evasive on your part, Trisha.

          • And WHERE is YOUR PROOF that he ACTUALLY GRADUATED WITH SUCH A HIGH ESTEEM FROM his college days….the dope smoking crack dealing addict that he is….

          • He graduated magna cum laude from Harvard Law School. That is a matter of record. Be a fool and deny anything you don’t like, but facts are facts.

          • records can be faked. Look at his birth certificate and draft registration.

          • Oh, horse patooties! You wingnuts rely on the most fuzzy and speculative notions to feed yous suspicion and bigotry. Shame on you!

          • The truth hurts doesn’t it….grrrr

          • How would you know that the truth hurts? What you and others have barfed out concerning the President’s birth records and the law degree status of the Obamas is nowhere near the TRUTH.


          • EXACTLY!!

          • you are ridiculous! every knows its a FRAUD, even the woman who signed it is dead now, everyone who gad anything to do with his false papers are all DEAD.

          • GET OVER YOURSELF. SHAME ON YOU, not anyone else!!!

          • voted against carter

            LOL. Not being able to back up your accusations and name calling is the surest way to “PROVE” how right you are about your Pinocchio president.

            silly libratard

          • bug off headsonupsidedown!

          • You are mistaken..
            We see what he has done & is doing to our great Nation.
            His records are SEALED, at Tax Payers’ Expense, so as to
            H I D E who & what he IS!

            “You shall know them by their actions”
            I , with millions of others, KNOW obama.

            He is NOT the LEGITIMATE President of these
            United States of AMERICA.

            He NOT American

            He HATES America, Her People, & absolutely EVERYTHING this Great Republic stands for !!

            He has divided this Nation on EVERY level..
            Economically, Religiously, Racially, Morally.

            The agenda of this illegal regime is clear.

            obama has placed muslims in KEY POSITIONS of our government.
            Pay attention to those with whom he associates & has surrounded himself.
            Our Military has been decimated by this illegal squatters’
            mandates …
            I could go on .
            GOD gave EACH of us our own brain when we were born. It was for us to USE make our own choices.
            Think & do for ourselves.
            We are a FREE PEOPLE .
            AMERICA is the Shining Light of FREEDOM on the hill that other Nations who seek freedom look to , to reach safe harbor.
            Illegals have NO CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS in America.
            They are NOT Americans.
            obama has NO RIGHTS under our Constitution.
            obama is NOT an American , never was, nor is he the president of these United States of America.

          • Emma, you have gullibly bought into the unremitting stream of paranoiac nonsense
            served up by the untra-wingnut propaganda machine. Someone as brainwashed as you (and I suspect that all what was required in your case was a light rinse) is so firmly affixed to the mythology you embrace that you could not be separated from it by a ton of gelignite. Thus I shall not waste time attempting in vain to dislodge you from the inane body of beliefs that you so doggedly embrace.

          • And social security card

          • SS card is the number of an elderly gentleman that has been deceased since before Obama took office and the gentleman lived in Connecticut where Obama NEVER lived.

          • I know just wanted you to add it to the other fake documents

          • I believe he had 3 or 4 different ones!!!!

          • Very true >> Changed after each trip abroad

          • Both fake.

          • You mean he has SOME RECORDS? HOLY BANANAS…
            What a CROCK!!!

          • that hootiepatootie got to you too A!?

          • prove it, let’s see his records.

          • WHERE IS THE RECORD if it’s a matter of record???? There are NO RECORDS on Obama that are not sealed!!! You are the fool. And no, we don’t like people who are communists and are trying to destroy our country. If you like him so much, go with him when he leaves because we don’t like you either.

          • lies lies and more lies!!!!!!!! you are an idiot!

          • And WHERE ARE THE RECORDS?????
            HIDE AWAY from all our eyes!!!!!
            So where is YOUR PROOF HE EVEN WENT TO COLLEGE?
            Because HE said so….

            I am a College Graduate too….
            can you prove otherwise?????

          • You probably intend to say “HID AWAY from all our eyes,” but that unaccredited junior college from which you obtained your worthless degree did not teach you the proper use of verb forms.

          • Ha ha ha sir/madam so you think it was a Jr. College…
            and What gives you such an idea that it was so?
            It’s not plausible even for you to grasp that even I might have graduated from Harvard or Princeton?

            And again I shall ask…
            Where are the records, you so easily spout; that prove he even graduated from Harvard Law? Just because a person says they did doesn’t mean a thing till the records are brought to light, shone to the whole of USA, made public instead of being indeed HIDDEN from everyone.

          • You shoul make that “headonstraightupmyass”….. Damnable fool!!

          • Even law degrees can be purchased!

          • Like fake I.D.s ? I don’t believe it.

          • I never said Obama or Michele never worked as lawyers–I said, I do not believe Obama actually attended classes and learned about the constitution, but he surely did receive some sort of indoctrination against it. The proof is in their efforts to ignore it (proving they both have no respect for it as the basis of our liberty), go around it or usurp authority it does not grant (proving intentions to undermine the fundamentals of the rule of law which are the only guarantees we have against tyrannny). Now, you can believe they are well versed and educated, but I maintain if they were well versed and educated in constitutional law they were brainwashed into beleiving it was their right and duty to destroy it rather than uphold it as that is what they have been busy trying to do since he got in office. Proof is in the pudding, sir.

          • WHAT ESTABLISHED TRUTH, MORON?????? You don’t have any established truth anymore than anybody in this country has. Their standing with the bar association in IL is that they have both been disbarred and that is THE TRUTH!!!!

          • Get lost you sorry lad !

          • Truth———–established//////////You BOY are a nut case!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • lolololololol, lies lies and more lies!!!!

          • If your head was on straight, you would be defending the constitution thus this once great country. It seem’s that you are on the same bus witch ya O’blummer.

          • graduated cum laude with a community organizer degree.

          • He cum laud in the bath house.

          • Ed Klein states in “Blood Feud” that Obama had a lot of help early on from Valerie Jarrett, who had a lot of influence and old money in the Chicago democrat machine.

          • Trisha Holmeide

            Yes, I believe his mentor from Hawaii who was a card carrying communist and well know among the radicals of Chicago, got Obama set up with the Ayers family and other communist radicals and he has been mentored and shadowed every step of the way by the people using him to get into power so they could continue their efforts to dismantle the entire system of government and basically take over–whther by “progressive” non-volent means or a bloody revolution I do not think they really care, just as long as they get their way.

          • Is that why when his graduating class got together last year NO ONE REMEMBERED HIM? And the one professor he would have HAD to have states emphatically that Obama NEVER took his class.

            Also, about him being a professor of law … same thing. He failed the interview but a few weeks later he showed up with an OFFICE and only one class session to teach. Those professors remembered him and wondered who was buying him his credentials.


          • And we already know how easily harvard can be bought off; After the Kennedy family donated a wing……….Ted was allowed back in after being thrown out for cheating.

          • You mean Ted , the coward who left Mary-Jo to drown in his submerged car?

          • No he didn’t graduate magna cum laude, guaranteed. He also said he graduated from Columbia, but there’s no records of him being there. Obama’s alleged intelligence is in the minds of liberals. Affirmative Action president, and it shows.

          • All bets are off until his college records are made public. What is he HIDING ??????? Shouldn’t he proud of his accomplishments in college ????? Congress should unseal his records as an investigation of fraud,lying to Congress, and eligibility to be pres.

          • Graybeest1938@yahoo.com

            He is President without a history. How can anyone have investigated his competency or lack of it to be prez.

          • He didn’t graduate magna cum laude. I bet his GPA was 2.0 or lower. Obama said that he graduated to Columbia, no one there ever saw him nor heard of him. Wayne Allyn Root was in the same program that obama claims to have been in, same years and major and at his class reunion he asked over 300 people if they remembered or even saw obama, and not one did. He’s a fabrication of the liberal media, an empty suit.

          • He graduated from the Harvard Law School magna cum laude. That is a matter of record. One of my kids works as an attorney at a law firm with another attorney who was in the same law school class as Obama and remembers him well as high-performing law student.

            As to the Wayne Allyn Root accusations, read up:


          • His records are locked away, and by his own admission he was a C student. Your link doesn’t work, I tried, but Snopes has a slightly liberal bias. If he was a good student he would make those records public.

          • “C student”? Perhaps as an undergraduate, but no one achieves magna cum laude status, as Obama did in law school, with a C average. Wake up to reality and TRUTH!

          • C students don’t get into Harvard. If he was magna cum laude, it would by flaunted by Obama and the democrats. He’s not exactly an intellectual.

          • Well, you might be right. He might not have been a C student after all. He does not need to “flaunt” his law school performance, nor do “the democrats [sic].”

            BTW, he was President of the Harvard Law Review, a pretty prestigious position.

            Get real, mac! He did graduate from Harvard Law School magna cum laude. Don’t fight with facts! Here ARE the facts!

            This first link is from a piece in The Weekly Standard, a well-respected CONSERVATIVE magazine: It contains this text:





            More yet:

            >>>Though Obama didn’t blow anyone away during his two undergrad years at Columbia, he made history at Harvard Law School. He arrived there in 1988, at 27 years old, after working for four years as a community organizer in Chicago. He became a research assistant to Laurence Tribe, a renowned professor
            working on an article applying physics to the law. (Title: “The Curvature of
            Constitutional Space: What Lawyers Can Learn From Modern Physics.”). By t
            he end of his first year, Obama had won a position on the Harvard Law Review, widely considered the most influential and prestigious law publication in the nation.
            In 1990, Obama earned national recognition for the first time when he was elected the Review’s first black president. Obama graduated magna cum laude and moved back to Chicago to direct Project Vote, a grassroots voter-registration program. “I thought … .his talents are such that there’s no ceiling to what he could achieve — and that included becoming president of the United States,” Tribe told New York. “He’s the
            only student about whom I’ve ever had that thought.”>>>


          • It was well known that Bill Clinton was a Rhodes Scholar. Mitt Romney did something that only ten people a year accomplish, a business and a law degree in only four years, and graduated cum laude. Obama by his own admission was a C student his whole life. Obama moved back to Chicago and became a community organizer, AKA, race pimp. His foreign policy sucks, and so does his economy.

          • “C student his whole life”?

            Not while he was earning his law degree MAGNA CUM LAUDE. That kind of honor is not given to C students.

            Your information sucks.

          • Truth sucks? If he graduated magna cum laude, the left would be bragging about it. Prove the Affirmative Action president graduated with high grades, he admitted himself that he was a C student his whole life. TOKEN POSITION, the first editor of the review.

          • GREAT POINT!!

          • Where is the diploma? He has practiced “presidency” in America and where is his proof of US Citizenship which would have given him the legal authority to hold the office. Without that, it would it would have been impossible without a legal birth certificate which he has yet to produce. So why don’t you pull that LEGITIMATE birth certificate out of wherever it’s hidden and produce it ……not the photoshopped version that a 6 year old child could have determined was a fake!!! Don’t you call anybody wacky when you will believe anything that communist tell you!!!

          • Your paranoid, bizarre, and insupportable ASSertions about the President’s birth certificate and citizenship have been blown to shreds multiple times, but you simply do not accept it because you don’t want to.

          • voted against carter

            Only BECAUSE of AFFIRMATIVE action was your faithless leader even allowed to attend said “schools”.

            As for practicing law in Il, barry’s AND mitch’els law licenses are suspended.

            Why is that?

          • Because the President and First Lady requested that they be suspended. They are in good standing with the Illinois Bar Association and are eligible to have their licenses re-instated at their request. It is not all that unusual for an attorney to request suspension of his/her license.

          • PROVE IT! While you are at it, what about his two S.S. Numbers?, What about a Certified, Legal Birth Certificate?, Who is his real Father?, Why was his License to Practice Law taken away? WHY did he seal all his personal Records? SURE HAS SOMETHING TO HIDE, Wouldn’t you say? And still Does!
            Asinine Blithering Nonsense you say??? I guess you believe everything he has said, even when it has been proven to be out and out lies. Not our wackiness , but rather his and he displayed it for all to question without regard of the Constitution and the Rule of The Law.

          • It is you and other blithering wackos who keep insisting on
            facts” that are not factual. Take one example, that law license: you and other information-resistant wingnuts keep saying it was taken away. It was NOT taken away. He and Michelle both requested suspension of their law licenses, something that is not uncommon for lawyers who expect to be involved for a considerable time in activities where they will not be practicing law. I have posted elsewhere on this forum all the documentation necessary to show that they remain in good standing with the Bar Association and are welcome, upon their request, to reinstate their licenses I cited remarks of a high-ranking official of the Bar Association to that effect. That apparently is not sufficient to disabuse you of the mythology you cherish relative to this issue

            As to that old, stale birth certificate business, that has been fully explicated and the Hawaiian official who presides over such matters has confirmed that a birth certificate

            showing his Hawaiian birth is on file in good order in the records of that state. A clumsy, pitiful anachronistic counterfeit Obama birth certificate made its viral way around the internet a few years back, purporting to show that he was born in Kenya. That laughable document was shipped all over the internet as (WOW!) the PROOF; we’ve got him now, until it was promptly and easily exposed for the fraud that it was. The wealthy egomaniac, Donald Trump, sent his crack troop of supposedly skilled investigators to Hawaii to get the “truth” once and for all about that birth certificate. They returned with nothing whatsoever that would discredit the birth certificate provided by the State of Hawaii and made available online. It is about time the defeated and embarrassed “birthers” (including you) clammed up and spared themselves further embarrassment. There are much more useful things to do, such as watching paint dry, than to pursue that silly quest for “proof” of a failed ASSertion!



          • Oh ! So you paint too, do you ? Your brush missed one stroke, You forgot the two S.S. numbers, Rant on those! And while your at it, take that ASSertion and elaborate with your brush on those sealed records and why he is determined to continue to violate the rule of law and the Constitution. You are such a good wacko painter. Hurry your paint is drying.

          • I take it , then, that you agree with the information I posted about the law licenses and the birth certificate, since you did not dispute what I posted. How deflective of you to ignore that compelling evidence and bounce to another of the litany of bugaboo accusations you wackadoodles make against the President. Tell you what daffusdoofus,
            when you either acknowledge as correct or credibly dispute my information on those two topics, I might decide to proceed to the other issues you raised.

          • I don’t and never will accept your explanation, it’s simply not true, nor factual. The truth about this man’s deception will be revealed one day and you will see how wrong you have been. You aren’t responding, simply because you don’t know about the S.S. numbers, nor his real father. Why don’t you say so and quit beating around the bush and upholding him in his sins. Most of the Deacons I know and worship with, do not support liars, breakers of the Law, evil hypocritical men/women, false prophets (preacher), false religions, abortion, evil sex life styles, nor do they cause division between their fellow man. They believe in marriage as between one man and one woman. They are not perfect, but forgiven Godly men who follow after God’s Will striving for perfection in Christ Jesus. And, in their writings they don’t us childish third grade words like wackadoodles to explain themselves. As the scripture says, “When I was a child , I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.” In reading some of your other comments,Gods word is something you might consider and quit believing and following after ungodly men.

          • I DO NOT “support liars, breakers of the Law, evil hypocritical men/women, false prophets (preacher), false religions, abortion, or evil sex life styles,” nor do I “cause division between [sic] their fellow man.” I also believe in marriage as solely between one man and one woman. You have just assumed some stuff that ain’t so, since you seem to operate in a simplistic, knee-jerky fashion!

          • Hay you, headonassbackwards. Correction, BUT you do, since you support the Demo Rat’s big “O” and harry the man . Still researching the S.S. subject are you? No answers! Some of those blood sucking gov. employees might help ya. Oh! I’m sorry , that slipped , but I’m sure the private sector will surly help out a deaconess.

          • .
            Affirmative action works wonders.
            tell me is there one legal case that he actually tried?
            I would like to see the college record that “earned” him that MAGNA CUM LAUDE.

          • He graduated magna cum laude, BS! Prove it! 2.0 GPA at best.

          • headonstraight—–Do you stoop so low as to condon a liar/ EspeciALLY THE PRESIDENT?

          • PROVE IT! All we have is LIARS in the W,H,

        • I agree with that Trisha and I think that is a part of the reason his entire life is sealed. I don’t think the education part was the primary reason but I do believe it was a contributor. I believe the primary reason was that he is not an American citizen.

          • He was groomed and doomed by the people in his life preparing him to be used for their own purposes–since he is a proven narcissist which is developed in a child as the result of extreme ego injury and abuse I even wonder about childhood abuse as a factor in his negative outlook about this nation and his affinity for totlaitarianism (wanting to be on top of the pile to hurt others because he was hurt himself)..

          • I feel sorry for most people who have had a life like his but I have no sympathy for Barack Obama, Barry Soetoro or whatever his legal name is. It’s one thing to feel disdain for people who have had a life much better than your own but there is NO EXCUSE for doing everything in your power to bring down a nation because your mother was a prostitute and you were thrown hither and yon to be raised by anyone who would keep you while she partied and ran around the world with any man she could find that would take her with him. That wasn’t a problem caused by the United States of America. If he wanted to put a target on someone’s back, it should have been his mother’s. Maybe his hate for this country is because she was an American and he isn’t because the latter is certainly true but just because she was born here doesn’t mean America is responsible for his miserable life. A lot of his misery was and still is of his own doing. It has been written that she denounced her American citizenship when she was married to the Indonesian who adopted Obama and gave him his legal name of Barry Soetoro which was the name he used when he came to this country on a student visa and applied for financial aid as a foreign student. I am certain that Barry Soetoro is his legal name today. Finally, I will say that I have known many people who have had less than a normal life and a lot of hardship in their lives that have become great Americans and very successful people. We have choices in life. Whatever life deals us, we can just go with it or we can decide what we want better things for ourselves and aim for our own star. Courage, determination and ambition will get you there if you want it bad enough and are not too lazy to work for it. Obama had an opportunity to come to America and go to school and if anything about his life can be believed, this country provided the finances for him to attend school, allegedly some of the best schools in that time the country had to offer. He could have made the decision right then and there to hitch his wagon to the American star, go to school and become a good and successful person. We really don’t know what he actually did because his life is sealed at a very high price which, by the way, one doesn’t do unless they have something to hide and he has more than just “something”. He said it himself either early on in his first term or during his campaign for the first term, “People who lie only do so because they have something to hide”. He was speaking of himself because he has done nothing but lie, purposely, to America from that day forward. He has made many statements like that which could certainly be his epitaph but there would never be a headstone large enough to hold them all.

      • Certainly a non issue. I have more confidence in Gov. Walker than any of the recent ivy league graduates whom have been President. Regardless of his undisclosed educational history (under seal???) Obama has a proven record of policy failure and lies. No wonder he simply voted present so many times in the IL legislature.

      • Governor Walker is not only much more intelligent than Obama could ever hope to be, he is an American Patriot and has shown his ability to fight and WIN against the evil that attacked him not once, but several times. A person with that much courage and drive is a true Son of our Uncle Sam. Obama is the far reaching polar opposite and is showing now, more than ever how much a pathological liar, a coward and how EVIL he really is!

      • obama did not receive nor obtain a college degree of any kind in my opinion.
        From all I have read he did not actually ATTEND classes, although he did live with his “lover” .
        His records have been sealed, at TAX PAYERS’ expense I might add, & the ONLY areas he excels in are Community Agitator,
        Lying & Deception 101, & How to Destroy a NATION in 10 Easy Lessons.

        Every Freedom Loving American MUST Contact our Congress/Senate & DEMAND HIS REMOVAL! NOW!
        If not, we will not survive as a FREE AMERICA without serious , bloody conflict.

        I don’t want to see that happen, but if We The PEOPLE do Not Stand & RESTORE OUR AMERICA , we really don’t have room to complain.

        They can NOT TAKE FROM US that which is given by GOD, or that WE , as a FREE PEOPLE, do not WILLINGLY give.
        I will NOT COMPLY !!
        I AM a FREE Woman, & will Remain so.

    • Yea! The half Breed KENYAN and his worshipers have spent millions to keep his records sealed. Of course that is the way of the new Democrats. Sure wish they woulkd find a yellow dog to run for president. I would like to have something I could vote FOR.

      • How about BO >>With his 6 figure salary trainer he surely could be a better choice >> At least he doesn’t play GOLG , Just chases the BALL

      • “yellow dog”…. is that a president that never served? or shats himself at the mention of a fire arm? or bows down to muSLIMES or his wife??

        • Yellow Dog was a term used in Texas to indicate a Democrat who always voted Conservative.

          • The term was very popular in the 60s. It meant a Democrat would vote Democrat even if the Democrats were running a yellow dog. I know of 25 such cases with the Half Breed KENYAN. Two women told me personally they only voted for democrats regardless if she like the canidatre or not. The Jews have that disease also.

        • If the democrats would run a yellow dog, especially a three legged one I would be first in line to vote for it. Never saw a yellow dog that would bite the hand that feeds it. Can’t say that for Monkey see, Monkey do Republicans or Socialist Democrats.

        • Only a muslim would bowel down to a high rank muslim, and Obama took the dive. It is just plain stupid how people can still say that Obama is not a muslim. Unreal. Guess they don’t want to admit to themselves that they voted for a mudslim. And how did he ever get around serving in the military. He probably never registered for the draft thus his fake selective service card, and social security card.

    • The question is really who were his piers ( COMMUNISTS and Kenya muslim brotherhood ) Did you ever wonder why every time he sides muslim over the Christians , Obama is a FRAUD !

    • Fully concur, if they can slander Gov Walkers college records then why have we the PEOPLE not seen
      the CURRENT Presidents grades from Columbia and Harvard. Everyone says he is so smart, well lets
      just see what his actual grades say?

      • If you have to ask, i.e., meaning you don’t buy the doubletalk, then you will be labeled a RACIST.
        And have the IRS checking you out….

        • Jarhead would not be the first time and personally I don’t really give a damn what or
          who calls me what. I have a right to think and say what I think when and where I want to
          and spent 24 years protecting that right. So let them bring it on.

      • One thing about the educated idiots have done nothing for the betterment of our once great nation.

    • They are posted on the Internet somewhere with his birth certificate. Still wondering how he got to be an attorney and on which planet he took his Bar Exam.

      • Wapiti, back in the mid 90s, Obama and Michelle both surrendered their licenses to practice law.
        I am still wondering why.

        • There are many unanswered questions about Barry. No one can seem to find out much about his education. Transcripts are like ghost. It it said that he did pass his bar exam on his first attempt unlike Michel. Some say he surrendered his license due to possible charges about his lying on his application. He wouldn’t lie now would he. Since he surrendered his license voluntarily no charges were brought against him thus no record of the event.It is said Michel hated it. The hours were too long, the work too hard and since it’s said he wasn’t very good at it he/she left the position to which Jesse Jackson recommended her for. He/she left for a position with Valerie Jarrett to a position w/ Chicago Hospital where Michel received a $300,000/year salary where it did nothing. When leaving for Barry’s Presidential campaign, the did not fill her job since it did nothing. Most other stories suggest that they both surrendered their license because neither were good at it and they would never work at that position again the let their license go so they would have to complete the Continued Education requirements.

    • Sealed, my dear IHateLibs!!! That’s where they are. I have been DEMANDING for six plus years to see them. I don’t believe he ever got a degree from any of the universities he claims to have attended and I question the law degree too because, obviously, without an undergraduate degree, he couldn’t have had a law degree. Supposedly both Obama and Michelle were disbarred for major improprieties but we never REALLY heard what those were. I question everything about them because there is nothing concrete out there about their lives that any other president or high ranking government official has to, by LAW, provide. The truth will be revealed someday and I can imagine what we will find out when it is. I say it will be revealed because if Obama fails in his mission, I don’t see Soros funding having his life sealed forever.

    • Yes I would like to know where the hell is this muslims College Records.I would bet 10 two 1 odds that obama does not have any College Records at all.

    • Too bad no parent taught you basic politeness and manners and respect for others

  2. Hmmm ! NOW I have worked with some real dummies And guess what they went to college ! THEY did not have common sense . SORRY but college grads do not impress me..

    • Totally agree.. They wash the common sense right out of them the 1st semester you enter college. We need to let the schools/colleges actually teach and get all the liberals out!!! With that said, government needs to step out & smart professors need to step in.And get rid of all the Sports. Enough already. If you want to go on to higher ed then work your ass off!!

      • To get a passing grade, the student must look at the professor as a Guru, instead of a teacher of real world science and math. Good students fail mostly in ideology as opposed to absolutes. First, the system “Games” them, and what they really graduate with is an education in “Gaming the system”. It does no one any good, as truth is DOA upon arrival at the Campus.

    • I worked with a few myself, and I’ve always wondered how do they even dress themselves in the morning.let alone tell me what to do.

    • But as my Human Resource man always said , They have GOOD CREDENTIALS >> TO ME THEY SAT ON THIER A$$ IN CLASS all day and partied most of the night > and they were filled with the opinions of others and can’t think for themselves >> JUST LOOK AT WHAT IS RUNNING “OUR” COUNTRY

      • Ask your Human Resources guy just how many people he (or she) actually get into the right positions. I read a survey about a year ago that offered evidence HR has a serious failure rate of something like sixty or seventy percent. 70% is a Fail grade in almost every case I can think of. Ask your HR staff how they would like to be on 30% of the aircraft operated by 100% of the people they placed there, (Remember HR has a track record of putting only 30 or 40% of the right people on the job).

        Long gone are the days when the guy you worked for, or the guy you were hiring for a job, was interviewed by anyone who knew the job (not just some flunky Psyche major from “any college”.

        All book larnin’

        • Book learning is nothing more then another person telling the story of and how he sees history >>Most is done by research and you have no idea how creditable he or she is or their source is or how bias they maybe >>> GOOD EXAMPLE are the ones running this country >>All college educated and mostly lawyers with law degrees but we the people believe their bull crap and vote them in to sit on their behinds and do nothing but let others BREAK THE LAW >> Pass and sign bills unread and not debated as even with their so called schooling and good Credentials can’t understand what they are doing and what impack this bill will have on this country and it’s PEOPLE >>>> They are destroying “OUR” country >> 8 scandals ,”NONE” resolved just talk to death over the years while those people retire with full benefits , anyone else would be in jail >> They spend their lifes cheating the people they are suppose to represent and line their pockets ,hire more leaches and retire with a 174,000.00 pension after one term and at age 55 >> But they cut veterans pensions and take from the senior their Medical care >. And they have the GALL to call this a Government of the PEOPLE >> Not with the what’s in it for ME goverment

          • Except for engineering, math and science. It a builder and teaches you to think. Each generation build on the next. If you look at 50 years ago. After the basics to test you Kids today start where we left off fifty year ago. The tinny computers of today could not have been developed with out the computers of yesterday. Man just didn’t live that long.

          • You have that right >. but these are professions and do not require academic reading which are opinions of those who write them >>> Were they there ?? are they bias one way or the other >> Are they blaming others for their failures >> We can no longer trust the media as they cover for corruption in government >>

          • You have that about the media right. The IRS scam, black mail, punishment or what every you call it is a disgrace. Whereas I will never trust the IRS again.
            Of course there are those who can only use their mouth to solve problems . Unfortunately there is very little brain attached to it. The Half breed KENYAN rode through on being black. Absolutely no other quilification then and now. Riding the wave of white guilt brought about by years of brainwashing our youth. LBJ put the right spin on it years ago. Google:”[Touting his underlying intentions for the “Great Society” programs, LBJ confided with two like-minded governors on Air Force One]”
            Frankly a person with out the collage graduate thinking might be the best thing we could get. A little Common sense might even prevail. We have been needing some common sense for a long time. The insane National debt shows that fact very clear.

        • Obama’s credentials are in doubt. There’s no proof he ever went or if he did, graduated.

          • Teh Half Breed KENYAN was a fraud from the get go. My Question is what shit did his backers have on Hillery for her to lay down and play dead in 2008. He came about about like the draft dodger husband of hers. Do you think being governor of Arkansas is a training exercise to be president? Get Real folks. Hell the man refused to serve in the military he became Comander in Chief of. If that don’t take the cake I don’t know what would..

    • Education does not guarantee intelligence…as we have witnessed for the past 6 years

    • Y not, somes of uses done realee good in them there grate coolages. No F’s hardly none at all!

    • For dam sure. especially if in Basket weaving.

  3. Howard Dean’s background should be investigated, thoroughly. I feel Walker would be more for the people, at least his record says so! I would vote for Walker. College degrees are important to politicians, why?

    • They would like for people to think they are smarter with the degree, therefore would be the candidate of choice. We know that is a load of dung. I think that Joe the plumber would have been a far better qualified president than Obama ever dreamed of the.

    • Yeh, looking at how Howard Dean turned out is not speaking too highly for a college degree. He did learn how to holler real good.

    • Because as you KNOW most in Washington are lawyers who spend years in college learning to manipulate the law to free their clients >> And that’s what they DON’T DO WHEN WE HIRE THEM TO REPRESENT us in Congress >> WE the PEOPLE >> but it’s all about the almighty dollar and we are sold out >> With insider tradeing Boehner has padded his account by 4 to 5 Million dollars according to the news channels

    • I never vote for an incumbent if he has been in office four year or more. PERIOD. Take that long to figure out how they can be bought. Have several examples to back up my reasoning. They are there just look for them.

  4. I admire the man in that he accomplished what he has without a degree – it means he had to work both harder and smarter than others. I have 4 college degrees and I haven’t accomplished what Scott Walker has… he would have my vote.

    • AMEN. I have dogs with papers that are spay & neutered…. Papers mean nothing it’s how you work & think!!!

      • Well, papers can have value. Look what we got with obama, and he has no papers. His dog does, but not him. But, for measuring ability, or capability, papers (once called sheepskin) have no value anymore, as it is the really “stupid” people that sign off on them. Of what value is some babbling baboons opinion regarding a graduate produced by them?

        • He got there by beijng BLACK. That is all taht can be said. Just because he was black. PERIOD. Google this Statement to figure when it all started. “[Touting his underlying intentions for the “Great Society” programs, LBJ confided with two like-minded governors on Air Force One]”

      • bulldog, well said!



  6. No one knows if Obammy has a college record or not. So by process of elimination a college record is better than no record at all. Nuffsaid!

  7. OK, so let’s have all of Walker’s critics take a clep test for all of the subjects that Walker may have missed. Let’s see if they have all of this knowledge that they claim Walker doesn’t.

  8. Bill Gates dropped out of college, and his professor said he would never amount to anything. Ever heard of Microsoft? Governor Walker has become a leader without an education also.

  9. If you ever wanted to look into the mind of a liberal you would need a high powered microscope to find it. A comparison is in order here.
    Walker with no college degree is the governor of WI. He has done wonders in the state. It runs like a top. He has stood up to all that need to be stood up to, from the dems to the unions. He doesn’t care about polls, he only cares about making WI a successful state and he has done just that. The good thinks he has done goes on and on.
    Now lets look at obama supposedly with a college degree. He has destroyed the country. Our friends don’t trust us, our enemies don’t fear us. The economy is in the flusher and we have more people unemployed or underemployed than in the last 50+ years at least. He has boomed the debt. We are not anywhere near as safe as when he took over. We have a border that terrorists are coming across when ever they want and the negatives goes on and on.
    I for one will go with the governor of WI who doesn’t have a college education. A side note jimmy carter also had a college degree in Physics and his administration wasn’t real successful either. It doesn’t take a college education it takes good ole common sense and having the right people around you as advisers.

    • I agree,it takes someone who can rise above all the greedy agendas/forces and do the right thing in every case which automatically disqualifys 99% of libtard dems. Obozo is pushing his amnesty crap even though the election was about defeating it and over half the states are fighting it. All omuslim is interested in is ramming his ANTI-AMERICAN AGENDA down our throats. We are not judging the pres by the color of his skin, we are judging him by his traitorus/illegal acts.He has stuffed our gov with muslims whenever possible and made dozens of pro-islamic statements in his books and in person. Google islamic camps in America for a map and list of cities for these no-go zones.

      • I totally agree with you but I think the 99% you mentioned is probably on the low side. Many of the muzzies in his administration are as much the congresses fault for approving them.

        • The pres can make many appointments without Congress’ approval.

          • I realize that, I am referring to the ones that require congress. I personally don’t think anyone should be appointed without a full 100% background investigation and that includes everyone from POTUS on down. I don’t want to see the mistake that was made with obama ever happening again.

          • I totally agree and letting bozo into the White House is the biggest mistake in history. It is scary to see people that love him and in total denial of his twisted idea of what America should be. We were doing pretty good before he ‘helped’ us. I am really concerned about the infiltration of islam in our gov and promoting islam to our kids as part of the common core school standards by our fed gov. Religion should be taught by PARENTS not in school. There is no problem trying to remove other religions from schools though. All this BS is taking a certain direction and it’s not good.

          • On day one every muslim needs to go and then a major change of direction needs to take place for several reasons. First all the “secrets” that our enemies have gained will no longer be valid. Two we are absolutely going in the wrong direction and we need to do a 180. Three all the muzzies need to be closely watched to make sure that they don’t give up any intel and if they do put in jail for the rest of their life starting with valerie jarrett. Next all of the muslims in congress need to be withheld from ALL classified information. There are of course other things but this shows the direction we must go. It is impossible to be a practicing muzzie and a supporter of America, they are mutually exclusive.

    • Well Said and very true >> Destoried our health system >> 18 trillion in DEBIT > SURROUNDED BY CRONIES WHO KNOW NOTHING >>> People the MEDIA seems to overlook >. 8 SCANDALS , ALL UNRESOLVED >> AND now whats to give “OUR” jobs to ILEGALS to get votes

  10. What do they have judge against? We still have never seen any of their fearless
    community organizers records at any level. We have never seen his Kenyan
    Passport, Indonesian Passport, any of his educational records, his college
    application or student loan applications much less his bar exam or any thing else
    about his life before he suddenly appears in Chicago to become a member of
    the political scene with is mentors from the Weather Ground and Black Panthers.

  11. Well, well, well; no college degree, how terribly disqualifying. Recalling William (Bill) Lear Sr., father of the Learjet. The first commercially viable, home grown executive jet in the world and still today a roaring success story.

    Bill Lear Sr. never finished the 8th grade. He was a self taught engineering genius. He became a multi-millionaire technological heavy hitter not only by birthing and marketing the Lear Jet but for many other breakthrough technological patents. I presume the smarmy, feckless little elites with their smarmy little degrees, wouldn’t allow Mr.Lear onto their front stoop.

  12. Let’s get the government out of our schools from K through College…

  13. This is total nonsense! I have an earned doctoral degree and I have taught many graduate courses over the years, and I assure you that the lack of a formal collegiate credential does not necessarily correlate with intellect and ability. Two of our nation’s best Presidents–George Washington and Abraham Lincoln didn’t possess a formal degree.

  14. The hypocrisy of the left knows no bounds. At least with Walker you know that he did in fact attend a college. Obama has done his best, along with the media, to hide all facts about his entire life before he became a Senator. If a fraud can be elected twice and the media has no problem with that then an honest man should not be a target, unless of course he’s from the wrong party. Walker is the best shot America has at getting things under control and stop spending away the future of this nation. The left knows this and will stop at nothing to discredit him.

  15. Walker would make a superb president and 200% better than the buffoon squatting in our white house today! Just about anyone would do better except for another dopeocrat such as old Hillary or any of the other socialist/Nazi/facist types in the dopeocrat party

  16. Look at our government in general, on the whole our government is based on cronyism not intelligence. Education does not spawn intelligence but on the most part feeds egos. Levels of knowledge and experience coupled with reasoning fosters intelligence not a diploma, our president is the most resent example a misdirected education. There is a considerable number of college graduates with masters and doctorates in our society on welfare and food stamps. If we used Obama’s governing ability he would be on welfare also.

  17. An ivy league education and residence in the northeast “power corridor” DISQUALIFIES” any prospective candidate for anything political position including “dispatcher”.

  18. They’ll pick him apart piece by piece because he’s a conservative republican but they let the worst president in our history win because he’s a progressive.

  19. President Obama is well-educated? But I though he went to Harvard and Columbia. That isn’t an education, it is a liberal indoctrination.

  20. The biggest reason they hide the fraudulant gay communist muslim liars school records is that it will show he was a foriegn student and pull the rug out from under all his lies. HE IS A FRAUD AND A ENEMY OF THE USA. WAKE UP PEOPLE. HIS MONEY CAME FROM MUSLIM SAUDI PRINCES BECAUSE HE IS ONE OF THEM.
    Its by design our economy is in the tank and our military is being gutted. Maybe you will see the light when muslims have raped your daughter and have a knife to your throat.

  21. YOU HAVE 532 so called college educated in CONGRESS mostly LAWYERS and one in the Whitehouse and the country is in the toilet >. And YOU HAVE the balls to ask a STUPID QUESTION LIKE THAT ??? NOW WE KNOW WHAT’S WRONG WITH THE MEDIA >> FAILED TO WORRY ABOUT THE SO CALLED COLLEGE CREDITS OF THE LAST ONE YOU SOLD TO THE AMERICA PEOPLE >> JUST TO PROVE YOU ARE P.C> and surprise look what we GOT >> obamacare , WORKER NOW HAVE TO COVER THIER FAMILIES OR PAY FINES which equals a CUT IN PAY ,thanks to the UNIONS 8 Scandals , NONE RESOLVED , MORE DEBT , HIGHER TAXES > , VETERANS PENSIONS AND HEALTHCARE IN THE TOLIET ETC >> Did the teacher care HELL NO >>JUST GIVE US MORE MONEY >> So you KNOW WHAT YOU CAN DO WITH THOSE DEGREES >>> AS JUST LOOK AT HOW GREAT THE 532 are doing for this country >> THEY ARE THE PROBLEM as they have no solutions and no spine >. not LEADERS just lemmies collecting a pay check

  22. As a high school teacher for nearly forty years, I worked with some doctoral degree holders who were dunces and some custodians who had great wisdom. A piece of paper and a title should not entitle someone to a free pass. My dad quit high school a couple of weeks after Pearl Harbor as a 16 year old sophomore. After four years in the Pacific, from Guadalcanal to Tokyo Bay, he returned home, got married, had a family, and worked his butt off for the next forty-five years. Self-taught, he is one of the most innately intelligent people I have ever known. I would gratefully and confidently take him over most of the book-smart people now running the show!

  23. Eli Charlie Noseworthy

    Having that piece of onion skin only means one is book smart but however dumb as a box of rocks when it comes to every day COMMON SENSE, take their books away and their as dumb as OBAMA-HO !

  24. So, let us look at what all these college graduates did to this country.
    Is a college degree really necessary ????
    Bill Gates doesn’t have a college degree and look what he has done
    for this country.

  25. Did President Obama graduate from college? That I guess we will never know. However, we do know, if in fact he did graduate from college, he is the worst President this United States has ever had. He has divided the populace into so many pieces it will take someone like Scott Walker to put the country back together again. All that this Constitutional lawyer does is not follow the Constitution. He is trying to destroy this great country.
    These liberals think they have brains. I said think, they really don’t. And common sense is at the “0” level.

  26. The Elitists are obviously an inbred bunch of people who only think that their inbreeding makes them superior to all others. Liberal Elitists are an impractical an unrealistic group that can never see the forest for the trees. A Harvard/Yale graduate does not imply competence in the least. Contrary, those with lesser, or no degrees seem to be the ones who carry the day. raylooker.com

  27. Eli Charlie Noseworthy

    Release OBAMA-HO’ S transcripts and also that of his WHITE HATING BITCH !!!

  28. It is the classic demonstration of the NEUROSIS of the liberal mind…..It is a mental disorder

  29. The left is scare of Scott Walker, he dose not fall into there version of a contender, and get things done. And he wont cater to them, that means we need him in the white house.

  30. Why are these folks called “elitists?” Walker is not some neophyte new to the political scene…he’s won battles…he’s won wars…the results are in and the state of Wisconsin is improving despite remarkable interference. He knows how to govern; he understands the process of leading and directing and pressing on. Let me ask Howard “Primal Scream” Dean this: would Walker be the type that passes the buck (Obama) or would he take on the responsibility? Walker got his doctorate in lifting Wisconsin up. By the way, I am an Illinoisan – we’re a tad jealous here!

  31. A degree does not make you smart or give you common sense! Some of the smartest people in the world never had a degree and some of the dumbest people do have a degree!

  32. These highly educated Harvard ,yale, etc are not doing any good at all. Most are liberal POS. Maybe a high school graduate is what we need.

  33. “The education of all children, from the moment that they can get
    along without a mother’s care, shall be in state institutions.”

    Karl Marx

  34. “it”, ‘bho’ doesn’t have “it’s” head in anything, “It’s” full of muslum sand and chants of “Kill America”!!!

  35. I believe we should have Scott Walker as President… the lefty elitist idiots think they are sooo smart but they have their heads up their asses and can’t see right from wrong… he’d be much better than the F- asshole, anti-American, Islamic, treasonous child-in-chief we have now. Where were the resume police when Oblamer came along?

  36. The college degree is important to liberals, simply because it says that you completed your indoctrination, and are “one of them”. If a college professor is suspected of being a conservative, they find a reason to get rid of them QUICKLY.

  37. Bishop Robert Paris

    I find that laughable since Obama has degrees from two degree mills, Harvard and Columbia I say degree mills since there is no record of him attending a single class, and his knowledge of US Law is very poor for someone that has a degree from Harvard. But then I may have uncovered the answer,

  38. Looks like America would be better off to have a President that did not finish college. Obama finished Harvard (I guess) and look at the mess he has made of this country. Most folks in Congress are lawyers, and look at the mess they have made of our Gov. What is in the heart is more important than a college degree.

  39. Love these comments! We have had a number of presidents who did not have degrees, there are no educational requirements to be POUS or VP, there is the requirement to be a natural born citizen, which Obama is not. Of course pelozi helped change wording to put him on the ballot. Had forgotten about Bill Gates not finishing college. Interesting note about Mr Lear, Sr. I pray daily for relief from our present situation, please join me in this, can’t hurt, maybe numbers will be answered. I truly believe Obama is trying to get us in a civil war and start WWIII. We are in very serious trouble.

  40. This country is full of educated Idiots. Could not find their ass with both hands. They are to most vocal as they know nothing but to run their mouth. Only thing that works.

  41. Always count on the marxists outing themsleves as to who really scares them. Let The Hag and her Ichabod Cranelike man whores play that card. History is replete with huge successes achieved by many with little or no college education. Most American voters have no college diploma. Most total govt. failed programs are the brain children of highly “educated” eggheads. Many of today’s college grads are jobless & still living with mom & pop

  42. Scott Walker out shines many of those in the White House that have PhD and those in the liberal camp
    may a PhD that have absolutely no common sense at all and are little more than educated morons.
    They are so wise in their own eyes they won’t give anyone else credit for their intellectual ability.
    They are of the group A = to non A.

  43. I was once talking to a College Professor who said that the greatest advantage a degree afforded you was the ability to work for a man who had none. A piece of paper allowed the POTUS into office and we will spend a long time and money to wipe his name out of history books and out of the minds of our children.

  44. Scott Walker Koch ! need I say more ! the worst big business representative ever and to hell with the working class in the history of Wisconsin , We have seen enough of his special interest and dismantle of education , If he is elected the USA is finished as far as education ! And his policies are nothing but what he is told to say and do , He is single handedly destroying Wi. education system ! Education or sports which is more important to you ! 350million cut to education and give 200 million for a stadium that will most likely , Simple fact BAIT AND SWITCH or devide and Conquer A plan out of obamas play book ! 0 will change ! republickers and dumbacrats different name same prognosis !18 trillion to ? you know it will not be lower !

  45. At least he has transcripts!! Obama took basket weaving, Reefer Rolling, chewing gum and still is not eligible to be a candidate for prez much less elected twice. Liberals I love how stupid you are – Keep it up!!!

  46. You have got to be kidding. Look at what we have now. We can’t be sure he has a degree, and if he does it sure hasn’t helped him make any intelligent decisions so far. I’ll take Scott Walker over what we have any day.

  47. I’m not against people having degrees but I really enjoy Republicans with degrees because I know they suffered but were persistent against the liberal professors in our colleges and universities. If you think about Gates, Jobs and Zuckerburg to name just a few, do you think they could do a better job with a degree? I don’t think so. The libs are just stirring the pot.

  48. Well look at all the problems these so called college graduates have gotten us in so it’s time to try something new.

  49. I wonder just how many WH occupiers have had a Ph.D.
    / How many Congressmen today have a College deg.?

  50. Considering even “Goog;e” says they don’t pay any attention to college degrees, but are most interest in a person’s qualifications for the jobs they hire for, and most the really successful people in this country who didn’t get their wealth by illegal or nepharious means didn’t finish college I think scott Walker may be highly qualified for the position. Plus, he doesn’t have all that Marxist rubbish stuck in his head from all those progressive professors so his mind can actually work and he can think for himself! OMG! What a concept–a politican who can think for himself and hasn’t been brainwashed by Marxists. By jove, I think we may have a winner!

  51. Considering the sort of luck we have been having with “college educated” politcians. I would consider a man like walker a breath of fresh air.

  52. There are various levels of idiocy in the educated fool hierarchy. As you reach higher and higher, you get into the liberal cloud. That reaches the very peak of foolishness. Those who understand that they and they only have a right to control what the God they have rejected is responsible for doing. This issue reaches near the top of that pinnacle. they have reached for the top where Christ was tempted by Satan, that all would be his, if he but Worshiped Satan… it wasn’t possible for Christ, these fools are already making Satan their god.

  53. I must take issue with the statement, “we have a well-educated man in the White House right now.” Because he has degrees does not mean he is educated. Papers do not intelligence, integrity, humbleness make. He has never had to work to make a living. He has never created anything. He has never managed a budget. He has never negotiated anything. He never worked while in any elected office with the opposition to reach an agreement. he just knows it is his way or the highway! If this is what one gets from Ivy College education you can see what a WASTE of time and money it is. It is no wonder all those college graduates can not get a job and are defaulting on their loans. A college degree is but a crutch for those who can not perform and meet their obligations!

  54. I would much rather have Scott Walker in the oval office than the lying, cheating, affirmative-action no body, idiotic, muslim, freedom-killing faux president we have now. At least, Scott Walker is an AMERICAN, he DOES HAVE experience, and he isn’t afraid to lay all of his credentials out for everyone to take a look at—-look at the faux president–HE can’t even stand the light of day—ALL of his transcripts and other records are sealed, with FIVE (5) different legal firms guarding them. Yet, he DARES to tell US how to live, what to read, what to eat, and everything else. I hope he does read all of the comments about him, he’s going to get his big ears seared. Hope they burn good.

  55. I hope Mr. Walker ignores the ranting of the left and continues to seek the presidency along with Rick Perry.

  56. If that is all they can find to worry about, he is probably an excellent presidential candidate! We will never know about Obama and college….I would not believe any paperwork they came up with. I would much rather have someone who has common sense anyway……because there is none of that in the White House today. I am so tired of hearing them tell the media that “we the people” just don’t have the will to fight another war. Who are they talking to????? I don’t see another option now that we have been brought to this point by our leaders. You don’t have to “want” war to see that you “must” have war to survive as a country.

  57. Obama has proven time and again you can still be a moron and possess a college degree.

  58. Look at all the great things presidents and congress with college educations have done for this country in the past 20 years. Now compare that list to what Mr. Walker has done since he became Governor… any doubt where my support is

  59. If I ever wanted to examine a liberal brain, first I would acquire a powerful microscope and second a level A hazmat suit.I really don’t care to examine anything that foul and caustic or septic. Walker does not get any bad marks for not finishing college any maybe get some plussplusses. Do liberals think that getting a college degree that you can be programmed to become a liberal idiot? They only thing I know about Ohomo bin Lyin’s college is that he lied about how many names he has gone by, he used a false name,nationality and religion or He goes by one now and that he married his male roommate. I have seen nothing about transcripts or gpas or diplomas or real birth certificates.
    The only think I know is race relationships worsen, I will get broker, this nation will degrade and more Christians will die everyday that this gay Muslime is in orifice.

  60. So . . . listening to and taking notes from an atheist, progressive-liberal, America-hating, intellectually dishonest college professor makes you smarter and “better” than a man who was raised in a home with moral standards, getting a High School diploma and working hard??

  61. first of all, I question ANYONE who will not reveal their transcripts or publish any law articles while president of the law review. He is a charlatan and a fraud. Meanwhile most of the greatest thinkers, leaders, teachers and historians of world history need no other institutional affirmation. Usually the institutions are producing the most banal of graduates. Need I continue??????

  62. education is important but theres no teacher like experience and experience has taught us that bush jr and hillary are both yale graduates while obama is a harvard graduate and we dont want any of them.

  63. That kinda crap is all they can come up with. Pathetic.

  64. The Heck With The Traitor’s Harvard Degree, How About The Truth Of His BIRTH RIGHT To Be Other Then An Illegal Alien Immigrant And FAUX president In OUR Oval Office !!!!! We Must Get Rid Of This Scourge, His Henchmen In congress, His Other Appointees And Supporters !!!


  65. One of the greatest presidents of the last century didn’t even go to college, Harry Truman.

  66. The best thing I did was quit high school. True with so many successful folks. The past twenty years have seen the decline of the education system as never before.
    I’m not laying blame on the teachers so much as I blame the system that governs them. They could stand up to the system but not enough would all at once. This makes for good folks losing their jobs. Get the federal government out of our business!


  68. One look at all the college grads in the Obama Administration convinces me that the only degrees these liberals ever deserve was a degree in Communism. They all, including the President, V.P., Attorney General and all those spokespersons sound like uneducated six year olds.

  69. Marquette is a top school, not some “community college”. It is very expensive. Just getting in is a real accomplishment. If Walker had to leave for financial or personal reasons, that has nothing to do with his qualifications as an accomplished administrator. Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, the Virgin Airlines CEO are all non graduates, as was president and General Andy Jackson and, more recently, Harry Truman (my man!).
    Only liberal statists would believe this is an issue, while ignoring the current White House resident who has sealed all his academic records, or Mrs. Clinton’s gratuating thesis which heaped adoration on communist radical Saul Alinsky.

  70. Where is the actual proof that the queer muslim has a degree, has anyone seen his transcripts?

    The msm went to great lengths to cover up any pertinent information regarding the queer’s education or birth certificate. The msm did less vetting of the idiot than that of a county dog catcher. Now they are going to over vet anyone with real Conservative credentials.

    This attack on Walker rings of nothing more than the vicious, slanderous attacks on Palin.

  71. Obama has a degree …and look at the cesspool he has created. Walker can CERTAINLY do better than that

  72. So what if Gov. Walker does not have a college degree? There is nothing in the Constitution that says one is needed to be President, Congressman or Senator. Other than that, the one presently in the White House although supposedly educated, thought Austrians spoke Austrian. He also thought corps was pronounced corpse, that we had 57 states and who knows what else (since the media has done its best to cover up his “shortcomings”. I am always amused when I here someone on the left spouting their “knowledge” and denigrating those on the right as being little more than knuckle dragging cavemen. The reality is quite the opposite. Most conservatives are well informed, well educated and often times brilliant and successful businessmen & women…oh, and some of them have college degrees. But I have never heard one demean someone for not having a college degree — only for being willfully ignorant.

  73. It makes one wonder if they feel this way about Walker what does it say how they feel about the uneducated sheep that vote for them?
    “Ignorant Serfs!”

  74. We need fewer socialist brainwashed college graduates and more graduates of the school of hard knocks that have enough common since to run this nation as a constitutional republic and not as a socialist oligarchy or a Islamic Caliphate. So far these college elites have done a really p_ss poor job for the past 100 years or so.

  75. Let’s compare any of the community organizer records with Governor Walker’s records. Be it college education or running a state. Whoops, forgot, the community organizer had never ran anything before he became president and we can’t compare his college records with Walker’s because the community organizers records are sealed per his request.

  76. Lets see Obama college record and compare them to Walkers

  77. A well educated man in the White House? Who says? No records of Obama’s education have been released and never will be. For all we know he dropped out or never really went.


  79. Let Walker’s critics take clep tests on classes that Walker missed. Let’s see if they have all of that knowledge they say he doesn’t have. Any takers? In Zoology class in college, I learned that earthworms fission instead of conjugate. Not once has that knowledge been of any use to me, but if I start an earthworm farm, I’ll keep it in mind.

  80. The old cliche of “I’ll show you mine if you will show me yours” applies. Walker is hiding nothing. Bathhouse Barry is hiding everything. Did the last great Democrat, Harry Truman, have a degee?

    • Presidents that Did not graduate from college
      George Washington after the death of his father ended Washington’s formal schooling;
      Andrew Jackson
      Martin Van Buren
      William Henry Harrison (attended college but never received a degree)
      Zachary Taylor
      Millard Fillmore (founded the University at Buffalo, The State University of New York)
      Abraham Lincoln (had only about a year of formal schooling of any kind)
      Andrew Johnson
      Grover Cleveland
      William McKinley (attended Allegheny College (did not graduate) and Albany Law School (graduated with honors))
      Harry S. Truman (went to business college and law school but did not receive a degree)
      Barack Obama ….Unknown

  81. What do you think Obama Illegal amnesty will do to our country?

    Just to name a few:
    1. The American people will pay for THREE years of the legalized lien’s
    back-tax credits
    2. Illegal aliens will more easily be able to vote in elections
    3. American workers will be even harder hit in the labor force
    4. Bring in ISIS, Al Qaida, Muslim Brotherhood and other terrorist.
    5 They are applying for Obamacare and social security, welfare and food stamps that the American citizen is paying for or at least the ones that pay taxes.
    6. Why do you think Obama wants to take away our guns? When the terrorist, we will be defenseless
    7. Obama doesn’t like Christians and he doesn’t like Jews which is typical of a Middle Eastern upbringing
    8 Obama doesn’t like our military which is why he is telling ISIS our military plans. This will get more of our soldiers killed

  82. It is reported that our current POTUS has a degree and look where that has gotten us!! Of course we don’t know for sure as he is so ashamed of what they will show he spends millions to hide them.

  83. In todays world a college degree only shows someone paid there dues. Most of the garbage degrees handed out today are worthless. I have an MBA and I know from experience the MBA added nothing to my BSBA but an additional letter. I learned far more from working everyday than I ever gained from college. College today provides an academic education but has little to do with the real world we live in. Few graduates are ready to meet the real world after graduation. Until they spend some time adapting those college academics to the work place the knowledge is pretty useless. I will take work experience, with results over a College degree any day of the week. Scott Walker has the experience and proven results. If Democrat’s want to use this issue they will lose on it.

  84. There are any number of intelligent people without college degrees. The first one that comes to mind is the Pawn Stars shop owner on tv. The one thing that democrats know is what is good for everyone, then exclude themselves from their ingenious laws.

  85. hahahah..they be reaching cause they’re scared………

  86. Sheila Jackson Lee has a degree from Yale, and from some of her public pronouncements, it came in a Cracker Jack box. She’s right up there with Marie Harf (State Department spokesperson), as being dumber than a stump.

  87. How can we compare Walker to Obama if the LameStream media continues to refuse to subject Obama to the same investigation that they use on Walker? Isn’t that a large part of their job that they are and have been refusing to do?

  88. Who listens to those elitist anymore anyway. I don’t.

  89. this is another example of how the liberals own and control the media. The hypocrisy astounds me.
    ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC have formed a cabal. Together they control not only the nations narrative, they control public opinion.
    If ANY republican wants a fair shot at these guys the cabal must be broken. That is what the boycott at http://www.madashellboycott.com is attempting to do.
    We do more than boycott watching the shows, we boycott the advertisers that support the shows. We ask those advertisers to move their ads off the corrupt stations.
    The impact will be much greater if you join the boycott.
    http://www.madashellboycott.com It is easy.

  90. the clown in charge now has degrees from several ivy league schools, but you would be hard pressed to do a worse job than him!

  91. the left loves labeling people, racist, sexist, homophobic, etc. I’m hearing elitist here. Remember, Lincoln never had a degree, most would agree he did OK

  92. Makes me wonder what Obama’s college records say about him.

  93. They are attacking him for not having a degree because that means he was not brainwashed by professor pushing the leftist agenda. He learned to THINK for himself, not to be a sheeple. That is why this administration is pushing for generic college education, not specialized vocational training at a fraction of the cost. People that can think for themselves are individuals and individuals are almost impossible to CONTROL!


  95. George Washington, and Abraham Lincoln …did not have college degrees…a quote from Newsroom at a college…” If Liberals are so smart how come the lose so @ucking always!!!!!!”

  96. At this point the presidents with college degrees have demonstrated they are not capable of handling the job. Perhaps it is time to get a president without a college degree who has common sense, excellent judgement, and pro citizen as opposed to pro donator.

  97. I believe we should DEMAND to see OB’s records, of course they are not filed under Obama since that was not his name at the time he went to these expensive schools. Who paid???? And for what reason??? I bet they think he is doing a great job totally undermining America.

  98. well… being intelligent SHOULD be one of the qualifications of running for ANY higher office. We put therapists and school teachers and all sorts of government employees through rigorous standards of qualification… but, ironically, neither the legislative nor the executive branches. HOWEVER, THAT SAID, a college education is NOT the only or necessarily even the primary means to become well educated. And yet, just like porn… a truly intelligent person (not college, necessarily … but world EDUCATED) can spot another one… “we know it when we see it”.

    however, we are quite comfortable with idiocy in the whitehouse and walker… given our cultural appreciation for idiocy… should be able to compete. Sarah Palin should be too. Trump… And, let’s face it… conservative or liberal… the dumbest president we have had in years was Bush junior. Despite some father-subsidized degrees from swanky (elitist) institutions, Bush was the village idiot and Cheney run that administration.

    We may not like the politics of carter or obama or regan or clinton… or bush senior but they were all bright. Bush junior… again, regardless of politics… was a low point. If bush can get in… the field is wide open. So long as intelligence is NOT core factor in presidential politics, Walker should run on his political record and his abilities… not his academic one.

  99. When the lame stream media & demonrats attack, it is just proof they are scared spitless of the target! According to these lying gobs of excrement, every republican prospective candidate is stupid & every demorat is soooo brilliant their IQ is off the chart! It seems the lame stream media jerks have been studying Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, does it not?

  100. Nice to know dems think all those without a college degree aren’t worthy of leadership positions. I guess that’s based on the great job their doing.

  101. Let’s see the college transcripts for all of his critics. Let’s see if they can clep out of the classes that Walker missed. Let’s see if they have all of that knowledge they claim he doesn’t.

  102. I would rather have a conservative with a GED from Barbers Hill high school than any Democrat.

  103. Walker has 2 children currently in college.

  104. Graybeest1938@yahoo.com

    What Walker should have done was to get all his Records sealed and he would have been a shoo in for President.

  105. There is no requirement for a presidential candidate to have a college degree. After all look where college educated attorneys have got the USA to day. Look at America today especially since the election of Obama in 2008. College degrees seem dangerous in politics. President Harry Truman only possessed a high school diploma and had no college. Look at the stark contrast between President Obama and President Harry Truman. I see a great deal of hope with Gov. Scott Walker. I wish to bring attention to the American citizens the disgraceful characterization of Scott Walker because of his lack of a college degree. As I see it, Liberals and especially established Democrats who attack Walker because he lacks a college degree are really saying that YOU the American citizens and voters of the USA are stupid, ignorant, deserving of no respect, to be ruled over. You are just serfs to be beaten down by America’s elite. Democrats are saying you should never be allowed to run for political office because you have no science education and therefore don’t understand Global Warming. By the way you North Easterners, how is that Global Warming doing lately? Also, you under educated high school graduates, didn’t you know Islamic Muslims helped to found the USA? See how ignorant you are. So, if you get the urge to run for public office get your college degree first so you will know how to run a government like our current Muslim President. Obama knows how to spend America into oblivion by supporting Global Warning initiatives to save the world and how to fight terrorism by job creation. So, you as an American, are nothing but serfs if you have no college degree. Remember this in 2016 and show the Democrat and Liberal elites that you are smart enough to vote responsibly, next time.

  106. The only degree the left believes in is a lying and BS degree.

  107. voted against carter

    Uhhmm,…HMMMMMmm,.. I wonder WERE BARRY’s transcripts for Occidental and Harvard are?

    Oh wait I forgot, barry’s collage records are SEALED to the tune of 2 million spent KEEPING them that way and no one is allowed to see them.

    And EVERY one KNOW’s Barry IS the smartest guy in the room so, there IS that,…

  108. If Walker has a poor college record it just goes to prove that you don’t need brains to be a good politician.

  109. Let me see if I can remember some of the presidents that did not have a college degree when they were in office. Washington, Madison, Lincoln, Andrew Jackson, Grover Cleveland, McKinley, and both Roosevelts who had their degrees bestowed on them after they were dead, Harry Truman, Zachary Taylor, and Chester Arthir. There are others but I can’t remember them at present. So all the liberals had about as well shut up about it. As far as Harvard University is concerned, I don’t remember even one president that graduated from there before becoming president and was a particularly good president. The college degree will be no consideration for me relative to Scott Walker if he is nominated.

  110. There are many past presidents that did not have college degrees when they were president. A partial list would include George Washington, James Madison, Abraham Lincoln, Zachery Taylor, Chester Arthur, McKinley, both Roosevelts, Harry Truman, Andrew Jackson, and there are several others. As for Harvard University, I don’t think that even one of those that graduated form there, or Yale or Prinston for that matter, were particularly good presidents. The best of them did not have college degrees at the time they were president, so liberals had about as well shut up about it. If Scott Walker is nominated, I will definately be voting for him.

  111. Sometimes a college degree isn’t worth the paper it is written on. Just look at bumbling obozos,that is if we could. I am not even sure he finished first grade myself as no one has ever seen his records & he acts like a spoiled little first grade child anyway! I do not have a college degree but yet when I was injured on the job workers comp tested me & according to them I have a college degree plus some for a total of 20 years of education. I would take Walkers real record of obozos imaginary one any day! LOL

  112. Walker should say he will show any record that obama showed.

  113. At least Walker wasn’t “Brainwashed” by Liberal Professors….

    I’ve known a lot of “Educated
    Idiots” with all kinds of degrees and not a lick of Common Sense.
    Besides, the administrators and teachers in our Education System, from
    Grade School through Colleges and Universities, are mostly Liberal and
    progressive democrats. The “Dumbing Down” and other BS started
    in the early 60’s with segregation of schools and bussing of students.
    And, in most Colleges and Universities, students are far more interested
    in where the next party is than their GPA. A good trade school that
    teaches a needed “hands on” job is worth far more today than the
    average academic college degree.

  114. The left is upset because he dropped out before they could brainwash him. FOR THE LEFT, IF YOU GUYS HAVE A COLLEGE DEGREE, MAYBE THAT EXPLAINE’S SOME OF THE STUPID SHIT YOU ALL DO.

  115. Walker don’t need a College Education to be President. He is already got more brains and common sense then anyone in this Administration.

  116. I have 1 yr. of college but I have a phd in common sence——–And I believe Mr. Walker does have the common sence to lead this country back to respectabllity and economic stability. We , for sure don’t need any more lawyers in charge of our government!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  117. the left is going to lose a lot of voters because so many people have not finished college, and were and are successful.

  118. How about Bill
    A piece of paper does not promise common sense, the ability to reason or even honesty, compassion, a goal to improve one’s existence. Many people have degrees, even Masters — it doesn’t replace good old common sense or ability to reason. It is just a piece of paper to avoid having to prove one’s ability. Experience and one’s record are more important than a piece of paper. We have a lot of “educated” people who can only follow directions or who think they know it all — false egos.

  119. Democrats hardly need to attack the credibility of Walker. His ignorance of economic matters – the core of his electoral campaigns – now appears to be shrouded in stupidity. Wisconsin is now heavily in debt and it is going to have a real problem in not hitting skid row within the next couple of years.

  120. well I don’t think you need a degree to be president …they made Obama a fake one so if he needs one just make him one… I would like to see a nomal American with some common sense and a backbone in wh

  121. Well, Bill Gates dropped out of college to pursue building Microsoft, so I guess Bill Gates is too stupid for the White House too, right?

    • He didn’t build Microsoft,…” If you’ve got a business — you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.” -Hussein Obama

  122. where are the college records of our now idiot president no one has seen them not one of his classmates remember him can we find one classmate that remembers him and see his grades and see if he was enrolled as a foreign student if he was ever in college in this country

  123. I do not mind that Walker never got a college degree, but I do wonder if he got one would he be less anti intellectual and be more supportive of higher education. Hopefully he will lose an election and have time to finish his education.

  124. God you people are so god damn stupid! Neither party gives two shits about any of your dumb asses… So, continue to be bend over and make sure you hold on tight to you ankles. Because who ever is elected into the white house, isn’t going to help you fools. They, with the shit heads in congress will continue to sell America to the highest bidder, while stuffing their pockets with cash. When either had control of the white house & congress. Both parties did nothing, but, shove it deeper into you morons. And, you loved them for it! LMFAO! My advice to you shit heads. Is get a brain transplant. Or, blow the little brains you have left in your heads, out…..

  125. ConservativeSenior

    Think liberals hold a Ph.D in Verbal Dysentery.

  126. Dennis Gurevitz

    The streets of America are filled with homeless people who have earned advanced degrees,Masters PH.D. that is the truth. My father dropped out of college due to the great depression, to work so my grandfather would not forfeit their house to the bank. Along came World War 2. Dad never went back. But my father was one of the smartest, wisest man I haver ever new. My uncle didn’t finish highschool, because of the depression, he was self educated a vororcious reader of books. The point is most any one with a little common sense, good advisers who are not communist, Marxist theory economists, and no Muslim brotherhood advisors, can do far far far far better than this mysterious liver who play president. Did you know Obama attended three universities, but to this very day refuses to open his record transcripts or to show whopaid for his education. Why?

  127. marine by choice

    Based on the statements of many in Washington right now and their inability to recount key points in our history, it is truly apparent that their professors gave them a pass as that piece of paper is worthless. Give me Scott Walker any day.

  128. Here,s the fact of the matter. A college degree does not mean that you have enough common sence to figure out marginal problems in life, much less how to run a busniss or government at any level, whether it be city, county , State, or federal, All things being even, there is no substitude for commomn sence. Grant you that you should have a a good basic education. When the highly educated people sit down to eat , they mostly don,t have a clue how to grow the food that they are eating, and mostly don,t care about the skills and eductation that the people that produced that have. Thanks for reading and I hope you will stop and think.

    • Trisha Holmeide

      Hilrod–in fact, I have found throuhg many years of education myself, and living and working with highly educated people there seems to be a type of mental process fog that occurs with the more education a person receives–the fag, in essence, makes them forget they go to the bathroom the same as everyone else, must go by the same rules as everyone else, and they are no better than anyone else. So, as far as I am concerned, the moore education a person has the more danger they are to our society…unless there are pressures from more sensible and traditional moral structures in a person’s life, they are severly at risk for becoming enemies to the common people rather than servants.

  129. A collage degree should be the least of our worries.
    I believe every man put into the position, President of the United States, as so should the VP,have had to,
    been in the US.Military.I believe if they were in the Military,
    they would have a better understanding of what it takes to
    protect Americans,and to be a leader,making decisions
    for the greater good of the United States,as well as it’s
    citizens,Not to worry about Illegal citizens ,and their rights.
    Not to break the US.Taxpayers banks,Not to cut the US>
    Military down,only to bring in your own Military>>>etc)
    The Muslim Brotherhood,ISIS,who knows what evil lurks
    in the heart&mind of Obama>>The Democrats Do..

  130. Allegiance!!>Allegiance!! Who has Obama’s? not
    America.I’m even starting to doubt,my own party.
    The Republicans were put in office to STOP! the TYRANNY,being brought down on the American People!!
    Where the Hell are you?? Boehner,McConnell ,and the rest of you Turn Coats??

  131. eagleonecommander

    Obama is a Wahhabi Muslim and his education was paid for by Prince Abdallah of Saudi Arabia and this is one of the reasons why his records are sealed to this day.Another reason is that you will find that he didn’t finish his doctorate thesis and his subject matter would have revealed his far leftist Saul Alinsky bent. He is now and has been for awhile linked to George Soros another hard leftist who hates this Country and is working with the Socialists to bring us down by bankrupting us. Most Senators know this and are affraid to let this information out because it would send our stock market out of control. Hillary has promised to keep up his work but has and is trying to cover her butt, which is as big as a semi, so she is telling those in the middle she is all for the American way of life. She also is an Alinsky fan and did her thesis on him touting how great a thinker he was. Play it smart and check into these things and you will see they are true.

  132. Apparently per Obama, you just smoke weed, find boyfriends and claim your a foreign exchange student so the American people pay for your education anyway.

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