Elitists Savage Walker’s College Record

If you ever wanted a look inside the liberal brain, you need only read the nonsense that has been written about Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker in the last week. Starting with the Washington Post, the left has fallen all over themselves to disqualify Walker from the presidency over the matter of his college transcripts. Having dropped out of Marquette University, Walker is apparently too stupid to occupy the White House.

Speaking to Joe Scarborough last week, Howard Dean lamented that Walker “would be the first president in many generations that did not have a college degree.”

In the WaPo article that fired up the pundits, author David Fahrenthold noted unnecessarily that Walker “still has not found the time to finish,” as if he has been lounging on the couch for the last quarter-century.

In a separate WaPo article, presidential historian H.W. Brands is quoted as saying a college degree “has become the entry credential to nearly all jobs requiring any skill at all. A candidate lacking one would have some heavy explaining to do.”

Brands is not wrong. The media, to say nothing of Walker’s opponents, will see to it that this becomes a major issue. The question is whether the American people – 67 percent of whom have no degree of their own – will buy into the controversy. Walker’s lack of a diploma has not stopped him from becoming an enormously successful leader in Wisconsin.

Of course, liberals think that nothing is more important than your educational credentials. If it were up to Democrats, only Ph.D.’s would occupy the White House. Who else but a properly-educated professor can lead the great unwashed masses away from their folly?

It’s funny that this should come up as we celebrate President’s Day. Neither George Washington nor Abraham Lincoln were college graduates. Was their lack of higher education a burden on their respective presidencies? Things have changed, of course, but would another 34 credit hours transform Walker from a hick governor to an established, worthy president? No one could possibly think that.

If anything, Walker should jump to the head of the line solely based on his decision to drop out. The less liberal claptrap forced into his head, the better. We’ve put far too much emphasis on the importance of such an education in the first place. Is someone with a Women’s Studies diploma hanging up in their living room more respectable than someone who got a real job after high school? I think not.

If Walker was some nobody off the street, perhaps we could take his lack of a degree into consideration. Considering his long, successful political career, however, this kerfuffle is absurd. It’s a non-issue. Besides, we have a well-educated man in the White House right now. How’s that working out for us?


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