Elementary Schools Have to Change Names to Satisfy Village Idiots

Some of you may remember a decade or so ago, when a congressman got in hot water for using the word “niggardly” (meaning cheap, stingy) to describe someone. The problem being, of course, that the words sounds like a racial slur. Others may recall, much more recently, when the left went out of their minds thinking that the NRA’s Dana Loesch said she was going to “fist” the New York Times. She actually used the word “fisk.” In today’s landscape of overprotective political correctness, it’s not enough just to avoid mean words; we also have to avoid words that SOUND like mean words. By the time liberals are done with our vocabulary, we’ll just be walking around grunting tunelessly, scared to say anything for fear of public persecution.

Such is the climate where the Centennial School Board in Portland, Oregon has voted to change the names of three elementary schools named after Patrick Lynch, a donor from the 1800s who gave land to the district. These schools – Lynch Wood, Lynch Meadows, and Lynch View – are no longer palatable, of course, because of the unseemly connotations of the word. Apparently, there are people dumb enough to believe that these schools are promoting the act of hanging someone by a tree. If you’ve followed the path of the liberal movement in recent years, this won’t come as a complete surprise to you.

“I don’t think any of you have ever seen a picture where one of your decedents was hanging from a tree,” one black man said while arguing for the name change.

Another man, described by the press as a “young student” echoed that argument.

“I know the majority of you guys are white and it’s hard to know how that word could have an effect, but it does,” he said. “If a simple name change could make students feel safe, then why are we holding back?”

Well, because this society doesn’t exist to make you feel “safe.” How about that? We go to extraordinary, justified lengths to make sure that you ARE safe – at least to the extent of our collective abilities to prevent danger in a dangerous world – but that’s all we can or should be expected to do. If you find yourself in fear because of someone’s last name (or a monument to a Confederate solider or an essay from the Founding Fathers or a flag or a holiday, etc.), well, that’s your problem. We can’t keep changing names and tearing down our nation’s history just because you’re too weak-minded to deal with reality!

Here’s how this whole controversy should have been wrapped up:

Complainer: Why are these schools celebrating the lynching of my ancestors?

School Board Official: They aren’t, they’re named after a person in our history.

Complainer: Oh.

School Board Official: Meeting adjourned.

Instead, we keep giving into these utterly ridiculous PC demands because people are too terrified to appear racist or sexist or insensitive or whatever. It’s a sad state of affairs and it is weakening our country bit by bit, day by day.

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