Elementary School Cancels Thanksgiving Play in Bow to Political Correctness

Stone Bank Elementary School students in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin may have been looking forward to watching and participating in the first grade’s Thanksgiving play next week, but because political correctness is running amok, they won’t get the chance. In a sure sign of things to come around the country, the school has canceled the play because it might offend an Indian somewhere. Or, more realistically, it might offend some paleface liberal who wants to speak on behalf of them.

“Unfortunately, the children are unable to dress as a Pilgrim or Native American,” teachers wrote in an email to parents. “We apologize if you already purchased or made your child’s costume. There have been some conversations and concerns about the accuracy of the first Thanksgiving story. Out of respect for Native Americans, and the sensitivity of this time in our history, we are not going to reenact the first Thanksgiving story.

“Please disregard the practice paper your child has been busy reading over the last few days,” the email continued. “We still plan to have a Thanksgiving program where the children will perform a play, sing some songs, and share a big book with you. Again, we are sorry for the change of plans and hope that you understand.”

Parents called into local podcast The Dan O’Donnell Show to express their irritation.

“The teachers have been doing this for years without an issue,” one parent complained. “Why is it different now?”

Oh, you didn’t know? Well, in an age where we’re covering up murals of George Washington, tearing down Confederate monuments, and vilifying Christopher Columbus, no celebration of our national history is complete without making sure it is presented in the most self-loathing way possible. What this accomplishes, we can’t begin to guess, but it apparently makes guilty liberals feel better about themselves. If they have to spend their lives in misery, we all have to.

Perhaps teachers at Stone Bank read this idiotic piece of propaganda from Franklin & Marshall Professor Eve Bratman:

Let’s face it: white supremacy is actually deeply embedded in Thanksgiving. Funny I should mention those words, “white supremacy”, right? Didn’t we just this week read about people known to hold racist beliefs becoming nominated to the highest offices of our government? Our history has a lot to do with why – and how – it came to this. We haven’t yet come to terms with our nation’s racist and genocidal past, and even our textbooks barely teach this stuff.

I want to make this Thanksgiving more deeply anti-racist, ecologically rooted, and anti-imperialist. I don’t have all the answers, but I don’t want to be paralyzed, either. Repeating the holiday with no acknowledgement of the intolerance in its history feels delusional at best, if not actively perpetuating oppression.

Good grief. Yes, it is because we celebrate Thanksgiving that we have “white supremacists” in the federal government. Okay. Sure.

These people are ruining this country faster than anyone really realizes.

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