Elected Democrat in Ohio Throws Her Endorsement to Donald Trump

Not for the first time this election season, a dyed-in-the-wool Democrat has officially endorsed President Donald Trump for a second term. On Tuesday, Bernadine Kennedy Kent, an Ohio State Representative from Columbus, said that she is proud to follow other rogue Democrats in supporting the president.

“Today, following in the bold first step of Georgia State Representative Vernon Jones, I am both honored and humbled to be the second Democrat State Representative to publicly announce my endorsement of President Donald J. Trump,” Kent wrote.

“From my perspective as a lawmaker who was elected for the first time in 2016, following a lifetime as an educator and child advocate, I have admired President Trump’s dedication to law and order and his respect for our Constitution,” Kent continued. “His strong leadership and willingness to fight for educational and economic empowerment for minorities has brought unprecedented hope to the American people.”

Kent, who is black herself, said that Trump had done more than any other president in modern history to give African-Americans an opportunity to better their lives.

“President Trump has provided a record number of Black Americans with a real shot at the American dream,” Kent wrote. “Under President Trump’s leadership, Black Americans have experienced record-low unemployment and the poverty rate among the black community has fallen to its lowest level in U.S. history.

“A large part of this success is due to President Trump’s willingness to listen to the ideas of Senator Tim Scott and the concerns of invested citizens from diverse communities in economic distress,” she continued. “This effort produced a groundbreaking solution called ‘Opportunity Zones,’ a way to create jobs and spur investment in disadvantaged communities. We all recognize that gainful employment and economic development is the best deterrent against violence and social unrest, so I want to thank President Trump for his commitment to ensuring the success of the Black community in every way.”

Well, we assume that this will give Ohio Democrats license to treat Kent just as the ones in Georgia have treated Vernon Jones – like a traitor to the cause. We certainly understand that a political party doesn’t want their members running around endorsing people from the other side, but maybe our country would be better off if elected officials could make their own decisions about things. There’s a time for party politics, no doubt, but there’s also a time for independent decision-making.

By coming out in favor of Trump, Kent has shown she is a woman who values the truth over her own opportunities with the Ohio Democratic Party. That’s courage, and it earns her a lot of respect in our book.

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