Either Way, the Biggest Scandal in Political History

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes dropped a bombshell on Wednesday, telling reporters that he had new information that Donald Trump’s associates were, indeed, under surveillance during the presidential transition period.

Nunes said that this collected surveillance was “incidental” – meaning that intelligence agencies were conducting lawful surveillance of foreign targets and only accidentally picked up Trump’s associates. But nonetheless, it appeared to go a long way towards proving that President Trump was right all along: Trump Tower was “wiretapped.”

Nunes’s announcement came two days after FBI Director James Comey testified, with clarity, that Trump’s tweets accusing President Obama of having Trump Tower under surveillance were not true. On Friday, some White House officials were claiming that information from the NSA would ultimately prove that Trump was telling the truth all along.

The problem, of course, is not that this incidental collection happened – although that, too, may be a problem when all of this comes out in the wash. But for now, the problem is what the Obama intelligence community did with those names. If they had remained classified and under wraps, that’s one thing. But instead, as Nunes said and as other media reports have confirmed, the Obama administration spread these names far and wide throughout both the government and, eventually, throughout the media.

It bears repeating once more that no one has yet produced ANY evidence proving that Donald Trump worked with the Russians in his campaign for president. Did a few of his associates do something they weren’t supposed to do? That remains to be seen. Just as likely, however, is that the Obama holdovers and the Democrats have reverse-engineered this entire investigation for the purpose of sabotaging Trump’s presidency.

Meaning: They know that whatever meetings Trump’s associates had with Russian officials were innocuous in nature, unrelated to the campaign, or, in any case, not for the purpose of conducting a treasonous coup against American democracy. But in the meantime, they have just enough suspicious-looking material to slowly “drip, drip, drip” a story that appears to corroborate this wild conspiracy theory.

Either way, we’re in the middle of one of the greatest political scandals in U.S. history. Either Trump and Putin successfully “took over” the U.S. government or Democrats are playing an unthinkable hoax on the American people while trying to dismantle a legitimate administration. However this turns out, it will not be pretty.

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