Education Sec: We Need More Gun Control

Outgoing U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan used his final speech to make a case for gun control. Speaking at a Chicago Catholic church on Wednesday, Duncan said that Washington’s failure to implement new gun restrictions represented the “greatest frustration” of his political career.

“We have to get guns out of the wrong people’s hands,” said Duncan. “We have to make sure our babies our safe.”

Duncan’s attempt to link street violence to dropout rates is not an unthinkable stretch, but there’s no evidence that federal gun control would do anything to change the landscape. In fact, by delivering this speech in the violence-plagued South Side of Chicago, Duncan highlights the futility of that effort. As has been pointed out on countless occasions, this American war zone is governed by some of the strongest gun legislation in the country.

Okay, so an Obama minion took the Obama stance on gun control, so what? Who would expect anything else?

The problem is that Duncan’s speech on school safety is insulting to anyone familiar with his apparent commitment to educational anarchy. Duncan is an outspoken proponent of reducing top-down disciplinary approaches in the classroom, and his ideas on public school punishment are as wrongheaded as his ideas on gun control.

In 2014, Duncan said, “It’s sort of a counterintuitive thing for many of us adults, but the more we give up power, the more we empower others, often the better things are, and empowering teenagers to be part of the solution, having them control the (classroom) environment, control the culture, be the leaders, listening to them, respecting them — when we do that, wonderful things happen for kids in communities that didn’t happen historically.”

Duncan, like many of his liberal cohorts, believes that disproportionate suspension rates among minority students must be solved – not by changing behavioral problems but by eliminating these suspensions as a matter of policy. This year, he said, “The ugly truth – the harsh reality – is that still today in 2015, some children are far more likely to face harsh discipline than others, simply because of their zip code or the color of their skin. That’s unacceptable and not a reality anybody should be willing to live with.”

Those of Duncan’s philosophical bent see this problem as incontrovertible evidence of systemic racism. These Democrats rarely dig deeper to actually prove this extraordinary accusation, which would entail proving that minority students are regularly suspended for offenses that earn white students a slap on the wrist. The best they can muster (when they bother) are a handful of anecdotes. In this way, the arguments about public school punishments are just as meritless as arguments about police shootings. One bad thing happened over here; therefore, the entire system needs to be reformed.

Democrat voters aren’t (necessarily) dumb, but they are surprisingly susceptible to conspiratorial thinking. They see a bothersome statistic, they draw a conclusion, and then work their way backwards. Along the way, they ignore any evidence that doesn’t fit with their view of America as an evil, racist empire. This may help them to feel like they are using their lives to fight injustice, but it doesn’t do anything to make our schools safer.

In fact, as we move to this new trend of eliminating suspensions for egregious classroom offenses, there is almost no doubt that things will get much, much worse. And since this will almost certainly lead to a federal takeover of the public school system, you have to wonder if that wasn’t the plan all along.

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  1. This man is a moronic puppet.

  2. another nitwit heard from.

  3. What we really need to do is get our Federal Government OUT of Education! Education is a state and local issue, not a Federal issue! There should not be any Federal control of local schools except for the schools actually in Washington DC!

  4. If the US would prosecute those who commit violence on others, with stiff penalty, and or execution the violence would cease.And those corrupt politicians should be imprisoned not empowered, both democrat and republican

    • independent thinker

      Not disagreeing with your basic idea but violence will never go completely away. It can however be greatly reduced by applying those ideas.

      • appreciated. Happy New Year

      • Not as Long as we have the PU$$Y filled DOJ and POT-us we have!! it might label them “PROFILERS ” of their OWN

        • I’m not sure but it seems like you believe the people we have in power in Washington are stupid or afraid of not being Politically Correct, I believe being PC is what’s wrong with most of the Republicans. But when it comes to Obama and his Band of mainly Muslims there is no stupidity on their part, but a carefully laid out plan to destroy American from within. Sooner or later by the law of averages an idiot leading their country would do something that would benefit their country, Obama has done nothing, absolutely nothing that is beneficial for the people that make this country tick, he only panders to special interest groups, some are alphabet Muslim organizations such as OIC, CAIR and Muslim Brotherhood the last two have been proven beyond any doubts having ties to well known terrorists groups, yet they are allowed to thrive in their quest to sponsor bills that will eventually make it a hate crime to criticize Islam. They are profilers when it comes to people like you and I, no doubt this site and others like it are monitored and those commenting are fed into an information bank, assigned designations as to the level of threat, such as age, economic, educational, employment history, gender, geographical, medical history, religion even things no matter how trivial that we have completely forgotten, this is in the making. May You Have a Blessed New Year.

          • and lets us make the new blessed New Year the ‘YEAR WE RECLAIM OUR CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC” ….and abolish PC forever….it has made too many SISSIES afraid to speak the TRUTH

          • We are having problems in Virginia with our Demorat Gov., he is not honoring CCW permits from other states so one of our Representatives has a bill that Virginia will not honor any new Federal gun laws + they are trying to de-fund his and the AG security details/State Troopers.

          • Cuccinello would have be better…. the POS that got elected is a Clinton perv and just as INCOMPETENT! Can he be RECALLED???

          • I wrote a letter to the editor before the election against McAuliffe and endorsed Cuccinello. Cuccinello was a hard sell, he had said some things that set the women (I am one) off in our state + we have a lot of gov. workers in the northern part of state, it was a close election. Yes they can be recalled and I think that is a last resort (I suggested that to GOA) it would be expensive for the taxpayers and there are those gov. workers to consider. They are protesting a gun store that just opened in Fairfax, VA (not far from DC). Hopefully our Gov. representatives (Majority Republicans) will be able to fix this, my e-mails from them tell me they are working on it. Would just love to see them de-fund their security details! I think they will be able to get the bill to not honor any new Federal gun regulations approved.

          • Keep at it .. We must fight these Insane policies

          • This political correctness is something I care not to learn. From what I know of it, it steps all over my God given right to say what is on my mind at any time or concerning any subject. So ya’ll can keep it. I ain’t intrested. No sale.

      • It did go down in Virginia, now we have a Demorat Gov. and it probably will go up. One of the Representatives in the state house has a bill to de-fund the security detail of the governor and AG because they will not honor CCW permits from other states. That will teach them a lesson.

    • HUU-RAHH

    • Exactly; we need to prosecute and jail every politician who is a threat to our rights, including and especially our gun rights.

    • Those committing violence that includes torturing one, should be sentenced to the same fate they gave their victims, be it torture, shooting, especially shooting, should be executed by firing squad of citizens.

    • An eye for an eye. You kill, you die, by the same method you killed. You torture, you are tortured in all the same ways. Public executions might, just might deter these evil beings.

  5. Another BO Dem Lemming! Fire this man please and keep these unelected fools out of the media. We are sick of BO’s agenda and we will not comply. He is the fool for trying this in this country. In fact, due to congress he thinks he can do this. Vote the congress dems and rinos who have supported this man out of office at every opportunity! Go Trump!

  6. The elephant in the room is the horrible consequences of liberal policy directed towards blacks. The family unit is distentigrated by crime, welfare, inner-city neighborhood dynamics., entitleent, immorality. Shall I go on.?

  7. AmericanPatriot67

    He is also a flaming f*****t. The speech he gave is just more of the Leftist Lieberal lies and untruths, i.e. propaganda, spewed forth by two-faced devils desiring the total subjugation of the people to the Almighty State. That will never happen to me or any of my fellow patriots as long as we “cling to our God, our guns, and the Bibles”.

  8. Glad Arne is gone should never have been appointed by King Obama. His replacement is just as bad, and forget about gun control, it is spurring gun sales which is OK. The reason, Obama took an oath to protect us and isn’t, so people are afraid of Terrorist, Black panthers, Occupy WS, Black lives matter, prisoners being let out of prison, and those who are illegals committing crimes on a daily basis. So no thanks for your automated remarks which are smelling up America.

  9. Ah yes the age old cry of the FASCIST
    let’s face the truth “GUN CONTROL” means using both hands and squeezing the trigger with even and firm pressure.

  10. Just having guns isn’t going to kill anyone. As long as those that have and carry guns are responsible people those guns aren’t going to kill anyone. Of course if those people are put into a position that their or others lives are in danger those guns might just come out to protect. Removing guns will just make sure that the only ones that have guns are the criminals. Guns don’t kill people by themselves. People have to be on one end of them.

  11. The illegal dept of indoctrination (used to be education) must be near the top of federal departments which should be eliminated. The academic achievement of American students has been on the decline ever since the dept of indoctrination began. They are now known for their awful common core program, eliminating all reference to Christianity while teaching and promoting the muslim religion/form of government, indoctrinating generations into believing the lie about global warming and now promoting gun confiscation. See the YouTube “Innocents Betrayed.” The federal dept of indoctrination is a complete waste of the American people’s tax dollars and it should be eliminated.

  12. OK let’s look at the DUNCAN MORON….He ran the CHICAGO school System…came with BHO-Zo to Screw up the Whole Country School System and We have to listen to anything he has to Say???? Does he Consult with BHO-ZO in bath HOUSES also???

  13. The best thing about this article is the word ” outgoing ” in front of Duncan’s name .

  14. If the Democrats would allow school choice instead of supporting the school unions, many of the disciplinary problems they are so concerned about may disappear. It is not about children, it is about control.

    • Easy now.. Unionized Teachers which are part OWNERS of the Progressive Commies will not like it! ( ps there are no Democrats left)

  15. THIS COWARDLY bastard talks like the gay community . They don’t enforce the gun laws we have because it’s too risky . Never do you hear about new ideas to put away the offenders of gun laws or the trouble makers in classrooms. It’s always blame the lack of law or American business oppression , anything but the perps. DISGUSTING COWARDS.

  16. O yes the uneducated education secretary. Holding a dead end job for losers who couldn’t hold a job other wise. Clamoring for more gun control. Well like we hadn’t expected that. Coward communist ,treasonous dogs ,socialist all cry for more government control over everyone else’s lives . Just not theirs.

  17. This must be the effect of Global Warming was left out of his rant..

  18. Common Core brain trust…

  19. we need parents that are teaching their children right from wrong. I wouldn’t teach in some of these schools. people are going to get guns. why instead of worrying about gun control why don’t these people teach their children to respect authority and behave themselves. some of these students are making it so the children who want to learn can’t or they’re scared to go to school. schools need to teach reading, writing and arithmetic. so many children are graduating from high school and they can’t even read. what does the Education Secretary have to do with gun control?

  20. What we don’t need is the Department of Education.

  21. .
    We do NOT need more gun control, What we need is elimination of the department of education and citizen representation in congress and the federal government. impeaching the mus slum squatter in the rainbow mosque would be a step in the right direction

  22. We should entirely do away with the Federal level of the Dept. of Education, to begin with. Education belongs solely on the state, local, and individual level. Second, this loser can kiss our asses.

  23. we would be a lot better off if we could weed out the communists and the twits that have infected the education system and a great start would be eliminating the fed bureaucracy that simple sucks money from Real American taxpayers while supplying nothing of value…same could be done to many of the local level pigs that are doing their best to keep America’s children at the lower end of the educational curve….and hugging that “tenure” rope..

  24. Hey Secretary Duncan, if you really want to make sure “our babies are safe” you could start by stop aborting the thousands upon thousands in the womb. Then stop arming all of our enemies including the Mexican drug lords, ISIS and all the other terrorist groups, stop letting out all the illegal and non-illegal criminals from prisons and stop letting all the dangerous illegals into OUR country. You and your kind are not only liars but you are cowards as well for your sick and pathetic denial of the truth and your lying propaganda. May you all burn in h*ll for your sins against Americans and all of humanity.

  25. We have heard all of this before
    Following is a list of people that agree with the liberal dem bloodsuckers.
    Pol Pot,
    Idi Amin
    Fidel Castro
    Hugo Chavez
    Benito Mussolini
    Adolph Hitler
    Kim Il Sung
    Mao Tse Tung
    Kim Il Jong
    Josef Tito
    Josef Stalin
    The above group all thought that commonsense cun control laws were necessary for the safety of the citizenry.
    They went through the whole shtick, the liberal dem bloodsuckers are doing.
    Then they hit on universal registration.
    They got it.
    With in three years they had confiscated all weapons
    With in a year after that, they had passed laws that could get you arrested and imprisoned for saying nasty things about the government.
    The same group is responsible for the death of 220million people, usually their own citizenry.
    Maybe we should pass legislation that require people trying to control weapons, about their motives under truth serums.
    Australia, Canada, England, France, Belgium, Italy Spain Portugal, Ireland, Germany,.
    This group has also confiscated all weapons, this group has also passed laws that make it a crime to say nasty things about the government soon after they confiscated all weapons
    Coincidence, no, I think not.
    Keep on trucking liberal dem bloodsuckers, I’ll hang on to my weapons no matter what you say and what the laws are.
    Want to know where the liberals are headed, take a look out in Oregon, the liberal dem scum, don’t want you to be able to do this.

  26. Francisco Machado

    “We have to get guns out of the wrong people’s hands” so we pass laws, which only get the guns out of the hands of those that are not “the wrong people?” – And we curtail the sentences of the “wrong people?” “It’s sort of a counterintuitive thing for many of us adults, but the more we give up power, the more we empower others” – so he wants further gun limitations on those who follow the law? that’s the wrong group giving up power. I taught in an inner city school – so inner city that some of the pupils didn’t even speak a lot of English. Duncan doesn’t think there is a behavioral difference among ethnic groups? And he’s the Education Secretary? That’s scary. After reading the article, it’s doubtful if he has the intellect necessary to be one of the footmen on a garbage truck.

    • My thoughts as well Francisco. This man probably believes what he says is true, making him just one more of the many useful idiots, a tool of those working behind the scenes who are using gun control as a means to make it easier to enslave the masses, this has absolutely nothing to do with safety but would do just the opposite This goes back way before the general’s day but his insidious power was a major concern of General Douglas Macarthur who recognized it back in his day and wrote about it, much too long to post on here but if Truman had listened to him instead of the Russians, namely a top U.N Russian general North Korea wouldn’t be a threat today, I believe there would have been no Vietnam war either. The Prophet Daniel was given a glimpse of this dark spiritual force that will be in control of the world government, that will exist in the “Latter Days” the Apostle Paul confirms who and what this is we war against, the dark spiritual forces are Satan’s army of course his army uses evil men to carry out Satan’s plan. Many call this coming world government a “New World Order” there isn’t anything new about it and it wont be orderly, King Nimrod tried it in Babylonia.

    • What is needed is “to put more guns, readily at hand, into the right people’s hands, holsters” and educate the children and people that Free People Keep and Bear Arms so the people are secure and safe.
      Gun control began with slavery. Slaves cannot be allowed to possess arms, ergo– gun control.
      Politically, educate the People, particularly the slave class, that guns are evil and they really don’t want arms.

  27. Will the liberals ever experience an awakening?

  28. Oh, look. A eunuch with a title.

  29. Our education system is a shambles under this person’s “leadership,” so it stands to reason that he considers himself eminently qualified to pontificate on something else he is equally ill-qualified to discuss.

  30. “In 2014, Duncan said, “It’s sort of a counterintuitive thing for many of us adults, but the more we give up power, the more we empower others, often the better things are, and empowering teenagers to be part of the solution, having them control the (classroom) environment, control the culture, be the leaders, listening to them, respecting them — when we do that, wonderful things happen for kids in communities that didn’t happen historically.” ” – What this idiot is describing is a scenario straight from a Hollywood movie – “Lord of the Flies” The only difference is in the nature of the outcome. What you get is anarchy.

  31. Other aspects aside, Mr. Duncan is entitled to his opinion. That being the case, all that is had is his opinion, which concerning firearms holds precious little water.

  32. Can anyone really be that stupid. Kids learn less and less each yr, in school, not because they bright enough to excel, but because those students causing the most disruption are finding there are no consequences for their behavior. Keeping them in the classroom teaches them that they run the system and kids who want to do well can’t because teachers are so busy trying to keep some kind of control that everyone loses. His remarks on gun control are just as bad. You take guns away from law abiding citizens, making them more vulnerable to attack. Why does he think these attacks occur in schools so frequently. DUH! It’s because they are gun free zones. If he paid attention he would know that most incidents are in cities with the strictest gun laws. WAKE UP PEOPLE!

  33. How often do we have to say it? You will never be able to keep guns out of the hands of criminals. AND disarming law abiding citizens will not stop crime. It will empower criminals beyond your wildest imaginings. Train honest people and arm them and crime will become almost non-existent..

  34. Long past due to abolish the Dept of Education as well as many other Departments in the Federal Government.

  35. They must get our guns as the last piece of the puzzle of COMPLETE CONTROL OF “US” ! REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION, that is what they are afraid and must disarm so that they can do more harm! Armr================================? ! mInr, NSA!

  36. Excellent input from all of you. We all need the spread the word about the names of the guilty people are in the goverenment. see And how the whole New World Order conspiracy fits together. see video; EVERY THING YOU KNOW IS A LIE, These two items are the best way to wake up the non-thinkers. Check it out. And my GOD help us save the republick.

  37. Someone should ask Duncan who he considers the wrong people. If he says criminals he should be asked why all the Obama proposed gun control measures are aimed at law abiding citizens. Then he should be asked why the current criminal laws are not enforced to the full extent of the law. It should be noted that after gun confiscation in Great Britain, violent crime increased per 100,000 population.

  38. Anyone that has been appointed by Barak Obama has to be an IDIOT and not worth listening to. They are only a mouth piece to spread his Islamic Propaganda.
    We, the CONSERVATIVE people, MUST turn out and vote, all Liberals and RINOs out of office in the next election or this country is doomed to total FAILURE. We have only witnessed the beginning of how bad it will be if we continue to elect LIARS, CHEATS, and others that do not believe in a MORAL CODE, to direct the country like our fore fathers set it up for us.
    We have a Constitution that needs to be followed, PERIOD, not screwed around with to mean what some MORON wants to interpret what they want it to say, and there are more than enough laws on the books that need to be enforced or eliminated, without making a bunch of new ones. It seems like everyone that gets elected to office wants to write a bunch of new laws to further muddy the meanings of the laws we have now, just to make it look like they are useful.

  39. Abort Fed Gov Dept of Education. Ban Common Core.
    Local and State are Best to control Public schools.

  40. Politicians and Judges should be required to Support and defend the Constitution as they took an oath to do.
    The Liberals are anything but! They want to control everyone, so all the amendments to the constitution and the Constitution itself must be repealed. Notice The liberal Anti Gunners want to ban private ownership of guns and “high Capacity Magazines” But one of the most notorious anti-gunners Dianne Feinstein has guns, concealed carry permits, and armed security, this is normal behavior for anti-gunners. I say that anyone who supports repealing the Second amendment, by donating to anti gun causes or authoring bills to ban guns, or judges that MISINTERPRET the Constitution, should immediately lose all rights to own a gun, have a concealed carry permit, or hire or be assigned armed guards. If guns are too dangerous for law abiding citizens, they are way too dangerous for judges and politicians. Any judge or politician who proposes any bill or supports any restrictions on law abiding citizens, and such legislation or ruling disarms Law-abiding citizens. Any of them are robbed, injured or killed due to being unable to defend themselves, should subject the judges and politicians who caused this disarmament to criminal charges of aiding and abetting the criminals who are preying on the unarmed citizen. They should also be held civilly responsible for the loss of property, injury or death caused to law-abiding citizens who are unable to protect themselves.

  41. Voters need to give the DC toilet a big dose of Sani-flush in November!

  42. BornAgainSouthernPride

    This guy should have spent more time putting programs in place to help educate our children and less time worrying about our 2nd ammendment rights. Chicago, still the worst run city in the country.

  43. Why does it bother them you own a gun? Something’s wrong with these communist. Oops, just revealed why…. my bad!

  44. “Democrat voters aren’t (necessarily) dumb, but they are surprisingly susceptible to conspiratorial thinking”

    That’s an exact description of many GOP voters, as evidenced by many of the posts here.

    • If you can’t stand the logic and common sense of the main thread of thought going on here then maybe you should get the hell out of here and go someplace where you feel comfortable and secure. You apparently aren’t capable of any original thought on the subject matter. Just do the usual liberal troll first step in any confrontation on a subject. And that is to take a comment and twist it around and throw it back at someone. You know the old school yard thing; I’m rubber and you’re glue whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you. Grow up, get a pair,(and I don’t mean shoes) and try to come up with an original thought. I’m sure that if you do respond you will resort to the second step of the liberal troll method of discussion of a subject. I’ll leave that to your imagination as I don’t need to give you any help here. But mark my words, it will be exactly what the majority of us here recognize as the second step and you will be showing your true colors.

      • What “logic and common sense”? All I see is the usual mindless put downs of anyone who doesn’t agree with your dogma. Where’s your “original thought”? You’re showing your own “true colors” with that mindless rant. I get a lot of email from right-wing organizations. What it all has in common is a ton of paranoia and conspiratorial thinking and a lot of advertising for ‘free’ stuff that turns out to cost money and stuff that has fantastic claims attached to it. You know nothing about me, but you labelled me a “liberal troll” just because I made a factual observation that you don’t like.

        • Well apparently you have a reading comprehension problem. I see comments from a lot of people making a well thought out point about the topic on hand. They usually are logical and display a fair amount of common sense. If all you see is mindless put downs maybe it’s because all you care to read are those that respond to your thoughtless put downs and obvious attempts to rile others here in this thread. I’m sorry that your biased mind set is offended by anything that is conservative and doesn’t agree with your liberal bias. I can see enough of your mind set and therefore your political leanings by your comments. If you aren’t capable of doing the same maybe you should look for sites that are clearly labeled as “Liberal/democrat/socialist/smart ass”. What I originally responded to was your, and it is typical liberal troll mentality, comment or should I say twisting. That is a long well understood liberal troll tactic. Take a quote from someone and then turn it around and throw it back at them. I thought that play ground bs went by the way side in grade school. So, your so called factual observation wasn’t anything of the kind. It was a grade school word game as you couldn’t come up with an “original thought” of your own. You libs just really disgust me with your condescending and obtuse “observations”. Your strategy or tactics are quite simple really. First you attempt to ridicule followed by lies and twisting and then on to the name calling. I’m sure I speak for the majority of the people here that our wish is that you just go away. Don’t go away mad, just go away.

          • You maunder on and on without doing much except supporting my observation. Apparently you can’t see the “mindless put downs” because you agree with them and the “conspiratorial thinking” that’s behind those “mindless put downs”. Again, you know nothing about me or my views, but yours are too obvious from your mindless ranting. Your tactic is to attempt to twist and ridicule, then go straight to the name calling. You’re a perfect example of what’s wrong with modern so-called conservatives. I’m sure that real conservatives like Buckley are spinning in their graves. While I see a lot of complaints here about the public schools, many of the posters here are the best evidence of their failure. It’s not just the poor spelling and grammar, it’s mostly the complete lack of reasoning skills and the massive ignorance of anything except conservative dogma. I doubt very many of them can even tell you the actual meaning of “well-regulated” or where the term came from.

          • And you’re the only one name calling.

    • Have you ever watched Watters world. On Fox Democrats voters are dumb as rocks in a crap pile. College hasn’t helped them at all.

      • Fox is the least informative channel on the tube. Fox viewers “are dumb as rocks in a crap pile.” I hope you didn’t pay anything for your college education, because if you did, you wasted the money.

        • Actually I earned My College tuition , While serving this nation for 8 year’s. You must be an M.S.N.B.C viewer. Now that’s a channel for the idiots . What Chris moron Matthews is Ur. favorite talking turd. I’m mostly a C-span,C&N and Fox Business news viewer, Fox Five , The no spin zone Bill O make me vomit Catholic liberal., And of course Megan Kelly.

          • Not even close. I’ve got you beat. I was in for a month and a day short of nine years. The only reason I didn’t go for 20 was because they wouldn’t let me shift into another career field that I was already qualified for. So I got out and started doing it as a civilian. I don’t even know if MSNBC is on my cable system, though it probably is. As for “C&N”, that’s CNN. I don’t usually watch TV news channels. There are plenty of other sources for news.

            You might like this (, though I showed it to a gun control supporter and he denied it had any meaning because the OECD is supposed to encourage manufacturing, which includes manufacturing firearms. A complete dogmatist, like most of his ilk.

  45. This coming from the U S Education Secretary. Here’s the true facts. If, by some means, Obama could take away all guns from everybody in this nation nothing would change the violent fact that those with the intention of committing such violence could and would still do the same. The difference is that there would be no one to stop them. I can go to my shop and within two hours I can manufacture a gun that will kill. Barring that I can come to a classroom with a razor sharp machete and hack people to death. People who intend to do such things will still find a way. Those people don’t care if THEY die while doing the deed. The real solution is to provide protection against such acts and to prosecute such people with the ultimate punishment. Either Obama is too stupid to recognize the solution or he has an agenda other than protecting the public. I suspect the latter.

  46. For once I agree with the Sec of Ed. We should absolutely make it illegal for a democrat to own a gun.

  47. Wow! Another liberal panty-waist comes out against guns. Arne Duncan, a world class wus in an Administration of loons, says in last speech that the greatest “frustration of his political career” was Washington’s failure to implement new gun restrictions. Well, tough, Arnie. Take time out from your whining and re-read the 2nd Amendment and tell us what “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed” really means. Do you think it really means that only elite politicians like you have the right to be protected by armed guards paid by the taxpayers? Or do you think the Founders might have had in mind the right of the people to bear arms to defend themselves and their families against intrusions of a tyrannical government should it become necessary?

  48. The only gun control we really need is control over who is elected/appointed to be a ‘big gun’ in the corruptive environment of the government.

    • I just “half” listened to Obama’s oration about needed gun control. Most of it was just his usual oration and posturing for the cameras. I heard him raise his voice, but only when he got excited talking about the Muslims. His chosen people, by the way.

      • I make it a point to NOT watch or listen to his speeches. If you read what he reads on his teleprompters you see what an empty suit he really is.

        • Well, I usually find some interesting to watch when he is performing, but my sons are legal gun owners and wanted to hear his lies. I am a once was democrat. Voted for them til 2008. I did not like the man before I ever saw him on TV. Just hearing his voice was a turn off. LOL

  49. This new idea would not have made a bit of difference. It would have all happened anyway. But if it makes you feel better go ahead and think it.

  50. Of course a barak Hussein obama appointee is going to repeat the words of his boss and advocate disarming Americans at a time in the history of our country where it is more important for Americans to be armed than ever before. If the congress was doing their job they would defund the illegal dept of indoctrination (used to be education.) It is doing much more damage than good and the states and local communities would do a great job of actually educating students and a gigantic waste of taxpayer money would be brought to an end.

  51. The quick and easy way to get guns out of the hands of the wrong people is to fill the hands of the right people with guns. We’ll take care of the wrong people—wrong people like Arne Duncan, Barack Hussein Obama, and Hillary and Bill Clinton.

  52. The KEY word here is ” WRONG ” get the guns out of the ” WRONG ” peoples hands, as in CRIMINALS, POLITICIANS, FELONS , GANG MEMBERS, DRUG DEALERS , CRAZY A$$ MENTAL CASES, not the LEGAL LICENSED GUN OWNERS

  53. There are plenty of gun laws that never get used. The Feds could easily prosecute felons who knowingly fill out the purchase form, not only that but they already have all the information that they need to do so. I’m tired of hearing about the 2nd amendment being shat upon, ‘Shall Not Be Infringed’ should be very easy to understand, even for democrats.

  54. Proof Positive that Liberal Morons have infiltrated the school system.

  55. YES. we definitely need more gun control……..You know, use both hands, proper trigger squeeze, proper sight alignment, more time at the range, etc., etc., etc.!!!

  56. Thousands of felons turned loose and the dictator wants non felons punished. No wonder he has had his education records sealed. His brain is obsolete

  57. Yes get them out of the hands of the wrong people and leave the law abiding people alone and leave our guns alone to

  58. FK off “education secretary”. You a$$-holes are part of the problem. You no longer teach children how to cope or communicate with others. You instead indoctrinate them to hate authority, America and the family. Stick to Reading Writing, etc. Stop the indoctrination to Marxism and educate.

  59. How about the animals in Chicago, Baltimore, NYC etc. etc. I guess the only way it’s ok to carry a gun is illegally! He has no authority to change or, make laws! This POS can take his executive orders and, shove them up his ass!

    • obama can take haft his executive orders and shove them down his throat and the other haft up his hillary, and if they don’t touch means he full of $hit.

  60. Liberalism is a disease and the democrats and rino’s are spreading it like cancer.


  62. oops sorry for the caps

  63. Just let the thugs in Chicago kill each other off, problem solved and as a bonus, fewer demonrats!

  64. Carline D. Long Jr.

    The education secretary has vital issues to address and they are in his wheelhouse, Fix your damn education Program! Its totally propaganda driven Sir!

  65. Tell me again why we need a Secretary of Education, over the Dept. of “None Dare Call it Education”? This only duplicates what every state has, and that is costly enough, for the benefit from it. Education at the federal level is the futility of dumping billions into a sand pit.

    So getting back on subject, these people wouldn’t have a clue about why gun crime happens, and when they are talking about Chicago, with the most strict gun control in the country, they just don’t want to deal with the fact that blacks are killing blacks at an astounding rate. They don’t really seem to care, since in their minds, it is law abiding gun owners that are the problem.

    • StupidConservativeValues

      To make sure goobers like you get an education. However, there are obvious flaws…you the obvious example of where it doesn’t work.

  66. I agree,we need more gun control. To me that is a wakeup call to lay in more ammo and set aside more range time to practice. Makes perfect sense to me. Thanks liberals. Think I’ll take you up on that.

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