Durham Probe Demands Documents From Hillary Clinton And DNC Relating to Steele Dossier!

For many, the ongoing investigation by John Durham into Hillary Clinton’s campaign and its smear campaign against President Trump and its lies of Russian collusion may have faded into the background. But the special counsel has slowly and methodically continued his investigation into Clinton’s involvement in creating the discredited “Steele Dossier” and is now demanding more documents from her campaign, the DNC, and Fusions GPS, all of which colluded to create the false document.

Durham has accused the DNC, Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, research firm Fusion GPS, and Democratic law firm Perkins Coie of improperly holding back hundreds of documents relevant to his investigation under “unfounded” claims of attorney-client privilege. 

In a 23-page filing last week, Durham asked that a federal judge order the documents be handed over for in-camera review, arguing that the privilege claims lack “any connection to actual or expected litigation or the provision of legal advice.”

In his request, Durham revealed that out of 1,455 documents withheld by Fusion GPS under claimed “attorney-client privilege” or “work product protections,” only 18 emails and attachments actually involve an attorney. 

The filing went on to note that the DNC and Hillary for America — the official name for the Clinton campaign — have also tried to withhold communications between a Fusion GPS employee and tech executive Rodney Joffe, “despite the fact that no one from either the DNC or HFA is copied on certain of these communications.”

The filing is only the latest legal maneuver by the special counsel ahead of the trial of Perkins Coie attorney Michael Sussmann for allegedly lying to the FBI about his connection to the Clinton campaign when he passed information about then-candidate Donald Trump to the bureau’s general counsel in September 2016. The claim relayed by Sussmann — that servers at the Trump Organization were illicitly communicating with servers at Moscow-based Alfa-Bank — was amplified by the Clinton campaign to further suggest Trump was colluding with Russia.

In a bombshell filing earlier this month, Durham claimed Sussmann, Joffe, and the campaign took part in a “joint venture” to gather and spread dirt about Clinton’s opponent with the assistance of Fusion GPS, which was hired by Perkins Coie and subsequently hired former MI6 spy Christopher Steele to produce his now-infamous dossier of since-debunked allegations about Trump’s links to the Russian government.

In his filing, Durham argued that Fusion GPS’ work “[does] not appear to have been a necessary part of, or even related to, [Perkins Coie’s] legal advice to HFA and the DNC.”

“Instead, contemporaneous communications and other evidence make it clear that the primary purpose of the [Fusion GPS’] work related to the [Steele] dossier, the [Alfa-Bank] allegations, and the other issues was to assemble and publicize allegations that would aid the campaign’s public relations goals.” 

The special counsel attached a copy of the April 1, 2016, consulting agreement between Fusion GPS and Perkins Coie to his filing, noting that it stated Fusion’s purpose was to assist Perkins Coie when the firm advised clients on issues “related to defamation, libel and similar laws in which accuracy is an essential legal element.”

In fact, Durham argued, “many of the actions taken by [Fusion GPS] pursuant to its retention agreement fell outside the purpose” outlined in the agreement.

“When [Fusion GPS] employees communicated with [Joffe], they were doing so in furtherance of collaborating and promoting the [Alfa-Bank] allegations, not facilitating legal advice,” the filing reads. 

“Simply put, these were communications related to political opposition research and were not made ‘in confidence for the purpose of obtaining legal advice from the lawyer.’”

Durham alleged that Fusion GPS’ main purpose in working with the DNC and Clinton campaign “was to generate opposition research materials that the firm then shared widely with members of the media, the US State Department, the Department of Justice, the Federal Bureau of Investigation … members of Congress, and others.”

Last week, the Federal Election Commission fined the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee $8,000 and $105,000, respectively, for mislabeling payments to the firm that were routed through Perkins Coie as “legal advice and services” rather than opposition research. 

Durham further claimed any viable attorney-client privilege or confidentiality agreement covering communications between Joffe and Sussmann or other Perkins Coie attorneys was invalidated after Joffe “chose to disclose such information to a third party that did not have any formal or informal contract or retention agreement” with him — specifically, Fusion GPS. 

Additionally, the special counsel cited a 2019 book by Fusion GPS co-founders Glenn Simpson and Peter Fritsch called “Crime in Progress,” which he said describes the firm’s internal discussions and conversations with Sussman. In light of the book’s publication, Durham claimed, any “valid privilege … might have since been waived.” 

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    Go for it all! It’s time to get to this over with once and for all. Our government is infiltrated with traitors, haters of democracy and We The People, crooked politicians, FBI, CIA and all the democrats in our congress, Hollywood and the mainstream media!! TIME TO PAY FOR YOUR CRIMES

  2. When will people realize the entire Democrat party is corrupt to the core? When will the American voters begin to understand that everything that has come from the left for decades is a blatant lie? Every single accusation against Trump has proven not only false but has been conspiratorial, manufactured, maintained and spread without cessation during the entire administration including the FBI, justice department and worst of all nearly every media outlet in lockstep. The left without exception ha a lied about covid, it’s likely origins, their so called mitigations, and their non vaccine-vaccine they are still pushing these lies. They lied about Biden being corrupt and in the pockets of the CCP and Chinese leadership along once again in lockstep with the mainstream media. Biden lied about being warned ahainst the disgraceful exit from Afghanistan and continues to ignore those left behind and the afghan people. Biden lied about his disastrous economic policies that every single conservative knew would happen then manufactured an excuse with the feckless sanctions and once again lied by trying to blame Russia,”again”. The list just continues to grow daily while every day people suffer not only in America but globally due to the left’s weak approach to foriegn relations. Ridding ourselves of Biden will not cure the cancer that has ingrained itself in the democratic party. We see the fear of the left as it pertains to upcoming elections and they are pretending that they have seen the errors of their ways. Don’t fall for it again. Once elected they will once again bend a knee to the radical socialist left in their party. If you want an idea of what the future will be like under democratic leadership you just need to look around you and imagine more of the same but only worse. The literal existence of the United States is what’s at stake and if you cannot see that these policies don’t work and only upset the greatest economy and country every created it’s time you open your eyes because otherwise you are the problem. God Bless America

    • Well-organized and executed, with spot-on information. May I use this in a Facebook post, crediting you? I will correct the few spelling and syntax errors, and substitute the word “Democrat” for “democratic”. The latter is almost universally misused…there is no such thing as the “Democratic Party”. It is the “Democrat party”. Any use of “democratic” to indicate the party or it’s affiliations is blatantly incorrect. BTW, Democrats LOVE that their party is often referred to as democratic…which it certainly is not.

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