Duke Activists: Banish Campus Police “Rooted in White Supremacy”

Student activists at Duke University are demanding that the prestigious university abolish the campus police department because, and we quote, policing itself is “inherently rooted in white supremacy.” In another chapter of the ongoing Marxist Madness infecting the country, a group calling themselves the Black Coalition Against Policing sent a nine-page letter to Duke’s administration this month to demand that campus police be made a thing of the past.

“Let us state this unequivocally: originating in slave patrols, policing is inherently rooted in white supremacy and cannot be reformed,” the letter said. “Now, we must imagine a world beyond police and prisons, one that seeks to heal and rebuild our communities from generations of systemic violence.”

Referencing other colleges who have taken steps to disband their campus police, the activists continued:

“While we call on Duke University to take similar action and cut ties with city police, we recognize that this is only a first step and is not nearly enough. Duke and other colleges must also grapple with their own history of police violence by examining the role of University law enforcement both on and off campus. The Duke University Police Department (DUPD)—the 13th largest campus law enforcement agency in the country by full-time employment—has a record of violence against Black and LGBT+ students and Durham residents.”

The students culled five examples of police brutality from the DUPD’s 60-year history, the majority of which occurred long ago. Long before any of these students were on campus, quite certainly. Some of them before these students were so much as a glimmer in their fathers’ eyes. We’ll restrain ourselves from referring to this time period as the “good old days.”

Rather than give this letter the attention it deserves, which is none, Duke University Police Chief John Dailey told the school newspaper that they were open to listening to student concerns.

“The campus police has the same goal as others—a safe and just community that allows Duke University to provide education, research and healthcare that helps the world,” Dailey said. “Being open to listening, to understanding and to changing for the good of Duke is central to what we do.”

Yeah, but didn’t you read the letter, John? They don’t want your to “change.” They don’t want you to “understand.” They want you to disappear and take your “slave patrols” with you. You really think there’s something worth listening to and considering in this unhinged rhetoric?

It’s long past time that we stop taking these activists seriously.

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