Drag Queen Has a Shot to Unseat Adam Schiff

G. “Maebe A. Girl” Pudlo, a progressive Democrat and drag queen who identifies as transgender non-binary, is challenging Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff of California during the 2022 election.

Girl received a bit less than 13% of the primary vote, coming in a distant second to Schiff who earned more than 62% — the two will face off during the general election later this year.

“I think there’s been overemphasis on the fact that I’m a drag queen and an under-emphasis on the fact that I’m a trans person,” Girl said, according to the Los Angeles Times. “Drag is what I do, trans is who I am. And I’m not running to be a drag queen in Congress. I’m running to be a trans representative. I’m running to be a representative for all the people in my district. But I specifically want to be able to be a voice for trans people.”

“And I think that if there’s any place where a progressive, especially a trans nonbinary person can get elected, it’s Los Angeles,” Girl said, according to NBC News.

“We’re not asking for special rights. We’re asking for equality and respect,” Girl said, according to the outlet. “We’re asking to use the bathroom. We’re asking to use the locker room. We’re asking to play sports. We’re not asking for special privileges … We’re going to continue to get louder and prouder and more visible and there’s no way we’re going back into the closet.”

Girl, board treasurer and at-large representative for the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council, is a left-wing candidate who supports policies such as free college, universal healthcare, and abolishing U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

“Green New Deal? Medicare for All?? Free College??? Universal Basic Income???? Who’s going to pay for all this?” Girl’s campaign website reads. “As a proponent of Modern Monetary Theory, I understand that as a financially-sovereign, fiat state, the US does not need to raise taxes to fund basic and essential services for everyone. Healthcare, housing, and education are all human rights.”

Original Article: Schiff is facing a challenge from a transgender non-binary drag queen – TheBlaze

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    Oh god, give me a break. From one crud to another!!! This is all the democrats have to give and offer,,,,CRUD!! Keep flushing our country deeper and deeper into the sewer!

    • Who cares about the dysfunctional segments of our population. The Democrats are a party of the cultural sewer hole of America. Dangerous blacks, rotten leftist Jews like Soros, gays, union goons, lesbians, and feminists are the bottom of the social barrel.

      • I have to totally AGREE with you on everything you said. When you dress a full grown man like a girl then try to explain the bs. Science behind it to children who arent even mature nor intelligent enough to make their own breakfast but that same 5 year old can “ decide” whether he is “wants” ( or indoctrinated?”) to be a girl despite having a penis! I would throw their 2020 anti Trump bs At them. “ FOLLOW THE SCIENCE” but when there are real Facts involved they start name calling or shaming you or worse because you do FOLLOW the science and they have NO science FACTS to back up their idiotic ideas!

    • Hey! At least s/he is more honest than pencil-neck Schiff. You can see what this person represents. With him, there are no rules, no truths and no laws that can touch him.

  2. Can’t be any worse than “Shifty Schiff” actually may bring a new fresh direction to the house from the state of California will listen to both sides of the story before making a decision based entirely on political affiliation.
    Good luck time to get rid of useless politicians in Washington .

    • No wonder Schiff can stay in power so long. Competition is really lacking. Strengthens the call for term limits

      • Exactly! When you’ve got a trans/cross-dressing male as the only viable candidate against this shifty shiff clown it’s no wonder he’s been reelected over and over. It’s like running a eight-year-old against a five-year-old and see who wins they’re both unqualified and too biased to do their jobs correctly, efficiently, and without prejudice of any kind! I don’t care what anybody thinks: anybody who is demanding special privileges not equal privileges special privileges because of their race or gender or whatever that in and of itself is racist! So who’s being the racist truly? Who actually is using the bully fascist tactics to try and get their way ironically the name themselves antifa yet they’re using fascist techniques and programming to get their way! Who are the true fascist? The ones screaming the loudest I am not a fascist! Antifa and BLM are more of a threat to the society then white supremacy! I see a lot more people trying to get special privileges because of what they identify as then just getting privileges that they already have because they r human in the United States. They all want their 15 minutes of fame no matter what it cost anybody else and no matter how asinine they look or sound. They base everything they say well almost everything on their opinions! Ignore your eyes and ears and blind yourself and deaf and your self to see and hear only them and the crap they’re spewing

    • Anyone but Shifty!! His nose grew tremendously when President Trump took often. Meaning, every time he opened his mouth, his nose got longer and longer!

    • If what is happening in our country now doesn’t prove we need term limits nothing ever will. I’ve been saying it for years but the very people we want out are the people that won’t ever let term limits see the light of day. As far as California people and companies are leaving in droves. My brothers friend is leaving he has had enough, a friend of the family left last year they had enough, this is all you hear about. You deserve what you get with your votes.
      And GIRL no one gives a shit you’re a drag queen or transgender, what we give a shit about is everything you stand for, free health care, free college, open borders, men playing on women’s teams, men using the same bathrooms as women. The very equality you’re fighting for with men playing on women’s sports teams is the very equality you are taking away from women. The very equality you are fighting for with children being taught this shit at such an early age is the very equality that you are taking away from parents by demanding you get to decide what their children are taught, the same with the bathrooms, you could care less that it makes for a dangerous situation for women, not by you, but by men that will abuse the law but you don’t care about that either, you are a hypocrite and That’s a problem for millions of us. The way I see it, it’s not the American people that have a problem with who you are, it’s you that has a problem with who you are.

  3. Dominic is right ! Just more “crud” . Where do they find these unqualified morons? Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer, Waters, Shifty, AOC, and the list goes on.

  4. Crud plus Crud equals a truckload of crap = Democratic progressive party. Might be an improvement of “Shifty Schiff”.

  5. Our country is such a mess, Jesus has to be coming soon.

    • Nothing is “free”, sounds good but government will tax us so much no one will have anything! Our country is great because if you’re willing to work and spend/save you can achieve what you want. Setting around waiting for government handouts benefits no one!!

  6. I honestly thought that “Shift” was a trans person. I heard he changed his name from Pansy to Shift. I would vote for “Girl” any day over that lying idiot. He should be in Jail for lying over the Hillary/Russia Gate!

  7. Christopher Tabin

    I believe all drag queens need to be castrated!

  8. Who cares about the dysfunctional segments of our population. The Democrats are a party of the cultural sewer hole of America. Dangerous blacks, rotten leftist Jews like Soros, gays, union goons, lesbians, and feminists are the bottom of the social barrel.

  9. Another article about “tran” people?

    What a drag.

  10. Makes sense now! The Drag Queen will be freeing up Shifty to take the CA Gov slot from Pelosi’s nephew Gavin Nuisance which in turn will allow Gavin to go full campaign mode with Michele Obama for 2024 Presidential bid!

  11. Just one Drag Queen replacing another.

  12. All I can say is we are in trouble. A drag queen is a MENTALY deficient person. Adam Shift Is just a criminal. I honestly think that putting a metal challenged person in our congress is just s bad as the criminal shift. DRAG QUEENS AND TRANS PEOPLE ARE MENTALALY EFFED UP. The only l that sick dag queen cares about is mentally Effed up people just like themselves. I am amazed at the level of stupidity in our population that think that if you have no clue to what sex you are that thats a NORMAL State of mind . The mentally sick think that a genuine normal person is a hater because they dont buy off on that TRANS GAY NONSENSE.

  13. Liberals, more putrid than the slime that clings to the walls of hell.

  14. Even though it would be hilarious to have shifty Schiff be unseated by a tranny libtard, it would still be a shame to have the same rotten far left ideals moved forward by the demoncrats. Sad sad sad.

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