Dr. Ben Carson Placed on Extremist Watch List

If you needed any further proof that the Southern Poverty Law Center is a tool of the radical left, take a look at the latest man to earn a spot on their “extremist watch list.” It’s none other than Republican presidential hopeful, Dr. Ben Carson. How did a mainstream political candidate, an accomplished neurosurgeon, and a extraordinarily well-respected pillar of the community wind up on SPLC’s radar?

Well, according to them, he’s earned his spot for his “anti-gay” comments.

Even though the thought of allowing gays to get married is one that would have been laughed out of the building just a few short years ago, it appears that defending traditional marriage now qualifies as “hate.”

The SPLC quotes Carson’s views on marriage: “Marriage is between a man and a woman. It’s a well-established pillar of society and no group, be they gays, be they NAMBLA [North American Man/Boy Association, a group advocating pedophilia], be they people who believe in bestiality – it doesn’t matter what they are, they don’t get to change the definition.”

To be certain, Carson is not afraid to speak his mind. His chances of securing the Republican nomination for 2016 are somewhere between “not this time” and “not in a million years.” But though he has a penchant for blunt, hardline speech, it’s hard to find the evidence that he is the hateful “extremist” the SPLC claims him to be.

Only Certain Extremists…

Looking down the list of “extremists” the SPLC includes on their website gives you an indication of where they’re coming from. Helpfully, they’ve included a little “Ideology” tag next to each name. Ideologies missing from the list: “Anti-white,” “Islamic extremist,” “Pro-abortion fanatic,” and “Radical Leftist.” Instead, all you see are ideologies that would go over well in a room full of academic liberal elitists: White nationalist, Ku Klux Klan, Anti-LGBT, Anti-Muslim, Anti-immigrant, Patriot Movement. Only two names stand out on the other side of the ideological scale: Louis Farrakhan and Malik Zulu Shabazz, both labeled as Black Separatists.

Despite their obvious bias, the SPLC is treated as though they are some kind of authority. In releasing their 2014 overview of the nation’s “hate groups,” the Center concluded that “the radical right is growing leaner and meaner. The numbers are down somewhat, but the potential for violence remains high.” Oh, that scary potential for violence. Always better to focus fundraising efforts around that rather than the groups, you know, who are actually out there committing violence.

There would be nothing to this, except for the fact that newspapers and mainstream journalists like to casually mention that “such and such” group is labeled a hate group by the SPLC. They don’t go on to mention that this is a private, fundraising organization, entirely driven by leftist ideology. To be sure, some of the groups and individuals called out by the group meet the definition of “hate” by any reasonable standards. But it’s the ones that don’t (and the ones that are conveniently ignored) that show the SPLC to be the joke that it is.

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  1. Ban Carson is a legitimate person not an extremist. The southern poverty law center is against his right to free speech. I would sue them for libel and slandering his reputation.

    • i thought the bar for libel included intent…. as in they had to be intending to destroy his reputation & the statement has to be false …..?????? 😕 ……. according to what i know he actually said what the SPLC said that he said……. and did i mention…if you ask me…. The SPLC is right in saying that his position is extreme…and if i’m right about the bar for libel … the SPLC’s statement would have had to be false and dr Carson would have to prove that and prove that they used that false statement for the purpose of destroying his reputation

  2. That’s because the southern poverty law center is run and operated by the Klu Klux Klan and Racist Democrat Socialist Progressives.

    Young People Overthrow the Racist Democrat Party

    • Mr.Harrell, What an impressive video you have created for Americans of all ages. You are obviously a patriotic, intelligent young conservative who is looking forward to a stronger and better America.
      I sincerely hope that you are active in politics, nationally as well as locally so that many more will benefit from your presentation and your ideology. Don’t stop. America needs you.

    • Believe me, the Klan wouldn’t touch those SPLC dogturds with a 10 foot pole. The SPLC hates white people, especially conservative white southerners. Why would the Klan want anything to do with this scum. Now the Democrat socialist progressives, who by the way aren’t progressive in the least, that’s a whole other story. I’m sure practically all of those SPLC goons are some of the most left wing DemoRATs in this country.

    • Maurice, I couldn’t agree with you more, I hope and pray you can get thru to the young people you did this video for. Actually this is good for all ages, a lot of the young folks I’ve talked with seem to be smarter than Obama gives them credit for. It’s the next age group older who are hard line dems it seems to me. How can anybody stand up in front of a camera and claim the Tea Party is racist and then see that Niger Innis who happens to be a black man is in charge of the Tea Party? Every American, of every race or color is welcome to the Tea Party. We have such a variety, but the one thing in common is conservative, Patriotic, Americans. It’s just common sense. By the way, have you watched any of Alphonso Rachael’s posts? He has a gift of saying it like it is, I enjoyed his greatly. Thanks again Maurice, great video post.

  3. The SPLC is a communist front organization and always has been.

  4. This doesn’t say anything negative about Dr. Ben Carson; rather, it says the SPLC are a pack of hopelessly liberal naive assclowns. Dr. Ben Carson is a huge true American success story of hard work, dedication, and positive parental influence overcoming the forces of poverty and despair. He should be on a pedestal, and to those of us who can actually think for ourselves, he IS on a pedestal and I would love to vote for him. He gets it!!!

    • Hi Joever: Good post! When alphabet news media and liberal organizations like SPLC attack Dr. Carson, this is a good thing! Why? Because they are becoming aware of him and afraid of him!! Run, Ben, Run!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • The left really wants to go to war with radical extremists. They have spent a lot of time trying to redefine those terms to include people like the Tea Party, Dr. Carson, Republicans, and Christians. .

    • Being put on a watch list by these idiot is a badge of honor and says he is a real patriot. These groups do some good. Get on there list and you know they are good, not on the list be ware.

    • Sounds like another organization that communist Ovomit pays off…

  5. The SPLC quotes Dr. Ben Carson as saying: “Marriage is between a man and a woman. It’s a well-established pillar of society and no group, be they gays, be they NAMBLA [North American Man/Boy Association, a group advocating pedophilia], be they people who believe in bestiality – it doesn’t matter what they are, they don’t get to change the definition.” This, as far as I’m concerned , is a man who uses common sense to speak out on a subject that most people would like to shove under the rug….Now as to the SPLC, just another organization that believes the rights of the few supersedes the rights and beliefs of the many.

  6. When the right is wrong and the wrong is right you are living in the beginning of a nightmare. And the bible addresses that situation in America. Most people including the prophecy guru’s have
    not found the prophecies concerning America , which are in the bible. The sum
    of all fears is directed at America in the Judgment of Babylon, Revelation
    14:6-13. These verses along with 4 other prophecies will lead you to the
    unthinkable event the Lord has concealed till now. A nuclear nightmare? Yes!.
    The timing for this event is also in the bible. Sounds crazy doesn’t it? It is
    in the bible. For the rest of the story go to http://www.thejudgmentofbabylon.com This is what Americas past sin and Obama
    is leading this nation to. You will not like what you read in this book. But
    you will be glad you read it.

    • i was reading the Bible…..not sure I know about Revelation…..not there yet but wouldn’t the stuff in the judgement of Babylon……refer to Babylon ????

      • Check the dictionary , Babylon is equal to any seat of luxury and vice. There are 2babylons in Revelation 1 in chapters 18 which is Rome and 1 in Revelation 14:6-13 America.

  7. On there watch list is any one who disagrees with the ass-hole occupier of the White
    House, that includes any and all military personnel regardless of when the entered
    service, retire or may or may not have suffered any disabilities. If you are a
    Christian or other religious group you are on the watch list the only one they
    seem to exclude are the Muslim terrorist who the occupier of the White House
    released from jail in GITMO.

  8. I am going to write the SPLC and ask them to put me on their honor list. What a bunch of s@#t bags. Turd cappers never made a baby. It is against the laws of nature.

  9. In 1996 the Southern Poverty Law Center accused me of being an extremist militia commander, anti-Black, anti-Semitic, anti-government, plotting to overthrow the government. This was all a bunch of lies to further the government’s goal to attack and discredit United States Citizens Constitutional Rights to freedom of assembly, gun ownership, to put teeth into the newly legislated Anti-Terrorist Law, to increase federal police power against the American People, by giving more power to the U.S. Attorney’s Office, to enhance Bill Clinton’s bid for reelection, to increase the FBI’s annual budget by another one billion U.S. dollars and to put another 100,000 police officers on the street. (I suspect and will always believe that Hilliary Clinton was instrumental in my incarceration because I picketed her Health Care Bus in Clarksburg, WV while I was running for the WV House of Delegates on the Republican ticket. The Southern Poverty Law Center slandered me and lied against me. Their posts are carried on the internet and continue to still slander me, some 18 years later. Check it out. Everything they say about me is a lie. I would hope to find a Lawyer who would be willing to file a law suit against them for slander. Being convicted is not the same as being guilty, especially when the government has a political mandate from the President’s office. raylooker.com

  10. right now I am all for his running to be my President. Constitution, balanced budget, work for what you want the SPLC seems to think these are hate idealisms

  11. Does anyone really care what these dirtbags think? They and their opinions can go straight to hell….I’m sure they will find many of their libtard friends there.

    • As long as articles like this are written, people will care. It’s better to ignore them, than to acknowledge them. When news media & articles such as this mention them, they in fact give them credibility.


  13. Does anyone really give a rats A** what the SPLC has on it’s list? The only people causing Problems are the LGBT and other so called associations who go against God, Nature and Man. I don’t care what these people do with their lives but I am sick of them trying to force us to accept them and if we don’t we are the Bigots. The truth is they are and really they are more like children all they want is things their way, If they can’t get what they want then they sue everyone to force compliance. I really think it’s time for companies to start suing them for harassment. What they are doing is going through business and finding the ones that will not do service for them and then suing them, it is called targeting. (Get together and find out just what is going one on and counter sue them for a change). You want to stop what they are doing and ruining business take it back to them.

  14. If Dr. Carson is an extremist, there must be a lot of “extremists” in this country. Perhaps a better term for Dr. Carson, and those who agree with him, would be “main-stream-ists”.
    Anyone paying attention to the last six years knows that SPLC has deliberately misused the term “extremist” (as have many prominent, mostly Democrat politicians) to scare the great unwashed into supporting the “good guy” Left. That makes SPLC “liars” and ironically a leftwing version of “scalawags” (google THAT one). Too bad. The SPLC could still be a credible force for good, if it hadn’t been taken over by…uh…extremists

  15. Who are the SPLC anyway?!? A bunch of leftie–communists–extremists–who think that the bad guys are the ones with moral caricature–honest–law abiding people!!
    They wouldn’t know a good guy if they ran up their butt! Insanity rules with this Adm. and the rest of the loony toons!!!

  16. Because of Carson’s comments equating gay people with pedophilia and bestiality, he was booted out of Johns Hopkins University and Hospital. That’s not a man I was to be the president of all of the people in America.

    • Billy Bob~ go read Leviticus chapter 18; YHWH told Moses to tell the people that these actions were the reason that God was sending them to possess the land and that they should not participate in these things the Egyptian’s had done in Egypt or that rhe current inhabitants of the Promised Land were doing. In Deuternomy 28, He promised to bless them IF they obeyed all his commands. But look out if they did not! He would use other nations to punish them as He was using them to punish the current inhabitants [who were also desendants of Abraham who had gone wrong]. I am not a believer of Anglo-Israelism~ I do read that God promised Abraham “…to bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you…” and Paul writes about how Gentile believers “…have been grafted into the Tree of Life…” If we are truly His, and I believe this nation once was, then we as individuals and a people need to live as He says.
      If being reminded that God calls sinful lifestyles wrong makes you squirm, I see that as a good thing – there is still hope that 2 Chronicles 7:14 can come true “if My people who are called by My name shall humble themselves pray seek crave and require of necessity My face and turn from their wicked ways then will I hear from heaven forgive their sin and heal their land.”

    • You lie!! He was NOT booted out of John Hopkins University and Hospital. He is just the man I want to be president of the U.S., though no one could be worse than the mongrel Muslim we have now who is determined to destroy this great country.

      • You say that I lie and then say the President of the United States is a mongrel Muslim that is determined to destroy this country. Who is the liar now?

        • Nothing has changed. You are the Liar. He is a Muslim and determined to destroy the U.S. Unfortunately, he is succeeding and scum like you are cheering him on.

          • I don’t know if you are naive, ignorant, misinformed or just stupid. Dr. Carson is the dumbest smart man I know. You should know better by now after all of the stupid things he has said in the past several weeks. WAKE UP!!!!

  17. Hell is heating up for these morons..

  18. I wonder who Dr. Carson’s contact is that managed to get him on the list. It is a good play to Conservatives, which Carson is presently pursuing. Otherwise, it means little.

  19. I want to know how I can get on their list because I back Dr. Ben Carson all the way.

  20. Welcome to the Club , Ben!

  21. I believe the reason 0bama insists on calling the terrorists “Radical Extremists” is because he wants to go to war with “Radical Extremists” not the terrorists. Think about who 0bama and the liberal progressive press HAVE called Radical, Extremists, and terrorists…… Republican, Christian Conservatives, and The Tea Party. His insistence on the Term “Radical Extremists” is exactly the same play on words that the Left is using with the term “Assault Weapon.”
    If the left is successful at going to war with radical extremists, Dr. Carson will be at the top of their hit list.
    These people are evil.

  22. Of course Satan and his friends are not going to like a G-d fearing man like Dr. Ben Carson, they didn’t like Yeshua either. Shalom!

  23. Ben Carson is the man of the hour either as VP and a follow on for 8 more years as POTUS or just 8 years. He is a smart, intelligent, fair person and does not have to resort to name calling like non-interletcuals like the SPLC. But I can, they are in my opinion a bunch of gay communist who trample of everyone elses rights while insisting upon their own. A bunch of YUCKS.

  24. Left wing extremists like these SPLC asshats are stuck in a bind when it comes to people like Ben Carson or Allen West. They obviously hate anybody who’s white, Christian, heterosexual and/or conservative, but they really don’t know what to do about black conservatives. They hate them for being conservative, but it’s not like a white man, especially a heterosexual white man where they can scream from the rooftops about how much they hate him. With blacks they have to be more devious because of the race card thing. Personally, I hope Carson runs for president. It’ll be fun to be accusing these left wing morons of “rayyyyyyyycism” the way they’re always accusing us of racism when their boy Obama paints himself into a corner with his unconstitutional behavior and outrageous lies and we catch him on it.

  25. These people are just Racist, because he is a black man..

  26. We have to take the chance on one of them ,all I’ve herd about Ben has been good ,
    better then we have now.

  27. Hey SPLC shove it. You support evil shit. some of your so called groups commit pedophilia. Your humanity is ?? Hell your fucked all up. Thats it no more to say.

  28. Dr. Carson, must have invoked how great America was or the Name of Jesus Christ or the fact that small government is the best government or worst of all, he must have told the truth about B. H. Obama…aka. O-blow Hole, the idiot in the white house.

  29. This organization ranks right up there with, no, down there with, ah shucks, mama said if you can’t say something nice, don’t say it.

  30. Dr Carson, a world renowned Pediatric Neurosurgeon, a success by any standard, is considered an “extremist” by the imbeciles at the Ultra-liberal SPLC. Where on earth do we find these morons, and what we did to deserve them I’ll never know.

  31. Dittos joevet, larry, MAHB001, It is the Southern Poverty Law Center that needs to be on the Extremist Watch List.

  32. Will someone please “Blow to Hell” the SPLC! They are sooo “Useless” they need to be exterminated immediately .. if not sooner!!!!!!!!!!!!! Their a Cancer on the USA and The American People, PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. I saw a portion of his life story, as played by Cuba Gooding Jr. (?) and I was very impressed. Truly the good old fashioned Rags to Riches success story. As a child and young man, it would have been so very easy for him to give up and follow the herd. I’d vote for him without hesitation.

  34. Well I guess most Americans must be on that list, because most Americans are Anti-Gay. And the SPLC, which stands for (some perfectly legal crazies) are against people who truly love this country. We need a true black man as our President, and he has a real American birth cert. I think SPLC is a Racist group, and should be jailed for their hate comments.

  35. At the rate of expansion of the muslim terrorist, it might serve the gay community well to keep a low profile You have it right, joevet..

  36. Ben Carson is inadvertently providing a huge patriotic service. He is attracting pyschopaths to his clarion call for nihilism of everything America stands for – so they can be identified and put on no fly lists.

  37. The SPLC is just using one of the tried and true propaganda techniques which has been employed by the left for many decades — name calling. (The right uses it as well but with less effectiveness because of the stupid way thy use it). If you cannot argue with facts, place a brand on the person and let it do the work for you. Unfortunately, the American people are so poorly educated, when it comes to propaganda techniques, that they have no idea that they are being entrapped by them.

  38. If he is considered an extremist, count me in. I would rather be a fool for God & Country than to follow the ungodly fools in this administration.

  39. ‘not this time’ & ‘not in a million years.’ I believe that to be bull manure. As for me and my house we will serve the Lord, Ben Carson’s chances of being President is as great as any person on the ‘hopeful list.’ He is a Christian, Conservative and Constitutionalists. If many of the Christians that are hiding under the church pews would crawl out and go to the polls, Ben Carson would have a better than ‘great’ chance at winning. “don’t want to make a fuss or stir up any dissension” is their attitude. Wake up and walk in the light! Fussing and dissension is wrapped around the globe many times over. Jesus got angry and turned the money changers’ tables over. If you want drastic change, take some drastic action. Jesus is loving and forgiving but He will chastise when it is necessary.
    “Fear not for I am with you, always.”
    Timothy quote, ” For God hath not given us a spirit of fear (that comes from Satan) but a spirit of love, power and a sound mind.”

  40. Ben Carson IS an Honorable Man. That, in and by itself, scares the “B-Jezuz outta them.”
    PLEASE BEN, hire yourself excellent security as though you already ARE the POTUS.

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