“Doonesbury” Artist Slams Charlie Hebdo Victims

In early April, “Doonesbury” cartoonist Garry Trudeau took aim at the Charlie Hebdo artists and writers who lost their lives in a vicious terrorist attack in January. Trudeau claimed the magazine was engaging in “hate speech,” arguing that under the right circumstances, “free speech becomes its own kind of fanaticism.”

In the weeks since, Trudeau has been criticized for choosing to condemn the victims rather than the perpetrators. He was invited onto NBC’s Meet the Press Sunday to answer his critics. But in the process of trying to rehabilitate his image, he only managed to make things worse.

Moderator Chuck Todd asked Trudeau if “the victims were to blame for the tragedy.”

“Oh, not at all,” Trudeau said. “Perhaps I should have made it a little clearer that I was as outraged as the rest of the world at that time.”

But after establishing that point, the cartoonist went back to his original premise. “What I didn’t do was agree with the decisions they made that brought a world of pain to France.”

They brought a world of pain to France? Not the terrorists, but the cartoonists? It’s unthinkable that a fellow artist would take this position. But it’s even more disturbing that an American – regardless of occupation – would blame free expression for bloodshed.

When it comes to rape, the left insists that we must never make judgments regarding the actions of the victim. When it comes to police shootings, we may never question the actions of the “unarmed black man.” But when it comes to artists slain for satire, suddenly it’s okay to ask if they brought it on themselves.

When people are killed for expressing their beliefs, there is no room for any civilized response other than complete and unqualified condemnation. The more disturbing and disgusting the views, the more united we must be in defending their right to express them. How would Trudeau feel if he was violently attacked for his liberal claptrap? Would he admit that he should have kept his mouth shut? Of course not. But since mockery of Islam crosses some line in his head, he thinks the fault lies with Charlie Hebdo.

Part of the reason why Islam is rarely criticized in the mainstream media is because of these kinds of attacks. Reporters, politicians, columnists, and artists are scared of upsetting the apple cart. What happens when other groups see how effective this strategy is? What good is the First Amendment if everyone is too afraid to say what’s on their minds?

The day after the Paris attacks, every newspaper in the world should have published mocking images of Mohammad. Not because it’s important to offend Muslims, but because the best possible response to violent censorship is defiance. It’s why Charlie Hebdo kept mocking Islam after the bloodshed, it’s why millions of Americans wanted to see The Interview, and it’s why Garry Trudeau is flat wrong in his assessment of the Paris attacks.


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  1. Garry is just another libturd who wants his “has been” status bumped up a little by trying to sound enlightened but fails miserably.

    • I agree. Along with so many others like Trudeau, the fight to remain relevant brings out the most absurd and indefensible comments from the Progressives. This is especially hypocritical given that Trudeau is a left wing political cartoonist who seems to think the political ideology disguised as a religion known as Islam is above satire. Just insane.

      • Great! You said it! Islam is not a religion and is anathema to freedom.

        • Well, you’re half-right. What entitles you to decide what’s a religion and what’s not? Do you have a doctorate in comparative religion?

          • Then we can infer that you think the nazis were just a peaceful religion too.

          • Billy, the evidence is that Islam is a terrorist based ideology under the guise of a religion. It’s founder was, among other things, a pedophile and a murderer.

          • In the real world, only the Wahabbist strain of Islam has embraced terrorism.

            All the other strains find the Wahabbis at least as troublesome as you and I do, and fervently wish they could be rooted out of Islam for good. Literally.

            In Muslim parts of the world, however, criticing the Wahabbis can be a lot more dangerous than it is to us. In that, I think they are worthy of compassion and empathy. Like us, they have jobs and families to protect.

            Don’t you imagine you’d have a much different outlook about it if you were born into it, as you were (presumably) born into Christianity?

            Other strains have less emphasis upon Sharia Law, also. I would agree that Sharia is 100% incompatible with the Constitution, and believe American Muslims should RENOUNCE Sharia as a condition of American citizenship.

            I worry a lot that, in a short while, some American cities will have large enough populations that their city councils could vote in Sharia Law. I would take up arms against Sharia Law anyplace in America!

          • I agree except that we are not born into christianity. We are all born sinners in need of repentance as soon as we know the difference between right and wrong. What is happening in muslim countries is that muslims are accepting Jesus as lord and savior by the millions, yet that does not make the news.

          • Amen! That would be counter productive to our present administrations purpose…

          • Reference?

            It has long been true that many Muslims have a portrait of Jesus. who they revere as a saint, on a wall in their homes.
            Less so with the rise of Islamic fundamentalism.

            You can understand why: it could get them imprisoned or killed.

          • Thanks. I’ll continue to look into it. Not sure what it really means, however. Perhaps it will come to me in a vision…

          • I don’t agree with your contention regarding that it’s only the Wahabbists that embrace terrorism. The deafening silence for the other strains or sects is evidence enough that while they may not participate, most of them approve or at least acknowledge it as a legitimate way to spread their so-called “religion.”

          • How could you blame them for being silent? It would probably get them a prison sentence, or even killed!

            I find it troubling that so many Americans cannot walk a mile in another man’s shoes.

          • Even in this country or other civilized, western nations? Or from the leaders of the Islamic countries that are supposed to be our friends and allies? I guess there are about a billion Muslim cowards in the world, than.

          • You don’t think they have Islamic fundamentalists in this country to worry about?

          • Then you’re not paying much attention to what’s going on, Ft. Hood shootings, Boston Marathon Trial… where’ve you been.

          • How did you get that from what I said? I have deeply followed them, and the Fort Hood shootings were a psy-op, and the Boston Marathon “bombing” was a phony event, and no one really got hurt, much less killed.

            On the Boston footage, right before the giant flash-bang/smoke bomb (used as cover) you can CLEARLY hear a loudspeaker blare that a drill is about to take place, several times. The Tsarnaev Brothers were CIA operatives, but not the kind they were led to believe.
            In short, they were patsies.

            I’m done discussing this. Your accusations are utterly false and groundless.

          • If that’s what you want to believe, who am I to say that you can’t. I know there’s no arguing with conspiracy theorists. One thing I do appreciate is that you didn’t resort to using derisive names and ad hominem attacks. Thanks for being civil.

          • I’m not asking you to believe me. I just think you should watch the Marathon footage and hear it for yourself.

            “Conspiracy theory” is weaponized language crafted by the CIA in the wake of JFK’s assassination, to silence the Warren Commission’s critics and citizen-investigators. It’s right here:


            When you say, “there’s no arguing with conspiracy theorists”, you have not only played stooge to the CIA, you have declared you don’t want to hear their facts. You can do as you please, but don’t expect me to let you get off the hook with a tired old pejorative.

          • Clay appears Billy Boy is a paid liberal-retard TROLL, or is into hard drugs, or has been brain-washed, or has had a severe brain injury…..Select and TWO.

          • We don’t have the luxury of walking in “another man’s shoes”. There are thousands of people out there who want us dead. There are approximately 1.5 billion people on planet earth that believe in the Quran and the message it brings. Most polls have discovered that the majority of Muslims believe in jihad and ridding the west of its ideology. In contrast, there are only 350 million Americans. If only a small number, let’s say a very conservative 10% acted out their religion, that is still 150,000,000 who are actively trying to bring about the end of the western world. Get it now?

          • You are far too naive. Read the Quran–the playbook and foundation for their religion. And while you are at it, read a bit more on history. Might I suggest watching Bill Warner’s lecture on Why We Are Afraid: A 1400 Year Old Secret. This has all happened to Europeans/Christians once before. Islam was spread by the sword from the very, very beginning. It is a wicked and evil ideology based on murdering those who do not agree with the Quran. Muslims can’t get away from the fact their the very foundation of their belief–the Quran–tells its followers to kill the infidels–not once, but throughout. If a Muslim ever decided to be a “good Muslim”, he/she would go to the playbook to find out how to be committed to the faith. No getting away from the fact that the religion was probably founded by the devil himself–only explanation for this type of ideology.

          • No need to compare. ALL religions are false.

          • Can you prove that, Erasmo Hernandez? If all religions are false, then you must know what the truth really is . Share it with us. Then again, how can anyone be absolutely sure that what YOU’RE saying isn’t false?!?!?!

          • There is absolute truth.
            John 14:6
            Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

          • This means you are a member of an organized religion: Christ’s Church. He said so, Speaking to Simon, “I tell you, Simon-no mortal has revealed this to you(that He is the Messiah) but My Father in Heaven. I now say you are Peter(Cephas, or Kephas),” meaning “rock”, “and on this rock, I will build my Church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.”

          • The church is not an organized religion. It is the body of christ, a living organism made up of believers that constitute the body of christ. Jesus is the head. Jesus will return for his church also known as the Bride of Christ. We have a relationship with god, That is different from a religion.

          • Perhaps I didn’t use the word religion properly-The Church is an ORGANIZATION that Jesus established, and has given The Church TEACHING AUTHORITY which is executed by
            Written and Oral Tradition.

          • The church is not organized by men. It is a spiritual organism that is alive as Jesus is alive. A body of believers.
            with authority over Satan and power to spread the gospel as demonstrated in the day of pentecost. Man lost his authority over satan at the garden in Genesis. Jesus took it back at calvary and gave it to the church under his lordship. We are empowered by the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

            1 Corinthians 12:4
            4 There are different kinds of gifts, but the same Spirit distributes them. 5 There are different kinds of service, but the same Lord. 6 There are different kinds of working, but in all of them and in everyone it is the same God at work.

            7 Now to each one the manifestation of the Spirit is given for the common good. 8 To one there is given through the Spirit a message of wisdom, to another a message of knowledge by means of the same Spirit, 9 to another faith by the same Spirit, to another gifts of healing by that one Spirit, 10 to another miraculous powers, to another prophecy,to another distinguishing between spirits, to another speaking in different kinds of tongues,[a] and to still another the interpretation of tongues.[b] 11 All these are the work of one and the same Spirit, and he distributes them to each one, just as he determines.

          • Sorry, not an answer. You once more ducked the question.

          • School of hard knocks and good old COMMON SENSE…….work on it Billy Boy.

      • What an absurd thing to say. Trudeau said no such thing as “they brought it on themselves.”
        Neither did he exonerate the terrorists. What he said was that he disagreed
        with the decisions the political pornographers made. It takes pseudo-conservatism to fault anyone for criticizing pornographers and accuse them of attacking free speech for doing so.

        • I never said that Trudeau said “they brought it on themselves”. I never said he exonerated the terrorists. The author of the article said as much. You might want to address the correct author if it is at all of interest to you. I implied that Trudeau is a hypocrite for blaming the Hebdo cartoonists for inciting a group of fanatics to murder for Allah. Trudeau has done much the same with his political campaigns to the psuedo-conservative perspective, as you liberals say.

          • Edward J Baker

            Your characterization of his comments had you in complete agreement with the author. Secondly, he did not blame the Hebdo cartoonists for inciting a group of fanatics. He made statements about the objective idiocy and intrinsic evilness of what liberals like you call “satire.” And what is a “political campaign to the pseudo-conservative perspective?”

            Were you, and other liberals masquerading as conservatives on this blog, to discover real conservatism, you would discover the natural law at its core. And natural law affirms the objective
            nature of moral truth, including the truth that right is right no matter who or how few are right and wrong is wrong no matter who or how many are wrong. On a given occasion if a liberal stated a truth and a conservative stated a falsehood, the liberal would be right and the conservative would be wrong on that occasion.

          • You speak like a classic Troll. It seems more important to you to criticize the blog members than to make any real points of interest. You do not address the points made, but simply reiterate negativity. Natural law affirms the objective nature of moral truth?? Oh, please. Don’t have us think you are anything less than biased on that point. It might be best to not start a sentence with “on a given occasion…….and then end it with “on that occasion”. I will dither with you for this last time, since you either don’t know Trudeau or don’t want to know how left wing slanted his cartoons and commentaries have been for over thirty years. To spell it out for you, the pseudo-conservative phrase is from you. And please wake up to the fact that natural law has been run out of town by the positive law of the Bolsheviks currently in power.

          • Edward J Baker

            Please, drop the infantile language. A troll is a fantasy for airheads.

            I not only know Trudeau well but debated his liberal agenda in a public forum at Yale University twenty five years ago.

            Do you need to come to an ostensibly conservative
            forum to illustrate your ignorance of conservative principles while asserting that an expression of conservative principles is contrarian?

            Do you also need to mask your struggles to compose
            a grammatical sentence by criticizing an honestly formed epistemological argument?

            And how can natural law be “run out of town”?
            Natural law is the essence of our divinely endowed humanity and no fascist president or phony ignorant pseudo-conservative can extinguish it. To believe
            otherwise is as absurd as suggesting that atheism can cause God to cease to exist.

            Yes, I know the characterization of pseudo-conservative is mine. And your characterization of me as a liberal is
            yours. But what is your point? Your argumentation involves pretending to make a point while not engaging ideas. How exactly does conservatism exist without
            veneration of innate truth and natural law? Where is the foundation of such a value system?

            I’m still waiting for an explanation of what you mean by “political campaign to the pseudo-conservative perspective?” Yes, I know you struggle with grammar and logic, but try anyway.

          • Read more carefully you ego centric fool. Your question was answered but per usual you prefer to hear only the sound of smoke flowing from your rear.

          • Edward J Baker

            Where was it answered? It takes a coward of a man to pretend he dealt with a matter he avoided.
            Again, what is a “political campaign to the pseudo-conservative perspective”?

          • Spelling it out almighty. My comment “Trudeau has done much the same with his political campaigns to the psuedo-conservative perspective, as you liberals say.” My initial explanation of the answer “…since you either don’t know Trudeau or don’t want to know how left wing
            slanted his cartoons and commentaries have been for over thirty years.
            To spell it out for you, the pseudo-conservative phrase is from you.” Would you like examples of the Doonsbury cartoons depicting his written political campaign ? Forget it. You described conservatives as “psuedo conservatives” so I erroneously assumed you would understand your own language. Moving on. This is a waste.

          • Edward J Baker

            Number one, I never described conservatives as pseudo-conservatives. I described you and other airheads who deny the conservative principle of innate understanding of right and wrong as pseudo-conservatives. (Please sign up for a course in remedial reading comprehension.)

            Number two, I pointed out I engaged Trudeau in public debate. I obviously know his liberal background. We were, in fact, classmates in college.

            Number three, grown-ups take responsibility for their statements. How does my using a particular phrase absolve you from providing an explanation for your incoherent use of that same phrase?

            Number four, what is a campaign to the pseudo-conservative perspective? If you get out of the trailer park, go to the library, and read the dictionary, you would learn that verb like campaign can take a personal object not an abstract adjective and characterization.

            Number five, if you were to ever discover conservatism, you would learn that a defense of a conservative principle expressed by a liberal is be respected, and liberal principles, such as those that defend political pornography, expressed by professed conservatives merit condemnation.

          • You are clearly on this site to expound your philosophy and condemn those who would challenge you. What ever flips your skirt. Don’t let the sound of your own voice be confused with reality.

          • Edward J Baker

            Keep dodging. How has your trivializing characterizations constituted any sort of a challenge? You can not express a coherent belief system let alone recognize that the essense of conservative principles involves a veneration of innate truth and natural law. Keep dodging.

          • Keep stroking yourself on the site. It is no doubt all you have. I dodge nothing. You cram a self designed philosophy in the comments and blow everyone who does not follow your surreal portrait of conservatism. It provides a true diversion from the crux of the article which is basically the job of solid trolls. I elect to not argue with an idiot. They drag me down to their level and beat me with experience.

          • Edward J Baker

            Your still dodging with ad hominem insults. Why do you have this liberal need to avoid understanding conservatism? What is it exactly that conservatives value. If you think my “philosophy” is just my “philosophy,” then why don’t you express what you think are essential conservative principles? What are you afraind of? What is it precisely that conservatives value and progressives insist does not exist?
            And please don’t take refuge in baby talk like “troll,” whatever that is.

  2. cartoonist Garry Trudeau is an AH nothing more nothing less. What a scum bag!

  3. Since Trudeau became senile his strip hasn’t had any more value than used toilet paper. His views are so slanted, his strip so boring the local news has placed it at the bottom of the op-ed page. I think he may have died three or four years ago but nobody cares enough to check.

  4. I stoped reading his script while I was overseas in the military. he is a useless
    left wing liberals who has effected the minds of the youth of our nation with his
    personal attack upon the United States. Like the rest of the flaming left wing
    fools they are out the destroy civilized people and our lives by ingenuous the
    traits of Communism. Doesn’t fly on any level.

  5. Trudeau through his “cartoon” has always spewed hate towards anything decent and conservative.

  6. I think Trudeau is a blithering idiot, but I will support his right to voice his opinions. After all, isn’t that what the Charlie Hebdo attack was about, their expression of opinions? Trudeau has a right to express his opinion just as much as I do. Granted IMO he made an ass of himself.

  7. Still trying to be relevent when his time has past. Never liked his humor anyway….

  8. I chose to stop reading “Doonesbury” a long time ago. Trudeau doesn’t see things the way I do, which is his right; however, I think he is in for some great surprises!

  9. Gary Trudeau is a piece of lying scum..I invite him to extract his head from his backside and join us in the real world.
    The actions of the terrorists were unjustified and called MURDER..


  10. I don’t agree with catholic doctrine but if I keep hammering at the catholics for their folly. That could become hate speech. If you don’t agree with something sometimes it’s best to leave it alone. In the end vengeance is the Lords.

    • disqus_C6fGXmCFNc


      • If you have nothing constructive to say keep your mouth shut.

        • If the protestants of the Middle Ages had taken your kind of advice, the Renaissance would never have happened and we would still be in the Dark Ages. Your use of the word “hate speech”, a liberal invented term, sort of classifies you doesn’t it?

          • I am as conservative as it gets. You obviously did not get my point. The charlie hebdo group are liberals who who engage in hateful intolerant speech who put down christians, muslims and others. Christians wisely will not retaliate as the Islamists did.

          • …amd because there is no retaliation, the Muslims are winning; first England, then Germany, then France, then where? America?

          • It is the duty of our Governments to protect its citizens. The European countries are too socialist and politically correct that they do not protect their citizens adequately hence the anti semitism in Europe where jews have to flee to Israel. That frame of thought is spreading to America. That’s why we need to elect a Republican for president in 2016
            As citizens we also have the right to protect ourselves. That’s why we as Americans have to make sure we do not lose our right to bear arms.

        • you’ll find that a lot around here. most folks don’t have anything to say so they just name call. but if you stick around.. you’ll find some thinking folks among the masses.

        • @Erasmo Hernandez – Censorship, the second resort of the fundamentalist libiot.

          Sic semper tyrannis.

    • if there was someone, hypothetically, making disparaging cartoons of jesus (another big name prophet)… then many of these folks on this site and around our nation would find that to be utterly offensive. only the most aggressive of them would take to arms… but a few might. in that way, what most people tend not to see when something they do not care about is degraded… that they might react similarly* should the tables turn.

      (*i am not suggesting that even 1% of 1% would take to arms… but that many might… and that’s about the same numbers as those who took to arms in france compared to the rest of the muslim community there)

  11. Trudeau is a Toys R Us kid. Since people look at his sketch strips, he never had to grow up. He gets to write little cartoons every day for a living. People like him do not face the realities of our time. He is just fighting fire with gasoline.

  12. Just another Left Wing hack living in a theoretical world, disconnected from reality.

  13. Trudeau seems to be a coward. As most ideologs on the left are.

  14. Why is this clowns work shown on the comic page, It’s not comics, It’s political commentary. Put it in the bird cage or on the proper page, where it belongs.

    • put him on a C-130 with his hands cuffed and a parachute on and throw his ass off over Afghanistan let him be welcome by the Jihads. put all these liberals jackoff’s on the C-130 with him and throw them all off. our nation has been over whelm by these brain dead idiots who have done nothing but destroy this nation that others fight and die to protect. starting from the top liberal and work there way down to the senators and congressmen and can not forget George Sores and his gang of scum bags. Semper Fi

  15. Who is it that supports this moron? Morons?

  16. If Gary Trudeau believes that by “insulting” someone you are now responsible for whatever that group or individual does to you, then Mr. Trudeau has put himself in a precarious position. His comic strip is extremely unpopular with some groups, thus if one or more of those groups should choose violent retaliation as a way to express their disagreement, Mr. Trudeau has only himself to blame.

    • Francisco Machado

      I believe you have just expressed – again – what Mr. Trudeau said. That he himself is the one whom he will hold responsible for any retaliation against his ideas and hence against himself.

      • Can’t do that if you’re DEAD ………….

        • Francisco Machado

          Conservative tunnel vision. Trudeau is a Democrat. His demise will not prevent him from expressing his opinion at the polls. I haven’t even seen any of his strips in perhaps a decade – I seem to recall that, while clearly on the left side of center, he used to skewer liberal idiots also. Strips often didn’t make sense to me – but I think there was a continuity necessary for understanding that I didn’t follow.

        • I LIKE how you think…

    • @Chuck – Glad I wasn’t the only one to see that!

      • No, you weren’t, from the moment I saw the article the sheer absurdity of Trudeau throwing his fellow Marxists under the bus for doing no differently than himself was glaringly obvious.

    • Edward J Baker

      He never said that Hebdo was responsible for what was done to them. He spoke about the intrinsic evilness of what they did. He did not justify the reaction.

  17. What is the real cause behind the murders that took place?

  18. Garry is full of it…another Liberal spewing libtard stuff that has offended me for years,
    I would love to pound his head in the sand, but don’t…

  19. Francisco Machado

    Censorship has two questionably beneficial effects: It prevents the censor from knowing what his opponents are thinking and it protects total fools from exposing themselves to ridicule on a large scale.

    Putting that in a comic strip is as about as humorous as having Candy Crowley moderate a Presidential debate.

  21. Matthew V. Brown

    The time for Garry Trudeau has come and gone. It is been long since he has been “cutting edge” on anything. I wish he would simply retire.

  22. Charlie Hebdo is a left-wing (sorry, “Progressive”) group which attacks Christianity as well as Islam. Although I certainly don’t support ISIS’ terrorist attacks against them, nonetheless I’m not a fan of Charlie Hebdo either. It’s refreshing to see one liberal (Gary Trudeau) criticizing another group of liberals, and I think we should support him on this.

  23. Someone should take him out…

    • wow… fascinating. you don’t like what he says so you suggest someone take him out. that’s exactly what those folks did to the CHebdo cartoonist. I know you are just kidding around. but, judging only your words: how are your words any different than those radical Islamist folks?

      • Yah. I’m tired of the hi-jackers that have stolen our country and who are telling us all how we should live. If he was just hiding out in his filthy little hole, making scowls at passers by and fantasizing about what he would do to little girls if he could kidnap them and tie them up in his basement, then I wouldn’t even take notice.

        You know, the time is coming soon when you will need to decide where you stand on the issues or just fall over dead in your tracks. Either way, you made your choice.

        Maybe, the only difference between me and the islamist is that you better not push me into a corner cause you won’t like what you get.

        • But that is not a difference… The only difference i see is in what is your particular cause. We got this big amazing great and very messy thing called democracy and sometimes it means talking things out with folks you totally disagree with. Hard… Sure… But it is what makes us as great as we are. Good luck …

          • No. You had a democracy, but that is gone now because you did not protect it.

            In it’s place you now have organized corruption and you are either too simple or too ignorant to know it.

            How many reporters are beating down your door to publish what you think? I thought so.

            Only the “corruption machine” sorority are given access to the media and if they step out of line, they are immediately cut-off and gotten rid of.

            Wake up unless you like living in the governments matrix. Just put your head back in it’s hole and live out your life a coward.

            Hey, if your lucky, you can die in your bed with people who couldn’t care less about you in the next room, fighting over your stuff.

          • You mean, you had a democracy, but you did not protect it.

            Now you have organized corruption and you are either too simple or too ignorant to know it.

            How many reporters are beating down your door to publish what you think? I thought so.

            Only the “corruption machine” sorority are given access to the media and if they step out of line, they are immediately cut-off and gotten rid of.

            Wake up unless you like living in the governments matrix where you can just put your head back in it’s hole and live out your life a coward.

            Hey, if your lucky, you can die in your bed with people who couldn’t care less about you in the next room, fighting over your stuff.

  24. Gary the fairy needs his ass kicked to China.

  25. Everyone is entitled to their opinion…period! Charlie is exactly what Charlie appears to be…dumber than a stump! As for Islam…they have progressed from being an opponent to being our enemy! We can either fight(unto death) or submit to their way…personally I am prepared to go down with guns blazing(while praying that GOD will forgive me for not turning the other cheek). It is not a matter of “if” but “when” we will be required to choose!

    • but the people who took up arms are such a minuscule minority of the muslim population of france. why is your “war” not against fundamentalism instead?

      • Islam doctrine is anti-american, anti-christian, anti-democracy… The majority may not “participate” physically but they condone/support those that do! Like communism, some are militant but all are a threat! My personal experience with Islam in Michigan, Illinois, Washington, California tells me without a doubt that the threat is real! Friends of your enemies are also your enemy!

  26. how might this author’s suggestion have inflamed the situation?

    okay… let’s just admit it… there are a lot of folks out there in the worlds (plural) of fundamentalism that have no sense of humor. Fundamentalism is the problem here… no matter the brand. So we know that… and pissing off these folks can lead to violence. right or wrong, we know that. So, when CHebdco published that stuff… they did to knowingly, defiantly, intentionally. What the authors of this article are suggesting is that we should have all published similarly provocative stuff against Mohammed (one might add to that against ALL such prophets) to basically say “its the whole damn world against the fundamentalists”.

    personally, i think that’s a great idea. But, if we chose to do that… it would be with the full knowledge that we were laying down the line in the sand. given how fundamentalists are… they would take that challenge and fight.

    so, are we trying to fan these flames or put them out? the author is fanning them. while i personally like that idea… i am not sure its all that smart.

  27. Gateway media is one of Trudeau”s sponsors. They run his garbage to indoctrinate all the idiots they can. Their contact page is; http://us.gateway.com/gw/en/US/content/contactus Everyone should send your opinions to such as those who give the lowlife a paycheck.

  28. People like Trudeau are the reason our rights are being trampled on!!

  29. Another libtard is Lalo Alcarez who writes the stupid cartoon strip called “La Cucaracha” for the LA Times. He should be on the Opinion page, not the cartoon page. And besides that, he is as funny as a dump truck load of dead babies!

  30. I refuse to read “anything” by Trudeau………He is “NOT” an American {Patriot}…..he is a scum bag!

  31. Why does anyone read a French Canadian cartoonist? He’s a sick joke. He’s now supporting servants of satan.

  32. Why do coward libturds pick on people who have been killed by doing what they believe in rather than the living. Did they criticize Chris Kyle when he was alive? Did they criticize Charlie Hebdo before they were killed? No because they are a bunch of chicken $hits. Chris Kyle would have given then some free dental work. Why give them air time?

  33. Cartoonist Garry Trudeau has just provided a legal defense for whomever decides his liberal drivel is offensive enough to stop permanently. “He brought it on himself. It’s not my fault that I was insulted.” One might only hope there’s an idiot in the masses who is sufficiently fanatical to need such a ridiculous defense! Unfortunately, conservatives are far too responsible for such “reasoning” to sit well, no matter how deserved such an act might be.

  34. Trudeau is another fine example of the hypocrisy of the left. I know he has his followers, but I found the “humor” of Doonesbury not funny, amusing or entertaining in the least and the message typical leftist, cynicism.

  35. Wow_Who_Would_Think

    Liberal = clueless = zero logic = arbitrary = habitual liars = immoral = beyond childish = tyrants

  36. Garry Trudeau?…Never heard of her.

  37. Why wouldn’t author actually google Charlie Hebdo’s cartoons? This pornographic mockery (including the Holy Trinity pictured as having sex with themselves) definitely brought a lot of grief to France. Charlie Hebdo is not anti-muslim. Just Muslims are the ones who acted out on the offense while Christians just turned away. Don’t be shallow with your judgment. Terrorist did horrible thing. But Charlie Hebdo definitely brought a lot of grief to France as well.

  38. this is what drones are for, this ISIS bull shit terrorists cowards need to be exterminated with extreme and I mean extreme no mercy attacks. as long as they can get by with this and kill people by butchering them they will do it. we have a dictator who goes out on the golf course while Americans are getting there heads cut off and he is having a good time and does not care about the life’s of Americans that he is sworn to protect. he is a Muslim and a fraud and should be tried for treason along with Hilliary and the rest of his cronies. Semper Fi

  39. Freedom of speech does have some reasonable limits. The old right to scream fire in a crowded building argument. Also it may protect you from being arrested but it doesn’t protect you from being illegally punched in the nose.

  40. So “free speech becomes its own fanaticism, eh, Gary?!?!? Since when are you the judge of what’s fanaticism and what’s not?!?!?! Of course, being a “Progressive”, er, Commie Stooge, you get to do or say anything you want,and get away with it, however false and vicious. By your own words, you’ve labelled the Founders of the U.S. a bunch of fanatics. But then-you’re an enemy of Truth. Deceit and deception are your profession.

  41. What a hypocrite, his cartoon was the epitome of hate speech during the Regan, Bush (P42) and Bush (P44) years.

  42. You have to remember that these libtards are bound and determined if they say it enough it will be true. Plus it keeps their names in the headlines of our “sicko” media! I can see the headlines now: ” Garry Trudeau has spoken and blames cartoonists for their own deaths!”. Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. For Trudeau’s and the worlds sanity, do NOT blame the muslim a$$holes that did the killing. Why, that would be politically incorrect and insane per libtard thinking! No wonder America is becoming the laughing stock of the world. I can just see some child going “Who the hell is Garry Trudeau???”.

  43. All these years we didn’t know what a moron he really is!

  44. What an idiotic column. Trudeau said no such thing as “they brought it on themselves.” Neither did he exonerate the terrorists. What he said was that he disagreed with the decisions the political pornographers made. Got it? It takes a degenerate pseudo-conservative to fault anyone for criticizing pornographers and accuse anyone of attacking free speech for doing so.

  45. To some of the nearly one billion uneducated, illiterate Muslims in the world today, many will kill you just for a drawing or representation of Muhammad and it need not be a cartoon or joke. Garry, who does pay attention to the news, knows this. He chooses not to allow that to alter his leftist views.

  46. Muslims are like cockroaches.
    It doesn’t do a bit of good unless you kill every one of them.

    • The ones that are not extremists do not condemn what the terrorists are doing. That makes them just as bad, silently cheering them on!

  47. Trudeau is first and last a leftist.

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