Don’t Let Your Doctor Give You “Food Oppression”

In case you haven’t heard, the latest cause celebre among the left wingnuts is “food oppression.” Yep, that’s a thing, and in order to combat it, the liberal Los Angeles school district has subjected kids to a “woke” diet video! 

The video, which is hard to take seriously, claims that other videos and school lessons espousing healthy eating and diets are an example of “food oppression.” The woke presenters in the video demand “food neutrality.”

The LA Parent Union drew attention to the presentation. The Union alleged that “food choice” is the result of a false standard of health. Nutritionist Kera Nyemb-Diop, and influencer Blair Imani, are featured in the video. The two ladies encouraged students to eat whatever they want as no nutritional choice is “any healthier than another.”

“Diet culture, fatphobia, and systems of oppression have created false hierarchies of food; it shows up everywhere,” Nyemb-Diop said.

“For instance, harmful thought patterns (include) like earning food though exercising or that dessert is the reward for the “punishment” of eating vegetables,” Imani said. “Remember that you do not need to earn food.”

Ridiculously woke as it may be, the video’s content is also in direct opposition to the CDC’s dietary suggestions. The CDC encourages eating vegetables and limiting the intake of processed sugars.

The video’s “food freedom” messaging comes amid the fact that one out of every five children in the United States is now obese!

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  1. Don’t tell that to Michelle Obama.

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