Donald Trump’s Wall Has a Powerful (and Surprising) New Champion

For good reason, President Trump’s supporters have been extremely skeptical about House Speaker Paul Ryan’s seeming embrace of the man he famously took a long, long time to finally endorse in the campaign last year. Ryan has earned some well-deserved enemies in the conservative movement for his repeated failures to keep the yearly budget under control, his surrender to many of the left’s inane social justice theories, and his soft stance on illegal immigration. But if his new video is any indication, he’s either had a change of heart or he at least recognizes which way the wind is blowing. Either way, we have to commend him for getting on board.

In a 30-second video posted to Twitter on Tuesday, Ryan issued a call for the Senate to allocate the needed funding to finally make good on President Trump’s most visible campaign promise. “It is time for The Wall,” said the Wisconsin Republican.

In an accompanying statement released on the official House Speaker website, spokesman Caleb Smith said, “It’s time for The Wall. That’s why the House voted to fully fund the Trump administration’s request to build it.”

“I had the opportunity to travel down to Texas and to go to the Rio Grande Valley and spend time with our Border Patrol,” Ryan says in the new video. “When you see what they’re up against, it really gives you even greater respect for what they do. They clearly need more tools and more support to do their jobs effectively. That’s why we’re going to get this done this week.”

Ryan’s video isn’t just rhetoric. Last week, the House approved a spending bill that included $1.6 billion for the border all across the U.S.-Mexico border. And while that won’t be nearly enough to construct the kind of glorious barrier promised by the president on the campaign trail, it’s a move in the right direction.

Unfortunately, the bill is going to be met with stiff resistance in the Senate, where Democrats have vowed to fight tooth and nail to prevent even a single federal dollar from going to build the wall. Sadly, there are still a few Republicans on that side of Congress who are also skeptical about the need for the wall. So we could see this issue fall by the wayside if the president’s supporters don’t make enough noise in the meantime.

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