Don Jr.: Biden Can’t Win if He Can’t Stop “Embarrassing Himself”

In an op-ed for Fox News on Thursday, the president’s son, Donald Trump Jr., questioned how Americans in the Rust Belt could be expected to switch from his father to Joe Biden, when the Democratic frontrunner couldn’t even take questions from voters “without embarrassing himself?”

Don Jr. pointed to this week’s latest Biden Mishap: a confrontation the former vice president had with a worker at a Michigan automobile plant. After the worker expressed doubts about voting for Biden due to his desire to get rid of the Second Amendment and take our guns, Biden went into an apoplectic fit.

“You’re full of shit,” Biden said, before enumerating the three rifles he owns and the fact that his sons go hunting. Biden did not address his own gun platform, which involves the ban of so-called assault weapons, and he certainly didn’t bring up the fact that he’d asked Beto O’Rourke to work with him on gun control. Instead, he simply called the guy a “horse’s ass,” and threatened to take him outside and slap him around a little.

“So, why was Biden so triggered by an honest and predictable question?” wondered Don Jr. “The sad reality is that Biden can’t remember what state he is in 50 percent of the time, so part of me thinks that he just doesn’t remember the policies he has staked his campaign on.

“The other part of me thinks maybe he is just now realizing that by selling out to this radical, liberal agenda, he has abandoned a vast majority of American voters,” he continued. “Whatever it is, one thing is certain: the ‘Uncle Joe’ of even a decade ago is no more. Instead, Democrats are left with a shell of a man who can’t interact with voters without having the type of bizarre meltdown I would normally expect from my 5-year-old when I say: ‘No dessert tonight.’”

As Don Jr. pointed out, this isn’t the first time that Biden has gotten into an embarrassing confrontation with a voter. Several times during the campaign, he’s told Democrats to “go vote for someone else,” or “vote for Trump” when challenged on his policies. At one bizarre town hall in New Hampshire, he said, “Look, Fat,” when addressing a voter skeptical about Biden’s Ukraine controversy, and he even went so far as to challenge the man to a push-up contest. Because that makes perfect sense.

We won’t even dwell on the time he called a girl a “lying, dog-faced pony solider.”

“As someone who spends a lot of time in the Rust Belt, I know there are two things that mean more to voters there than any single policy issue: authenticity and integrity,” Don Jr. wrote. “Joe Biden has lost both.”

Well, he’s lost his damn mind, actually.

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