Dog Catches Monkeypox From Gay Owners

Doctors have reported the first confirmed case of monkeypox that spread to a dog, potentially through its owners, a gay couple, calling into question whether pets should be isolated from owners diagnosed with the virus.

The Lancet describes the couple as “non-exclusive,” and says that patient one is a 44-year-old Latona man with HIV, while the second patient is a 27-year-old white man who is HIV-negative.

“The men had presented with anal ulceration 6 days after sex with other partners. In patient 1, anal ulceration was followed by a vesiculopustular rash on the face, ears, and legs; in patient 2, on the legs and back. In both cases, rash was associated with asthenia, headaches, and fever 4 days later,” The Lancet describes.

The two men were diagnosed with monkeypox through a PCR test, using skin, oropharynx, and anal samples.

Monkeypox has been spreading worldwide, mainly in communities of men who has sex with men, in recent months, with the World Health Organization declaring a global health emergency in July.

12 days after the men were diagnosed, their 4-year-old male Italian greyhound began presenting symptoms, including “mucocutaneous lesions, abdomen pustules and a thin anal ulceration.”

The dog subsequently received a positive PCR test result for monkeypox, using samples from the dog’s oral and anal cavity.

“Monkeypox virus DNA sequences from the dog and patient 1 were compared by next-generation sequencing,” The Lancet reported. “Both samples contained virus of the hMPXV-1 clade, lineage B.1, which has been spreading in non-endemic countries since April, 2022, and, as of Aug 4, 2022, has infected more than 1700 people in France, mostly concentrated in Paris, where the dog first developed symptoms.”

The men said that they had been co-sleeping with their dog, but noted that they had been careful to keep their dog away from contact with other pets or humans following the onset of the pair’s symptoms, 13 days before the dog began presenting these symptoms.

The Lancet noted that testing results concluded a “100 percent sequence homology” between the virus that infected patient one and the dog.

“In endemic countries, only wild animals (rodents and primates) have been found to carry monkeypox virus. However, transmission of monkeypox virus in prairie dogs has been described in the USA and in captive primates in Europe that were in contact with imported infected animals. Infection among domesticated animals, such as dogs and cats, has never been reported,” The Lancet reported.

The Lancet states that “to the best of our knowledge,” the close timeline of symptoms displayed in both the owners and the dog “suggest human-to-dog transmission of monkeypox virus.”

“Given the dog’s skin and mucosal lesions as well as the positive monkeypox virus PCR results from anal and oral swabs, we hypothesise a real canine disease, not a simple carriage of the virus by close contact with humans or airborne transmission (or both),” they wrote.

“Our findings should prompt debate on the need to isolate pets from monkeypox virus-positive individuals. We call for further investigation on secondary transmissions via pets,” The Lancet concluded.

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  1. Bemused Berserker

    Well if they’d quit Butt F**king the poor dog, thispoor animal wouldn’t be suffering.

  2. “According to the CDC, monkeypox (MPV) can spread from the time symptoms start until the rash has fully healed and a fresh layer of skin has formed. The illness typically lasts 2-4 weeks. People who do not have MPV symptoms cannot spread the virus to others.

    “MPV can spread between people mostly “through direct contact with infectious rash, sores, scabs, saliva and respiratory secretions.” It can be passed on through extended physical skin-to-skin contact, including between sexual partners during intimate, close contact. This includes but is not limited to “activities like kissing, cuddling, or touching parts of the body with MPV sores.”

    “MPV sores can also appear on the mouth, vagina, or anus, but it can also spread through any kind of oral, vaginal or anal sex by touching the genitals or mouth of a person with symptoms of MPV who may have sores inside the body.”

    So it sure suggests that the dog was infected by — uh — “close, intimate contact” with at least one of his owners. Statistics appear to confirm that homosexual men have more “partners” than do NORMAL people (emphasis mine). This means the opportunity for spread of monkeypox and a whole lot of other diseases among this group of people is going to be significantly higher than in monogamous couples. Homosexuality is older than Christianity, so the religeous argument about this practice is without merit. What is proven of course, is that homosexuality throughout time has been questioned. Even as practiced by the ancient Greeks and Romans, it was subject to strict standards of societal regulation. When the practice is hedonistic, health problems ALWAYS seem to follow. Those health problems appear to also include mental stability. Personally, I have been acquainted with only a few males who claimed to be homosexual. Nevertheless, ALL of them had the characteristic of being “unreliable.” Consequently, I conclude that society in general is correct to be wary of homosexual men.

    • Your statement “Homosexuality is older than Christianity so the religious argument is without merit.” That is totally based in your ignorance or maybe, trying to justify the/your behavior. Christianity didn’t start and couldn’t start until after Jesus Christ was sent by God. Hence the word Christ-ianity. BUT the Lord God Almighty did wipe out Sodom and Gomorrah for that type of behavior quite a few years before he sent his Son. So it was considered immoral, disgusting behavior even back them just as now. Everyone knows it’s wrong. Even the homos and the whole alphabet community knows it’s wrong. That’s why they are trying desperately to make everyone accept it so they can feel better about themselves.
      FYI. No one is going to be able to bring a lawyer on Judgment Day to plead/justify themselves! It’s an up or down vote. That’s it! Done!
      Plus most of the lawyers will already be rotting in hell anyway, so there is that.

  3. Were they screwing the dog*********I wouldn’t be surprised.

  4. And they want “their” lifestyle to be looked at as “normal”. They are mentally ill.

    • They are very sick people and hopefully they are not teaching our kids any of their sick agenda! I wonder what this society will look like in a few years. Sodom and Gomorrah!

  5. It appears that this poor dog is being abused, need the SPCA to remove this dog from their gay owners.

  6. That’s what it sounds like. Horrible for the dog. I hope he is re-homed.

  7. Animal cruelty for sure.
    These guys are the lowest type of humanity.

  8. I think they were more just sleeping with the dog in their bed,,,SICK, SICK People. POOR DOG SPCA Where are you?

  9. Sick bastards! More control, right? And all the gullible idiots will spend their last dime for getting killed! Please people, Don’t be stupid!!!

  10. From a practical perspective the choice of homosexuality is abnormal when considering the act of intercourse is primarily about reproduction. That being said ones sexual proclivities are each individuals business and therfore not necessarily immoral. Yet I can’t help but wonder why those who make this choice of lifestyle are consistently subject to such awful medical conditions as consequential result of their sexual acts. We see promiscuity in heterosexuals as well but seemingly without as much risk. So the more open lifestyle of multiple partners is an unlikely contributing factor. The act of anal sex in itself seems not so hygienic nor safe considering the actual purpose of that particular body part. Being not one that engages in such activities it’s very difficult to understand the choice to do so. I’ve heard it said by certain men who consider themselves gay that it isn’t a choice but an uncontrollable drive which would imply that it’s genetic though I have serious doubts. In the end “forgive the pun” it requires a conscious decision to seek out and obtain a mate with the same proclivities and therefore a choice much as transgenderism is a choice. Often it appears that some are simply socially awkward and have difficulty fitting in and decide to follow that line of behavior. Unfortunately I know for a fact that many only do so to be trendy and that never truly fixes the original problem. This why I disagree vehemently with teaching such a lifestyle to impressionable children. Children are without exception socially awkward and even the most well adjusted can find themselves unsure where they fit in. This I believe is not reason enough to introduce puberty blocking drugs and gender affirmation instituted by educators particularly without the parents knowledge. We’re witnessing a very dangerous trend in this issue and it’s causing serious problems for both the confused child and their parents ability to deal with them. A recent custody battle took a child from his mother because she refused to enable the child by using affirming “pronouns” while the father and stepmother who was a clinical psychologist used this issue to take the rights of the birth mother away. I believe this will be detrimental for the child’s development. Government should not have the power to destroy a parent child relationship based on a judge’s politics. We need to push back against woke liberal educators and so called psychologists as far too many children are either misdiagnosed or used as political leverage. The largesse of many adults that regret the changes made during their formative years points to the fact that the real issues were never truly addressed or even attempted to be treated in the child. Bottom line is these are decisions made better by parents and adults rather than children and politically motivated outsiders who really should have no say in that child’s development. Morality aside.

  11. The two gay men should be arrested abusing animals. That poor little greyhound just think of the pain it went thur anal sex by two adult queers.
    This is as disgusting as it gets no wonder the usa is a mess with people like this. I’m calling SPCA maybe they will file a complaint and take the
    dog away for care and safety. Besides SPCA The Humane Society of the United States can be reached at HUMANESOCIETY.ORG to file complaints and report ANIMAL CRUELTY.

  12. That was suspiciously quite a lot of detail. Quarantine your animals! Let’s keep the fear alive just before election. Notice how the gas prices are going down, just before election? Coincidence? I think not. All of this is manufactured fear. Just live your life to the best of your ability and don’t give in to the fear. Think Monsters, inc.

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