Doctors Being Encouraged to Ask Patients About Guns

When Dr. Vivek Murthy was confirmed as the nation’s next surgeon general, politicians on both sides of the aisle expressed dismay. This was a guy who had come out forcefully in favor of gun control, having labeled firearms as a “public health threat.” But while Dr. Murthy has promised not to use his position as a bully pulpit for politically-divisive topics, the Obama administration is already using the healthcare system to intrude on private gun ownership.

Dr. Mark Kestner of Murfreesboro, Tennessee recently wrote a starting op-ed in his local paper. In it, he threw the curtain back on the political manipulation physicians are being subjected to. If they want to be reimbursed fully through Medicare, they must now ask patients: “Do you keep loaded firearms in your home?” According to Dr. Kestner, the response may be noted and collected by the feds. Patients aren’t required to answer, but the mere fact that general practitioners are being compelled to ask is disturbing enough.

The practice of asking patients about their gun ownership is approved of by groups like the American College of Physicians, but 2nd Amendment advocates aren’t sure whether it’s really any of their business. Florida went so far as to draft a law – the Florida Privacy of Firearms Owners Act – that made it illegal for a doctor to ask their patients about firearms. That law was upheld in August by a U.S. Court of Appeals.

There is currently language in the Affordable Care Act that makes it clear that doctors do not have to ask their patients about guns. But if there are financial incentives to do so, doctors struggling to cover the costs of low-income patients will make an effort to comply with the wishes of the federal government. This is the kind of off-the-books coercion this administration is fond of. Obama can stay within his legal authority while still getting what he wants.

It would be nice if gun-rights proponents didn’t have to draft laws like the one in Florida. I do think there is room for responsible doctors – especially pediatricians – to make inquiries into gun ownership. Not everyone is aware of how to properly secure their firearms, and it makes a certain amount of sense for a doctor to at least share some tips.

On the other hand, we live in a time where the government simply can’t be trusted. If there weren’t constant attacks on our Second Amendment rights, this wouldn’t be an issue. But there are. At every turn, Democrats, liberal billionaires, and the Obama administration have looked for ways to restrict the right to bear arms. This isn’t a conspiracy theory; the proof is in Operation Choke Point, the proof is in Washington’s I-594 law, the proof is in the sweeping reforms the president tried to make after Sandy Hook. Not until we believe our gun rights are secure can we take a measured look at whether or not physicians should be asking about firearm ownership.

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  1. So, why would anyone feel obligated to tell a Dr. ? Just another way to track second amendment supporters. Hopefully people will not buy into this.


    • Good answer!!

      • Any doc worth his salt would refuse to accept obamacare patients. If ALL docs would refuse to accept those patients they would shut down obamacare in an instant. The docs have the power to completely destroy obamacare.

        • None of my doctors accept Ovomit-Lack-of-Care. However, every hospital in the country now, by mandate, has to accept Medicaid patients.

          • Hadn’t heard that. Then the only reply to a doc asking if you have guns is either what does that have to do with my condition or none of your business.

          • No is a better answer. Arguing gives reason for suspicion. And who know if they might be required to send your info if you show animosity.

          • I didn’t want to lie, so I just said it’s no one’s business. The Dr. accepted that and left it blank.

          • I like the idea of lying, just for a giggle!!!

          • Good answer.

          • HOW ABOUT THESE: What gun? Do you have a gun? Why do you ask? Who wants to know? What kind of gun? Describe what you are asking.

          • good answer also

          • Thanks. Here are some more. #1 Are you talking about the ones in california or new york? #2 Are you talking about the one down stairs? #3 Are you talking about how many I had or I am going to have? #4 Are you talking about the ones stolen from me? #5 Are you talking about the ones I sold at Smileys?

          • Also good. Their are a bunch of good ones. The thing is don’t lie to them but don’t let them know at the same time. Pretend you are a politician and talk sh*t to them.

          • But,,,,but,,,,but,,,~~~~~they all lie up there in washington dc. Especially about the one where you can have your doctor and keep her. And the other lies, you can keep your health insurance and not worry about a dam things. So if we lie, that will be ok too. Don’t you think so? Oh, I forgot about the biggest ass lie told. Your premiums will reduce $2,500.00 fricking dollars. Bull shit.

          • “So if we lie, that will be ok too. Don’t you think so? ” I won’t lower myself to their level. I am so much better than they are so they will not be the example I follow.

          • You are right. I was just running my mouth. To many good honest answers to give.

          • Have a good one my friend.

          • Yep. According to my resident social worker, any hospital which receives tax $$ (most) also must accept Medicaid, which pays almost nothing.

          • More socialistic dictatorship administered by the king of treason to bring down the U.S.A. and Citizens that are paying for all this welfare for the majority of non deserving & many illegal freeloaders that bo let into our country to destroy & bankrupt U.S. economy .. !

          • US economy is improving. And illegals are not freeloader s- unlike their critics.

          • Our Islamunist in chief does enjoy his petty torments.

          • Krazee, I don’t understand your statement. As far as I know the ACA has nothing to do with Drs. accepting it. Doctors can pick and choose what Health Insurance they will accept. In my case for example, I have Humana HMO (retired), that my GP and my preferred specialists won’t be a part of. (Apparently between haggling with approving treatment and paying badly, no one will take it). I switched to Cigna which they all accept with pleasure.
            I don’t know if hospitals must accept Medicaid patients, but I do know that most hospitals were signing people up for Medicaid for two reasons: Many low income people had no idea that they were qualified for Medicare, and others had been using the ERs as their General Practitioner with no hope for the hospitals of ever collecting a dime for the services.
            Mr. 286 is an example: This guy was poor and lonely so he would go to the Emergency Room and fake an illness, (keep in mind, at the time an emergency room visit cost the hospital 786$), Mr. 286 would receive a meal, a checkup and get to watch some TV during his stay, just dandy, no foul right? Well, his moniker tells it all, in a one year period he visited the same emergency room, 286 times! So now guys like him are on Medicaid and the hospital does get something. Turns out though, that in many States the new Medicaid signups were not given the name of a general practitioner, so they still end up in the emergency room! Let the Government help you!!

          • I am a senior citizen (seems like just yesterday I was only 30!!) and have Medicare and Tricare. So, my doctors gladly accept Tricare because they pay everything that Medicare won’t. And most doctors in the country adjust their prices to reap the most they possibly can from Medicare.

            I also get medical hospitalization care from Methodist Hospital in my town. Before Ovomit Lack of Care, they did not participate in Medicaid but accepted Medicare.

            Now, however, they are required under the new rules to accept Medicaid.

            Mr. 286 needs to be in jail, IMHO.

          • We had our share of frequent flyers there too. Drunk tank.

          • A doctor cannot adjust his prices. Medicare has a set fee schedule. If I would normally charge $120 for a visit, Medicare would go to the code book and say “We pay $30 for that.” I could bill a million dollars and still get only $30. As for Tricare paying “the rest:” Medicare pays 80% (of the $30). So, $24. Tricare would then pay the next $6. That’s why 30% of doctors will take NO Medicare patients at all…they lose money on each one.

          • I misspoke. I was referring to what my EOBs say. I know that Tricare only pays 20% of what Medicare allows and that Medicare pays the rest.

            What I was trying to say is that in MY case, most of my doctors are orthopedic surgeons, okay. They have agreements in place WITH Medicare on how much they can charge, okay?

            For instance, when I had a spine surgery last January (one year ago today), Medicare did not pay for the electrodes and monitoring that was necessary to ensure that my spinal cord was not damaged during the surgery. Modern spine surgery is much safer these days (I have had 3, courtesy of a drunk driver) because of all the advances. I then asked my doctor about appealing it and was advised not to because it was paid for under a different code, but that they had to bill it that way to make Medicare apply the codes correctly.

            For the first one, on my T-Spine, my doctor billed Medicare $140,000. They PAID $16,000 and Tricare picked up the rest. The claim was then changed and billed separately for each item because their billing tech billed it wrong. For the SECOND one, on my C-Spine at C5 – C7, everything was billed separately.

            I just had a 3rd C-Spine surgery a month ago, and everything was billed item-by-item like the hospital does.

            I don’t pretend to understand how the system works. My bad. I stand corrected.

          • Hey Terry, was that Mr. 286 by any chance here in Tucson, AZ ?? If so, I know who that idiot is.

          • May be, I heard the story from a hospital planner here in Tempe.

          • LOL I am from Tucson Az too!!

        • It mentioned in the 2nd paragraph that to be fully reimbursed by “Medicare” they ask it. Just say “not applicable” or if it is on a form just put N/A in the blank whether you have one or not. Everyone should do this.

          • NA doesn’t get the point back to the government that they are intruding into our personal life on things that are none of their business. The libs use to argue when it comes to homosexuality that what happens behind closed doors is nobody’s business well weather I have a gun, many guns or no guns is nobody’s business.

          • I am sure that the doctor would add that the patient would not answer the question. That would cover the doctor’s arse. The government will have to do more paperwork to find out if I have one or not. I am not freely giving away any information.

          • With the cuts, how willing would they be to try and track especially if their is no criminal record. Because of their intrusion I will make it as difficult as possible for them, I will cause them to waste as much time and money as possible. I will make their life as miserable as possible in every way possible. I will let them chase shadows that will lead no place.

          • We disabled, and those that have served their country honorably would be the first to submit to some sort of bogus search warrant.

          • You are right, I am a 100% disabled vet but they will have a hell of a time with me. It wouldn’t be worth their time because I am a fighter and a survivor. I would run them in more circles than they can count.

          • 1. We know that a stategic withdrawal can lead to a win.
            2. We know how to use multiple weapons, including things that look nothing like a weapon.
            3. When we put a weapon in our hands, we don’ t have to think whether we use it or not – we WILL NOT hesitate.
            4. We know that women can be more dangerous than men and won’t hesitate to use that to our advantage.
            5. We are usually playing in our own backyard, and
            6. WE are fighting for something we are committed to, 100%.

          • Sounds about right to me.

          • You’re correct Bob those like me are high on their list. At one time in this country people like Obama and his friend Bill Ayers would be listed on the watch list. by changing the watch list is a reflection of the danger we’re in and the majority of people don’t have a clue or don’t care since one is president and the other one has a cushy job while he indoctrinates his Communist ideology into thousands of impressionable minds

          • Yep. Ovomit put us all on the NICS list, especially if we have PTSD. I cannot buy a handgun at a store. Have to go to a gun show. But, I CAN buy a shotgun (Joe Biden’s weapon of choice, lol) and a long gun. Weird.

            Given that most violent deaths in this country are caused by a blunt force object (baseball bat) or a knife, I am surprised the bastard isn’t trying to regulate that.

            I mean, if we are so dangerous, we shouldn’t be allowed to have or play baseball or be allowed to use kitchen knives, right??

          • It is our money not theirs!!

          • I certainly agree that it’s none of their business, as for Time they have until they Retire as for money they have plenty of that all courtesy of we the Taxpayers. And if a hundred people cant seem to get the job done with one hundred million dollars they will hire two hundred people with two hundred million dollars and so on.

          • Then lie, like Obama and the scumbags in our current regime. Be honest only with those worthy of it!!
            What gun? I don’t own a gun! Next.

          • Are they asking about owni9ng a gun or if you keep one loaded at home? The article states they want to know if you keep a loaded firearm

          • I would have agreed with your statement at one time. However with the events that are going in the wrong direction it could be misconstrued as yes I have guns, and might put you on the target list. It is not worth what you and family might go through. The govt I am sure knows we are not happy or the loser would not be using executive orders to push us into submission.

          • The doc would probably put down refused to answer because that would be accurate. If they put down a yes/no answer and they were wrong that would not look good to the feds.

        • Guess this phony crony surgeon general bo appointed is another wannabe suck up for bo’s abused power to appease the wannabe dictators whims & ways to internally destroy more of the U.S. Citizens Freedom & Constitutional Rights .. ! More U.S. Law violations by bo & his commie, muslim administration from hell … !

          • Agree, he is a loser that only has one agenda and that is taking guns away from honest law abiding citizens. The idiot in chief would never ever think of nominating someone at any position who put America first.

        • I agree 100%. But do they have the guts to do it??

        • Not just Obamacare patients. They’re asking people starting on Medicare, too. I told the Dr. it’s no one’s business. Kind of shocked her, but she said she’d leave it blank. I said, “Good.”

          • Also a good answer.

          • The young ones have no clue what this is really about. The ones I know believe it’s about safety, the older ones are suspicious of it and sending the government names doesn’t help in safety.

          • The young ones have been indoctrinated by our liberal public school system. So glad I’m old and won’t have to see the complete destruction of this nation by progressives.

          • I have said the same thing about myself{):-(

          • Kind of sad when we look at getting old as a way out of this mess.

          • Eleven days ago and I just got a notification about your reply from Discus, they’re usually pretty prompt, maybe the boys at the DNS had to make sure it was safe, anyway I agree it is sad that man has made such a terrible mess of this world{):-(

          • I think it was my fault. I missed it when it came in and just saw it yesterday!

          • Sad, isn’t it?

        • So… since “Obamacare” is nothing but a system designed to get people signed up with private health insurance, how would a a doctor know that one was an “Obamacare” patient? I appreciate your passion, but you might arm yourself with a few facts.

          1 – You can’t sign up for “Obamacare.” There’s no such thing. You can sign up for health insurance through a private health insurance company or, if you live in the appropriate state and you lack the income, you can sign up for expanded Medicaid.

          2 – Money is money. I know of no physician who will turn down reimbursement for his or her services, whether that money comes from Blue Cross or Anthem or even Medicaid. (Yes, some doctors won’t accept Medicare/Medicaid patients because they don’t like the payment rates, but that’s a different story.)

          As for “asking about gun ownership” — depressed patients are most at risk for suicide if they happen to own guns. So yes, asking about gun ownership is appropriate. If you don’t want to answer the question, don’t answer it. What’s the big deal, other than to generate traffic for this click-bait site. Just tell your doctor you don’t care to answer the question, and buy some of the survival food packs that this fine site has to offer, and everybody will be happy.

          Your doctor is there to look after your health. Period. Maybe you’re not depressed or likely to become depressed; that’s fine. If you don’t want a doctor who’s interested in your well-being, go find one who will give you your oxycontin or whatever it was that you went in there for, and stop bitching.

        • James Michael Lukes


        • And replace it with what? You would be happy with depriving 10 million Americans of their medical care With patriots like you, who needs Al Qaeda.

          • You really don’t get it. Replace it with what, 1. the low income people would be eligible for medical. 2. Those who make more can have tax write off’s. 3. Allow insurance companies to go across ALL state lines. 4. Impose tort reform. The list goes on and on and on which would require an IQ just above a box of rocks to figure out. The positive is we would take the power away from that dirt bag terrorist camel jockey in the WH. So when you talk about al qaeda supporters look to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave and your nearest mirror.

        • This crazy idea is the product of someone who fails to understand the broken health care system in the US. Obamacare is an imperfect attempt to avoid a government operated or financed health care system which is how the rest of the first world countries handle health care. You might also check out life expectancy charts by country to see where this country stands in the world. Obama Care has increased the percent of Americans having health coverage which is important. Health care debt is a leading cause of bankruptcies by the way and reducing that which health coverage should do helps all sides minus the bankruptcy attorneys of course!

      • Good answer, but I have a better one. We are being reactive to these gun control idiots; why not become PROACTIVE and grab these bulls(hitters) by the… balls?!! The NRA should come out, publicly, with safety guidelines for all gun owners to keep their weapons secure and out of reach of children and thieves. There are ample storage boxes & vaults on the market. Keep ’em locked up (ammo, too!) when away from home. They can always be taken out for night security. Make it known that we are responsible and safety consciousness – AND PUBLICIZE THIS FOR ALL TO KNOW!! Gun owners can and do police ourselves, we don’t need the damn govt. or pinkos like Bloomberg to do it for us. Politely tell your doc that is not his business. Next question.

      • I would do the same thing…I’ve got your back!

    • I like that answer. He might turn you in to the gestopo.

    • I’m guessing if being a gun owner will give the insurance companies an excuse to raise our premiums we will pay a higher premium, like smokers and high risk to injury occupations. I read that three insurance companies write over 80 percent of the policies, due to Ocommie care, talk about a monopoly. The thing that they could harm us is if we had to have a procedure that required a lot of money they could deny us for lying about owning a gun. I could be wrong but I believe this is big insurance, and that would be the only reason my doctor would ask me, they would have to submit a form to the insurance company. My doctor is also a good friend but so far she hasn’t mentioned any such forms, but she isn’t a regular MD she contracts herself out so she doesn’t have to deal with insurance forms like private practice doctors have to. But I’m with you and as she is with me{):-)

      • The insurance companies are a bo asset after being bought off with bo care & will sure as hell use gun ownership as a way to rip off more money for their already over charged premiums..! bo to go Asap if not sooner… !

        • The 5th Amendment could be invoked whether you do or do not have a loaded gun at home. After 25,000 or so of patriots did that, the “system” would break down.

          • you dumb ass……just like everyone else here. It’s all about you racist MF’ers not wanting a Black POTUS is what it and this whole BS patriot daily news is all about. If you were really a Vet, and had been in some type of real situation that may bring about a mental illness and have ever gone to a VA hospital, they always ask about weapons if you can’t can’t contract for safety. It’s for you, someone else and the VA’s safety. If you do, and go out and do someone some harm, they’re liable if you displayed in signs of instability

          • Typical crude, vulgar, ignorant democrat! Cannot say anything without democrat vulgarities and name-calling.

          • george horton Like the vet who said he had insomnia. The government, not his doctor, said he had a mental problem and took away some of his rights. I was in favor of a competent black POTUS until he revealed his true nature and incompetence during the campaign so I did not vote for him either time. Why can’t you accept the fact that there are people that do not like Obama as POTUS without hating him.

          • You, and many like you, are the true racists. Regardless of Obama’s presidency, the US has still not had a “black” president. The cloest we have come is a mixed race 1/2 black, 1/2 white president.

            For your “enlightenment”, I have been at 100% VA disability since 2005. A combination of PTSD, PTSD related severe depression leading to Agoraphobia, Anxiety Disorder, S.A.D., hearing loss and diabetes related to Agent Orange exposure.

            If you go to a VA facility, it must certainly be different than the one where I receive treatment. I have NEVER been asked if I owned a weapon.The question I have been asked every 6 to 12 weeks is if I have had thoughts about hurting anyone else, myself or if Ihave had thoughts of suicide. The two times I had suicidal ideations, I asked to be hospitalized. I stayed 8 weeks the first time and 6 weeks the second.

            I’ve never been asked about gun ownership by my primary care giver nor anyone in the Audiology department and not in the Dermatology department for the removal of pre-cancerous growths from my face, head and shoulders.

            IF you have ever been treated at a VA Center, it hasn’t been at the one I receive care from in Missouri.

            Finally, your lack of knowledga of the contents of the US Constitution is appalling and is why you support a mixed race person who has violated the Constitution with his illegal Presidential edicts while also abrogating the Seperation of Powers philosophy on which the Constitution is based.

            As with many ignorant leftist’s, you show your rhetoric to be based on emotion instead of logic and are the first to reach to the bottom of the deck and play the race card. Off the top of my head, I can think of three members of the Negroid race (scientifically correct) I would vote for President in a combat heartbeat.

          • UNSUBSCRIBE…………………. cannot be a part or even read a bunch of racist, white supremacist propaganda, which is what you people promote.

          • Looks like the close minded george horton failed in his attempt to follow Saul Alinsky’s “modus operandi”. I saw a pattern after this “LAST? “(Hopefully), post. He could never reply to any statement of fact – and he never thought for a moment about the possibility that I could be what I am (that is – mixed race Caucasoid and Native American).

            The saying, “Blind as a bat” could also be said, “Blind as racist liberal”.

          • The fifth amendment says a person does not have to incriminate themselves but if keeping a loaded gun in my house is NOT a crime, it would not come into play.

            Sixty five years ago my grandmother told me that there was no use in keeping a gun for protection if it were not loaded. “Just imagine” she said “someone breaks into your home and you have to ask them to wait a minute while you go get the ammunition.”

            I could reply to a doctor’s question that there is an UNLOADED gun in my house and not mention the two loaded ones that I also have.. If I refuse to answer, will the doctor be paid less? If so, I could reply no and not mention the one I or my family members carry with us when we are not home.

            I have not shot anyone since I left Vietnam but if someone tries to take my guns away, that will probably change. I also believe that violence is the last refuge of the incompetent. Thank you Issac Asimov.

          • Or have them wait until you find the key to your gun lock, I believe that’s what it’s called, where a cable and a lock keeps it from being fired. I never owned one. Maybe we’re related that what I was told when I was a small boy I was alone in the hills and mountains with a 12 gauge around 8 or nine and I remember in grade school sometimes some of us boys who had a few mile to walk to schools brought our guns because of rabies out break, never heard of an accident or someone going beserk and killing someone. People now find that hard to believe, we had outdoor toilets too, that’s hard for the young people to believe too. Things have sure changed and more for the worse in my opinion. Personally I believe by design.

    • I forgot to mention that I don’t pay her so it makes sense I don’t get asked that gun question. I’m sure doctors don’t care whether we own guns or not, but realize the government rules them in a Gestapo like fashion and the insurance companies must have the Is dotted and the Tees crossed or no imbursement.

    • bo & his phony cronies are the ones that need to kiss off along with being indicted for U.S. law violations … !

    • I would just lie and say no I don’t own a gun. That’s what all gun owners should do if a doctor asks them about gun ownership: just lie. Unless the doc is a true psychic he/she won’t know the patient is lying.

    • That’s right but many may lie as obama does.

    • Good comment. I think if my doctor asks me, I will give him a truthful answer in doctor-patient confidentiality. However, I will tell him to take that government form and write: “None of your damn business! Stick it up your ass”!! By the way, my answer to the government is also truthful!! 🙂

    • Most doctors aren’t going to play their stupid games.

    • That’s not likely to happen where I live. Most doctors are gun enthusiasts, hunters, and target shooters. If mutha murthy wants to talk gun control then let him stand before the forum of public opinion. As it is, he/she/it should have a “Q” following his MD. “Q” for quack.

  3. Can you tell what obamulluhs goal is?

  4. They will be slick about it. People need to tell them they don’t have any so it stops there. If you don’t be ready for home invasions and confiscations when the time has arrived. It is no ones business what you have. Anything you have of value will cause you trouble in the future. Look at Ferguson. A good time to start selling off things that are sitting where people can see them. Pay off your mortgage, and plant gardens, trees that give fruit and shade. We are headed into a precarious time. Blessings to all that read this.

    • Home Invasion means A LOT of Dead People cluttering up my yard and that’s not a good thing, the smell will be terrible after a day or two

    • You are absolutely correct on this. I think it’s all part of the “One World Govt.” which B.O. & all the heads of state discuss at the U.N. talks & G-2 Summits. They want one currency & all humans to be depended on Govt. controlled by the U.N.. At the same time you have the Muslims’ trying to out populate the “World” & become a burden on those who pay taxes to support that system & that’s happening in every country. Buy more ammo!.

  5. Who does Obamulluh “give” weapons to?…..Koranderthals…

  6. I think we should also remember that during the Clinton (Billy & Hiliary) Administration the same activities by the government were taking place. Democrat administrations have a long history of trying to disarm the people. So why does anyone want to vote for them?

  7. Alice-Annette Schultz

    There is an easy answer to that. If a dr. asks me, I would look at him and say something like: , “Oh my! Are you a gun enthusiast? You must tell me about it! How many guns do you own?” Rather than tell him to mind his own business, which is truly NONE of his business, beat him to home plate! And if you ARE a gun owner, you will know immediately if he is or is not one. Granted, you can say it’s none of his business, but why even make him remotely suspicious that maybe you do own a gun, or several?


  9. The title “doctor” does not include the prerogative to intrude into such matters and any “medical” person asking such questions from me will get a rude reply of, “My ownership of property has nothing to do with medical matters so your question is out of line and none of your damn business.”

    • Alice-Annette Schultz

      Thanks, we just see a different way of handling it. I feel just like you do on the subject. It is NONE OF THEIR DAMNED BUSINESS!

    • In certain circumstances, it does, but those are narrow and well defined circumstances, having to do with SPECIFIC conditions in patients with SERIOUS (not all) mental illnesses, who may present a danger to themselves or others.

    • The title Doctor does not mean “infinite intelligence”.

  10. This is none of their business and I will tell any doctor or any other medical professionals the same.

  11. If “your” “doctor” asks ANYTHING about guns or anything else unnecessary for medical “treatment”, you’re an idiot if you return.

  12. Any one who answers is a bloody moron! Just another way for Oslima to try and take our guns so we are utterly at the Political sewer rats mercy!! We won’t be when we the people have term limits!!!! Hopefully air force one doesn’t make it across the ocean!

  13. I’ll NOT comply with ANYTHING obummercare, PERIOD!

  14. Ask your doctor if they have asked that question of any of their black teenage or adult males?

  15. The fact that the new SG Dr. Vivek Murthy views the “Bill of Rights” 2nd A as a “Public Health Threat” speaks volumes regarding his agenda. How about the health threat we as citizens face regarding the “Amnesty” law “O”silly man want’s implemented. Not a peep, right…! Progressives are the most hypocritical occupants of the USA. Their ideology & agenda is a clear indication of their lack of mental health. They all need to realize no matter how they try to attack the 2nd A, guns in the US of A are here to stay….

  16. 2 years ago I saw the question on a form used by a Tampa, FL hospital.

  17. WELL: If my Doctor asks me if I own or keep loaded guns in the house I will HAVE to ask HER if she is a TRAINED LICENSED GUN SMITH ? If she replies yes then I will have no other course of action to take other than say if I need my guns repaired or I need information about guns I will come and see you. For my medical needs and care I will have to find a TRAINED LICENSED MEDICAL DOCTOR. Thanks I will be seeing you for my fire arm needs.

  18. The gun laws that are on the books aren’t working, so lets pass more. Chicago has strong gun laws and 90+% of deaths are black killing black. He//, I would rather die defending myself/family than be a sitting duck for some scum that has no value for life. Yep! I’ll take my chances with a gun!

    • I beg to differ, a few more gun laws should solve the problem of guns. Can’t you just see a criminal saying, “hey! that’s against the law” they just past so
      I better not have a gun, maybe a knife or a sharp stick but a gun, that’s against the law. What utter and absolute bull shit.

      • I was being sarcastic when I said let’s pass more gun laws. Sorry if I didn’t make myself clear. NRA member, we need more gun laws like the US needs more of Obama.
        O = One
        B = Big
        A = As s
        M = MISTAKE
        A. = AMERICA


        • I knew you were being sarcastic, I was just adding to your sarcasm. That’s been my position for years, all the gun laws in the world won’t change a thing. It makes good fodder for the politicians and gullible public. Sharon, we’re on the same page. Hope you had a nice holiday, Merry Christmas.

        • Sharon: I like that! It is exactly what onama stands for!
          Could not have said it better!

  19. Guns are injurious to your health, cars are injurious to your health, life is injurious to your health, the democratic party is injurious to your mental health.

  20. Obummer care still haven’t signed up, and will not. Communist manifesto pure and simple. They can give me a big wet kiss where the sun don’t shine.

    • Might want to rethink that; you don’t know where that mouth has been, and the human mouth is far more hazardous as a germ carrying orifice than the nether region

  21. When your doctor asks you if you have firearms just do what obama does, lie.

  22. Break the doctor patient confidential agreement and sign Z paper. Is this the job of our federal government. Just more overreach by a runaway power mad Liberal Progressive fascist motivated government.

  23. The question is probably on the form you fill out about your health history. I doubt he will ask you directly. If that’s the case then skip the question. If not, put your hand behind your back, cross your fingers and say no.

  24. Can’t these meddling leftist big-government addicts stay the heck out of our business? What a pack of nanny wannabes… I already suggested to my family members that if that question does come up, either refuse to answer it or LIE and say we don’t have any. It is NONE of the damn government’s business.

  25. Yes I have GUNS. and NO you can’t have them. End of Discussion.


  27. The question the Feds. & B.O. should be asking doctors is why don’t you notify the local police & sheriffs when they put ANY PATIENT on “Mind Altering Prescriptions for “Depression, ADHD, or any mental condition. These are what has caused many of the Mass Killings. It’s not the guns but the “Mentally Unstable,” who are taking these drugs that scramble peoples brains to the extent that they’ll kill their own parents & relatives. Patients on these drugs should not be able to buy or access any weapons-PERIOD! A nation-wide data system should be established to track these drugs & whose on them! What a cheap fix! The Feds. are making a lot of money from the pharmaceutical companies & so are the doctors who’ll write the prescription when any “spoiled child” shows up & claims it’s due to ADHD! Get a clue America-Mental Illness is a huge problem as well as the FEDS!

    • Quiet Glenn! They are already trying to stop anyone who may have been prescribed medications from any previous temporary disorder from registration, ownership, or carry rights. So if your Mama died, and you took it hard and took some pills your Doc. gave you, Sorry! Yer outta luck!

      • They need to draw a “Fine Line” on what these medications are prescribed for because the govt. will screw up anything that’s in the “gray area!” There is some nasty stuff out there that some docs will give patients ( spoiled kids) ADHD that completely change ones personality. One definitely needs to watch the few rights that we have left to be sure the Feds. don’t crab them, also. We have some scary times ahead of us! Good luck! If you want a Concealed Pistol Permit or Carry you’d better get it real soon! The Utah one seems to cover more states.

  28. Molon labe Barry

  29. I’m a physician & I will never ask anyone about gun ownership. However, I can imagine, if, for example, a patient of mine kills another person, the victim’s attorney try file a lawsuit against me. It might get thrown out but then I will have to answer for a malpractice lawsuit to licensing boards, hospitals and insurance companies for the rest of my life.

    In just about every jurisdiction in the country, physicians have to list every malpractice lawsuits ever filed against him. You also have to list them on many hospital staff applications and insurance company participation application. This is a fact of life, guys. And it is an example of how government will twist anything it can, in ways beyond comprehension to intrude into every aspect of life.

    • What is someone says N/A?

      • That could eliminate the liability but if a physician doesn’t ask the question & it’s recommended by various authorities, he could be liable.

        • I can’t imagine that they would not ask the question and that is the reason for saying patient saying N/A.
          So I guess you will ask it or quit the profession because you would lose your insurance if you do not do it and something happens or take a chance and only ask of the people that you think have an personal issue.

  30. I would say no, I do not keep LOADED firearms in my home.

  31. re;maria-1 sorry i am not a demo, just read between the lines

    • Good, simple solution. I was asked once and told the MD that I spent 40 yrs in Army service, am an NRA member, and do not keep guns in my home. I forgot to say that the revolver is in my pocket holster and the other revolver is in my ankle holster.

  32. It’s all about state control…they havn’t figured out that communism doesn’t work…and socialism only works till you run out of other peoples money….that same doctor should reduce his prices and do more free clinical work..volunteer and donate his money…

  33. the good doctor could ask me all he wanted. the answer will always be the same, “none of your phucking business”.

  34. One does not have to answer such questions. If my doctor were to pose the question, which I, seriously doubt she ever would, I would politely answer that is confidential. I would change physicians.

  35. Re the proverbial Dumb Question” silence is the best answer, or so it seems to me. Of course,the patient can always change doctors,even under the Emperor Obama, the individual can still do that, thought what with “medical insurance” being as it is, other constraints might be found in the mix. Silence is always a viable answer.

  36. I had a fella ask Me one time before a polygraph test about
    carrying a gun in a 7-11 store after I had been robbed and
    when I laid a 6″ Colt Python on the desk he didn’t ask any
    stupid questions about guns. BTW I was the night manager
    of the store.


  38. When Doctors ask politicians kids “Does your Daddy bring home men to sleep with?” First.

  39. Our prediatrician included that question in their questionaire to fill at every visit and guess what? They are no longer our pediatricians. Our private insurance money now is going somewhere else. And yes I live in FL and they dared to put that on a questionaire.

  40. it will always be what guns ?

  41. AnonymouseIsAWoman

    One needs to ask the physician who asks the question what their qualifications are to teach firearms safety, and if they are willing to write and sign a document detailing their education and training on the subject. Ditto for those who ask stupid questions about what breed of dog or livestock one keeps.

  42. Guns? Guns are old hat now. I got a Drone for Christmas that can fly to 10,000 feet and hover. Seems FAA is more worried that there are 1,000’s of drones received as Christmas gifts and maybe hazardous to Air Traffic Control.

  43. Shame on you for this poorly written article admin. As you half-heartedly mention in one sentence, no law requires/mandates/suggests/implies doctors ask this question, and no law requires any patient to give an answer even if they were asked. If your doctor asks you this and you don’t like it, tell them, or find another doctor.

  44. Like I would answer that.Let the Feds come and find out.

  45. I think everyone in America should be taught how to use fire arms in a safe and controlled program. Kids starting in kindergarden and up should be taught gun safety. There should be mandatory programs run by shooting sports and hunting clubs to show proper gun handling and safety. Then the doctors won’t have to ask if we use or have guns, they will know.

  46. Passing along such information violates the Hippocratic oath.
    Find out who made this regulation, publicize it, and expose the anti-honesty intrusion of the government into a doctor’s practice. Except for the Am College of Physicians (internal medicine) and Pediatric societies, doctors are vehemently opposed to this. Try getting support for even asking about guns to the Am College of Surgeons members.
    Murthy was not/is not qualified to be Surgeon General, and has a minority of support among doctors:

    1. His gun control stance…none of his business.

    2. Born in England.

    3. Was very active in “Doctors for Obama.” Most doctors have very negative feelings about Obama. Name change to “Doctors for America.” Some would argue that Obama is against America. Doctors for Obama is sort of like Jews for Hitler.

    4. A smart guy, but one who has done so little medical practice, and that within academic walls. He has no concept of what it is like to be a practicing physician outside academia.

    5. Voted in by only 51 votes…one Republican, all the rest Democrats. Three Democrats voted against him. Without Harry Reid’s changing the law from 60 votes to a majority, he would stand no chance of confirmation.

    6. Elected by using the lame ducks..those Senators who were voted out of office for many reasons, often because of their anti-American vote for Obamacare. Those Senators had no business voting on Obama appointments. Almost like Marbury vs Madison.

  47. If a doctor asks me about my gun ownership, I will start asking him or her very pointed questions about his/her sex life, especially the couple’s favorite positions and why.

  48. And it is none of there damned business and I will find a new doctor.

  49. No their not. This bit of the conservative lie machine just won’t seen to die. Here’s the real facts of the matter: If, during an examination, a doctor thinks that a patients mental condition is such that he may be suicidal, he is bound by law to ask if there are things like guns at home that he may use to harm himself. That’s it. Now everyone, take a deep breath, relax. Repeat.

  50. This tyranny creating wannabe dictator has to be indicted & thrown in prison without bail to await his trial for treason his many violations of U.S. Laws while destroying U.S. Citizens National Security ..! 6 yrs too much bo must go ..!

  51. This has been going on for quite awhile. About three years ago, when I did my Medicare Wellness check up, my doctors assistant came in and asked me a slew of questions. These were read at a fast rate so you would answer the first thing that came to mind. Actually you were being ‘interrogated’.

  52. Man, would I have fun with that. “This is my rifle, this is my gun, this one’s for shootin’, and this one’s for fun!

  53. I’ve got a great doctor that I have been going to for 20+ years. If she were to ask me that question, I would simply quote Obamacare and refuse to answer.

    If pushed, I would politely tell her it eas nobody’s business but mine. Thank her for her years of service to my family and explain why I would be seeking another doctor.

    I would be disappointed, but there is no reason to be angry at someone who is being illegally coerced to do something to which they may be opposed.

    Loss of income or loss of job is a horrible strong-arm tactic, but completely believeable by this bully-pulpit, lawbreaking administration..

  54. You had better warn your kids also. I told my grandson over a year ago that this would happen. Two days later, his doctor asked him and he just said, “No.”. There is really no medical basis for asking a patient this.

  55. This is the same as my children came home from school with a sheet of questions about their home live that the teacher had no right to be asking.


  57. Isn’t that Hitler was able to make the population succumb to his horrific deeds? Wake up America, this president is taking away our rights one by one to make the population subservient to his increasing takeover. He hates America and shows it in every move he makes. His approach is having a reverse effect, more people are purchasing guns to defend themselves against the rampant invasion of the invaders coming across our OPEN BORDERS and he doesn’t care what their status is – isn’t that how the terrorists enter this country during Bill Clinton’s presidency?

  58. I would just say, “Thank you for asking” and then just shut-up and smile.

  59. Ok, first off, that isn’t the role of the Gubment, but that doesn’t stop this bunch of frat boys from sticking their nose into this, so it should come as not surprise. I like the suggestion that Doctors refuse to take OC over, or at least until they [the feds]show up with guns and force them to see the OC patients. You know we “the people,” really have all the power to change this train wreck. It would take or cost us a lot, but the masses are asleep. Yes we are starting to wake, but until there is enough outrage that motivates people to become activist, educate themselves and then put the squeeze on their elected servants, we will continue to read stories like this. I’m just saying…

    • I have a primary care doctor, a spine doctor and an orthopedic doctor all from different clinics and none associated with the other and none of them take OC plans. They don’t profit from them.

  60. my answer to this question is, gun ownership or non-gun ownership has nothing to do with why i am here: i am here for healthcare, not to answer questions about my private life outside the doctor’s office

  61. It is no one’s business unless you have been charged with a crime involved with firearms! It is an invasion of YOUR privacy and a violation of your RIGHT to it! This is simply ANOTHER example of the creeping Tyranny and lust for dictatorship coming from this incompetent and inept, lawless in itself and Unconstitutional administration held neither responsible, nor accountable for IT’S transgressions against perfectly Law abiding American Citizens and trying to criminalize a constitutionally guarantee RIGHT! In any case, If asked, NO ONE SHOULD FEEL COMPELLED TO ANSWER AS IT IS NO ONE’S BUSINESS BUT YOUR OWN!

  62. wonder why i can’t tweet from this site…if i click on the twitter link, it gives me “error in creating tweet,” if i copy and paste the url into my twitter feed it won’t let me post that way either…is this site blocked by twitter?

  63. If I should get asked ,my reply would be .

  64. My answer would be SUCK IT !!!!

  65. arab: I plan on giving much the same answer if I am asked by my physician or anyone else I may need to see in the medical profession.

  66. They’ve been doing that for awhile, and my answer was . . . it’s no one’s business.

  67. I may have deleted my post, so I’m writing it again.

    They have been doing this for awhile. When my doctor very apologetically asked me if we had guns in the house, I answered by telling her it was no one’s business and I wasn’t going beyond that. She perfectly understood.

  68. If i get ask about Gun from my Doc … I think i will tell Doc some one needs to shove gun up Muslim azzz .. End story

  69. Doctor ask me about guns. Answer; Guns, what guns?? Besides that it appears the question is something like “do you keep guns in your home”? If I were so to be asked that question, I could honestly say “no I do not” ! ( Mine are all in the garage in my safe). And another ‘besides that’, both my doctors are members of the same gun club that I belong to.

  70. Nobody, a patient or otherwise has to answer dumb questions, so far as I know.

  71. If the Doc asked me, I would show him mine. I learned from Carl Maulden. “Never leave home without one.”

  72. I would tell them to stick to health issues That they are out of their realm. That way the answer is not clear.

  73. Nobody tells me that I have to answer any such dumb questions, assuming that they are asked, and in my experience, they haven’t been.

  74. Un-freakin’-believable! That SOB in the White House (it really s/b called the BLACK house nowadays!) and his fat-ass wife

  75. Doctor,

    If I have guns in my home, they’re thoroughly cleaned, not carrying any disease, and they don’t engage in dangerous intercourse. Next question.

  76. Should be renamed to Doctors Being Told to Mind Their Own Business.

  77. The goverment can go to hell and the Doctors had best stay with their medicine….PERIOD….

  78. Thanks God here in Florida we have a specific law against doctors asking that question.

  79. The perfect answer if your doctor ask would be, “doctor , does your wife swallow or spit it? ” ,Im sure there would be no more stupid questions after that.

  80. This is an act of a Hitler wanna be. This crap has gotta stop,after all this is America not third world country.

  81. How about taking the fifth? My doctor has not asked me and I don’t believe she will if she hasn’t by now.

  82. Only an unstable person with no brains would ever tell anyone they have anything of value!! Especially now!! They will b e the first invaded!!

  83. Just had my “Welcome to Medicare” appointment with my Dr. When asked if there was a firearm in the house, I stated… “That’s no one’s business.” Kind of surprised the Dr., but I reiterated and was told they would leave it blank. I don’t care what they put in the “space.” It’s no one’s business.

  84. Not new, asked 4/5 years ago via Medicare Wellness check up.

  85. I just had my yearly physical with my republican doctor, he never mentioned guns. Thank you Doctor Collins!!

  86. And we’ll continue to tell them its none of their business ! Thank God we live in a state that isn’t totally ran by ignorant liberals ! Doctors here won’t ask that question because they know what the answer will be ! Its bad enough we’re stuck with King Obamas new insurance laws add this to the mix and they’ll be trouble everywhere ! If you don’t have Obama care then King Obama is taking apart the insurance you have piece by piece and if your work place and insurance doesn’t do what their told to do their fined a lot of money and some businesses will close ! We found out we have to pay as a couple the first 6,000$ before they’ll pay a dime of our medical care and medicine every year , in other words we will be paying all our medical bills and medicine bills every year ! We are in the middle class and it was rough going to the doctor before the idiot new laws started and now we’ll only go in an emergency and since I had a heart attack last year I have to go at least once a year to see my cardiologist to get my heart meds which I take 4 different kinds /day and the visit alone will cost a lot and so will my heart meds /month ! So the middle class will get screwed totally under this idiots new laws ! The poor already get medical care so the only ones that will do well under his great Obama Care will be the rich ! How many couples in the middle class can afford 6000.$ /year ? Single people have to pay the first 3000. $ ! And for all the idiots who believe the TV ad saying its free think again because its a load of crap and if your unemployed without insurance when its time for a tax refund which most people look forward to every year well you won’t be getting that refund if you haven’t any insurance and just because their taking your tax refund doesn’t mean you’ll have insurance no its a FEE FOR NOT HAVING INSURANCE !!! When tax time rolls around a lot of people are going to be really pissed off at King Obama ! I dare them to ask me if I own a gun !

  87. I would politely tell them it is no ones business what I own or do not own…

  88. When I need to answer medical questions I’ll go see my Doctor. When I need Firearms Ammo, Parts, Repair or Advice, I’ll visit my Local Firearms Dealer. Sort of like, you don’t ask people what their income is, this question is only proper in Patients seeing Psychiatric Doctors dealing with potentially deadly to themselves and others issues.
    Guess I was just raised in a different Generation then today’s. I was taught there are certain things you just do not ask others, such as: Their Religion, Their Income and/or Savings and Finally Their Politics, as these Topics will likely get you more problems than useful answers

  89. A few years ago, my daughter’s pediatrician asked her if there were any guns in the house. She was only 8 years old but looked at the doctor and asked: “Why is that any of your business, Dr. Nosey?”

    When the Doctor looked at me, I simply said I agreed with her.

  90. The only people who will get free healthcare will be the same people who get it now ! The bull crap liberals and the liberal media and King Obama are trying to feed the American people about Obama Care is pure bull crap ! My sister a liberal called the so called government number thinking because she’s unemployed she’d get free insurance and to her shock she was told NO she’d have to pay for it !!! That changed her liberal mind about King Obama and she thinks the TV ads are misleading ! My son is unemployed and has no insurance and was told he wouldn’t be getting a tax refund this year because he has no insurance ! Some people need that tax refund and a lot of people look forward to it each year and that includes everyone in both parties so when tax time comes around a lot of people are going to be pissed off at King Obama & liberals and no matter how much liberals and the liberal media and King Obama try and candy coat it their Obama Care laws are going to stir up a lot of anger at tax time and when it comes to taxes PEOPLE NEVER FORGET ESPECIALLY IF THEY WERE SUPPOSE TO GET A TAX REFUND !

  91. Just so NO

  92. Apprpriate response: “Whether I do or not it is of no concern to you!”

  93. So if 28,000 young people died over eleven years from faulty furnaces or electrical problems in the home, would you not consider that a health risk? Something that a doctor might ask about? That is how many died from guns 2002-2012. Gun owners need to get over the paranoia and accept that guns are dangerous and need to be treated as such. The next question from the doctor would be about how secure is the weapon(s) so that children cannot access them. That is an average of seven children a day. Nice huh?

  94. LOCK AND LOAD is coming
    how much of this bull s#$@% are we going to take?

  95. I was in the ER a month ago and was asked if I had been armed when checking in. It shocked me and I asked her to repeat, which she did. I told her, “only with my mouth.”

    BTW, I am An 80 yr old woman who CAN shoot

  96. The solution is simple,the answer is no. If the doctor isn’t happy with that answer that’s his problem.

  97. Should a Doctor ask me questions pertaining to a Gun. He/She would quickly have to answer the question of what that has to do with my health? That followed with, that is none of their f’ng business and to fk off. Then I would gather my stuff and advise them they just lost ANOTHER Client.

  98. WELL: If my Doctor asks me about guns I will ask the Doctor if he or she is a gunsmith if he or she says yes then I will say OK I will go to a medical doctor If they say no then I will tell them I will go to a gun smith about my guns and him or her for Medical problems.!!

  99. Male Doctor to male patient: Do you keep a loaded firearm in your home? Patient to doctor: When was the last time you had anal sex with another man?

    Just ask a question right back that is sure to embarrass these doctors asking questions having nothing to do with your current health…

  100. It ought to be required from pediatricians to ask parents of their patients about loaded guns.

    • Sure and they should ask if you smoke cigarettes, marijuana, drink alcohol, have any prescription meds just for starters. Is this what you want, a Police state?

      • Have you ever been to a doctor? Doctors routinely ask questions about the items you listed.

        • I suppose it hinges on what ASK means. A form with check boxes is not the same as asking in my opinion. The check box form does not ask about firearms.

          • It should. A loaded gun is far more dangerous than a smoking cigarette.

          • Actually, a loaded firearm is not as dangerous as a smoking cigarette. The cigarette smoke is poison, a loaded gun is still not doing anything.

  101. GUN? What gun? The only “gun” I have produced 4 beautiful daughters.

  102. I know a fellow who was asked if he had A gun in the house. He was able to truthfully say “no” because he had a safe full of them.

  103. I can tell you what my response would be to that question but they wont put in out on this link.

  104. PLEAD THE 5TH………..

  105. These days I wouldn’t feel comfortable answering that question on any kind of questionnaire. Unless I was speaking to my family, friend or fellow NRA member.

  106. There is a little issue of doctor patient privilege involved here as well. Just tell them it is none of their business and it is illegal to share that info. with the government.

  107. I would say yes I do it’s between my legs, I call it my peter gun.

  108. N.O.Y.B. I refrained from adding another descriptive adjective to the phrase….just in case some one does no know NOYB means NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS….”Nuff said”!

  109. Simple answer, ” None of your business.”

  110. DR. MURTHY AND OBAMA can lick me where I pee!!

  111. Asking ny questions other than HEALTH QUESTIONS that I paid to get treatment on and I am gone! This is another BOZO THE OVAL OFFICE CLOWNS WAY TO CONFISCATE GUNS!

  112. my doctor asks that he gets a size 13 boot in the nads

  113. Impeach Obama before he destroys what little we have of the constitution.

  114. It’s none of the federal government’s business if,you own guns.This is just another way for Muslim Barrack Hussein Obama to tr

  115. Guns in the home cause thousands of needless deaths every year so it is excellent medical advice to suggest people not have guns in their home or anywhere else

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