Doctor Asking About Your Guns? This Group Wants to Help

From watching the news coverage of this controversial topic, you would tentatively come to the conclusion that everyone in the medical profession thinks that a person’s primary physician should be able to ask probing questions about his patients’ gun ownership details. And as recent Florida court decisions have concluded, doctors may have the right – if not the duty – to inquire as to how their patients interact with guns.

But not all medical professionals agree.

Now, the Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership – a coalition of healthcare specialists who support the Second Amendment – are launching an initiative aimed at giving law-abiding gun owners a resource with which they can choose a physician who will…mind his own business.

In a press release, DRGO project director Dr. Arthur Przebinda said, “Medicine has an institutional bias against guns. Patients should be able to obtain healthcare services from providers who respect their rights. We are recruiting providers of all kinds. We hope soon to start connecting patients and providers.”

Florida courts recently struck down some of the integral provisions of a state law prohibiting physicians from asking their patients about their gun ownership. Residents there and around the country are increasingly concerned about the evaporating state of privacy, especially as it pertains to medical visits and the Second Amendment. Will doctors report gun ownership to the insurance companies, eventually giving those companies an excuse to raise premiums? Will they catalog your ownership, creating an “off the books” gun registry that could eventually be subpoenaed by the federal government?

Even if those dark scenarios don’t come to pass, plenty of gun owners simply don’t feel like hearing a lecture from their doctor about exercising a constitutionally-protected right. Despite what some national healthcare groups might insinuate, there is absolutely nothing in a doctor’s educational background to make him an authority on firearms safety, to say nothing of your constitutional rights. By allowing doctors to inquire aggressively about a patient’s gun ownership, we are at risk of violating the bonds of trust between doctor and patient, which could have healthcare consequences that go well beyond a gun in the home.

Whether or not you have access to a DRGO doctor who is committed to avoiding uncomfortable and unnecessary questions about your gun ownership, you certainly have the right to refuse to answer those questions. And if the doctor doesn’t like it, tough. As the consumer in this equation, you have the power. And you certainly don’t have any legal duty to divulge information about your gun ownership to your family physician.

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  1. My opinion is that if you are promoting conservation of wildlife through helping in population control while feeding yourself or your family, or defending yourself or that of your family members physicians need to mind their own business and keeping their noses out of your 2nd Amendment Rights is not minding their own business.

  2. If this “question” comes up (and has before), I do NOT answer, but take a card out of my wallet I printed on my computer and hand it to them. Feel free to print your own.

    This card states: Message to doctor and/or representative. The information you are asking me to provide has no bearing on the condition of my Health and is NONE of the government’s business. The government has NO RIGHT to promise you HIGHER payouts in exchange for MY personal information. (Enough said without speaking a word).

    • you got to be a vet. Love it

    • Well Done Sir! I as are many other weapons owners, share your position on this infringement of not only the 2nd amendment, but our personal freedoms with regard to attaining quality healthcare without the threat of government intrusion. Especially where it doesn’t belong.

      Your designed message for intrusive healthcare snoopers is very succinct and right to the point.

      If the scenario ever presents itself, I may elect to accept your suggestion or simply advise any intrusive gun control question with a “None of your business, Next question” response.

    • Or turn the discussion back on him/her by asking about his/her interest in guns and what sort he/she has, without volunteering your own.

      • I would NEVER do that mainly because these Doctors are told if they can get the “information” out of you, THEY will get a higher FEE paid to them over and above your deductible for doing just what the “government” wants them to. If you make the mistake of doing what you are suggesting, MOST doctors would take that as a “YES” because you show an interest in firearms. Best to give them the message “card” I posted above and there would be no second-guessing WHERE you stand.

        • By turning it to THEIR interest without demonstrating any particular interest of your own, other than in their own interest, you really don’t give anything away, and they’re going to read any “non-responsive” response however they choose to read it anyway. That’s human nature and especially medical critters’ nature. Being an old nurse, I do have an inkling how they think.

          • I said this because my cousin (Marine) was asked this very question, and he told the nurse it was NONE of her business, SO it was put down that he “more than likely” (being ex-military) owned firearms, and was “hostile” to the question. So you are indeed correct that these medical personnel WILL put down anything they want, if there is an incentive of extra amount of “pay” involved for obtaining “information”.

          • Exactly; anything we answer other than what they want to hear will be recorded however that person chooses to record it based on benefit to self, not you.

          • Why not just say no? Who gives a shit if you lie to Dr over something like that and unless they search your home they’ll never know the difference.

          • It really doesn’t matter what we say, if it’s not the response they want to hear or they think we’re not being honest, they’ll mark it thus anyway.

        • I do not like to lie; but, if a doctor asked I would tell him no. Telling him it is none of his business will just make him assume you do own guns.

      • Or, since my doc’s a car guy I’d flex my biceps and say “these are the only guns I’ve got”, then I’d ask him if he still believed his ’66 Pony car could take my ’67 Vette, duh, whole new discussion….

    • Remember Nancy Reagan’s motto although on a different subject “just say no”? By showing your card you have just told the doctor that you are a gun owner by default.

      • My cousin (Marine) tried saying “NO” and it was none of their business. He was put down as “hostile” to the question and put down as a gun owner anyhow. No matter WHAT we do or say, if there is an incentive of “extra money” for “information” these medical people will put down exactly what the “government” wants.

        • When he said it was none of their business; they assumed he did own guns. That is why a simple no is sufficient.

          • Not really…If there is more MONEY involved if they give the “government” the information they WANT to hear, these “doctors” (and their assistants) will put down anything if it means more PROFIT.

          • If they did that with me I would file a complaint with the insurance company saying they make thongs up then get others who see the dame Dr to file complaints against him too. When the insurance company starts investigating it they put the Dr on notice. The Dr will never know you filed the complaint because the insurance company doesn’t say who filed it they usually don’t even ask your name. I filed a complaint against my former pcp for something not related to this but they never asked my name.

        • Just day no without saying none of your business and if you do it with the right kind of smile they’ll never know the difference.

  3. My answer has always been NONE YA. It’s none of your business if I have guns, knives or anything else.

  4. I live in Florida and no physician has ever even broached the idea of gun use with me. If he did, I’d tell him I own two hand guns for personal protection and nothing he could say, or do, would deter me from continuing that position. Period.

  5. It’s none of their business!
    Ask things of my health, not my ownership.
    Only problem with owning guns are the criminals problem..!!

  6. I truly know that MD’s at the office have enough paper work to fill out after a physical examination . They must be being paid extra by the government to collect this information. A Retired RN.

  7. I-sure-thought-I-Heard-Obama-say-we-ae-not-after-your-Guns-but-He-lies-everytime-his-lips-MOVE-PERIOD

  8. My doctor’s assistant asked me about gun ownership. I politely responded that I do not answer any questions pertaining to any of my Constitutional rights, and your inquiry is an example of which I speak.
    She continued with a reason due to children in the house. My response was, I’m old enough to be your grandfather and I don’t have any kids running around. There are data bases that provide the information on legaly owned fire arms and law enforcement can do a background check if needed.
    The question never came up at future visits.

    • The children comment is when I would have asked her for a point of contact for her licensing board and demanded a patient satisfaction survey.

  9. If your doctor wants to be a jerk about it make a complaint to his licensing board. That gets their attention. Also ask for a patient satisfaction survey. Negative surveys can affect government funding of the clinic. If your doctor refuses to treat you unless you answer his questions on guns, then you have a valid medical board complaint for patient abandonment.

  10. I’d no sooner give info about guns in my home than I would give an inventory of any gold, silver, jewelry, art, antiques or cash. Frankly, it’s no ones effing business what’s in my home.

  11. It’s none of my doctors business or anyone else for that matter. Guns are my business!

  12. I tell them it’s an antique gun handed down through generations.

  13. One of my Dr’s asked me if I had guns. I asked him a couple questions and he said for me to forget about his gun question.
    I asked him, “what time do you go to work every morning? and “does your wife like anal?”
    He’s never mentioned my guns again.

  14. My Doctor knows that I own 2 guns. That’s as far as it goes. No more talk or questions about my 2 firearms. My Doctor asked my the other day if I still kept my pistol in me walker. I said N0 it’s now in a Gun Safe. My Doctor said good idea. End of discussion.

  15. This is just one of Obama’s sneaky tactics to get around our 2nd Amendment rights by formulating an illegal list of legal gun owners for the sole purpose of future government confiscation.

    Liberals want to call us “gun nuts” because we have a legitimate concern about them sending goons dressed in flak jackets, helmets, body armor, and carrying automatic rifles to bust down our doors, just like what has historically been done in every country that suspended their citizens’ right to defend itself against a tyrannical and oppressive government.

    I told my doctor that I don’t own any firearms just to shut him up, and then went shopping for another doctor.

  16. The problem with any answer like “none of your business”, etc….or even….”I’m not going to answer that as your question is irrelevant”…..or even…” Not going to answer as it has no medical basis or is protected on constitutional grounds”….any one of these—> is this. They will immediately write down “owns guns”……as who else would object?. This happened to me at my doctor’s office, and ( for better or worse), I answered, :” Without admitting anything whether I own guns or not, and don’t assume anything from my response either way….I will not answer this question as I find it an unsuitable question for a medical provider to ask me”. Might still do no good but I went this extra step. Maybe the best thing to say is simply, “I do not wish to answer.”

  17. The ONLY time any doc needs to know if you have any weapons of any sort is if you express to him/her active suicidal or homicidal ideation. THEN, and then only, does he/she need to be asking about your weapons. Otherwise, it’s none of his/her business whatever; it has NO bearing on your health care.

  18. My PCP told me to ignore the note on the door of the clinic that says no firearms permitted. He was formerly a doctor in the army and that is just one of the reasons I choose him.

  19. What does gun ownership have to do with your health?

  20. 2nd amendment questions are not the business of doctors.

  21. I wish my doc WOULD ask if I have guns in my house so I can tell her it’s none of her effin’ business. . . . .

  22. Never had a doctor ask about guns, but then again as I don’t talk shop with people I’m not familiar with the subject would end with their question.
    I classify people by how I know them and only close friends and family know that much about me. Friends (not close) and acquaintances I don’t open up to about anything personal. I put my doctor in the class of acquaintances ….I don’t go to the doctor much, maybe less than 10 times in the last 10-15 years. So why would I talk about something that is not only a hot button subject with so many people but I have a very large investment in my shooting endeavors…not good to open up to an acquaintance in my opinion.
    Then there are strangers….I don’t have my lifetime membership to the NRA or the fact I was a Marine advertised by placing a sticker on my truck. I don’t care if someone does, that’s fine…it’s just something I took from my grandfather…keep your family and close friends in your inner circle, everyone else be good to.

  23. NoMoreMarxistsInDC

    Simple answer to that question: “Doctor, you don’t have the right to infringe on my constitutional rights. If you don’t stop, I will have to file a complaint against you with the Board of Medical Examiners for infringing upon my inalienable rights”. That usually ends the conversation right there.

  24. The doctor’s office is just one more venue that the anti-gun tyrants are trying to use to take away our freedom. My family is lucky in that our pediatrician is a NRA member and an active member of one of the local gun clubs. When our first child was born, my obgyn sent us to him. She is a gun owner too and member of our gun club. We entered his waiting room and saw a large Eddie Eagle poster with the program literature next to the magazine rack. If your doctor has Moms Demand or Everytown literature instead of Eddie Eagle, you might want to consider changing doctors. Find one through DRGO or check with your Friends of the NRA or gun club to locate a good one. Definitely avoid the AMA or AARP recommended docs since both of those organizations are anti-gun.

  25. Nancy Reagan had it right! Just say “NO” and move on. You are under no obligation to tell the truth to your doctor about anything. Although you might want to tell them the truth about health questions and issues, everything else is off the table. If there is insurance involved you will have to prove who you are to insure you are not receiving benefits you are not entitled to. But if you are paying cash for the service I don’t think you even need to tell them your name or address. Pick up the results in person and why would you need to provide an address, or even a phone number. After all, undocumented aliens have been receiving health care this way for years.

  26. Funny, I first asked my doctor about his gun ownership because I had heard he was a shooter. Turned out to be a neat guy and a great doctor, but then I live in Texas … not California.

  27. I always tell doctors/nurses I don’t have any guns. Right after I speak about hunting trips. If they ask about the gun thing again, I tell them I borrow the guns. It isn’t any of their business!

  28. I do not care what my doctor ask me! My conversations usually are centered on my health. Any questions on any sort of weapons is NOT related to the primary subject of my visit. Simply do not address or respond to the subject of weapons unless you both are into the subject.

  29. Do not answer any questions your Dr asks about guns. That can go on a federal database. If you Dr wants to be a jerk about it, make a complaint to his licensing board. If he refuses to see you, complain to the licensing board about patient abandonment. Also ask for a patient satisfaction survey. Negative surveys impact on federal funding of clinics and can have an adverse impact on continued employment of that Dr.

  30. Tell the doctor that ain’t none of his sucking business whether I have an armada in my basement I am here for him to provide me with self-care in regard to the illness that I am telling him about and that is all. It sounds to me like he is a product of Germany in 1942 Hitler’s army.

  31. No, these reports will not necessarily go to your insurance company, but will most assuredly go to the CDC for determining if you are a risk to yourself or others, which will then be determined whether or not you get to keep your guns. This is a “backdoor” strategy of the Obama administration to take guns away from people! If you have a disease, if you have trouble sleeping, if your job causes you stress, if you worry a lot, if you have a political opinion, if you like to hunt, if you’re a military veteran, etc., these are reasons to consider you unfit and a mental disorder and therefore should not posses guns!

  32. I think this falls under non of your business

  33. The most read article on the internet about gun control: The Truth About Gun Control:

  34. Step inside my house at 3AM without permission and you’ll find out if I’m a gun owner real quick, Doc. Other than that – nonya bizness.

  35. If a doctor asks if you own or have guns in the house, just tell him NO. It is none of their GD business.

  36. Invasion of privacy, one of your damn business. Who would be stupid enough to answer a question like that. That would the last visit to that doctor…

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