Do Midterms Voters Really Care About The Economy?

According to the newest Gallup Poll, the economy appears to be the main issue on the minds of U.S. registered voters. The poll showed that 49 percent said the economy was a key issue they would take into consideration before voting for Congress. Other issues that appeared to be on the forefront of people’s minds included abortion, 42 percent, and crime, 40 percent.

Following the overturning of Roe v. Wade, abortion rights and access have become central issues that Democrats are focusing on. This appears to also be a key issue for female voters. Republicans on the other hand have focused more on crime.

Other important issues according to the Gallup poll include, gun policy and migration which around 38 and 37 percent of voters respectively have said they will consider ahead of the elections.

Only around 31 percent have said that relations with Russia would influence their vote, while around 26 percent noted that climate change would affect their votes.

The ranking appears to have remained the same since June with a few exceptions. Gun policy which following the Uvalde school shooting had been important to 55 percent of voters has now dropped and only 17 percent of voters still view it as an important issue.

Republicans and Democrats have also been focusing on different issues ahead of the election. Republicans have placed their attention on the economy, immigration, and crime, while Democrats have mainly focused on abortion access, climate change, and gun policy.

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  1. Bemused Berserker

    Somehow I doubt Abortion is that high on the list of priorities. Other polls show Abortion to be much further down the list (like 8th or 9th place).
    I don’t put much faith in polls, because pollsters have a tendency to oversample potential Democrat voters. Oversampling skews the results.

  2. The US is sick. If enough under 30 voters cast their votes – who are for killing kids via abortion but want guns removed to prevent killing kids – the Democrats will maintain the majority.

  3. Do Midterms Voters Really Care About the Economy? Absolutely not! We are all worried about promiscuous women, we don’t know, who repeatedly engage in unsafe sex, at will, with strangers and then want the US taxpayers to fix their predicament… by paying for their abortion!

  4. In answer to the authors question” Do Midterms Voter Really Care About the Economy”, I reply simply,
    Only If They have a Brain!

  5. Tom and fubar you said it perfectly but the big problem with the under 30 group is they’re uneducated idiots, at least the ones where I live in New York, New York codified abortions into law and to have it changed is almost impossible but again these idiot women don’t have a clue.
    Their main concern is abortion while the seniors and middle class families that are living on a fixed income have to make the CHOICE between fuel to heat their houses or put food on their table for their families.
    I’m fortunate and I Thank God I am, I’m disgusted with the price of food, gas and oil to heat my house but I’m able to pay it but I walk around the supermarket and talk to myself thinking about what families and seniors are going through unfortunately these women are so self absorbed that they only think about pathetic sh*t like abortion instead of the health and well being of people.

  6. Yes we care about the economy, inflation and our energy prices. We care about child trafficking, open borders, stolen elections and green energy can be phased in not shoved up my a$$.

  7. If they don’t all they prove is that they’re utterly stupid.

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