Disney CEO Forced to Defend Against Accusations of Bias

Disney CEO Bob Iger found himself on the defensive at the company’s annual shareholders meeting in Chicago last week when a representative from the National Center for Public Policy Research grilled him on liberal bias. Asked whether the company had taken any steps to reform that bias in the wake of a scandal involving This Week host George Stephanopoulos, Iger said there was nothing to correct.

“Are we perfect? No. But I believe the overall presentation of ABC News, the reputation of ABC News, is one that we are and will continue to be proud of,” Iger said. “We’re well aware of the George Stephanopoulos situation. I watch George often. George is a person of integrity. We believe that George is presenting to his public a fair and unbiased look at news.”

Iger said that he had reviewed interviews Stephanopoulos had conducted with the 2016 presidential candidates and concluded that the former Clinton strategist was fair. “He seems to be equally aggressive in terms of looking for criticism, looking for applause, demanding facts and opinions from all of them,” Iger said. “I assure you, if we felt George was not presenting it fairly or were bias, he would not be on our air. It’s something we take very, very seriously, and we monitor closely.”

That Stephanopoulos had a long history of involvement with the Clintons was never a secret, but viewers were taken aback when it was revealed that he had donated $75,000 to the Clinton Foundation over the last three years. The revelation came just after Stephanopoulos grilled conservative author Peter Schweizer, whose book Clinton Cash argues that Hillary and Bill used her position as secretary of state to trade political favors for donations. The reports forced Stephanopoulos to make a public apology.

“I should have gone the extra mile to avoid even the appearance of a conflict,” he said on GMA. “I apologize to all of you for failing to do that.”

While Stephanopoulos recused himself from moderating the network’s presidential debates in the wake of the controversy, he did not suffer any official penalty from ABC or parent company Disney.

The flap over donations was the biggest black mark on the network over the past year, but it was hardly the only moment liberal bias reared its ugly head at ABC News. In September, the official network website ran an article – not an opinion piece – comparing Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders to the Pope.

“The teachings of Pope Francis, 78, and campaign messages from the Brooklyn-born Sanders, 74, have a lot in common,” wrote MaryAlice Parks. “Both men share a deep frustration about the status quo and, speaking on a range issues from climate change to wealth inequality, their words echo each other.”

And of course, the network was right in line with the rest of the mainstream media in ignoring the Planned Parenthood tapes while giving unwarranted legitimacy to the Black Lives Matter movement. That bias isn’t going anywhere, but at least the CEO has to address it every now and then.

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  1. As a former refugee from a communist hell I am eerily reminded of the basic power structure in a dictatorial Marxist regime:
    1) Secretary General of the Party = Barack Hussein Obama; a Marxist and a Muslim;
    2) Politburo = his 44 czars (i.e., commissars, unelected) in the White House; these WH advisers (16 of whom are members of Muslim Brotherhood) are in charge of all federal government departments and agencies whose nominal bosses are just public figureheads;
    3) Standard Agit-Prop Office directed by the Politburo – charged with Marxist-racist Agitation and Propaganda – consisting of the members of our Main Stream Media: ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, NPR, PBS, CNN, CNBC, MTV, Associated Press, Reuters, NY Times, Washington Post, LA Times, Boston Globe, Denver Post, SF Examiner, Time Magazine, etc., and many local TV and radio stations and newspapers; note; on the other side there is only Fox (sometime).
    As you can see – ABC is an important part of that cabal, singing praises of Hussein daily.

    • MarcJ,

      Awesome post… 1 million upvotes….

      Fight the MEDIA cabal at:


      A different type of boycott that hits the cabal in the pocket book… The least we could do is make ABC, NBC, and CBS pay for their own propaganda….

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    • Thanks, MarcJ. I am a refugee from America’s tyranny, and you are soooooo right.

      • None of his “czars” know anything useful to running our government. They were chosen for their political ideals rather than knowledge and experience. That is why we have seen nothing but major bungling like Benghazi and Fast and Furious. I’m sure they get very large paydays just like Michelle’s umpteen useless assistants do. All at the taxpayers’ expense. Kind of like the spoils system, when you fall into a good deal, call all your friends to come pile on the gravy train.

        • Obama took the nation from 17% unemployment to 5% He hired some knowledgeable economists not political hacks.

          • Congratulations! You have just had your first lesson on “How to Lie With Statistics”. It’s amazing how you can manipulate the numbers simply by changing the definition of “unemployed” The people who gave up looking are no longer counted as unemployed. It’s like George Orwell’s “1984”, the principle of “lie speak”

          • You are the one lying.
            You seem to think everyone else is too lazy to look up valid facts.

          • Are you saying I lied about the Obama administration changing the definition of “unemployed” which resulted in fewer people being counted as unemployed? If so, you don’t know how to research and your head is so far up that deep dark place that you need a glass navel just to see where you are going.

          • Bush took America to 4,000+ dead Americans in each of two unecessaey wars.

            How do those statisics grab you?

          • If you have ceased to seek employment, yoi are not unemployed.
            Immigrants arw happy to take the jobs Americans do not want, or do not pay what they think they are worth.
            If you really want to work, there are jobs to be had.
            As the wife of a serviceman, I had to move about every 18 to 24 months. I did that for his entire 30 year career.
            I took many a job that I really did not want or like. It brought in a paycheck while I looked foe something more to my taste.

          • Most people who have given up couldn’t get work. They aren’t employed so they are unemployed because they will take work if they can find it. The point is that in order to make themselves look good the govt. engaged in semantics and changed a long standing definition of “unemployed”. As for foreigners taking jobs that Americans don’t want, we now know that certain dishonest employers have requested special work visas for for foreign workers claiming that they couldn’t find Americans to fill the jobs. What they did was fire the American workers who already had the jobs after they had them train their foreign replacements! All this to save a few dollars in wages and benefits! Some employers are as dishonest as our government. If you were part of a military family for 30 years I imagine you know what the term “figmo” means. lol

          • I’ll see your 5% and raise you.
            During Bill Clinton 45% of all new money went to the top 1%, under GW Bush it was 45%, under Barrack Obama 95% of all new money goes to the top 1%.
            That means that only 5% of all new money goes to the bottom 99% comprised of you, me, your neighbors, friends and family and 300 million other American citizens.

          • It’s not 5% unemployment, 20% of the unemployed are no longer on the roster list of benefit collectors and have slipped out of the count but are still unemployed and just stopped looking, now they’re on welfare, disability and social security.
            That’s what the liberal MSM doesn’t publish, Obama doesn’t want the nation to know the real truth.

        • Compared to the Iraq War, even combined. Beghazi and F&F are small potatoes.

        • Jennifer Gunther

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      • it is time for one egyptian to get rid of trump because after all trump is starting a riot soon there will be angry mobs burning down the white house into flames

        • Egor von Johnson

          Relax Jay. As a practicing psychologist I recommend you remove your soiled undergarments, give your “:kittykat” , that`s nigger talk for pussy, a good cleansing and go get laid. Suggest weekly. Your biggest problem will be finding an Egyptian with balls. Last one I new was Nasser. May he rest in peace. Perhaps locate a bar near an American Airforce base. Good luck, with your face. I think you will need some.

          • David Witenstein

            As a Vietnam Veteran Airman her face is the last thing she will have to worry about.

        • Flagged – time for a visit from Secret Service.

          • David Witenstein

            I wait daily for the Secret Circus. I’m still waiting maybe the fact I trained with them holds me back or maybe the fact that I hate my middle name tempers me slightly

        • You know, they sell quality rope at any hardware store. Find some and DO THE RIGHT THING… We will all be thankful you didn’t last long.

        • David Witenstein

          Take a Valium like normal people. Ignorance is irreparable

        • You just called for the MURDER of a Presidential Candidate. You need to be arrested, interrogated and deported immediately.

        • It is slime like you jay upadhya ( unworthy of using capital letters for your name) that Americans would like to see dead!! It can’t happen soon enough to burry slime who came to America, no wonder the tax payers now hate immigrants and refugees!! Go back to where you came from, slime!!!

        • I wonder if kenyan boyo and georgie soretoes will send some buses out to pickup the “angry mobs” like they did with the “demonstrators” in Ferguson, Missouri…

        • you mean Barack Obama or his friend hosni mubarak.

        • Flagged – time for a visit from a psychiatrist.

      • what countries are less repressive than the USA?

    • Why don’t you take your lying ass back there you POS.

    • MarcJ: Reminds me of a story my Russian teacher told in class. There are (or at least were) 2 papers in Russia, Pravda and Izvestia, these names translate as Truth and News respectively. The people could sound like they were saying the papers were different – )Pravda ne Izvestia, Izvestia ne Pravda or Pravda is not Izvestia and Izvestia is not Pravda) but were really saying the Truth is not news and the News is not Truth.

      Sound familiar America?

    • Egor von Johnson

      Richard Pryor has always maintained that. “niggers” go long!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Thanks for the truth! I have been trying to educate the sheeple as to what has transpired in this dead Republic. We have been, for some time, hijacked by a NWO communist regime and that is not about to change voting in fraudulent, third world banana Republic federal elections. The Communist Party USA has two communists running for president – one is up front about it while the other, an ole ugly commie whore, is made out to be a moderate by having BS B. S. radical opposed to her. REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION, you know it and I know it and it is time the rest of the sheeple know it!

    • how come so many people want to vote for trump and the kkk. he acts like a front man for the kkk

      • Better than the front man for the muslims that’s already in the White House or the criminal that’s trying to replace him for the dummycrats.

        • Clinton may or may not be criminal .. just a quick question.. how do you know she’s going to be the nominee.. since it’s her OR Sanders because everyone else in the Democratic primary races dropped out .. if i remember right .. anyway the next debate is the 9th aka tommorow on Univison .. starts at 6 .. or at least it will be out here in NY

          • If we have enough idiots to put a socialist into office, you will see a civil war/revolution from the conservatives. I for one would help lead the charge to bring him down. We are capitalists and this is a republic, if you want socialism MOVE THE F¥€K TO CANADA. Oh that’s right they don’t want freeloaders there, you gotta have so much in the bank and a job waiting for you if you want to move there.
            To think that the two choices the dems have going for them…
            Hillary..she should have been in jail with the rest of the co-conspirators in the white water scandle. She stole from the White House when her and Monica’s suck toy left. Couldn’t do her job even at sec of state and 4 Americans lost their lives and lied to the families to help cover her stupidity. She touts women’s rights and even stated that “when a woman is abused or sexually abused, we need to listen to them!” Yet those that ol’slick Willie sexually assaulted, she calls them liars hmmmmmm?? Then as sec of state she broke the law sending and receiving sensitive material…what part of it being illegal to do that don’t you guys get? She’s felt above the law for decades, she should be in jail.

          • first i’ve heard of most of what you’re saying and yes sending and receiving sensitive material is actually illegal and IF she did thatshe should face the criminal penalties for that.. but the FBI is looking into that last i heard, and there’s two things to remember here .. everyone whether we agree with them or not should be treated equally before the law and considered innocent until they are proven guilty.. or at least that’s the way i remember the way i remember America ..and yes the country’s changed for the worse… but has it gotten so bad so fast that now we’re convicted of any and all crimes by public opinion as judge, jury and executioner before all the facts are out that may or may not prove that we’re innocent??? i’m sorry but that’s not the America i know and to quote radio firebrand Mark Levin … America “…is going to hell in a handbasket…” i’ve never heard of the white water scandal, must be recent

          • First, she used her private server, that’s already been proven….she refused to take and use the government one that she was ordered to use. Second, white water was when Willie was governor of Arkansas. She and Monica’s play toy were involved…everyone that was involved was charged and have spent time in jail. The ONLY ones that weren’t were hillary and slick Willie. Maybe you can answer this too… Why weren’t re-enforcements brought in to Benghazi when troops were standing by and a request was made with plenty of time?….this was hillary’s call.

    • do you come from a marxist arab country? Syria is socialist dictatorship.

    • Terrifyingly correct

    • Amen. Thank you for telling it like it is.

    • Would it be possible to use your post on my web site?

    • Why do you embarrass America this way?

      Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?

      Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

  2. George Clintonopolous, NOT BIASED! ROTFLMAO….

  3. The Liberal bias in the media is obvious to those that are conservative. But most conservatives do not think they can do anything about it… They are WRONG.

    As the shareholders hold them responsible for making money, the biased stations in an indirect way make that money from you. They make it from the Advertisers that run ads during the evening news programs. And the Advertisers make their money back when you purchase their products.

    Mad As Hell Boycott . com targets the advertisers. Boycotters politely ask the advertisers to move their ads to a different time slot. That way, the money you spend on the products does not go directly to supporting the propaganda news spewed out by ABC, NBC, and CBS.

    Imagine, 100,000 people politely asking Phiser to move their medication ads off ABC nightly news… Phiser would quickly realize that they are losing more people than gaining by placing their ads on ABC, NBC, or CBS. They will do it in a heartbeat.

    Join the fight… http://www.madashellboycott.com

    • I’ve boycotted for many years. It takes more than just one or two.

      • This is NOT the typical boycott. We are asking the advertisers to move their ads.

        You are correct, it will take more than one or two… Maybe 20 or 30 THOUSAND….

        The advertisers are currently thumbing their noses at the almost 1,000 that have joined.

        United we stand…. This site give all of us a common voice.

    • You people kill me with this BS the conservative media is the biggest liar ever but that’s alright they are lying for that POS Trump and his tramp of a wife.

      • Egor von Johnson

        Candice, are you by any chance real fat and black with limited education. If so, as I expect, can you explain wht Obama`s have not improved your mental and physical health in over 7 years.

        • Egor von Johnson

          Futhermore, I can only imagine the horror and utter disgust of you standing along side of Trumps beautiful and intelligent wife. I can just see you stuffing all that belly fat into your size super XXXXLL panty hose with cut out peri anal region for more accurate elimination of your cerebral cortex.

          • Trump’s beautiful and intelligent wife stands beside a lamp post in Times Square every night selling her body to illegals.

          • Egor von Johnson

            I recommend Pearle Vision for an eye exam. As the son of an opthalmologist, you probably have macular degeneration. Enucleation is the recommended treatment. Good Luck!

          • Another low class ahole…jealous because your wife is fat. I am sure Melania needs the money to be doing that….uhuh ok

      • Jealous there Candice? Try exercising it is better than jealousy. Melania is pleasing to the eye not like Moochelle and Killary. It will be a nice change to have some beauty in the White House again. So all beautiful women and models are tramps….a typical reaction from a fat, out of shape, low thinking woman!

      • Egor von Johnson

        Candice, as a trained experienced psychologist I can only imagine what you look like. I see your body type rolling around Costco every time I shop there. You sound like 300+ pounds of fat with gigantic breasts and hugh prutruding nipples, A pocker full of food stamps. On welfare all your life with 7 sambos in provided housing.Trump will take all that away from you and deport you to Mexico. They will have you rolling taco shells .May God help you. Certainly not Trump..You blackies like to stick together to mask your stupidity. Only reason niggers run so fast cause lions ate the slow ones and just happened to miss your ancestors. We need more lions in Baltimore, Chicago, St. Louis etc. Let me ax u? Where u from? U eva dream of a tiger chasin you round and round to make butter with all dat fat? Go Trump!!!! Go Trump

      • I think you have it backwards, the Progressive/Liberal media are the ones that lie. You need to start investigating what they print or say, please become more informed.

  4. Iger is a liar and everyone who has ever seen his network knows it. That case is closed.

  5. When you factor in the Bias Crap of Fox News It just about a Wash

    • What you do is listen to as many programs as you can and then do your research for the truth, which I find most liberals don’t.

  6. The Bill and Hilary Clinton Foundation is a charitable organization and no money goes into their bank accounts or in their pockets. They give money to starving third world kids..

    • Keep dreaming!

      • this is an example of why the USA is in trouble…proton69 can vote supports hores like the ho clintoney and kenyan boyo…the commies have been dreaming since 1917 and now with the help of mental midgets like proton69 their dream is turning into reality…

        • Egor von Johnson

          Just the thought of you makes me begin, to think you`re a commie. And those brave Clintons have you under your skin.

          • Comrade egor von johnsoninsky…check the yellow pages “R” for certified headupazz removal specialists….remember they DO NOT accept rubles…

          • Egor von Johnson

            FYI. Clinton was our first black president. Every nigger in America knows dat. They appreciate all the free shit n` stuff them gits. I am Swedish but my great, great grandmother was Russian and fucked Joe Stalin whenever he needed her to relieve tension. Her diary, which women kept those days, relate that he was really “hung” and his shaft when erect pointed at a 45degree angle which thrilled the ladies. Bill and Joe had a lot in commom including fat and ugly wives. When that woman identified the veneral wart on Bill`s left gonad, they failed yo mention that even limp, stuck out at 45 degrees. Them coons love President`s that crave sex like them do, all da time. Cept Obama woman is queer. To black daughters caused by dat “nigger in da closet”!!

      • Egor von Johnson

        Wake up to reality.

    • You are joking, right?

    • “Sarcasm” Right?

    • You are stupid, why not off yourself and help the world’s average IQ climb higher?

      • Egor von Johnson

        Not fair to bring the Clinton family into this issue. Have they not suffered enough. Bill has had a 5 vessel bypass and now suffers from air hunger. Notice how he must keep his mouth open , in spite of drooling, to inhale enough air into his lungs. As for Mrs. Clinton, think of the humiliation she has suffered, but has courageously endured being the President`s First Lady and his incurable sexual addiction. It disappoints me when citizens fail to understand his need for an ejaculatory release in order to concentrate on Affairs of State. She cannot help that her body has transformed into its current shape. This, I am sure, is God`s plan. It provides comfort to those who have more mature figures. It really bothers me that clothing stylists make fun of her Mao Tse Yung appearing pant suits ,instead of focusing on the various colors, fabrics and collar treadments
        Last but not least. How about some “high fives” for her too. She is a college graduate, married well, and mother of a wonderful and healthy one year old. She has been a wonderful daughter always willing and available to help her parents out when called upon. It really upsets me when Republicans make fun of her buck teeth and poor posture. Typical and proves their just jealous.

        JUST ANOTHER HICK FROM desert hills, WHEREVER———–__________

        • Nice to see the light side!

          • Egor von Johnson

            I like you Mary Brumley!! This could be the start of something__________________________

          • I really meant that seriously. On occasion, I get aggravated and enter into the ‘bashing,” then don’t like myself afterward! The “light sides” such as yours, help me, well, “lighten up.” lol

        • billdeserthills

          You sound like you are related to fellow fu cktard, AKLADY

          • Egor von Johnson

            Unbeliebable coincidence! I think I “doinked'” her in college. Would be great to connect again. AK i new stood for “Am Kool” And by God she was. Legs went on forever as well’..Never heard of desert hills B4. You spell like a “boogie”. Did you end your education there?

  7. When is the CEO of Disney going to explain why he fired 250 IT workers and hired H-1B visa illegals to replace them??? When is he going to be fined for abusing the system. I hope the lawsuit the 2 employees have filed is for a huge amount of money.

    • The Fine would have to be so huge to make a “Dent” in their Finances, it would have to resemble PI 3.14> with a never ending number.

      • When you put something like PL 3.14>, you need to explain what it means.

        • Pi The number has no end, the short number is 3.14, but it never ends that’s what the “>” indicates, it goes on forever. No one has ever found the ending number and it has been carried out to thousands of digets to the right with no ending. A short example on how to use “PI” is to find the circumference of a Circle is the Multiply 3.14 times the Diameter of the circle (be aware that in will be off by an infantismal (sp) number that in everyday use makes no difference because it’s so small) “Basic Math”, look up the value of “Pi” in Wikipedia or anywhere else you chose for information.

        • It means Public Law 3.14. Please correct me if I am wrong.

      • That’s ok, I’m hoping the poor publicity will help to lose Disney a pile of money. What a dick move they pulled, to fire hundreds of Americans and replace them with wetbacks from India! I thought Disney had some scruples, but it’s obvious that all they give a damn about is stealing a profit from either their guests or their poor employees!

        • Both, and I hate the Smell of “Curry” also.

        • Not only did they “Replace” the American workers, Disney also made the Americans train their replacements from India. That takes a BIG set of Brass Ones!

        • seersuckerandapanama

          Boycott Disney. There are other choices in the marketplace.

          • Just so you understand, these silly boycotts have been tried on Disney and other companies, to no avail. They all failed miserably! (From one who worked at Disney, a great company!). When the silly christian extremists boycotted Disney in 1997-1999, our workload tripled as internet order takers… we were never so busy, working 60 hours a week! It was a great experience!

          • Sure George, we all understand that since the caveman days, when you worked at Disney, that You look upon them with fondness. Unfortunately these days your alzheimers seems to be working at full force, so you won’t remember this later. Now why not go and cram it, I’m sure it’s past time for your toilet routine. Don’t forget to ask your nurse for a good wipey

          • Man I wished there would be a hunting accident you were involved in. Bet there would be ….nope wouldn’t bet anyone would be at your funeral. I’d supply the punch.

          • Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, c’mon… now you’re just being silly! I have many, many friends and a very active social life inside and outside my living quarters. Try again, Winston!

          • The residents at the home don’t count as friends, they like you don’t have a grasp on reality. Kinda like one flew over the coo coo’s nest.

          • LOLOL… no nursing home here, just a nice retirement village high-rise. You’d be surprised at how “with it” these retired people are! They voted 92% Democrat in the last election and I don’t doubt they’ll do the same or better this year. I was the precinct vice chairperson for advanced voting and I delivered the envelopes to the Election Office! Wow, could these folks party after the final count! Now, go get your milk and cookies and yo’ mommy will tuck you in for the night and read you a bedtime story! Nighty night!

          • That’s great.

          • Sorry Georgie boy, no mommy here. I too am retired but I live on a ranch…it’s a gated community of mostly retired folks and its 100% republican. Yeah, we look at villages like yours as transfer stations for Alzheimer’s…and that’s what it seems to be in your case, just a bunch of liberal loonies (that way your kids know you can be watched 24/7). Oh, and I bet you can party, several of you probably have medical marijuana cards and bring it to the rec room where you all congregate. Again, One Flew Over the Coo Coo’s Nest.

          • Well, at least you’re away from the normal people in this country! At least your gated community keeps the rest of us safe! Now begone… you’re boring the rest of us normal people. Your time is up!

          • Normal….if your normal pigs could fly. George, they put people like you in villages so you could be king….so dream on little Napoleon.

          • Have no desire to be a faux leader of anything. I live in a major metropolitan city. You lose on both counts, Kiddie Kollege dropout! Now don’t bother we normal people further. You simply are not up to our standards! Your comments noted… henceforth dismissed!

          • You just said you live in a retirement village….village idiot!!
            You are a chairman for your precinct ….little Napoleon

            Return to your village Napoleon, they are worried about their idiot.

          • SFBs, I live in a high rise community in a metropolitan city. Your time is up. Your comments noted, dismissed, as are you!

          • You don’t sound very Christian.

          • You may be right but Disney will never see a nickel from me again! Trips with grandchildren and Disney movies and toys bought for birthdays and Christmas presents never be bought again! That self-serving CEO may not feel the sting but l will know that they won’t be using my money to continue their abuse of American employees!

          • I’m sure they’ll miss you terribly. Keep your money. I’ll simply spend more at the Disney Store so they won’t feel the brunt so badly. Best of luck, Daffy!

          • I hope that, when you get to your job on Monday, there’s a member of management who asks you to train your replacement!

          • You are SUCH a fool! I am retired after 50 years of teaching, 10 years of hospital-hospice Chaplaincy, and taught English for a year in South America! And you? Probably a Four Star General on KP duty forever. No thanks for YOUR service! Mean, green? Yeeee-up!

        • These silly boycotts have been tried on Disney and other companies, to no avail. They all failed miserably! (From one who worked at Disney, a great company!).

      • seersuckerandapanama

        The fine should be big enough to cause Disney some major PAIN!

    • He isn’t the only one that did that. Thousands of companies all across the country did and are continuing to hire these H-1B infiltrators. I worked in I.T. and have first hand experience with the program. Originally it was supposed to be used only when qualified American workers were not available. Software companies like MicroSoft, Dell and on and on and on conspired with Employment Agencies to create a fictitious shortage of qualified workers so they could bring foreigners here. They were supposed to contribute $3000 per visa that was to be put into a fund to be used solely for training American workers. In all the years of the program, like 25 – 30 years I never met a single worker that received and such government funded training. The abuse of the system goes something like this. Companies have American employees and for example they pay their employee $40 per hour plus benefits. They want to cut costs so they contact an employment agency for a contractor. The agency requests an H-1B application for a foreign worker stating the request from the company. No check is ever done to see if it is really necessary. The agency brings the H-1B worker to the states. The company then terminates or lays the American employee off. No excuse is required. The agency sends the $3000 application fee to the government. The foreign worker is an employee of the agency not the company where the worker will perform the work. The government requires the foreign workers to be paid the same as the domestic workers but that is always abused. This is how they do it. The foreign worker is paid through the agencies payroll. The agency bills the foreign worker at the same amount as the laid off worker was paid but the agency pays the foreigner much less. Therefore the agency makes a huge profit on every foreign worker. The agencies do not provide benefits or even paid holidays in most cases. The agencies started doing this scan big time during the Y2K era. The agencies are also the ones constantly requesting more H-1B visas. They prefer the foreign workers because the profit margin is incredibly high. The agencies also have close ties with politicians that they need in order to get increased H-1B visa authorizations. The numbers have been increased almost every year. It’s impossible to get an accurate count of H-1B workers from the government because they don’t want the public to know. It started out fairly small, less than 100,000 per year. But that was back in 1999. As I said any number found on the internet are pure fiction. The real numbers are staggering.

      • seersuckerandapanama

        Because so many companies have proven to be dishonest in implementing the H1-B program, I believe that the H1-B visa should be abolished. Let’s make it a campaign issue.

      • You are absolutely correct. The H1-B visa program should be completely abolished.
        Companies abusing this program:
        Wal Mart,
        Bank of America
        The list goes on and on and on and on ………………………………..

        • AND… they’re working on more outlets! YES!!

        • Your list and many more are guilty. But the worst of the worst are the temporary help agencies. They are the ones that came up with the “scam” in the first place. It’s the temporary agencies that the majority of the money goes to. They still charge their customers, the Wal-Marts, Dells and B of A’s rates consistent to American employees. But the agencies like Compware, Tech Systems, Cyber Coder and hundreds more pay the H-1B worker far less. In many cases less than 50%. That part only bothers me because H-1B workers replace American workers not that they get paid less.
          I was in a position to review the resumes of these foreign workers from India and can say that every resume that I reviewed was fake. Their work experience and education levels were always doctored. People that listed college degrees most times didn’t even finish our idea of high school. Most learned their skills by buying a 12 volume set of CD’s from some Indian company. I even saw the companies ads on the internet. When I confronted my employer about the unverified resumes they told me it was impossible to verify and too expensive. I left the company 1 month later. .

          • I know, and I agree.
            Many years ago, when I was just 20 years old, I got my very first job from a temporary agency. I found these agencies to be a valuable service, but they aren’t anymore.

      • Yea H-1B Workers of America!

        • That sounds very Christian of you. Why not try for a deal that is good for everyone? I think God saw what you posted and will deal with you eventually.

    • seersuckerandapanama

      This H-1B Disney story should be elevated to scandal level and should be a major campaign issue. I hope that an enterprising GOP candidate will stress the ties that the Clinton gang has to Disney. I think Cruz is the only Republican who would do that.

    • seersuckerandapanama

      Disney’s CEO is a Clinton crony. We should not be surprised to find that behind all that phony “working people/little guy” Clinton/Democrat rhetoric is the reality that these big government types are putting the screws to working Americans.

    • Amen, amen, amen. And Disney is not the ONLY US Corporation that is doing this.

      USAA — a Federal Savings Bank that allegedly cares about our military has also FIRED THEIR ENTIRE IT DEPARTMENT and FORCED them to train their replacements.

      And, WHO are their replacements?

      People from India who have been brought over here at USAA’s expense — they pay travel, lodging, etc., and they come over here for SIX MONTHS before being sent back to India. They are paying these people about 40% LESS than their predecessors.

      Their profits last year were NINETEEN BILLION DOLLARS.

    • NO idea about the lawsuit.. but last i checked the H-1B Visa .. is not illegal .. since it’s within the law and last i checked for something to be illegal is has to be against the law…

      • There are laws and rules on how to use the program and it looks like companies are abusing the law and should be fined and banned from using the program for a period of time.

        It is not OK to let employees go just because you want to get someone you can pay a lower salary to and that is what is happening. It should happen to you.

  8. What a crock!
    George S is permanently attached to the Clintons, lips to a$$! And any one that would think him unbiassed, the same!

  9. Walt Disney must be spinning in his grave to see what has happened to his company.

  10. Disney has become Money Grabbing Carpet Baggers. Their Theme Parks started by Walt were meant for “children” in the littlest sense of the word It cost about $6.00 for a book of tickets and attracted families comparsble financial means. Look what they cost now and who they cater too. Walt has probably turned over in his grave to many times it would make you dizzy.

  11. As Disney continues to prefer gays over Christians the company’s child molestation lawsuits will climb. The Liberal media will continue to spread immorality as long as they continue unchecked by organizations such as National Center for Public Policy Research. They and Apple have done much harm to the United States.

  12. Egor von Johnson

    According to Richard Pryor, most “niggers”, as he calls them, are just too stupid to direct or produce anyrthing but little “sambos”!

  13. Never going to disneyland again. The New World Order entertainment sector is all this use to be American business is! There is just nothing there for my family, disney is no more!

  14. I read all about the firing of 250 Americans and subsequent illegal hiring of 250 foriegners that Disney World pulled in Florida. Walt Disney may have been a queer, but he was an American First and would have Never tolerated this prick move to make the ceo a lil bit richer (I assume). Disney will Never again see another dollar of my money, not while they are committing acts such as this.

  15. Well, glad he thinks everything is good. I have only watched local news on their network in almost a year where it was formerly my go to network. They are bias from my standpoint and I made the decision to cut all bias networks. His view versus mine. But I am (was) the customer. His advertisers are not talking to my family.

  16. Why is that African muslim bastard still in the white when he was here on a foreign student visa and the old slime in the white house never vetted him? No birth certificate, easily seen a fake to every American that has a birth cert. all records sealed to the tune of one million dollars! No records from college and his wife barred from being a lawyer! Friggin Bill Clinton knew all this and was paid millions of dollars to shut up or his daughter would be killed! America the land of bought out paid for fools on promises!! Are you proud still to be an American??

    • Egor von Johnson

      Right on. Some courageous half wit needs to remove him B4 he orders a “heaft attack” on Trump. Think Scalia

      • There are many in jails for life who would be willing if we had a smart politician to offer him the job for freedom!! We would have thousands of volunteers!!!

        • Egor von Johnson

          You are intelligent, maria1. A great idea but difficult to cover up, but not impossible. I have read many books over the past years on “subject removals”. Our CIA has completed such tasks many times over the years. The Kennedy brothers demise are the most noteworthy of late. The CIA would need to be involved again. The concept of a lifer is a good one. Two would be best, after identifying their skills. Under 40 and Latino. Feigned deaths in prison. Like suicide. Arrange to attend assassination school in Mexico or Cuba as future “killers” for hire. They must be very intelligent and learn details of firearms and explosives. Must look very average in appearance and without distinguishing features. Also would need i million dollars for each verified off shore plus access to cash for expenses. Valid passports showing American Intelligence employment for cover.They should not know one another, coming from different max. security prisons. Best I not elaborate further since this scenario relates to a novel I am currently writing. Tx for your interest and concept. Do not hesitate future contact for relevancy.

        • Egor von Johnson

          Hi Maria 1. I choose not to scare you away. Respond at will and with your conscience.

        • Egor von Johnson

          See recent letter to jaybird. My Best!

      • I think it is the FBI (one of those agencies) has a heart attack gun. Just saw a picture of it in one of the Conservative letters I receive. Looks like a real gun but it injects something to make you think the person had a heart attack.

        • Egor von Johnson

          Doubtful FBI. CIA Black Ops have had various “brush by” delivery systems for many years. I am sure they have delivery systems for greater distances. Would not be difficult to brush by The Donald as he mingles. He does wear a bullet proof Kelvar vest and carries a 9mm. Automatic with a right shoulder holster. He is left handed so uses a cross draw. He would not hesitate to shoot first with questions later.

    • He is still there because the miserable, greedy rich and barely surviving poor vote their pocket books. We that are in between suffer.
      The very, very rich, who “own” our government, are right now VERY, VERY frightened that Trump might be elected and rain all over their money and power parade!
      I have to wonder if there are any really happy folk in America right now. Well, maybe The Donald, for I think he is really enjoying the show!

  17. Snuffelupagus hasn’t been fair and unbiased since before he went to work for the Clinton’s. Iger is a typical left leaning socialist hack. Walt Disney must be rolling in his grave looking at what has happened to his creation.

  18. Egor von Johnson

    Candice White! I must have been right about you being fat and black. Otherwise you would have responded. Being so fat, black and liberal, I bet you drive an old white car and just squeze in with the steering wheel surrounded with belly fat while driving to the Gov`t Center for more food stamps.

  19. michael schimanski

    I’m sorry to say this but I hope that when these animals start to kill and bomb people here in the U.S. that the first ones to die is obama’s kids or hillary’s grand kids or some other big wig’s family member and maybe then they will start to see what they have done to America .

  20. Egor von Johnson

    Unbelievable!! I saw her too.!! Standing nearby, I had just flagged down an illegal , Somali looking cab driver. While pulling away from the curb ,I saw her climb into a chauffered black Rolls Royce Sedan. What a coincidence. The driver was White too. Are you?

  21. Walt is spinning over in his grave at such a high speed that he could supply enough power to light up N.Y.City. when Walt was alive and running things Disney was a very conservative company and projected old time American values, clean fun, movies, etc. now a days their movies, etc. are so liberal and P.C. that i wouldn’t let my dog watch most of them.

  22. Disney has destroyed the mission that Walt intended and I no longer support them in anyway.

  23. No, Disney has no liberal bias – try visiting on Gay Day.

  24. David Witenstein

    I’m tired and feel like I’m pissing in the wind. Everyone talks but won’t move their collective asses away from Dancing with the Stars or the Kardashians. You have every right to remove an ineffective government as defined by the Constitution. The tree of Liberty must at times by the blood of patriots and tyrants – Thomas Jeffersn… when I have to make a Poli Sci Professor at A major American University lt makes me throw up in my mouth. Wake me up when you are prepared to do do something. Si sim vadis pacem Para bellum. …

  25. UnalienableRight

    If Walt were alive today he would be kicking some assholes big-time – out the door and down the road. Pluto would be biting ass too. Firing USA citizens for foreign STEMs – disgusting – boycott their crap – abusers of the civil society.

  26. Egor von Johnson

    Cheers to you Mary. Perhaps we keep in touch.

  27. If truth be told, the political right wing extremists shoujld be the last people to harp about bias of any kind! Typical Right Wing zinger material!

  28. Eleanore Whitaker

    And the Angry White Male Brigade of Right Wing Anarchists whine and bitch as usual. Don’t you boys ever get a life? Or is your entire life consisting of bashing the current president, kissing the ass of the crooks of the Bush Tush Administration and then grinding your teeth because McDaddy threw your asses out of the McMansions at age 45? Grow the hell up. Doom and Gloom feeders..bottom feeders, freeloaders and oil soaked male morons…By the way, you are not patriots…Patriots have jobs and don’t bitch all day every day.

  29. Of course they are biased they are a part of the liberal media. Even those conservative stations are biased to a certain degree only the other way.

  30. George will say what the money and the tel-prom-ter tells him to say.

  31. EVERYONE COME’S FROM A DIFFERENT PROSPECTIVE. We all have to get along. Together we are Strong devided we are Weak.

  32. Mathematical certainty

    Walt, is turning over in his grave!

  33. The liberal bias that exists on ABC (and ABC’s sibling company, ESPN) is why they’re struggling with money and ratings. Playing Silent Night during an on-air abortion during the show “Scandal.” The women on “The View” acting like complete bigots to Christians, Republicans, and nurses, along with Raven Semone stating she’s gonna leave the U.S. if a Republican gets nominated. Promoting gun control and people like Jenner and Michael Sam whenever the opportunities come. We’re in an age where denying liberal bias in the media no longer works. You have to be completely closed minded if you think liberal bias doesn’t exist.

  34. “Looking for applause”. This means getting the audience riled up to praise everything the “Progressive” says, and drown out anything a Republican or Conservative says.

  35. Liberals pigs are all the same, the scumbag is a marxist and so are the morons that own Disney, walt would be ashamed if he were alive now. I will never go back to Disney again, they can pound sand and I hope it closes for lack of customers.

  36. Why am I not surprised by his comments? Liberals will defend their position, in politics or any other sphere to the death! talk ABOUT INTRANSIGENCE , they have it in spades! Notice how they bend over backwards in defending left wing regimes (Cuba, Russia, Nicaragua and, Chili under that former socialist.)., in fact, they pride themselves in visiting them and then praising them when they come back to the U.S. When Spain had their civil-war, the Lincoln Brigade was formed to fight Franco and praise the Communists! Their literary hero: Ernest Hemingway, was a card carrying Communist party member (after many denials, before he died, confessed to same, per an article about his left wing sympathies). They have the power of the press, and, unfortunately, this power does sway public opinion to their way of thinking! (The ‘Chicago Tribune’ used to be a rock-ribbed Republican newspaper, under Col. McCormick, but when he died it was inherited by the niece of a New York publisher and slowly slide to the left and after more takeovers, it became a shadow of its once conservative values!(IMHO).

  37. Nothing like sensationalism.
    The CEO is not being forced to do anything.

  38. Jennifer Gunther

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  39. Mouth open lies pouring out. If there was no bias so called journalist would be investigating current and previous scandals of dems rather then ignoring them.

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