Dire Crisis: Nearly Half of Illegal Immigrants Never Show Up to Court

If you believe everything you hear from the Democrats, you would not understand why we need any border protection at all. Like, what’s the problem? Border Patrol easily detains incoming immigrants and asylum-seekers, processes them, hands them a court date, and sets them off into the wilds of America. When the time comes for them to go before an immigration judge, they show up in their Sunday best, present their case, and all is well in the world. What would a wall do to improve this situation? And why in the hell does Trump find it necessary to put children in cages at the border? What kind of a monster IS he, anyway?

The only problem with this rationale is that it is completely out of sync with a little thing called reality.

But for those of us who like to stay with those pesky buggers called “facts,” a new analysis of court records shows why it is so important for us to build that wall.

From the Washington Examiner:

The court system said that in 2017, 43 percent of aliens freed pending hearings disappeared into the country and never showed up for scheduled follow-up hearings. In pure numbers, that means 41,302 aliens out of 95,342 never showed up for their court hearings.

Among those under 18 allowed into the country, 49 percent failed to show up.

It has been worse, with court skipouts reaching 59 percent in 2005 and 2006.

“From 1996 through 2017, 37 percent of all aliens free pending trial disappeared. From the 2,680,598 foreign nationals that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) released on their own recognizance, 1,320,000, received deportation orders, 75 percent of them (993,593) for failure to appear. Only 25 percent of this group — some 324,402 people altogether — actually tried their cases,” said the analysis titled “Skipping Court” from the Center for Immigration Studies.

Failing to show up for court hearings is now the number one reason for deportation orders, according to the CIS analysis.

When Democrats are forced to acknowledge these statistics (which is rare, thanks to the bias of the media), they merely call for throwing more money at the immigration courts. As if the problem in the system is that these illegals can’t find a court. That is, of course, absurd. These immigrants are deliberately choosing to avoid the courts because they know it is the first step towards immediate deportation. They know THAT because they already realize that their claim to asylum is not grounded in U.S. or international law.

These immigrants and their sponsors in Washington are playing the system. And they’re only able to do so because both Democrats and Republicans have their backs. They don’t WANT to fix the system. They don’t want to build a wall, because they know it would work.

Meanwhile, thousands upon thousands of illegal immigrants are escaping into the shadows, awaiting that magical time in the near future when some braindead politician makes another push for mass amnesty.

And then we’ll start the whole cycle over again.

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