Dietary Guidelines Are Out of Bounds

Republicans in the House of Representatives are taking aim at the USDA, claiming that the agency’s Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee is letting political agenda affect its official position on American health. More specifically, they accuse the DGAC of offering outdated guidelines on red meat consumption in an attempt to conflate nutrition and environmental concerns. And that accusation is hard to refute, considering that the DGAC said as much in their 2015 report.

According to the report, environmental sustainability should be part of any official recommendations on nutrition. There is “compatibility and overlap,” claims the DGAC, between what is best for dietary health and what is best for the environment. They argue that by reducing our reliance on animal-based foods, we embrace a way of eating that is “more health promoting and is associated with lesser environmental impact than is the current average U.S. diet.”

Republicans feel this is a bridge too far. In a letter to Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack – signed by 71 House lawmakers – they say that the DGAC has abandoned its responsibility to provide sound nutritional information based on the latest science. In a written statement, Rep. Kevin Cramer of North Dakota clarified his position:

I am asking the same question thousands of school kids in North Dakota and across America will be asking: “Where’s the Beef?” Sacrificing sound science and denying the nutritional benefits of lean red meat to satisfy an extreme environmental agenda is woefully misguided.

Does it really need to be said? Do we really need to have a debate over whether or not the environmentalists should be allowed to creep into our national nutrition standards? What’s next? Will the DGAC only promote foods that comply with sharia law? Perhaps we will be discouraged from eating crops grown in states that have unfriendly LGBT laws.

We need to go a step further, though, and question whether or not we really need the federal government to dispense nutritional advice at all. It has been demonstrated over the years how slow the government is in adopting the newest scientific information, and it has also been shown how corporate lobbyists can affect the final draft. These guidelines are swayed as much by money and politics as they are by nutritional science, and that’s reason enough to ignore them altogether. This flap about red meat and the environment is just another sign that Americans are better off without federal intrusion.

Furthermore, these guidelines give lawmakers the excuse they need to go a lot further than mere recommendations. It is because they exist that politicians feel empowered to sign off on industry-killing regulations, sin taxes, outright bans, and programs like Michelle Obama’s school lunch initiative. Best to nip it in the bud. Politicians shouldn’t be in charge of telling Americans what to eat. There may have been a time and a place for the federal government to play that role, but in the age of information, it’s a relic from another time. If abolishing this committee saves the taxpayers some money, well, hopefully that money will be put to good use.

I’m thinking a delicious steak dinner…

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  1. At least ‘we(DGAC)’ didn’t mention cow flatulence adds to Greenhouse Gasses, that contribute to Global Warming, or if it is cooling ‘we(DGAC)’ call it Climate Change, so ‘we’ can pretend ‘we’ aren’t as half-axxed as ‘we’ obviously are. ‘Sustainable’ means NWO (U.N) subterfuge to me. Orwell showed us by controlling the lexicon, the society is shaped, but did we listen?

  2. I love COWS !!

    • Every time I see one…, I get hungry… lol!

      • Yeah — everyone says those little “pot-belly pigs” are so cute: All I see is bacon on the hoof. I considered vegetarian for about 10 seconds, and then it hit me: Somewhere in the world, every minute of every day, someone is frying bacon. Couldn’t become a vegetarian. I could smell the bacon.

  3. Lois Lemay Redican

    The DGAC did not even once define the nutritional causes of overweight, obesity, coronary artery disease, and type 2 diabetes. If they had attempted to do so, they would have to deal with the fact that excess carbohydrate (especially glucose-rich starch) consumption contributes to the development of each of these conditions. The DGAC recommends more whole grains and legumes in the American diet. These are glucose-rich foods.

  4. i’m gonna eat red meat no matter what.

  5. I’m going to eat what I want, when I want, and as much as I want.

  6. “Environment sustainability” is as much bullsh*t as global warming. Guess what – CO2 from cows is GOOD for the environment. Top soil needs to be enriched by changing the methods of big, big business agriculture. Government needs to give back our stolen farmlands. Aye, there’s the rub! EAT MEAT. EAT LOBSTERS. Force michelle to eat her our school lunches. Ha – not a chance, right? She spends $550 for her own lunch. Hypocritical leaders – all of them. Corrupt – all of them. Criminal, lawless, illegal, unconstitutional leaders – all of them. Teachers and the judiciary – corrupted as well. These are the dregs of society that do NOT represent US. IMPEACH OBAMA NOW.

  7. I know this may be way of base but, are the elite wanting to take our food–meat and store it in the bunkers, because they know something that the public doesn’t know that something is coming our way. After all they have had semi trucks bringing food and whatever down into those tunnels. for their survival not ours. I have always been suspicious of the recall at the stores on our foods that they take away. Just where did that food go. Hasn’t anyone wondered. I don’t trust this gov. at all. They have something planned that doesn’t include us. We are left out in the open to die. They have put so much chemicals in the food, To make up for the depleted natural chemicals in the land that has been used over and over. Lets say the taste of a tomato 40yrs ago isn’t the same as it is today. Calorie whys it is flat in nutrition .

  8. 1990s the FDA turned the food pyramid upside down to try and eliminate animal protein from the American diet, stressing carbohydrates instead of proteins. Now we have a diabetes epidemic, an obesity epidemic, and septicemia in the elderly due to turning off stomach acids with meds like Nexium, Zantac, etc. But worst of all is the epidemic of corpses on autopsy tables with brains like Swiss cheese: The human brain is 75% myelin and myelin is 100% cholesterol. Blame physician-prescribed statin drugs to prohibit the liver’s ability to make cholesterol. Don’t want blood serum calcium and blood serum cholesterol bonding and forming vessel plaque? Take 100 mcg vitamin K tablet daily — same size as those little saccharin pills your mother and grandmother used to use before the powers that be declared them to be carcinogens. Like salt (salis=salary) is good for you, all your body’s nerves are made of cholesterol, and you really, really need it!

  9. If any of the idiots in science that aren’t being paid by the Left and Washington would bother to read the latest reports on our environment they would find that the rise in CO2’s is making for a greener planet. If the Liberal Left continues in their ways, they will kill our planet and put us into a deep freeze. Again, another plot by the New World Order to reduce the earth’s population. Abort them or starve them out, one way or the other.

  10. Yes, it seems to be suspiciously supporting the most abundant food crop it America. Wheat, corn, and soybean which in turn is refined into white flour and corn syrup and vegetable oil.

  11. I can’t imagine how people read this stuff and believe it. Those that read this and just jump onto the “I hate my government” bandwagon should really listen to their doctors, get a better education or decide that politics shouldn’t guide them into doing things that hurt themselves. Next, the author of this article will claim that smoking doesn’t harm us and that the government is just imposing itself on business by making the tobacco industry label their products as carcinogenic and demand that they should be able to advertise to their kids about the health benefits of tobacco. It is amazing how people can twist the minds of ignorant individuals, but wait, they may make us eat according to Sharia laws. What a shame that so many just follow along because they can’t think for themselves.

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