Did Papadopoulos Record Trump Inner-Circle Conversations for Mueller?

Paul Manafort, by virtue of having been Donald Trump’s campaign chairman for a few months last summer, got all the headlines when he was arrested and charged by the FBI’s Special Counsel’s office on Monday…but it might have been another arrest that could spell the most trouble for the president. By all accounts, George Papadopoulos was not a significant player in the Trump campaign, but he has nonetheless been caught up in the web of Mr. Robert Mueller. The former campaign adviser accepted a plea deal after his arrest in July. And according to court documents that were unsealed on Monday, Papadopoulos has been a “proactive cooperator” with federal investigators in the months since his initial arrest.

Some are using that term to speculate that Mueller may have gotten Papadopoulos to wear a wire in an effort to help prosecutors make their Russian collusion case against the Trump campaign. According to the conservative website Hot Air, the term is explained in a 2001 court case as such: “Proactive cooperation is general understood to mean that the defendant will engage in some type of undercover work on behalf of the government, such as wearing a wire and/or meeting face to face with persons suspected of involvement in criminal activity.”

CNN legal commentator Jeffrey Toobin said Monday that the revelation about Papadopoulos could have the White House nervous about what Mueller knows.

“This says to me that Papadopoulos, between July and October, was wearing a wire,” surmised Toobin. “He was recording conversations secretly with people who are subjects and targets of this investigation. That’s the only reasonable explanation of what’s in those court papers. If he was wearing a wire this summer and fall, that is a whole new chapter of possibilities in this investigation and potentially a very, very big deal.”

Any fair reading of the Manafort/Gates indictments shows little to no relation to Mueller’s supposed mission, which is to determine if the Trump campaign colluded with Moscow. The Papadopoulos revelations, however, are a whole ‘nother story. It is here that Mueller may have discovered his pressure point. Did the young adviser’s work with White House officials bear fruit that led to the arrest of Manafort? Or did he reveal confidential information that could lead Mueller to bring down a bigger fish in the West Wing?

We’ll refrain from speculating too much about this, because that’s exactly what Mueller and the Democrats want. So far, there’s been a lot of smoke and precious little fire. That’s the game. They want to keep Trump and his supporters in Congress on edge while the media feeding frenzy goes into overdrive. Whether any of this ever amounts to anything is secondary to the point, which is to make it nearly impossible for Republicans to push their agenda through to the president’s desk. That is also allows the Democrats to shield their own criminal activities from public view…well, that’s just gravy.

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  1. I can’t imagine that the FBI wouldn’t take advantage of the situation. And Trump and company are all trying to remember what they might have said to Papadopoulos.

  2. In Communist countries Innuendos and suppositions are enough to end the oppositions life…

    The Left sure hasn’t fallen far from the tree.

  3. Muellers esteemed career is as full of shit as Hillary’s.

    Lock him up too.

    • Out to save his own hide . Time to check his off shore bank account . Just like Sanders how did he get the big bucks to buy the last property without selling any others .

    • Comey was presented to us an exteemed public servant and look at what he turned into being. Comey set it up so Mueller would become special counsel. They both came from the swamp. And if Papadopoulos wore a wire when in the White House or any other meeting that included Trump he is quilty of Treason. It is to bad that Muellers office isn’t wired, I’m sure we would find out the real truth.

    • I love that idea!

  4. We are not quite as stupid as the democrats seem to think. We see there crap for what it is.

  5. Every lie has it’s price
    Every fool rolls the dice
    Even the winners have to pay
    Every political dog has it’s day…
    You can’t trust NOBODY in Washington DC. Loose lips, sink ships! Lets hope this doesn’t help Hillary’s power trip.
    Death and Carnage to the “Belt Way” Elite….


  6. It is now clear that the special prosecutor gambit was devised by The Mongrel at the end of 2016, as part of a several-pronged attack to bring down the legitimately-elected President and create political instability that would allow him to seize the dictatorial power that he has always been after. Papadopoulos, a campaign munchkin anxious to inflate his role, was first manipulated to plant the foul and mendacious Russian dossier, and was then threatened with the consequences of this until he agreed to wear a wire and entrap members of the Trump campaign. Everything that this despicable underling has said or done has been false and contrived, probably by handlers in the campaign of The Drunken Lesbian Witch. The “information” he claimed to possess did not exist, the :meetings” he allegedly set up did not take place, and all the while the party of Hillary, Hodgkinson and Hatred, Grand Inquisitor and uranium bagman Mueller among them, openly colluded with Russian and took Kremlin bribes. It is clearly time for a Saturday Night Massacre.

  7. Once again some dumbass talking head on CNN is getting worried up over NOTHING President Trump would never hold a meeting with a janitor which basically is what population is a nothing

  8. Don’t worry about the details, Mueller’s investigation will undo a corrupt election process driven by Putin’s revenge and rid us all of his vassal, lard ass Trump, his vice president, SCOTUS and other appointments. America will win and survive

    • Hey “Down Hill” you are too much, I bet your mother is really proud of you. I can see by the headset you are wearing in the avatar and your “S**t Eating Grin” you can’t possibly hear anything but what is in your mind.

    • ray looks like some one shoved a corn cobb up your ass

    • There’s that mouth opening wide to shove the foot in.

    • Did you know that Trump received 50% of the bashing on Facebook? THe old lady didn’t lose the election because of the Russians. You voted for a Wall Street prostitute, Zippy.

  9. If he was wearing a wire, he should be shot.

  10. same old story, different day! The “game” of the DNC, the MSM and the Democrats in the Congress is always to find “somebody else to blame”! All the time destroying the United States and slowly turning into just another Socialist country and another country in the One-World Government, which they believe “They” will be the leaders. Somewhere out there lives another Stalin, Mao or Hitler who will step-up and have all of them shot for being “useful Idiots”!

  11. Mueller is as corrupt as Obama & the Clintons..this is a distraction to take the heat off of himdelf!!

  12. Fed Up With Politicians

    When are the Democrats going to stop trying to manufacture evidence of the president colluding with Russia?

  13. Lock her up!

  14. The Dems and HRC are the most corrupt people in America and maybe the World today so don’t trust these a holes at all. They are wicked and mean mothers.

  15. Like the other George, i.e., George “Step-on-all-of-us” Stephanopoulos, George “Papa-dupe-all-of-us” Papadopoulos is a lying traitor.

  16. I think Mueller needs to get out of the investigation business as he his hip deep in crap himself!

  17. Not hardly it would be illegal because Trump is not being investigated! They will keep coming up with their little side trips to try and rattle us! I don’t think they believe we are still 96% strong! Comments out there suggest that we will break eventually! NOT SO NOT STUPID HERE!

  18. Papadopoulos was a 30 year old volunteer that took it upon himself to ingratiate himself with the Trump campaign by making contacts with the Russians in question…unbeknown to Trump and his campaign.

    He hoped he would get a position in the Trump Admin. When he approached Trump campaign officials about meeting with those Russians, not only did they tell him ’no’, they told him, ‘Hell no!’

    There is nothing wrong with meeting with foreign officials, BUT, lying about it to the FBI is what got him into trouble…

    I could see his being co-opted by instigator & crooked Comey.


    • DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz and payments to Fusion GPS

    • Hillary’s campaign involved with payments to Fusion GPS

    • Obama’s involvement with payments concerning Fusion GPS

    • Fusion GPS own Kremlin connection

    • Fusion GPS own Daniel Steele, x-British spy, connection

    • Fusion GPS own Russia’s foreign intelligence agency connection

    • Fusion GPS own CNN connection

    • Fusion GPS Democratic Party connection

    • Fusion GPS pro-Russian campaign to kill the Global Magnitsky Act

    • Fusion GPS invoked the 5th Amendment for EVERY question as it appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee

    • FBI connection with Fusion GPS

    • Comey’s connection with Daniel Steele and Fusion GPS

    • FBI connection with Daniel Steele

    • McCain’s connection with Daniel Steele and Fusion GPS

    • Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya, who was put up to meet with Trump Jr…she promised to produce damaging information about Hillary Clinton

    …AND her connection with the Obama admin

    …AND later was a guest of former Obama administration Russian Ambassador Michael McFaul in Washington DC for a House of Representatives hearing on U.S. Policy Toward Putin’s Russia…she got a front row seat…

    Company linked to Trump-Russian dossier has its own Kremlin connection…


    • Seth Rich, the murdered disgruntled DNC employee and not ’Russian hacker’, who really was the one who turned over the DNC’s emails to Wikileaks

    • Hillary and 20% Uranium give away to Russia and subsequent millions of dollars Russian donations to Clinton Crime Foundation (while Hillary was Sec of State)

    • Bill’s $500,000 speeches paid by the Russians (while Hillary was Sec of State)

    • Hillary and Bill’s Clinton Crime Foundation and other Russian connections (while Hillary was Sec of State)

    • Bill’s $750,000 speech paid by Swedish Ericsson telecom resulting, 7 days later, in giving it exempt status from Obama’s sanctions prohibiting selling to Iran (while Hillary was Sec of State)

    • Clinton Crime Foundation ‘pay to play’ schemes (while Hillary was Sec of State and then running for President)

    • As Sec of State, Hillary headed up a program to help build the Russian silicone valley, ’Skolkovo’ in which she not only helped our enemy, but received untold millions in 19 donations to Clinton Crime Foundation from the 28 companies involved

    • The Clinton’s ‘wake of death’ aka ‘body count’…

    • John Podesta’s $35 million payoff Putin connection (while Hillary was Sec of State and then Hillary’s campaign manager)

    • Tony Podesta (John Podesta’s brother and Democratic Party lobbyist) $180,000 from the Russian government’s uranium company connection (while Hillary was Sec of State)

    • Huma Abedin’s (vice chair of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign and prior to that, deputy chief of staff to Clinton) Muslim Brotherhood connection

    • Loretta Lynches collusion with the Clintons and Comey to insure Hillary would not be charged for her violations of security and email scandal

    • Comey’s connection with the Clintons and his possible expectation for appointment as Attorney General of the United States if Hillary became President

    • Obama’s last minute executive order allowing anybody access to certain information in attempt to derail the Trump admin and hurt the country

    • Obama admin peeps using unauthorized unmasking to hurt the Trump Presidential campaign, Presidency and country

    • The FBI’s (Deep State aka Obama moles) efforts to leak classified, but unsubstantiated allegations to hurt the Trump admin and country

    • Comey and Mueller connection

    • Mueller CNN, CNBC, MSNBC and Buzzfeed connections


  21. You should refrain from speculating at all!! No one knows if Papadapoulous was wearing a wire at this point. That’s all speculation. But then, the true purpose of this article is to create that speculation. Now that’s what I call dignified writing – NOT

  22. “Because electronic surveillance is a search under the Fourth Amendment, it is subject to the same warrant requirements as other searches. To obtain a warrant, the Government must show probable cause to believe a search is justified, describe in particularity the conversation to be intercepted, & provide a specific time period for the surveillance among other requirements.” — Legal Information institution (LLI)

    The Forth Amendment states that “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, & effects against unreasonable searches & seizures shall not be violated, & no Warrants shall issue but upon probable cause supported by Oath or affirmation, & particularly describing the place to be searched & the persons or things to be seized.”

    Did this happen in the case of Papadopoulos?

    Federal regulations require that “Special Counsel shall comply with the rules, regulations, procedures, practices, & policies of the DOJ.” This includes the following provisions:

    (1) Only judges and magistrates may issue search warrants.

    (2) A warrant must be issued by a neutral & detached magistrate capable of determining whether probable cause exists. Therefore, to obtain a warrant, law enforcement officers must show that there is probable cause to believe a search is justified. Officers must support this showing with sworn statements (affidavits), and must describe in particularity the place they will search and the items they will seize

    (3) Normally, law enforcement officers executing a search warrant may not immediately force their way into a residence. Instead, they must first knock and announce their identity and intent. Then, they must wait a reasonable amount of time to allow an occupant to open the door. Only after waiting may the police force entry.

    (4) As with other searches & seizures, exigent circumstances may serve as grounds for the Government to forgo obtaining a warrant. If a situation threatens a person’s life or the national security, or a conspiracy suggests the existence of organized crime, then the government may proceed without a warrant.

    (5) Police may break the knock-and-announce rule when it is reasonable to do so. Police officers may seek a no-knock warrant by showing a judge that the circumstances justify a no-knock entry. Courts reserve these warrants for situations in which a building’s owner or occupier could destroy the sought-after evidence by the time law enforcement waits for the owner or occupier to open the door. However, over the past decade, no-knock warrants have seen increasingly frequent use, particularly in drug cases, & especially in major cities. — LLI

    28 CFR §600.7 has two provisions on redressing misconduct by special counsel concerning substantive & procedural issues regarding discipline: “Special Counsel and staff shall be subject to disciplinary action for misconduct and breach of ethical duties under the same standards & to the same extent as are other employees of the DOJ.” Grounds for removal are limited to “misconduct, dereliction of duty, incapacity, conflict of interest, or for other good cause, including violation of Departmental policies.” — Brrokings Institute

    Where is Jeff Sessions?

  23. That vile and vicious, witch hunt, MF Mueller, is as corrupt as they come…and should be totally eliminated from this ”’investigation”’. demoNazis and their ilk are suckled on lies; their so called political party is nothing more than a pile of criminals stacked on a fecal foundation of a rotting cesspool. Paid informants will tell what the ”’investigators”’ what they want to hear and add to that, manufactured evidence, along with all the other underhanded, covert garbage an add their lefty media the demoNazis will have their circus with lucifer and satan directing the ringmasters. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b48587720d572fec83cc312d821d537f096824caa38796ccfd671824b0c2a05b.png

  24. All the Dems: Clintons, Obama, Podesta, including Mueller and Rosenstein should have been behind bars long ago when the Uranium deal was covered up by Mueller, Obama and his FBI!! That was the time of high treason. And all of them should have been behind bars for LIFE! Then we would not have such an upheaval now, when the time for the President is to act on immigration, healthcare and tax reform. These are all obstructionists, anti-American elements and should be the subject of prosecution and imprisonment

  25. CNN says “could have.” Why even report this? CNN lies and fabricates, and what their “legal analyst” said was just smearing speculation.

  26. you want to see treason , find out how the clinton sec. of state uranium deal happened

  27. Of course Papo was wired and he recorded all the backroom chatter. The dominoes will begin falling soon and ol’ lard ass himself will be in prison begging for mercy.

  28. If mueller was such a honest, straight up.guy he would close down his investigation because there is no there there. Instead he is a deep stater establishment crony who has gone way beyond any charge we thought he was given…..can you say sneaky and dishonest.

  29. Such HORSESH$T, who in their “right” mind believes a 30 year old guy from Sh$t-cago with a “BA” from “DePaul” university is da “key” to da whole “investigation” and he was “charged” with contacting da “roosians” to git sum “dirt” on da “klintoons” to “help” the “trump” campaign”?

    Enjoy ur new tax breaks. For as long as it takes for ILL to raise ur state income taxes………………….Wait fur it!

  30. Toobin should have added that there are probably cause restrictions on the warrant Mueller’s team would have had to obtain from a neutral judge in order to wear the wire, & that this would have meant they had strong evidence that those they were recording were endangering national security or were part of a criminal conspiracy. We need to see the contents of the warrant; & if it is bogus, whoever requested it should be charged with prosecutorial misconduct.

  31. Most likely Papa wore a wire since July and that will allow Mueller to tighten the noose around the Orange Moron’s neck. Just a matter of time, Comrades!!!!

  32. These are the same idiots who demonized Richard Nixon for listening devices of DNC. This is standard operating procedure for the dems, who try to get opposing party into compromising positions so they can blackmail them into voting/doing/saying what they want. Time to end this ridiculous witch hunt and get on with the country’s business. Too much time and taxpayer’s money has been wasted on nothing but lies and hype from the Dimocrat party. Just another way to make their cronies rich! Enough!

  33. Schumer proposed the lottery. Nancy said you have to read it to see what it says. Leader of the DNC refuses to acknowledge that they did pay for the Trump dossier. Sanders lost because of Hilarious. Wasserman hired a traitor who knew everything about the Dems and sent it out of the country. Uranium and the FBI. It is definitely time for Sessions to do his job. W e need a third party and time to get rid of the lefties. The biggest swamp is the DNC and all involved.

  34. My hope is that Trump spends at least one night in jail!

  35. Everything about the case against Trump is ridiculous.

  36. If he did wear a wire all that would likely come out of it that Mueller might be concerned with would be some pretty rough language describing what they think of him and what he is doing! Being conservatives Mueller might also hear some conversation about how much taxpayer money is being pi$$ed away as he and his team of Clinton supporters desperately try to find a way to goose ghosts and hunt witches!

  37. I know most americans are Fat – stupid and on the welfare wagon but A LOT AREN’T THIS STUPID……

  38. I just saw a commercial on TV about a petition going around to impeach President Trump! They’ll stop at NOTHING!!!!

  39. No doubt Papadopolous recorded many conservations since July. The noose continues to tighten every day!!!

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