Did New Hampshire Actually Go to Trump in the 2016 Election?

For months, Trump administration officials – up to and including the president himself – have hinted that not everything in New Hampshire’s slice of the 2016 election was on the up and up. As part of the administration’s commitment to find, identify, and root out election fraud around the country, several officials – both inside and outside the federal government – have shone a light on the state’s unusual aberrations…some of which may indicate that New Hampshire was actually called wrong on November 8.

According to New Hampshire’s House Speaker Shawn Jasper, more than 6,500 people registered to vote in the election using out-of-state identification, and most of those people have – nearly a year later – not bothered to obtain a New Hampshire driver’s license. These people, all of whom registered to vote on the day of the election, are considered by state conservatives to be a high risk population when it comes to voter fraud. This is especially true, Republicans say, thanks to New Hampshire’s not-so-strict rules governing proof of residency at the ballot box.

The new numbers bring old concerns back into the spotlight. Earlier this year, White House adviser Stephen Miller said that New Hampshire’s election disparities were one of the primary reasons that President Trump was commissioning a voter fraud panel to investigate irregularities.

“Having worked before on a campaign in New Hampshire,” Miller said in February, “I can tell you that this issue of busing voters into New Hampshire is widely known by anyone who’s worked in New Hampshire politics. It’s very real. It’s very serious.”

Jasper’s figures do not prove that there was fraud in New Hampshire’s election, but they do raise concerns. One of those concerns, of course, is that many same-day registrees voted in both their home states and New Hampshire, which would be illegal fraud. Currently, there are 196 open investigations of such double voting in the state, but that number could skyrocket if Jasper’s figures hold up. And since Hillary Clinton only bested Trump by 2,736 votes in November, the window for potential fraud holds open the possibility – however slim – that the president actually won the state.

Effectively, it wouldn’t matter. Trump can’t be more president than he already is. But when we’re talking about something as sacrosanct as our federal elections, it’s another sign that the administration’s quest to shore up ballot box integrity is a worthy one.

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  2. Don’t kid yourself election fraud is nation wide. And it has nothing to do with the Russians. Although the idea did come from a well known communist. Americans can no longer trust the people who count the votes.

    “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”
    —-Joseph Stalin

  3. The Lefts bragging rights about the popular vote is in question as well. If there ever was a state that was suspect of Election fraud it would be my state of CA.

    I believe election fraud gave Hillary the primary against Bernie.

    I believe election fraud gave Hillary enough votes to claim a popular vote win…

    Election fraud also passed every stinking lousy tax that the Democrats asked for this last cycle as well.

  4. The Democrats, like the Boston area sports teams, can only win by cheating. Any state that does not have a firm valid voter ID law in effect, those states votes should be thrown out in their entirety.

    • I totally agree. ANY state that is determined to prevent honest voting is a state not worth counting. The louder they yell, the more rotten they are, the more illegal they are, the less American they are. LET them be dishonest if they are so determined, but disallow their votes to be included in all vote counts.

      • Exactly. Which would negate California’s vote immediately. They want to secede anyway. Fine. Let them. They can vote their way into Cuba for all I care. Don’t need them. Don’t want them.

        • so does texasss.. let’em go

          • You know that how? We all had to show our ID and voter registration card at the ballot box when we voted in Texas, and except for the corrupt big cities of Austin, Houston, Dallas and part of San Antonio, we still voted overwhelmingly for Trump. Texas is and always will be a Red state. Even though Houston really “took it in the shorts” from Harvey, nobody asked to see id’s before rendering aid. Many of those people are now realizing that President Trump represents real people…not the power hungry libralcrats and socialists.

          • No, I want Texas with me. Good folks in Texas. Terrorists in California.

          • How about…We keep Texas and let you go!

          • Who’d want to keep TexASS???

          • What have you got against the great state of Texas, sand flea!

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          • Why do you post the same old lies all the time!


          • You libaturds have ANTIFA AND BLM and you call us EXTREMIST AND TERRORIST…YOU must have got your brains from a box of Cracker Jacks!!!

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          • I think about mentally deficient snot every time you post!!!

    • Any state that does not have a firm valid voter ID law in effect, those states votes should be thrown out in their entirety.


      • Yes, we have. The liberals have plenty of them and the rest of us don’t need them. We know that busloads of people were paid to vote in several places throughout the U.S. but perhaps it’s time to make that kind of illegal voting a capital offense because the future of our country is at stake. A new ID program for everyone 18 and older should require a birth certificate, proof of residency, and their social security number. If they all match up, they get a new ID with their fingerprint. A fingerprint scanner designed to compare the person’s fingerprint on a screen to the scanned fingerprint on their ID card at each polling place could weed out the phonies using someone else’s ID. The technology is there, and would prevent fraud. I’d rather go through a fingerprint scan than let idiots try to scam the system.

        • Poorpitifulpearl, the system you propose is almost ingenious in its simplicity. Automated fingerprint identification systems would also negate necessity/rationale for biochip implants…

      • Yeah, the libaturds use them all the time!

  5. Ho-hum. Just another day in the ongoing saga of democrat corruption.

    • The problem is that that corruption has a definite impact on my life, the lives of my children, and my grandchildren. It needs to stop. Now. Corrupt Democrats should be executed, NOW! This includes, but is not limited to, Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, Eric Holder, James Comey, Lorretta Lynch, and many many Mayors and Govenors. Namely, Bill DeBlasio, Jerry Brown, and that idiot in Illinois.

      • JCluvsTrump- Maybe someone should push you off the roof of Trump Tower. SPLAT!!!

        • Alex Jones admitted President Donald Trump seems mentally impaired in the evening, but he floated a wild conspiracy theory to explain it away.

          The Trump-backing broadcaster claimed Monday on his “InfoWars” radio program that “high-level sources” had confirmed a plot to control the president through sedative drugs — although Jones never explained who was doing that, reported Media Matters.

          “They drug presidents because the power structure wants a puppet,” Jones claimed. “The president needs his blood tested by an outside physician he trusts.”

          The 71-year-old Trump has a family history of Alzheimer’s disease, and analyses have found he showed some symptoms of age-related cognitive impairment — including observations that he shows symptoms of late-day confusion known as “sundowning.”

          “I’ve talked to people, multiple ones, and they believe that they are putting a slow sedative that they’re building up that’s also addictive in his Diet Cokes and in his iced tea, and that the president by 6 or 7 at night is basically slurring his words and is drugged,” Jones said. “Now first they had to isolate him to do that. But, yes, ladies and gentleman, I’ve talked to people that talk to the president now at 9 at night, he is slurring his words, and I’m going to leave it at that. I’ve talked to folks that have talked to him directly.”

        • Good job, Faye, Old Girl ! You’ve hit on the very wave length used by democRATS , bigots, liberals. and other loud horns of idiocy.
          Keep it up girl ! Run for congress ! Maybe Mr. Johnson’s seat in Georgia will be available as soon as Guam tips over. You would be a shoo-in !

        • Are you threatening the President, green butt hole?

  6. The problem with the partisan-political corruption of the democrat, liberal left is that their concept of representation, in nearly every instance, violates the rule of law. They, indeed, want to make the majority rule of representation equal to, or in essence, the rule of law. In every instance, our objection to this is that due process of law is codified, stipulated, written law, procedures to be followed, not some emergency waiving of it to provide greater constituting of a majority favoring diversity which despises the rule of law.

  7. Federal I.D.s should be issued to all LEGAL Americans. Just like every American must have a social security card. No federal I.D. No voting in federal elections. States like communist California don’t want voter laws, so be it…let ’em allow voting in local and state elections but not federal without the proper ID.

  8. The left ( Democrats included) often cheat so what’s new? They do it every election and never go to jail.

  9. Socialists , Communists and Fascists have always committed Voter Fraud to gain power and control , One thing is for sure ,If Legislation was passed and a National Voter ID law was in place , The Communist party formerly known as the Demonic Rats may never again win a major election

  10. Anyone that is interested to learn who and what Democrats are should watch , Enemies Within by Trevor Louden , Also watch ,Agenda , Grinding America Down by Curtis Bowers and also Agenda Two

  11. Father Trump get the disease Infested Illegal vermin the hell out of the country !

  12. Illegal voters will never be prosecuted because liberals think it’s patriotic to vote illegal unless you’re a conservative. And at this point in time “what difference, d o e s I t ma k e “, SHE LOST! If she, (the deplorable woman that lost, thank God) had won the electoral votes, the left would be praising our voting system as the greatest thing ever created by our founding fathers. They may as well take the word “illegal” out of the dictionary when it comes to libs because , They never, ever, get prosecuted, never!

  13. The truth is that there is a miniscule amount of voter fraud, but there is a huge amount of election fraud through voter suppression and gerrymandering by the CONservatives.

  14. The idea that the Democrats have pushed for years – that voter I.D. is racist – is the most pathetic excuse for fraud I’ve ever heard and the worst thing is that nobody has really pushed back. It’s an ongoing problem; I remember how it surfaced in the Nixon-Kennedy race. Notice that it is always the left and the Democrats that do not want any investigation about potential voter fraud. How else can they win close elections? This time around even fraud didn’t help such a flawed candidate. As other have noted we have to have I.D. for almost everything we do nowadays. What I can’t figure out is why the pro fraud squad has been able to get away with it for so long?

    • That’s why Trump wants to drain the swamp and the swamp rats on both sides ate resisting.

    • 2brnt1:
      The democRATS have won via fraud for years by running Jackasses !
      This time they tried it by running a … uh …
      Kitty. And it didn’t work ! HEH !

      • I’m not sure running “jackasses” constitutes fraud. Dead voters, out-of-state voters, illegals voting, etc. seem too often to be tolerated and the results upheld by officials on the left if they are in their favor. Voter I.D. does not discriminate unfairly and if Democrats run ‘jackasses’ then that’s what their base demands. Caveat emptor!

    • I’ve always wondered why the Democrat Party thinks that minorities are too dumb to get an ID. I have no doubt at all that if they want an ID they can get it.

      • Just like Clinton, who thought that blacks were so dumb that they would follow a bouncing basketball at midnight instead of gang meetings, making babies, robbing stores and gas stations, and selling drugs.
        That really worked out wonderfully, didn’t it ?

  15. Cashing a check, visiting the doctor, opening credit card accounts, getting a library card —- all of these
    require proving one’s identity. Why on God’s green earth can ANYONE vote without producing valid
    proof of his/her identity??? Boggles this mind! Busing hoards of assuredly left-wing voters anywhere
    should raise big bright red flags and be stooped in its tracks. There must be some way to electronically
    monitor votes to flag duplicate voters on the spot. Fraudulent voters need to be identified and prosecuted,
    plus losing voter rights in future elections once proven guilty.

    • A great big Amen to you, Lynne!!! Oh you know that it is all it is for is voter fraud. If the democrats had any brains at all, they would take them out and play with them like they play with their body parts. You know they know better. It is to beat us at the ballot box. My president better clean up the rolls before 2020. Cause we will have something coming that will be worse than Harvey ever thought about. These people are mean and crazy and capable of doing anything. They just as soon to blow you away as look at you if you don’t believe like they do. My neighbor says World War III will not be with other countries. It will be right here fighting among ourselves. I swear he has a book with all the names of the dems in our little community. He told me everybody up and down our street who was s demo. I used to think he was joking, but I am getting to where I am believing him more and more.

  16. Thats exactly why these lefty loons dont want such a commission to exhist.
    H.R.C. won by 3 million my ass!!
    Everybody I spoke too hated her and the last 8 yrs under that racist slime Obama.

    • They hated her and they hated Obama. They still don’t understand that the reason she did not win was because people were sick and absolutely wanted to puke when they saw the eyes of a democrat. And in my neck of the woods, it is still that way. People still have Trump signs plastered in their yards and will not take them down. Oh God, I wished we could get all lefties out of America. Have you ever thought how nice it would be to be without them???????????

  17. Why do you think democrats are opposed to voter ID laws? Obvious isn’t it.

  18. NH – I’d be after CA – I know that they rigged the election and by over 3 million votes…..

  19. The answer to the question is YES!

  20. It is now clear that New Hampshire was delivered to The Drunken Lesbian Witch by 6500 Massachusetts crunchies who crossed the state line to vote at least twice (and a Senate seat was stolen also). We know that Virginia was stolen for the blood-stained bisexual by the last-minute votes of thousands of felons released for this purpose by her bagman, fixer and former lover McAuliffe, also the orchestrator of the Charlottesville riot that loosed Nazi kapo Soros’s communist and black militant storm troopers on our streets. Minnesota was most likely tipped into the column of the party of Marx, Mohammed and Murder by the votes of several thousand African mohammedan non-citizens, while Nevada was stolen by the more traditional method of “voters” recruited in Oaxaca and Tegucigalpa. Add to this the now-verified and generally-accepted finding that 10 million non-citizens voted last November, and we are left with the conclusion that the legitimately-elected President of the United States won his office by approximately 5 million popular votes and an electoral vote of about 350.

  21. The Left CHEATS – spell that massive election fraud, nationwide! They know it – and WE know it! Time for photo ID and verifiable proof! Anything else leans Left! And get those borders sealed already!

  22. I will literally bet my LIFE, that if the TRUE and HONEST election results were known, with NO illegal pr fraudulent votes being counted, Trump easily won the popular vote also, I’ll guarantee it! Why do you think that the Demoncrats fight photo ID, in order to vote, the way they do?!

  23. According to the votes, ABSOLUTELY! Trump won New Hampshire and the person who is now representing New Hampshire in the Senate is a fraud. She should be removed asap and the real winner installed as the official winner of the New Hampshire Senate Race.

  24. No surprise with this information. A Huge Vote for voter I.D. laws. National data base of voters to prevent cross state voters.

  25. Let me remind everyone and that you remind your congressperson and senators, that in India, every voter rich or poor has a valid picture voter ID. So where is the suppression of voters there? Tell your congressperson and senator you are tired of the justices disobeying the will of the people and make them explain by the judiciary committee where they get the idea that getting someone a picture voter ID is suppression and tell them their remarks might get them impeached if they you some stupid remark.

  26. Not surprised or enlightened! Have you ever heard of the I95 voters? Investigate that! Us Deplorables have known for a long time!

  27. Whenever a Democrat candidate receives more votes in a district than there are available voters, obviously voter fraud is present. Too many of these crooked districts exist throughout the United States. Usually, wherever you have Democrat strongholds, those districts are suspect. Democrats are hard-pressed to win because they cheat as part of their win strategy. Look at what the DNC did to Bernie Sanders in “fixing” that election for the Democrat nomination for president as proven by WikiLeaks released emails from the DNC server. Voter fraud will be rampant during the 2018 election and worse during the 2020 election.

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/79c35fb26a86c95638909b60e6f7c9c9af592c1ede4c0c01c1438b612b078b37.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/22e33fa9d9c1892d129cceabb7eba9d00e2b4fc30b3134fd8cbb6a4b30150d03.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f33de30d96c96ca7143b96422bc25c1cb5fb3f82e4f29031c7f6cdb1471e372e.jpg

  28. No, LeeRoy, New Hampshire didn’t “actually go for Trump.” More bull-(expletive deleted). People generally have more important things to do, than to drive from one state to another, just to cast one more vote. Where’s your common sense, LeeRoy?

  29. The Russians do not have to meddle in our elections. The Demonrats do it by themselves.

  30. Voter “swipe ID cards” would solve 99% of the problem, crooked poll workers are the other 1%, if a couple of these are caught and jailed, that will stop too !!

  31. I guess that the committee failed to interview these identified voters. They were college students who attended college in New Hampshire. They spend nine months of the year in New Hampshire . Under New Hampshire law, they were entitled to vote in New Hampshire and they did.

  32. And to date, not a darn thing is done about it!!! Where are the legislators with enough guts to take on the crooked system? Darn it, it’s about time we stood up and demanded something be done – and I am sure I am not alone.



  34. If they can give these imports a drivers license, they can give them an ID to vote, and then we can track them and find out who they really are. I won’t even mention that slug, she slimes up everything, so why not the voting?

  35. Check out the video on Fractional Votes and other posts here:

  36. The Demo’s want less voting restrictions, because that is the only way they can win is by cheating, way to go Demo’s. The party that loves to cheat !!

  37. The Democrats are so worried about the Russians trying to influence the election, that they can’t even clean up their voter fraud mess in NH.

  38. Barry Soetoro stole his second election.

  39. President Trump won both the POPULAR and Electoral votes!!!

  40. curmudgeon VN Veteran

    The depths of democRATick voting fraud is just beginning to be exposed. I seriously doubt they have ever won an election without dead people, illegal voters or some other democRATick shenanigans.

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