Did Hillary Let Nuclear Response Secrets Slip in the Debate?

In her rush to convince Americans that Donald Trump was unfit to handle the responsibility of nuclear weapons, Hillary Clinton may have accidentally let top secret information slip out of her mouth in front of 70 million viewers.

“The bottom line on nuclear weapons is that when the president gives the order, it must be followed,” Hillary said. “There’s about four minutes between the order being given and the people responsible for launching nuclear weapons to do so.”

Hillary meant to impress upon viewers how singular and quickly the decision is made. In other words, if you let this maniac have the nuclear biscuit, he can annihilate humanity because he got bent out of shape on Twitter at 3:00 in the morning. Are you scared yet??

Well, if the argument had any weight to it, it has since been lost to the wind. Now Americans are more interested in critics who say that by outlining the “four minutes” process, Hillary might have said something she shouldn’t have.

From Fox News:

The reference to a four-minute timeline between the order and the launch was seen by former intelligence officers and military operatives as a possible violation of operational security, known as OPSEC.

A former Navy SEAL officer said the statement appears to be a “direct violation of US national security protocols and governing law. Our country has no greater secrets than those that protect our strategic nuclear deterrence capability.”

So while Hillary is out there trying to make Donald Trump look like a menace to American security, she’s doing the very thing she was nearly jailed for this summer: Exposing classified information to the whole wide world through abject negligence. Or, in this case, the arrogant desire to make it look like she knows so much more about the “insider game” than Trump.

The Clinton campaign has denied any wrongdoing, using published articles on the U.S. nuclear protocol to back up their position. But according to intelligence experts, that’s irrelevant. Even if the protocol is supposedly out there for everyone to see, there’s a difference between speculation and firsthand knowledge. As the former secretary of state, Hillary could have the latter.

“It now validates with specificity something of great sensitivity that has long been speculated by our adversaries and others in the national arena, including academics and think tanks,” the Navy SEAL officer told Fox News.

Three months after being censured by the FBI as “extremely careless” with confidential information, it appears that Hillary Clinton hasn’t learned a thing.



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  1. Hillary does not learn; she teaches and she expect us to listen, or else. No one ever wants to cross Hillary. She can become all teeth and claws in less than four seconds/

  2. If Hillary’s knowledge of warfare and negotiations with the Muslims is no better than her handling of classified material and she gets elected, we are going to be in big trouble. I can just see (hear) her saying . “Suitcase man:, don’t put that “f——” suitcase on my f—— bed! I don’t normally swear (or imply it), but that appears to be one of her favorite words.

    • Patricia Anderson

      she actually mouthed the f word on the 3rd debate as Trump spoke and it was caught on camera I watched it on you tube I’m not deaf but I coud read tose red red lips easily.

      • I missed that. I knew that she had a sewer mouth but on live TV. WOW! She is so very sick.
        GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

  3. From people in the know, she is careless. Says what people want to hear but she doesn’t believe it, she is a liar, she is a foul mouthed bigot, she loathes the the military as well as people under her wealthy status, she feels she us OWED everything she wants, she is as bad as her husband in the sexual activities with both sexes, Huma is her “confidant”. We are in real trohble…

  4. Hillary Clinton is a power hungry moron, who shouldn’t be allowed within a 1,000 feet of the Oval Office. Over the last seven years Obama has pushed this country to the brink of collapse and “Slick Hilly” will certainly push us over the edge. She is the most inept, corrupt person to ever seek the office of President and, if elected, God help us, because no one else will be able to stop the damage that she will inflict upon the citizens of this great nation.

    • well before this took place long ago recently when the election got Started Trump did say Conterversial comments and and he caused a Rukus and he almost fell remeber? even thugh Hillary is not right for this country it is time to read their records and to find those things and if someone does not like any 2 of them then find a Replacement among the other Senetors

      • CONTROVERSIAL. Maybe, but not government classified information. Jeez, DUMBOCRATS just don’t get it. NOT THE SAME THING. APPLES and ORANGES. COCK and PUSSY. Need I go on???

        • Patricia Anderson

          Even as a woman you make me laugh since I am one of the deplorables who already voted for Trump/Pence 2016/2017/2018/2019/2020!!!!! I need not go on it’s not necessary.

      • You havn’t got a clue. This is not like in the movies, It can get real so fast you wont have time to say ouch and now you want to start over from scratch?

        Here is the very simple facts.

        It’s Trump or Clinton – There are no other options.

        If Trump is elected, sure there is a million to one chance he would start WW III, but if Clinton wins the word on the street is there is a 50/50 chance of a civil war that would make you wish for an instantaneous thermonuclear end.

        I hope and pray a civil war never happens because it would be the end of the American way of life and a living death to those that are not killed in combat.

        • The last Civil War was really brutal.

        • Civil war?
          If that is where our country sits, it will happen no matter who the Electoral College appoints as President.
          We already have two Republican wars on the credit card. The ‘Bank of China’ holds that debt.
          Bush kilked over 4,000 Americans. How many do you think Trump can murder?

          • not as many as the Clintons…..

          • Oh, he passed the Clintons a long time ago.
            A total of law suits over 3,500 — 70 just this year.
            Many for violating local, state and federal laws.
            Your “hero” is not what you seem to think he is.
            He hires illegals then cheats them out of pay.
            He has been charged and fined for housing discrimination.
            He has been charged nd fined for employment discrimination.
            He has been charged and fined for money laundering.

          • Hillary fart sniffing Troll…go back in your cave

      • This is a silly and absurd suggestion! You might want to consider taking some classes in spelling.

        • are you Sure man? Campaine for Liberty is anooyed on these 2 and they want to expose them by reading it right from their records and i went there and i signed up on that Petition and i told them to do it

          • Are you ill, ignorant, or stupid?

          • This forum has a spell checker. You highlite the word and then right click. You will see a selection of words that are the correct spelling for the word that you are checking if you aren’t too far off on the spelling of what you have written. Of course it wouldn’t fix grammatical errors. But it will help to have most if not all of the words spelled correctly. Please use it?
            GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

      • Patricia Anderson

        Dr. Ben Carson or Mike Pence

    • Patricia Anderson

      Since she’s clearly not going to win. I will type this phony scenario. Boom!!! the nukes are off to the races and Armageddon is fast approaching!!! If she were but, she’s not going to win, we better have flack jackets and helmets ready plus 12 months of food and water ready for use. It would take that long for her to succumb to the illness she’s hiding!!!

    • Brink of collapse? Really?
      Is that anything like the $1 per day wars started by Baby Bush? You know, the onesa that doubled the national devbt.

  5. Speaking of Hillary’s husband, Bill, she once (at least) during his term of office called him a “miserable c*** sucker” in front of Secret Service and other staff, according to The Truth About Hillary: What She Knew, When She Knew It, and How Far She’ll Go to Become President, by Edward Klein.

    In fact, in addition to a temper more befitting an avenging fury than a presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton has quite the potty mouth, having earned a reputation for cussing like a sailor.

    Some documented examples:

    On Labor Day 1991, back at the Arkansas Governor’s Mansion, she yelled, “Where is the G**damn f**king flag! I want the G**damn f**king flag up every morning at f**king sunrise,” according to Inside the White House, by Ronald Kessler.

    After one of her state trooper body guards dared to tell her good morning, she screamed, “F**k off! It’s enough I have to see you s***-kickers every day, I’m not going to talk to you too!! Just do your G**damn job and keep your mouth shut.” That’s from American Evita, by Christopher Anderson.

    “Stay the f**k back, stay the f**k back away from me! Don’t come within ten yards of me, or else! Just f**king do as I say, Okay!!?” That White House soliloquy was related in Unlimited Access: An FBI Agent Inside the Clinton White House, by Clinton FBI Agent in Charge Gary Aldrich.

    A more recent anecdote comes from 2009, when Hillary visited Turkey. Military K-9 handler Eric Bonner related this July in a viral Facebook post that he and his dog, Suli, were assigned to sweep the area for explosives, and when Clinton showed up, she yelled at the pair, “Get that f**king dog away from me,” then spent the next 20 minutes berating the security detail for letting an animal in her quarters.

    One of my personal favorite quotes, which I think Hillary should put on a campaign bumper sticker, is, “Come on Bill, put your d**k up! You can’t f**k her here!!” From Inside the White House, by Ronald Kessler.

    Speaking of Bill’s many, many, many trysts and sexual assaults, one of his long-time lovers (who he was also cheating on over the course of years) was former Dallas attorney Dolly Kyle. In her book Hillary: The Other Woman, released earlier this year, she has a lot of recollections of Hillary’s charming personality, as well.

    In addition to being foul-mouthed, Hillary is also cruel, vindictive, insensitive and probably anti-Semitic as well.

    Kyle recalls Hillary Clinton referring to Jews as “stupid k**e” and “f**king Jew b*****d”; developmentally challenged children at an Easter Egg hunt as “f**king retards”; and calling Jesse Jackson behind his back “G**damned n****r.”

    (And just as an aside, remember Hillary pointing out in the first debate that Trump had been sued by the Justice Department in the 1970s on behalf of black renters, a case which he settled? Well, in the 1980s, Bill Clinton was sued multiple times by blacks and Hispanics for intimidating black voters and other violations of the 1965 Voting Rights Act — and he lost every time. He had even tried to replace a lawfully elected black representative with a white candidate, until he was stopped, 8-0, by the Supreme Court.)

    The crowning achievement of Hillary Clinton’s mouth, however, has to be the suicide of Vince Foster. FBI reports (which have since vanished from the National Archives) suggested that Hillary ripped into Foster in front of his staff and peers so viciously that a week later he committed suicide.

    The Clintons and their zombie horde have gotten a lot of mileage out of supposedly “offensive” things Trump has said. Yet for all Trump’s casual machismo and off-the-cuff mannerisms, I have yet to hear of him killing anybody with his words.

    Keep that in mind as Hillary supporters engage in histrionics over Trump’s crude talk.

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    • Why would Hillary talk about Benghazi in 2004? She might not have even knew where it was back then.

      • This is why it goes to show you things will be made up about anyone. The only ones that are really true involve Trump!!

        • Are y9ou STILL on drugs. Stop taking whatever your commissar is giving to the useful idiots these days. It’s rotting whats left of you Marxist brain.

          • Is that really all you can say? You must REALLY be into drugs, because that’s all you say in your worthless comments. Darn shame. Now I know why you are the way you are.

        • I’m pretty sure that was just a typo. I never asked you in the first place.

          • You are correct but everyone can see your response – this is an open forum – so if you don’t want other comments why don’t you email each other? Besides my comment was sarcasm – won’t be making any comment to you any more.

          • Well, people’s email addresses are not given here. You could have put a /S after your post so that it would be recognized as sarcasm. I’m sorry that I said anything. I saw no humor. I guess I should have put a sarcasm marker after my original comment, but I thought that it was fairly obvious.

          • Whatever – sorry I said anything – this is a nonsensical conversation about nothing. Good grief!!

          • You are correct. It is nonsense about nothing. Nonsense can sometimes be entertaining, though.

          • Very True.

        • “canidi….”, Set aside political parties for a moment and evaluate Hillary and Donald as “ordinary citizens, living down the street”. Logic, deductive reason and common sense reveals Hillary (and Bill) have left a very wide swath of mayhem, broken laws and strange deaths for key people for the last 30 or so years. As I recall (am 84 years young) the figure for major problems was around 30 separate events while Bill was Governor of Arkansas—and the Hillary you see and hear today is the model she has followed since she became an adult. And, why then would you use hearsay and innuendo to denounce Trump? True, with his many successes in life, we can find some skeletons and possible “excesses” in his closet, but income tax “evasion”, is not one of them—–the laws are considerable different for the very wealthy and select bankruptcies are commonly used tools. I note you used very broad statements and did not provide any specifics—I responded in kind—but we all can see her most every day, placing her foot in her mouth. I am not sure about her physical health, as that might be a ploy to take our focus off of what she is really up to. Vote for Hillary and she gets into office, you too will have to accept some of the blame, when she is brought to task for repeated “un-American actives. Also, if Hillary wins, just how will Bill fit into the “equation”? Will he also set in the Oval Office, have “veto” powers or even make all of the major decisions?

          • Well you know – both candidates are not ideal or role models to mirror – however, she is the lesser of 2 evils. I used to be a person who would vote for the best candidate – didn’t matter if Rep. Or Dem.- WHOEVER I thought would do the best job. I was actually in favor of Trump when things started out. However, the more his mouth ran, the more my mouth dropped in shock because of what was coming out of it. Trump has his own skeletons and only a small portion has been divulged. I like Hillary’s stance with women’s issues – Trump hasn’t the foggiest idea about any women’s issues, other than he likes to grab what he wants. Say what you will, that’s that’s my opinion of him. Lies? Good grief – every time you turn around Trump is fabricating something, You lie and dig deeper for more dirt on the opponent when you’re desperate – and losing. He scares me with his irrational thoughts words, and actions. I can’t believe that the general population can’t see that being unstable, irrational, tweeting (because that’s what Presidential candidates do) would not be a concern – and you being as old as you are SHOULD have a problem with it. Period.

    • REAL REAL TROUBLE that one.

    • When the state raises children, the children react like cattle in a feedlot, setting around all day, waiting for the feed truck to show up and do the owner’s bidding.

  6. she should be, bared from the election, she gave away very sensitive information, that only a few an the potus know. Maybe ol billyboy was trading infor for sex. or talking in his sleep. or something. If someone will an would start WW3 it is her.

    • If she got bared, it’d make a lot of people ill; however, yes, she should be barred!

    • Actually WWIII is taking place right now. It is a fight to the death between Democracy and Tyranny. If the muslims win we and the rest of the world will lose. There will be a dark ages that will make the middle ages look like a nice spring day on the beach. And it might last thousands of years instead of hundreds of years.
      GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

  7. Once she takes the white house will she then release the info as to who actually carries the”football”? Then spill out our launch code procedures? I guess it all ends with 44 mushroom clouds rising on American soil!

  8. She was trying to make sure people knew just how much knowledge of how things work in the government. She achieved her goal. Nothing is Secret or confidential in her eyes. Put it all out their for all to see…show them how smart she is…after all Donald doesn’t know how much she does. And she is right, he doesn’t. Also the militarry is angry, the people are angry in her. In her Quest she would rather give away confidential secrets then let him get elected as not aware of how things are done. She is a threat to this country. She did not act when She should at Bengahzi. What makes us think she would today. Her logic and reasoning is a danger to everyone of us.

    • Right on,,,,If the Russians launched a preemptive first strike against the continental US at 3AM odd are she would just tell everybody to call her in the morning and go back to sleep just like she did when they were killing our people in Benghazi .

      • Yep. Just like Hitler did when the troops were landing on the beaches during D-Day. His generals were so terrified of his temper that no one would wake him.
        GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

    • . . . . Remember her getting shot at and having to duck under the plane for cover. Yep she murdered those 4 people just as surely as if she had pulled the trigger. I don’t know if any of the attackers were killed or not but if so she is also guilty of their deaths. Little miss hillary and brackkie are swimming in blood.
      . . . . Remember her being all upset because Mr. Trump wouldn’t reveal his plans for dealing with ISIS? Meanwhile her plans are published on her website. She thinks that it is really cool to show people that she has a plan and tries to convince people that because Mr. Trump won’t reveal his plan that it means he has no plan.
      . . . . So now ISIS knows what her plans are and they can be prepared for when she goes to attack them. Then everyone will shake their heads and wonder how ISIS was able to completely defeat our troops.
      GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

  9. Irene Elizabeth Grooms

    HILLARY KNEW JUST WHAT SHE WAS SAYING. She is the dangerous one not Donald Trump. You have a choice now someone who has told our enemies how long it takes for the nuclear bomb to go off.You people better wake up before she sets this nuclear bomb to go off if she is our president.

    • She won’t remember where she put the codes if they were needed or something equally bad considering how many questions she could not remember when answering questions for the FBI.

    • Since everything she says is a lie, why should be believe a statement from her which cannot be fact-checked?

    • Donald Trump = Contract WITH America
      Hillary Clinton = Contract ON America

    • Little miss hilary and barrackie are guilty of thousands of counts of High Treason during wartime and millions of counts of murder. They should be confined in solitary in a SuperMax prison for the rest of their lives. billie the willie should be there also.

      GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

  10. Corrupt Traitor Liar

  11. For every “liberal” that is voting for Hillary just to see the first woman in the presidency, your dream could quickly turn into a nightmare!

  12. it is a prosecuitable statement. electt trump and start the ball rolling

  13. someone let it slip to killary, they must have, or she would not know! No doubt her useless hubby! Apparently it’s not a big secret is it! If it was a secret, then her dumb ass husband gave her classified information, an prosecutable offense!


  15. And yet, not a damn thing will happen about it.

  16. Keep these things in mind regarding utterances/information for which Hillary is the source – that she has a record: Is the “four minutes” true? Is it a random Hillary generated number? That would not be unprecedented. It isn’t even beyond possibilities that she is a “useful idiot” to whom nuclear defense agencies supplied a piece of false information with the confidence she would make it public. Would any agency reveal to her information whose security was critical to the nation?

    • She was secretary of state and would have absolutely know the response times and I am just a sure as the NSA that she spilled the beans. She should have been arrested before she hit the street.

      I have seen things published about top secrete “things” I worked with in the military that have since been declassified, but I STILL will not either confirm of deny ANY of that information. – My training was that good and I still take my oath that seriously. – Her training and total lack of concern for state secrets is the BAD. The cackling witch is totally without honor and needs to be put in solitary confinement for the rest of her life. — Better yet, Get a rope.

  17. clinton,obama,mills,lynch and comey will be Indicted.

  18. Hillary is so stupid it’s unreal. This is the 2nd time she’s given out information dealing with national security.

  19. hitlery has been bought out and sold to islamic terrorists for their caliphate,

    hitlery is a traitor to America!!!

  20. I give up!!! Any American citizen would be locked up if we had uttered the words she did.But typical she gets away free and clear.Tell me our country isn’t in the toilet of history?The moral decline started when the atheist Madeline
    Ohare started her campaign to remove from classrooms the morning prayer,since then abortion,homosexuals etc.
    have followed quickly and with BHO’s edict that men(who don’t think they are) are able to use women’s toilet facilities.As of April 2016 I have not shopped at Target,or bought Starbucks/Ben and Jerry’s.It is my protest and I’ll
    vote Trump/Pence 2016,please do the same to stop this down-ward spiral of our country.

  21. When Secretary Clinton made that comment, it was shocking. More shocking than the fact she is permitted to run for POTUS after a proven series of brazen criminal acts she has committed against our country and its citizens.

    BTW: she could not pass security clearance even for entry level positions with the feds.

    As shocking as FBI Director James “Benedict Arnold” Comey’s, how he punked out, shamefully, and in one fell swoop, deeply embarrassed and destroyed the FBI’s hard-earned reputation for apolitical investigative fairness by refusing to recommend Secretary Clinton’s indictment.

    As shocking (Not really) as AG Lynch’s pious acceptance of said indictment recommendation decline.

    Former AG Janet Reno, displayed more intestinal fortitude when, despite enormous pressure, enforced the law, returning Elias Gonzalez to his father in Cuba; as equally as Former AG Eliot Richardson, who resigned, rather than partake in an attempted Watergate cover-up for Nixon.

    • She couldn’t even get a basic “confidential” clearance in the Military. In fact with her present record she couldn’t even get into the military at all. Now this cackling witch wants to be the Commander and Chief? – No movie plot was ever this screwed up.

  22. The way she tips her hand, I have GOT to get into a poker game with this woman.

  23. The russians do not know precisely what out launch response time is and we have a guess at theirs.
    The launch response time is roughly given on the web in one or two places. Hillary does not know what she is talking about and gave a wrong number. As example of this there is not one but at least two different launch response times, one for silo based ICBMs which is less than 4 minutes and there is one for submarine based Missiles which is longer than 4 minutes. More importantly there is a presidential decision time during which he can talk on the hot line, use allies to verify the just reported missile launch, retarget warheads, specify warplan, etc. the decision time is above 4 minutes. Hillary seems to think that the president gets upset, launches the missiles and then might change their mind, NO YOU MORON it does not work that way. My feeling is that Hillary should be prosecuted for poor judgement. She actually may have thought it was 4 minutes and may be able to point to some web based information she misunderstood. I know, I know ‘what difference does it make”. What you did was broadcast to the world what the supposed Launch recovery time was, The russians may be taking this as bible and adjusting their launch alert times to what this changes was OR possibly decide to launch an preemptive attack. Thanks loads, Hillary. I hope the russian read this comment and realize that Hillary is a pathological liar who is about 1/3 as smart as she thinks she is and most of all that her stated time was invalid.

    • “cdan……’, sir, I will not address the accuracy of your post, but I will say you are as guilty as Hillary. Even, if you suspect “they” know all of the facts, it is another thing to have someone verify it.

      • ??? Did you even read the my post? I said Hillary’s 4 minute number was wrong and referenced it.. I did state that there were at least two launch response times(maybe more). I did not verify anything. No numbers were given during my post. there is no secret that we have ICBMs and SLBNs and logically there should be a difference in procedures due to communications. Seeing as how the russians have similar procedures i only hope they DO read my post so that they logically discredit Hillary’s number and not act on it.

  24. And there are still assholes out there that will vote for the cackling witch.

  25. Killary Rotten Benghazi Clinton, is a vile, evil, and irresponsible person. There was no reason to state to the world how long it takes for a nuclear response, unless what she said was a total lie! Everything, to date, has been a lie! What she said, she knew could not be fact-checked. Please, Dear Lord, let Donald Trump be the next president.

  26. That was no slip up she never lets anything out by accident she has a purpose for everything she does, if she gets in she will sell the codes to the highest bidder,just as she has done with all of her emails that gave names and address of our oppretives. She intends to sell our country to the NEW WORLD ORDER just as OMUSLIME has done

  27. I heard what she responded and thought; Wow, I didn’t realize it took four minutes to react on our side of the engagement. Wonder of the Russians or Chinese knew that!

  28. Hillary is as stupid as that imbecilic grin on her face. No one gives any kind of time frames about our attack response times, no one, especially anyone in our Federal Govt!! TRUMP IS ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! SHE IS DUMB AS DIRT! This is absolute PROOF of how much a liability that woman would be in our highest office! Sad thing is that her idiotic brain-dead supporters still do NOT get it that she is NOT SMART ENOUGH TO RUN OUR COUNTRY AND IS SO CLOSE TO A PSYCHOLOGICAL BREAKDOWN that to put her under the stresses of the U.S. Presidency would throw her over the line, remove her from acting President and throw that idiot she calls a V.P. into the Presidency. OKAY NOW. Who wants Hillary dumbo #2 for President?

    What is the solution to not having Killary for President? VOTE FOR TRUMP WHO GENUINELY CARES ABOUT WHAT HAPPENS TO THE U.S. AND ALREADY HAS A PLAN TO END THIS RAPE OF AMERICA BY THE LEFTIST ELITISTS. Hopefully Trump’s plan includes the prosecution and jail time for both killary and barack.

    Did you know Barack is buying a place in Washington D.C. so he can be involved in our Federal Govt. after he leaves the White House? Does that show you just how far removed from reality these idiot elitists are? They just don’t get it that SANE Americans DO NOT LIKE THEM AND WANT THEM GONE. bho needs to rethink buying anything in D.C. He’ll be nice and close for Trump to locate and haul off to jail! Stupid is as stupid does!

  29. No she’s just stupid…has no sense and serious deeply rooted sense of superiority….and the worst judgement since the guy who checks his gas take with a Zippo lighter….

  30. Yes, she is quick to point a finger to Trump, but I believe that he has a much better memory. To me she has problems with her memory and it will only deteriorate. The medication will only help her for a while and then she will slide.

  31. Sparkitus_Maximus

    any veteran Nuclear Surety Officer would have been instantly arrested to face a court martial.

  32. She threw a lamp at Bill in her rage, and she says that Trump does not have the temperament to be president and that he should not have his fingers anywhere near the nuclear codes. And she also claims that the Russians are interfering in our election in favor of Trump. Perhaps the Russians fear Hillary having her fingers too near the nuclear button.
    Imagine if you will that you are a high ranking military officer and the person who carries the nuclear football. That’s the guy that Joe Bidden was foolish enough to identify to the surrounding crowd. Hillary is enraged because Putin called her a whore. She calls for you to launch an all out nuclear attack on Russa. What would you do? I know what I would do.
    Donald Trump = Contract WITH America.
    Hillary Clinton = Contract ON America

  33. Nothing to see here. Just more idiocy from the mouth of an idiot! Probably received hundreds of millions in donations, to that face front charity, from several countries needing verification of the protocol!

  34. You know Hildabeast; at this point, what difference does it make?

  35. BunkerHillLightMan

    Proof positive she is a serious threat as well as a fully fledge DOLT!!!

  36. Now Hillary is exposing the nuclear arms policy by stating “There’s about four minutes between the order being given …”. And we want Hillary as president? Talking about being a traitor! Hillary is very inept and unfit for the presidency. We can only pray that Trump will get elected. Otherwise the United States will take a downward plung, and thats not good. God bless America!

  37. Patricia Anderson

    First Hillary is NOT going to WIN!!! Secondly if she was to go near the White House it would probably to be just to steal more artifacts

  38. H.Clinton will say anything in order to demonstrate her knowledge of U.S. military secrets. Her agenda is to talk U.S strategies like the strategist she is not. “Loose lips can sink ships!”
    She has made a shambles of U.S. defense strategies without thought that she could be endangering this nation to attack. The jeopardy she placed Benghazi in has become inconsequential to her! That’ in the past and now the problem of the American people, not her. Hey!…”What difference does it make anyway?”

    Her interest is impressing ignoramuses that she is the leader the American armed forces need. Whether this country is able to defend itself, or becomes a charred remnant of its former self, she is like a one-way missile seeking to be President regardless of what jeopardy she places on this nation. All she wants is to satisfy her craving is her name on the Oval Office door. She is bent upon “showing Bill Clinton ” that she too, can become President.
    What kind of a President matters not to her.

  39. Hillary would be well advised to go back to work, working 14th Street with Hidie-ho & Uda-ho, except for one minor thing, not one man alive would pay her for sex, because she’s butt ugly. In the final analysis it all comes back to sex doesn’t it, well for most of us, except Hillary-ho.

  40. THERE is no accident with this lady. Come on, don’t give excuses for her.

    She fully knew what the “C” word on all the document sent to her. She got mad that they called her the “C” word.

    She is out to DESTROY this country, all white males must go. Her husband rapes white women. BOTH hate this country with all their lying GUTS!! Yet, you made them your leaders and won’t remove them.

    What she is doing is DELIBERATE attempts to weaken this country for an invasion.

    You truly shall get what you deserve if you do not REBEL against this lying communist mole and her rapist husband.

  41. Hell yes she did which is an act of treason. Also the breaking story where they DOJ is trying to cover up her ties to Marc Turic the arms dealer that she gave millions to fund arms to ISIS which lead to Bengazhi. Every week it is another scandal surrounding this woman, and you want this crap in the white house? I don’t care what party you are vote right for this country she will lead us to hell

  42. Blabber Mouthed Bitch reveals nuclear timing…are you kidding me?

  43. Cut the crap Trump says and sometimes acts goofy but he is not the fool or crook or liar that Hillary is! She will not do anything for women, knows nothing of solving our economic woes, and is the most self serving witch ever!

  44. Indeed, she released one of our highest level and most sensitive secrets. If I did that, I’d be in the slammer before I could pass gas. She gets a ‘bye’ because she’s a rich, slick, crooked, lying, murdering elitist who ought to be hanging out in a federal penitentiary.

  45. A phony argument. Here’s the real one wrapped up in this assertion: Hillary Clinton is as much an enemy of America as the Muslim terrorists, and so are all the rest of Democrats, followed closely by the GOP.

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