Did Hillary Let Nuclear Response Secrets Slip in the Debate?

In her rush to convince Americans that Donald Trump was unfit to handle the responsibility of nuclear weapons, Hillary Clinton may have accidentally let top secret information slip out of her mouth in front of 70 million viewers.

“The bottom line on nuclear weapons is that when the president gives the order, it must be followed,” Hillary said. “There’s about four minutes between the order being given and the people responsible for launching nuclear weapons to do so.”

Hillary meant to impress upon viewers how singular and quickly the decision is made. In other words, if you let this maniac have the nuclear biscuit, he can annihilate humanity because he got bent out of shape on Twitter at 3:00 in the morning. Are you scared yet??

Well, if the argument had any weight to it, it has since been lost to the wind. Now Americans are more interested in critics who say that by outlining the “four minutes” process, Hillary might have said something she shouldn’t have.

From Fox News:

The reference to a four-minute timeline between the order and the launch was seen by former intelligence officers and military operatives as a possible violation of operational security, known as OPSEC.

A former Navy SEAL officer said the statement appears to be a “direct violation of US national security protocols and governing law. Our country has no greater secrets than those that protect our strategic nuclear deterrence capability.”

So while Hillary is out there trying to make Donald Trump look like a menace to American security, she’s doing the very thing she was nearly jailed for this summer: Exposing classified information to the whole wide world through abject negligence. Or, in this case, the arrogant desire to make it look like she knows so much more about the “insider game” than Trump.

The Clinton campaign has denied any wrongdoing, using published articles on the U.S. nuclear protocol to back up their position. But according to intelligence experts, that’s irrelevant. Even if the protocol is supposedly out there for everyone to see, there’s a difference between speculation and firsthand knowledge. As the former secretary of state, Hillary could have the latter.

“It now validates with specificity something of great sensitivity that has long been speculated by our adversaries and others in the national arena, including academics and think tanks,” the Navy SEAL officer told Fox News.

Three months after being censured by the FBI as “extremely careless” with confidential information, it appears that Hillary Clinton hasn’t learned a thing.



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