Did Biden Have a Secret Deal With the Taliban on the Fate of Kabul?

A shocking report suggests that President Joe Biden had a secret deal to turn Kabul over to the Taliban!

The allegations were made by the British investigative outlet The Tortoise. According to the report, the Biden administration had a secret deal with the Taliban to hand over Kabul to the terrorist group. The Tortoise said Biden’s officials were talking to the Taliban through a secret back-channel overseen by the CIA.

The communications reportedly took place this past summer during the US evacuation of the Afghan capital. The report found the Taliban was supposed to give Joe Biden enough time to evacuate Kabul before it would take over a deadline his administration failed to meet. The report also claimed Biden handed Afghanistan over to the Taliban.

 “The message from the Taliban to the Americans was – Take your time, a fortnight or more, we will wait before we enter the capital, we have absolutely no desire to preside over the evacuation,” explained Matthew d’Ancona, an investigative reporter for The Tortoise. “The astonishing response to the Taliban from US was, no thanks, you need to get into Kabul and maintain order now. The Afghan government is a lame duck, and NATO certainly isn’t going to take responsibility for the city.”

Republican lawmakers have raised questions as to why Biden left $85 billion worth of military equipment to the Taliban, among other questionable aspects of the botched pullout.

Regardless of the veracity of The Tortoise report or not, former President Trump and many others have called the rushed and failed Biden withdrawal from Afghanistan “the most embarrassing moment in American history.” 

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