DeSantis Pulls Off Incredible Victory

All of the DeSantis-endorsed school board candidates have won their elections in Florida. Jackie Rosario and Cindy Spray joined ‘Fox & Friends’ in order to discuss key issues of parental rights and the importance of DeSantis’ endorsements.

Florida Republicans saw a massive wave run across the state as they won multiple races on Tuesday. All DeSantis- endorsed school board candidates won their respective elections leading to a sweeping victory for Gov. Ron DeSantis.

Cindy Spray, who won in Manatee County, and Jackie Rosario, who won in Indian River County, joined “Fox & Friends” on Thursday to speak about how DeSantis’ endorsement may have affected the results.

Spray told co-host Ainsley Earhardt that it was DeSantis’ support that managed to push them over the edge. She also said that his ideas regarding education align with the ones that people want and with the education system they would like to see in public schools. An education system that would support parental rights.

Outside of helping his endorsements win their elections, DeSantis also won his gubernatorial race against Democratic opponent Charlie Crist. This was a race that he won with a close to twenty point difference.

Parental rights have been a key topic for parents across America who are looking to influence what is being taught in the classroom. DeSantis has long been a supporter of this movement and even signed the Parental Rights in Education Act which stops teachers from being allowed to discuss gender and sex with children younger than those in the third grade.

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  1. With the overwhelming victory of Ron DeSantis it indicates that the government should be for the people and by the people, and NOT,— NOT TO THE PEOPLE!!!!

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