DeSantis: Biden Trying to Limit Domestic Travel While Letting Illegals Pour In

Speaking to reports that the Biden administration could limit Floridians from traveling freely to other states due to the pandemic, Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) said Sunday that such a move would be the height of political hypocrisy. He ripped into President Biden in an interview with Fox News, telling host Maria Bartiromo that Biden should worry less about the travel habits of Florida residents and more about the COVID-infected illegal aliens he’s letting into the United States.

“So, he’s opening the border. He’s letting illegals pour in. They’re not doing any COVID tests. They’re just coming into the communities,” DeSantis said. “We have no idea what type of COVID or other things they may be carrying, but yet he wants to potentially make you take a test if you just get on an airplane and fly from one American city to the next, or he wants to prevent travel to the state of Florida?

“This stinks to high heaven,” he continued. “It is a huge contradiction. And you can’t square wanting to open borders for illegal aliens, but then also restricting U.S. citizens from basically traveling around the country as they see fit. And I think the American people see the hypocrisy in that.”

DeSantis said that he had grown weary of watching Democrats and liberals in the media attack Florida for its unorthodox approach to the coronavirus, particularly when his state has handled the pandemic far more effectively than other states he could easily name.

“Florida schools have been open the whole school year,” DeSantis said. “Every parent in Florida has the right to send their child to in-person instruction, every worker has a right to work and earn a living and put food on the table, and every business has a right to operate.

“And, consequently, our state is doing very well compared to these other states in terms of education and economy,” he continued. “But we also have 26 other states and the District of Columbia that have higher per capita COVID mortality than we do. We have 28 states that have higher per capita cases than we do for the bulk of the pandemic. And if you look right now, states that are always held up by people in Biden’s administration, like New York, have way higher per capita patients hospitalized for COVID right now. So, there’s no basis in medical, there’s no basis in economics, there’s no basis in reality to do this, except to punish a state that is doing it better than what his experts have recommended.”

The more we hear from this guy, the more we like him. If it’s not possible or practical for Trump to run again in 2024, we wouldn’t mind seeing Ron DeSantis carry the MAGA torch forward.

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