DeSantis: 120M ‘Flock To Freedom’, Florida Economy Booming

The State of Florida’s revenue is up in record numbers, and Governor Ron DeSantis says it is because Americans are “Flocking to Freedom” in the Sunshine State.

Under DeSantis’s governance, the Sunshine State is reporting better gains than it did before the COVID-19 pandemic. During a recent press briefing, Governor DeSantis touted his state garnered $36.2 billion in revenue for the 2021 fiscal year, beating out auditor expectations.

DeSantis stressed this is largely due to the nearly 120 million Americans who flocked to the state, adding this is the highest number ever recorded in Florida. He claims Americans gravitated towards Florida because of its lax pandemic response and a desire to avoid the hassle of traveling internationally.

“But then if you’re looking to travel domestically, who wants to travel someplace where you want to go get a hamburger and you have to show your medical papers or they force you to wear masks?” asked the GovernorGovernor. “Or they force you to do all these things. And so, in Florida, we don’t do that. It’s a free state.”

The Florida Republican went on to say domestic travel to his state was higher than travel to New York. He also proudly pointed out many of the visitors to the Sunshine State were Democrat leaders who decried Florida for its non-draconian response to the pandemic.

“You have governors that have locked down their states, imposed mandates, imposed restrictions,” explained DeSantis. “You have big-city mayors that have imposed lockdown policies. You have people on TV news networks that advocate for restrictions and lockdowns. And almost all of them have been criticizing Florida for a year and a half, and yet many of them are part of our visitation figures.”

The GovernorGovernor also said the influx in travel didn’t just come from Americans. He claimed at least three times as many Canadians came to Florida than ever before over the past couple of years. This comes as Canadian officials have imposed restrictive COVID lockdowns as well as face mask and vaccine mandates that have sparked international outrage.

Additionally, he lambasted officials who are holding on to nationwide mask mandates, especially on young children. In the meantime, DeSantis welcomed any and all travelers to his state. He said they can expect sunshine, great hospitality, and freedom.

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  1. I used to live in Penscola, Florida for 17 years, then moved back to my country, Canada in 2017. I have an expired green card, but it just expired. I’m almost tempted to move back, but my Canadian $$ are worth less and I would loose a ton! Hard decision.

    • Better to lose a ton that lose your FREEDOM under your current dictator and here at least you can recoup what you lost really quicker

  2. The slaves in the liberal controlled blue states are fleeing to conservative red states for freedom. The Democrat slave masters have always controlled the politics of slave states.

    • Is anyone assured these northern state refugees won’t drag their liberal ideology along with them potentially turning Florida into Floriduh?

  3. so glad we have a governor here who uses common sense and fairness in his administration!! we are truly free here. no crt shoved down our throats, no blm morons ruining everything they touch. no antifa misfits who just need a good spanking to make them realize the world does not revolve around their wants and wishes. just common folk trying to get by. and I can tell you this as a 5th generation Floridian. I would not live in any other state. regardless of the hurricanes, etc that we are subject to. true, I wish we had beautiful mountains, and four seasons. I would like to see and play in snow. (never seen it!!). but not at the price the northern blue states exact.

    • Go to NC it’s mostly open, have a Great Lt. Governor that thinks like ours and will probably be the next Gov. and the Great Smokey Mountains are some of the most beautiful you’ll ever see. If your in no hurry you can ride the Blue Ridge Parkway many attractions in Maggie Valley, some of the finest furniture in Hickory and close to Winston-Salem with a wonderful historic district. As you may guess I’m a native North Carolinian, trans planted to Fla by way of Texas. Been in Tampa for 3 yrs. And respect our Gov. and his stand your ground against the Federal Empire. NC is only about 10 to 12 hours away.

  4. What makes even better here in Florida is that despite the higher percentage of old folks (great retirment state) in the higher risk category we still had one of the lowest percentage infection/death rates. All this despite the lack of tyrantical lockdowns or mask mandidates.

    • Sadly, a bigger than humongous part of Florida’s coastline and waterways is OWNED & access controlled by U.S. military leaving only the ultra rich owning yachts and beach mansions to enjoy what God actually gave to everyone.

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