Des Moines Police Will Be Defunded, BLM Activist Turned City Council Says

A Black Lives Matter activist who wants to defund the police was elected to the Des Moines City Council on Tuesday.

The Des Moines Black Liberation Movement activist, Indira Sheumaker, ousted incumbent Bill Gray who had been serving since 2014.

Despite the popular rejection of the far left’s desire to defund the police, the Iowa activist still plans to try and do just that.

“We just won our campaign on a platform centered on Defunding the Police for Safety and Justice. It can be done. My goal for this city has always been to work from the bottom up. Not the top down,” Sheumaker said in a statement released on Tuesday.

“We won on defund because people were inspired by our message, they wanted somebody who wasn’t afraid,” she wrote in a tweet.

The leftist activist raised $30,000 since February.

In Minneapolis, where George Floyd died in police custody, voters rejected a ballot question on dissolving the police department and forming a Department of Public Safety.

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  1. Patriot for law and order

    This woman is an idiot and I hope the first person attacked by criminals is her and I hope she tries to call the police for help without them responding.

  2. If you feel froggy, leap. Please pass the popcorn.

  3. Don’t BLM activists realize that when they defund police they actually hurt people of color living in crime prone areas resulting in business closures and even more job losses?

  4. What fucking idiots to elect some stupid damned loser like that to the city Council the people in that city are going to regret ever letting something like that happen what stupid fucking idiotically son of a bitches.

  5. Good luck to the Des Moines residents. You reap what you sow.

  6. Of course this is nonsensical. You can say with certainty that the vioters in Demoine are nonsensical. The next campaign will be based around “Gib us stuf. Gib us more stuf”.

  7. Get ready to defend yourselves. The, “Wolf” will soon be at your door.

  8. Richard you are spot on. they will reduce shoplifting to a misdemeanor like California did. looters with black garbage bags will go on a reparations spree like they did out there. gangs walking out with thousands of dollars of high end merchandise. stores will close and move to a red state. all that will be left is your dollar stores with cheap crap, liquor stores, and clubs where da bros hang out. good bye Minnesota, you are going back to the wild. as a side note, Richard, the place will look like Detroit after all the whites left. with no one paying taxes, it is a third world country in Michigan now. unless you be one of da group.

  9. Watch murder become a pastime. It has happened in every city the BLM takes over.

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