Deplorable – And Proud of it, Man

At a Manhattan fundraiser Friday night, Hillary Clinton told a roomful of Democrat donors that millions of American citizens – the ones who support Donald Trump for president – were so disgusting that they barely deserved her contempt.

“You know, to just be grossly generalistic, you could put half of Trump’s supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables,” she said to cheers. “Right? The racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic — you name it. And unfortunately there are people like that. And he has lifted them up. He has given voice to their websites that used to only have 11,000 people — now 11 million. He tweets and retweets their offensive, hateful, mean-spirited rhetoric. Now some of those folks — they are irredeemable, but thankfully they are not America.”

Hillary was apparently suffering from pneumonia at the time, though we didn’t find that out until she fainted on the sidewalk two days later. Perhaps it was due to her fevered state that she made such an obvious political blunder. It certainly didn’t take her long to walk it back; the next day, she expressed “regret.” Not for the comment itself, but just for her estimate of how many Trump supporters should be confined to that basket of deplorables. Not much of an apology, but that’s okay. When you think about where she’s coming from, it wasn’t much of an insult.

To Democrats like Hillary, “racism” means you don’t believe in the outrageous Black Lives Matter agenda. “Sexism” is when you can’t find abortion anywhere in the Bill of Rights. You’re “homophobic” when you reject the idea that boys and girls are frequently born into the wrong bodies. “Xenophobic” means you believe in enforcing American immigration law, and “Islamophobic” means you stubbornly insist that the Islamic State actually might have something to do with Islam.

When you realize all that, no apology is necessary. If this is what things are like in the basket of deplorables, we wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. And if the road to redemption is through abandoning those beliefs, then Hillary was right on the money – we are indeed irredeemable.

We do, however, take issue with the idea that we “are not America.” Ultimately, the prospect of cherry-picking which opinions are and are not “America” is pretty silly, but if you want to play that game, let’s do it. The American flag is on the line. Winning basket gets to keep it.

First question: Which of these baskets – Trump supporters or Hillary supporters – is more likely to burn the prize?

Do we really need to ask another?

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  1. I really don’t care what Hillary thinks of me. It’s none of my business.

  2. Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

    I am proud to be a deplorable, irredeemable in her eyes!!!
    What I think is deplorable to her, is the fact that I am everything that she hates!
    I am against everything she holds dear. Lies, Corruption, Evasion, Anti-Christian,Killings,Race Baiting,etc,etc.
    She would have us in a third-world, terrorist held, destroyed America where killing, burning, looting, are
    the order of the day. NWO, I believe is the New World Odor!! it stinks and is very corrupt.
    She says, I AM EVERY KIND OF PHOBIC,gee I wonder why????
    I tend to dread and fear all of her destructive agenda for America!!!! Just call me crazy, but i want to have
    life, liberty, and be alive to pursue happiness. Under her and Obama’s evil scheme none of us will be alive!!!!

    • Your comment gets a standing ovation, Susan! And … oh, how I love what you’ve done with your name!!!! Bravo and kudos!

      • Love her name too! I’m exactly like she is only she said it better!

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      • GODBlessRealAmerica#1

        Crooked evil Lying hateful atheist Hillary is wicked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Count me in.


        • get off of welfare, take a bath and try not to scrounge off others, this will help you become ‘UN-DEPLORABLE”! Just a suggestion.


          • p.s.- Take a fucking bath you life scumbag! Your candidate needs a facial surgery to correct his ugliness! Try acting like a real American rather than a confederate flag waving clansmen that endorse Trump, like David Duke.

          • Glad you weren’t in Nam with the rest of us. Wouldn’t have been a gook that shot your slimey ass.. ? Oh, and I blocked yer ass too, dildo! ??

          • I am a viet nam era veteran you fucking scumbag! I’m an ex marine, what are you “salvation Army”? You are a typical 89.9% deplorable aren’t you?

          • I thought that there were no “ex marines”? Even if you were a marine, blow it out your ass MF’er

          • There are no X Marines “buddy”

          • If he was, he probably got a “blanket retirement”

          • Some former Marines get fat and lazy and corrupted by ultra-right wing nuttiness and get on forums like this to remind themselves of their perceived past glory by posturing about their no-longer-existing roughness and toughness.

          • THANKS BROTHER … !

          • Wannabe, latrine duty, scum!!

          • Hi Barry, I remember you, as you mentioned being thrown out of a 2nd story window when you were born. As your parents saw the ugliest child on earth they became ashamed of the future they would have with a child that in your words “looked like a dildo” as a result of your fall, landing on your face and head.
            We pray for you and the many surgeries that will follow you in your life, and that you somehow come out of the cesspool of hate you have for your parents. Anyway, good luck on your facial surgeries and with your brain surgeries. Hopefully, your IQ will move up from 1.0 slightly above plant life to something more normal. Again, good luck with your moron friends and your moronic candidate Donald Tdump.
            p.s.- gotta go, gotta take a Doanld Dump!

          • Listen to the wannabe toy soldier! K-p and latrine duty was all the action this puke saw. He loves latrine duty so much he named his first halfbreed daughter “LATRINE”. This fraud G.I. Joe still goes to army surplus stores to buy REAL uniforms. He even stole a Purple Heart like his Butt buddy John “Band-Aid” Kerry. LibTURDS didn’t spit on him, they knew he was one of them by the YELLOW STRIPE down his “broke back”

          • Lying scumbag that you are, you wetback. If you were a marine they probably burned your records to prevent the damage you could do to their reputation. Ever considered Hari Kiri?

          • Andres, u smell like pig telling people they needs shower when u need it most

          • The Marines I know, are referred to as former Marines or still call themselves Marines. I wouldn’t know, I chose the Army, from which service I retired. Oh, and I am not a Vietnam era veteran, just a Vietnam veteran, Iraq vet and Panama.

          • Being a libtard makes you a Damned liar and a real disgrace to my beloved U.S. Marine Corps so get lost while you can ….. !

          • Hi Ms. RetardWard, sorry to inform you but just because you and the rest of the Trump supporters are totally in denial and are totally in “mental and misguided state of mind” does not mean the rest of the country should have to benefit from you being a “fucking moron”. Check your candidate, the facts and the ramifications of his so called, recommendations for this country. If you check out his tax plan (oops I forgot he refuses to turn over his taxes) you would see it only favors the rich, deporting illegal aliens would force most Americans to work on farms ( I forgot, this is beneath their dignity) and will force your groceries to go through the roof.
            Do us all a favor, go back to romper room, try to pass that grade and when you get to the 5th grade, call us, then we’ll be able to have an intelligent conversation. Otherwise, fuck off, get off welfare and take a bath you piece of trash!

          • You are a real piece of shit with your asinine post that is supposed to insult me but says how damn stupid you & your libtards really are and your stench of illegal is obvious … !

          • p.s.- get off of welfare, take a bath and get a job asshole! Get a GED too…..

          • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

            Sure, I suppose you have a job in customer relations since you are such a charmer.

          • What do you do Susan

          • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

            Why I talk to you and other charmers in the Demoncrap propaganda machines.

          • Because i’m a charmer, and you seem worth talking to.

          • This dush bag has got a thing for taking bath. notice that?

          • He and Bath House Obama!

          • You talk like a Donald Tdump supporter, one of the romper room thru 5th grade education level supporters the media talks about all of the time. Why don’t you try getting off of welfare, take a bath, get off of food stamps and become a good citizen? Try it moron, you might like it! Stop being one of the 89.9% Donald Tdump deplorable supporters!!!!!!!!!!

          • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

            Yes we love Mr. Trump. He wants law and order in the chaos we see now. We don’t
            want to be invaded by individuals who wish to kill and destroy us. Why don’t you take a bath because you reek of socialism. Why don’t you get off of food stamps and welfare?
            Why aren’t you a good citizen? I will never stop supporting the only candidate who loves

          • I support Trump. I’m a 2 War vet. Flyer. Had my own business . IQ-134- Known lying Hillary for 27 years . a Lying bitch from Whitewater to Benghazi. James Woods, IQ -184 ,another Trump supporter. 47 Million food stamp users plus 53 % of Voters who don’t pay taxes will probably elect Hillary. She promises 300,000 new “Refugees” next year. Hope you saw the one in Houston crapping in the hall at the Hospital. Bringing Islamic culture to America. Wonder why not one Middle east country will take any refugees. CAUSE THEY KILL PEOPLE .

          • Hey G.I.Joe……read it and weep stoogeboy!!!!
            “African Americans were more likely to receive public assistance than
            other groups. In 2012, an average of 41.6% of African Americans received
            means-tested benefits each month. Thirty-six percent of Hispanics of
            any race received government assistance. About 18% of Asians or Pacific
            Islanders and 13% of whites received benefits each month.

          • Where you gonna go when Trump STROLLS into the (once again) Whitehouse?? I bet you will seal your lips and sneak around looking for a way out, wanna borrow my .45??

          • No, it’s that you Donald Tdump supporters stink like cow manure! Why not try and be a good citizen rather than to promote hatred and stupidity?

          • Like rioters G.I. Joe? Occupy demonstrators, political rally disrupters, flag burners,

          • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

            I see you and your ilk are certainly promoting a “love” fest???LOL
            Killery is the most divisive candidate ever.
            All of the hate groups are on her side. BLM, LARAZA, New Black Panthers, anarchists, The Mothers, and it goes on and on.

          • He got hooked on the bathhouse thing by hanging around with Barry.

          • Dildos are at least useful! This wannabe jackoff soils the good name of hero soldiers everywhere.

          • Listen up dildo face, you couldn’t be a soldier if you tried. You are nothing more than a Donald Tdump hate club member, that has his/her facts incorrect. This is why democrats laugh at morons like you! At least try and educate yourself on the facts. i.e. deporting illegal aliens and the ramifications of same, lowering taxes on the rich and the fact that morons like you will be paying the difference for what the rich fail to pay! Therefore, stop being an asshole, take up some courses in night school and get a GED.
            Do us all a favor, get off of welfare, take a bath, get off food stamps. stop smoking garbage cause only a moron would vote for Donald Tdump!

          • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

            We as Trump supporters are problem solvers. We laugh at poor crooked, sick,Hildabeast
            and her brain dead hacks, like you. We are the ones who know that we want to keep our
            nation intact. We have learned all about your candidate. She is so corrupt that she can’t
            even stand up. She can’t even tell the truth about her sick self. We also have learned
            shock shock that they transfer everything the are doing to innocent people. So I see that
            YOU are the one who is uneducated, illegal, on food stamps, welfare, and a moron/asshole. Good going genius!!!

          • Well said Susan he’s just a jack ass which himself had probably never served or has any respect for our police or military either

          • You couldn’t even solve a case of hemorrhoids much less solve or resolve any problems that merit thought processes.

          • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

            You really are a moron, because it took you a whole month to respond with your drivel.

          • You are too generous and compassionate. Andrew “The Wet Back” has the same IQ as a leopard frog.

          • The moron here us yourself! I’ve not been following many things, trying to stop watching that racist/sexist/womanizer/divider Donald “Vladimir Puppet Putan” Trump…. He makes my stomach turn over, so do his moronic/psychopathic supporters whom blame everybody for their failures in life to include trying to pass Junior High School. It is said that approx. 50% of Trump supporters are uneducated, I disagree with that statement. It is more like 89.9% of Trump supporters are backwood ignorant morons/idiots whom couldn’t be hired at a Burger King or Wendy’s. Good luck in November scumbag you need help yourself!!!!!!

          • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

            I guess that you do not care that you are voting for a career criminal who is controlled by George Soros. He is the puppet master who controls Hitlary. Once again whoever said the 50% remark is wrong. The lamestream media that you and the other dims feed from,
            lives off of spreading lies and half-baked “stories”. I really do not care about your assessments. Every time you post, people have no doubt about your level of education.
            It is evident that you have none! We know , in reality who the ignorant, moronic/idiots are ,who couldn’t attain employment at the fast food emporiums mentioned in your rant. I
            appreciate the reminder!

          • TRUMP! TRUMP! TRUMP! TRUMP! TRUMP! TRUMP!. May this cause extensive and extended bowel disruption. This way you can express your vitriol at both ends of the GI tract. In your case the two ends are likely interchangeable.

          • First, I’d like to say that I’m happy that your a deplorable and that your proud of it. Secondly, you wouldn’t know the truth if it were standing right in front of your face!
            Thirdly, if you truly like this low life Donald “Vladimir Puppet Putan” Trump, you should try and tone it down and keep it to your self. I can almost bet my next months car payment that you are the type that go’s to the job and is as quiet as a church mouse, but you get off work you immediately turn to your true “Trump supporting rendition”! Good luck in November, we in NYS can’t stand Trump, why should outsiders? The man is a low life piece of trash.

          • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

            Too bad that you cannot even spell Putin.
            It was YOUR candidate that sold American uranium to Putin ,she is the scumbag that did
            that. She is a criminal and a traitor to this country.

          • If yon only knew what “Putan” meant? It’s an Italian/Spanish word for (whore). Donald Trump has chosen to praise and glorify the Russian dictator over his own president, and that is disloyalty in our book. Right, wrong or indifferent, Barrack Obama was elected by the people and is the elected president. Donald Trump on the other hand, has called the president incompetent and unable to do the job. Anybody with half a brain can see or hear that Donald “teleprompter” Trump cannot even put 3 sentences together to form a paragraph!
            Again, I speak from my heart and as a “Lincoln Republican”, and with no disrespect towards you or anybody else. This man Trump has insulted more than 50% of the country, praised dictators, is known to owe over 650 million dollars to Chinese and Russian Banks, is in debt up to his ears and appears to be desperate to become the president, refuses to turn over his Income Taxes like all of the other candidates and continues to take e-mails he himself requested on national television as he did ask the Russian government to conduct cyber attacks against a fellow American citizen running for POTUS and as a former military person I know this is nothing more than Treason, while he “Trump” is facing federal RICO racketeering fraud charges in CA and NYS and is now being investigated for misappropriation of funds for his Trump Foundation, and most of us living in NYS will not even vote for him because he is nothing more than a con-artist, and you and others think Trump is the best candidate? Nobody in NYS can figure out why citizens of this country have aligned themselves with a con-man like Trump? I forgot to mention he is also a very vindictive person and is proving that every single day on the road. I apologize to you but I do not and cannot support a candidate that has discredited my party by insulting and calling other citizens vial names or his disrespect towards women is even worse, and as a USA citizen I am totally in awe over Donald “Vladimir Putan” Trump’s behavior.

          • Full of SHIT MUCH???

          • He’s so full of shit it’s dripping onto his keyboard,someone must be squeezing his head.

          • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

            Thank you for your service true patriots and real Americans love our military!
            They stand for our anthem, they salute “old glory”, and they display our flag proudly.
            Scumbag foreigners, Mudslimes love to degrade all authority, to spread their bilge.
            Andres Villamarzo is probably both!! It is the m/o to hurl insults and be a general pain
            in the arce. This is all they have, no solutions, just name calling. Go Trump!!!

          • How much support do the veterans think he will give them if he dishonors them?

          • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

            That is really rich! Did you even watch the DNC?
            Her sorry ass supporters would not even allow the moment of silence
            for the police officers nor honor the military people.
            That is the real shame!!!

          • As far as i know she does honor military people. I decided I hated Trump the day he said he liked veterans who weren’t captured- about McCain. That’s so scurrilous, why do you support Trump? His disdain for veterans is so bad that many men and women wont volunteer for the military if he gets in.

          • Where do you come up with this crap???

          • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

            Yes, He must have his reasons for his disdain for John McCain.
            Mr. Trump, unlike your fearful leader wants to make the US military the best in the world.
            Mr. OBOMBUS, has all but decimated our troops. Under his watch the VA has been looted so our brave wounded cannot even receive proper medical care. What a great legacy!!!

          • Congress appropriates spending. How could Obama have robbed the VA of money without help from Congress? What actions are you talking about in particular?

          • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

            Isn’t this under his watch? He is still occupying and screwing the American people daily!

          • Hillary does not give a D about anyone but herself. John McCain got a million dollars from Saudi Arabia. Trump has a plan which will help veterans

          • Because John McCain has fallen in with the Washington crowd long ago. the Maverick became the lap dog. As a volunteer, I lost respect for Mr. McCain when his donors became more important to him than his Country.

          • coming from a moron like you that was chosen to be the poster boy for the condom packages, it is very befitting! Try getting off welfare and food stamps and stop whining and trying to figure out the branch of military service everyone else has served when you have not served even one day with exception of your tour with the Salvation Army!

          • I bet Andres is just so cute, sitting in front of his computer, in all his 450 pound glory, wearing bunny ears and a tutu, and covered in week old cheetoes dust….

          • Putting on lipstick like the guy in silence of the lambs seems like Hitlery is the one that needs plastic surgery everywhere

          • Supposedly Botox is her look improvement of choice, which explains the magic disappearing wrinkles, bags and sags.

          • Lmao I thought that was just the double they’ve been using for her the double is also not as fat as Hitlery

          • Trump is Hitler. why are you against hitlery? Anti woman?

          • We can’t help it, little man. Remember, your virgin queen, Hildy – the beast has christened us deplorable. We christened you despicable but a second opinion made us a

            add ugly.

          • I get it Hilde-beast. She’s not a virgin a real woman.

          • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

            Yes, just ask Huma her gay gal-pal.

          • I never heard of Huma. Who the hell is she?

          • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

            Huma Abedin is her Muslim aide who is at her beck and call in Washington DC. It is rumored that Huma is also her lover.

          • If you don’t know THAT, then you really have been in the dark, wake up, do some research about those clinton one worlders!

          • Judging from your libtard posts the comments prove you are ignorant, so why post ?

          • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

            How would Trump know who the “real” women are now?
            With all the gays, trannies, queers, effeminates going in and out of any bathroom they
            choose, how would anyone know?

          • I think Trump will just need to stick with Melania, and make the marriage work, unless he wants to get the full “Crying Game” experience. Science is making the dating experience a bit like the “Hurt Locker”. You might not make it out in one piece. Post Traumatic Dating Disorder.

          • hillary rodham clinton is a corrupt lying piece of obama squeeze, no where close to being a woman. Bet you have to squat to pee sissiy.

          • Have you even been paying attention?? I’m against the hildebeast because of her POLITICS, and her HISTORY of being “under sniper fire” everywhere she goes! You REALLY need to remove your BLINDERS and LOOK into the REAL clintons!

          • Another of your libtard type created lies to cover up the commie, muslim instigating democrat bull shit that U.S. Patriots have lived with for 7 plus years of bo & hilary deceitful lies with treason & abuse of power … !

          • GODBlessRealAmerica#1

            You are a Liberal Moron!!!!

          • I think Hillery has a couple of doubles, because one was working a California show as a Hillerydouble for WWE, while the Hillary double that came out of Chelsea’s place showed up. The double gave herself away in that she lacked rear padding, and was smaller and less bottom heavy, and her gait and air were different than the person who fell at the 9/11 memorial. No one drops fifty pounds in an hour and a half.

          • Whats Trump hiding under his orange makeup? Kaposi’s sarcoma bruises. And why do you think its ok for him to wear a wig and dye his hair?

          • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

            Inventor, why not be really creative and invent something truthful?

          • Hell libtards can’t even invent shit, they are too damn lazy & they become shit to flush away & should have happened when they were hatched

          • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

            Talkin about Billy BoB Clinton with the Kaposi”s.
            At least Donald can keep up the pace, unlike poor, sick Hillybeast.
            Cannot wait until she is in the debates, if she makes it that long.

          • Hopefully she’ll be below Vince Foster.

          • It seems to be the common cold of politicians in the 21st century.

          • Yep; you are the typical lying Bull Shit artist of stench & lies … !

          • GODBlessRealAmerica#1

            Crooked evil lying Hillary heres some cereal idiot! Lol

          • Have your hemorrhoids started to heal, sissy?

          • Go fuck yourself. Dont come near me.

          • Don’t flatter yourself, becky.

          • No matter what libtards do for their asinine jolly times, they are still 3 miles below whale shit & sinking fast with bo & hellery next to them … !

          • I think they may be hitting the lava, and mantle level.

          • You do realize that many neocons and white supremacists openly support Hillary, don’t you? Wanna know why this isn’t brought up by Trump supporters when denigrating Hillary? Because it’s irrelevant. It’s a strawman, and it’s used to persuade the gullible and stupid. Clinton and her supporters frequently make such arguments, especially when confronted by irrefutable facts. I struggle to see how anyone who views himself as a “True American” can align himself and his beliefs with those of Hillary Clinton and her campaign.

            Andres, take a deep breath, relax, and then do some research to educate yourself about the issues at hand and find out exactly where the two candidates stand on these issues. Since you seem to enjoy parroting the hyperbolic, fictitious and/or fallacious arguments espoused by the mainstream media, I highly recommend that you do some research on your own into the two candidates. You will be amazed.

          • That is a very nice, well written comment, Henry. But, your research suggestion just ain’t gonna happen. I guarantee it.

          • Yes I do, they come from the Trump rolls! Listen to your candidate before making your comments and most of the commentaries made by Trump supporters. If you truly have listened, you will see/hear the hateful message spewed from the Trump supporters. Good luck as Trump is the worst candidate ever produced from the republican party.

          • What an unmitigated liar you are. You make up these allegations and spew them like you were a bona fide American citizen. We know you are nothing but a liberal plant embedded in this discussion whether Hildy, Wicked Witch of DC has any redeeming value, however minimal, to offer the voting citizens. Your rhetoric is old and seedy, your integrity worthless and your logic abysmal. Have you considered cyanide?

          • I don’t generally like being vulgar but in your case, SUCK BALLS, yard bird.

          • Stimulus (S) = Andres Villamarxist, Response (R) = Continue scrolling.

          • Is this something your mama does? Sounds like it, also tell her I’ll pick her up at the same street corner as last night and to wear underwears this time!

          • GODBlessRealAmerica#1


          • You talking about her thighness? An athletic suporter

          • Sorry but I don’t understand your 3rd grade English (per the media), please try and write like an adult and explain yourself in a more human like manner?
            Anyway, are you one of the 89.9% deporables who go along with the racist and ignorant views of Donald J. Trash?

          • Blow it out of your a ss stupid. Can you understand this better?

          • That is not a very positive attitude, Jersey. You must strive and endeavor to make Andres “the wetback” feel welcome and loved. You must bust your butt doing everything you can to please and placate his insatiable need for approval. You see, he is a communist-loving liberal and he believes we owe him. Excuse me while I vomit.

          • I would never try to tell you what to do but replying to that scumbag is a waste of time.

          • THE AWFUL TRUTH-
            Half of trump’s followers ARE every bit
            as as deplorable as Hilary says. They are neonazis and neoconfederates
            and KKK supporters and bigots of the worst kind that WANT a facsist
            dictatoir. They follow trump for that reason. They dont want a real
            republcan like Bush or Colin Powell. THEY WANT A FASCIST DICTATOR! They
            dont care if everything he says is a lie or wrong or even bad for them. They have committed themsives to a future dictatorship for better or for worse.

            The other “nondeplorable” half- the “real republicans” are convinced
            that trump will win and they want to jump on his bandwagon for monetary
            advantage- the greed is good crowd.

            And many of them are so afraid of trump that as soon as they imagine him winning, they think they have to go along or else they will be persecuted in a future

          • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

            These Liberturds love to throw around the KKK when it was proven it was started by Demoncraps.

          • Still FULL OF SHIT!!

          • Irene Elizabeth Grooms


          • Dear poor conflicted Andres, the American Communist Party endorsed the Hildabeast (look it up!), so I’m afraid your ignorant comments about confederate flag waving klansmen (fixed it for you) can be safely ignored.
            Be careful of such vitriol. You could stroke out like Hillary.

          • “THE WALKING DEAD” speaks.

          • WOW another FULL OF SHITTER, I think I heard your mommy calling you!

          • “full of shitter” is that a movement?

          • Ya! It is, a bowel movement. Could be found under another name, democrat movement. Hildy, Wicked Witch of DC, is the cruise director of these movements.

          • I hate that dog of hers kill cujo and drop its Alpo in the ocean.

          • And your choice >>>use your brain and look up the following>>>Your choice???Or Not
            If you’re under 50 you really need to read this . If you ’ re over 50,
            you lived through it, so share it with those under 50. Amazing to me how
            much I had forgotten! When Bill Clinton was president, he allowed
            Hillary to assume authority over a health care reform. Even after
            threats and intimidation, she couldn’t even get a vote in a democratic
            controlled congress. This fiasco cost the American taxpayers about $13
            million in cost for studies, promotion, and other efforts.

            Then President Clinton gave Hillary authority over selecting a female
            attorney general. Her first two selections were Zoe Baird and Kimba Wood
            – both were forced to withdraw their names from consideration. Next she
            chose Janet Reno – husband Bill described her selection as “my worst
            mistake.” Some may not remember that Reno made the decision to gas David
            Koresh and the Branch Davidian religious sect in Waco, Texas resulting
            in dozens of deaths of women and children.

            Husband Bill allowed Hillary to make recommendations for the head of the
            Civil Rights Commission. Lani Guanier was her selection. When a little
            probing led to the discovered of Ms. Guanier’s radical views, her name
            had to be withdrawn from consideration.

            Apparently a slow learner, husband Bill allowed Hillary to make some
            more recommendations. She chose former law partners Web Hubbel for the
            Justice Department, Vince Foster for the White House staff, and William
            Kennedy for the Treasury Department. Her selections went well: Hubbel
            went to prison, Foster (presumably) committed suicide, and Kennedy was
            forced to resign.

            Many younger votes will have no knowledge of “Travelgate.” Hillary
            wanted to award unfettered travel contracts to Clinton friend Harry
            Thompson – and the White House Travel Office refused to comply. She
            managed to have them reported to the FBI and fired. This ruined their
            reputations, cost them their jobs, and caused a thirty-six month
            investigation. Only one employee, Billy Dale was charged with a crime,
            and that of the enormous crime of mixing personal and White House funds.
            A jury acquitted him of any crime in less than two hours.

            Still not convinced of her ineptness, Hillary was allowed to recommend a
            close Clinton friend, Craig Livingstone, for the position of Director of
            White House security. When Livingstone was investigated for the improper
            access of about 900 FBI files of Clinton enemies (Filegate) and the
            widespread use of drugs by White House staff, suddenly Hillary and the
            president denied even knowing Livingstone, and of course, denied
            knowledge of drug use in the White House. Following this debacle, the
            FBI closed its White House Liaison Office after more than thirty years
            of service to seven presidents.

            Next, when women started coming forward with allegations of sexual
            harassment and rape by Bill Clinton, Hillary was put in charge of the
            “bimbo eruption” and scandal defense. Some of her more notable decisions
            in the debacle was:

            She urged her husband not to settle the Paula Jones lawsuit. After the
            Starr investigation they settled with Ms. Jones.

            She refused to release the Whitewater documents, which led to the
            appointment of Ken Starr as Special Prosecutor. After $80 million
            dollars of taxpayer money was spent, Starr’s investigation led to Monica
            Lewinsky, which led to Bill lying about and later admitting his affairs.

            Hillary’s devious game plan resulted in Bill losing his license to
            practice law for ‘lying under oath’ to a grand jury and then his
            subsequent impeachment by the House of Representatives.

            Hillary avoided indictment for perjury and obstruction of justice during
            the Starr investigation by repeating, “I do not recall,” “I have no
            recollection,” and “I don’t know” a total of 56 times while under oath.

            After leaving the White House, Hillary was forced to return an estimated
            $200,000 in White House furniture, china, and artwork that she had stolen.

            What a swell party – ready for another four or eight year of this type
            low-life mess?

            Now we are exposed to the destruction of possibly incriminating emails
            while Hillary was Secretary of State and the “pay to play” schemes of
            the Clinton Foundation – we have no idea what shoe will fall next. But
            to her loyal fans – “what difference does it make?” BENGHAZI !!!

            Electing Hillary Clinton president would be like granting Satan
            absolution and giving him the keys to heaven!

            Please pass this on. Our way of life may depend on it.

          • Andres. Watch your dirty mouth. If you have a point, make it in a civil manner.

          • Yes, we could be more like Robert KKKKK Byrd, hillarys mentor.

          • GODBlessRealAmerica#1

            Andres I would walk up to you and say POS to your face and you will do nothing but be petrified you Low life racist thug! Stick dat Nose up you’re ass you idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • What were you working at? How much welfare you could steal or how you could bilk the system? I bet you never served a day in the military? The closest you ever got was in the Salvation Army. Your another one of the pieces of whale manure Donald Tdump supporters whom have their facts wrong and make up lies about Hillary Clinton because Tdump supporters are so stupid and uninformed.
            Anyway, your candidate is looking at more charges in addition to his present federal RICO racketeering fraud charges. Lawmakers are also asking for the justice department to perform an investigation on Donald Tdump and his alleged contributions to the Florida Attorney General. Jack, I hope you can sleep good tonight knowing that your candidate is the biggest scumbag in the USA, Colin Powell said it right, Trump is a pariah and a national disgrace to this country!
            p.s.- I am shocked that Donald Tdump is not facing Civil Rights actions against him for some of the comments he made especially against Judge Gonzalo Curiel.
            p.s.s.- Do us a favor, take up evening school and get a GED and get off of welfare. Stop being a moron/

          • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

            pss. You should take your own advice.
            FYI Judge Curiel is a member of the radical group LA RAZA he probably is responsible for
            bringing your sorry arce here. Look at these Mexican crazies calling for the killing of Trump supporters. Well, try it on me and my family because we are ready!!

          • Man, you just don’t get it AT ALL.

          • Learn English before you soil this site, douche nozzle!

          • BARRY SOETERO, Eat Glass Shard-Studded Pig Shit soaked in Lye before you Post Anywhere Cracker!


          • Oh, look … BILL3000 upvoted himself again. He sure seems to like doing it to himself a lot ……

          • Upvoting yourself is like taking selfies in the nude….you can do it, but why….only Carlos Danger knows for sure.

          • Uh, You just described your puke, ilk, dumbass!

          • And stop p issing in your drinking water

          • Your an asshole like your candidate Donald Tdump who only talks whale manure. Go back with the rest of the moron Tdump supporters and the 89.9% of them! Your candidate has even made threatening remarks against Iran’s Navy, this guy will get us in a war. You freakin moron.

          • Pot calling the kettle black, TOTAL ASSWIPE!

          • p.s.- only persons drinking piss water are you and the rest of the moron Tdump supporters!

          • I find it humorous that a Hillary supporter would ever take the whole “Get your lazy ass off of welfare and stop mooching off the system” tact whenever attempting to slam a Trump supporter. Ummm Andres, you seem to be confused… You have aligned yourself with the welfare-mooching non-bathers you so despise, as those scumbags are almost universally Hillery supporters. Hitlery is a globalist who strives to enslave all of humanity under autocratic rule. If you aren’t a paid disinformation shill, as I’m quite certain you are, I suggest you educate yourself on the matters at hand.

          • andres is what you call, “The Walking DEAD”. They have be taught early in life in the school system to believe in these deceivers. They have been kept on the plantation all these years, and they don’t even know it.

          • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

            Another brain dead commie troll

          • Welfare tit suckers are Hillaries brand of multi voting, non working, Soros and Hillary hired demonstrators, assisting the overthrow of our republic! While all others are working, making a living, being taxed to support these goofballs who can not support themselves are the deplorables, we fighters are inglorious bastards, a revered term of guerilla fighters in WW2, who distinguished themselves as Nazi fighters in occupied europe!!

          • GODBlessRealAmerica#1


          • GODBlessRealAmerica#1

            Andres you area liberal cowardly moron look at you weak, pathetic and low energy…

            Heres you’re Crooked evil Lying Hillary blow up doll enjoy you low life!

          • Na the shock would kill them.

        • I am retired twice, a veteran 5 times and have worked since I was 16 years old. As for your comments, like I said, you Trump supporters have dual standards, as it’s ok for you to demean Hillary Clinton but when she fires back with a comment you guys “CRY LIKE A NEWBORN BABY”. Again, go back to school, get a GED, get off of welfare and take a close look at this creep you guys are following as he is more dishonest than anybody we know. In New York we feel he is a low life and a user, you guys outside of New York thing he is the greatest thing since sliced raisin bread. Let’s see what Trump’s psychiatrist and Proctologist have to say after his physical, “if he is man enough to produce them” that is? Also, ask your candidate why he refuses to turn over his Income Taxes, when his VP pick turned over his on Friday?
          Are you part of the 89.9% deplorables, cause you certainly sound like one of those low life’s that go along with every nasty overture from Donald Tdump’s mouth?

          • Nobody’s “crying like a newborn baby”. We’re laughing out loud at Hillary and making lemonade out of her sour lemon, ugly attempt to demean and belittle a huge segment of the American population. No, we’re not crying. We’re unifying. We’re printing T-shirts and buttons. We’re printing bumper stickers. We’re rising above her filthy, hypocritical mouth and gaining strength and momentum by the day. A leader is supposed to represent the American people. How can she be a leader when she makes it crystal clear that she outright loathes and despises a YO-O-O-OJ group of REAL, hard-working Americans??

            Like it says in the article: “To Democrats like Hillary, “racism” means you don’t believe in the
            outrageous Black Lives Matter agenda. “Sexism” is when you can’t find
            abortion anywhere in the Bill of Rights. You’re “homophobic” when you
            reject the idea that boys and girls are frequently born into the wrong
            bodies. “Xenophobic” means you believe in enforcing American immigration
            law, and “Islamophobic” means you stubbornly insist that the Islamic
            State actually might have something to do with Islam.”

          • I hope the Benghazi Bitch dies a cruel and painful death!!

          • Even though I sure wouldn’t mind if that happened, I don’t want to say it out loud … karma’s a two-way street!!

          • BUT: The Irrefutable Truth the article omitted to mention IS: Elaine is a Failed Abortion who lives_AKA: Elaine the Walking Abortion

          • Well, well, well … if it isn’t BILL3000 again. The moron who only gets an upvote when he clicks it himself. Hey, Billy Boy … your diaper’s full again. Better call your mommy.

          • He and Andre live in a yurt singing Kumbaya!

          • Hahahaha!! Good one, Barry!

          • Sorry to burst your bubble their, but only the Donald Tdump supporters sing kumbaya especially during the Donald Tdump Klan Rallies! Again, go back to school Barry and get off welfare.

          • Really? Pathetic response.

          • To cite Elaine, Andy, stick your fingers in your ears and repeat; la la la la la la la. Now, don’t you feel better? This is an ancient Ding Dynasty mantra composed to help spastics, such as yourself, eat their rice porridge without wearing it.

          • Dear Mr. Messedupman, sorry to burst your bubble but just because the 89.9% deplorable Trump supporters are in a state of denial, does not mean that the rest of the country should feel the same as you poor souls misguided souls. Anyway, good to know your back from your facial surgery and your proctologist visits. Sorry to hear you su=ffer from “Octorectumitis”, hope that a cure for same is imminent? Also, was your brain surgery a success, we understand that the operation for same was a success but withstood many challenges when they found out you had no brains? Let us know, also we love the foto of you dressed up as a condom (white sheet over your head) for your Halloween party, fits you well! Good luck at your Halloween party and November 8th when all of the Trumpsters will have to stick their heads between their legs and kiss their own asses! Something they appear to be good at, as their candidate should be running for “Sewage Treatment Specialist not POTUS”………

          • Swallow twice there buttboy.

          • Now that is clever, Bill, “of 3000 lies”. You must be one of Hildy’s script writers. No wonder she collapsed, and you helped her do it.

          • Are you tone death? It’s all over the TV that the Tdump supporters are offended whenthe truth be told is they themselves have offended Hillary Clinton on many occasions during Tdump Klan Rallies! Go back to school, what are you watching Russian TV along with Donald Tdump?

          • What is tone “death”? That’s a new one on me. Look, Candy Andy, there’s a big difference between being offended and “crying like a newborn baby”. Adults like those who support Trump – like me – know how to handle being offended. It’s only Hillary supporters who “cry like newborn babies” when someone says “boo” and hurts their fragile little feelings. You people need to grow up.

          • Elaine, don’t say “GUN!!!!” he’ll unload in his Depends and run to his safe space.

          • Why don’t you ease up, get off the drugs and welfare. Stop with your moronic Tdump comments. You are very misinformed about everything you speak. You truly need to go to night school and get a GED.

          • Latrine duty for you G.I.Joe!!

          • This site is becoming more hilarious than watching Hildy wobble.

          • Sorry their Missy, but you are misinformed therefore go back to school! Listen to some of the Tdump Klan Rallies and you will hear all of the hateful remarks by the Donald Tdump supporters.
            p.s.- change the batteries in your hearing aids first before you listen to it, wouldn’t want you to miss any of the vial remarks made by the Donald Tdump supporters……..

          • HILLARY CLINTON called Trump supporters “deplorable” and “irredeemable” “racists, sexists, homophobes, Islamaphobes” etc. etc. etc. etc …. SHE called AMERICAN CITIZENS these names. That’s a whole helluva lot different than people in a crowd calling Hillary a few names.

            DONALD TRUMP does NOT call AMERICAN CITIZENS any names. He calls Hillary Clinton “Crooked Hillary” … which she is. That is between the two of them. A person who is running for presiden should NOT call AMERICAN CITIZENS names!!!

          • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

            Elaine don’t forget the music lovers.
            We are xylophobes! LOL

          • Hahaha!! Wouldn’t dream of it! I’ve been thinking about this …. I wonder if we ‘march to a different drummer’, are we percussophobes??

          • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

            LOL I have a few that I would love to percuss right on out of here.
            Maybe put their stupid heads between the cymbols and percuss away!

          • Hahaha! Kinda sheds a different light on “beat it, chump”!

          • I used to play the marimbowl in elementary school. I understand Andre played the toilet bowl.

          • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

            Too much xylophobia now he is tone “death” yea!!

          • BOOM!!

          • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

            Next thing you know Hillary will probably label music lovers xylophobic LOL
            Yes, I am all those phobics and more because of her EVIL agenda to kill us all!
            When she tries to bull doze all of these upon us it is truly frightening.
            Any thinking person can see the demonic forces surrounding her and her peeps.
            Mr. Trump may not speak politically correct, but at least he loves the American way of life!
            The troll on this site is a prime example of what we do not want.
            He is doing us a favor by displaying his ignorance, belligerent, bellicose, nature that the
            Hildabeast’s morons have in common.

          • Xylophobic!!! Hahahahaha!!!! Doggone it, Susan, you almost made me choke on my coffee!! Too funny for words. Your spot on comments are surpassed only by your sense of humor!
            Yeah, these trolls really show us what we’re up against. Their ignorance level is beyond comprehension. The saddest thing of all is that there are many of them … and they vote.
            Keep up the good work out there!

          • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

            Love you Elaine, My sister!!
            I love all the REAL veterans and thank you for your service dear
            bros!! You are great in my eyes!! True Patriots.

          • Right back at ‘ya, my friend! Ditto, and AMEN!!

          • Yo momma must have shit you out!

          • Yo Andrew:…………………………….blow it out your moronic ass.

          • Hi Mr. Dunbar, I recall who you are. You are the fellow who told the story several months ago how your family thru you out of a 2nd story window when you were born and you landed on your head, whereas your face and head were disfigured to the point that they nick named you Fred the dildo head Dunbar! Very sad story, sorry to sound like your moron candidate Tdump, but I believe you when you told that story, and you prove it by your words and your moronic responses that your head/face injuries did in fact take a toll on you!
            Anyway, good luck on your future surgeries and your plastic facial surgery and the proctologist who is going to perform same. Good luck.

          • Are you one of the 89.9% deplorables? Hillary Clinton was incorrect on the 50% ratio, it’s a lot more!

          • Look at a Bernie, “The Couch Potato’s” rallys and The Cankled Liars! Butt ugly, bra burners, sausage jockeys, twerps…………………………….

          • Even if I wasn’t already deplorable, after her saying that to MY family, I’d run away from her. How dare she call my family and friends that name. I bet this will be her downfall!

          • Count yourself as one HUGE DEPLORABLE UNSCORABLE HORRIBLY STUPID DUNCE. GO SUCK HIND TIT OFF THAT PIG YOU CALL HILLARY. Oh, you can’t because she’s sick. You can always hit up Slick Willey – hear he’s branching into guys now.

            And you are calling us sick????????? Libs are so twisted in their heads they don’t know what is right or what is wrong. No American wants a twisted sister in our White House — so that leaves Silly Hilly out in left field! With you…and all of the other perverted aliens.

          • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

            She is incorrect about a great number of things!
            You are incorrect about everything, and You are all the ugly names that YOU call our brave veterans.

          • Fred, go back to school and learn something. Also, get your dumb ass off welfare, take a bath and make something out of yourself. Stop being a Trump pariah!

          • You are no longer worthy of a response!

          • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

            Ha ha ha, Barry sweety , he never was!!!

          • Andrew, how old were you when they added up all your past experiences? I have a ballpark figure of 108, plus or minus 5. And, did you ever get an answer to the message you sent to Mars via Hildy-phone? And do you still think sheep dance on your birthday cake? There so many questions and so few answers.

          • Whoa! Easy Lad! It appears that you have Fred confused with Obama/Clinton supporters.

          • Andrew: If for some reason a person would take the time to go back and analyze your responses if becomes clear that in your self observed orbit of exaggerated importance you are clearly seen demeaning all others with what can be articulated as the same insults. For example; seems like everyone you address did not finish high school. It’s also interesting that they all are on welfare. BARRY SOETERO’s parents along with mine threw us out the window when we were born. It’s also interesting that most of us malcontents haven’t taken a bath for a while. Your ability to define so many strangers as persons less than yourself makes you special. So special that I must be suspect for calling you a MF’er and telling you to blow it out your ass. Maybe I think that I’m special because I was an Army Paratrooper at a time when you were in Canada. Oops! That would mean that I’m much older than you and served when there was an obligation to serve (draft) something that you probably don’t know anything about? I’ve wasted enough time on a worthless piece of shit (you) so I’m finished with you, will not respond further and will close with this:
            BLOW IT OUT YOUR ASS MF’er.

          • Andres the problem is Clintons are worst than president trump. You’re right he didn’t get there by being nice. But I don’t want illegal aliens taking my country’s inheritance that she’s flushing down the drain. And I don’t want that women killing all that she doesn’t agree with. Trump 2016!

          • Ms. Bolsun, sorry to tell you but, monies being spent are being spent on trash and meaningless programs and a war in Iraq and Afhanistan along with economic aid to all of these countries that couldn’t mage their way out of a bathroom, not on illegal aliens. They contribute more than they take away.
            As for your theory and strongly suggest that you think about this, if Tdump deports these aliens have you thought about what the price of fruits, vegetables, dairy products and meats will cost the American public? As you already know, the group that will be hardest hit will be the middle class. Donald Tdump also wants to lower taxes 15% for the rich, we have a nearly 20 trillion deficit, who do you think will pick up the loss revenues? Also, Americans will not work farm jobs.
            Please go back to school and get a GED, then come back and argue, your comments are moronic and you did not think them through with any form of intelligence! Tdump is highly in debt, he does not want to produce his tax returns because he is hiding something big and you sit there and defend that piece of low life trash and his family! You are a moron………..

          • Typical leftist mantra….

          • I can see that you are a stupid cunt, so I’m just gonna block your idiot ass right now and save time–Bye bye fuc khead!

          • Lol. You can spin. Illegal aliens should be sent back. As a kid who has milked cows I’ve seen the inside of a barn. I’d like to see my taxes lowered but the last 7yrs spent us into oblivion. And no they take a lot more away than there given credit for. Build a wall and when they ask to come be citizens give them a physical and tell them to learn English

          • Lol when you shout and call names you don’t have much argument

          • You are brainwashed along with the rest of the Donald Tdump supporters. Best listen to the news, there are more charges co ing down on Donald Tdump and serious stuff too. Stop watching Russian TV.

          • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

            What about you being brainwashed by Hildabeast? You hypocrite!
            Which news would that be? No doubt the hard-hitting investigating journalists that
            continually dog Mr. Trump and cover for her highness?? I would love to see Russian
            TV, because they would probably give us the truth about certain emails!! LOL

          • Wow a veteran 5 times. How in hell did you manage to do that?

          • Very easily, I got drafted the first time and I joined the reserves 4 other times as a civilian with a total of 12 years military service. Three years during the viet nam era.
            How many years did you serve, if I might ask? Don’t tell me, you got 4 deferments like Donald Tdump who dodged military service, or did I forget to mention his mother was not from this country, yes she was not American born. Isn’t that something, he go’s after Ob ama and Cruz (both have American born Mothers) and yet his mother was not from this country! What a low life hipocrit scumbag Donald Tdump is………..

          • Ocumstain? Did HE serve or HillBILLY CLITOON?

          • Of course you were drafted. And BTW you don’t “join up”in the reserves you reenlist. A ss hole. I think you join up in ISIS. Get your story straight.

          • He’s a G.I.Joe!!!!

          • You lost all credibility when you violated your oath of service to “protect and defend the Constitution of the US Against all enemies foreign and domestic”.
            Hillary, your apparent hero,
            has publicly declared herself to be an enemy of the existing Constitution.
            If you had even the brains God gave a Sewer Rat, you could not possibly support Obama or Hillary.
            I have 15 years military experience; and some of that was actually facing an armed enemy. Personally,
            I think you are a liar, traitor, and coward.

          • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

            Billy Bob Clinton ran to Canada to avoid serving.

          • And pick up a fresh load of Havanas!

          • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

            Cigars and women lol

          • Same way Obama’s daddy served in WWII.

          • he may be a “veteran”, but i assure you it is not in any of our armed forces

          • And he’ll 108 this December 2nd. He also thinks Hildy is a virgin.

          • FYI..there is no law that states a candidate MUST hand over their income tax information. It’s done only to satisfy the public curiosity. Why are you so upset that Trump hasn’t done that yet, when you probably didn’t care that BHO never handed over an authentic birth certificate, something the law DOES require in order to occupy the Oval Office? It looks like hypocrisy to me.

          • Since 1950’s it has been a standard operating procedure. Besides, what is he hiding?

          • clara, it’s an honesty type of ritual to find out where they might hide illegal monies. If you haven’t heard by now, Trump is suffering a lot of financial problems, he has also filed bankruptcy 6 times. He has also been charged with Federal RICO racketeering charges and his case starts right after the elections. His Trump Foundation is also being investigated by the NYS Attorney General for misappropriating funds. My question to you is, what planet are you on that you trust any political person especially this clown who tried to screw other people out of their retirements, life savings and etc.? In the event your brains can’t handle it, the reason Trump wants to be POTUS is to “PARDON HIMSELF” and at the same time enrich himself beyond your imagination, unless you enjoy watching rich people get away with not paying federal taxes while you have to pay them?

          • Hola, Senor malo viento, you should have the financial worries of Trump, you schmuck. If what you say is correct, then tell us when Bammie ali Bojangles made his public. Then tell us about your holy mother, Hildy “the beast” and her foreign incomes, her inflated speech monies, her shady deals with the Iranians, and, in case you haven’t attempted to take your own life out of despair, tell us why you could possibly want a lying, cheating, fraudulent windbag like Hildy for a president.

          • Hola Mr. Messedupman, glad to hear that you are back from your facial and brain surgery, and that the proctologist conducting the surgery was successful. Let’s just hope he removed that asinine look on your face and head. As for Donald “Vladimir Puppet Putan” Trump, he has a myriad of problems mostly financial and the loss of revenues from his hotels of 30% (which amounts to tens of millions) I say this because I know you can only count to 20 1/4. In addition to this Trump is now going around telling the country that the Judge in his Federal RICO racketeering fraud case has made several rulings “Trump deems as unfair towards him”. Again, anytime Trump is losing or being attacked with truths, he claims the other side is unfair to him along with his claims of election rigging, “Always whining”!!!!!!!!!
            Being your the low life deplorable you are and you did take the time out of your time on the welfare/food stamp line, my wife and I sent Donald Trump a case of Kleenex so that he can stop the whining, also the wife and I went one step further, we are generously sending him a subscription to “Outdoor Life” while serving his prison sentence at Leavenworth KS, as we’re sure they won’t send him to Attica or Sing Sing so that he can find some comfort during his lengthy incarceration for fraud.
            The least you and the other deplorables can do for him is to at least send him a case of Vaseline or lubricants to assist him during his prison incarceration as none of us feel he will not stay “anal retentive’ very long there………….LOL

          • I never said I want Hillary moron breath, I said I would take the lesser of the two evils and that is Hillary Clinton. Again, his unfavorable ratings are worse than hers. Which proves you are just being biased towards her. Also, you are not following the news closely as Trump is a lousy candidate with many many problems both mentally, financially and medically. He continues to refuse to turn over his medical and financial records, does this not tell you something or is your kindergarten education that bad, that you cannot see further than your nose? Get your head out of that cesspool you live in and study the candidates just a little better, and you’ll see that Trump is exactly what Rubio, Cruz and Bush called him a “con-artist”!!!!!!!
            If we whom live in NY won’t vote for him, why would a moron like you and the rest of the deplorables vote for this con-artist? In NY it will be a wipe out against Trump, if I were him I’d move to Russia and he should take his lousy no good bloodsucking children that couldn’t even be hired at Burger King or Wendy’s and stay there with Snowden and Trump’s new found buddy Vladimir “Puppet/Putan” Trump. Like I said before moron breath, good luck in November……..

          • Cry now, little puppet boy.

          • Poor little andres, he can’t cry tears anymore; too busy wetting his little silk panties.

          • Hey, Bendejo ! I’d much rather be a “deplorable” than someone like you.

          • Your mama is a pendeja! Stop being a low life Tdump supporter, get off welfare and try being a good citizen! Stop being an uninformed moron Tdump supporter!!!!!!

          • crawl back into that slime hole you came from,you communist


            Get your friggin facts straight moron! Oh, I forgot. Liberals don’t like facts because facts always prove the libs are lying and wrong! That’s you, foot lodged in your mouth!

            Nice try dik dust, but you or any of your idiot liberal tit sucking morons will never stop any of Trump’s supporters, never! Here’s the outcome in November – TRUMP WINS THE ELECTION AND ALL LIBS CRAP THEIR PANTS…ON CUE! It’s going to happen because it’s fate AND sane Americans are just DONE with the irresponsible and caustic actions of the liberal party.

            LOOK WHAT YOUR EVIL HAS DONE TO YOUR CANDIDATE — she’s very ill and perhaps disabled because she was following your insane and cuckoo actions. Get off this website and take care of your sick hillary. might be too late already!

          • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

            It will be better than your skanky candidate!! Head bobbles, fainting, choking,hacking,
            “allergies”, pneumonia (conveinently) and who knows what else! She wants us to believe she is perfectly fine!!! What a joke. She has to have everyone and their daughter to campaign in her place. What a liar she is!!!

          • YO Andrew………….blow it out your stupid ignorant ass………..what are you, an illegal ?

          • Andres,
            What an odd rambling, nearly incoherent post. But then, you ARE a Hillary supporter, huh…

          • New York??? THAT says it ALL! libTARD heaven, oh my, I wonder where you’ll go when Trump STROLLS into the (once again) Whitehouse, gonna run off to mexico?? You could do us ALL a favor and take a LONG walk on a SHORT pier and take hillary with you!

        • you are deplorable, now go back underneath the whale manure you crawled out from!

      • The greatest women in the U.S.A. are you patriotic girls that reflect WW 2 “Rosy the Riveters” and the “W.A.S.P Pilots” to name a few, that were patriotic women dedicated to winning U.S. Freedom & that accomplishment was far from a deplorable feat that is the same now, so hilary can kiss off … !

    • “DEPLORABLE” folks are easily identified. They include the well over 50 percent of Trumpite sheeple who continue to hold the DEPLORABLE and disproved notions that the President of the United States, the HONORABLE Barack Obama, is a Muslim and that he is legally unqualified to occupy his office. Such Trumpian dupes believe such ludicrous tripe for no reason other than that they WANT to believe it. They will not be bothered by facts. Read the TRUTH about these truly D E P L O R A B L E wingnuts:

      Do you count yourself among these disordered and deplorable dingbats, Susan? Do you believe the President is a Muslim? Are you one of those die-hard “birthers”?

      • Before I answer, why did Obama seal his records? That’s an honest question. Can you give an honest answer?

        • Maybe President Donald Trump will unseal them and get him jailed. Dream on, can’t we?

        • He didn’t “seal” anything. Here is a lengthy analysis of records that you and other misinformed and disordered Obamaphobe sheeple would like to claim are “sealed,” but THEY ARE NOT SEALED! This persistent viral lie about allegedly sealed records is a pile of the well known barnyard commodity! It is time to clean your boots!

          • You are wrong, he had all his collage records seals. You are the one who is misinformed and brainwashed by the liberal press.

          • Asshat!!!!

            Fact check…The Annenberg Foundation was originally founded by Walter J. Annenberg, a conservative who supported Ronald Reagan. However, when Walter Annenberg died, his family took over the management of the foundation and it took a turn to the far left and has ties to radical left individuals such as Bill Ayers and his friend and fellow left wing radical colleague Barack Obama. How is associated with these people:
            To start, Ayers was the a key founder of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, which was a Chicago public school reform project from 1995 to 2001. Upon its start in 1995, Obama was appointed Board Chairman and President of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge. Ayers co-chaired the organization’s Collaborative, which set the education policies of the Challenge. Oddly enough, Obama was the one who was authorized to delegate to the Collaborative in regards to its programs and projects. In addition to that, Obama often times had to seek advice and assistance from the Ayer’s led Collaborative in regards to the programmatic aspects of grant proposals. Ayers even sat on the same board as Obama as an “ex officio member”. They both also sat together on the board of the CAC’s Governance Committee. Obama and Ayers were two parts of a group
            of four who were instructed to draft the bylaws that would govern the CAC. Keep in mind that the “A” in CAC is for Annenberg, the owners of The funding for Ayer’s projects and those of his cronies was approved by Board Chair, Barack Obama.”

        • Because they were written in Swaheali

      • HEY LOOK HEAD UP HIS AZZ TROLL IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Beware of disordered dingbats like skipsart and other wingnuts on this forum. When they can not handle dissenting views, they resort to such things as murderous threats, obscene name-calling, and castigation of their adversaries as “trolls,” as in the instant case. In all of that, they are unwittingly waving the WHITE FLAG OF SURRENDER!

      • Hey low life liberal dem bloodsucking parasitical scum bag.
        Your support of the Clinton outlaw marks you as simply another ersatz life form, without, merit, worth, value morals honor or integrity.
        Soon we separtate ourselves from you scum, kick back and applaud as you starve.
        It;s not about politics any more, scumbag

        • Gerald, “headon” failed to finish his/hers/its moniker; “headonstraightupthebutt.”

          • yeah, the end is near, Dec 2014 a poll showed that 11.4% of the voters thought that their state shoulds secede .
            Same poll Dec. 2015 that number jumped to 23.9 %.
            I figure the liberal dem bloodsuckers have about 2 years, then we separate ourselves from the scum, kick back, applaud as they starve.

      • You call that 30% black bastard commie, community agitator “Honorable” ?
        Comrade headupyourass

        That son of a bitch is first a disgrace to the fraction of the black race in him, The 50% white part too. The only loyalty he has is to the Arabic Moslem part, and that is for the destruction of my American way of life and to put those of us who would survive under sharia law.

        You are either a subversive Moslem yourself or are on some heavy duty dope.

        Either way you have no place in my country.

      • I never cared, nor paid it mind.
        I don’t give a rats ass what religion ANY person is, as long as they have honor and integrity.
        But I take great umbrage at your use of the word “honorable” as it pertains to THIS man.
        No POTUS is “honorable” when they use back door tactics such as he has to thwart the Congress.
        The Congress is the peoples will, so to speak, and their conscious.
        When ANY President uses “Executive Privilege” as Obama has, there is NO honor in that, for he has shown a complete lack of respect for the people, et al.
        “Deplorable” is also when a person of power abuses that power and the TRUST the people placed in them.
        In that, your “honorable” Obama has shown his true colors, and honor isn’t part of his agenda.
        I suspect you wouldn’t know true honor, if you can use THAT word for THIS man.

      • Obama is a Kenyan born Mooseslime son of a whore. The President of the Philippines has said so.

        • You are truly selective about your sources, aren’t you? Do you know of any other tin pot tyrants you can rely upon to confirm your fantasies?

          • He hasn’t produced a legitimate birth certificate, that’s not a fantasy It’s a fact. But that’s not why I support Tromp. I support Tromp because I like his policies and obama and the democrats are destroying this country.

          • Well, then, just “Tromp” away, you clueless illiterate dweeb!

            “Tromp!” LOLOLOL!!!!

          • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

            You failed to see the sarcasm didn’t you.
            Tromp with tromp all over you and the leftists scumbags!

          • He and his wife aren’t enough for you? It is for the rest of the world.

          • What is a “tin pot tyrant”? Is it a fagg like you? A pole smoker? A baby rapist? Do you wish to perform fellatio on me?

          • Ha Ha Ha!!!! I felt sorry for the halfbreed fraud when China dissed his golfing ass.

      • Hey headinass! Where ya been, the Factivist website having your head filled with obama, disrupting a political rally, burning down a city, importing illegal aliens or refugee voters.
        I can produce a Birth Certificate without an act of congress, how about you asshat!
        #1 “Islam has always been part of America”
        #2 “we will encourage more Americans to study in Muslim communities”
        #3“These rituals remind us of the principles that we hold in common, and
        Islam’s role in advancing justice, progress, tolerance, and the dignity
        of all human beings.”
        #4“America and Islam are not exclusive and need not be in competition.
        Instead, they overlap, and share common principles of justice and
        progress, tolerance and the dignity of all human beings.”
        #5 “So I have known Islam on three continents before coming to the region where it was first revealed”
        #6 “Ramadan is a celebration of a faith known for great diversity and racial equality”
        #7 “As a young man, I worked in Chicago communities where many found dignity and peace in their Muslim faith.”
        #8 “Ilook forward to hosting an Iftar dinner celebrating Ramadan here at the
        White House later this week, and wish you a blessed month.”
        #9“That experience guides my conviction that partnership between America
        and Islam must be based on what Islam is, not what it isn’t. And I
        consider it part of my responsibility as president of the United States
        to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear.”
        #10 “I also know that Islam has always been a part of America’s story.”

      • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

        There is NOTHING remotely honorable about Oldbuzzard Obama. He is not my president and’
        sure as hell doesn’t speak for me. Mr. Trump is the real deal who speaks for millions in the USA. I am certainly not going to believe anything the LIBERAL Media has to say.
        I am Disordered??? Hah, look at YOUR candidate. She cannot even stand up!!! She hides
        from the media and takes to her bed for days on end. She lies or misleads on every issue and
        even about her health. Headonstraight, I sincerely doubt that that is where your head is!!

      • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

        So, since you brought it up I feel like Hillary is trying to destroy the white race
        in America. And white people who resist being robbed, raped, tortured, and then murdered are racists or phobic. So, yes I am both according to your rule book.

        • I did not bring up anything that would logically lead to your twisted conclusion that Hillary is out to destroy the white race. Have you always been fond of straw man arguments?

    • Right on, dear lady!! You nailed it, in spades.

    • Proud to be one of the deplorable’s 🙂 Check out: https://www dor teepublic dot com/show/678675-proud-member-of-the-basket-of-deplorables. Am ordering 3 t-s for each family member :).

    • Yes, ma’am, you have said it correctly. If despising Hildy-beest and the democrat machinery that stands behind her and promotes a platform based on lies, deceitfulness, fraud, and immorality, then I am disgusting, intransigent, culpable, and, above all else, deplorable. To be labeled that by the dung beetle party is to be awarded the highest honor it is capable of offering.

    • I agree with you because after all there is the underground Cosmic cival war going on like the Anunaki against the Draconians they are fighting each other this has happend before when God Created Earth now the same war is repating again these 2 evil beings wanted their own war to destroy this whole Planet and Hillary Obama and the Democrats are just Pawns to bring this same war here out in the open also it is time to Infilrtate the war and and their base to Deafte the Anunaki and the Draconians then to go to outer space to Destroy their main headquaters planet Nibiru

    • Good post. I will be climbing out if the basket also

    • So well expressed. If Hillary is still alive, which we simply do not know we do know she will never make the office. Thank God we have such a man strong enough, wise enough, and passionate enough to challenge this coup on America. God has given us an escape plan from Obama-Clinton dynasty. They have come to steal rob and destroy. “I know the plans I have for you, not to harm you but to give you a hope and a future”.

    • REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION – guaranteed!

    • Looks like Susan is proud to be a Neo Nazi, white supremacist, African American hater, Latino hater, Muslim hater, LGBT hater, same sex marriage hater, woman hater, etc. Susan and anyone else who thinks this way and hates so many Americans really is a deplorable person.

      • No. You are, baby rapist.

      • You ignorant liberals just don’t get it. I’ll bet you didn’t even read the artlcle … “Billy Bob”. (Are you from Arkansas?)

        “To Democrats like Hillary, “racism” means you don’t believe in the
        outrageous Black Lives Matter agenda. “Sexism” is when you can’t find
        abortion anywhere in the Bill of Rights. You’re “homophobic” when you
        reject the idea that boys and girls are frequently born into the wrong
        bodies. “Xenophobic” means you believe in enforcing American immigration
        law, and “Islamophobic” means you stubbornly insist that the Islamic
        State actually might have something to do with Islam.”

      • Sooo what’s your point dummy? You covered everything that matters

      • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

        Why not? All of these groups hate me and wish to kill me.

      • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

        You don’t know anything , do you? Clinton is the one who surrounds herself with hate groups.
        Radical Islamists, BLM, Cop Haters, anarchists, Military haters,New Black Panthers, The Mothers,
        Al Sharpton, Push Coalition,Alinsky, Soros, and every other kind of America haters. She says
        “Stronger Together”? Ha ha ha She and Oldbummer are the most divisive people on the planet!

      • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

        We will see how welcoming you are when they slice you and family’s heads off!
        Go hug a Member of BLM, or LA RAZA. Go hang out with your buds at the
        Pulse night club. You can be butt buddies in the restroom of your choice.
        Yes, you nailed it, I hate women since I am one. What a dope!! ha ha ha ha ha
        Yes, I am sure that these tolerant, peace loving Muslimes are so loveable that
        they won’t think twice before they rob, torture, rape, and kill us all!
        Excuse me while I lock and load cause I sure as Hell won’t go down without a
        fight!! Moron!! I am proud to be whatever it takes to stay alive when the onslaught begins. From the mentality represented by the “stronger together”
        crowd it will be any day now. Tick, tick, tick, tick

    • Excellent comments. I’m with you all the way.

    • Marry me Susan.!!

    • Are you referring to Donald Trump? He is also facing another possible fraud case per NYS Attorney General. You must be another one of the Donald Tdump supporters watching the Russian TV. That’s right, you guys did not hear Donald Tdump praising Vladimir Putin either.
      Wow, anyway, listen to the news, your candidate Donald Tdump facing more legal problems, this time he could not pay his usual $25,000 pay off to the NYS Attorney General………
      What a pack of losers you morons are……..

      • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

        Yes, I would love to see some Russian TV because they probably are showing her emails.
        So, what if Mr. Trump likes Putin. The next president will have to deal with him on some level.
        BTW $ 25,000 is a mere drop in the bucket compared to the Clinton Foundation taking in millions
        from enemy nations. Influence peddling , millions for speeches to special interest groups, murders,and on and on it goes. Not surprising that people are deflecting from Hilly and trying to
        persecute Trump.

    • what fantastic and accurate comment count me in your,”deplorable,irredeemable”world

    • Well said! Count me in! I’m proud to identify myself as a DEPLORABLE…..ADORABLE DEPLORABLE!!!!

    • Me too. I am deplorable and adorable.

    • Rev. Walking Turtle

      With you all the way to Kind Holy Creator’s High Holy Heaven, Ma’am! Moreover, let’s not forget what Herself said a few months back about opening “Fun Camps” for the purpose of dealing with homelessness and unemployment on US soil.

      Then let us remember that in the Luciferian religion’s model (which Herself has embraced for many, many years on Herself’s way to the “Top of the Top”), the spilling of human blood is a high and holy act unto Herself’s god.

      Aside the First: Personally, it seems best that those who truly believe in such a murderous mode of “Holy Sacrifice” had best up and cut their OWN throats. By tht means, they all could become just EVER so much MORE holy. Such an October Surprise would be deplorable (due to the loss of life) – but are these people really and truly human to begin with?

      Got to ask such things sometimes. Even when it hurts or causes fright…

      Aside the Second: Suggest one use for Web search to authenticate this and all that follows. Google’s censorship and manipulation of Web content is a BIG part of the dumbing-down problem – in many ways, even WORSE than FaceBook. 0{>:-(o[

      Now let us remember what all those tinfoil-clad deplorables out there on the margins of the Alternative Media have been saying for years on end, post-ninesey-‘levvensey Day, about guillotine installations on FEMA Camp grounds. There IS a reason those infernal machines were bought and paid-for, shipped and installed, we know that much. Let us then think soberly as judges as to what we shall DO in response to this evidently looming threat, this clear and present danger to our fortunes, sacred honor and indeed our very lives here on Earth.

      And then GO DO IT. And then some more. Then even more!

      Tip: The Web site at IP address is well worth browsing. And that ain’t all. 0{:-|o[

      • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

        I do not enjoy being “phobic”nor do I enjoy being unpleasant, however, I must speak out against
        the very real threats to our country. While I still have the freedom to speak, I shall sound the
        alarm. It is evident that all who oppose the great evil that is coming, will be killed eventually.
        However, I and my family will fight it and resist it as long as is possible. May our Holy Creator,
        protect us and preserve us until we go to Holy Heaven. I am glad that I can perceive the
        difference between good and evil. Many people are branded as “Deplorable/Irredeemables” but
        God has the final say so about me and others. With God’s help the evil ones shall not prevail forever, and will be overthrown eventually.

    • Good comment. If only everyone could see behind that face.

    • If you are proud to be a deplorable, then stick your head down a cesspool cover and use a straw while your there to assist with the celebration of a democrat for president as your candidate is nothing more than a “whiner and sore loser”! Send him a case of Kleenex, this is the best thing you can do for him……..

  3. This is a really good article! Love this paragraph ….

    “To Democrats like Hillary, “racism” means you don’t believe in the
    outrageous Black Lives Matter agenda. “Sexism” is when you can’t find
    abortion anywhere in the Bill of Rights. You’re “homophobic” when you
    reject the idea that boys and girls are frequently born into the wrong
    bodies. “Xenophobic” means you believe in enforcing American immigration
    law, and “Islamophobic” means you stubbornly insist that the Islamic
    State actually might have something to do with Islam.”

  4. The one thing sociopaths do well is project themselves and their own actions on others to deflect their own corrupt personalities and corrupt behavior. Mirrored Imaging. Just think of them as looking in the mirror everytime they blame others for who they really are. Liberalism is a mental disorder. The last place sociopaths need to be is in office or postions of power. Mental illness was never meant to be a political party. It did not work out well for Germeny. Psych evaluations are mandatory for police and military recruits, why not for those who seek office? We do not need “basket cases” running for President. Between Hillary’s crimes and her health she certainly fits into that category. What message is this sending to our enemies?

    • the message is ALLAH AKBHAR! Courtesy of Obama and the NWO elites who are using Muslims to erode the law and to try and wipe Christianity out completely. Hillary is down with that scenario as well, she is as Satanic as all Muslims are.

      • What is really sick is that 320 million Americans are allowing 320 treasonous bastards in DC to destroy thier country and their children’s future.

        • Soros pays BLM to kill cops, destroy and loot and cause social mayhem. Gruber was correct it seems regarding useful idiots.

          • What is painfully obvious is Soros is fulfilling his life long dream destroying America, blaming her for destroying his family business of taking the belongings from the Jews on their way to concentration camps during WW2, yet somehow with all the assassinations carried out in the past for the “good of the country”, this guy remains untouchable.

            I just can’t fathom secret service agents protecting the politicians that are taking part in the destruction of America or FBI agents covering up Hillary’s crimes. What are they really protecting?

          • Satan. plain and simple, Islam is satan’s army The bosses in control of the FBI and CIA are part of that cabal. OBAMA!
            I sincerrely hope Trump somehow manages to get through all the fraud and wins. His first order of business should be to arrest Obama for treason, then give Putin a call to come get Soros and take him away to face the punishment he has earned.

          • Sooner or later a highly trained SNIPER will change EVERYTHING! ! ?

          • I’d rather see it done with a Kbar knife, ,,,,nice and slow.

            We had an Apache in my platoon that could handle the job really well.

          • Fingers tapping impatiently…fingers tapping impatiently.
            He would be a real candidate for the next postage stamp.

          • Is that the same Soros who, for hopelessly immature adults, has replaced the monster they used to imagine was under their beds?

          • Suicide is the only answer for you liberal dem bloodsucking scum bag,
            Walk out into the Arizona desert blow your brains out, as your body decomposes, and enriches the shoddy soil beneath you finally, you will have achieved a measure of worth.
            If it is done expeditiously, perhaps you can get it finished before your family finds out that they are related to you.

          • You need to wake up from whatever drugs you are on. Soris is behind this he backed Oboma and is backing Killary

          • soros owns the democratic party to the extent that he dictates policy. Hillary is just a soros puppet.

          • Found within the WikiLeaks’ Hillary Clinton email archive is an email with the subject ‘Unrest in Albania,’ in which Soros makes clear to Clinton that “two things need to be done urgently.” He then directs the Secretary of State to “bring the full weight of the nternational community to bear on Prime Minister Berisha” and “appoint a senior European official as mediator.”
            Revealing the influence he wields within the corridors of power, Soros then provides Secretary of State Clinton with three names from which to choose. Unsurprisingly, Clinton acquiesced and chose one of the officials recommended by Soros — Miroslav Lajcak.

          • THIS is George Soros. Read it and weep, fool … you’re not immune.


          • Hillary Clinton…“I will do everything I can to appoint Supreme Court justices who protect the right to vote and do not protect the right of billionaires to buy elections,” Mrs. Clinton said while on Day 1 of a two-day swing through Iowa.”George Soros donated $25 million to the leading super PAC supporting Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, marking the return of the billionaire financier as among the biggest givers in all of American politics.”

          • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

            He IS the monster controlling Hitlery and the leftist commies in the government.

        • Some of us could read right through Mr. Smooth Talk, B. HUSSEIN O. Thanks to a clip on Fox News when he was campaigning in 2008 and “Joe the Plumber” nailed him and his redistribution aims. Right then, as a pay my own way American, I knew I could never vote for this lying piece of human waste for anything. Likewise the BITCH who has said she would continue the disastrous policies of the other liar. Please, God, protect us from this evil.

          • It was so obvious. This guy was never elected period. He was placed in office by fraud. Only God can get us out of this. It’s why they work so hard to get rid of him. Pray hard!

          • You are so right, but I would add New Black Panthers standing guard over polling places.

          • Yep, so soon America forgets what slaps them in the face. IslamObama got 150% of the vote in how many precincts? That should have made the election invalid but hey, we have a murdering, treasonous, incompetent, unhealthy, woman that should be in front of a firing squad running for President. It just keeps getting better doesn’t it? Very short attention spans but don’t you dare take Honey Boo Boo off the air!

        • America also allows less than 3% of the population to dictate to the rest of decent society.

      • She has already said if she is elected, Christians will be force to change their stand on abortion, Gays and more, how much more Satanic can we have.

        • It’s almost worth seeing her elected to see her try to make the deplorables change our stand on anything.

          I haven’t killed a communist in years.

    • If liberalism is a mental disorder, then what kind of disorder attaches to the more than 50 percent of Trumpite sheeple who continue to believe Obama is a Muslim and was born out of the U.S. and is thus not legally occupying his office?

      • I can do this all day, also. Why did Obama seal his records?

        • ANSWER: Your day can be freed up insofar as those “sealed” records are concerned. He didn’t “seal” anything. Here is a lengthy analysis of records that you and other misinformed and disordered Obamaphobe sheeple would like to claim are “sealed,” but THEY ARE NOT SEALED! This peristent viral lie about allegedly sealed records is a pile of the well known barnyard commodity! It is time to clean your boots!

          • Fact check…The Annenberg Foundation was originally founded by Walter J. Annenberg, a conservative who supported Ronald Reagan. However, when Walter Annenberg died, his family took over the management of the foundation and it took a turn to the far left and has ties to radical left individuals such as Bill Ayers and his friend and fellow left wing radical colleague Barack Obama. How is associated with these people:
            To start, Ayers was thekey founder of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, which was a Chicago public school reform project from 1995 to 2001. Upon its start in 1995, Obama
            was appointed Board Chairman and President of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge.
            Ayers co-chaired the organization’s Collaborative, which set the education policies of the Challenge. Oddly enough, Obama was the one who was authorized to delegate to the Collaborative in regards to its programs and projects. In addition to that, Obama often times had to seek advice and assistance from the Ayer’s led Collaborative in regards to the programmatic aspects of grant proposals. Ayers even sat on the same
            board as Obama as an “ex officio member”. They both also sat together on the board of the CAC’s Governance Committee. Obama and Ayers were two parts of a group of four who were instructed to draft the bylaws that would govern the CAC. Keep in mind that the “A” in CAC is for Annenberg, the owners of The funding for Ayer’s projects and those of his cronies was approved by Board Chair, Barack Obama.

      • You still alive liberal dem bloodsuckewr, think of your family, kill yourself, why hang that cross on them for life

        • Checking your past posts, I find that particular line of invective to be pretty much your standard insult to all who do not subscribe to your nutjob nonsense. Take care of that knee; excessive jerking can cause joint damage.

          • Ah but, in your case it is particularly fitting.
            Nutjob, the liberal dem bloodsucking parasitical opinion of anyone that thinks that you scum should work and pay your own way.
            Very soon, we separate ourselves from you kick back and applaud as you leeches starve.

          • I am hardly a leech. I spent 50 years in the American work force, paying my own way. I am now retired and drawing a nice defined benefit pension as the deserved reward for my past labors. Typically of wingnut extremists, you ASSume things that are in no way true from which to irrationally condemn those who disagree with you. Pitiful! DEPLORABLE!!!

          • Yes indeed, all of you fing liberal dem bloodsucking parasites, made 500k a year, paid 125k in taxes and were happy to do so,.
            Then, to demonstrate your solidarity with your lesser fortunate liberal scum, you got on public forums, whined and begged for handouts and tried to raise taxes on someone else to pay for them.
            WHAT A GUY!!!!!!!

          • I would like to have been in that income bracket, but I was there only in your deranged imagination, as you created that and other fiction in your vain and transparently stupid and failed effort to put me down,

          • Lol, liberal dem bloodsucker, I don’t have to create anything to put you ersatz life forms down.
            If you had not been incompetent and incapable, you wouldn’t be a liberal dem bloodsucking leech.
            Just curious, don’t you garbage ever lay awake at night and think, “I could have been some one and wouldn’t have to beg for handouts”?
            Soon, we separate ourselves from you earthworms, we’ll applaud as you scum, starve.

          • aren’t you doing the same thing asshole?

          • No. And you have not shown me anything I have posted that fits that description.

          • Prattle and sputum!

          • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

            No, those names are reserved for the Hildabeast.
            It should be corrected to Bobble Head and Hacking Sputum.
            If she can stand up that long, I for one, am looking for the debates!

          • Checking your past posts, I find that particular line of invective to be
            pretty much your standard insult to all who do not subscribe to your LIBTURD nonsense. Take care of that obama; excessive jerking can cause brain damage.

      • What a dum ass you are. He is a Muslim and he hates America

        • Not so “dum” as someone who can’t even spell “dumb” correctly.

          • #1 “Islam has always been part of America”
            #2 “we will encourage more Americans to study in Muslim communities”
            #3“These rituals remind us of the principles that we hold in common, and
            Islam’s role in advancing justice, progress, tolerance, and the dignity
            of all human beings.”
            #4“America and Islam are not exclusive and need not be in competition.
            Instead, they overlap, and share common principles of justice and
            progress, tolerance and the dignity of all human beings.”
            #5 “So I have known Islam on three continents before coming to the region where it was first revealed”
            #6 “Ramadan is a celebration of a faith known for great diversity and racial equality”
            #7 “As a young man, I worked in Chicago communities where many found dignity and peace in their Muslim faith.”
            #8 “Ilook forward to hosting an Iftar dinner celebrating Ramadan here at the
            White House later this week, and wish you a blessed month.”
            #9“That experience guides my conviction that partnership between America
            and Islam must be based on what Islam is, not what it isn’t. And I
            consider it part of my responsibility as president of the United States
            to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear.”
            #10 “I also know that Islam has always been a part of America’s story.”

      • “There is no sweeter sound than the Muslim call to prayer”- Barack Hussein Obama.
        “Barack was born in Kenya”- Michelle Obama
        Need any more, fucktard?????

      • Those are people that can face and understand reality. Liberals are incapable of facing reality and your statements here are proof of that. You don’t want to hear the truth.

      • They are called realists unaffected by malignant delusions that sociopaths suffer from. Ever notice how the most liberal states and cities are in the toilet? Probably not…

      • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

        Do ya think Oldbomba is not a Muslim? Then you are indeed blind, deaf, and stupid.
        His own brother is a friend of the Muslim Brotherhood. Obama donned Muslim garb at bros wedding, complete with the Muslim ring that O always wears. He has installed Muslims in every high office in our land. Hillary surrounds herself with radical Islamists and even her “trusted” pal
        HUMA has ties to the Brotherhood. And it goes on and on. Now deny all of the evidence if you can. Oldbomber is a MUDSLIME and there is no getting around it.

      • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

        You want to know what “disorder” attaches itself to Trump followers?
        It is something that Hillary and Obummers crowd know nothing about.
        It is something they have long forgotten about. It is called patriotism,
        and respect for AMERICA. Its symptoms are flag waving, not burning.
        It is known to cause followers to stand and not kneel during the national
        anthem. They show honor and respect for our police force, and military.
        Trump followers are problem solvers, not part of the problem. They are
        known to suffer fierce loyalty to our country and its laws. They are workers
        who aren’t whining and complaining about false issues. They aren’t using false
        issues as an excuse to riot, loot, and destroy property. Yes , these things are
        considered deplorable and irredeemable to Hilly’s tribe.

  5. I’m proud to be a bitter clinger AND a deplorable. STUFF IT, COMMIES.

    • Semper Fi! Here’s another “bitter clinger” whose locked and loaded. Better to kill and die that to land in the Democommies globalist ants nest.

      • Better we kill them all and let allah sort them out.

        I have no reason to trust any thing that subscribes to the koran. I’m all for making the arbic language spoken only in hell.

    • proud and happy to be part of the deplorable group!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Are you also a “birther,” like over half of Trump’s disordered supporters?

      • Again, why did Obama seal his records?

        • He didn’t “seal” anything. Here is a lengthy analysis of records that you and other misinformed and disordered Obamaphobe sheeple would like to claim are “sealed,” but THEY ARE NOT SEALED! This persistent viral lie about allegedly sealed records is a pile of the well known barnyard commodity! It is time to clean your boots!

          • Better check to see who fact checks FactCheck.

          • Fact check…The Annenberg Foundation was originally founded by Walter J. Annenberg, a conservative who supported Ronald Reagan. However, when Walter Annenberg died, his family took over the management of the foundation and it took a turn to the far left and has ties to radical left individuals such as Bill Ayers and his friend and fellow left wing radical colleague Barack Obama. How is associated with these people:
            To start, Ayers was thekey founder of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, which was a Chicago public school reform project from 1995 to 2001. Upon its start in 1995, Obama
            was appointed Board Chairman and President of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge.
            Ayers co-chaired the organization’s Collaborative, which set the education policies of the Challenge. Oddly enough, Obama was the one who was authorized to delegate to the Collaborative in regards to its programs and projects. In addition to that, Obama often times had to seek advice and assistance from the Ayer’s led Collaborative in regards to the programmatic aspects of grant proposals. Ayers even sat on the same board as Obama as an “ex officio member”. They both also sat together on the board of the
            CAC’s Governance Committee. Obama and Ayers were two parts of a group of four who were instructed to draft the bylaws that would govern the CAC. Keep in mind that the “A” in CAC is for Annenberg, the owners of The funding for Ayer’s projects and those of his cronies was approved by Board Chair, Barack Obama.

          • Bingo! I had read some of this a while back, and knew it was a leftist bunch who doesn’t really “Fact Check” at all. Thanks for posting this …. I know for a “Fact” that headoncrooked wasn’t actually going to look it up!

      • Straight up your azz !

      • Hey Comrade headupyurass.

        Did you mother have anything that didn’t have brain damage?

      • Yep. Useless destructo-boy is and was ineligible. The fact that you can easily find otherwise in print changes NOTHING. Quit wearing your sphincter as a collar.

      • I can show mine at a moments notice, WITHOUT an act of congress. I don’t have to wait three years!

  6. Guess I’m a deplorable person. Although I don’t consider myself racist (having friends of all colors, or ethnicity) I don’t believe in Black Lives Matter, just All Lives Matter, especially Blue Lives Matter. I don’t want to allow a bunch of 3rd world, unvetted immigrants (illegal aliens) into this country and support them with tax dollars. I believe boys are boys and girls are girls, and should have separate bathrooms. Want to share a bathroom, there are countries where it’s common in Europe, Asia. I am not against gay people, however, don’t want them forcing or trying to convince me that I should join them. Last, ISIS and Iran are the biggest threats we face. I don’t want them infiltrating the “refugees” coming into this country. I do stand with either my hand over my heart or a salute for the flag and recited the Pledge of Allegiance with pride (having served 30 years in the military). I believe in God, and always have. So yes, I’m deplorable. BTW, I will vote for Trump since I deplore liars, cheats and thieves, and believe traitors should be executed or imprisoned for life.

  7. Am just glad she thinks so highly of me.

    • Are you a racist, misogynist, hater of everything that is not a rich white male? If not, she never mentioned you.

      • Guess you are nothing but a liberal that just keeps repeating the racist B.S. because you have nothing intelligent to say. Anyone who paints such a huge portion of the population like Hillary does is what you call racist herself and coming from a person that wants to represent all Americans is outrages.

  8. Hillary is worse than Kaepernick and the soccer chick!!

  9. This WAS a HUGE mistake on her part…..I can NOT begin to add up ALL the Criminal Activity that she has been involved in…..If this would have been any other president except obama, of course because he would just write an executive order, they would have been thrown in prison. If she were in the middle east, they would have beheaded her, or shot her in the head………

  10. I guess I am among the deplorable. I have every intentio of staying that way.

  11. People in glass houses should never throw stones, HILLIARY ROTTEN CLINTON. With your history of assisting the rapist of a twelve year old girl get off then cackling about it, attacking the poor women your pervert husband assaulted to force their silence, refusing to give the consulate in Libya adequate security allowing the attacks in which Ambassador Stevens and three other fine Americans were butchered, and then propagating a false story to protect B. HUSSEIN O.’s reelection, you are the deplorable one. May you burn in HELL, soon, you deplorable, disgusting, evil BITCH.

  12. Ummmm, the Benghazi Bitch has Parkinson disease. I watched my dear father wilt away from it. (God rest his soul). She has ALL the signs of it. She won’t even make it thru election. Die a painful death bitch, just like you let our guys die in Benghazi! ! Karma’s a bitch, eh?? ??

  13. Hillary and her lobotomy crowd who support her are not even human. No candidate should ever utter those words about Americans she wants to represent. The democrats are totally reprehensible.

  14. Hillary is doing all of this for a sympathy vote. She is trying to appeal to the woman vote, if that doesn’t work, than she will try the ‘poor wounded bird’ approach. She will try to make Trump out to be feeling less and rude!! Watch & see!!

  15. She holds up the spiritually dead, the reprobates, the ACLU murders who get out and continue to victimize

  16. I don’t quite understand the anger from the Trump Supporters? At Trump Klan Rallies the Trump Supporters are chanting/screaming, lock her up, Hillary for Prison, Kill the bitch and other vial comments, and the delicate Trump supporters become riled up over one comment from a woman. Why are the Trump supporters not speaking about why Trump refuses to turn over his Income Taxes, or why he glorifies and praises a communist/dictators Vladimir Putin and others or maybe that the NYS Attorney General is now opening another case against Donald Trump for inproprieties of the Trump Foundation and this is in addition to his present Federal Fraud RICO racketeering case (similar to a Bernie Madoff type case)?
    Maybe somebody from the Trump supporters can explain why the State of Texas Attorney General and the State of Florida Attorney General were both investigating allegations of Donald Trump University complaints, and all of a sudden “like a fart in the wind” received a $25,000 dollar check from Donald Trump himself for their (republican) re-election campaigns and both investigations shortly thereafter were “quashed’?
    This can’t be cause Trump supporters have a dual standard and they are not sexist or racist or even following the racist bigoted remarks Trump made at the beginning of his campaign and many times after with insulting a good portion of the USA. I cannot believe that this would be a Trump supporters true motivation? I simply cannot believe that Hillary Clinton got the entire percentage wrong of 50% deplorables incorrect as we say it’s more like 89.9% deplorables and a small portion should be scrutinized via lie detectors, as Donald Trump is the biggest liar in the USA therefore his followers must also be the same!
    As the good book says, “tell me who you walk with and I’ll tell you who you are”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Let me make it clear, in the English language, and with few syllables, so you will understand. Your long, drawn out epistle of poop could be summed up with the first four words you wrote; “I DON’T QUITE UNDERSTAND.”

      • Hi Mr. Messedupman, if English were not your second language, you would undersand the question. It is a question as to why Trump supporters are angry at one remark, when they are making “many, many horrible and worse remarks” at their Donald Trump Klan Rallies? Is this that hard for you to understand? I know you are not the sharpest tool in the shed from previous conversations but try and answer some of the above to help those of us who do not understand, why a rich person all of a sudden is a champion for the working class, when the republican party in general has always been in contrary to same? Are you on crack Mr. Messedupman?

  17. my god, you have taken hillaey as gospel. i would love to see her on the would explode with her bs!. be ready for what is to come. trump 2016

  18. So then, in Hillary eyes America is the welfare state, the illegal immigrant with family working and taking food stamps, the highly educated in Arts and other non production, LGBT community high brows, and the left wing middle class hand wringers who carry a guilt complex about slavery, gay rights, and environmental injustice.
    Who’s going to build their homes? Their commercial buildings? Fix and maintain their cars, buses, mass transit vehicles, build bridges and other infrastructure necessities, Guard their borders and fight their wars and hold the wolves of chaos at bay, drive their trucks to market and in general, do that which makes their fraught little lives so endearingly easy?
    But MOST importantly Hillary, who’s going to pay the taxes to FUND all these things that YOU see as America?
    The welfare recipients? The illegal immigrant taking money under the table while collecting food stamps?
    Your little circle of wealthy friends only have SO much money to spare Hillary.
    You NEED us, the deplorables as you see us.
    So have a little respect, you sophomoric little shit, because we AREN’T going anywhere, and even if you win, you are going to have to DEAL with us!
    We have long memories, and our tolerance has been stretched to the breaking point.

  19. I have to be included in that irredeemable group, and very glad not to be included into Hillary’s despicable group!

  20. I am a VERY PROUD DEPLORABLE and a VERY PROUD AMERICAN. This COMMUNIST CORRUPTION has to be stopped or our kids and grand kids will live as slaves to these TOTAL AMERICA HATING POWER HUNGRY SCUMBAGS. PLEASE get out and vote TRUMP. Our very existence as a NATION depends on it !!

  21. I totally agree with Susan but would like to add something. Our America is being colonized by two factions. Muslims want to turn it into a Muslim state, Mexican nationals want to make it a New Mexico. That’s why neither of these two groups assimilate into our society, they seek to take it over. It’s amazing so many are here now that cannot even speak English…nor have the desire to learn it.

  22. I’m in the basket…………but I’ll tell you what YOU CAN PUT ALL HITLERY’S SUPPORTERS HEAD FIRST IN THE TOILET, they aren’t good enough to put IN A BASKET.

  23. Add all of it to me being an infidel to islamic murderers. Morons welcome in their own murderers, but I will not. Hope for peace, but prepare for WAR.

  24. They used to refer to us as “rugged individualists” (You know, the people that built this country)

    Now we are “phobics” and “ists” and the Cackling Witch and her whole rotten CommieCrat party think we so are despicable and don’t belong here.

    She thinks the national anthem is trash and saying the pledge of coalescence is a useless ritual and the very mention of God is pure blasphemy .

    On the other hand she and her commmie pals are not too shy about dipping into our paychecks and they are OK with us bleeding and getting killed to keep her and her band or useful idiots in power, well since they stopped calling us Vietnam Vets “Baby Killers. (Man I will never forget the pretty little round eyed blond girl that called me that for the first time as she threw a tomato at me as I was stepping off the airplane when when I first got back to the world)

    Well put me in the Hillrat’s basket because I am proud as a game rooster to be there and I am in damn good company.

    Seems that basket is way to heavy for a sickly scum bag to throw out of an election, She just might just get crushed into a puddle of lair pulp by the very weight of it.

  25. THANK GOD I AM DEPLORABLE!!!!!! I would rather be deplorable than be a Hillary supporter.

  26. The Many. The Proud. The Deplorable.

  27. Clinton does what liberals do best. Name calling in order to you to conform. But this time it is backfiring on her. Besides who wants to believe a liar, except those with an agenda.

    • Other liars want to believe a liar. And other criminals will support a criminal. What does that tell you about todays Democrats? They are liars and criminals and all of them should be executed. And they will be on January 21st. A start at least. Can’t wait to volunteer for that duty.

    • Idiot Trump never did any name calling, right?

      • You may be right but I do not personally follow Trump. However I will vote for him over the liar and the fraud, and one who health is not good enough to serve as our leader. Vote for freedom and not Communism.

        • You better learn about him. He is a baby raper. What do you think he would do to the rest of us? It is all a power grab for that twisted fuck. He will start a nuclear war just for kicks.

          • Proof of being a baby raper? I have a deliema of who to vote for. Neither one are worth voting for the Trump is better than Hillary who would destroy your freedoms. Saul A. is he your friend? BTW vote the country and not the party.

          • Tell me, Ben Tutu, other than being a damned liar what other democrat attributes do you possess. Don’t be modest, you can brag all you want on here. Nobody will pay attention to it anyway.

  28. How dare this hag,miserable excuse for a woman,lying sack and I could go on!!!!! call anyone a racist,sexist etc.,etc. while she has behaved in a manner that makes the word deplorable sound like the Our Father. It is disgusting to hear her speak AT ALL,let alone hear her spew her venom. If there is justice in this world,she will get hers!!!!!!!

  29. has she ever thought of how the “deplorable” people see her?

  30. Trump is a racist and a damn liar. Crazy Rudy said last week Trump had publicly acknowledged Obama was born here. That is totally false. Trump simply will not talk about it when asked. Trump is largely responsible for the racist birther movement, over half of his supporters say Obama was not born here. Trump makes his supporters look like damn fools.

  31. I was wondering why libTURDS are using “basket”. Their sickly, lying, fraudulent, dying, cankled bitch just used it!


    • Let’s not forget the offer made to Kasich by Trump to be VP and in charge of “domestic and foreign affairs(everything)”. A vote for Putintrump is a vote for PRESIDENT PENCE, a fascist who would not have been re-elected here in Indiana. Once my congressman, “Maniacal Mike” is a horrible man. very pro big business anti personal rights(Republican). Millertrump could be the third republican figure head president in 40 years .

      • Cumbelly is from the puke state of indiana?…….isn’t that racist to call your shithole backwoods cesspool INDIANa?

      • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

        It was Trump’s son, not Trump that made the offer to the Kasich ego maniac. Kasich was so stupid that he kept running long after he was dead in the water. He is about as stupid as Jebby.
        Mike Pence is great!!

  33. What’s deplorable? Hypocrisy!

    This is deplorable;

    …marrying your cousin because he has political future and using it to propel yourself.

    …lying on a Water Gate Briefing

    …the Death of Vince Foster (untimely at best) over illegal activites (White Water)

    …the death of many innocent at Waco by using illegal federal police forces under your husband’s presidency – not to mention the victims at Ruby Ridge (and later the murder of Lavoy Finicum, for what amounts to selling the Russians Uranium deposits).

    …selling as much as 50% of our nuclear fuel reserves to the Russians for PERSONAL gain!

    …fifty plus questionable deaths and mysterious “suicides” of those folk who might have had damning things to say about you.

    …the use of a Federal high level office for personal gain – peddling of power and influence to foreign interests

    …using the Council on Foreign Relations as the “mother ship” of guidance on policy making as SOS!

    …having elitist Globalists friends like David Rockefeller (has had 5 heart transplants in order to live these past 101 years) and George “I HATE AMERICA” Soros.

    …the Death of 4 patriots in Benghazi when clearly you had the power at hand to save them – what are you hiding from us in YOUR basket?

    …then asking callously, “what difference does it make at this point?” (Recall the scene in “Braveheart” where Longshanks tells his captain to loose arrows that would also kill many of their own soldiers: when the captain looked perplexed at the order Longshanks said “What? We have reserves!” I HATE GODDAMNED TYRANTS!!!)

    …the blatant arrogance toward confidentiality protocol for the sake of personal convenience and no doubt gain by passing National Secrets to our enemies.

    …then coercing the DOJ to let you off the hook!

    …hiding behind words like racism, homophobe, xenophobe, etc. to deflect your own despicableness

    …that you are not ALREADY in hell, burning for eternity (you make me hope there is a hell!)

    Tell me, Criminal-Bitch with a bastard daughter, who among us in your faux basket of deplorables has a résumé that comes anywhere near what you’ve “accomplished”?!

    What does the Book say? “Woe unto them that call evil good and good evil!”! Your end will NOT be pretty!

    • One more!!!!!

      “I will do everything I can to appoint Supreme
      Court justices who protect the right to vote and do not protect the
      right of billionaires to buy elections,” Mrs. Clinton said while on Day 1
      of a two-day swing through Iowa.”George Soros donated $25
      million to the leading super PAC supporting Hillary Clinton’s
      presidential campaign, marking the return of the billionaire financier
      among the biggest givers in all of American politics.”

      • Nice one, Barry. Thanks. I hope a lot more are added. I doubt anyone of us knows even HALF the truth about her!
        NO matter how many electoral votes she gets she will NEVER be my president and I wait with bated breath for her to DROP DEAD!

    • Post documentation on these deaths. You spend a whole lot of your day on right wing biased fascist radio memorizing spin don’t ya liar?

    • Nice try, dung beetle. Posting truth and evidence to shit-eaters like you is pointless. I could put the bold TRUTH in your face and you still would not believe it. Your 2D brain is sold to the False Prophet Propaganda LIARS who tell you what you know. They Shit and you gobble it up like a dung beetle (despite they have been caught in lies and prevarication MANY times!) You are so natural to this LIE transfusion that you “project” onto everyone that they do the same – let EXPERTS think for you!!! Their LIES are EASY for YOU to swallow – so you do. You don’t have any more courage or honor than to simply swallow That makes you a coward as well!
      The Truth is SIMPLE, HARSH, and UNBIASED – HARD to swallow! It is persistently irrefutable. Lies need Truth to exist but TRUTH needs nothing! The Criminal-Bitch campaign is so full lies, deceit, and trickery that it’s miraculous she’s gotten this far – only GREAT sums of money and dung beetles like you keep her afloat! But the weight of her own EVIL destroys her against the cold hard Truth.

      I could not care less what you think of me; this isn’t about me. It isn’t even about you. It’s about how DEPLORABLE it would be to elect a murderous, traitorous, Criminal to the highest office of our Nation. There is no evidence Trump is any of that! Only the Criminal-Bitch fits that description!

      America FIRST, Dung Beetle!

  34. Hope Hillary dies.

  35. Hillary will not make the debates. Dead in two weeks.

  36. Suuuuure it was the pneumonia making it look like an idiot. Open mouth insert foot. You dummy

  37. She forgot to list the biggest group of trump voters,,,,,,,,, The Hilleryphobics

  38. She’s forgetting that there’s still that little thing with her hacked emails that Assange is going to deliver in the very near future. I’ll be most interested in seeing how “dehydrated” she becomes when she has to face that scandal. Already they had to haul her half dead body away like a 300 pound sack of potatoes and that was nothing compared to the upcoming challenges. Here’s a little funny for your viewing pleasure…

  39. I am one of the “Deplorables” and a proud member of the “Vast Right-wing Conspiracy”:-)

  40. My new “Deplorable” tshirt is waiting for me in town at the tshirt shop….
    I can’t wait.

  41. Her good friend, Vicente Fox, begs us to stop Trump. So, this is my sincere reply: Soon, we are going to stop you,

  42. If Hillary Clinton approved of me then I’d have reason to worry about what happened to my set of values, moral compass, etc. I’d have to check myself for lying, hating and corruption. So, hell yes, very happy to be deplorable!!

  43. Mr. Trump has polished the single selling point of the Republican party.

    Vote for me because I SAY that I hate and fear the same people and things that you do!

    Doesn’t sound like much of an argument.

  44. I’m deplorable because I can’t stand the thought of a burly old tattooed man sitting belching, farting and taking a crap right next to my 8 year old daughter who had to TT.

  45. Very good article and I am very happy to be DEPLORABLE. However, I really resent her saying I am not the “real” American. I’ll pray for her but never to win. She’s old and sick, nature will take its course and if she doesn’t stop, it may be sooner. God bless!

  46. Question to any Hellary supporter out there…don’t you have friends and family that you dearly love more than anyone that pulls for Trump? You may call them names and shake your head BUT if a stranger calls them that name, deplorable for exercising the same rights as you for voting HELLARY, would you stand for them disrespecting them like that or would you stand UP for them? I can call my husband a jerk all I want but you let my neighbor call him that, it ain’t pretty. Is she THAT special to you? Is her agenda to wipe us out if she wins something you want? She made it clear how she feels and if you think she won’t punish us for it, you really have lost your mind. It just got personal. Choose…your family and friends or this POS. YOUR CHOICE but I bet you lose even if she wins (by cheating only). God bless and pray. Think about it.

    • If I had relatives stupid enough to support a neo-facist barbarian, I would call them deplorable ignorants.

      • I do and won’t ever regret it either. However, not thrilled when others call my son stupid. He finally jumped off HER bandwagon. Not a great Trump fan BUT there is still some hope for him, lol. My daughters though, always have been a little on the “stupid” side. J/K but they’re blonde too, hahaha

      • The best part of you ran down your mothers leg at some cheap motel, and look what we got an American hater who loves traitors like hillary rodham clinton.

      • I have such idiots running rampant in my family. I cannot wait to say my favorite words….I TOLD YOU SO! The great thing, no matter who wins, she’ll be so horrible I’ll get to say it then too. This “deplorable” person is in a win-win situation! The country loses but I won’t cos I’ll be free to leave! She needs to just “get gone.”

    • Zero chance I will ever respect a racist. I would not care if they were family or not. But people in my family were raised to respect others, and not judge by skin color.

  47. Yes I’m voting for Mr. Trump and I’m deplorable, I’m a vet to and could never vote for anyone who thinks letting four men die Benghazi , and say what difference does it make, and her boss call them just bumps in the road.

  48. At the moment of conception, sex is determined. Either XX for female, XY

  49. This Block Device is the Bee’s Knees. I have wanted to send the Libtrolls into the Phantam Zone since I started comments sections, and this is just….so….satisfying. I get an image of the troll waiting for the cube to come and wisk him away to the Phantom Zone, screaming” You shall bow down to me Jorel…you and your descendents.”

    • Well sure, why consider differing viewpoints ? Discussion into a mirror is masturbation. Enjoy your tug jerk.

    • The education system obviously never got any intelligence into you. The idea somebody could manage to teach you on of the boards is beyond hope. You will go to your grave as stupid as a door stop.

  50. 43, RN x 20 years, geopolitical and study of all sciences my entire life, one gramps high level pentagon, other gramps high level navy (commander, ordnance and experimental unit, nasa engineer 60-74. All this make me an uneducated dumb voter. Hmm, my bf is dark Pacific Islander (I must be racist too), I nursed my baby and only worked part time when he what little (so I must be anti-feminist too), hmm I like men, and
    I have no issue with my mom being gay, so that must make me into yet ANOTHER kind of terrible “IST”. Oh wait, I like Jesus, so there must be another “IST” word for me. Ummm, I’m running out of ist’s ans ism’s!
    For once she said a word that didn’t end in IST or ISM! Aww, nice job Hillary.

  51. Hi, my name is Aurelio, and I’m DEPLORABLE

  52. Hilary has wrote her own deplorable lying end in politics & she is now using her health as a crutch for staying out of prison or being indicted for treason along with bo …. ! She deserves & has created her own demise with greed … !

  53. I AM DEPLORABLE!!!!!!

    • No secret there, assclown.

      • Everyday I get up and take myself an obama and use some harry reid to wipe my nancy pelosi, and throw it into the eric holder and flush it down into the hillary rodham clinton cesspool. I sure feel great getting all that out of my system.

  54. I think basket of deplorables means deplorable basketcases.








  56. that lizzy just makes me sick…go TRUMP 2016 go hillary to prison 2016 and GOD bless america

  57. I must fit her description. I actually think I am a Patriot and don’t go for crooked politicians that to me is deplorable!

  58. I don’t understand why some military veteran doesn’t talk about Trump getting a 4/f rating [ unfit for military duty] in 1972 during the draft for Vietnam. And then is diagnosed as to be in perfect health to run for president in 2016.

  59. Deplorable is OK, passable, doesn’t aptly explain our goal, Inglorious bastards would be a better term! Like the Inglorious bastards of WW2 the OSS of the OG(German greenup (precursers of the green berets) squad of spies and guerillas) comprised mostly of Jews like Fredrick Mayer, Hans Winberg, and Weber which became the OSS, then CIA, they fought Nazi’s where they found them, and worked behind the lines to blow up trains, railroads, attacked concentration camps, liberated Innsbruck Austria, then called the 103rd in to occupy the town, gave the information of the location of Hitlers bunker, wolf lair, and the location of some V2 rocket plants, and the new jet engine facility transmitted to the allies for the bombers! Anywhere in occupied europe as they fought the 3rd reich against the National socialist party Nazi’s, were named by Italy and germany as the inglorious bastards, seems to fit our commitment to fighting a Nazi, third reich like organization of establishment crooks, pay to play, destroyer of our rights, PC bunch of Communist leaning unconstitutional azzes of the far left! Yep, please call me an inglorious bastard, fighter of corruption, crime, ineptness, pay to play crooks and criminals in gov’t! Deplorable just doesn’t get the job done, not to our christian liking, not to the Jews of america’s liking, what we fight is against the radical jihadist Islamists whom hitler promised a caliphate centered in Turkey, containing most of the mid east, if they would just play ball with the Nazi’s, fight with them, spy with them, provide energy, protect africa holdings, which they did! They really haven’t been worth a fiddlers fraack since! Nothing for the world except idiocy!!

  60. (Merle Haggard music playing) ….I’m proud to be a deplorable from America, I don’t care what Hillary thinks of me; I don’t demonstrate down on Main Street, I have my guns and love livin’ free…..

  61. Ben Totuous-You faggot moron. How is that Lobotomy working for you and your heroine Hillary? You need to go back into your shit hole where you came from.

  62. Irene Elizabeth Grooms

    I am deplorable and a RED NECK at that also .HILLARY IS THE SERPERT THAT BITES THE HANDS THAT FEED HER . She is not worthy to be our President. DONALD TRUMP AND PENSE

  63. To the numerous wingnuts who have loaded this forum with insulting, vile, and irrelevant replies to my original and subsequent posts:

    I find no further need to respond to your ignorant, bigoted, puerile, often obscene and scatological “contributions” to discussions on this topic. The great majority of you seem to be here for no purpose other than to unload your vile knee-jerk invective in attempted support of the obnoxious, foul-mouthed, bloviating billionaire who has intruded his loathsome self into the American political arena owing to the cowardice of irresponsible Republicans who feared that opposing this skunk at their picnic would lose support for themselves. I am outta here!

  64. Some TRUTH about the often-castigated George Soros and those ignorant conspiracy theories:

  65. i am proud to be deplorable in Hilaries criminal eyes.
    I hit her points of disgust
    1. male
    2. white
    4. heterosexual
    5. veteran,
    8. I stand up, step up, and speak up against wrong


    So happy for Madam Secretary Clinton’s recognition!

    About time (finally) she told the truth of how she really feels about Americans.

  67. I’m a adorable deplorable

  68. Hillary is just another Obama,except she has balls.

  69. As long as I’m nothing like Hillary, and her illiterate Democrat and RINO supporters, they can call me whatever they want to!

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  71. I like that name. They should make a movie about the DEPLORABLES. We are sick and tired of being called stupid and taken to the bank while they smirk and smile filling their pockets with our money.

  72. Hillary has learn to be a better entertainer than D. Trump. She and her cartel are fooling everyone. She never had a pneumonia. She is coughing because she probably is smoking something. She is fainting because of the many shots she is receiving from her security guard and a white man sitting behind her [which I saw in one of her videos]. A pneumonia is very painful in the lungs. She is not showing any pain. I HAD PNEUMONIA AFTER SURGERY. I was in pain all night long and did not fainted. My mother also had the same type of pneumonia with a lot of pain. She does not have epilepsy which is a strong illness.
    MY FATHER HAD EPYLEPCY ALL LIFE LONG. It is a desastrous illness.
    An attack crisis would take him by surprise all the time; he never had a chance to lien against anything [ like she did]. He would vomit, pea, shake his entire body and head, and wake up half an hour later, all confused, not recognizing his family. It was frightening! I can’t belief anything that has being said about her. She is not so sick. She probably has a PINCHED NERVE either in her spine or on her head. The injections she is being getting is a drUg to control the shaking of her head. And it is killing her image!
    HER BLOOD PRESSURE is extremely low. She has to check her blood for diabetes; it will make her faint for sure. We cannot afford to lose Hillary now. I seriously think Demotracts are looking for ways to change her for some other candidate like Biden.

  73. GODBlessRealAmerica#1

    PRESIDENT TRUMP Babbyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. hey libs, when a deplorable see’s a possible bombing – we take action – you – well just cry for help after the fact – give the unicorn a hug for me.

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