Denounce Socialism, Get Booed: This is the New Democratic Party

Anyone who has been paying attention for the last few years already knows that the Democratic Party is moving beyond the wasteful spending and confiscatory tax rates of its regrettable past. It has moved into full-fledged socialism, both of the cultural and actual sort. But if you haven’t been paying attention, or if you think the rise of lunatics like Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is an overhyped phenomenon, a scene at the California Democratic Party convention should be enough to wake you up.

It was there, last Saturday, that former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper made a statement that should have been utterly uncontroversial.

“If we want to beat Donald Trump and achieve big progressive goals,” Hickenlooper said, “socialism is not the answer.”

He was roundly booed and jeered for the remark.

Hickenlooper’s unpopularity on the stage is reflected in the national polls, where he regularly comes in last in a field of umpteen candidates. Unable, thus far, to collect the 65,000 individual donors he needs to meet DNC requirements, there’s a very good chance he will be left out of the first Democratic primary debates. To say this situation is untethered to his stance against socialism is to whistle through the graveyard. There’s a reason Bernie Sanders is in the #2 position, and there’s a reason a guy like former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz has gotten so much negative publicity. The modern left has no patience for moderates.

“We had no illusions that everyone was going to embrace the message,” Hickenlooper told CNN after the event. “We thought it was important to say, right? Not everyone in the party is going to rally to that perception but I feel that it needed to be said.”

Ah, but see, that’s the problem. Today’s leftists don’t believe in hearing from different sides. They don’t want ideological diversity. You will toe the party line, or you will be attacked, vilified, and run out of town on a rail car. These people want Bernie’s promised utopia: Free college, free healthcare, free everything. If they can’t have that, they don’t want to hear it.

Joe Biden is known for making mistakes, but he at least knows better than to go into enemy territory and try preaching capitalism. He’s probably going to win the nomination because the sane still outnumber the insane out in the real world, but he’s going to have to embrace some pretty extreme positions if he wants to go into the general election with a winning coalition of voters. Unfortunately for him, what he gains on the radical side, he may lose on the moderate side. And that leaves the door wide open for Trump to win a second term.

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