Denial Runs Deep: Writer Claims Delayed Victory for Tim Kaine

Judd Legum, the Editor-in-Chief of ThinkProgress, admits that Tim Kaine appeared to lose the Vice Presidential debate on Tuesday night, so you have to give him credit for having at least one foot grounded in reality. On the other hand, he thinks that when you look at it another way…Kaine actually won the debate after all.

The denial runs deep in LiberalLand.

“As the sun rose, a different narrative of the debate emerged,” Legum writes. “Last night, Kaine conducted a deposition. In a deposition, a lawyer questions a witness outside of the courtroom, but everything is recorded and can be used later on. These aren’t flashy or scripted affairs. A deposition can be repetitive and boring. But over many hours, a skilled lawyer can get what he wants out of a witness.”

See, Kaine didn’t actually lose the debate after all, Legum writes. No, no. Kaine was playing at a much higher level than mere mortals – including Mike Pence – could possibly recognize at the time. He used his lawyerly genius to trap Pence, sacrificing an in-the-moment victory for the greater good.

“What Kaine wanted to accomplish last night was to force Pence to react to some of Trump’s most outrageous statements,” Legum writes. “This was important both to remind people that Trump said those things and to place Pence in the uncomfortable position of having to react.”

Legum says that by getting Pence to deny that Trump “called Mexicans rapists and criminals” and other nonsense, Kaine prosecuted his case to perfection. How does he arrive at that conclusion? Oh, because a few biased sites ran stories following that narrative, including CNN, Slate, and the Washington Post.

“One way to understand Kaine’s approach was that it wasn’t geared toward winning Tuesday night’s debate, but setting up Hillary Clinton to win on Sunday night, the next presidential debate,” Legum says. “In other words, Kaine accomplished exactly what he set out to do.”


In future columns, perhaps Legum can assure us that President Obama intended all along for Syria to become the epicenter for World War III and that Hillary purposely mishandled classified information for the good of the country.

Democrats work in mysterious ways. What’s good appears bad and what’s bad appears good. You just need an enlightened liberal to shew you the truth.

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