Dems Turn on Whistleblower Exposing Biden

A Texas official who blew the whistle on the White House pressuring El Paso not to declare a state of emergency — because it would make President Biden look bad — has been targeted by the Democratic Party.

The city became a flashpoint in the migrant crisis as more than 2,000 people a day flooded over its border in September, overwhelming the city’s shelters and services.

Despite calls to action from officials, Mayor Oscar Leeser refused to ask for state or federal help and the city spent over $8 million dealing with the crisis.

Councilwoman Claudia Rodriguez exposed the scandal by speaking to The Post about her private conversations with the mayor, a Democrat, in which he admitted he’d been following orders from the top, but it has made her a target of the El Paso County Democratic Party.

A statement issued by the party took the unprecedented step of weighing in on a forthcoming nonpartisan local election to ask voters not to vote for Rodriquez, who is up for re-election.

Democrats called Rodriguez a “Trump-style Republican” and said they were taking the “extraordinary step” of issuing “a warning” to voters in the town — home to Democratic Party superstar Beto O’Rourke — about her record as it was an “egregious case,” according to the post.

Rodriguez claims the attacks on her are politically motivated.

“I don’t get it,” she told The Post Wednesday. “I stood up for the people of El Paso when the mayor didn’t. I was saying, ‘El Pasoans don’t want to be spending their money on this. They’re already overtaxed.’”

The El Paso County Democratic Party accused Councilwoman Claudia Rodriguez of aligning with Republicans.

The councilwoman, who is a first-generation American and a citizen of both the US and Mexico, says she was never opposed to immigrants arriving in El Paso, mostly from Venezuela, getting help. She simply believed the federal government should pay for it, not the city’s taxpayers.

“We essentially loaned $8 million to the federal government, interest-free, and that’s what I was fighting for,” Rodriguez added.

Leeser also publicly stated what the Biden administration had asked of him, saying at a Sept. 27 city council meeting: “The White House has asked, at this point, for us not to [declare an emergency] and they’ll continue to work with us and continue to give us … money.”

According to statistics published by the city on Wednesday, it had spent $8.86 million on dealing with the migrant influx and received only $2.2 million in reimbursements.

After The Post’s story, Rodriguez was invited to be a guest on Fox News, attracting further criticism from the El Paso Democrats, who erroneously calling her a “regular” on the cable network.

“Her multiple appearances on the Republican cable news network have focused on her personal grievances with the mayor,” the statement said.

“In doing so, she has brought a very negative spotlight to our community.”

The El Paso County Democratic Party did not respond to The Post’s request for comment. However, in its statement, the organization made extraordinary claims that Rodriguez “violated campaign finance in a shameless manner” and pointed out she had voted in Republican primaries in the past.

The also alleged she was at odds with the district she represents, adding: “She currently represents and is running for a district that consistently votes for and elects Democratic candidates.”

Rodriguez claimed one of her opponents is good friends with the mayor of El Paso and feels the statement was designed to affect her chances of re-election on November 8.

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  1. See what happens when a Democrat doesn’t fall in ‘goose step’ with the Demonic Party, they try to cut them off at the knees with LIES!

    • The Democratic Party plays chess while the rest of us play checkers. When will we wake up and realize you can’t play
      nice, nice with those who would destroy American democracy in a nano second.
      How serious has it become. No matter the effort at secrecy, the truth always comes out.
      I couldn’t help but notice that too many of the illegals crashing our borders didn’t look like down trodden refugees. many wore designer clothes. Their shoes were of fine leather and didn’t look like they had made a walking trip from the bottom of the continent. They looked and acted like a more sophisticated and educated population and there were thousands of them. Good Quality luggage and plenty of it for each family. A news junky and a ferret by nature I combed every news column published. I read about the busses that made the trip from far away places to near the Mexican border. None of the well dressed refugees I notice getting off the busses in Mexico would cross the Rio Grand. They would take the bridges. Still I felt there was more to come if I would keep digging. Finally, the answer and nothing I had ever imagined.

      ‘Talk of EU Styled Governance Of The Americas Raises Red Flags With Congressman.’

      President Manuel Lopez Obrador said, during a press conference last month,(September), that he and U.S. Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken had discussed the possibility of merging the American continent into an European Union style of governance.
      “My Blinken talked about consolidating the North American region’ and we agreed on that.” The Mexican president said on a news conference last month.
      Not only did Blinken tell him that we were in agreement with consolidating ourselves as a region, including the three countries, Canada, the United States, Mexico—but we were also in favor of the unity of the entire American Continent to repeat our project in the future, just as the European community first emerged and became the European Union. All of the Americas.
      Just as the European Union is becoming fragmented and overloaded with more immigrants than each country can handle and retain their sovereignty our new High Lords and Masters plan on taking our sovereignty away from us. No wonder our Democrat leaders refuse to acknowledge our borders. As far as they are concerned, there isn’t one. Now we know it’s the Globalists who pull Biden,s strings.

      European Union) style of governance.

  2. Demonrats whining about one minor issue from one small potato when they have nothing but values inconsistent with our country and constitution. They should be the ones being put out and I mean out of the country.

  3. You have to be EXTREMELY CAREFUL when you run with a Pack of Wild Dogs….They smell blood from ANY of your wounds and, YOU become Dinner for them…..Told you, You’ve been warned, Get straight and honest,….Leave the Demo Party before it’s too late….

  4. Ms. Rodriguez – this tells you what your Democrat-Communist party is about. It is about total control a the population here in America as well as punishing those that either disagree with them or they feel do not support their new agenda.

    You may not believe this but the Democrat-Communist agenda is to turn America into a Communist rule form of government. Where the Democrat government controls EVERYTHING. If you don’t believe me you can start by reading Bidens Executive Order 14067. This tells you a tiny bid of what you need to know about your Democrat party and their new agenda and what they have planned for America.

    What is even more sad is that the millions of people crossing our borders fleeing Socialism, Marxism, and Communism for a better life, do not realize that this Democrat regime is working to install these forms of government right now here in America. Vote Republican, still believe in our Constitution, freedom, states rights, etc. or we will have NO freedoms left to enjoy.

  5. Being a Democrat is like a cult religion. You must agree with everything, otherwise they will destroy you. They claim to love, however, it’s all about hate and discontent.

  6. “She simply believed the federal government should pay for it, not the city’s taxpayers.” – El Paso councilwoman Claudia Rodriquez.

    Ms. Rodriquez (D) is ignorant of the US tax system when she proclaimed the El Paso taxpayers shouldn’t pay for (illegal) immigrants, but the US Government should.

  7. So what this should show the people of El Paso Texas, the Biden administration doesn’t give a flying SH&T about you and how the illegal immigrants flowing into El Paso is hurting you. If that isn’t bad enough, NOT ONE PERSON from Biden’s administration has even been to the border or El Paso to see the chaos and destruction they caused. Then Biden tells your Mayor, Lesser, not to declare El Paso a state of emergency so Biden, the one who caused this disaster doesn’t look bad and your mayor Lesser who you voted for to do what’s best for you and El Paso left you all to suffer for his political career. The one person that has the guts to stick up for the people of El Paso the democrats are trying to destroy. DISGUSTING DOESN’T EVEN BEGIN TO DESCRIBE THESE PEOPLE. If you vote this mayor in again or any democrat that thought savings Biden’s ass over yours was the way to go you all get what you deserve.

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