Dems Settle on “Scorched-Earth” Strategy to Oppose Trump

According to interviews Politico conducted with dozens of Democrat Party leaders, President Donald Trump can expect to face overwhelming opposition from this nation’s liberal politicians for the next couple of years. After weighing out the strategy options, Democrats have “settled on a scorched-earth, not-now-not-ever model of opposition.”

“They were entitled to a grace period, but it was midnight the night of the inauguration to 8 o’clock the next morning, when the administration sent out people to lie about numerous significant things,” Washington Gov. Jay Inslee told Politico. “And the damage to the credibility of the presidency has already been profound. They were entitled to a grace period and they blew it. It’s been worse than I could have imagined, the first few days.”

They’re seriously talking about the “credibility of the presidency” after eight years of Barack Obama’s lies? We’ll give Democrats credit for one thing: They are absolutely shameless.

Strategist David Brock told donors in Florida that Democrats who tried to get along with President Trump were taking a big risk.

“I predict the coming divide in the Democratic Party won’t be ideological so much as it will be between those who resist and oppose and those who accommodate and appease,” Brock said.

At a forum last week for candidates seeking to become chair of the Democratic National Committee, liberal pundit Jehmu Greene said there was no room for Democrats to work with Trump.

“If you saw the millions of people who marched in the streets this weekend and participated in it, they are looking to the Democratic Party,” Greene said. “We have an opportunity as a party to be that place of resistance. So we have to form a solid resistance as a party. And no, it is not about working with Donald Trump.”

This kind of talk got Republicans branded as racist obstructionists during the Obama years, but it’s apparently okay now that a white man is president again. Of course, if they are as effective as the GOP was in holding back the president’s agenda, Trump won’t have much to worry about.


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  1. Does this mean that democrats will be chaining themselves to the steps of city and state government buildings in protest? If they do, put guards on ’em to ensure they stay chained. A week or so without food, water, or shelter should do it.

  2. Are the Democrats aware that they are bringing down their own nation?

    • They don’t care. They’re twisted and just want to turn this country into something that doesn’t work. By reshuffling the deck they think they will stay in charge. After all, if things went smoothly fewer of them and their policies would be needed. They must create problems that only they can fix. Why else does anyone think hellary and ovomit wanted to destabilize the MI?

      Of course it’s a dangerous game that hurts people and gets them killed, but they simply don’t care. We keep paying taxes for them to do this to us so that the show can go on.

      (dem’ politician thinking) “OK, so if I change this, this, this and this, it’ll screw this up and people will want it changed. That’ll allow me to change this, this, and this, to tweak things, and to make it appear that I’m doing something, but not actually make things better. So people will want more changes. I’ll stay in power (job security) and the rubes on the ground won’t know they’re being played for fools. “

      • Socialism is an insanity that has never ever produced something good for the average person. Only the socialist leaders and their friends benefit. They are the lords and ladies of a feudal system and everybody else is a peasant (better known as a subject) to be used for the entertainment of the upper class. Most times socialism ends when the people rise up and snuff it out physically.

        • Or when Soros runs out of money to pay the demonstrators and the reporters.

          • He’ll never run out of money.
            He IS wanted by more than one country for various crimes…at least one warrant is dead or alive.

            We could extradite him.
            Or the IRS could go after him, seize his assets (the way they do regular citizens’) try him in US courts, and then extradite him.

            A smart national security agency that is loyal to the American citizens could trace new money flowing into floundering “soros” groups as they reorganize. Clintons will probably be back in the middle of the new money…they won’t be able to keep their greedy hands out of it.

    • Yes, they know.

    • You betchum.

    • Russia and the US have to be brought down so the new world order will have a clear shot




    • If they had brains………they have never been aware of anything except wondering what else they can get from tax payers…………

    • They are just trying. They will be stopped.

  3. What a bunch of Left Wing Morons. Don’t the Democrats understand basic math? They don’t have the numbers in Congress or the Senate and can’t control anything. These idiots live in a world of their own and still can’t accept the fact that the American people have rejected them and their lousy policies that we had to endure for the past eight, LONG years.

    • It will all depend on how “tough” Rinos Ryan and McConnell play it. I still don’t trust either of those guys. All Rinos need to be sent packing. Conservatives should be starting right now to find and foster new conservatives to run against every Rino in Congress in 2018. It’s never too early to get prepared. After all politics is a “blood sport”. We have given the Repuklicans everything they have been begging for. Now that they have it there are no excuses, no crying and no B.S they can offer. Failure is not an option.

    • RINOS are on the dem side. Ryan and McConnell aren’t the only disgracful GOPers. McCain immediately and loudly started idiotic criticism about the immigration e.o.

      These guys can distract and interfere forever with trumped up lawsuits, fake news, and lying propagandists. Anything to keep their crooked, soros affairs from the citizenry. It’s clear to me — judging from his reaction to President Trump — that mccain has some huge stuff to hide.

  4. It is the utter ignorance and stupidity of liberal values which do not merit a comment.

    • The Dem-wits have no power left in government, they are pissing in the wind! And the funniest part about it is that they lost the election BECAUSE of Obama’s moronic agenda which has been rejected! Keep up the stupidity Dem-wits, you won’t ever win another election!


        I pray this to be true ! Thank You President Trump you ROCK, especially the liberal Democrats !

        • GOD Bless President Trump………..Take the corrupt politicians and send to the planet “PLUTO”……….a one way trip……..

          • that picture of obama makes you believe evolution might have happened kind of looks like an ape.

          • U are just as racist as trump.

          • Your racism is unacceptable in America.

          • So is Your STUPIDITY

          • Thank you.
            Your input is always welcome
            It says so much about you.

          • Aagain, pot calling the kettle black

          • she is on the way to the couch…wonder what psychiatrists charge per second now ?? she may be being billed while in the waiting room filling out the personal information page…..”have you ever been…..”…

          • Your STUPIDITY should be a crime. But then, all democrats would be in Prison.

          • Is that why there are so many Republicans in prison?
            The U.S. Census documents that the “Red” states have the highest levels of school dropouts. The U.S. Census is self-reported data.

          • that is why they complain about prison overcrowding…

          • damn three hores all commenting on the same article spewing lies about the winner of the presidential race…ak69erho, carol smithy, and erika jongdong all in their Giant Vagina suits….you know that they admire those $luts madonna, judd, cher and mooooocheleho..

          • Both pictures have been mislabeled! Switch them and you will see the truth!

          • You embarrass everything America stands for.

          • Yep, there is America’s new First Lady — the trash who used to pose nude. That is the garbage which is supported by the conservative right. America can be soo proud!

          • At least she’s not a transsexual, unlike Michael/Michelle Obama!!

          • Why do you embarrass America with childish lies? Let me guess, you are an adolescent male — the sexual focus is the give away.

          • LIAR!!!! Your blatantly attacking a lady who’s FAR CLASSIER than Mrs. Obama will ever be truly shows you as a true Communist of the Maoist or Stáljinist type.

            You and your colleagues in the CPUSA (which has most successfully taken over the “Democrat” party) truly don’t deserve to live in the USA – or even anywhere in the West.

          • Don’t be jealous AKILady, you too can take it off for men’s magazines. I heard that Hag Boy Magazine is looking for nude models.

          • they passed…

          • No woman with any self respect posses nude.
            It is Immoral.

          • No, in your world it’s hajibs and burkinis. Grow up

          • Is that supposed to be an insult? Do you want your daughter to pose for men’s sex magazines?

          • No, it’s not an insult. And if my daughter chose to pose in the nude, that’s her decision. I may not agree with it, but she’s still my daughter and I’d support her anyway. If yours did, would you be trashing her? Maybe disown her? I don’t think so. If you’ve led such a perfect life, why haven’t you been translated into heaven, ya know like Moses. Simply put, because your not perfect either. And as many times as I’ve seen you calling people liars, I have to wonder, who promoted you to goddess. Where I find the most humor though, is for all your claims if such great morality, as a Democrat mouth piece I’m trying to figure how you moralist abortion? If you make such a fuss about a picture, where’s the outrage over murder? Sure you can say it’s a woman’s right, are you claiming that women supersede God? There inlies the biggest joke that is the Democratic party, that is the insult. And if their is an afterlife, and those who broke those 10 commandments, will be in a real hot place forever. As will those who pushed it. If that insults you, it’s not my fault, it’s your own hypocritical conscience .

          • I guess I must have old-fashioned morals. The idea that America’s First Lady posed for porn is unacceptable to me.
            Maybe you should check facts. That is what I do, Maybe you should be calling out liars. These posts are available worldwide, friend and enemy …

          • Old fashioned morals? Your stuck on a picture, why’d the moral question get avoided then? If you stand so high and mighty in your moral beliefs, answer my question. As a Democrat, how is it that you moralize and rationalize murder, but can’t accept a little nudity? As for checking facts, I do regularly. From what I can tell, it’s like the eye witness paradox. 10 people see the same event. When ask for what they saw, there’s 10 different accounts. Does that make any of them liars, no. You have 10 different points of view. Now I know Alaska is a big place, so is Texas. Maybe, being in such a big place with no one around for miles, has given you some unique perspective, but I’m beginning to think that it’s just that you have no one else to complain to, so you’ve decided that your personal point of view is the only one that’s acceptable. That being said, I’ve been nice, and engaged in the conversation, disputed your facts, presented my own queries, and now, like the trees and animals surrounding you, it’s time to ignore you. For like trying to squeeze blood from a turnip,, attempting to green intelligence from a stone a stone, is a fools errand. Since I’m nobodies fool, I choose to reject your hypothesis, and insert my own. Your opinions are just that, opinions. You havebthebright to them as much as I have the right to mine. So if you don’t like mine, keep yours to yourself. Have a wonderful day and enjoy the beautiful scenery that surrounds you. I certainly will.

          • Your murder is a religious fallacy.

            A zygote is simply cells, parasitic cells. It has no metabolic function, it cannot react to stimuli.
            A zygote does not meet the scientific definition of life.
            On the other hand, sperm meet the scientific definition of life. Sperm move, use energy, live outside a man’s body

            How is it you can kill thousands, if not millions at a time, without giving it a second thought?

          • I’m sorry, are you accusing me of killing something? Just FYI, I’ve never killed anything I wasn’t intending to eat, or had written orders to do. And your definition of life, is a cop out. A zygote? Is that how you rationalize killing a child? A parasite? Now that sounds like a self-description. By your own testiment, human beings could all considered parasites worthy of eradication. If that’s truly how you feel, why are you still here? Is a liberal parasite some new and improved type? No
            If by your admission of being a parasite, worthy of eradication, what would the opinion or writings be worth? By defintion, a parasite is something that lives and feeds off a host organism for it’s entire existence. Kind of describes liberals. A fetus does not. A tree does, plants of every kind do. Are you suggesting that every living thing on the planet are parasites? Perhaps you’d be happier if our world went back to being a dead rock in space? From what I can tell, you have a solution, a post utero self abortion. Since you consider religion a fallacy, you shouldn’t have any problems with being suicide. Or is that another one of the liberal double standards? I’m well aware of the fact that, liberals believe natural laws or any other kind don’t apply to them, where I find the troubling point tho, if you don’t want a child, and being a semi-intelligent individual, knowing how those parasitic zygote are created.why is it that upon determination of a liberal mind set, don’t you all sterilize yourselves? There is a vaccine for that type parasitic infection, tubal ligation.
            The other thing I find laughable about your premiss, you object to photography, but apparently not slutiness. Again, must be a liberal thing, it makes about as much sense.

          • Look up the science.
            You could have saved yourself a lot of typing.

          • Excuse me if I don’t put much stock in your pseudo science. After the admission of several U.N. ifficals, that your global warming hoax, was only created to destroy Capitalism. Like anything else, science can be perverted to rationalize anything. Just asreligion can. But I give you credit for completely avoiding my questions. I took the time to rebut yours, are liberals too afraid to respond in kind? Let me simify andncondense to one question and statement. How can you disapprove of pornography but cherish promiscuity? Both being Liberal constructs, I can see how you’d be confused. That being said, science is an ever changing reality. At one Time, it was science that claimed the Earth was flat. It’s also science that claims that your ancestors were apes. It’s science that has numbered the planets, which as I recall, has changed 4 times throughout history. So , is science exact? No more than you. As with everything, perceptions change as knowledge is attained. Science suggests the theory of Evolution, and claims to have proven it through DNA. Really? Since everything on our world is made up of the building blocks provided here, doesn’t it stand to reason that everything is going to have basically the same make up? Chemically, everything not listed on the periodic tables of elements, are compounds. Take gold and lead for instance. Only one electron separates the 2, yet one is extremely valuable, while the other is virtually worthless, not to mention poisonous. Much like scientific theories. Most of which are nothing more than someone’s best guess. Which become gospel, right up to the time they’re found to be wrong, or proven to be fake. Just like your global warming scam. Proven fake, admitted to be such by your own scientists and NWO lunatic leaders, yet still preached as gospel by Liberal Democrats. I have To wonder, with your proclaiming Socialist dogma as fact and truth, just where in the social standing you’d fall, do you profess to be one of the elite, better than everyone else, or one of Saul Alinsky’ s useful idiots, destined to be a slave of said elites? Ok, I know I went past my own limit as to questions, but seriously, I’d like to know.

          • Blah, blah, blah, lie, insult …repeat ad nauseam.
            Tedious, boring, repetitive …

          • I haven’t made any insults, only posed questions and made correlations based on your comments. I can only guess that your last statement exemplifies your attitude towards your own education. Which explains volumes. Again, have a wonderful evening

          • “Excuse me if I don’t put much stock in your pseudo science.”

            Apparently, you do not understand what constitutes an insult.

          • That’s not an insult, just a simple statement. If you took it as an insult, that just points to how closed your mind is. You see your point of view, and that’s all. Isn’t that the very definition of closed mindedness?

          • No,. it is an insult — the statement implies that the person you are addressing does not have sufficient intelligence and/or education to understand the difference between valid and fake science.

            Not one thing closed mind about understanding of the term “your pseudo science”.

            I do not own the science.
            The science stated in that which has been determined “factual” by both the biological and medical sciences.

          • Ok, biology 101. That is science correct? Single celled organisms ,(bacteria, viruses and such ) are living organisms. Parasites yes, but alive. The female egg, is your definition of a zygote
            Once fertilized by the sperm, which you defined as being alive. Cellular mitosis beginsdividing rapidly. Which by the way is how bacteria and such were deemed to be alive, life begins. If that’s the clinical definition of life for an organism, doesn’t that apply, SCIENTIFICALLY, for every type of life? So , again by your definition, the only legal why to perform an abortion, is to sterilize women before they can reproduce. By scientific definition of course.

          • Biology 101: Bacteria are living organisms.
            Biology 101: Viruses are not living organism.
            Biology 101: Zygotes are not living organisms.

            Life: an organismic state characterized by capacity for metabolism, growth, reaction to stimuli, and reproduction.

          • Your funny, you don’t even see the contradiction in your own embryo. Has a metabolism, it’s required for cellular reproduction, there’s 2 of your criteria, cellular division, proves growth, and if you really knew anything about biology, you’d know that even in the earliest stages of developement, an embryo will react to stimuli from the mother, Spicey food for instance, being a “lady”, is it safe to say that you’ve not been pregnant before?

          • I have four, adult children. I am also a retired physician.

            Spicy food gives some people indigestion. Others develop flatulence. Spicy food does not affect the embryo.

            A zygote is the result of the union of an ovum (egg cell) and a sperm cell.
            It remains a zygote until it begins to divide; at that point, the zygote becomes an embryo.

            An embryo is not a zygote. An embryo can, and does, react to stimuli.

          • Well, as a learned physician you should know the length of time it takes for the process of cell division begins. At that point, life has begun. To abort at that point, it becomes murder. I’m only guessing here, but we’re you an abortionist? And if you have 4 adult children, could you have aborted them? If not, why can you advocate for others to do what you couldn’t? The only reasonable explaination, is for your personal gain. That doesn’t make you a physician, but a paid assassin. That is an insult. So much for your hypocratic oath. Another insult. So you see I do understand the meaning. Now I know you’ll have To have The last word to make yourself feel better, and won some imaginary battle, so be my guest, I’m finished allowing you to further my point. Good night

          • Murder??
            Then, that is what you do every time you shave or shower.
            Maybe you should give up those killing sprees.

          • Isn’t it interesting That your modern oath removed the phrase ,” to do no harm”. I suppose that explains the recent overtaking of prescription drug overdoses to gun violence and driving fatalities combined. Or why there’s so many reports of botched surgeries, or those performed on the wrong part of the body, or the rise in deaths from routine surgeries. By the simple deletion of 4 little wirds, it gave your profession lisence to kill and push dope. You must be so proud.

          • .Murder??
            Then, that is what you do every time you shave or shower.
            Maybe you should give up those killing sprees.

          • From what I remember of biology, hair is dead, and washing off dirt and dead skin, isn’t a killing spree, but good hygiene. As for shaving, I wear a full beard, so that doesn’t apply. But if you’re insinuating self gratification, again, you’re resulting to accusations you know nothing about. As a Conservative Christian , I view sex as a reproductive act, nothing more, nothing less. An act shared between a man and his wife. Not a solo sport. That would be a liberal point of view.

          • Suggest you inform yourself better concerning the chlorine in bath water. Studies at the University of Pittsburgh found less chemical exposure from ingesting chlorinated water than from showering or washing clothes in it.

            The Bible does not consider sex as a solely reproductive act, nothing more, nothing less. Had that been God’s intention, he would not have made it pleasurable.,

          • I don’t use chlorinated water, I have a well, with a stand and charcoal filter. And to be honest, if check water studies, there are far more pharmaceuticals in the ground water chlorine. My water is tested on a yearly basis. But thanks for your concern.
            Pleasure has nothing to do with it, that’s a human construct. Like killing, we human8 are The only animal species that do things simply for pleasure.which isn’t to say that sex isn’t enjoyable, but again, like killing, it has it’s place and purpose . To waste time chasing pleasure is foolish, and if you really read the bible, you’d know that it often discusses sons of the flesh. Adultery being listed as one of the 10 given to Moses. And the perversion of the sons of the flesh were cause to incur God’s wrath. See Sodom and Gammorah. As I mentioned before, both religion and science, have been twisted to suit many different ideologies, much as our own Constitution.

          • What makes you think that other animals do not experience pleasure? Scientists have detected orgasm in many different species including macaques, orangutans, gorillas and chimpanzees.

            Humans are not the only species that has non-reproductive sex. In addition to homosexual behaviours, a range of species masturbate and may use objects as tools to help them do so

          • All I can say to yhat, is perhaps you are descended from monkeys then. I’m beginning to understand your motivation. As a scientific physican, with an obvious narcissistic personality , (god complex), you seek to berate any thought processes other than those who don’t promote your perverse ideology. As I stated before, your opinions are your right to have. If you wish to believe your ancestors were apes, who am I to disagree. In fact, the more you speak, the more I’m inclined to agree that In your case, there may be basis for your hypothesis. Doesn’t mean you can or will change my belief that mine weren’t. And again, hypothesis and theory are simply someone’s best guess. Doesn’t make them fact. Does it.
            Now if you care to understand my point of view on modern medicine, I’ll explain. 3 years ago, my wife died. She had been diagnosed with esophageal cancer. She was convinced by oncologists that chemo and radiation would extend her life and the quality of it. So she accepted those recommendations and began the treatments. Not only did they not decrease her tumor size, they only expanded them. They also caused the tumor to expand to a point where she couldn’t swallow her food or medications. We again listened to the learned doctors, and had a feeding tube installed. Unfortunately, her stomach wall wouldn’t hold the tube. Another side effect of the radiation treatment. We were then advised to have another learned doctor place a stint in her throat. Never were we informed that these stints have a terrible reputation for slippage. 3 months later, it did exactly that, slipped and cut her throat from the inside and she bled to death over a 3 day period. By the time she expired, she no longer had any of her own blood left. She’d been transfixed with 22 units of blood, 4 units of clotting factors, and kept in a drug induced coma with Propafol. Only when she had reached the maximum payments allowed by her insurance company did those learned thieves decide to stop treating her and inform us that she was going to die. So I have 1st hand experience with what you call science, and to honest, I can only place it along side the IT’S in terms of legalized extortion, and pseudo science. And if that falls into your modern hypocratic oath to make you able to sleep at night, then your profession should be held in the contempt it deserves. So if and when I play devil’s advocate against those like you, then is when it gets personal. Just remember, Joseph Mengela was a learned doctor too. So I don’t see any of you as being any better. You’re all the proverbial MAD SCIENTISTS, butchering people in the name of science. If that doesn’t make your profession a monstrous one, nothing does. As a soldier, I can remember every person face that I put inn The ground, can you? As a soldier, I was nothing more than the sword. As a doctor who plays god, I don’t think you even care.

          • Thank you.

            Your input is always welcome

            It says so much about you.

          • As do yours.

          • You do realize that living thing (sperm), fertilizing the egg, (your zygote), is the basis for life. By that definition, women would be parasitic by nature
            Are you really going to place yourself in the category of a typhoid mary?

          • There are factual biology course on, free ones.
            Please obtain an education.
            Your statements are false.

          • Don’t mean liberal biology courses? Fortunately, I went to school before the liberal overthrow of the education system. Biology and Chemistry were my courses of study. And I keep up with the current papers on both subjects. So no, I’m not the one who needs to be educated. Nor do I rely upon the internet for said education. Nice try though

          • You must be kidding, “liberal biology courses”? Science is science, there is no liberal or conservative about it.
            On the other hand, there are closed minds.

          • Actually, I’m not kidding. The term liberal biology courses was pure sarcasm, if you didn’t catch it, you proved your point about closed minds. Thanks for making my point, and for playing along. Lol

          • Thank you.

            Your input is always welcome

            It says so much about you.

          • Aw, who cares? I suppose your glass house is bullet proof? You sure love To stones.

          • Trump might not have shown his tax returns but at least he didn’t freeze his records like obo and the clintons

          • you forgot that hore clintoney showed her and leg hump”s ONE year of tax returns….the one where all of the manipulations and large incomes had not landed on….like that hore’s outrageous speaking fees…”well the folks at Smith Barney and Company” just loved my speech…

          • There is NOTHING in the “rules and regulations” that require a candidate or elected official to show their tax returns now or ever! There are rules and regulations to show where you were born! Obama is the guilty one here!!!

          • Why do you lie?
            Everyone’s records are private — by federal law, even yours,

          • Besides that she is an employee of Vladimir Putin’s Internet Research Agency.

          • Is that childish nonsense supposed to be an insult?
            Truth is truth, she posed naked for men’s sex magazines.
            She is also Communist born, raised and educated.

          • Get a JOB! Moron.

          • I had one.
            Work hard and save your money, then you will be able to retire before you die.

          • Moron already has a job, speaking through her blow hole.
            And trolling for Putin.

          • What a beautiful family!! AK… must need glasses!! She is gracious and beautiful and a wonderful FLOTUS!

          • And the right claims morality.

          • Shit for Brains. Get a JOB! Lazy ass.

          • So you do not seem to notice that a lie comes out of trump’s mouth every day, as well as Conway and spicer. Soooo, who are the morons here that listen to those lies with no question!!

          • So many LIES out of your foul, totalitarian mouth!!!

            It’s good to block you too…

          • If Trump is giving out one lie a day it is a lot better that the number that Obo and Hillary were putting out daily.

          • Any PROOF ??? NO . STFU TWAT TROLL

          • Juvenile sewer mouth.

          • You are paid troll or unbelievably ignorant person. You are blocked poisonous person.

          • Oh, you mean like ” If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor” (Obama)?
            That kind of LIE?
            Name ONE “lie” from Trump? Just ONE.
            You ignorant lazy ass pos.

          • Nothing in the ACA caused you to change doctors.
            Obama did not lie.
            However, you are lying.

          • Oddly enough, the only people he has appointed are corrupt, unqualified, outsiders.sessions is another George wallace. All he needs is a white sheet and a torch.

          • Sessions is well-known for his bigotry. He was denied a judgeship due to his racism.

          • BULLSHIT

          • Right-wing dropouts call people names, screaming in caps, like like little brats!

          • Excuse me, it’s not right wing folks burning down their own neighborhoods and schools, nor arenthisenounks in black pajamas from the right. As usual, you liberals just twist the facts to suit your lies. You cry about the Russians interfering with the election, yet even your moniker shows your allegiance. If you weren’t such a sad case, it might even be funny. Unfortunately, it’s just pathetic.

          • AK is the U.S, Post Office abbreviation for Alaska.

            Your assumptions provide vast amounts of information about you. If you weren’t such a sad case, it might even be funny. Unfortunately, it’s just pathetic.

          • Yes it is, but your views are decidedly communist. AK is also the designation standing for Assualt Kalashnikov , which everyone knows is thebprefered weapon of our enemies. Perhaps you should put as much thought into how you place yourself online as you the do in the communist ideogy you post. Or, move to where you can take the Kalashnikov properly. Just a thought

          • Is that nonsense supposed to be an insult?

          • Take it the way you like. I simply made a comment. How you perceive it, is entirely up to you. And it’s no more nonsense than the drivel you spew.

          • He was denied a judgeship due to his racism.
            Do the research,

          • You are well known for your ignorance and stupidity.

          • Thank you.
            Your input is always welcome
            It says so much about you.

          • They only know how to call people names, screaming in caps, like like little brats!

          • George Wallace was a democrat.


          • her thing grew closed and she is blaming Republicans for her PMS…permanent mental symptom..

          • Except it is Trump who is breaking law through his total ignorance of both government and law.


          • Name calling is childish.
            Most give it up by the 2nd or 3rd grade.
            You need to practice more, you have not yet gotten the adult part down.

          • Name calling is childish.
            Most give it up by the 2nd or 3rd grade.
            You need to practice more, you have not yet gotten the adult part down.

          • You are blocked. Your posts are so stupid they don’t deserve reading. Buh bye

          • I’m with you granny_for USA. Just read “Obama’s America” and have never been happier that Donald Trump is now our president. Because of Obama we need Trump more than ever. God help him save America.

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          • HAIR DRUMPF got a lot more help from Putin than any god you can point to.


          • AHHH, don’t get so upset… you’ll have a stroke!

          • Hardly.
            Try WORKING for a living. Idiot fukk.

          • Think you already had that stroke!

          • his hore lost and he is feeling down…maybe he can go to a madonna ho or judd ho contest…what really inspiring Americans those two $luts are…just the kind of hos he looks up to…

          • you need some help, but the punks and aholes at bezerkly will get it first…rush out there and burn something and maybe you can get 3 hots and a cot…a concrete one…

          • Where is your EVIDENCE? You fukking moron!
            Stop smoking pot and get a JOB!

          • God Bless PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP

        • So far this week, he has violated The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 and the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

      • That is what the left thought and told the Repuklicans until Oblowhard screwed up absolutely everything he touched and exposed his extreme radical left winged socialist agenda that the democrats have been pushing for 6 decades.

      • Let’s hope and pray that’s true.
        Until soros is permanently removed from the face of the earth I won’t rest easy.

      • Sorry, but trump did not win the popular vote.

      • Blah, blah, blah, lie, insult …repeat ad nauseam.

        Tedious, boring, repetitive …

        • So what do you want, a civil war where you’ll be killing your fellow-Americans???

          Since you so love the left-wing, why don’t you go and try living in North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba, Vietnam, Laos or at least China for at least ten years???

      • Hillary Clinton risked America’s national security and let four brave Americans die in Benghazi while losing or stealing six billion dollars from the state department! This WPOS and poor excuse for a human being needs to go to prison for the rest of her life!

        Every American that cares about this country needs to write their Congress persons every day and demand that crooked Hillary be arrested, prosecuted and punished for her crimes against America and the American people!
        Copy and paste the message below and email to both of your senators and as many of you representatives as possible!
        I want to know why Hillary Clinton hasn’t been arrested for her crimes against the government and humanity. This woman has broken more laws than can be counted on both hands. If you think that Hillary what difference at this point does it make, that four Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens died Clinton hasn’t broken the law and was a complete failure as Secretary of State you aren’t fit to be a member of Congress! I am an American citizen and I demand justice for all. Hillary Clinton is not above the law, she is a criminal and certainly not fit to hold any government position in the greatest country in the world!
        Hillary (Benghazi) Clinton belongs in prison!
        The Equal Protection Clause is part of the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution. The clause, which took effect in 1868, provides that no state shall deny to any person within its jurisdiction “the equal protection of the laws”.
        Anyone with a functioning brain should understand that this means all criminals shall be held accountable for their crimes as well, aka protecting law abiding citizens from such criminal elements! I demand that Hillary Clinton return or replace the six billion dollars that went missing from the State Department when she was Secretary of State, that is taxpayer money and we want it! LOCK HER UP!

    • President Trump needs to wring out the fraud in the electoral system before the midterm elections in two years …or else his ability to get anything through Congress will go down to close to zero. For anyone who missed it check out YouTube search on “Obama voter citizen” and you will see our former president tell non-citizens that it’s okay to vote in the 2016 election and that nobody will do anything about it. It’s a scandal that makes anything the Russians are even accused of pale by comparison.

    • Trump ran his campaign on lies and divisiveness, and every mindnumbingly ignorant voter put him in office. He played to that ignorance. U got had!

      • Whatever the strategy was to win, it, obviously, considered the importance of the fundamental rule of law and the importance of due process of law rather than the will of a majority expressing opposition to it. Everyone knows what the rules of the game are. They are the “in order to” steps which, everyone who participates in it, must follow or comply, for reasons of recognized legitimacy. When the left becomes obstructionist for no other than partisan-political advantage demeaning the rule of law, the country loses. What is “mind-numbingly ignorant,” as you put it, will be the democrat-partisan opposition to appointees whose educational and experiential qualifications are “mind-numbingly” brilliant.
        Counter-intelligence presupposes the idea that, with respect to the intelligence capabilities and power of others, there is the need to be protective of one’s own intelligence and power by using
        deception and disinformation. This necessarily presupposes that, in consideration of the equality of all men, there is organized opposition based on principles that are opposed to one’s own values and principles. The “axis of evil” of which president Reagan spoke was not merely a recognition of the sinful nature of man. Rather, it was the recognition that a political system had so organized its people with a concerted purpose which was not merely opposed to others, but was inherently evil based on the fundamental principles which that system practiced.
        I would submit that liberalism has done and is doing the same thing based on a recognition of and acquiescence to the inherent evil in human nature.

        • u seem to have forgotten that the republicans spent he last eight years obsructing whatever the obama administration wanted to do. u have a severe memory problem. most of trump’s appointees are questionable. all jeff sessions needs is a white sheet and a torch. trump fired ms. yates for adhering to the rule of law.
          inherent evil in human nature should apply to he righties who lap up all he hateful statements, rumors, fake news, and lies spewed during he campaign to elect one of he biggest liars we have ever seen.

    • The ultimate ignorance is the childish bully sitting in the White House.

    • Ya, but sometimes it’s just funny as he’ll to try and get them to prove their point. Lol. (i.e. read my exchange with AKLADY.) Talk about hilarious.

  5. Demented Democrats. Governors, legislators, Hollyweird crowd winning awards, Congressmen, mayors, all working against what is best to protest all Americans? Of course. Once they did this secretly, but now will be more openly in their sedition? Now everyone will know what they are doing. Keep it up demented Democrats. You will win another federal election about 2100.

    • And so they shall be named for ever and ever and …..The OBSTRUCTIONISTS or The CONSTIPATIONiST. Fill in the blank. They have branded themselves DESTRUCTIONIST of America. No longer known as Democrats or patriots. They shall wear the garment of the koran. Always follow by a relative. They will be known as BRIDES OF THE KORAN. No music no dancing, brood cows for the immigrant jihad.

      Poor Dem.s weren’t carful what they asked for. Soros will be your daddy.


      When you multiply OBLAMEY’S 0 GOOD THINGS times anything you still get 0!!! Sooooooo their is no way to compare OBLAMEY to TRUMP that way.
      The DIMWITS might get a new seat in any election in 26,000, the way they are going. LOL……LOL…..LOL…..

  6. So what they are saying is it doesn’t matter to them if it is good for our nation or not, if it keeps our citizens safe or not, they are going to obstruct President Trump as much as they can. The only thing that matters to them is their party being in power so they are willing to screw our nation and people as punishment for losing.

  7. They have a Klan mentality. They just want power to steal from the middle class…and manufacture slaves. Keep blacks militant and in the ghetto killing their babies with drugs or abortion. Destroy the white Christian community, so they have control of the elections, which they will rig and control. Allow cheap labor form the brown community to invade our boarders, to bankrupt the middle class to purchase cheap real estate, goods and services. Destroy and control the health care system and provide horrible care at outages prices. And allow the infrastructure to crumble on worthless projects to enrich their cronies. Ex: Obamacare computer system, was suppose to cost $500,000, and ended at $5,000,000, which went to Michele’s friend, which was in charge of it. They are not American…but greedy fiends!!

  8. The Liberal Democrats’ stupidity simply boggles my mind! They don’t have a clue what is going on! It is really a shame!

  9. The DIMocrats continue to make total fools of themselves, while destroying what’s left of their Party completely. Talk about “backfire”, LOL! I’m having a great time watching them commit political suicide. What idiots.

  10. Let’s see how many voters will stand behind the Dem’s “scorched earth” policy….when it comes to possibly vote-in some Dems again……people are short sighted and have a poor memory…but not tis much….they will see this for what it is–> petulant obstructionism that hurts the US….who would vote such B#stards in ?

  11. The democrats need to get their act together and stop crying. They are a bunch of losers and will continue to lose elections because they lie about everything.

  12. Democrats live in a world of make believe.

  13. And so they shall be named for ever and ever and …..The OBSTRUCTIONISTS or The CONSTIPATIONiST. Fill in the blank. They have branded themselves DESTRUCTIONIST of America. No longer known as Democrats or patriots. They shall wear the garment of the koran. Always follow by a relative. They will be known as BRIDES OF THE KORAN. No music no dancing, brood cows for the immigrant jihad.
    Poor Dem.s weren’t carful what they asked for. Soros will be your daddy.

  14. It only took a small hand full of dedicated left wingers to overthrow the Russian government as well as Cuba. The Democrats are controlled by left wing zealots with a good base of community trouble makers so what do you expect. Don’t be surprised to see a government in exile here in the states using a few of those Muslim extremist Barry allowed to enter the U.S. o “Dump” Trump or any Republican !

  15. They are no longer Democrats. America and history will know the as OBSTRUCTIONIST or CONSTIPATIONIST or DESTRUCTIONEST.

  16. Who is creating the great divide in our country today?? The hard headed, stupid liberals who are so brain dead that they cannot see the truth. They have constipation of the brain and speak loosely without knowledge except they want to destroy America.


  18. So typical of these democRATS, only the kool-aid drenched fools will follow them in this ‘scorched earth’ nonsense. Just one of the last things these congressional demoncrats want to see is a economic upturn, a country united; they rely on the joblessness & hopelessness to keep the masses under control with big government ”solving” their problems for them through welfare, food stamps, etc. It will be interesting to see what shakes out of this…just how many who will and how many who won’t refuse to work with the administration for the good of America and her citizens. Soros is most likely behind all of this divisiveness and turmoil; he’s pulling the puppet’s strings. Also remember, obummuh has promised to ‘step in’ and speak out should things not go the liberal way; he is also going to keep stirring the pot. A successful Trump administration is another thing the dimocrats can’t abide. Lies and hypocrisy, the foundation of the dumbocratic party.

  19. Shamu Green will be wonderful. A bomb throwing anti white negro will drive white taxpaying workers to the Republican standard. With the increase, the nation will be saved.
    Silly racist, whips are not for chicks but dicks are

  20. These Democrats are politically insane. Most of us have heard the other definition for insanity, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. One of the many reasons why Donald Trump was elected as President United States was to drain the swamp of these self-serving politicians.

  21. It is the “real description” of the current Democrat Party. The so-called “Scorched Earth” they are talking about is the lands of the United States of America, and they could care less that those “lands” are the place they live and have sworn an oath to “support and defend”. But nothing matters to them except their wants and demands for “having it all our way”! I must guess that anyone who remains a Democrat must be “very Proud” of their Party these days!

  22. The democratic party, it’s real leader and own personal disaster capitalist George Soros, his puppet obama, their bought and paid for media and their bought and paid for agitators deliberately and maliciously caused this divide, and now that it didn’t have the effect they wanted it to have, now that not enough real, patriotic Americans fell for their anti American hatred they’re just going to doggedly keep going. Doggedly keep trying to separate us, desperately keep up their disgusting, transparent efforts to divide and conquer. No matter how much damage it does. Yet they portray us as the bad guys and ordinary democrats are dumb enough to believe them. How you could let yourself be so mislead, how you could not see who the real bigots are is beyond me. Liberals, fighting the made up one percent based on the lies of the real one percent.

  23. nothing like turning loose the disgusting looking liberal feminist trolls to build public support.
    Ever notice how attractive conservative woman are??
    Harris Falconer vs Whoopi Goldberg
    Martha McCallum vs Joy Braggert

  24. the problem is that we – people paying taxes – have to work for the “right” (should be called “left” now) of those scoundrels living on welfare to go to their staged and well organized “spontaneous protests”… these unwashed losers have time to go to these “protests” and we – do not


    Piss off Dems, the Americans have had enough of your lying B/S period !

  26. Everytime they try to stop a republican effort, nuke them.
    No more playing around with the liberal scum there is no point in unity or bipartisanship with them.
    Pass the laws we want, make the appointments we want, they try to stop anything nuke them.

  27. The damage to the presidency has been profound? Lol.The first few days have been worse than you could imagine ?”Gov Jay Inslee”,You ain’t seen nothing yet. We tolerated eight years of liberals lies. Time to drain the swamp and your right in the middle of it.

  28. First off, Obozo is a half breed, his father was an African muslum and his mother was a caucasian. His whole life, he was surrounded by muslums and communist. Even his political side kicks were muslums and commies.
    Next, Obozo and his minions and sheeple were the ones that created the great divide in America with his radical far left in-the-face, down-our-throat EOs. His ‘legacy’ is that of being a puppet to old commie Puppet Master Georgie Soros and his UN and EU elite minions. Follow the money, if you can. Sic’em Trumpster.

  29. I am so glad that there is something for the Dems to get all excited about. That means our President is doing what we elected him to do. He is actually giving America its money’s worth. Something so profound after the last 8 years. How refreshing to elect people who do not lie down on the job. Trump of all people knows that time is money. And thank you to all who are supporting him in this effort to make America great again.

  30. This freak Jamoooooooooooo Greene also said there was no place for Whites in the Demwitt party. They backed Omuslime in his attempted to turn this country over to the Muslims and has damn near done it the only way we are going to put a stop to it is to start getting the skankie goat smelling ass’s out of our country and stop them from coming by banning them from crossing our borders from any where. either we stop them from entering or start open season on them as they have done on Christians all over the Middle East, screw them and their false God

  31. Let`s drive Schummer, the obnoxious Jewish Schmuck out of his fuck`in mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. The democrats, with their open hostility towards President Trump, have created a great divide between their anti-American agenda driven party, and those who support the Conservative party which has risen up to elect a nationwide majority of republicans to stand against the dangerous plans of democrats to allow entry over open boarders untold tens of thousands of illegal aliens, and thru import of even more unvetted refugees from regions filled with Islamic terrorists and jihadi fighters.

    It comes down to democrats creating a grave danger to the American citizens because they seek to import a democrat voter base, and care not for those Americans they place in harms way in order to gain unchecked power of the country. And then there are the American patriots who have stood silent, watching the insideous plans of the democrats to rule America with an iron fist, and a pen and a phone. And those Patriots could not believe that a socialistic communist takeover of America may be happening, until it raised its ugly head in the form of a tyrannical president openly stating he was going around the duly elected congress in order to forward the democrat agenda over the American rule of law.

    And now those same anti-American democrats are threatening a “Scorched Earth” policy against the elected President of the United States. This is proof that the democrat party is a clear and present danger to a free America. They have declared that their socialist agenda shall replace the American rule of law, removing the protections of the Constitution and Bill of Rights from the American citizens. The democrats are promoting and supporting violent riots on American streets, undermining the legitimate duly elected leader of the country because he does not support the democrat overthrow of our country. Patriot Americans may well be on the verge of engaging democrat storm troops who have taken to the streets to attack the safety of our country.

    America is in danger of being once again engaged in a civil war, this time between Patriot conservatives and anti-American democrats. Those conservatives finally rose up to stop the democrat takeover in the election, and as proven, if further provoked, will stand against the mayhem and violence of the democrat protesters. But patriot Americans will not stand to the side and allow this country to be overthrown by socialist doctrine and communsit ideals. When push comes to shove, patriots defending this country will do what is needed to preserve the republic!

  33. Trump wont send emergency FEWMA workers to rescue people over a thousand people after devastating tornadoes. That’s what I call scorched earth.

  34. Scorched earth works many ways, maybe if more Demo’s lose elections, they MIGHT learn to pay attention.

  35. This will expose even more people to the utter stupidity of the liberals. Very happy that Harry Reid paved the way with his changing of the rules a few years back. Now to hold the GOP’s feet to the fire. If they can’t get something the people want done then they to need to abolished.

  36. That’s because the democrat party & their owned MSM, know the skeletons in their closet will be coming out…all they have left is to lie about Trump & hope it sticks…because their policies are anti a free sovereign America….period.

  37. It is clear that the party of Marx, Mohammed and Mapplethorpe will have to be utterly destroyed. The Obammunist coalition of satanists. socialists and sodomites have clearly revealed that they intend to collapse the United States in order to impose the one-party oligarchical dictatorship that they had nearly completed under the now-ousted regime of the kinky-headed quisling and planned to put into operation had the bribe-taking baby-killing bulldyke managed to steal or overturn the election. It is quite likely that congressional obstruction and risible Soros-funded public tantrums like last week’s circus parade of dogs, dykes and degenerates will not be able to dislodge the legitimately-elected president, so we can expect a return of the kind of bloody anarchist violence that occurred on Inauguration Day. When that happens we must not be afraid to turn to the answer to revolution and terrorism that was developed in the 19th century by Dr. Gatling.

  38. That is what the left thought and told the Repuklicans until Oblowhard screwed up absolutely everything he touched and exposed his extreme radical left winged socialist agenda that the democrats have been pushing for 6 decades…………………….SORRY TO HAVE TO AGREE WITH THIS ONE, BUT SO TRUE!

  39. michael schimanski

    The dumocrats doing the exact same thing , the exact same way and expecting a different result . Stupid is as stupid does .

  40. Dems, the party of scorched brains.

  41. Einstein once said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result. The leadership of the Democrats apparently didn’t learn it’s lessons in the past election. To draw some parody, it’s like the knight in the Monty Python movie, “Search for the Holy Grail”…whose arms and legs have been chopped off, and remarking “it’s just a flesh wound…

  42. Tell the DEMS/GOP/liberals to dive off the WHITE CLIFFS OF DOVER………..Sandy beaches & beautiful views are just waiting……….

  43. The democrats had better remember that the policies THEY implemented to get Obama’s agendas passed can now be used against them.

  44. Schumer will lead his party into abyss. Schumer and Piglosi are both senile.

  45. President Trump is doing exactly what he he campaigned on it is so refreshing that he is following through driving the Lobs nuts , god bless DJT!

  46. I guess if they don’t want to work together they deserve to be steam rolled. They picked a criminal and don’t know why they lost? Voters need to take a hard look at their establishment politicians, ask how they’ve helped them and the country, and if theirs no clear answer. Time to vote them out.

  47. Time to take care of soros and his minions once and for all.


  48. Democrats are showing how very corrupt and small they are. This is especially good for people of color who now know just which party has been responsible for keeping them under their thumb and poor.
    Stand up Republicans! We voted for Trump, now support him.

  49. I seem to recall Hitler having this same policy when his little world was crashing around him.

  50. These liberals are so stupid. The more they obstruct the more people will see just how petty these clowns really are. Like most liberals they think they are so smart but their communist policies show just what they truly are: a bunch of sick twisted communists that are too stupid to see that most of the country doesn’t want what they are pushing. Of course they can use the excuse that Hillary won the popular vote. The thing is with that is that California has a whole bunch of illegal aliens registered to vote. Remove these votes and the illegal votes from the rest of the country and Hillary probably wouldn’t win the popular vote. It’s also helpful to note that they hold the fewest number of state houses ever something like 16 to the republicans 34. Now that is a real majority for the republicans making the democrats even more irrelevant.

  51. Hey, thanks to Harry Reid and his democommie friends, Congress has provided us with the solution to their “scorched earth policy”. It’s called “the nuclear option” and it works both ways but McConnell and Ryan will need some spine in order to get things done. So far McConnell and Ryan have been saying the right words. But I still don’t trust either one. Saying is not doing and they must be forced to do without mercy.

    • Ryan, Mcconnell and Mccain need to have their Congressional powers neutralized, except for floor votes. I can’t believe there aren’t better elected republicans who can stand up and take charge. These three need to be OUT. They do not act in the best interests of citizens.

      I’m not from AZ but I think Mccain needs to be recalled and Sheriff Joe should be his replacement.

  52. The Dems are hoping against hope to “win another election,” because they have NOT learned the lesson of the last one. We the People are sick and tired of having liberal ideas pushed upon us despite overwhelming opposition to them. We are taking note of the obstructionists, and they WILL be voted out of office. Swamp drained!

  53. Yes, the Democrats certainly have stones; too bad the Republicans don’t have some, too. For Crying Out Loud, the Republicans have the House, the Senate, AND the White House, but are still trepidatious about doing anything, for fear of – I don’t know what.

    What do they need now? The MSM on their side? For Democrats to like and respect them? The moon and stars to be in alignment? For Woobie the Teddy Bear to come to life? WHAT?!?!?!!

  54. Maybe the Dems can pay for the upkeep of refugees, immigrants, instead of more marching, or fighting issues that are already in place



    Trump has only been president for a little over a week and already he has the demo commos loving children and grandmothers. I never saw so many demoncrats sheding tears for little refugee children. Are these the same people who authorize the murder of 4700 American babies today and every day? Rest assured that the party of death to little children will never reach across the aisle to work for the American people. Trump will unite the American people but not the socialists and communists in office. Their only goal is to continue the defeat of America started by Obama. Did you notice that the first GI to die under Trump got front communist page headlines by the same media that covered up Obama ‘s 2,000 KIA’s in Afghanistan with help from Bo Birdcall, the alleged Haqanni network instructor. We had 20,000 wounded under Obama in Afghanistan. Their bodies shredded by Iranian copper lugs packed into IED’s. Paid for by Obama and his partie de la muerte. The anti American media covered up all of Obama’s losses. They and the administration re-classified the dead GI’s as NATO troops to be identified later. Later never came. Anyone reading the garbage news would assume they were buried in Holland.

    325,000 foreigners flew into the USA this weekend.109 were detained for two hours and released after vetting. The communists sprung up all over the country and demonstrated before it was public knowledge in the press. How did they get inside info before the media. From the Czars that the communist party planted? Keep the ball rolling MR. President and work on the weeding out of democrat moles in the Rino party. If they don’t work for US they don’t work for US. Concentrate on ten new Trump senators by 2018 and helping McCain and Graham retire to open a Ted Kennedy souvenir shop. The biggest hero in Hollywood is Jane Fonda. John McCain in the Hanoi Hilton along with other great Americans all got the Jane Fonda workout and she was never hanged for treason. Those Americans were also tortured by Cuban interrogators. One American was beaten so bad there was no flesh left on his legs. He was killed because he could not be shown to the public. Jane Fonda and Hollywood are on the same wave length. Destroy America while acting out love of country. the only thing I will remember about Obama what’s his name is that he left four Americans to die in Benghazi and never even tried to come to their rescue. Leon Pinetta said we can’t go in guns a blazing. We don’t know the territory. The American motto is the strong must always protect the week especially the unborn. Article 99 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice says cowardice in the face of the enemy is punishable by death.

    The CIC is the top ranking officer in any battle. Where was he hiding? By now they have a good cover up story with the Presslings.


  57. Erica Wooden postings are disgusting and show a very disturbed person posting them. Sad, should be removed from posting.

  58. Well,democrats,there are people that vote,and you are up for election.The fact that you are liberal doesn’t really set very well with the people in AMERICA that really love this country.We ARE a Christian country and do NOT like the muslims telling us to convert to sharia law.Keep it up and there WILL be a war.We

  59. Liberals do not accept the validity of the constitution.

  60. The millions who marched. Try tens of thousands quite of few of whom are George Soros paid anarchists. I can imagine the reaction ( and it is so easy to imagine ) that we’ll see in the morning now that Trump has fired the acting Attorney General ( an Obama appointee ) who refused to support his immigration order. They will call this another Saturday Night Massacre even though, unlike me, they don’t even remember it. Get triage ready, more aneurysms to come.

  61. Stupid is as stupid does!

  62. LIBERALISM IS A MENTAL DISORDER, and the purveyors of such stupidity should be ignored if not just treated with utter disdain.

  63. Strange…. I seem to recall messages like: ” You lost, we won” and “Shut up, loser”, back in ’08, when misgivings, all of which have now proven to be extremely well founded, in fact, were expressed over O’s policies and plans. I suggest you Dem/lib sorts swallow your own advice now.

  64. In other words, DEMS are no longer the loyal opposition. That means they are breaking the social contract with the rest of the country, and our country is dying. Their rage at losing the election and not being able to totally change our country, is so intense, they are willing to bring us to a civil war. That is if Reps are too civilized to use those guns they have been collecting. Face it folks, WE ARE TOO DIVIDED TO EVER FUNCTION AS A COHESIVE NATION AGAIN. We need to demand that our governors GET READY TO SPLIT, and reform with people whose values we share. The whole country is angry and disrespectful of others. Reps. waited and endured Obama, but Dems will not do the same. WE ARE DONE AS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

  65. Dem.s scoarched earth policy

    And so they shall be named for ever and ever and …..The OBSTRUCTIONISTS or The CONSTIPATIONiST. Fill in the blank. They have branded themselves DESTRUCTIONIST of America. No longer known as Democrats or patriots. They shall wear the garment of the koran. Always follow by a relative. They will be known as BRIDES OF THE KORAN. No music no dancing, brood cows for the immigrant jihad.

    Poor Dem.s weren’t carful what they asked for. Soros will be your daddy.

    New word or name , DISRUPTIONESTS, The left will kill their own country just to prove they are in the right. SOROS the God maker is feeling better but still needs to poor billions of USD into his bought and paid for “Soros patriots” the violent leaders of DISRUPTORS, OBSTRUCTIONIST, DISTRUCTIONIST for the ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT.

  66. The presidency, has long been damaged by obama, and the democrats!Trump is going to restore its nobility and integtity!

  67. Trump is doing great and as long as he pushes on as he has been he will the best thing to happen to this country since Regan. He needs to put pressure on McConnell to push his cabinet appointees through the Senate though and purge all of the Obama flunkies out of the government. Let the Libertards scream. Everyone needs some comic relief and the Libertards have been providing us with plenty since the election. I just hope Chuckie and San Fran Nan don’t realize what idiots they are making of themselves, their pompous yammering has been amusing.

  68. Irene Elizabeth Grooms

    TRUMP has done more in these few short weeks than Obama did the eight years he server the whole time he was in office. We must back him in every thing he wants for our people and our country.

  69. Hey, Republican Establishment, get on the Trump Train or get lost!

  70. Democrats lost the election mainly because the American people were sick and tired of their nonsense.
    Now they are doubling down on it.
    They keep this up and they’ll never win another election outside N.Y. City and L.A..

  71. I believe Trump has a thick enough skin that he will get through this trial. I like the fact that he fires back every time he is treated unfairly by the media and the liberal public. I have always liked the fact that he takes nothing lying down! You go get ’em, Mr. President!!

  72. The bully child in the White House has no government knowledge or experience — none. He has already violated

    The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 and the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution
    He has been busy insulting America’s allies. Lord only knows how many new enemies he has created.

  73. At least they fight unlike our wimps did during Obama term!

  74. with the MENTALLY UN-BLANCED state of their MENTALLY, they would be my pick to start a SCORCHED EARTH, if they had the opportunity to do so. I have know doubt, clinton would have pressed the RED BUTTON. on one of her DRUNKEN RAGES, an I did not get my way MENTAL BREAK DOWNS

  75. its time for congress to get back to the work they are supposed to do…although that is a problem too since usually they are passing assinine laws to keep themselves and lawyers in business. but really the obstructing is such a crock because these nominees will be confirmed in the long run……this game is a waste of time.

  76. It would appear that the anti-American, Soros owned Democrats in Congress now have only two strategies: 1) one for when they are in power, and 2) another for when they are not in power. Unfortunately for them both strategies indicate that the party of the ass . . . er . . . donkey has absolutely zero will to work with Republicans FOR America. Ever! As Private Pyle in the TV sitcom would say, “Surprise, surprise, surprise!”

    “Strategist David Brock told donors in Florida that Democrats who tried to get along with President Trump were taking a big risk. ‘I predict the coming divide in the
    Democratic Party won’t be ideological so much as it will be between those who resist and oppose and those who accommodate and appease,’” Brock said. Their ideology,
    of course, is dictated by Papa George Soros.

    That “big risk” is obviously a veiled threat referring to the political demise of Congressional Democrats in 2006 and beyond who failed to lock-step follow the dictates of Soros — who claimed in 2004 to have “bought and paid for” the Democratic Party.

    Liberal pundit and Soros devote Jehmu Greene took that a step farther: “At a forum last week for candidates seeking to become chair of the Democratic National
    Committee, . . . Greene said there was no room for Democrats to work with Trump” or, presumably, any future Republican president. Veiled threat again.

    This new strategy for these losers is quite similar to the one dictated by then newly seated Speaker of the House, Soros sycophant SanFranNan, when she told Republicans, “We won, you lost, now sit down and shut up.”

  77. The party of Marx, Mohammed and Mapplethorpe is staging a display of treasonous obstruction unprecedented since Hermann Goering and the Nazis in the Reichstag brought down the Weimar Republic and allowed Hitler to gain power. The goal in both cases is the same – dictatorship. The plan of the Obammunist coalition of satanists, socialists and sodomites is to paralyze the country, then bring it down with riots organized and financed by Nazi collaborator Soros, who has massively shorted the American economy as he has done in other countries he has then collapsed. When this happens, they think, President Trump will be overthrown and a frightened and demoralized country will beg the miscegenated Afro-Indonesian communist pothead we just got rid of to return as President-for-Life. The majority of the country who are not non-American un-American and anti-American aliens, traitors or decadents and degenerates must stand firm and crush this insurrection. What is needed is Soros dead or deported, buses full of mestizos headed south, planes full of refujihadis headed east and cemeteries full of snowflakes and marxists headed to Hell.

  78. The Democrats seem to be attracted to playing with fire. There are comments coming in from every direction suggesting to the Democrats, “if you wish to keep your position in Congress at the next election?” But they do not seem to get it, that the American electorate is their boss and they are beholden to the American electorate.
    Liberalism, as a viable political force in America, has more or less run its course. Its hotbeds seem to be on the coasts and do not really encompass the American people in general. To me it appears now to be more a case of jealousy and envy, hallmarks of Marxism.

  79. The Dems behavior leaves us with only one recourse. In 2018 we cannot allow and democrats that are up for re-election to win. They must all be defeated by Republican candidates. If we can gain enough seats in the house to equal 70 or more and an equal gain in the senate, the Democrats will no longer have a say in anything.

  80. Let us all thank the living God that made us, that Mr. Donald Trump was elected President on November 8th; and as it appears, this “God has done everything He can to elevate the Republican Party”, or conversely “He” has smashed into pieces the Dem-O-Rat who have gotten in his way! One look at what President Trump did to “The ‘Mother’ of all ‘Dem-O-Rats’, Ms. Hillary ‘Rodent’ Clinton”, ought to tell the whole world exactly how relentless and ruthless President Trump is in the process of smashing his enemies, pounding them into dust of the road for all to walk upon; which explains how President Trump has virtually eliminated all his enemies! President Trump is correct, “Winning is not only thing, i.e., it is as equally important to literally destroy all enemies during the campaign process, otherwise they will return once they heal from their wounds”, witness Hillary Rodent Clinton. By the way, President Trump left us an unmistakable trail of crushed, mangled bloody bodies, from one end of this country to the other, never to forget the remains of what is left of our social media, i.e., CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, which he destroyed, along with Mother Rat, who was so “Mangled Up” she couldn’t get her-damn-self out of bed, as she was reported to be literally pulverized!

    Now that I think about it, there isn’t anyone left standing in the political Arena, strong enough to fight President Trump any longer! The only enemies he has left, are the politically flattering bootlickers, who are nothing but bloviating big mouth idiots, that mistakenly think themselves strong enough to fight President Trump! Some say, for instance that “Chuck Schumer” says he is ready to fight President Trump; as Schumer has openly declared and ready to take his first steps, on the long road that leads into the long dark night of oblivion, not unlike the path the Dinosaurs followed into mass destruction! Schumer actually thinks, or at least presents himself to the American people, and to the remaining “Dem-O-Rats”, to be the last man standing, who alone can and must stand against President Trump, in the Arena of public opinion! This is insane, because unless I’m mistaken these are same folks who gutted the Dem-O-Rat Party last November, by voting for “Mr. Trump for President”, and/or by voting against Ms. Hillary ‘Rodent’ Clinton, so she could be once and for all shown the back door”, as the biggest political looser of all time”; i.e.,”Mother Rat”, i.e., “Ms. Hillary ‘Rodent’ Clinton, her-damn-self! I didn’t know that Mother Rat, would be so completely destroyed, who would have thought it?

    Anyway, we should never forget, there is a mountain of evidence, which proves beyond any doubt, that if you attack President Trump, who is known as one of the greatest Political “Counter puncher of all time”, when
    President Trump is ready he will strike at Senator Schumer when he least expects it! President Trump will simply stop what he is doing, turn his ship of State into the wind”, and give Schumer a full Broadside of heavy ‘shot’, so that Chuck Schumer and all his lying, phony, corrupt buddies will be blown into smithereens! The humiliation of being found in that condition, i.e., absolutely pulverized into the dust of the road, will be so profound perhaps after nearly 2 straight years, all remaining enemies of President Trumps, will have finally gotten the message, i.e.,
    where they know, it isn’t to smart to take on this President because, they’ll never be able to defeat him!


  82. Only thing the DUMBocrats are “scorching” is what’s left of their own Party. Too fun to watch, LOL! Pass the popcorn, please!

  83. Watch us raise your “Scorched Earth” by our “Nuclear Option”. Looking forward to 2018 election results dems! Coming to you in theaters everywhere!

  84. that policy has been in place since the GOP passed the anti discrimination legislation many years ago…since that time we have enjoyed folks like that $lut for West By God….kkkkkkkbirdhole and the criminal for the silver state..hairyiest reidy…but they are all overshadowed by the $lutty hores from crapafornia and that two legged turboturd from Brooklyn, the schoomster..

  85. Just waiting for the next civil war. America needs to be purged of idiots and morons.

  86. Remember, most of these are paid protesters (funded by Geo Soros groups). The justice dept needs
    to go after this traitor.

  87. Vladimir Michaylov

    Demo-rats & liberals, keep up your stupidity . you have not any power in the government !

  88. Let them be banned from any committee in the House or Senate. Let the parliamentary leaders silence them at all turns. Let all powers be stripped as much as feasible.

  89. Let them. They will only be shooting themselves in the foot!

    * When the jobs start to happen and they already are.
    * When a better health care program is up and running.
    * When taxes are brought down to where they should be.

    The Dem’s will be left with serious EGG & MUD on their faces.

    Because they will be sitting on the side lines going:
    – “What happened?”
    – “Why are we not being listened to?”

    And come election when we are in that much better place …. well, I hope they like Eggs over easy topped with Mud!

  90. For every one million fools demonstrating and marching in the streets, there are 10 million plus that aren’t!

  91. Demonstrators don’t grasp the meaning of free speech, although it is a Constitutional right you can’t exercise it where or when it violates other people’s Constitutional rights! Demonstrating in the streets that are meant for motor vehicles is violating the Constitutional rights of any motorist driving on those streets!

  92. “settled on a scorched-earth” I don’t get it they always burn their own Neighborhoods & Stores how does that Hurt Trump he is not going to help rebuild even if he did he would make them do the work, JOBS that will scatter Democrats every time.

  93. Chuck Schumer, Democratic Senator from New York let the cat out of the bag when Trump won the election, before Trump nominated anyone for anything. He said that he would not vote for ANYONE that Trump nominated. When they whine and make up stories about President Trump’s nominees, it’s already known that their problem isn’t with the nominee, but it’s all about politics. They can’t, they won’t accept that they lost the elections. Not only isn’t Hillary in the White House, but Republicans now control bothhouses of Congress and the governors of most states are now Republican. They refuse to accept that the people, the little peons that are beneath them, have rejected their failed policies of trying to put the government in charge of the people.

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