Dems Settle on “Scorched-Earth” Strategy to Oppose Trump

According to interviews Politico conducted with dozens of Democrat Party leaders, President Donald Trump can expect to face overwhelming opposition from this nation’s liberal politicians for the next couple of years. After weighing out the strategy options, Democrats have “settled on a scorched-earth, not-now-not-ever model of opposition.”

“They were entitled to a grace period, but it was midnight the night of the inauguration to 8 o’clock the next morning, when the administration sent out people to lie about numerous significant things,” Washington Gov. Jay Inslee told Politico. “And the damage to the credibility of the presidency has already been profound. They were entitled to a grace period and they blew it. It’s been worse than I could have imagined, the first few days.”

They’re seriously talking about the “credibility of the presidency” after eight years of Barack Obama’s lies? We’ll give Democrats credit for one thing: They are absolutely shameless.

Strategist David Brock told donors in Florida that Democrats who tried to get along with President Trump were taking a big risk.

“I predict the coming divide in the Democratic Party won’t be ideological so much as it will be between those who resist and oppose and those who accommodate and appease,” Brock said.

At a forum last week for candidates seeking to become chair of the Democratic National Committee, liberal pundit Jehmu Greene said there was no room for Democrats to work with Trump.

“If you saw the millions of people who marched in the streets this weekend and participated in it, they are looking to the Democratic Party,” Greene said. “We have an opportunity as a party to be that place of resistance. So we have to form a solid resistance as a party. And no, it is not about working with Donald Trump.”

This kind of talk got Republicans branded as racist obstructionists during the Obama years, but it’s apparently okay now that a white man is president again. Of course, if they are as effective as the GOP was in holding back the president’s agenda, Trump won’t have much to worry about.


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