Dems Panic Over Senators Prediction

Sen. Rick Scott of Florida, who is also the chair of the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) has said that he expects Republicans will win back the Senate majority with “52-plus” seats.

In a recent interview on Monday in New Hampshire with Fox News Scott also noted that he thought the GOP would manage to retain all 21 seats that it was defending. This included key seats in battleground states like Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina.

Scott also added that he believed the GOP would manage to win some Democratic-controlled seats such as Georgia, Nevada, and even possibly New Hampshire. He also spoke about how “surprised” he was to see the top super PAC taking away close to $6 million from ad spending in New Hampshire only a few weeks after the campaign.

The decision made by the Senate Leadership Fund, which has been in alignment with the decisions of longtime Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., is considered to be a setback for Republican Senate nominee Don Bolduc who is in a competitive race with former governor and first-term Democratic Sen. Maggie Hassan. This race is among the handful of key races that could help the GOP win the Senate majority.

Steven Law, Senate Leadership Fund president said that as the midterm elections were coming to a close they would use their resources in different ways to help win the majority.

Scott said that he found the move surprising as the race was fairly close with only a two-point difference at the time of the decision.

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  1. What’s with McConnell? Is he secretly employed by the Dems? Why does he keep pulling money out of these close races? He needs to retire.

  2. Keith Jason Gough

    Absolutely needs to retire! He has no backbone. Always goes towards the ones who are in the majority, Dems, Republicans etc

  3. McConnell only wants to fund candidates that will kiss HIS you know what !

  4. Sen. McConnell believes being a proficient Statesman is more important than helping Republicans win an election.

  5. Get rid of the lying democrat slugs pretending to be Republicans.

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