Dems Want Higher Minimum Wage, Won’t Pay Workers Current Rate

The Democratic Party loves to masquerade as the political home of the working man with their rallies in favor of a higher minimum wage, but they’re now being sued for failing to practice what they preach. Just like the various politicians – Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren, for instance – who have abysmal records when it comes to hiring female staffers, the Democratic National Committee can’t even pay their employees the same wages they blast private corporations for denying to their workers.

Thanks in part to the efforts of Bernie Sanders, the 2016 official Democratic Party platform called for a federal minimum wage of $15 an hour. But according to a lawsuit being brought against the DNC by dozens of their own field workers, the organization failed to live up to their own standards. According to attorney Justin Swidler, the DNC denied their workers a fair minimum wage and withheld overtime pay as well.

“The lawsuit seeks ‘fair pay for fair work,'” Swidler said, “and holding the Democratic Party to the very ideals that it embraces.”

According to the complaint, the DNC had their workers hitting the pavement for up to 90 hours a week, for which they were only paid a flat rate of $3,000.

“They got paid a flat salary of $3,000 a month, which isn’t even minimum wage for some of the hours that they were working,” Swidler told CBS Philly.

Adding insult to injury, the Host Committee for the Democratic National Convention is being accused of using leftover fundraising money to pay staff members nearly $1 million in bonuses. And of course, even that money was spread unevenly. The Philadelphia CBS affiliate reported that interns got $500 while the executive director took home more than $300,000. Quite the example that sets from the party that’s always squawking about income inequality in the U.S.

Alas, no one can possibly be surprised at the hypocrisy. The Democratic Party wouldn’t even EXIST without hypocrisy. Their donors are among the richest people on the planet, and yet they have the gall to tell struggling small-business owners that they are evil for not using their status as employers to essentially hand out welfare checks to teenage workers. It’s one of the most laughable scams going in America today. Or, at least, it would be laughable if it wasn’t threatening to bring the free market crashing down on the heads of every middle class American citizen.

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  1. There is a reason the Jackass is the symbol of the Democratic party.

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    • Michael Dennewitz

      Well said Bishop. Wish I had thought of that. heehee..?

      • Me too, Michael!

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        • Staceydstewart

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    • RichFromShowMe

      Spot ON !

    • damn i wish i had thought that one up. great comment Bishop351.

    • And what do they say about the elephant? It never forgets!

  2. We are seeing a great President at work,It is time we get a man that is for America ! Will our socialist Democrats ever wake up and help ?? Time to get rid of many of these Democrats that are just Greedy!

  3. The Democrats like to assign ,but not take responsibility.

  4. Oh yeah, this was national headline news that EVERY news outlet is reporting on. NOT REALLY!!!! They’re still reporting on some stupid lie about Russia because none of their other BS fake news have panned out. This will never make the national news because it further destroys the party of lies, deception and slavery.

  5. As someone once stated, if you put the government in charge of the Sahara Desert, in 5 years, they’d be out of sand. . . . . . These folks don’t have a effin’ clue. . . .

    • Love the simile – right up there with the joke about the Feds taking over a thriving bordello and bar and going bankrupt. Or was that a fact instead of a joke?

  6. News stories are so much more interesting when accuracy is not important. I would find it hard to believe the owner of propagandamax is a personal friend of our orange oaf, This is a fine example of the :lien’ press”

  7. How many dems own businesses? It’s easy to say raise when it’s not your money. That’s the definition of a liberal,spending other peoples money. How many dems have actually held a job that wasn’t a paycheck from the Government. In Chicago your an alderman for life or until you get caught and go to jail

    • The only businesses demonicRATs run are colleges, law firms, and newspapers. However, it is questionable whether colleges, law firms, and newspapers are actually businesses or just departments of the demonicRAT party.

    • The federal government has no right to dictate what wage business owners pay their employees. If the pay is too high, the business will fold and if the wage is too low, the employee has the right to find a better paying job with a different company. high school students are for the most part unskilled for jobs they might find. This is an opportunity to get some experience and also to earn a few bucks. Raise the minimum wage and the number of unskilled jobs will decline.

      • SPOT ON. Yes, the free market does work well. Unfortunately, the only thing that is ‘free’ to the democrats is what THEY get, not what the country needs.

  8. The only thing worse than the Democrap hypocrisy is the wide spread support they receive from the leftist Liberal and biased media. They all refuse to accept the election results and to follow the American tradition of “peaceful transition”. It is damn shameful.

    • RichFromShowMe

      Leftist-Liberal-Loons-of-the-media function similarly to Hitler’s Panzer Troops of WWII, their armor is their platform (print, network, video).

      The Left’s Snow-Flakes-in-Training serve a similar function to Hitler’s Brown Shirts.

      • Don’t think I’d ever compare the media to German panzers; more like the shills who produced propaganda for him. Soros is in charge of the Brown Shirts. The hilarious facet of this is that they refuse to see themselves that way, simply thinking they’re “da good guys”. Yeah, well so did the “goodfellas”.

        • sandraleesmith46

          So did the “brown shirts” in the ’30s, before Hitler’s true intent emerged.

          • That’s exactly who I’m talking about.

          • sandraleesmith46

            I thought you were comparing the BLM and Antifa groups and speaking of them; the Soros connection. By the time he got involved with the Nazis, the brown shirts were pretty much out of the picture; mostly dead.

      • sandraleesmith46

        No; those are the disciples of Josef Goebbels!

    • sandraleesmith46

      They have a close equal in the RINOs and Repub establishment, who actually believe the same things, for all they proclaim otherwise.


  9. Michael Dennewitz

    MR PRESIDENT !! ? Take an inventory, huh? 2/3 of the “hold-overs” still in office are ovomit’s people. CLEAN HOUSE BETTER. It’s only going to get worse!! ???

  10. James in Texas

    Just a common thought for our Professional Politicians, we call them the Congress, who deeply believe that Laws and Rules only count to the “peoples”, but never them! Democrat must be the basic understand of the word “Hypocrite”!

  11. Socialists (e.g. demonicRATs) are always generous with other people’s money.

  12. DEMOCRATS are composed of the following people:
    1. Communists!
    2. Anti-American traitors!
    3. The history deprived!
    4. The apathetic ignorant!
    5. Frauds living on the public dole!
    6. Criminals!
    7. Damned fools of the liberal kind!

  13. But, of course!!! What is good for the goose (or in this case, the Jackass) is DEFINITELY NOT good for the gander — the high school and college kids they hire to walk the beat getting their corrupt message out.

    • A college grad with a liberal arts degree was asked by his employer, on the first day on the job, “take this broom and sweep the office floor”. The grad replied, “but I’m a college graduate”. To which the employer replied, “Oh, in that case here, I’ll show you how”. Most liberal arts degrees are good for
      joining protest groups.

  14. Pocahantas Warren who claimed to be one eighth Indian, to get a free education at Stanford University, paid her female staff members less than her male employees.
    Yet this Liar tells women she is working for equal rights, including equal pay, for them.

    Liar liar liar, pants on fire!

    • Hillary for years and years clamed she was working so hard to see that women and children’s rights were improved and protected!
      Two points tough – – (1) When she was a U.S. Senator she only wrote or cosponsored ONE bill that had anything to do with women or children. (2) She repeatedly claimed she had done so much for women and children but in the years she was in politics there was never any notable improvements, she was still claiming she was trying to get the same things done she claimed she had accomplished, AND – among the things she pushed for – after her 12 years in government plus eight years as first lady, there was STILL no EQUAL PAY FOR WOMEN – – but she claimed she was so successful !
      She told us when she ran for Senator that is se was elected she would ad a million jobs into New York – when she left there was not one job that could be contributed to anything she had done. – – – – I don’t know how she could anyway – she had a reputation of voting on bills she never read; other than hearsay she had no idea what the bills said!

  15. Higher minimum wages laws SHOULD NOT be passed until E-Verify is fully functional and working!
    As long as we have illegal immigrants working in this country there should be – NO Minimum wage laws – ! Such laws benefit the illegal immigrants FAR – FAR more than they help the American men, women and young adults in need of work.
    Harry Reid, the spirit of the Democratic party, virtually pointed that out several years ago when his state was faced with a massive unemployment problem. His constituents were begging for the federal government to do something about the massive number of illegal immigrants working In Las Vegas while so many American workers in Nevada could not get jobs. Reid made a statement basically saying Las Vegas could not survive if they had to pay American wages; according to Harry Reid, they need the immigrants, legal or illegal, who will work for less wages. Reid was Obama’s mentor – between the two of them nearly ruined the Democratic party and have all but ruined America as they turned their back on the Ameriacn workers! Obama’s Labor Department showed that three out of four jobs in America were being taken by immigrants; and Obama contused to raise the number of immigrants’ allowed to come here on work visas and he did nothing to remove the millions of illegals he himself pointed out that were working In the United States in violation of federal laws!

    • sandraleesmith46

      Not even then; higher minimum wages mean fewer entry level jobs AND higher costs for everyone on all goods and services!

  16. Not only in behavior but in looks as well!

  17. Raise the minimum wage but leave unemployment at the current minimum wage level. That way as unemployment goes up the unemployment funds won’t go bankrupt also.

  18. The misfits of society are the only ones who support the democrats.

  19. It amazes me how many still drink their Kool-Aid!

  20. The fake news will not print this. Thank you!

  21. DumboRATS the symbol of hypocrisy.

  22. If you’re 40 years old and still making ten dollars an hour, you’ve got other problems.

  23. Funny all these college educated idiots working for minimum wage. maybe if they had spent more time in class and hitting the books instead of protesting they would be better off. I guess those liberal arts degrees aren’t worth to much huh? As for the DNC it is just more of their never ending hypocrisy. They claim to be democrats but also say they are not obligated to produce a candidate other than that of their choosing, the people really have no say in the matter – yet they call President Trump a Nazi – They say there is no room in their party for anyone who is not pro-abortion. They stole the nomination from Bernie Sanders and yet cry because they lost the presidential election – so they accuse President Trump of cheating. Cheaters calling someone else a cheat?
    They are nothing more than spoiled entitlement elitist that need their asses kicked good and hard.

  24. This is typical of the Socialist perspective. These individuals desire to destroy the “free-market” economy so that the State can establish itself as the primary provider of the means to survive, thus centralizing control of the entire economy.

  25. The MINIMUM wage is just that. The minimum amount an employer can pay

    a worker. There is nothing that says they can’t pay more. 90 hours a week means 50 hours of time and a half. The DNC was paying their workers approximately $6.25 an hour. The federal minimum wage for covered nonexempt employees is $7.25 per hour effective July 24, 2009. The youth minimum wage
    is authorized by the FLSA, which allows employers to pay employees
    under 20 years of age a lower wage for 90 calendar days after they are
    first employed. Any wage rate above $4.25 an hour may be paid to
    eligible workers during this 90-day period.

    • I am a Republican conservative 100%. to address the problem with the Democrat workers who allegedly worked 90 hour weeks. It appears that all of them took positions with a fixed salary, which means no extra pay for overtime. The law does allow hiring on that basis. They should have been aware of the type job they were taken. It does appear that they were taken advantage of, but unfortunately labor laws allow for this. It also means that if they worked less than 40 hours they still drew the agreed upon salary. Every one taking a position should be aware of salary to be paid and what is expected of them for extra hours and whether they will be paid overtime. I suspect these positions are all salaried and set up as non overtime positions.


      • Absolutely correct… If you didn’t pay attention to these issues in your hiring interview, do NOT cry in MY beer… Go buy your OWN damn beer

      • You are correct. I missed that these were SALARIED positions. Makes all the difference in the world.

        • I retired in 1996 and found retirement to be boring and unhealthy! I returned to work as a sallied employee and enjoyed the fact I was back at work. The position I filled was a new position at a regional airport as the airport security manager. I had no supervisors or lead workers below me and was held responsible and accountable for a 22 person security team covering the airport 24 hrs. a day, seven days a week. Most of my Security Specialists were at $17.00 hr to just under $19.00 hr wage. My average work week was 58 hours, some as much as 60 and 62 hrs a week. I was on call 24 hrs. a day, seven days a week. I enjoyed the job and pay was of little interest; but my real wages when averaged over the work week was most often less than the men and women I managed who were working normal 40 hour work weeks.

  26. Man – True Elites at work —- They WANT YOU to pay but NOT THEM…..Gotta luv it…..

  27. Hypocrisy at its finest….

  28. Because there is ONE thing that can be said, that’s true, for the far left/libs/dems. in politics: THEY WILL SAY ANYTHING, AND MANY WILL EVEN DO ANYTHING, FOR VOTES AND TO STAY IN POWER.

  29. Sooooooooo, what did you expect ????????????????????????

  30. Chaplain Dave Sparks

    Dinesh D’Souza implied this in a presentation which has been shared on YouTube. He asked why an unemployed person could donate his time for free (without limit, without pay) on behalf of the Democrat Party, but working people were limited as to how much of their personal time, as stored in the form of their retained wages, could similarly contribute. So why does a person, working for minimum wage or more, have to be limited whereas a person can donate his time and efforts DIRECTLY without limit?

    The person he was debating was proposing “public” campaign financing (funded through INvoluntary taxation) as an alternative to letting “special interests” funding campaigns. (I wonder if he would ban contributions by labor unions as well as profit-seeking corporations???)

  31. sandraleesmith46

    Wonder how many of them really know that raising the minimum wage will actually HURT the ones their claiming to “help” with it??? Higher minimum wage=fewer entry level jobs, and HIGHER costs on all goods and services for everyone; that’s the basic, bottom line on minimum wage hikes.

    • Many of them know. However, their goal is to gain power for themselves by buying votes which are paid for by business owners even if it wrecks the economy.

      • sandraleesmith46

        Some of them, I wouldn’t bet a plugged nickel actually KNOW that. Some of them appear to not have 2 brain cells to rub together.

  32. Democrats are special people. They live in make believe worlds and thrive on the adoration of fellow travelers.

  33. Do as they say, not as they do!

    • Absolutely! Hillary claimed to be an advocate for women – why does she pay women on her staff doing the same job less than the men? A+Same with “Lie-awatha” only Warren pays her women about 30% less than the men. President Trump had the first woman in the history of the United States to run a presidential campaign – and she won. Funny how the media, Hillary nor Warren ever got around to mentioning that little fact.

  34. The symbol of the jackass or Donkey for the Democratic Party came from political cartoons mocking Andrew Jackson the Hero of The Common Man, as a newly elected backwoods man ridding into Washington upon his Jackass. He was loved, his faults were many. He was a self educated lawyer and an Indian fighter, he lacked the ability some say to write proper sentences. He did nothing to prevent the Trail of Tears, and caused the panic of 1832 by destroying the bank of the USA. His fame goes behind being the hero of the battle of New Orleans. The democrats have become so politically correct they mostly disowned him. Morons now control our universities and aa good share of our government. They commit the;”fallacy of false analogy!” They judge the past with today’s’ values and morals to re-write history in their delusional version. No one can justify the wrongs of the past, but try to comprehend why they happened. Try to use a cultural Relativism. The New Democratic Party today is one based upon the teachings of Obama, a pathological liar.

  35. I The federal government has no business being involved in this or 95% of the other things that they are illegally engaged in with the help of the scumbag BAR that’s taking down America! We need a massive cleansing in the bar is what we need that is one of America’s number one problems along with the media.

  36. Par for the course, remember that Democrats constantly want higher taxes but Democrats like Timothy Geithner, Al Sharpton, Warren Buffet, George Soros and Charlie Rangel had, and have huge tax debt from not paying their taxes. Remember in all communist societies high ranking party members are always “more equal than others” and only take and don’t pay! The North Korean people are malnourished and starving, Kim Jong Un is not. In the People’s (Communist Party’s) Republic of China many farmers and workers are starving while Chairman Hun Jintao has islands build, hoards gold, and plans currency attacks on the Dollar. Anyone who sticks their head in the sand when Democrats lie, commit tax and voter fraud, disembowel our Constitution, and continue to “fundamentally transform” our nation through violation of our immigration laws and mass importation without background vetting, and then act surprised at headlines like this one are the people who are complicit to their crimes by doing nothing to stop them.

  37. So typical of the hypocrisy of the left’s attitude, do as I say, not as I do. Are these the paid protesters not getting fully paid for their 90 hours of work hitting the pavement. Hilarious. Maybe now we can get a break from all of these fake protest marches.

  38. They paid $13.63 per hour if std 40 hrs per week

  39. Isn’t that like Onama? Take money go Iran for illegal ransom and buy friendship No respect. President Trump goes to Saudi Arabia and creates billions of dollars in jobs for Americans? MAGA

  40. Fed Up With Politicians

    Raising the minimum wage costs people jobs. While employers are willing to pay for some free time they’re not stupid. They can’t pay for stand-around time so they lay people off! When are dumbocraps going to get it?

    • Wasn’t it McDonalds or or one of the fast food joints in areas where they raised the minimum wage started using kiosk’s to order and pay for the food ELIMINATING the need for cashiers??? For the now UNEMPLOYED cashiers it wouldn’t matter if the Min. Wage was $50 per hour. When your unemployed, you don’t get a pay check!! As Bugs Bunny was fond of saying “What a Maroon”!!

  41. And we’re surprised because???????

  42. Hypocrites.

  43. They are not the majority….not what the people voted for…so STFU!!!

  44. More proof that the Democraps and their allies’ true goal is to destroy our industrial might, by turning Americans against each other, while sabotaging The Free Market.

  45. No a Donkey is a hard working animal should be respected! Corrupt Elitist George Soros turned Democrat Party into a jackass…

    Soros claimed in 1999 to own the Democrat Party n congressionals n turned it into the DINO [democrat in name only] Communist Regressive Party of Corruption n Deceit. Soros spread his cancer to RINO;s like McCain, Graham, to mention a few.

    Some citizens say ‘start a new party’, smart citizens say DRAIN THE DINO-RINO ESTABLISHMENT HOUSE OF CARDS SWAMP 2018 n beyond…

    Citizens DEMAND our congressional senate n house oversight committees commence investigations of George Soros n his communist surrogate organizations plotting to overturn our Constitution Republic, for these are TREASENOUS ACTS fine them n then shoot the traitors n hold senators n representatives feet to the Constitutional fire to get it done!

    Some may call the above can’t be done, I do, what do you think?

  46. With all these truths about the hypocrite Democrat Party, I’m still puzzled why that party is still in existence.

  47. Are there ANY sane Democrats? How could these fools say they want workers to get higher wages, but then refuse to give those wages to THEIR employees???

    We must keep these people from ever again controlling our government.

  48. anthony j. manzo

    Why don’t all socialist hiding under the democratic banner who own business raise the wages of all their workers. As and old saying goes put YOUR money where your mouth is. If I remember Nancy, exempted the last minimum wage increase on the island where her and her husband have a large investment in that company. So much for integrity.

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