Dems Feign Outrage Over Trump-Lewis Feud

The Democrats and their cohorts in the media are putting on their best fainting faces this week so they can make the most out of Donald Trump’s latest high-profile war of words. The big news story of the weekend is Trump’s back-and-forth with U.S. House Rep. John Lewis of Georgia, a marching buddy of Martin Luther King who is apparently exempt from any and all criticism.

Here’s how the Associated Press reported the story:

Donald Trump tore into civil rights legend John Lewis for questioning the legitimacy of the Republican billionaire’s White House victory, intensifying a feud with the black congressman days before the national holiday honoring Martin Luther King Jr. and as the first African-American president prepares to leave office.

Wow. That’s their idea of objective reporting? Civil rights legend? But this is how the story is being told in every media outlet. It’s like Trump and the Pope all over again, except this time it’s a U.S. Democrat, which is of course an even holier position of honor – especially when it’s a black U.S. Democrat, which is basically the same as being a saint.

John Lewis hasn’t been out there doing the business of civil rights for the last thirty years; he’s been doing the leftist business of the Democratic Party. And that business has been as bad for African-Americans in Georgia and the rest of the country as any white Southern bigots ever were. Their welfare ideology has trapped blacks in a cycle of crime and poverty in many of this nation’s cities – which includes Atlanta.

Furthermore, Trump didn’t “tear into” Lewis out of nowhere, did he? Lewis started it, saying on Meet the Press that Trump was not a “legitimate” president due to Russian interference in the election. That’s an extraordinary claim to make. If a Republican had skipped the election of Barack Obama in 2009 with this kind of rhetoric, they would be…well, they would be treated about like Trump is being treated right now.

No Democrat (or Republican) is exempt from criticism – especially when they poke the hornet’s nest themselves.


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  1. LEWIS STARTED IT-Ignorant man-A pure racist is all he is-MLK would be ashamed of Lewis!

    • No you people are Racist’s…you just don’t know it…

      • UP Yours A$$HOLE.

      • Must be it, no apostrophe in racists (plural) silly demotard.

      • Your just stupid in your thought and have been raised on the Democratic plantation. MLK is turning in his grave. Did any of your school’s that you attended teach you the truth that only Republicans backed him when Democrats opposed him for cival rights? That the only racists organizations like BLM,Black Panthers,KKK are ALL Democratic ones. People like Jesse Jackson,AL Sharpton are nothing but race baiters and only survive to do no good for all. They have betrayed all of my friends of color and backed Obama and look what has happened to minorities. Lying about 40% unemployment after 8 years of poorest performance in the history of the office of President. Typical Dem spent over 10 billion and nothing to show except large cities are worse and schools failing horribly. Kids can’t write or add. Wow that really helps them out. Way to go Obama ! Too busy spending $90 million on vacations paid for by taxpayers….Bet some of inner city schools would’ve love to have had that money. But no dems put it in thier pockets instead.

        • You can count on Lewis every four years to mount his discrimination charges against the republicans. Yet Obama had super majorities in both houses when elected and what did he do for the blacks? I know more poor and middle class are on food-stamps, housing assistance, disability, and other government programs instead of working. Obama did nothing to help them. One other thing Obama claims he has created 12 million jobs but fails to tell you he lost almost 12 million jobs so his net is near zero job growth and that can be backed up by the labor participation rate.

          • Beeotchstewie the deplorable

            Obama was really all about imploding our economy while bringing in hundreds of thousands of Islamic terrorists, at our expense, what could possibly go wrong? Hi did that by ignoring illegal immigration, illegal tax returns and promoting a war on police.

        • Beeotchstewie the deplorable

          But those white privilege classes will really prepare them for adulthood and living independently. Leftists are so misguided.

  2. So glad Trump is firing back at this racist democrat hack!

  3. Who cares if Lewis attends Donald Trumo’s inauguration or not. Lewis has been on a rampage against Donald Trump and Trump responded which is within his rights to do so. What is Trump supposed to do just stand there and become a whipping boy for Lewis. This is another example of those who have been in office way too long who believe and feel that they are entitled to do and say whatever they please but don’t think that anybody else has the same rights to do that. The American people made it clear that we have had enough of corrupt politics as usual and being able ignored when we voted for Donald Trump to be our President. It was a national movement and a definite referendum against Barack Obama and the Democrats who have for too long betrayed this Nation and the American people and set the United States on a disastrous path. Lewis along with all the Democrats are literally committing political suicide because the 2018 election is fast approaching and many Democrats are up for reelection and I can guarantee since they are continuing to ignore the will of the people that the American people will kick them to the curb. We need to clean the swamp. Lewis is another example of why we must demand and get term limits and kick these political hacks to the curb now.

  4. Not a Trump fan, but honestly, this Lewis /Trump thing is blown way out of proportion! Lewis said something ugly, Trump responded in kind.

    • Lewis said something TRUE,

      “Trump responded in kind.”


      Guess it’s as good as it get’s if your standards are so low and corrupt.

      Hate to see you drop your draws with Trump in the room.

      We know he likes pussy…can’t rule out sphincter.

      • YOU’RE AN IDIOT…………………..

      • And you wouldn’t know what a pussy looked like if it got stuck on you lips, IMBECILIC M0R0N, eh

      • ..and you like cock in your sphincter…sad fool.

      • And what did he say that was so horrendous? That lewis needs to pay attention to his district. OMG the truth. Lewis has been playing to the highest bidder for years.

      • Libtard! Sorry what little brain you have can’t be saved

      • Why are you even on here? I wouldn’t hire you for anything. Doesn’t matter what it’s for. You have no morals or scruples whatsoever. Go away and learn some respect. So help me God

        • But you voted for those exact qualifications to the WhiteHouse…

          What kind of fool are you…

          “You have no morals or scruples whatsoever.”

          But you do…

          You put a criminal in the whitehouse on Jan 20th…

          Are you suffering from dementia

          The early signs of dementia are very subtle and may not be immediately obvious.
          Memory loss that affects day-to-day function.
          Difficulty performing familiar tasks.
          Confusion about time and place.
          Problems with language.
          Problems with abstract thinking.
          Poor or decreased judgment.
          Problems misplacing things.

          YOU have no RESPECT for America…

          And point a finger at me…

          “So help me God”

          Not even God helps people like you…
          You put a known fucking Criminal in the WHITEHOUSE

          You didn’t have to vote HRC…what was wrong with BERNIE.

          Oh that’s right… Bernie isn’t A Christian KING CON LIAR.

          You fucking assholes…

          I get it…


          • I’ll not waste my time answering your fowl and ignorant ranting. I serve Christ and I do not do anything without asking for help from God. So help me God

          • Well hang in there soul boy your soon to be serving Putin/Trump.

            “So help me God”

            He’s not going to help you this time…

  5. The Manure Stream Media has it a$$ backwards, as usual! The commiecrat Lewis is being an a$$hole, as he has been for almost 30 years now!

    Just because you were a hero 30 years ago don’t mean that you can get by with being an A hole today!

    • That would be 50 years ago when those who now back Pres.-elect Trump beat the shit out of him. But who’s counting…

      • youre an idiot for saying something that stupid-does your momma know you take your brain out and play with it or do just play with it when she aint home

    • Michael Dennewitz

      Can’t fix stupid, eh? LOL

      The “MANURE STREAM MEDIA”………………….I LOVE IT……
      THANK YOU……………………………………

      • Yes, but I don’t think Limpbaugh and Hannity, who have the two biggest audiences in radio, and thus by definition are mainstream, will like having their shows compared to manure. Although it is an apt description of what they spew five days a week.

      • Wasn’t mine originally, lifted it from another site, used once that I know of, but like “commiecrats”, just fit so well! MSM = Manure Stream Media!

        Today’s democrats = commiecrats!
        Example = Congressional Black Cacus!
        Including ex civil rights hero, Lying Lewis!

    • Where was this crone a ‘hero’ 30 years ago……………….
      he got his face shoved in because he was a rioter and an asshole……….he deserved it…….
      he was useless then and is even more so now………….
      give me a break…’HERO’ ?…………………………NO WAY………………………

  6. Michael Dennewitz

    To begin with, I’ve never had any disrespect for king, even tho he stole “Martin Luther!” His real name IS/WAS MICHAEL KING! But these pussies that jump on the band wagon and INVENT things to attack PRESIDENT TRUMP over are as worthless as titts on a bore hog! The entirety of the black populace is scared shitless that they’ll finally have to break down and actually WORK for a living!! Get ready CHUMPS! After Friday the shit is really going to hit the fan!!

  7. This is a nothing feud. Rep. Lewis claimed after the election that Pres.-elect Trump’s victory was illegitimate. Pres.-elect Trump said before the election that he wasn’t going to commit to the election results if Sec. Clinton won. Who really cares? However, I would like to see the Pres.-elect develop a little thicker skin. I would hate to see him march our troops off to war like Pres. Bush II did in Iraq because he perceived some slight to his father by Saddam. Trump could simply let his staff surrogates handle a lowly Democratic representative. But this is the same guy who simply can’t help himself on the Twitter machine.


  8. Nobody cares about Lewis or any other demos. Let them all stay home, and then the rest of us can celebrate the independence day on Friday. Wow, it’s going to be exciting. I can’t wait to hear his speech, witnessing his oath, and watching Obummer leaving. I’m also looking forward to all the bikers being present.

    • Michael Dennewitz

      And I hope and pray that EVERY biker is carrying!!?

      • Me, too, because the capital police will take them down in a heartbeat if they get within shooting range of our new president.

      • You got that right, and I’m glad you threw that in.

      • Be nice to see how protesters deal with an actual adversary as opposed to losing their own community!

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        • Very good advice

        • Wow. 🙁 What club?

          • This is a very large motorcycle club of patriotic people who will be on their bikes to surround protesters who are trying to tear up things or threaten other attendees.

          • Name please.

          • If you are asking about the motorcycle groups name it is Bikers for Trump! A group of various motorcycle enthusiasts from all kinds of backgrounds.

          • Many of them are vets.

          • God bless them all!!

          • Mary, who said the protesters have intent to tear up things or threaten other attendees? Peaceful protest is a right. And you are suggesting that a provocative bunch of bullies get mixed up in the situation and cause a mess.

          • Wow social not too savvy are you?? You obviously have not seen the video of three men who were plotting terrorist attacks that are now being investigated. You have not heard about the Muslim threat and the film of a group of communist community organizers who are actually being hired (no doubt by Soros) to create as much chaos and anarchy as possible!

          • U R FuLL uv SHIITE!

          • It was proven the Hillary Clinton campaign contracted to have demonstrators attend the Trump rally’s’
            We know too that it was the Democratic leaders who hacked into Bernie Sanders campaign and caused him to loose his bid for the White House. A couple of the democratic party leaders resigned rather than even try defending themselves.
            They want to complain about someone else hacking into their systems but they never say anything about their own “hacking” for the purpose of seeing Sanders was not nominated.
            Had They left Sanders alone he would most likely have been nominated and most likely would have been elected President!

          • I did not vote for Hillary. I wish Sanders had been able to win. He still is working hard at accomplishing the ideas he hopes to someday see in affect. All the things done to win an election makes us realize that except for our own opinions, we live in a different world. At least I do. I spent one summer between semesters while in college working for State Reps. and also in the proof room during the state legislature session. Even way back in another century and another world, I’d guess one would say, it was not what I had expected of elected officials. Many were all right, but there were some of the efforts made to do things that would not have helped the people who were being represented.

            Thanks for your post.

          • Are you referring to the same Sanders who has never worked a real job in his life and is know to have stolen electricity from his neighbor because he wouldn’t pay his own bill and is is a known communist?

          • What communist party does B. Sanders belong to? That should tell me what you really know. Or what your really don’t know.

          • You need to spend one summer in a Communist/Socialist country. That will cure you affliction called Sanders.

          • You need to spend one summer in a nation that adheres to socialist/democratic government philosophy.

          • Never Sanders!

          • Reference regarding demonstrators attending T’s ralley. Democratic leaders hacking Bernie Sanders campaign.? Just references to the sources of the “facts”.

          • Look at most of the Liberal protests, to see, not just their intent but behavior.

          • I will do that.

      • Lol go brother

      • The Biker don’t need anything accept being men, big men.

        • Now go grab a pussy…

          • I don’t even know how to say anything else except that you sir are a IDIOT!

          • Block antigot’s ASS!! Don’t think he is even American!

          • Danang there are plenty of them.

          • I don’t believe that he voted for Trump-so you really can’t say that can you?


          • The ugly feminist will be there riding piggyback!

          • You mean go grab Obama?

          • Well whatever floats YOUR boat…as a Christian that is…

          • As a Christian I WOULD like to turn the tables and behead a Muslim for a change.

          • Really? Thou shalt not kill. Ring a bell Christian?

          • Your rationale for Christians getting their heads loped would be to “turn the other cheek”, right?…that’s provided you have a cheek to turn. It’s actually “Thou shalt not murder”…there’s nothing wrong with “turning your plowshares into swords” to smite those that would do you evil.

          • Well there’s the problem…once again Religion…

            Forces non compliance to Rational Thinking…

            Go watch the Cartoon Channel…you’ll be better off…and so will we.

          • You need help for your confused mind…first you use my religion to try to “guide” me to do the right thing then you say that it is the main reason for confusion. Vietnam taught me to recognize the enemy…and any supposed “religion of peace” which mandates that ALL who do not subscribe to their beliefs, must be destroyed, is a “religion” which I am not to old to put on my suit of armor and go Crusader on their ass all over again. Got it?

          • Suggest you go drink some more Agent Orange…will solve your problems.
            Your not the only one to serve in Nam…
            And America lost many in another needless RELIGIOUS WAR…

            And you GOT IT.!!

          • You obviously missed my point about Vietnam…my point was not meant to be self serving but rather to point out a skill I developed…to recognize the enemy and the enemy is you from within…that’s why you lost.

          • Didn’t miss anything…

            When your in the battlefield you recognize the enemy, when home you recognize people.
            I’m not your enemy nor is anyone else in America.

            Sorry the distinction eludes you…

            It’s why some of you come home and KILL…

          • Heheh…it is your kind of thinking that kills…kills the innocent and the minds of our youth that’s why your ideals were rejected.

          • And who rejected them…you and a handful of idiots here…really…

            And your ideals are…

            Grab them by the pussy and Bomb the shit out of Men Women and Children…


          • Yeh …a handful of idiots in over thirty states heheh stop crying will you you come across as very immature

          • No, we come home to you killers. You like the BLM, Planned Parent Hood, gangs, drug dealers….

          • To bad mommie didn’t see planned parenthood for you.

            Are you saying you served?

          • That makes 2 of us!

          • Good to see somebody with cojones in here…I don’t know how or why these snowflakes come into a site called PATRIOT News.

          • So…who is doing the name calling? You.

          • Your good at rhetorical.

          • What??? Snowflakes??? Oh my goodness aren’t we sensitive…that’s being rather mild, I didn’t realize it was soooo offensive…oh my.

          • Of course their sensitive to any name calling if they aren’t doing it….you racist bigot…lol

          • Nothing here about wasserman and Hillary colluding against Sanders or getting her questions to cheat on her exam…and you would have us believe you didn’t vote for Hillary ???? hehehe

          • My point is you calim to not have voted for Hillary but you are not very convincing

          • I read a book about the G. Bush administration, and the war etc. Rumsfeld would go into his office every morning with little notes and would float them around to his workers at their desks. He referred to these assignment notes as snowflakes. I apologize for not recalling the name of the book. May find it and tell you later.

          • OohRahh, Marines 1973-83..

          • Airborne All the way….4th Bat 173rd Airborne Brigade Nam 66-67 Rep Det 82nd Airborne Div. Nam 68

          • 1st Bat 6th Marines 22nd MEU SOC Grenada 83

          • Welcome home brother…birds of a feather, hunt together.

          • So you want to destroy those who don’t agree with your religious beliefs?

          • It’s funny, those that don’t believe want to destroy religion. Looks like a Mexican stand off…

            Me, I’m for Darwin taking over in this case…survival of the fittest.

          • Surely you can’t be that dense…I am a peace loving American who when my constitutionally protected rights to practice my religion without threat from foreigners who would prefer to kill me for them, will willingly, vociferously and enthusiastically let my opposition to their ideals be heard and if that doesn’t suffice discourage them from leaving me the f alone, I will SURELY smite them…yes.

          • Pathetic

          • Copy and paste is the tool of those who lack originality

          • Give the guy credit, I don’t know if it would be easy to find such appropriate comics. Wow. He has a point and it is easy to understand for anyone.

          • Actually it’s a lazy man’s game, to let others do what you can’t do yourself. It is obvious that all of the “comics” have an anti-trump bias, so all one has to do is google “anti trump memes” and wala!!! Hundreds of them appear. I could do the same for Hillary or Obama or Michelle but I prefer to engage in more personal thinking than a weak attempt at humor. The only point he has is Trump hate and yes, he is “easy” to understand.

          • there’s nothing wrong with “turning your plowshares into swords”

            there’s nothing wrong with “DOING your Daughter either”

            What else do you want to add to the list…


          • “There’s nothing wrong with doing your daughter either”…is a thought over which liberals obsess and to be expected, after all they are the party of deviancy….cut babies into parts, that way you can get more profits than selling them whole, nothing wrong with deviant marriage, Democrats make up 98% of NAMBLA …what else shall I add to the list?

          • Do you support the death penalty?

          • You’re damned tooting I do!! Evidently HildaBEAST does too, look at all her friends wishing to testify and end up dead!

          • We the people have a Right and Responsibility to punish.
            Since our justice system is NOT infallible we the people can not execute innocent people without assuming murder.


            The risk of…We the People Murder has been proven way to high time and time again.

            We don’t need to confuse the issue with “consequences of unprotected sex”
            to make all feel warm and fuzzy inside.

            Abortion is legal and constitutional at this time and not likely to change anytime soon if at all.

            I am against Religion using GOVERNMENT to achieve their goal and control a man or womens body.

            That is exactly why we have separation of Church and State.
            If you think the Church will stop at a womens body…you boys should think again.

          • Um…in total agreement with you.

          • Slavery was also legal at one time …that didn’t make it right.

            You are probably for abortion on demand and believe that gays are born that way which would make you a hypocrite.

          • Very much so, in the TRADITIONAL sense, not the bastardized, deviant sense. the way “science” is a misnomer in your brilliant cartoon…the word should be “indoctrination” as you have proven.

          • Well, when you consider that scientists have claimed that we came from “soup”…that makes Carson look brilliant but then he’s just a brain surgeon.

          • “when you consider that scientists have claimed that we came from “soup”…that makes Carson look brilliant”

            You need to look up the term “Brilliant” as you did not apply it correctly!

          • You need to look up the term “soup” and see if it applies to you correctly.

          • I got the phrase as I laughed at your use of it.

            People with small hands should not play with big guns!

          • Meryl Streep a big gun??? heheh she and all the Hollywierd liberals combined with Beyonce, Jay Z, Oprah, Miley, Katy, Obonzo and Michael couldn’t muster enough votes for Hillary…big gun???hhehehe

          • In the late 70’s and early 80’s I worked with several young men who were gay. I liked them for their personalities etc. I know that one had a very bad relationship with his father. I do not know about his mother, but that too was possible. It was more like she was not respected as he should have. I was not present so cannot say. However, I had read (at that time) that being gay had to do with the relationships between themselves and their parents, one or the other. I believe one was where there was a weak father, or also a putative father, that boys often became gay. Later, I read and learned by what some stated that this has to do with the genetic make up of an individual. I have two cousins (second) who are gay. Each are on either side of my family. I have some acquaintances who are gay and I just hope they are successful in whatever they endeavour to do. It is a very complex situation or condition, depending how one wishes to look at it. I do my best to live by the good ole “Golden Rule”, it isn’t an easy way out, it takes effort in many cases. If cause is known, enlighten me. I will always wonder and will keep on treating others with respect, because they are a human being.

            I am even nice to Republican’s, they cannot help it! Ha!

          • Having lived in Houston, I have been exposed to just about everything anyone could imagine. I also have friends and relatives who are gay and frankly , I feel, to each his own. My comment was based on open displays of debauchery which I have witnessed during pride week.

            I also am nice to liberals, I accept that it’s their nature to be snowflakes. heheh

          • More crazy azz liberals should do this!


          • I support the execution for heinous crimes committed by a perpetrator who is sentenced by a jury of his peers and deemed GUILTY and a threat to society as a whole as directed by the Bible. I do not support the killing of the INNOCENT at the expense of my tax dollars or my religious liberties to accommodate the whims of people too irresponsible or too promiscuous to think about the consequences of unprotected sex.

          • @ Barrustio “consequences of unprotected sex”

            So did the Gov fill your Viagra prescription for you this month and buy you protection as well.

            somehow I knew that was coming…

          • A soft penis which is just nature taking it’s course is not a life-threatening issue and should NOT be covered by my tax dollars and neither should I be force to be complicit in what my religion views as murder, by using my tax dollars to terminate LIFE. I personally have no need for Viagra as much as I do an antidote. Just curious do you believe in abortion on demand and without apology and the farce of same sex marriage?

          • @Barrustio “my tax dollars to terminate LIFE”

            Death Penalty is off the table for you then.

            I notice the word LIFE…

            So using tax dollars to terminate mosquitoes life is off the table as well.

            A fetus is not a life, in fact a Insurance company will not give you Fetus Insurance
            but will give you Life Insurance after Birth.
            The Insurance companies will not adapt for religion.

            But you are alright with spending Millions for Death Penalty…

            I think I got it..!!

          • I also differentiated between innocent life and GUILTY of heinous crime and of anything that could be a danger to our society as a whole …including mosquitos.

            I don’t what the insurance companies consider the fetus…common sense tells us it’s a HUMAN. People are more concerned with protecting eagle eggs than human life. The eagle isn’t life either till it’s hatched so why the fuss? Let’s crack them and eat them for breakfast.

            Money for ridding society of scum is money well spent. Paying for someone else’s promiscuity is idiocy.

            Maybe NOW you got it.

          • An insurance company is not the determining factor of a life. My grandkids from my youngest were born at 5 1/2 months (triplets) and all will be turning 5 on the 29th. So an insurance company is wrong.
            Oh, and by the way there have been people convicted of multiple murders in the case of a pregnant woman being killed.

            Mosquitoes….typical moronic argument.

            Shouldn’t spend millions on a death penalty…I would do it for free in the case of murderers. Heck I’d even put child rapists, multiple rape and those that commit other heinous acts. They have no moral thinking and will do it again. Rehabilitation is for minor acts against the law, not for those that perpetuate them against others.

          • How much does it cost to abort?

          • You’re wasting your time verbally dueling with this nut job. His thinking pulls so far to the left that he really needs a front end alignment

          • He more than likely needs a rear end alignment…probably thrown out of whack by deviant lifestyle.

          • STDs equal anti-GOPs

          • Barrustio, you are a far too decent person to engage with scumballs like AntiGOP! Reprobates such as he can’t be turned around by logical reasoning or facts. They are lost mentally and spiritually and can never be brought back from their folly.
            I just block them so that I don’t feel unclean from their spoken filth.

          • Thanks Mary…I would normally block out negativism but I feel the need to come in here and point out the folly of people like anti and show to all how easily they lose control as a conversation progresses with which they are uncomfortable because it makes too much sense. They start out somewhat calm and somewhat rational, then they get argumentative without making a rational point and when you show them their mistakes for all to see, they resort to name calling. I love it…it’s like exposing CNN and all the MSM for what they are in front of everybody.

          • I can only assume these posters exist on main-media’s “sound bites.”
            Even when I do my best to read many sources, it is difficult to know whether I am getting a real understanding of today’s issues.
            That is why I have included the comment sections WHEN they are even offered.

          • So is that what you recommend? So far I don’t think it’s working for you, try drinking a double dose!

          • That would be your problem-you did not read the directions did you? Speaking of which,

          • No, that would be your problem and I saw the same thing with slick Willie’s name there.

          • What a moron

          • Bob666, as dumb as you appear, surely you realize that what you just posted could very well be taken as a threat. If I were you, I would either sign off of the internet and NEVER post anything again or get someone to look at your posts and approve them before you hit that “enter” button. Trust me, you don’t EVEN want to be posting crap like you post. You are very foolish. VERY FOOLISH.

          • Bob666…you need to take a break.

          • He used the BoB666 affixation is my guess?

          • Creator and first user of the BoB666!

          • Bob666, that is so stupid and childish.

          • BoB666 comes with disposable instructions, after use grab by sticky ears and pull until separation occurs, quickly through in trash!

          • Still living in your mother’s basement like the other trolls?
            Kanewas in his mother’s basement

          • By The way bob666 my mom says she wants her panties Back!

          • Bob666, you are a troll and a disgusting POS. You have issues, you need SERIOUS psychological help and I hope you get it. You are disturbed and you need a “keeper” to watch over you and your activities. You are mentally “off.”

          • Really?
            I’m guessing that you see people like me at the halfway house when med’s are handed out?

          • med’s? Do you mean “meds?” Drunk posting is very unattractive and pointless. You post like you are trashed. Sleep it off.

          • I never visit coke houses, my Shrink is insane he should be paying me!

          • Bob666, are you for real? Mary Brumley doesn’t see what you’re posting, fool. She has blocked you. You’re wasting your time posting to her. In fact, you’re wasting your time posting to anyone. No one agrees with you, you are so deluded and disturbed. Get some help.

          • The BoB666 is the bestist, can also be used by senior citizens.

          • WHY sure, hip pop ota mus!

          • Democrats make up 98% of NAMBLA

            PROOF somewhere??!!

            I take it your a member since you know so much…

          • liberals party of deviancy

            Guess you never used Google…

          • or YAHOO!

          • Naw, I just do a lot of research so I can know where you will bring your perverted agenda next so I can do my best to head if off.

          • Sucked into so much fake news that you can’t sort reality from fiction? congratulations, you’re a Trump voter!

          • You’re the one who got sucked in by fake news…I bet you were sure Hillary was gonna win and now all you can do is come here and mope.

          • Stupid are the ones who had Hillary ahead by double digits.

          • Yet, I had nothing to do with the polls -did not vote for Hillary and you bring it up for what reason?

          • Just pointing out who the real stupid ones were.

          • Maybe this will offset the racist Congressional Black Caucus maybe even install a White Congressional Caucus since the racist precedent has been established

          • “since the racist precedent has been established”
            What by pissed off old white guys who can’t deal with the concept of a black president?

          • By the racist Black Congressional Caucus, by the Racist 30+ plus crybaby liberal democrats who can’t admit they got their as whipped, the racist ACLU, BLM NAACP Oprah, Jay-Z Hollywood the list is unending but they have the gall to call Trump a racist…that laughable.

          • Yes they had gall, because Trump made it plain in the beginning of his champaign that he is most racist. They did not need to bother telling you Trump is racist, because if you did not see it, hear it before he changed his rhetoric to suit the civilization, you would not have believed it. Trump is in a constant state of denial. Trump seems to convince everyone he is really a good ole boy. I just pray that he is as fine a guy as he thinks he is.

          • Well apparently that “racist” was able to to convince enough Blacks, Hispanics and other minorities that they had minds that weren’t affected by the MSM and could think for themselves and who saw the true racists for who they are, enough to win, because it surely wasn’t just white guys who got him over the line.. Beyonce, a stout Hillary supporter in view of all America puts on a racist act during Super Bowl glorifying the Black Panther movement and hating on cops in general. Jay-Z raps about killing whites, Oprah and the View invite Obama on the show to ask soft questions and fawn all over him during the campaign but not invite Trump. All of Hollywood especially Black Hollywood (except for the same few who will be called Uncle Toms later) refuses to perform for his inauguration. The American people are tired of the race card and are seeing where it is blatantly coming from. The old narrative that Blacks can’t be racist is a thing of the past and the House Democrats are showing it and their hate and acting like petulant children who throw a tantrum because they couldn’t have some candy.

          • And you have proof of this or, just like the other snowflakes, just like to blather? You saying it don’t make it so and I guess the blacks, hispanics and asians who voted Trump didn’t get the memo. Stupid.

          • Did you hear the first speeches Trump made? Or did you just hear the back handed excuses for making the kind of hate talk he did? You don’t recall his hate for the Mexican Judge? You did not hear any of his accusations toward intent of Muslims (in general)? You did not hear how he talked down to people with disabilities. You did not hear Trump say that John McCain was not a hero, hero’s get killed. Then the idiot took a purple heart from a veteran, saying he had always wanted one of those. You call me stupid? Lets wait and see who is not only stupid but illiterate, Mr Johnson..

          • Drink that kool aide, dummy. You have guzzled that fake news like swill from the democrats and MSM trough. Your gut must be huge. Hard to drag around? I am continually surprised at the level of stupidity on the left, but I shouldn’t be- you demonstrate it constantly. The mexican judge had an axe to grind- did you ignore his background? Trump didn’t. You’ve never read the Quran or you would know those intents are real with the muslim cult of death- that’s the entire religion, not just a few. Jimmy the peanut Carter deported scores of them and refused to let more ito the country after the Iran consulate takeover, but wait. . . he’s a democrat, so it’s OK, right? And songbird McCain was parIrdoned for treasonous activity after ‘Nam. And it’s Johnston, penis breath. Deal with it, snowflake.

          • I repeat, did you listen to all of Trumps speeches? If not, so be it. You do not need to think that you have an edge on intelligence. If you did you would not be the rude, filthy mouth, insulting name calling thing you are. I am not in the least dumb, nor stupid, but that is how narrow minded, blind right wing people see other who have other opinions even when based upon the truth. This, intended discussion is over.

          • Keep on thinking that, snowflake. I got your number. I was right the first time. Have a nice day.

          • You have to forgive chuckey-he’s a very repressed little man

          • Thank you Bob666, I LOL, and I needed that.

            What is going to happen next? I don’t mean the inauguration. More pictures, I must be one of the illiterate liking those pictures. I love humor and particular political humor. My spell check argues with me on a continuous basis. As, humor, I get humour. I don’t believe it. Maybe it is correct. I checked the dictionary and I am right. Wow, two good things to celebrate in one night. (I ‘m silly, but it is okay.)
            Keep up the “good” work. Keep those comics coming. Bye

          • Absolutely …..LOL.
            Did you hear that Trump has been going to a “spiritual adviser” for 5 years. To my knowledge, in general a “spiritual adviser” uses esoterical practices as well as perhaps preaching from the Holy Bible. You may know what esoterica means. I think that is the polite way of saying predicting and controlling the future. Something on that order. I don’t want to start rumors. However, didn’t Nancy R. use the same type of help.

          • The phrase/term (esoterica) can be linked to a change in events, associations, activity, introduced into a new process, or interest, etc. Something like accepting a new religion, or a new place in life, into a new job or type of work, repenting from pervious indiscretions,; A lot of good things that would
            suggest a move from both a good situation to another good or bad situation. By itself, neither term implies bad or good, a strength or weakness. It may possibly be used interchangeably with the current changing of presidents or maybe in rehabilitating a felon with a term in prison; maybe even rebuilding an old 32 Ford.
            There seems to be a lot of words that are easily twisted into suggesting a lot of things they really are not. The media has shown us about anything can be manipulated using Reporters/talk show hosts, :contributing specialists: and unidentified “confidential” sources! !

          • Very good post. I had not considered the other definitions as I had only heard the term, esoterica, used in relation to psychic individuals, or soothsayers, (as one kid in high school class said “toothslayer”. He likely knew, just loved to tease.) Sorcerers are closest when used as spiritual advisers. Any way, Trump said he had been seeing or getting advice for five years from this woman who is his spiritual adviser. Back to esoterica, this word, as you pointed out, accepting a new life, a new religion. Except this isn’t a new religion, it is very old. .

          • Apparently most of the voters did not see Trump as a Racist, but simple folk like yourself know better than the rest of us. If the Democrats had listened to the middle class rather than arrogantly dismissing them and calling them names we’d be calling Hillary “Madam President.” The bitter clingers made their voices heard on November 8th, pulling off the biggest upset in recent memory—and it was a beautiful thing.

          • Special KKK brought to you, sponsored by and promoted by the DemoCRAPS!!
            Question,Who started and formed the KKK??

          • There you go again Geezer. That was 50 years ago-did they freeze dry you and recently thaw you out? How ab out the Nazi’s they supported Trump as well-your kind of guys!


            Maybe you should spray yourself with your can of “Troll Spray”? Troll!!

          • Nope! Wouldn’t work, it’s for trolls and trolls alone, like “YOU”!! P.S. Is that your photo?? The likeness is remarkable!! Tell the photographer he/ she did a superb job of capturing you in all your glory!!
            Have a nice day. NOT!!!!!

          • That would be your Orange Dwarf Old Coot!

          • Boycott Kellogg’s it’s a racist cereal!

          • There you go again, Bob. Nobody but you cares that he’s black. . . or mostly black, with a little white and arab thrown in.. Stupids like you just don’t understand we detest a socialist/marxist empty-suit puppet of George Soros playing Nero with his phone and pen and ignoring the Constitution. Got it?

          • Chuckey the cube queen!
            How goes-still trying to prove that you can’t out-smart a rock?

          • Still trying to say you’re an engineer? Guess you’re the rock.

          • Chuckels,
            “Still trying to say you’re an engineer?”
            Still licensed in six states-are you cube queen?
            Oh Yea-you worked for the British firm that get sued on every project they do.

          • Still waiting for your seismic base moment on that liddle biddy stack. Engineer?? Yeah, in your dreams. Chuckle on, penis breath.

          • Your an idiot.

          • Brilliant comment, Bob. Your usual mediocre tripe. Never disappoint.

          • This whole KKK endorsement thing. It’s inspired by recognition of leftists’ propensity for doing things like committing vandalism, hate crimes, assaults and so forth, then trying to make it look like those crimes were done by conservatives.

            You have to remember that the KKK is two things: racist and founded by Democrats. That’s just historical fact, and all the baloney about the parties “switching sides” has never held any water. The Democratic Party is the party that brought America the Trail of Tears, slavery, Jim Crow laws, segregation and all the policies that keep poor black Americans in poverty, reliant on the government. It’s also the party that supported eugenics and abortion, but opposed women’s right to vote.

            The party to this day operates by dividing Americans by skin color, ethnicity, culture, religion, gender and sexual proclivities. Which all should raise a red flag at any suggestion that the Klan, that most racist and divisive of social groups, is throwing its support to the GOP. Not that there aren’t Republicans with racist tendencies, it’s just not the norm for the party of Lincoln, which is well stocked with people who actually believe funny ideas like “all men are created equal.”

          • Really?
            “Not that there aren’t Republicans with racist tendencies, it’s just not the norm for the party of Lincoln”

            You’re aware that both parties have switched and democrats have not been the KKK for like-40 plus years?

          • because It still doesn’t mean you’re not stupid, or it make U look any brighter?

          • Secure as the Democrats thought they were with blue collar workers, they rested on their laurels, prioritizing every other constituency group above them. They pushed hard to get confused men into women’s bathrooms this year–does that tell you something about the party’s agenda? Democrats sided with the illegal aliens, claiming that they do the “jobs Americans won’t do.” Millions of working class Americans knew better. Illegal aliens do the jobs Americans used to do—roofing, drywall, cooking, meatpacking and janitorial work. Americans would surely do those jobs again if employers would hire them but why would they do that? Illegals work harder for less. They joined forces with the environmentalist movement, pursuing unreasonable regulations that make industry cost prohibitive. Joe Sixpack can see that these regulations represent a threat to his livelihood.

            Millions of disaffected people decided to switch their votes, or vote for the first time, because they finally heard someone who was speaking to their issues. Trump smashed the bipartisan consensus on trade. When a clear choice emerged, traditional party loyalties were tossed aside. The consensus on illegal immigration was less solid, with Democrats fanatically in favor of amnesty and Republicans standing around sheepishly for fear of being called racist. Some Republicans even collaborated with the Democrats. Even so, the Republican Donald Trump spoke to this issue and assured workers that there’s nothing racist about not wanting to lose their jobs. Surely the Dems must have known that Hillary wasn’t polling well in the rust belt. Or did the Dems believe their own lies in the Media.

          • Their arrogance was their downfall, of course the biased media contributed greatly to it. They worked so hard at convincing the liberals that Hillary was ahead by double digits instead of pushing a sense of urgency at her possible loss, that they actually succeeded in convincing a great number of lazies who decided to stay home because they were so sure of a win.

          • Congrat’s on your fake news grab of Megan Kelly, it should give MSM some real needed legitimacy!

          • Sorry, NBC?

          • Liberals live their fantasies. I think they live so many delusions that they’re unstable. I think these people on the left, from the highest levels on down, are a new kind — a special kind — of stupid. And it’s highlighted by a massive instability.

          • First grab your pussy, then NAMBLA POOF!

          • I’m almost positive the Democrats make up a hundred percent of Global warming!
            Should be common knowledge?

          • And now for the Real fake news, 90% of liberal scientist aren’t scientist at all!

          • And you are?
            Funny how you insert “liberal” in front of all of your insults.

          • Liberal or not; I think the vast majority of the medias “confidential sources” and “contributing editors” are fake. They are most likely the help in the hall way or doing the talk show hosts make-up for them.

          • The fact that Donald Trump used the 10 commandments as a check list of things to do?

          • Unlike Obummer with Michael …once you go BACK you’ll never go anywhere else.

          • I must say if they had one of Michelle like this, it would read “someone they can get behind, behind and more behind”.

          • Intelligence is inborn you don’t need an education to have it…I have met more than one fool with a PHD

          • So have I, but I’ve also met a lot of doctors that I would let do surgery on me because they went to medical school.

            My wife had to have a law degree to take the bar exam.

            My tax Accountant is a CPA with a degree in tax accounting and I did not learn how to make sixty-story building stand with a high-school education.

          • With all that education…when your car breaks down, you still take it to a “lowly” mechanic. People confuse the acquisition of knowledge/education with intellect. But in the reality of life itself , the rocket scientist, architect, lawyer, surgeon would very likely rely on the ingenuity of the common man were they to be stranded on an island. Education does NOT guarantee intelligence.

          • Exactly, Barrustio. Education and intellect are two very different things. VERY DIFFERENT.

          • Don’t try to explain that to the Trump haters in here. They won’t understand how some high school dropouts wound up with millions more than those with a PHD did.

          • Barrustio, I know you’re correct. I, myself, have a pretty decent IQ however I had to work hard to get my MS in Psychology. I see these people posting and I think to myself how different people are in this world and how deluded some are. It’s very sad and I thank God I know the difference between right and wrong. What is happening now, all this opposition to our new President is so wrong. These people opposing our new President do not want peace, they don’t want reform, they only want what they’ve been accustomed to: Being given things they do not work for. I am sick of it.

          • The reason I can speak on this is because I am one of those high school dropouts who went the long way around to success. Got my GED in the military, played music for a living, got inducted into two Music Halls of Fame, went to college as a “special student” on my military benefits, got my teacher’s certificate, became a vocational teacher, am now retired and doing rather well with my music. You may read about me in the Houston Press archives on Barbara Jordan High School for Careers under “Efficiencies”. I was Teacher of the Year in for the Alternative District in 1999 in Houston and was included in Who’s Who Among Teachers in America…all this based on a very basic education I got at Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic School 1-8…and my intellect.

          • I applaud you for your accomplishments. I intend to look up what you posted and I want to let you know that indeed, I agree (that,) intellect is much different from education. I have known many “educated idiots” (if you will,) in my life and you sir, are indeed an inspiration. Thank you for all of your posts and I hope to interact with you again! My husband would certainly agree with all I have posted to you and you, I have to say, ROCK! God bless you AND America!

          • Thank and God Bless you and yours.

          • Thank you, Barrustio. God bless you and your family as well.

          • What can you say about the people who kept the internet hot, the radio waves burning, against Obama? I rarely heard genius.

          • @socialsavvy, I have nothing to say about people who oppose Obama if they haven’t posted to me or spoken to me directly. If I see something I wish to comment on, I will do so. I am not an Obama supporter, never was and certainly will never be so I doubt I would be in disagreement with anyone who doesn’t support him. That said, everyone has a right to their opinion as do I.

          • Yes, you probably could be considered “special…” I agree. You must spend your entire life on the internet. I can see you now: 500 pounds, on your couch, sitting in a trailer, but you do have internet LOL. Very special, yes. I am sure you are. It must truly suck to be you. Seriously. But, you stay special and we will all tolerate you because that’s what we do with “special” types like you. Bless your heart, have yourself a good rest of the evening, I am sure you’ll be up all night and sleep until afternoon….just remember, there is that hope and change coming for people like you. You probably won’t enjoy it though LOL.

          • I believe the most sad thing about you little girl is that you have pigeon-holed me into a perception based on your laziness.

            76 years old and still work part time as an adjunct professor of advanced quantitative analytics and macro economics. Also retired Civil Engineer that holds a license in six states and a major stock holder in one of the top one hundred civil engineering firms in the USA.

            192 lbs & very happy- married living in Miami and the Florida Keys and I’m not now and have never been a democrat.

            Screwed the pooch on that one?

          • And YOU, BOB666, are an idiot.

          • Couldn’t you have said that in a different way.? That was not in your intellect nor your education. Being civil should be in ones conscious, and rearing..

          • No, socialsavvy, I could not say that differently because I meant what I said and there is no other way to say it. He is an idiot.

          • OK, we do what we have to do. Thank you anyway.

          • You’re welcome.

          • No we could not be exploring the galaxy by now, we spend our money on wars, if not our own on those belonging to someone else. That is where the money goes and many places between the drawing board and the slaughtering fields.

          • So that was your wife? Cheers to a good bar exam, and I thought she was just drunk?

          • Barrustio, you are posting to a blooming idiot who has no clue. Everyone reading this thread understands (except for poor Bob666) that intelligence and education have NOTHING to do with another. I have known very many people who are very intelligent who weren’t given the opportunity to have a higher education and plenty I know who have doctorates who are not as bright as one might wish. They worked hard, VERY HARD, for their degrees but they are not as intelligent as some who have lesser degrees. YOU are correct but your intelligent post is lost on Bob666. He does not have the capacity to comprehend the difference between the two.

          • Hey Tiger it’s OK…I love playing with children 🙂

          • Be real NT. that analysis you rendered is possible, but not a rule. It is individual.

          • Bob666……you are embarrassing yourself even though you don’t realize it. I pity you in a weird way. You are what most of the rest of us hope to never come across as. As for Mensa, no. I do not belong to Mensa but I could. Figure it out. If you can.

          • Yea, I’m Betting that MENSA would have you-as a mascot.

            I pity your pious and judgmental attitude of shallow moral superiority.

            At the end of the day-you’re just a shallow & superficial troll.

          • LOL Bob….I’m sorry but I’m losing interest. You’ve become even more boring than ever, even though I didn’t think it was possible. Have yourself a nice evening and tomorrow, let it be a new day for you. A fresh start. Stay off the internet, give yourself a goal: One day without the internet and see if you can do it. Then try two days in a row. It’s going to be difficult as it appears you live on the internet but I’ll bet you can do it! Get some fresh air and some exercise. Get up off that couch! Take a walk around the trailer park. It’ll do you a world of good, it’ll clear your cluttered mind and maybe even give you a new perspective. Just so you know: Our “conversation” is over as of 11:05 CST. You will probably drone on and on and on but I won’t be reading your posts/response to me so save your inane remarks for someone else. I am done with you. Get a grip, get a life and get lost. Ciao!

          • I get it Bob, the first two U dated, the third is off limits, but where’s your dating pictures of Kate Gender?

          • Sick Creep

          • Heheh…just responding in kind.

          • U can only dream bob, keep the picture!

          • That’s why we turn our plows into swords, to kill the pedophiles!

          • It is rather late right now so I will check it out tomorrow, but if I recall my scripture on that subject well, it is written that swords will be turned in to plows. Maybe, your use is intentional. If so, pretty funny. Sorry.

          • Damn AntiGOP won’t play?

            Jesus was a good smart man, King of Kings!

            Maybe I can bring it down to earth, and get some of that social savvy by getting into the dirt with some spirit cooking, some good old Americana, turning pitchforks and spades into spears, and tractors into tanks, and invite everyone to a necromancer barbecue?

          • Happy Day to you!

          • Vengeance shall be mine. That one ring a bell?

          • Sure it does…so what is your suggestion for those being killed…go into the Catacombs again? now there’s a snowflake solution for you…why not just cower.

          • You vacillate from one side to another and bypass all solutions to achieve a win.
            But do you really win…

          • Vacillate??? Hardly…I meet the truth head on and deal with adversity immediately. We have made great strides in defense of the innocent being killed…what have you done?

          • “I meet the truth head on and deal with adversity immediately”
            Yea, I see that in every one of your post!

          • Previously downloaded memes is your answer to come to the defense of the snowflakes who had to bow out because of THEIR lack of originality?

          • After reading dozens of your post, are you sure you want to point a finger at someone & claim originality?

          • By comparison to this????absolutely.

          • You really need to raise your standards or take medications for delusions of grandeur!

          • I need not copy and paste for my lack of comedic abilities.

          • Can’t wait till O Bummer and Mikael is out of office so they quit pizzing on America!

          • How insulting a golden shower when I’m used to a platinum one!

            Double Oh Ho honey, will U wipe me bum?

          • I’m communicating with U an’t I, by the way how is Mum?

          • Everyone should have a golden shower, just saying?

            But I will settle for a silver one!

          • One of the 10 Commandments is Thou Shalt Not Kill.

          • Do some research on the intent…it’s actually “Thou shalt not murder”…it doesn’t mean for you to stand by while someone cuts your daughters head off.

          • It gets better than that when Jesus the Christ taught people how to live. He said that to hate is the same as to kill. I can’t help but love Jesus the Christ.

          • Exactly, so the mere thought that they would WANT to kill your daughter makes them evil in themselves. To lust after someone is as committing the act…that would include the lust for blood.

          • More proof Liberalism is a new kind of stupid. Liberals always refer to the Bible or the Constitution when they think it proves there point, rest of the time they crap on both.

          • TAKE NOTE JUNE, You are wrong in the morning, you are wrong at noon and certainly wrong at night. I am not a liberal, so your preaching is irrelevant. Good night.

          • So? My comment had nothing to do with you. What you said is ridiculous. If you are referring to my be liberal, go ahead and believe it, I don’t care. I’m not a liberal. Some people think if another doesn’t follow their chain of thought that they are bad. I just don’t care what you think.

          • You might enjoy listening to a hymn titled “One Pair of Hands” written by Carroll Robinson. This is an unreleased recording found in Elvis Presley’s archives. It is a beautiful hymn and very meaningful.

          • Glad for your telling me about the hymn, thank you so much. The internet allows us to purchase things we ordinary would never locate. Thank you again. Love to listen to Elvis too.

          • GO to You tube and you can hear Carroll Robinson singing it and Elvis also singing it. It is a beautiful hymn.

          • I don’t think I indicated it meant anything other than do not kill or murder. I am not stupid as you seem to need to intimate.

          • Actually perhaps you could be more gentile yourself. Your post was obviously in response to what my response to the violence by those with the intent to kill me as being misguided or not obeying the Commandment “Thou Shalt Not Murder”. Perhaps you should have expanded on it instead of just making a general statement. That in itself could be considered ignorant and rude.

          • Only in your mind. I will decide what I want to say and how I want to say it. I don’t need someone who imagines he knows better than I what I want to state. You might want to critiaue your own statements.

          • I see so in your eyes what’s good for the goose is NOT good for the gander right?…only YOU could possibly be right in your mind…and you are correct.

          • What I am telling you is t have right to my opinion just as you and everyone else in here has. Obviously, you don’t believe that. If I don’t see things as you do I am stupid. It seems as though you think you are right in all things. Keep on believing that.

          • I believe you got this all wrong. For one I never called you stupid or insinuated such. Actually you are the one who started with the “rude and ignorant” narrative. I was actually having a conversation with another individual regarding how it is my nature to respond in kind to someone who obviously wants to kill me…and you come out with the Ten Commandments as if I’m a child that you need to instruct or reprimand. You are certainly entitled to your opinion…I did two tours in Vietnam to ensure that you kept that right but Vietnam also taught me that you don’t sit idly by and go on a religious guilt trip while someone is planning to kill you…so if someone is planning to kill me, I won’t turn the other cheek… I WILL kill them first.

          • Liberals always refer to the Bible or the Constitution when they think it proves there point, rest of the time they crap on both.

          • I like it….but you left out a few like the lazy part. You know to lazy to work to feed themselves. To stupid to figure out that the more mouths you have to feed the more money you need. If you don’t have a good job and the daddy your supposed to be married to isn’t around….don’t have kids. Stay in school and get at least a highschool education, learn a trade, get a job that has benefits. Why do we have to pay for someone else’s healthcare? I know, if you want to pay for it go right ahead. Last but not least if your strangers and here illegally get you ass outta here…we are a land of laws.

          • This is absolutely outstanding. I used to see and exchange posts with a guy who “gottabegood”. He liked your way of sending information with comic facts.

          • Liberal Logic
            If a man says he’s Napoleon Bonaparte, he needs help, but if he says he’s a woman he’s perfectly sane and if anyone refuses to go along with him he’s being oppressed.

            When 100% of scientists say that human life begins at conception it has nothing to do with abortion.

            If Russia publishes true facts about Hillary it’s foreign interference in our election. If illegals, i.e. foreigners, vote in our election it’s a good thing.

            Clubbing a baby seal to death is evil. Dismembering an unborn human girl without anesthetic is a societal good.

            Getting water to California’s central valley farmers isn’t as important as protecting the delta smelt. It’s okay if wind turbines kill 4200 bald eagles each year.

            Saying all lives matter is racist. Saying only black lives matter is not.

            Russia revealing secrets about Hillary is evil. Hillary putting highly classified data on an insecure server is fine.

            Exposing Hillary’s secrets is a foreign coup. The NYT’s revealing highly classified anti-terror programs is heroic.

            WikiLeaks is a source for truth justice and the American way if it’s exposing critical national security programs that have nothing to do with domestic surveillance. WikiLeaks is an agent of fascism if it reveals anything that Hillary wants hidden.

            Electoral college electors ignoring how the people voted in their state is true democracy.
            Fidel Castro, who wore military attire and got his power through a military campaign he led, is a beacon of freedom and truth. Retired American generals are unfit to serve in government.

            It was racist to say that Obama’s lack of experience made him a poor candidate for president. Saying that Ben Carson doesn’t have the experience necessary to run HUD is a patriot’s duty.

            Honest citizens who own guns are evil. Criminals who commit crimes while in possession of a gun should get shorter sentences than they do now.

            92% of the victims of black criminals are black. Wanting to keep all criminals in jail longer is racist.

            Any man who claims to feel he’s a woman at any given moment can use the women’s bathroom.

            Bill Clinton’s sexually harassing and possible raping women is irrelevant to his ability to be president. Trump’s apparently consensual immorality completely disqualifies him from being president.

            Ignoring the thousands of blacks shot in Democrat run cities is not racist. Not being outraged when a cop shoots a black man in self-defense is racist.

            Not caring that black women are 5 times as likely to abort their unborn baby than white women is not racist. Not wanting to fund abortion thereby protecting black lives is racist.

            Opposing school competition in our inner cities is patriotic. Wanting to give black kids a chance to excel is racist because it hurts the teachers unions.

            That NASA showed that the earth’s temperature was flat for 18 years and then suddenly reprocessed the data and found that the temperature was rising — in contradiction to the satellite data — raises no suspicions about the quality of the data.

            The housing crisis was Bush’s fault even though Bush had called for reform of Frannie and Freddie two years earlier and was rebuffed by the Democratic Congress.

            ISIS is Bush’s fault even though it was Obama who withdrew all U.S. forces from Iraq and didn’t force the Shia president of Iraq to treat the Sunni Iraqis fairly.

            The deficit of 2009 is all Bush’s fault even though it includes the $900,000,000 slush-money-for-my-friends “stimulus” package that Obama created.

            Israel is our enemy because it doesn’t treat the Palestinians, who openly proclaim they want to commit genocide against Jews, perfectly. Iran is our friend even though they persecute all religious minorities in Iran.

            It’s illegal to compel a gay baker to bake a cake with a pro-marriage message. It’s illegal for a Christian baker to be willing to serve gays but not be willing to bake a wedding cake for them.

            Wanting to raise the tax rate of other people is charitable. People who want to keep the money they work for are selfish.

            Government workers are smarter and better than regular Americans so it’s reasonable that they get paid more, have better benefits, and never ever get fired.

            It’s great that the MSM declared open war on Trump but Fox News is evil for questioning Obama.

            Anything that goes against the liberal narrative is malevolent “fake news”. Any news that comes from the MSM and has to be retracted is an honest mistake that in no way affects their credibility.

            Giving oil companies the same tax breaks that all industries get is subsidizing them. Giving billions to companies that fail and are owned by Obama’s “green” energy cronies is “investing” in America.

            A Supreme Court justice who cites foreign laws is a patriot. A Supreme Court justice who cites the Constitution is an extremist.

            There’s nothing undemocratic in the Supreme Court overthrowing the laws of almost all states — abortion and gay marriage. A later Supreme Court reversing those decisions would be treason.

            Women are just as capable as men in every way and they are better because they are more reasonable and less violent. We need easier criteria for women who want to be fire fighters, Army Rangers, and cops because not doing so is sexist.

            Women are oppressed in education even though more women than men are getting college degrees.

            A woman in a job in an air-conditioned office should make as much as a man who works in the sewers, otherwise the system is sexist.

          • WTF is Wrong with YOU?

          • “I hope our wisdom will grow with our power, and teach us that the less we use our power the greater it will be.” 
— Thomas Jefferson

            “Upon the altar of God I pledge eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man ” 
— Thomas Jefferson

          • Perhaps we have More in Common than 1st perceived …

          • Tes, really. Just like obama is supposedly a Christian and said, among other inanities: like your doctor, you can keep him, or like you medical plan, you can keep it. Well, just like him I would put that promise in the back of my head or better yet. You can kill him,,even beheld him, for a Muslim terrorist he is just a terrorist. To me, a terrorist is not a human, and therefore, just like the goats they truly are, they should be beheaded. Just like they behead us.

          • Kept my Dr. and medical plan. In fact it got better!

          • You are the only one in all of the US.. The same plan I had through BlueShield for 31 years went up 150%, my deductible went from $500 to $2500. Since then we have had to go to Kaiser plan to keep our costs from going to 225% or higher. Not the same doctor…..oh wait, you must work for for some government entity.

            Obamacare IS THE BIGGEST WHITE ELEPHANT EVER HOISTED ON THE AMERICAN TAXPAYER. It will go down as obeyme’s greatest failure.

          • Nope. Teamsters Union.

          • You must then must have worked for a governmental institution, most certainly subsidized by us the workers. Hope you loose any advantage you have had in these last 8 years of entitlement, but then again, I may not be. In my case, as an independent, my premiums went up 8 to 19 percent per year since the obama”care”” or obama”intitlement” program. Oh, and by the way, did you get your free phone as well ? For I am still,waiting for mine.

          • Hello Sour Grapes.

          • U been Misinformed!


            I’m not Jesus.

          • Like i said…stop proving you’re a idiot and now a jerk.

            Killing somebody will make you somehow better then them…
            Got it…

            Is this what your God tells you…

            Mental Illness around every corner here…

            Go read your Bible and do please Flush…your stinking up the place…

          • “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”…that obviously hasn’t worked in Muslim countries for Christians and gays being thrown off building and women getting killed or being stoned to death for adultery, getting raped or being out unaccompanied by a male relative. But by all means keep displaying your superior intellect by defending them.

          • You Sir, are the best example of an oxymoron that I have ever seen. Never would have believed it could be done but you actually managed to twist the Golden Rule to suit yourself.

          • Hey have a blast calling me what you want…but one thing I’m not and that’s a moron. Anyone that would use an “oxymoron” to defend that which cannot be defended conjures up an image of someone who would stand idly by while complete strangers came to the defense of his family in the event of inexcusable violence brought upon them.

          • Did not call you a moron. Reading comprehension is not your strong point I see.

          • Hey junior …you obviously didn’t get MY drift…I know the difference between an oxymoron and a moron…and you are NOT and oxymoron.

          • Add to that what’s going on in Germany…they have tried to cover up the assaults and rapes that the Syrians have committed.

          • Kriss don’t bring that up…you’ll melt the snowflakes in here with the truth and they will surely call you a xenophobe.

          • They can call me what ever they want….my wife is from Ecuador, the best man in my wedding was my CO from when I was active duty and he’s black. He’s also my best friend and I was the best man in his wedding. So their name calling is about like that pos they had in the White House the last 8 years …..WORTHLESS

          • Damn bro…we have a lot in common…I’m Hispanic and my wife is Black and the racists would call me racist and my wife an Aunt Jemima just because we don’t see eye to eye with the policies of the head Muslim in the White House.

          • Yep, Hienz 57 with a side of common sense. What most of these snowflakes don’t realize is folks like us deliver…we don’t put up with sh1t, we work hard and contribute to what the US is all about.
            Pissants like antigop are more than likely in their 20’s and don’t have a clue. They take their little talking points and repeat over and over. Their major achievement…..make it past their 21st birthday.

          • Nail on the head

          • Please remove your head from the place the sun never shines and take a breath of fresh, clean air! Please! The flatulence you’re inhaling has just about destroyed every brain cell you ever had! You’ve smelled your own flatulence for so long it now smells good to you!

            You should really expand your reading material, QUIT READING “Asinine Erroneous Facts for Dummies and DemoCRAPZ”!!

          • They are sooo smelly that I just HAVE to block them!

          • Hey booger eater, go find your hole and clean it up. Most of you have shit piled up around your house, don’t know how to do yard work….let alone hard work. Fix your car that’s on blocks in the front yard and please start using deodorant. Your latte is getting cold and that sprout sandwich is making your hair fall out….ever notice that most of you look like your about half dead?
            Here’s your booger eaters, check out at 1 min into vid the guy behind the short hair brunette…gotta love the Dems booger

          • I remember that song from my youth.
            I hope it is so prophetic that the dims just disappear into ‘silence.’
            Just lemmings disappearing over a high cliff to return no more.

          • Yeah Mary SaG were good listening back in the day…. problem with most of the dims as you put it, they get louder as things don’t go their way. But it would be nice if the song was prophetic….The Sound of Silence

          • What a hateful thing to post.

          • Awww, whatsa matter? Coming from the left like when the fires were happening in Tennessee and all you lefties were saying it was karma for voting for Trump. Or those protestations after the election…the minions burning flags and punching people that didn’t have a Mexican flag draped over them. Jumping up and down screaming that the electoral college is outdated and we should just be run by a few big cities.

          • You win the internet Sir!

          • Thank you sir.

          • Can’t slick Willie is at the head of the line…lol

          • It’s getting old AntiGOP! Grow up and get over it!

          • Deplorable comment!

          • Irene Elizabeth Grooms


        • There are over 200,000 Bikers for Trump on their way to Washington DC now. They intend to form a Wall of Meat. Many of them are marines so if people are smart they will not create any problems nor any violence. Would not be wise.

      • @michaeldennewitz:disqus, I was wondering about that. Does Washington DC issue carry permits? I am also wondering if the District of Columbia honors other states’ carry permits.

        • Last I saw/read even God would have a hard time getting a CCP there!!

          • Yep, old codger, I mentioned this to my husband last night and he reminded me of the well-known fact that in all these left-wing cities (Chicago, LA, NYC, DC) that permits are probably not even a thought. I was wondering about that but I’m sure you’re right. I’ll just stay here and only go places who have a reciprocity agreement with Tennessee.

          • I spent a lot of time working in some of the worst areas of LA. My business was commercial/industrial structures and many times I had to be there very early or very late. I was in the Marines 1973-83 and tried to get a ccw and was always given the same answer. We are not processing any permits at this time. Funny how those that they gave permits to during this time were for celebrities personnel/guards.
            I always found that I never went anywhere without my weapon…I would rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6. Four times during 30 plus years did I ever remover my weapon from its holster. Twice making sure those that were trying to decide what they were going to do know they wouldn’t have it easy. I moved from SoCal to another area north that has allowed me to get my ccw….like the ad says ” I never leave home without it”

          • Good job! That is exactly what a carry permit is for. To “CARRY.” My husband and I both have our carry permits (in TN it’s just simply a carry permit, you can carry concealed or open carry, however we always carry concealed.) I hope I NEVER have to use my firearm but if I need it, I’ve got it. Glad you moved so you could legally carry, Kriss!

      • We all wish that but that will have to wait until D.C. carry laws (concealed or not) is changed.

        • I’m sure that will never happen, unfortunately. We just don’t go places who don’t have a reciprocity agreement with Tennessee. Good enough.

          • More than good enough, but not sufficient enough until concealed carry is not authorized in al states. Why favor just the criminal. Let decent people fend for themselves. Or better yet just read and apply the second amendment

      • A lot of them are ex-marines so I imagine they can handle about anything. They intend to provide a “Wall of Meat”.

      • Hell, I hope the can’t see straight and remember their Flowmax since Don’s Johns are all over the place.

    • Nobody cares but the guy with the fragile ego who runs his Twitter like a twit.


      • Michael Dennewitz

        He can just lead her/him out by holding onto his bulge!! ????

          • GREAT timing. Thanks for the (ironic) humor.
            He looks like he’s talking to it……..

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Yeah, getting it all erect for his hubby! ROFLMFAO

          • @michaeldennewitz:disqus “Yeah, getting it all erect for his hubby!”

            Yup….real Christian Speak here folks…

            It’s their code…

          • Hey Mooch!! Is that a roll of quarters in your pants or are you just happy to see me?

          • That is just a battery operated sex toy.

          • And the genitalia has been seen more than once and even Obama smiled at the exposure.

          • Please, The kids came out of a pussy, not as asshole. Have a little respect.

          • Beeotchstewie the deplorable

            The kids are adopted, Obama is a complete lie, everything about him has been hidden.

          • Those “kids” are rentals!

          • No, they actually came out of an asshole.

          • Do you really have a GOD…

            If so…he’s not doing a very good job as seen above…

            You could try Scientology… the real mind bend Lock’em up in their Tax exempt Church Compound…


            Catholics…they have 17,500 Pedophile Priest in their Tax exempt Church.
            Their GOD simply doesn’t feel Childhood Pain and Suffering


            How about the Seventh Day Adventist…really have to wonder what they could possibly do on the 8th day…we know they don’t pay taxes in their Tax exempt Church.
            But their not really a religion…they observe the Sabbath on Saturday, not Sunday.
            They’re just a FAKE religion…right.!!


            Islamic Religion…ooooh this one has everything in one and learn how to ride a Camel and be a Terrorist all in the same lifetime which is usually short, and don’t forget…
            Tax Exempt as well…

            Seems to be a common theme between all of these Religions…

            They all have their own repository of DREAMS.

            But Alcoholics and Drug Addicts have their Dreams…far out Dreams be it that.
            But no Tax Exempt Church to cuddle in.

            It use to be, the deity was pinned in advanced stag of suffering for all to reflect on.

            Seems now it’s even better…

            A Pussy Grabbing Fraud with DREAMS of doing his own.!

            I think I’ll stick with Science…the Science of Rational Thinking to solve the Problems of the world.

            Do have a wonderful Religious Dream today, however my theory is your real problems are about to begin very soon.

          • You know Darwin is a great idea….let’s just do science.

            No more free meals, welfare WIC, EBT or any other handouts. No goodwill, nothing nada…you live by what you earn.

          • I knew it…

        • “Of the four most recent incoming presidents, Trump is the only president-elect whose unfavorable rating outweighs his favorable score; a majority of 55% of Americans hold a negative view of Trump, compared with 18% who did so for Obama, 26% for Clinton and 36% for Bush. Gallup has asked favorable and unfavorable ratings for key figures in this format since 1992, so only comparisons to Clinton, Bush and Obama are available.”

          Pres. Obama sits at 57% approval rating in the Gallup Poll.”

          • It all depends on where the poll is conducted. Polls are like statistics, liars, dam liars and the polls.

          • rsewill, are those the same polls that said KILLary would win and that there was no way Trump could possibly win even 220 electoral college votes, therefore there was no path to victory for him?

          • Yet Americans rejected Obama’s policies and resulted in Trump’s election…how odd wouldn’t you say…and wasn’t it Gallup who had Hillary up by double digits…and you’re STILL buying their shit…heheh


            Didn’t you learn anything at all about bogus polls that are run by MSM when they kept saying over and over that Trump didn’t have a chance in hell. How many times do you have to hit in the head with a 2×4 before you learn???…If you believe these bogus polls…I have some ocean front property in Arizona for you…Dimwit Moron

          • If no one nibbles on that send them my way! I have a bridge in Brooklyn for sale and a air conditioning/ refrigerator franchise for sale at the North Pole!! Reasonably cheap!!


        • IN YOUR DREAMS …..FOOL…………………

        • You mean BooHoos, waaaaaaa…from the demotard snowflakes that may need to work to eat soon enough….

        • From whom? All of the M0R0N1C, 1D10T1C, IMBECILIC, MENTALLY DEFICIENT, ZERO-IQ, RETARDED, A$$HOLES like you and all of the other SNOWFLAKES and MUDFLAKES, eh ?

          • But you people don’t name call….

            Fucking assholes…

          • Only sexual deviants, like yourself.

          • Oh…that’s funny…

            Do sexual deviants have to De-Tar you every time.

            Personally I like them with Tar, makes GRABBING easier.

            Hey baby I wanna Trump YOU…

            I bet you like when men who talk Trump to you..!!

          • Trump=grabber(tho not proven) bullyboy=rapist(proven and impeached and paid for

          • Trump=pussy grabber(tho proven)

            Ask Trumps first wife…

          • How about you ask Monica Lewinsky and the other women KILLary’s husband Slick Willy and KILLary who obviously did nothing to stop him from assaulting female staff members, about a filthy sexual predator.

          • The difference between Trump and Billy is very simple…consent…period.

            Billy was a Marital affair issue…Trump is a FEDERAL Felony Criminal Act.

            AKA Sexual Assult


          • You mean you didn’t grab hour wife’s pussy?…uh..uh

          • @Barrustio
            Listen up Dirtbag…

            I don’t grab any womans pussy without their consent…

            Sorry the difference eludes your moral and respectful character…

            But it will never elude me or mine..!!

            I don’t care if your a Billionaire…you need time in jail to reflect and learn respect when you violate a Woman or Child.

            Sorry if you gals don’t agree with me or what I’ve done here…
            Simply put…I do it to bring forth to the forefront of this hypocrisy you all subscribe to.

            In the way your all use to…The Trump Method

            Have I not your ATTENTION NOW.!!

          • I get it, you prefer the liberal method of grabbing a man instead right?

          • Creep

          • Just wondering if he had a problem with opposite sex genitals… I didn’t know he had a husband.

          • How would you know about MEN

          • We don’t call names simply speak the truth

          • The truth eludes you…stop proving your a idiot…

          • Hey, it’s you who has been believing Hillary and the MSM and their polls, how could you possibly know anything about truth?

        • You are sickening.

          • Sickening arrives Jan 20th…

          • Sickening has been the last 8 years. On Friday, we have a dawn of a new glorious day. THANK YOU GOD.

          • The Golden Showers of Trump…

          • Yep sickening arrives jan. 20th that will be a great thing for the great GOP. Your losing your free ride, say by to ya food stamps, ya free health care, free phone, and so on. I hope the next 8 years ( cause he will be elected again in 2020 ) your so sick of the GOP that it gives you cancer that slowly kills you !! Die slow & burn in hell sicko

          • Actually, Anti, sickening departs Jan. 20, eight years too late for all the destruction he managed to the very fiber of this country which is precisely why PEOTUS Trump won. We are sick and tired of the Demonazis tyrannical despotic control because they are snobs believing they are better than us. High Noon Jan 20, 2017 PRESIDENT Trump the thinking people’s President is inaugurated. God bless America and Make her SAFE and Great Again!!!!

        • rsewill, what a sick mind you have. He has never assaulted nor vamped his daughter but I am sure you don’t want to believe the truth and reality, so go back to your bed and sleep thru this whole week so you will feel safe.

          • “if Ivanka weren’t my daughter, perhaps, I would be dating her.”.

          • “if Ivanka weren’t my daughter, perhaps, I would be dating her.”
            That surpassed Pussy Grabbing…fursur

            How is a Father able to utter those words on a World Wide Stage…
            Guess it’s easy for a REAL Christian…

            But lets focus on more important things like Golden Showers…
            The point at hand…

          • I would be more concerned as to why a YOUNG Sasha didn’t show up for her “father’s” farewell speech.

        • No there will be tears from you and the snowflakes.

      • Do y’all really believe Mooshell is a man? I have heard that so often, I think there’s too much talk about it for there not to be something to it. (inquiring minds, you know 😉 )

    • The joy for me will be when the little bastard (Obama) leaves.

    • The end of the next to the last sentence is what I’m waiting to see… just sayin’…

    • Right ON!!!!!

    • Agreed Linda! Great post. Like you, I could care LESS about any scumocrat or HOLLYWEIRD lefties, and so-called “celebrities ” “showing up” Just reflects in their character and how PETTY they all are.
      Their loss OUR gain!

    • I am expecting to get some big laughs from watching the Liberal protesters around the nation show their backsides one last time!

    • Lewis is a has-been using Selma, where he marched with MLK over 50 years ago. Now he’s just a big-mouth Liberal trying to keep the brothers on the plantation. How long can he keep using his own people to keep himself in his position? I applaud Mason Weaver, former Black Panther for calling Lewis out! Weaver showed courage and genuine concern for what is happening to blacks who only believe that only blacks tell the truth. Lewis has concern for Lewis, no one else! MLK would be ashamed of this behavior. Mr. Lewis…you are nothing but trash!

    • “Nobody cares about Lewis or any other demos”
      54% of registered voters would beg to differ with you, at least the 1.2% more people who voted for Hillary Clinton.

    • Wasn’t it Lewis who set up the “sit in” of the Democrat’s on the congressional floor that delayed any actions for some time?
      It was Him who setting in on the various hearings over the past years claimed they were a waste of time but when it came for the Democrat’s to ask questions regarding the situation under investigation, they would just start rambling about totally unrelated things; no questions. no comments from them to the witnesses, no discussion, just talk about things that had nothing to do with what the hearings were about.
      Lewis often complained that the hearings were a waste of time and money; his an his followers certainly demonstrated a waste of tax payers money and their time; During the hearings and when he and his bunch carried out the sit-on the congressional floors.
      It was he and his followers that wasted the time by not doing their job at the hearings!
      The people saw these things; the people voted, the Democratic party lost a lot – – – now they want to blame everything and everyone but themselves for tier losses. I bet if you ask anyone of them if they feel this half-wit’s antics did not do a lot to cause the Democratic parties credibility – I bet they will say they have no idea what your talking about; they will never admit to stupidity or anything that reflects badly upon them!

    • I hope they bring lots of PORK BBQ to help keep the place clear of other problems!

    • I don’t think I would agree with the “or any other demos” comment when saying nobody cares. I think a lot of the democrats would like to have more say and stronger representation within the party. I was one for about 55 years; got tired of not having “my Voice” allowed and switched parties; it is nice to be a part of the conversation!
      As a democrat I learned we had very little say but were expected to think, say and do as the party leadership wants us to; strength in numbers even if not always in mind and will.
      Elected Democrats are quickly brain washed by party leaders to accept the fact they are “followers” only and if they fail to follow party leaders will they will not be assigned to any significant committees, will not have any of their bills accepted or voted on and will get no support at reelection time.
      Lewis apparently had some good days early on but has sold his political soul to the party leadership and thus is now just a weak and strained voice that means little. .

    • They are not all bad; it is just the Democratic party believes all members have an obligation to think, talk and do as they are told to do; if they are considered STRONG DEMOCRATS they have little choice in their beliefs or actions! We saw some of the less than overzealous democrats turn to the Republicans this last election. It is great to know there are still Americans who have the fortitude and intelligence to vote for who they feel is their best option and are not forced to vote by party. I believe we saw that this rejection as the past eight years has seen our nation slowly slip away as the Democrats played the Obama agenda to the hilt and really took the nations best interests at heart when they turned away from Hillary!

  9. Lewis fails to realize that although he had his head bashed in, many white Americans sacrificed and lost their lives in pursuit of their cause. Unfortunately, they never ever feel the need to honor that fact. Have no use for him or his agenda. Spoiled brat who sees his gravy train leaving town!

  10. Democrats aren’t worth my time to write about especially Mr. Lewis the has been!

  11. I am sick of the libs running down Trump. They start it an expect no reply. Hillary lost the election because of the dishonest and corrupt things she did and got caught. The dem party should be the ones under investigation for trying to alter the election with what Debbie Wasserman Shultz did in the primaries to the questions given to Hillary in the debates!

  12. Michael Dennewitz

    Good ole geo soros is behind it ALL! You can bet your biscuits on that! ??

  13. If Lewis was a gentleman and a senior politician he would offer an Olive branch for being a classless douchebag in the first place.

  14. I am so incredibly sick of this. What right do these ‘journalists’ have to recreate the news so it ALWAYS favors their chosen few, and ALWAYS describes Trump, his supporters, anyone even remotely connected with him in bad terms. Their headlines, their articles, its always the same. They word it just so he looks like a terrible person ‘mean’ ‘racist’ ‘sexist’ and every other ism and phobia they’ve falsely painted him as and just started calling him and us, as a matter of course. Then, when Americans get tired of being lied to and mislead and their ratings plummet, they say it’s because Trump and Republicans are misleading people!
    We NEED to send the REAL terrible people a clear message. There are millions and millions of us. We’ve already proven that when we band together we CAN make a BIG difference.
    STOP watching the liars, the ones who use the tactics of Hitler to falsely accuse others of being Hitler. STOP supporting their sponsors. STOP supporting the people who want to discount YOUR vote, your right to choose your leader so they can push, shove and force their disgustingly corrupt criminal queen in.MSN, MSNBC, CNN ABC CBS, all of them. Don’t watch them! Go to and find out who sponsors them, then contact these companies. It takes so little time, but if all of us did it they’d HAVE to listen. Please, the election was just the beginning, there is so much work left to do if we want to root these awful people out of our government, our media, our schools and our children’s lives.

  15. Lewii is just looking for a reason to be reelected and to try and tear down Trump I would never have voted for Clinton, as many others would not have, no matter what Russia might have done. THey did not cause Bengazi or make her mishandel her Sec. of State emails


    When the brown defecation hits the rotary air motivator, their will be spots on the wall!!!!

  17. I think President Elect Trump was too kind to the moron Lewis! Lewis is a MORON.

    • It wouldn’t be proper for a genius like our Precident-elect to lord his intellect over someone who is a MORON.

    • Michael Dennewitz

      Toni: They’re like being on the titanic as it sinks! They KNOW their free rides are going down the drain, FAST! ???

      • When I hear, “free ride”, I always think of the billionaire who pays no income taxes.

      • I agree Michael. The lazy will have to pull their own weight for once!

        • Trump has never pulled his own weight. His daddy gave him a million and then left him millions. He short changes his subcontractors and then bankrupts. The man is a leech.

          • Trump turned a million dollar loan from his father into billions. What have you done? You sound like a typical liberal parrot. You know NOTHIN OF Trump but you repeat the lies you have been spoon fed. You sound like an idiot. Trump works hard, unlike you.

          • He certainly does. He works so hard he doesn’t have time to take his daily intelligence briefings. He doe have time to Tweet, though. Anyway, he’s smarter than the generals and those Intel folks are liars.

          • You have Trump and hussein confused. I believe it was barack hussein who never had time for intel briefings during his eight years and he knew more than Generals, etc. That’s why he lost a war that was already won AND he fathered ISIS. Besides the fact that barack does not like to work hard. Trump will be a breath of fresh air. I will not be responding to your parrot comments after this. Don’t worry, President Trump will make this country great for you too even though you don’t deserve it.

      • Yes and they would say it wasn’t the iceberg that sunk the Titanic. And all they would have to do to keep the Tannic from sinking was to reargue the deck chairs and blame the White Star line for not having enough deck chairs to start with.

  18. Lewis = RACIST.

  19. Lewis also used that b s excuse to not attend Bush’s inauguration. He’s as big a racist as they make ’em.

    • Have you seen him with his white hood? I think it was covered in blood from the beating he took by the thugs wearing badges.

  20. If he were alive today, Dr. Martin Luther King would put his foot in John Lewis’s ass and tell him directly that he was disgracing his message by both his words and his actions.
    Remember Dr. King’s words about how people should be “judged on the content of their character?” Well, Lewis’s words reflect a complete LACK of what would be considered ‘honorable’ character. (The military would desinate it as “conduct unbecoming;” but in the sphere of liberalism, it seems to be “standard operating procedure” today.)

    • Oh Bullshit…play your Twist and Fuck game somewhere else shithead…

      • “judged on the content of their character?”

        And Trumps character is King Con Liar and Pussy Grabber…
        Who you fucking kidding asswipe…

      • Go find yourself a “safe space” over at HuffPo you whiny, obscene and irrelevant troll. Your lying corrupt and national security risk candidate LOST! Get over it!

        • “Get over it!”

          I’m over it dude..!!
          Like no other…

          I think every Real American should treat Trump the same way you people treated Obama for 8 years…but much much better…

          Not a One Term… but as a 40 year inmate…

          It starts Jan 20th and i’m just warming up…

          Hope you like so far…more on the way…

          • I sure hope you’re getting paid to make an ass of yourself. I’d really hate to think you’re emphasizing your ignorance for no remuneration.

            Speaking of jobs, do YOU have a job away from a keyboard…and outside your dark basement?

            With luck, the administrator of this site will just block your inane, personal attacks on the president-elect because you’re really wasting your time if you imagine that anyone here cares one iota what you think or post here. Ting-a-ling troll.

          • With luck, the administrators of all sites that have hypocrite Christians like you blocked.

            That day will come…

            Like I said…I will treat Trump the same way but better then the way you all treated Obama.

            Not One Term…better as a deserving 40 year inmate.

            And he can grab all the pussy he wants.

          • “I sure hope you’re getting paid”

            Lets just say…you have to worry…

          • Keep reposting the same crap without substantive discourse. It just makes you look like a sniveling, uneducated fool! So, why not just leave the site, get out of your pajamas and go try to debate someone on facts and logic face-to-face. I know…you’re afraid that you’ll be summarily humiliated.

          • It would be my pleasure to face to face with you pal.
            However… you will probably do as all Christian Trump Supports usually do…they walk away saying I quote ” Lets agree to disagree” as their parting statement on the run.
            That’s when the FACTS become so overwhelming they only have one recourse.

            They RUN…
            Because their rhetoric no longer holds water as seen in the picture above.

          • What are you? Agnostic? Atheist? Obama’s secret butt buddy? And why do you hate Christians…or just God, in general? Show us your REAL picture, and stop hiding behind a ridiculous altered avatar of someone you obviously hate.

          • You assume I hate…I don’t practice your religion.

          • You lie poorly! Your crass, obscene and vitriolic messages very transparently betray your hate. If we were to take a poll of commenters here, I’m sure that they would overwhelmingly agree that you are both hateful and a troll. .

          • Good…then I’m achieving your Goal…

            But you won’t see my picture nor know my Goal…

            Your mind is not worthy…

          • Like YOU can eject me…

            Another Fantasy…

          • I’d recommend that everyone here just vote down all of your inane comments…and eventually the administrator of the site will get the message and block/eject you.

          • @Radman414:disqus

            I’d recommend that everyone here just vote down all of your inane comments…and eventually the administrator of the site will get the message and block/eject you

            Boy that’s inane in itself…

            1…you think they care…
            2…you think I care…

            This is your MO…you don’t like what you read you run and hide.
            That’s right…your not running or hiding…just ejecting…

            What’s the difference…
            You all get to wallow in your own little fantasy unabated.
            Your little sanctuary on the INTERNET…
            Like Church but without getting off your ass and going.

            And most of all propagate your vulgar mentality…

            If it makes you warm and fuzzy…


          • You are one sick puppy by trying to pull people down into the sewer with you. Get some professional help for your anger management issues. I’m through reading your CRAP!

  21. The only “news outlet” that is not being objective is this one. This article is bull shit! Wake up! Trump is a danger to our country! Wake up, bastards!

  22. Get it straight snowflakes, Trump is NOT Romney. When hit, he hits back…and that’s a big reason I voted for him, and you media dolts keep pressing the issue. Lewis on the other hand is a race whore. Its all the simpleton has, race baiting. Its all the demotards have now, race baiting. One would think they’d be working for the people, but they are showing their true stripes now, more like skunk stripes….

  23. Democrats are nothing but a bunch of selfish little children that are taking their ball home because they didn’t win. They are proving to the American citizen we don’t need people like this in office.

  24. disqus_rEWjgfyzIp

    Democrats wanted Trump to run for office thinking hillary would be a shoe in but that back fired on them so they need to put on their big peoples panties and grow up. In the words of the democrats ” I want my pie and your pie and to eat them too” Its because of the democrats we cant have nice things

  25. Lewis is an old fart race baiter just exactly like Al Not-so-sharpton.

  26. By his own words, Lewis can no longer abide by the Congressional Oath of Office he took when sworn in as a Representative. Thus he must resign, at which point he will be free to express his opinion on the President’s legitimacy

  27. Lewis is a big mouth democrat, and right up there with the best of hate groupes. If he wants to fix his city, mabey he should work in that direction in stead of blaming everyone else. It’s easier to blame the gov. Get money for free than actually work to solve the problems.
    He also needs to put on a good show so that the losers in his city keep voting for him. Another political giant.

  28. John Lewis should resign, he has become a liability relying on service of 30 years ago. His attack on Trump made him seem relevant again, which is what he wanted. I am so glad Trump fired back. Lewis not only insulted the soon to be President of the United States, but he did it with a blatant lie.

  29. It’s a crying shame the way everyone is obstructing Trump’s right to be an accepted president. I’m sure Martin Luther King is turning over in his grave in a Earthquake fashion. Praying that a change of heart will come over all the demonstrator’s and Peace that Martin Luther fought so hard for will bring him PEACE at last, peace at last. In the name of our most Holy King in Heaven Jesus Christ AMEN.

  30. Same OLD-Same-Old –crap these people have been giving us for years-
    Once elected they no longer democrat nor are they republican they are suppose to be an employee of we the people.
    For GOD sakes why do they not understand this .Lewis is acting just like a stupid politician .
    I am sorry to say this but for years I have view our people who are suppose to represent us as prostitutes ,
    give them some money they do any thing you ask.!!! Only thing many times millions of us people are hurt “badly”.
    I know at 81 years old I borrow to live .. Lets get together and do the right-thing
    THE RIGHT THING ‘ is not always easy to do but it is always THE RIGHT THING–Never Lie-Cheat-or Steal
    it is just that simple-however money is more important than doing the right thing
    May GOD Help Us-I so wish Dr. Martin King and Robert Kennedy were here we would have an all together different country. I pray every day for a better America-where money was not the most important thing-doing the but the RIGHT THING is .GOD Bless us All

    • I like everything you say, except for one thing: why do you think Lewis is acting like a stupid politician. He clearly believes the election has been hacked in Trump’s favor. There’s plenty of evidence that he’s right. And he’s not the only lawmaker who’ll be boycotting the inauguration.

      • Melanie: NO ONE has said (nor can they) that a single vote was changed as a result of some foreign actor gaining access to a LOT of very embarrassing emails, emails that PROVED the DNC and HRC’s minions colluded to oust Bernie Sanders from the primary, and also that there were Democrat efforts to promote violence at Trump rallies. So what’s your so called “evidence” other than that the allegation is being regurgitated throughout the left-wing media. Remember, if a lie is told long enough and loud enough, it will be believed; and the bigger the lie, the more likely it is that it WILL be believed.
        BTW: At last count, it’s been reported that some 40 dim-Dems will be boycotting the Inauguration ceremony; but that doesn’t mean that they’re right about anything, just that they are petulant, whiny little crybabies who still can believe that Hillary lost.

        • Both the CIA and the FBI agree that the election was hacked. The information about the hacking of the Dems was discovered last September. However, it was really James Comey’s news about more of Clinton’s emails right before the election that decided the election in Trump’s favor. How do we know this? Her lead fell in response to that news, which never found anything against Hillary. The big burning question is whether or not D. Trump was involved in the hacking. His proven business ties with Russia only arouse more suspicion. Do you feel comfortable with having Russia for a close friend? Are you going to be happy with an openly fascist president whose advisers are from the banking and corporate world? Do you have any idea of the amount of environmental destruction that will take place in the coming years? Because, for these reasons, many of us are boycotting and protesting the inauguration. We’re not happy about the coup and what it’s going to do to our country.

          • Gaining access to the emails is NOT the same as someone ALTERING the information … which was NOT done! That would have constituted hacking. NO ONE has alleged that the emails were altered; and the information was damning. (It cost several people their jobs, including DWS; plus it highlighted several unsavory tactics that were aimed at giving HRC a big advantage.)

            Openly fascist? You got any specifics? And do you even know what a fascist is? I really doubt it.

            You just can’t imagine that Hillary lost because she ran a poorly planned, dirty campaign, and because she was a very bad candidate who lied to the American people, the relatives of the Benghazi dead, perjured herself before Congress (a crime that Obama CANNOT pardon), and peddled influence and access to Muslim-dominated countries in return for $millions paid to the Clinton Family Foundation.

            But that’s all fine, Melanie, you go right ahead — live in your delusional fears, and go “boycott,” “protest” and name-call to your heart’s desire…rather than working to repair your party for 2018. It’s going to need a LOT of help if it is ever going to regain its relevance; because lately, your representatives are just acting petulant and foolish in public.


          • I think you’re mincing words on the definition of “hacking.” I think we’re about as sure of the hacking as we are of climate change. But I suppose you’d quibble with that too. Fascist means, roughly, combining the power of the state with the power of corporations. Take a look at all his Military-Industrial picks! While this label has been debated, people are right to be nervous about Trump and his cabinet. Take Sessions wanting to label the pipeline protesters “environmental terrorists.” That would certainly threaten our first amendment rights. As for Hillary, so much of what people believe is based on the fake news lies. Why not admit that you’re a misogynist?

          • Put down the Kool Aid, Melanie. You have been overserved! Again, not one vote was altered after it was cast as a result of the embarrassing email revelations. And, if anything, it would have been far more logical for the Russians to support Hillary, not Trump. (As they have been using extensive cyber warfare for quite a while, and with minimal interference or objections during the last 8 years, they probably have a lot of very damaging information that they could have used against Hillary to “reset” the balance of power in the world. Remember how a “hot mike” let America know how “flexible” Obama would be after he was reelected in 2012.
            Furthermore, your definition of “fascism” is more like “socialism,” wherein the means of production and the distribution of services is owned and controlled by the government (who gets to set prices). Socialism is considered to be the intermediate transitional state between the free market (capitalism) and communism. Big difference
            Do a little historical research and you’ll discover that Barack Obama has acted more akin to the definition of a fascist (and socialist), a DICTATOR who tries to rule by fiat rather than adhere to democratically established laws and limitations on power. Putting America and American citizens’ interests first on one’s national agenda does NOT make someone a “fascist.” And, promoting our constitutional republic as a superior model of government doesn’t either.
            The primary duty of any POTUS is to ensure the protection of our citizens from all enemies, foreign and domestic, so putting people with the most practical experience in doing so in certain important advisory positions is completely logical…and damn smart.
            Finally, you have a bad habit of throwing around personal slurs like “fascist” and “misogynist” without any basis for doing so. You don’t know me, but know this silly girl: Not liking who Hillary is and her liberal policies has absolutely nothing to do with “fake news” or her sex, and everything to do with substantiated historical FACTS, her lack of character, and her willingness to do or say almost anything to acquire money and power.

          • You have your distorted view of the world, based on fake news; I have mine. The main difference between us is that you look for information to back up your narrow opinions, while I have an open mind. I guess that’s what “liberal” means: being intelligent and seeking out the truth.

          • What unadulterated “Bravo Sierra,” Melanie! Liberals have an “open mind” and are SO very tolerant of other’s views…right up to the point where those ‘others’ disagree with their indoctrinated tenets. And they always resort to insults when they can’t win a debate on logic and substantive facts.
            For the purposes of “truth in advertising,” I think you need a new avatar other than the adorable child in the picture. The following seems far more apropos for most libs:

        • Trump’s approval rating is at 40%–and he and his followers are nervous.

      • This is not the first inauguration he is boycotting even though he lied and said it was the first… He was a hero many years ago and has been living on interest of that investment for 40 useless years.
        … and there is no proof that the “election was hacked in Trump’s favor”. There are rumors, innuendos, guesses, assumptions etc.
        What they hackers did was wrong… but they published what you and I would have never had a chance to learn about her… She sold access to power and influence to foreign governments and now that she does not have any… the foundation is going broke. Call them and find out They are laying people off. If you are not a plant (a troll) then you are a very ignorant and naïve person. I hope you are young. That would be your only excuse.
        Trump (as imperfect as he is) won because he talked to forgotten people. Democrats and republicans both forgot about the people who were losing their jobs and homes and way of life… while ideologues spent somebody else’s money to make themselves feel good. The problem with Socialism is one…”sooner or later you run out of someone else’s money…” I hope you are young and will learn and change.

        • I have to admit that my sympathies were with Bernie Sanders, and I was very suspicious of Hillary for many of the same reasons you mention. But I’ve started to track down the articles being passed around on Facebook and learned that so much of it was either unproven or blatantly false and meant to bias voters against her. I am neither young nor naive; I’ve been a voter since 1972. But I have to admit that I was apolitical most of my life, until I woke up and realized that we all need to take part in our democratic system. My concerns are mainly the environment, education, our natural resources, the parks, and so on. I think we do need to lure big business back to the US but that will mean more air pollution unless we switch to green energy . . .

          • Of course we need to care about environment… we have technology that provides for very clean ways of doing the dirties of work. If the economy will really pick up… there will be more interest (more $$$) therefore more technology developed to keep the environment clean. One of the resources of concern is water. Many years ago we have developed technology to use water in manufacturing processes in a closed loop. A plant was using the same water over and over again it was completely cleaned at some point during the manufacturing process. I was at a plant where this was used and it was like a miracle. 20-25 years ago we could already do that. We also walked on the moon. We are a country like very few, we just have to go back to what made us that way.
            Any set of believes that is raised to a point of religious fanaticism is damaging. Recently I watched an interview of a very interesting woman scientist. I cannot remember her name. Starts with a C (I think). She is very famous with climate change crowd. I think she was talking to Tucker on Fox. You should look it up. She had an incredible resume including being on the board of NASA. She recently retired. The reason she gave for her retirement was something I think you would appreciate. She said it became so political… it is impossible to work. If you have an opinion (obviously she did) that does not agree with the liberal zealots on how much damage we (people) do to the environment and climate (sort of Gore’s The Inconvenient Truth) you do not just get criticized… you get crucified. She is not the only one who is skeptical on the level of real danger of climate change. There is also a scientist who started the Weather Channel. He suggests that a great many of militant environmentalists are in this for power, control and science grants… One of the problems I have with Liberals is that for people who claim to be so accepting they are extremely intolerant to an opinion that differs from their own…
            I hope we will be OK. If Trump and his cabinet do half of what he ran on… we would do great as a country and as a people. We will have more resources to do more good things and people will get less angry. (I hope). I also hope that the new government will take national security seriously. I think they will. No, I hope they will.

          • I hope we’ll be okay too. It would certainly help us heal our divisions if we could come together, left, right and center . . .

    • I agree!

  31. This report was exactly right ! Dems think you can’t say anything about them or disagree. Oh “we” are untouchable especially black dems so they can say anyone that opposes is racist… BS ! Typical Socialist liberal Dem behavior. They are doing anything to keep race relations at war on lies and deceptions. If that will not work attack them. It just kills them that Trump has made good moves and will continue to defy them no matter what lies they produce. Pay backs a bitch

  32. Lewis is nothing but a Race Baiting, Racist, like Sharpton and Jackson!

  33. john lewis is like john mccain they are both riding on their moment of glory from days gone by while some people put them right next to jesus on the cross and above being criticized . some of us measure them on todays work or remarks not on the past .and based on that they do not measure up .john lewis owes all the people who voted for trump an apology because when he called trump illegitimate he also called the voters illegitimate also. and john mccain owes america an apology for his underhand smear campaign where he produced false documents against trump in an effort to swing the election to hillary clinton . how low can you go john

    • Michael Dennewitz

      When our fleet of ships pulled out of Nam, we should have either left mccain’s ass behind or thrown the traitor overboard!! ???



    • The Democrats threw God out? That’s news to me! And most Catholics I know did not vote for the godless Trump.

      • GO TO YOU TUBE. TYPE IN DEMOCRATS THROW GOD OUT. you will see the Mayor of Lost Angeles call for a convention roll call. Three times they shouted throw God out. Twice the yeas had it. Then a committee woman whispered in the Mayors ear.He called for the third roll and again the majority shouted yeah. The mayor said the neah’s have it, The communists shouted no they don’t. Judge it for your self.

        • Okay, after wading through some fake news, I found this article on ABC:

          It explains that the Dems changed the language in their platform and why they did it: to be fair to all citizens and to show their support for a two-state Jerusalem.



            1/11/2017 09:43 PM

            12/30/2016 01:32 PM
            TWEET WITH TWUMP

            12/21/2016 10:15 PM

            12/19/2016 06:25 PM

          • I know FOX news is pro-GOP and helped re-elect George W Bush in 2004. But did you know that we used to have an equal time law requiring the media to present the facts without taking sides? I believe the established media continues to do that, despite the fact that R. Reagan rescinded that law as well as the Sherman anti-trust law designed to keep corporations from becoming too big and too powerful. Our government is supposed to represent the people in this country. I rather suspect that our new government intends to represent the rich and powerful, Big Oil, Big banks, and Big Greed. Does that sound like democracy to you you?


          • Oh, I don’t think God or the majority of the people had much to do with this election. But we’re going to need all the help from God we can get if we are to survive the next few years. Maybe our shared pain and poverty (what did Trump say about wages?) will bring us together. . .

      • yes, he is godless– and yes they did! Sometimes one cannot stay a single issue voter… the stakes are too high. This was one of those times.

        • Well, the Pope doesn’t much care for Mr. Trump. By the way, have you ever heard of the separation of church and state? It’s a basic principle of our founding fathers who definitely weren’t fundamentalists.

          • finaly had enough

            This is exactly why I do not care much if he is or is not very religious. On balance I think people who believe in god (any god) have a stronger core and stronger set of principles… but not always and necessarily. Of course, I know about separation between church and state… The problem is that in my experience, many ideologues bring their set of believes to the level of fanatical dedication and allow for nobody else’s opinion. That is where I think it gets dangerous. Incidentally, I am not catholic I am Jewish. But it really does not matter. Just like it does not (should not) matter when somebody gets hired or elected for a job what size, weight, gender, color or religion they are… so long that they have a resume (skills and experience) and a desire to succeed. In case of the president though I also want them to have unbelievable love for our country and a desire to protect it for future generations.

          • I can only agree–100%!

      • Only the ones that you know. The rest did.

  35. JOHN LEWIS is ugly on the inside as he is on the outside. Hate resides in his heart. Heroic, I think not!

  36. Well, let Lewis man up and call and apologize to Trump. Obviously, the serious head wound he suffered many years ago has affected his brain, let alone loyalty to America and the new President who won fair and square. He has royally insulted us and the PE. Since average age of Congress is 76, we must make then retire at the same age as we must retire 65-67 and leave with NO benefits/perks because we did not okay or vote for them to receive them, but to represent us and what we wanted done. More work days, 2 terms max. We had have it with those who have been leeching on us for 25+ years who go in with little or no money and come out millionaires and betray and ignore us. Enough is enough and we must drain Congress as well. And definitely remove all registered socialists and communists which mean we had better do a lot better in vetting candidates for offices in state and fed.

  37. Stay home sore losers. You started it Lewis so eat it up. You have been had. Retire and get out of Washington.

  38. John who—-another racist you say…………

  39. It was Lewis who started the war on words with what he stated. What he did years ago does not have anything to do with now. He sure has not done anything except bad mouth the Republicans. He should get out of office for his racist and anti American statements.

  40. Lewis is a fat, ugly Silverback who needs to STFU. He’s only done one thing of notoriety in his life. Over 50 years ago, he got his Ass beat on the march to Selma. After all these years, it’s probably time for him to get a real case of a good Whoop-Ass. Obviously, this monkey has a short memory.

  41. I’m hoping Obama & Lewis both have a stroke. Two of the biggest racist animals. Let not forget transgender Michele. Good riddance obama. May we never hear from you again. Just go back to where you belong KENYA. IF THEY WANT YOU & MICHAEL. OOPS I MEANT MICHELE

  42. When has John Lewis done a thing for the negro community? No he lined his pockets by sitting in congress as a useful idiot to depress his own race, what a hypocrite

  43. Lewis, another racist making a mountain out of a mole hill. PATHETIC !!

  44. The right to protest is a right we all share.I am an independent.To my knowledge in, my 70 years ,I have not seen the kind of sleazy president elect we have for the next 4 years.We are shamed by the world and it is a scary though to know that his finger is on the button.

  45. Michael Dennewitz

    Every TV in Orlando has got velcro heads coming on and screaming vulgarities about PRESIDENT Trump. I have the distinct feeling that a race war is about to take place. But that’s alright, the knee grows always set fire to and destroy their own businesses. In any event, all five of mine are loaded, cocked and ready, especially my 9mm with hollow points! ??

  46. soldier for liberty

    Commie pinko’s, glad they aren’t going to be there to sully the event go get an abortion or cry racism, whine in your colt 45 what ever you shit bags do.

  47. John ‘Showboat’ Lewis. Used to see him at city council meetings standing outside lavishing in all the attention he got.

  48. Lewis is just another worthless race pimp rabble-rouser. He’s just like his commie pal King was back in the ’60s.

  49. Why is John Lewis a legend?Only John and his Demorat cohorts think he is a legend.
    He is just another liberal rat.

    • All I see here are ad hominems (i.e. Name calling) and other logical fallacies! That’s not the way to present a convincing argument or even take a persuasive stance on an issue.

      • Myself and others do not care what you think.

        • Our country is very divisive–much more than it used to be. People used to share their opinions in a courteous way. I love hearing from the other side, and learning new things. But most of what I read here lacks substance.

        • I find your attitude disappointing. We live in such an interesting country, full of people with different ideas, experiences, and points of view. Differences can be daunting, but they can also be eye-opening. We can learn from each other, in other words.


      Check out this article to get a sense of John Lewis’ considerable contributions. Yes, he is liberal in his policies, but he’s been called the conscience of Congress. He accomplished great things against all odds. He deserves our respect.

  50. All the articles I’ve read so far are divisive and emotional with a distinct bias. It would be more convincing to acknowledge the other side–the side that sees Lewis as the hero he is–and acknowledge that Trump made a big mistake. If you really want to help our president-elect, get him to stop tweeting in the wee hours. He’s just not coming across well to the rest of the world.

  51. Lewis is one ignorant individual. THERE WAS NO HACKING OF THE ELECTION! The hacking was to an unsecured computer of the idiot Hillary and her pal who send sensitive email over the internet. The internet is not secure. Even children know that.
    If there was any fraud in the election it was the millions of illegals who voted. Why aren’t these yoyos worried about them? Oh yeah they mostly vote democrap!
    I’m so sick of the Dems and their deliberate mis-stating the facts in order to cover their incredibly poor performance. They can’t use the ‘hacking’ excuse for all the congressional seats and governorships they lost. What excuse are they going to use to cover that? The Martians hack them? Losers!

  52. Are you actually going to the inauguration?! Armed with pigs’ blood bombs? You’ll make Mr. Trump proud, I reckon.

  53. I rejoiced when the networks finally confirmed the election of Donald Trump. Many of my friends and family were just as jubilant that we would not have Hillary or Bill Clinton back in the White House. Bill Clinton shamed and fornicated in the White House just as many past presidents–JFK, LBJ, IKE and Clinton (most recent) while their wives turned their heads, pretending that no one would ever find out. Madonna sent a pubic hair to Donald Trump as protest. I wonder if she sent a cigar with vaginal serum to Bill and Hillary, her true friends, as a parting gift. That would have been so appropriate for this “esteemed” Democrat couple.

  54. Well, this is just typical political hatred at its best, (or worse), blaming everyone else for their failed liberal policies coming out of D.C. for the past several decades, resulting in the chaos, poverty, lack of employment, crime, murders and gangs, poor education, escalation on government entitlements, etc, etc, in the inner cities. If I were a black man, I would be so p****d off at the demoquacks for what they did to the black race, I would never vote democratic ever again. Then came along obumma which made the situation exponentially worse.

    • and drugs, and gangs, and dysfunctional families. What’s the solution to the cycle of teen pregnancy, gang membership, school dropouts, lack of role models,low income, families stuck on welfare for generations, deadbeat fathers . . . it’s no easy matter to break a cycle like this. How would you do it?

      • Great question. I really don’t know. It’s been decades of these failed liberal policies so entrenched in the black race, Trump has his work cut out for him, that’s for sure. Maybe start with the wall, then hopefully continue with a positive domino effect, leading up to giving alarm clocks to the unemployed and to the lazy ones that just flat out don’t want to work an honest days wages.

        • Well, how about single moms (often high school dropouts) trying to raise their kids alone in the gang-infested ghetto. Is there anyway to stop that pattern? Because these kids are lured into gangs at a very early age . . .

      • Education. Get rid of the unions in schools, get rid of the ideologues.
        Make welfare–workfare. Make welfare available only to people living here legally, make them responsible for their kids’ school attendance, grades etc. Make the “social workers” who are giving out food stamps and welfare stipend “for asking” responsible for the family living according to a plan… pay to educate the parents and put them to work. Provide school choice to the kids. Make tenants in the projects responsible for safety and sanitary conditions of their buildings. I clean and paint my own house regularly and so should they. My kids get punished for writing on walls and so should theirs. Get drugs out of the projects. If a family member engages in illegal activities the family stands a chance to lose welfare and the home. Get armies of volunteers to provide tutoring, organize after school activates (sports, music bands, dance classes, art classes etc.) Teach, educate, show example of good life and the limitless opportunities the kids will have and they will come… Education will show them what magnificent opportunities they have and how great their life could be if they work hard. Gangs have to be removed. Political correctness did not work. Lets have couple of years when we call a spade a spade. Very young gang members need to be pulled out and educated. Older removed and punished. When we teach sex education in school we should teach even more so that having sex leads to having babies, leads to NOT being able to get out of poverty and have a good life. These classes should be taught for kids and parents together. Ambition can be taught. In many of those families it does not exist. Many years on welfare would do that to a family tree. The old way gave us Ferguson and Baltimore… Democrat governors, democrat mayors for years… Time to try a different way. I did not like Trump… but I did not see how the same old way would get us anywhere. Time to try a different way. Instead of protesting… time to give him a chance. He has very strong cabinet members. Yes! They are rich! It is good. Rockefeller once said that he was too rich to take bribes. I like that.
        They are successful, they might even accomplish something for a change. We had 8 years of failing — we cannot afford any more.

        • I like some of your ideas, but I wouldn’t get rid of unions.

        • Thank you. The reason you have to get rid of the unions is twofold.
          One– too many layers of management (many exist just to pay for themselves…) and the most important is that they protect people in the jobs based on the number of years they work rather then talent, productivity and dedication. They prevent less then adequate teachers from being fired… and that is the beginning of a bad school.
          Our school system currently is centered around administrators and unions and it needs to be centered around children and parents. This why parents’ choice of schools would be so important and this is exactly why unions are dead set against it.
          I have 6 grandchildren in private schools. 4 boys and 2 girls. There is not a subject they do not like and not a subject in which they do not excel. They learn algebra in 5 grade like it is alphabet with pictures… calculus in 6 and 7th. they all read chapter books in kindergarten, love literature and poetry and languages and math and science and art and play chess and musical instruments and sports. Nobody told them that there is something that they cannot do or something that is more difficult then something else. They all dream becoming something or somebody very successful and know that they will have to work very hard and become anybody they want.. All of this is learned behavior. It is a shame to not teach it to kids from poor inner city families. I am sure there is a way to teach the same habits outside of the home within a good school environment with volunteers available to manage after school programs. Unions do not allow any such thing… They should not be in control in schools. There is nobody who needs to be protected in a school. private schools do fine without unions. The amount of $$$ that we spend per student ($15-18K per student a year) could buy a lot of learning. Democrats are against private and Charter schools because they would create competition to the current public schools. In my opinion it is the best thing. Bad schools will either get better or go out of business. either way is good. Competition is always good. Parents need to be involved and we would need lots of volunteers. It is a shame for a country like ours to be somewhere between 22-25 out of 38 countries in terms of educational results.

  55. Lewis is worthless

  56. Deplorable wizard

    Poor little johnny, he needs some playdoe and a safe room. At least the safety pin wearing newsmen can help him carry the burden of the massive abuse mean old donny is hitting him with.


    MLK is rolling over in his grave, little johnny has become a loud mouth POS politician, exactly what Dr King hated. A blowhard that has worked for the last 30 years to hold down the black community. A bought and paid for mouthpiece for the destruction of the republic Dr King worked so hard to bring people up to and become a viral part of.

    Go, President Trump, it is johnny and idiots like him that need to be put back in place.

  57. Outrage?
    Remember when Trump promised, the use of Trump restrooms, to Jenner?
    ANY outrage?

  58. John Lewis may at one time have been a courageous fighter for desegregation, but he has become a corrupt and venal politician. John Lewis is no longer a friend of his people, African Americans. Lewis now votes to keep them enslaved on the welfare teat and to keep them on the Democrat sucker list.

  59. Vincent Dougherty

    “What difference does it make”! This Lewis is a windbag who has done nothing for the people he represents. Nothing lost with his absence….

  60. I hope these democrats bury their own party. Lewis is a hypocrit. He did do something great for African Americans, but he has now lied to the American people. He’s lying to the very people he went out and fought for, and that is a hypocrit. Why is it democrats think it is okay to lie, lie, lie? Al Sharpton is one of the most racist liars of them all. That man is just plain out evil. I hope they all stay home. That’s just more democrats that are giving the message to their voters that they are on their own. I am more than sure nobody at the inaguration will even think twice about them. I for one can hardly wait. I am so excited to see this failed president out of office. I wish I could be at this historical moment, but since I can’t, I will be glued to my television all day. I wouldn’t miss this for anything.

    • You speak only in vague generalities, like so many others. What lies?

      • Then you should educate us. I want to know exactly what I said that was a lie? Come on, tell me exactly what everybody gained the whole 8 years Obama was in the White House? Tell me exactly what made Clinton a viable choice to be our president? Tell me exactly why the majority of people voted against her in her own blue states, because it surely wasn’t because of some emails? You tell me exactly why Hillary Clinton had no message to make me want to vote for her? So before you call me a liar, you should be able to speak up and tell me why you feel it is your right to do that.

        • When I asked, “what lies” I meant “what lies has Lewis told the American people?” I have no idea what you’re talking about when you say “Democrats lie” because you just leave it at that–a huge over-generalization. Do you think Trump always tells the truth? Do you think all the “news” you find online tells the truth? I have found many, many unproven claims about Hillary. Check out Snopes online if you want to know the truth. It’s a fact-checking organization.

  61. Best for the country would be fou all dems to stay home, not only for inauguration, but for the remaining next 16 years. ( yes, that’s 2 times 8 years). Better still would be if they would do the unthinkable (like keeping their oath to leave the country if Trump,won) and leave the country permanently. And in case they want to create the type of mess they are known for, let’s change the present policy of having the police and other forces as first containers of these rabid dogs and the bikers as last resort and reverse that order and have the bikers tame them first. Something like when the “new Black Panther party” where monitoring (armed with sticks, knives, bats etc.) the 2009 election poll stations. Or has America already forgot ?

  62. According to Lewis when he declared Trump presidency illegitimate and that this is “the first time” he would not attend a presidential inauguration – LIAR comes to mind. He did NOT attend President Bush’s inauguration and also called his presidency “illegitimate”!!! So much for the Demonazis telling more lies.


  64. Nothing a Democrat says surprises me. The press never criticizes anything a Democrat says. That said, it’s about time President-elect Trump begins to act like a president. Getting into cat fights should be beneath him by now. He needs other people to do that, just as the current President did. Obviously, it DID help Trump get elected when the (true) dirt on Ms. Clinton and the Democratic party came out, BUT that ignores the fact that it was TRUE. I guess what the Democrats are saying is that they dug up all the dirt they could on Trump by themselves, while the Republicans were less good at mud-slinging and they had to have outside help to get the dirty not-so-little secrets out. I’m holding my breath on this Trump presidency, but we needed to move the needle back to the right a bit. Hopefully, we will get responsible, effective leadership from the Republicans. The ball is in their court. They have 2-4 years to show the People what effective Washington leadership is.

    They best get it right.

    • In case you thought there might be some bias in news reporting….

      How’s this for having the “inside track”?


      ABC News executive producer Ian Cameron is married to Susan Rice, National Security Adviser.

      CBS President David Rhodes is the brother of Ben Rhodes, Obama’s Deputy National Security Adviser for Strategic Communications.

      ABC News correspondent Claire Shipman is married to former Whitehouse Press Secretary Jay Carney

      ABC News and Univision reporter Matthew Jaffe is married to Katie Hogan, Obama’s Deputy Press Secretary

      ABC President Ben Sherwood is the brother of Obama’s Special Adviser Elizabeth Sherwood

      CNN President Virginia Moseley is married to former Hillary Clinton’s Deputy Secretary Tom Nides.

      And now you know why it is no surprise the media is in Obama’s pocket.

      Ya think there might be a little bias in the news ???

      It also explains the cover up of Benghazi………

    • We are one country and we share many of the same values. Stop being so divisive and try to find common ground with those whose views differ from yours. Do you care about clean water, clean air, and an untainted food supply? Do you think all citizens have the right to an education and a good job? Do you think everyone should be paid the same for the same work? If so, let’s all work together to make sure we still have the basics needed for “life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” Let’s make sure we still have a government of the people, by the people, and for the people, as our Constitution promises.

  65. Beeotchstewie the deplorable

    He is just doing what is expected of the most racist group in congress, the Congressional Black Caucus. I challenge anyone to find a larger single group of bigots anywhere in the District of Corruption. Don’t bother, it’s a fools errand. Like trying to pick up a turd from the clean end.

  66. I don’t agree that lewis is a great civil rights man just because he got hit in the head and he holds a important position in Washington to be knocking our new president if I lived in ga. The next election I would vote him out

  67. I love watching the Commiecrats self destruct. They are moving further to the left which will utterly destroy them.

  68. When a Socialist, such as Lewis, attacks the President (any President) even Whacked-Out-Dems should see just how biased he is against our Constitution . . . the same Constituion he has sworn to uphold for 3+ Decades, while hanging around Washington, deCeit.

  69. Lewis should have kept his sorry mouth shut, Trump can not help that he is a common scum bag RACIST.

  70. Simply fact, the Liberals have only Racism, Feign Outrage and Captive Victim Voters to hide behind! Their Messiah has left all of us so deep in debt that our Great-Grandchildren will be paying for it, and all they have to putforth is………”Well, It all would have worked if you had just voted for Madam Liar”! As for Mr. Lewis, IF MLK were alive today, he would be ashamed of him!

    • Actually, Republican administrations usually accumulate the larger debt. Bill Clinton is the only one whom I recall actually reducing the debt, as well as creating millions of new jobs.

  71. That’s what affirmative action is no criticism or correction if one happens to be wrong and black

  72. This is all about Old Karl Marx and his Communist Manifesto, in addition Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, especially Rule # 13. It’s all about disruption of civility with name calling. “A lie repeated enough will eventually become the truth”. LBJ once stated (~1965) that his Great Society welfare programs were there to keep “the uppity n***oes on the democratic plantation” and have them voting democrat for the next 200 years. LBJ was as about as racist as anybody and a bully at that.

  73. It’s amazing how the Democrats think all this drama is making them credible! They look like foolish children who need a very long time out! Every thing they keep throwing at Trump has been proven to be wrong, or just another version of fake news. Hope your real constitutes are watching and listening and make sure that the next time you come up for reelection, they put your sorry butts out! Lewis was poor when he went to DC and now he has money out the ying yang, what do the people in his district have? The big fat zero. Wake up!

  74. I hope they do stay at home! We don’t want our celebration ruined by a bunch of sour faced old fools anyway! Hopefully, as usual, the liberal demonstrators will all misstep and wind up in jail!

  75. No matter what Mr. Lewis did in the past he is dead wrong on the Russian hacking our election process .
    The whole story is a complete lie and Lewis is a part of it . Shameful . Lewis should be sanctioned .

  76. Lewis legitimately earned some credibility and status for his work in the 60’s Civil Rights struggles. However, one can only rest on his or her laurels for so long. Work done 50 years ago, no matter the personal sacrifice, does not earn a person the right to fail to respect the office of President (elect) or to question the legitimacy of a duly held election by the entire nation.

  77. I think that anyone, no matter what party, who says that a presiden-elect voted in by the people of this country is illegitimate is an abomination to their held office in our government and should be made to explain with hard proof why that statement is fact. It did not take Russia’s leaking of any emails to prove facts that Hillary Clinton should have never been nominated into running for president in the first place.


    John Lewis…Legend in his own mind maybe. I don’t care if a single Democrook shows up… I really don’t…. This is Trump and the American People’s Day. Come or Don’t…We Don’t Care…But for Christ Sake …If they come and they are disruptive or violent…ARREST AND REMOVE THEM FROM THIS SPECIAL DAY !!!!!

    • John Lewis is a national hero….you may wish it were not true,but it is. A legend in his own mind?
      you must be ignorant of modern American history. Look it up


        LOL…You’re comprehension sucks at best…Look this up…Just like the article says Lizzie…”John Lewis hasn’t been out there doing the business of civil rights for the last thirty years; he’s been doing the leftist business of the Democratic Party. And that business has been as bad for African-Americans in Georgia and the rest of the country as any white Southern bigots ever were. Their welfare ideology has trapped blacks in a cycle of crime and poverty in many of this nation’s cities – which includes Atlanta.
        Furthermore, Trump didn’t “tear into” Lewis out of nowhere, did he? Lewis started it, saying on Meet the Press that Trump was not a “legitimate” president due to Russian interference in the election. That’s an extraordinary claim to make. If a Republican had skipped the election of Barack Obama in 2009 with this kind of rhetoric, they would be…well, they would be treated about like Trump is being treated right now.

        No Democrat (or Republican) is exempt from criticism” – especially when they poke the hornet’s nest themselves.

  79. John Lewis is a fraud milking his black and immigrant followers and living off the civil rights issues of 50 years ago along with all of the Democrats boycotting the inauguration as they did in 2000. Lewis and friends are unamerican shysters who do not deserve America. Where else could any one of us do as well and be as happy.Blacks and immigrants worldwide dream of American Lewis and friends mock America because they are vile.

  80. lewis is just another one of those that are cashing in on being around mlkjr was speaking he is still cashing in on his own people …he could care less about them as long as he gets the media time and the money…he’s is and always has been a joke go TRUMP

  81. john lewis is a fat assed loud mouthed racist biggot who has raped the black community of years while sucking on the white dems arses

  82. The Dems have nothing left but race baiting and dividing the social classes. I could care less if those cry baby libertards show up at the inauguration or not. At least Trump won’t have to look out on their slack jawed faces and be reminded of what a bunch of brain dead idiots he is going to have to deal with the next four years. He should have their inaugurations event tickets given to a group of Trump supporters.

  83. Trump could have ignored him. Instead he made Lewis more important than he was. Bad move. True, it does reveal Democrats as the small-minded set they are, but they can emphasize that all by themselves.

  84. The funny thing is, if Martin Luther King was still alive, I’d venture to say he would not only attend , he likely would have spoken in favor of Trump from the beginning.

  85. Fuk the back commie racist dumb-ass!

  86. If Republicans had boycotted Obomber’s inauguration , there would have been screams of “Racism” and how hateful Republicans were.The Demoncraps are incredibly hypocritical and further demolish their credibility and insure their continued defeat in future elections.

  87. Mr. Lewis, a great way to bring our country together. Or are you one who believes his success is dependent on a divided nation. Reread every thing Dr, King wrote, if you don’t understand it I’m sure there are people who can help you. Not only does those in power need to get rid of their petty prejudices but work together to help ALL Americans Have a Better Life. This can only happen if one looks for the betterment of All Americans.


    If anybody criticized obama …
    they were labeled ‘racist’ …
    The liberals love to act indignant,
    and claim their people are
    ‘sacred cows’ who are above reproach,
    while they feel ‘entitled’ to trash
    Republicans. And, as one African American
    woman asked … “what has lewis done since
    Selma”? … and, even in Selma, 40 YEARS AGO,
    Lewis’ big accomplisment, was to march,
    and get roughed up … sounds like
    he … like so many other politicians, who need
    term limits, is resting on his laurels.

  90. The republican congressmen attended both of Obama’s inaugurations. So who are the most mannerly ones in Congress? John Lewis did not consider George Bush a legitimate president either. He is a nut case

  91. ah yes, Lewis,the missing link between ape and gorilla.

  92. lewis needs to MOVE ON and get a real life . Doesn’t he have anything better to do then cry and trow a tantrum .His words meant nothing !

    • John Lewis is all about continuing the racial divide in our country. I don’t see him as a hero just because he protested and got beaten by police in the 1960s. I am sure he says he wasn’t doing anything but marching and didn’t instigate anything (with HIS MOUTH, we KNOW HE DID…) Anyway, that was in the 1960s, I’ll just bet he brought it on himself (I’m not saying that there wasn’t abuse of blacks during this time, of course there was, but……knowing John Lewis as we all do, I am sure he was partially, if not completely responsible for what happened to him.) He has to learn that the past is the past and as long as people like him keep bringing this stuff up and acting the way he acts TODAY that things will never get better. He is not a hero in my eyes. He is a loud mouthed racist.

  93. lewis just a liar or manipulator of facts, Lewis skipped out on George Bush’s inauguration back in 2000 because felt that Al Gore was the real winner. him and msm they just make stuff up to fit the agenda. bad a

  94. Can we just stop making headline news for two weeks out of every time a mentally ill liberal whines and cries about something? They have safe rooms! Use them and get the hell out of the public arena!

  95. Who the hell cares about some old fool nigger racist who has done nothing for America just like Sharpton and jessie jackson> The whole Demo-RAT/Marxist Party should do a mass suicide for what they have done to this Country for themlast 8 years and take the terrorist illegal not black half breed sunni muslim first gay president with them!!!! Has anyone stopped and asked the QUESTION, “WHERE THE HELL DID $10 TRILLION DOLLARS GO IN THE LAST 8 YEARS WITH RECORD TAXES AND REVENUE ON TOP OF ALL THAT!!! NO NEW ANYTHING, ELECTRICAL GRIS, 30,000 BRIDGES THAT ARE FAILING AND WHAT ABOUT OUR HIGHWAYS. ALL WE GOT FROM THIS PARTY IS THE WORLD ON FIRE AND BORDERING A WORLD WAR BECAUSE OF LITTLE NIGGER WHO TOLD CHINA AND RUSSIA AND IRAN “I WILL BE MORE FLEXABLE WHEN I GET ELECTED” LOOK AT WHAT WE GOT !!!~ BY THE WAY THE WAY THE 15 MILLION JOBS THAT THE MUSLIM BRAGGED ABOUT ONLY 900,000 WERE FULL TIME JOBS!!! SHOVE THAT UP YOUR COLLECTIVE ASSES DEMO-RATS!!!! VIETNAM VET

  96. The operative sentence in this article is… “John Lewis hasn’t been out there doing the business of civil rights for the last thirty years”.

  97. Yep. Our left-wing Atlanta Journal-Constitution newspaper carried such a story about the feud between Lewis and Trump “…looms over MLK Celebration…” Oh, goodness, it “loomed” (like a black cloud?!) Horrors. Yet, Trump himself was meeting with the son of King at Trump Tower. Smaller story in same rag. Bias? Yep.

  98. Surely people see the point of Lewis. Trump did Play to the many racists who surprisingly are more numerous than I ever suspected. Racism is Not American and not Patriotic and was never part of the American Dream. Never. To me it is as bad as Islam’s Supremacy doctrine. Lewis knows how hard it has been to make just a little progress and he is afraid now that Trump might work to turn back the progress. Many of his supporters hope so, but it will not happen and I do not believe Trump means for it to happen. But he Did Play for votes from racists. Trump just needs to prove he is really for the Constitution and Bill of Rights & does try to put action behind his promise to help the poverty trap of the ghetto type cities. If he proves he is not Racist, Lewis would apologize & the whole country would be better for it.

  99. Got both houses, let them stay home all the time!

  100. John Lewis is a pathetic lying hypocrite. He did exactly the same thing to Bush but says he has attended all inaugurations. I thought Trump’s response was just fine. Lewis is picking on the new Sherif in town. Basically Lewis is un-American and continue to encourage division between blacks and whites. He may be an icon for past actions but his actions in his later years has not helped his race or the people he represents. Shame on you John.

  101. Lewis` defining claim to fame was being smacked in the head by a Democrap at Selma then he became one of them. Children can you say, “Plantation”?

  102. The Dems have nothing left but racism, social justice and class warfare. They’ve played those old saws for so long now they mean nothing. Someone calls me a racist because I’m a middle class fair complected souhtern white male I just laugh at them. I’ve been called the blue eyed devil so many times by black muslims I just laugh at them and ask if that’s the best they got. As far as I’m concerned Trump will be able to go through Inauguration Day without having to see those fifty or so brain dead slack jawed idiots that say they aren’t going and be reminded that he’s going have to deal with their insane yammering for the next four years.

  103. Whaaaaaa they still crying little babies.

  104. Any Democratic legislature that does not attend the inauguration because of their political agenda, needs to pack their bags and be escorted out of the Congressional Chambers. They work for the people and the people expect that these imbeciles work towards a smooth transition of power. The supposed tolerant left is only tolerant when they are getting their way and you are agreeing with them. Hopefully Democrats with any decency will call for their removal from office and leave the Democratic party. This temper tantrum display is beyond despicable. I child acts better than he does.
    And when they leave, there is NO retirement, NO healthcare, NO security detail. We the People are speaking and you Damn well better listen

  105. Good, I hope this Lewis maggot and the rest of his left wing radical pals do stay home during President Trump’s inauguration. It’ll save money for us taxpayers. We won’t have to buy air freshener to get their stink out of the area. It’s bad enough though, that the White House will have to be fumigated after these Obamas are finally gone.

  106. Lewis is a fraud, stop giving this liar so much air time -/ Really no one cares — so glad trump is not just letting him Mouth off — let him stay away from the beautiful ceremony of our country’s change of command, he is not needed .

  107. He should have been booted out years ago, He hasn’t done anything for his area so Mr. Lewis hang it up your done.

  108. Keep your powder dry folks because the dims are nothing short of being full blown terrorists. We may have to sit their childish butts down!

  109. Let the phony low life slack jawed idiots skip the inauguration it doesn’t hurt my feelings. Obama is taking his inbred bunch down to Florida, maybe he can take the rest of the Democrat Socialists with him. This Inauguration is for Patriotic Americans ready to make America great again, not a bunch of whiny professional victims that feel America is the source of the rest of the worlds problems.

  110. Politicians are voted in to represent the people who voted for them and not just the ones that they want to represent. If they cannot do their job as hired then Trump should come out and say YOUR FIRED.

  111. Beeotchstewie the deplorable

    Lewis, please do stay home and take a long hard look in the mirror, you just saw the true face of racism in America today.

  112. When will these idiots learn if you attack Trump, he will return the favor. I happen to respect that.

  113. The purpose of Fake News is to provide cover for Democrat Fake Politicians and to smear anyone who opposes them. A good example is how Fake News reported Fake Politician Rep. Lewis’ exchange with President-Elect Donald Trump.

    Fake News gave little coverage go Fake Politician Lewis’ unsupportable and intemperate accusation that Trump’s election was not “legitimate”. Yet Fake News was atwitter over Trump’s legitimate response. Fake News ran stories under headlines like, “Trump Attacks Rep. Lewis” while focusing exclusively on Trump’s response without giving a second thought to the entirely illegitimate complaint made by Fake Politician Lewis. Consider how different coverage would have been had Fake Politician Lewis’ accusation been exposed as having no foundation.

  114. Lewis started it and he did so for a reason….they are grandstanding.

  115. Who cares, The media Dug up a long ago past. A moment of glory. What has he done since. Got bet…how? Not by helping the people he was elected to do. His only reason for being where he is today is his color. He is a bigot and racist. A nasty old black man that’s all.

  116. There is no feigning of outrage. Trump is not fit to wash John Lewis” feet. Lewis is a man who nearly gave his life to right civil injustice. Yet the shameless ass Trump tweets of him like a wet behind the ears errand boy. Trump has no respect for anybody but our arch nemesis Putin. Trump is a national embarrassment lowlife. He will never be accepted by any African-Americans who are not toms.

  117. Tell dumbass Lewis not to tug on Superman’s cape! He started this fight so don’t cry when Trump fights back!

  118. I can’t believe all the racist comments here. What is this, a klan website? Fuck every one of you bitches here with racism in your stone cold hearts. Trump is ano overt racist and it is undeniable.

  119. Awe, Lewis, the guy who falsely claimed he was called racial slurs but was caught in the lie by several people who videoed the whole thing. We should all be glad this race baiter wont be going. We can also look at the democrats and remind ourselves of the lies they tell when they claim they are for uniting our nation and freeing it of racism. Boy have they proved the ver opposite. They are for dividing our nation and using racism to help it along the way.

  120. I,am OUTRAGED at the demo-crappers an lib-turds , being OUT RAGED. I,am sure this is a smoke an mirrors Bu$$ Tacket, to make everyone look the other way at them an not for the real OUT RAGE. Lewis should resign, for poor work ethics , an he is loaded with them.

  121. It’s obvious that Lewis is a racist hater. The far left can’t stop the Trump Train!

  122. To me, I see lewis as nothing but a glorified token negro put up on a pedestal for later use when the need to do so becomes evident. Now that I think about it, the DirtyRats, as I call them, have a number of TOKEN MEMBERS that they use in a similar manner….

  123. Those who stay home continue to visually support their view of socialism which the entire Democratic Party agrees with.

  124. What they are doing is disgusting and makes them look bad. I believe they are not doing the job they were elected to do.

  125. Louis needs to go with Al Sharpton to jail. Sharpton for not paying income tax and Lewis for the crap that flows from his mouth!

  126. Lewis is a victim of his belief in all the HERO stories that have been written about him.
    His actions speak much louder than his History. And his actions are 100% Racist Bigot. So maybe he should regroup with his adoring fans in the Press and rewrite his story and then act civil.

    • His day may have been but it ever was, it sure seems it has come and gone. He speaks as if he is confused and lost in space.

  127. Remember; Lewis set in the various hearings regarding Benghazi, Hillary Clintons private server, and other significant incidents investigated by Congress. He was the democratic leader In the hearings setting oppose Issa Republican Chairman. Each party was properly represented and took terns asking witnesses questions.
    He later said they were a waste of time; If you watched them you would have seen why. He and the Democrats would often “waste their time” In the hearings. The participants in the hearings switched back and forth between democrat and republican representatives as the committee asked questions from the witnesses or principle of the hearing.
    The Republicans would ask direct questions of the principle and witnesses – but – the Republicans would use their time talking about things in no way connected with the hearings; how peaches are grown in mountain states, the movement of certain fish with weather changes; anything but what the hearing was intended for. They spoke only to burn up time and never to resolve anything the hearing was intended. After the hearings concluded the days work Lewis would say the hearings were a waste of time; and they were as far as any efforts from Lewis and the Democrats participating ignored tier duty and wasted everyone’s time with their random story telling.
    He is also the one who set up the “sit in” on congressional floors so normal activities the could not be conducted.
    This is the SAME GUY who says our congress is ineffective and blames everyone else for the problem!
    Just as Obama had a habit if doing; when things go wrong point fingers at someone else and blame them for the problem!

  128. There will come a day when Lewis will remove his head from his posterior and go to Trump for some “pet” legislation. Can you imagine what the President is going to tell him. I think, was it me, I’d suggest he take his request to the N A A C P.

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