Dems Consider Muslim House Rep to Lead DNC

We will see soon enough if Democrats learned the right lessons from this election. For now, it appears that they are moving forward on two beliefs: One, that the Democratic Party has lost touch with middle America and the working class. Two, that Bernie Sanders is now the philosophical leader of the party, meaning that the answer to a Donald Trump victory is to move the party even further to the left.

These answers are reflected in the favorite to becoming the next Democratic National Committee chairman, Rep. Keith Ellison of Minnesota. Ellison is the first Muslim-American to be elected to Congress, and he is a Sanders acolyte through and through. After the election, Sanders quickly endorsed Ellison for the position.

On Monday, Ellison officially announced his bid for the role, coming out strong with a list of 40 endorsements from Democrats and labor chiefs.

“Democrats win when we harness the power of everyday people and fight for the issues they care about,” Ellison said. “It is not enough for Democrats to ask for voters’ support every two years. We must be with them through every lost paycheck, every tuition hike, and every time they are the victim of a hate crime. When voters know what Democrats stand for, we can improve the lives of all Americans.”

It’s annoying when Democrats try to tell Republicans which strategies to pursue, because the conflict of interest is so blindingly obvious. So we’ll keep that in mind as we review this DNC shakeup. It would be silly to criticize their options from a conservative viewpoint.

So, as we put on our Objectivity Caps, let’s see if this move makes sense.

On the plus side, the party clearly understands that they have to make some serious changes. The DNC leadership was thoroughly exposed this year, forcing both Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Donna Brazile into disgrace. Democrats cannot save their party by going back to the same establishment well that was rejected on election night.

On the other hand, Ellison feels like a needlessly defiant choice that smacks of identity politics. Were he a white Catholic who talked the same populist game, would he be the frontrunner? Or is the party eager to make some kind of “statement” by putting a black Muslim at the head of the DNC? And what kind of message does that send to the white working-class voters who went from Obama to Trump over the course of four short years?

Well, the clock’s already counting on the 2018 midterm elections. On that day, we’ll find out if Democrats made the right corrections or if they doomed their party to long-term irrelevance.


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  1. Dale F Winans, Cpl, USMC

    Would they then have to rename the “Democratic National Committee” to the “Daesh National Committee”? **For you ignorant low information libtards, “Daesh” is a derogatory term for ISIS/ISIL.**

    • Semper Fi Cpl.Winans..

      • Semper Fi gentlemen. (The State of which I am an enemy is the European Union).

        • Why are you an enemy of them?

          • An enemy if “IT” not them, it is a unitary political entity. Why? Because since it was conceived in embryo by the dreadful Dulles brothers, and foisted on the peoples of Europe as a trading area the underlying agenda has been to make a uniform federal government of bureaucrats to remove all power from the nation states of Europe and develop a rival to the USA. It has failed miserably in every endeavour it has ever attempted and all of the dictates from Brussels have been conceived and executed by the most anti democratic forces seen in Europe since 1939.
            The Council of Ministers, governed by France and Germany, has issued Statutory Instruments which over rule domestic UK law and render Parliament worthless. VAT at 20% ( a Federal Sales Tax) was introduced to fund their perfidy. Our culture has been attacked and our borders torn open.
            I wish it absolute and total destruction. Having been in the thick of the fight since 1992 I believe I have no alternative than to be its enemy.

    • It’s not bad to be ignorant. It’s very bad to remain ignorant!

      • Which “side” are you referring to?

      • Generally, there is no cure for willful ignorance.

        • As I said in this simple statement “it is a sin to REMAIN ignorant”. How does one not remain ignorant. They study the truth. Where do you get the truth? From GOD’s word in the KJ bible, and a Strong’s Concordance. How does one study GOD’s word? Book by Book, Chapter by Chapter and Verse by Verse!

          • Amen brother!

          • KJ Bible is a joke as he was a homo and it is mostly poetic and misses the real Bible which is the Jerusalem Bible translated from the language of Jesus which was Aramaic. Sorry, but I study bibles and KJ is pitiful and erased so much of the real stuff. Nevertheless, getting back to recognizing our Creator and Jesus our Savior is necessary to go back to our Judeo/Christian foundations. I have read the Bible several times and have my favorite books (we Catholics have all the books while you get 5 less), and I don’t remember any particular verse at all. More important is to read it, ponder and attempt to understand what was meant and also recognize they were written by different people with different view, ie, I prefer the paragraph saying man and women are equal, while a lot believe the other paragraph say the man is the one! No way, Jose. If not for women, there would be no men. God is not dumb but plenty of human beings are.

          • The King James Bible was not written by King James VI th of Scotland, or King James the 1st of England as he became after the reign of Queen Elizabeth the First ended. He commissioned a Board of Scholarly Gentlemen to make a more readable translation and transcription of older Hebrew, Greek and Latin texts to create a more readable version of the Bible to suit the more literate times of the early 17th Century. I suggest merely reading the eloquent first page dedicating their works to King James which is written in the most elegant English rarely seen in today’s Dot Com burgeoning re-entry into the illiteracy of the 21st Century…

          • But this is a conservative site. Do you really think you can convert them to Christianity?

          • Most if not all conservatives are already christians. It’s the liberals that follow Satan.

          • Christ had no time for the rich. Conservatives are all about the rich. The FIRST thing this congress did this year was reduce taxes on the rich (not the poor, not the middle class, only the rich)
            Christ was concerned about the poor. Liberals invented food stamps. Christ certainly loves it. Conservatives fought it and still do. The poor are not their concern, but they are Christ’s concern. Name ONE program that conservatives have promoted for the poor. But they make taxes low on the rich. That is their accomplishment.
            Liberals didn’t invent Obamacare (Romney did) but they applied it to the nation and provided 10 million Americans with health care. Conservatives fought it.
            Conservatives TALK christianity, but Liberals DO Christianity.

          • Are you really as dumb as a stump? The Congress reduced taxes on the people that “EMPLOY THE STUPID. THE ONES THAT HARDLY PASSED HIGH SCHOOL BY THE SKIN OF THEIR TEETH. You know the ones that were twice as smart as you. Certainly yyou don’t think the people at the bottom of the tax rates employ others.

          • So those that rip off the poor should get low taxes??? NOT very Christian.

          • Your a Democrat, answer your own question.
            As for not a Christian thing to do? How wood you Know?

          • Three answers. 1. I am a registered Independent. You made up the “Democrat” (but you make up most of what you say). 2. The answer is: NO the people that live well off by sucking the nation dry should NOT get lower taxes like Republicans think they should.
            3. I “would” know because I can spell it. English is my first language and I went to school.

          • A Registered Independent, Huh?
            Isn’t that the same thing as a Registered Sexual Pervert?
            Have you EVER in your Life Gotten a Job { unless it was a HEAD Job}, from a Poor Person?
            I WOOD spell it correctly if Not, that I KNOW it irritates your ASS, so that you can not sit still.
            So you are able to read! That show that those 15 years in Second Grade was not a Total Waste of the Teachers time.
            I did not Vote to remove you from Food Stamps. I WOOD not have given them to You in the First Place.
            Hell is you were Dyeing of THIRST.
            I WOOD not Piss In Your Mouth.
            You are a WASTE of AIR.

          • We need more Christ in government and less conservative anti-Christ in government.

          • You are an idiot. And not a practicing Christian. Do you think Christ would have voted against food stamps? OF course not.

          • Who’s the IDIOT?
            Christ was not a Citizen of this country. He could not Vote. As an Honest Person, he wood have NOT been like the Illegals in California that Voted.!
            I have to stop typing to you.
            Your Stupidity is being to affect my thinking.
            Blessed be The IDIOTS, of which your one, For they know not what they do.!

          • No, most of those people don’t employ anyone. They live off their investments, bonds, etc. They might hire a maid or a chauffeur. But some of them (e.g., Bill Gates) hire some extremely educated people. You just have no idea what you are talking about. You just write bs that comes to your non-mind.

          • And your statement is based on what?

          • Think about it. Who does Le Bron James employ with his $60 million income? Or Phil Mickelson at $50 million or any of the very rich athletes and entertainers. Corporations hire people (and I think corporate taxes should be low). The dividends from those corporations aren’t spent to hire people, and should be taxed heavily.
            Six Walmart heirs have more wealth than the bottom 42 percent of Americans combined. Their personal income doesn’t hire anyone (except perhaps maids and chauffeurs) If their personal incomes were heavily taxed, Wal Mart would be unaffected and would still go on operating and hiring people.

          • Think about this logically if that is possible. Each of these people employ many people. They employ house keepers, cooks, financial experts, managers. The list of people that they employ goes on and on. I hope you can now see this logically.

          • They employ a few people and the list does not go on and on. With his 60 million income he likely spends a couple hundred grand (if that much) on employees. Housekeepers, cooks, etc,, are VERY LOW paid people and often are illegal immigrants. He contributes VERY LITTLE to the economy. If his financial person is any good at all, he will have most of the money join Mitt’s in the Cayman Islands or some other offshore account, doing NO good for America. Taxation gets it back into the American economy. That is why our best economies have been under the highest taxes (Fox and Limbaugh probably didn’t get around to telling you this; their rich controllers don’t want that out.

          • When did “GOD” die and give you his seat?
            Envy: one of the Seven Deadly Sins.
            How many more of them do you Possess?
            All ovun I Betcha, All ovum.

          • My point is that Congress just reduced taxes on the top 2% of incomes and did NOTHING for the rest of us. Whatever your point is, please make it clearly. High school doesn’t have anything to do with the tax cut.

          • That is a LIE. As Bald Faced as you are.

          • What makes you say that? I showed proof. Do you have any facts to rebut it, or are you expecting me to just “believe” you?

          • Your point has nothing to do with reality. The top 2% were paying 90% of taxes. Thanks to the democrat fools. All this past tax reduction has done is to lessen the tax burden. However to further stimulate this poor economy more of the tax burden must be removed from the top 2%. My proposal is to totally do away with income tax and replace it with just sales tax and that not to exceed 5%.

          • Your source must be Limbaugh or Faux News. You have no actual source for your statement. You probably just made it up hoping it is true. Like Trump, your bs is no more true than his. The top 5% only paid 58% of the income tax
            A 5% sales tax would mean that we would have the most regressive tax system so far and would require that we disband the “Defense Department” (not such a bad idea, since the “Defense Department” has no military threat to “defend” against. The only military that could invade the US that we would have to defend against is Canada (who won’t) and Mexico (who can’t). But we spend kazillions on the military-industrial complex because they tell us to.

          • My source is common sense, truth and conservative logic. As opposed to yours which, obviously, is liberalism which is lies, brainwashing and SATAN. Now go back to your lairs and be deceived. Or change your illogical thinking and read the bible with understanding. There the seed is planted.

          • That information comes from the Congressional Budget Office, Too.

          • It is obvious that common sense is not as common as it should be.
            You understand nothing about the American economy.
            You understand nothing about Jesus Christ’s Gospels.
            Your “logic” is non existent.

          • I am absolutely sure that I know a great deal more than you about the bible and that includes the Gospels.

          • But you claim just the opposite in your posts. Your posts show nothing of charity toward the poor and his total disdain for the rich that Christ displayed over and over. Your politics are just the opposite.

          • With the, Bull you excreta in Type.
            You have no idea of “LOGIC”, or what it means.

          • Some times you Completely by Accident Stumble on the Truth, or Very NEAR to it.
            It must Scare you Shitless when you do.
            DOES IT?

          • No, but the truth scares conservatives.

          • Truth? What was it that, that Idiot Movie star said in that Movie?
            Something Like this, I , think.
            “Truth, You wood not know the Truth if it Bit you on the Butt.”

          • Could that be a FLAT TAX?
            Hope So.

          • No a flat tax would be like everyone pays 10% or a fixed percentage of their income. However, that would still leave us with the IRS and income tax. My proposal would do away with both and make it fair for everyone. We would pay it only when we purchased something.

          • No, it would Not. The Flat Tax, is the Income Tax, would, in itself be the IRS.
            What could be more Fair, than a Flat Tax?
            Say 10% , more likely a 12% tax rate.
            All persons would Pay 12% of the Moneys that they Earn in a Year.
            From the person that made $40,000 to the Billionaire that made $XXXX to what ever. No raising of the Base Tax, without a 3/4 ths. Vote of Congress.
            What could be More Fair than that.
            Any Person making under that $40,000, persons with Family’s, etc.
            Would PAY NOTHING.
            A Value Added Tax, is to easy for the Government to Raise.
            It is also Unfair tho those of use that make under the Base Poverty Rate.
            Think about it a bit. Talk to others.
            That I how I was Sold on a Flat Rate Tax.

          • I understand what you are saying but explain would be the advantage of keeping the IRS?

          • Who else would collect and enforce the tax?

          • The tax rate would have to be more like 20%. 20% of the income making 20,000 a year is $4,000 a tremendous reduction in the ability to live. For a person making 10 million a year, a 20% tax is a minor inconvenience, not making tiny dent in his/her standard of living. The effect of the tax is tremendously disproportionate. To make it proportionate, the tax must be strongly progressive.

          • There will ALL WAYS be an Income Tax.
            A Flat Tax would in itself remove the need of a IRS.

            I have a suggestion for you.
            Use your Credit Card or your Debit Card for one month, No Cash change.
            At the end of that Month Add up ALL the TAX’s that you have paid that Month. Then figure out the Tax’s to your Flat Tax for that month. See the Higher of the two Tax’s.
            Flat or Consumer Add.
            I don’t know about you .I would much Rather pay a Flat 12% on $43,000 a year then a Bunch of Tax’s for E V E R T H I N G I bought in a Year.
            Just do it for ONE month. For yourself.
            I did.

          • Flat tax is a terrible idea for America.

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        • The ignorance of the right wingers on this site is appalling. And they like it that way.

    • Why not? You don’t live in the United States of America now…You live in the United States of Pussy Grabbers.

      • Sorry, but seems to we live in the United States of elite rapists….

        • Every year of my life since Trump was in military school, our NY/NJ papers, TV and Radio news were always full of the things he got away with.

          What the south and midwestern Republicans do not know about Trump could fill 24 volumes of Britannica.

          Clinton NEVER raped any of those women. Not a single one. In fact, most of them were Dixiebelle golddiggers who broke with their religions by knowingly sidling up to a married man they hope would leave his wife for them. This is the story every Dixiebelle and Corn Pone Queen I have ever known has told. All you have to do to prove that is listen to the lyrics of Kitty Wells song, “This White Circle,” “Loretta Lynn’s “Squaw’s on the Warpath” or Tammy Wynette’s, “D I V O R C E” and you see that everyone of these women were doormats who got a kick in their asses from the men they thought were faithful.

          All of the women who sidled up to Clinton and they KNEW he was a married man. What kind of low life slut tries to break up a marriage? The same kind who opens her legs to a man like Trump. What I know for certain about Trump is that he has always scoured around Russian countries like the Czech Republic and now Slovenia to find his “brides in brothels. Then, he send them off to Hugh Hefner in the McAfee NJ Playboy mansion to clean them up and pose them NUDE for money.

          Money and a woman’s vagina are not for sale.

          • Yep, that’s why they paid out $800,000 to keep one of them from going to court. There’s plenty on slick Willie ever since his days in college.

          • That’s why Trump has over 121 lawsuits over his lifetime. That’s why Trump’s sister who is a judge always gets him off. You are one pathetic piece of shit. You come to NJ and you don’t open your fukkbag mouth to any of the thousands your scumbag didn’t pay at his hotels and casinos. But you fukkbags of the right are thieves anyway so who the hell expects you know right from wrong.

          • By the way shitbag. Trump paid $22 million in fine to the U.S. Treasury for allowing his Middle Eastern High Rollers to launder money here in NJ at the Taj Mahal. That’s why Mr. Failure had to close it. Didn’t know that did you? And one more thing fukkbag…NJ taxpayers got stuck paying off 6 of his fukking corporate bankruptcies.

          • Good for him, you deserve everything that comes your way. NJ….Nut

          • Actually he has nothing to do with Taj Mahal since 2009. The one that closed it was Carl Icahn, a billionaire that took over the casino. The union strikes that were happening this summer in AC was the last straw so Icahn had to shutter it.

          • go play with your Dildo

          • Hey I hear incest between you and your Mommy causes brain damage. Or is your Daddy who fukks your brains out?

          • you stink like dead fish

          • What we used to call rotten crotch.

          • My parents passed away a very long time ago . WE Christians don`t believe in that garbage of your generation .
            Go sit on a cactus .

          • I am still trying figure out why people that cheat and lie, get so angry when lose .. like you do

          • Let me get this right, your a dumbocrat and you call republicans thieves?

          • I love it when you talk dirty. You make me want to slide my cock down your throat and gag you to death. Maybe your mother would like a taste also.

          • Hey elly do you eat with that same filthy mouth? Typical, shows the same inbred lowbreed styles of those protesting not so peaceably. We put up with that mudslime loving idiot for the last eight years and didn’t pitch a hissy fit like you children.

          • 121 lawsuits among 515 businesses over the years is a pretty good record.

            President Donald J. Trump embrace the suck!

          • And Trump just paid $25M to do the same. But that’s ok, right?

          • Yep! Very Different.

          • Can you say “hypocrite”? I knew you could.

          • Very Different. Still.
            He is Not. He was coned into paying rather than having a court case over his head ,while he is doing his job as PRESIDENT.

          • And Bill Clinton was different how?

          • Hey Jan do you know the details of why this happened?? Trump wasn’t the reason for the settlement. This was his business and he doesn’t run it, but it is his responsibility….so in the end he paid in an agreed settlement to end this before he becomes our president. Clinton on the other hand is the sole person that committed the assault….no one else, no business administration, no stockholders….nada…just bill and his dick…. Funny how much disdain you show for one yet the other is even worse.. Just glad those criminals won’t be seeing public office and probably will be seeing orange jumpsuits in their future.

          • Donald Trump ran a business. He personally shilled for it. He made promises he had no intention of keeping. He lied about the “hand picked” instructors. He fleeced people.

            Bill Clinton had sex. I agree he, like many men in power, thinks with the wrong head.

            What makes you think I don’t have disdain for both?

          • That’s funny Jan “He had sex”. So if someone decided they were going to rape you, would you call that sex. Or if they wanted to have sex with you and you didn’t, then they sat there with their pants down and pinned you down. Would you call that just sex?
            Then people that you trust to do what they said they would do like Trump… So your saying what Swillary did is different? Pay to play as Secretary of State….while Secretary of State clinton was getting bribes, ol just having sex Willie was getting $500,000 a speech from these same folks.. Funny don’t you think that those speaking engagements have dried up since she left being SoS? Oh, buy the way….I’m sure you know since you know everything. What happened to that $6,000,000,000 that Swillary and King Barry were responsible for? Or the millions that were to go to Haiti the last time they got wiped out?

          • Pay to play as Secretary of State…

            Show me ANY evidence of “pay to play”. Of course people will ASK, but what favors were given?

            . Funny don’t you think that those speaking engagements have dried up since she left being SoS?

            She never gave any speeches for pay while SoS. Not one. And I defy you to show any evidence showing otherwise.

            What happened to that $6,000,000,000 that Swillary and King Barry were responsible for?

            That is easy to debunk if you’re willing to read outside of Breitbart, WND or Drudge. Money was not literally missing. It was an accounting issue over contracts. It was a records keeping issue. Not saying that the math shouldn’t have been done better, but no one (except Breitbart, WND, Newsmax or Drudge) ever said the money was missing.

          • The pay for play…
            Let’s start with uranium one. They wanted to sell uranium to the Russians. First the Russians donated money to the Clinton slush fund and Willie got a $500,000 speaking engagement. Just that one should be enough, but her two biggest contributors to the slush fund were the Saudis and the Chinese…Saudis were looking for arms….which they ended up getting and by the way they are the biggest supporters of ISIS. The Chinese they were and are still the biggest buyers of American property and several of their biggest purchases had to have our governments okay….all while Swillary and her rapist husband got rich.

            I didn’t say she got money for engaments… If you read what I said it was Willie that got those. You can pull up politifactscand they show from the time she became SoS and when she left Monica’s suck toy had 10 speaking engagements for $500,000 each. You’ll also notice they won’t release what was said in those engagements….funny, he never got any more $500,000 engagements after she left.

          • Like most people here “outraged” over the Uranium One issue, you probably have no idea how that works.

            Nine US agencies (known collectively as CFIUS) approved the sale. None
            had the power individually to stop the sale. The only person who COULD stop the sale
            unilaterally was POTUS. If she wanted to hide involvement, all she had
            to do is disagree with the sale knowing that the only fallout for her
            would be that she would have to explain to Obama why State disagreed
            when the others approved.

            “”Only the President has the authority to suspend or prohibit a covered
            transaction. Pursuant to section 6(c) of Executive Order 11858, CFIUS
            refers a covered transaction to the President if CFIUS or any member of
            CFIUS recommends suspension or prohibition of the transaction, or if
            CFIUS otherwise seeks a Presidential determination on the transaction”


            That being said, Jose Fernandez, who represented the State Dept on CFIUS, said that she never interfered with his duties on that board. Had there been a difference of opinion, he could have escalated, but he didn’t.

            unny, he never got any more $500,000 engagements after she left.

            Yes, he did.


          • It matters not if o’bozo could have stop the Sale of the Uranium. What matters IS the Fact that She Hillary, ALLOWED 22% of this Country’s Uranium Stores to be Sold to Russia.
            She IS the one that Said Yes, Do it.
            After Her Hubby had been paid $125 million for speaking , $225 Million into the Clinton Slush Fund.

          • See, what you showed in the link is old Hillary didn’t protest or bring up there might be a problem with a company in our country selling uranium to the Russians. See, I have a problem with the person MOST responsible NOT saying this is wrong. Then to top it off ol Monica’s suck toy gets a big payday during when this is all going on.

            I was wrong saying he didn’t get another big speaking payday after Hillary was gone from being SoS. But it’s interesting what the article says about both clintons getting these big speaking engagements. They show how they are nothing more than what they try to say everyone on the right is….bought and sold to Wall Street and these were nothing more than bribes. Thanks for the info…this stuff always comes in handy!!!

          • See, I have a problem with the person MOST responsible NOT saying this is wrong.

            Then I suggest you talk to the Secretary of the Treasury. That is the person who is chair of CFIUS.


          • Sorry sweetie, but Swillary was their boss. If you’ll notice one of her main duties is to protect the US. Seems just the opposite…she not only accepted donations to the Clinton slush fund (Russians being the second highest donators 1st being the terrorist supporting state of Saudi Arabia) , but they also bribed her by giving Monica’s suck toy a $500,000 speaking engagement.

          • Nice cut and paste.

            CFIUS as a whole had to approve the uranium sale. While the State Department is a part of CFIUS, the Secretary of the Treasury is the head of CFIUS and as such would be “the person most responsible”. It doesn’t matter what other responsibilities State has, in this case it is not in charge.

            Read the link I provided for you.

          • In charge!! Apparently you don’t understand politics. All the Sec of Treasury is, is the chairperson…they have the gavel…they don’t hold the say so. Do you know who the Sec of Treasury was when this happened?? That’s right, a no name….someone that had Swillary come into his office one day and tell him this was a done deal. You think this no name is going to tell her what he’s going to do…job suicide. Grow up and smell the stench.

          • Kriss, All nine federal agencies had to agree. If one didn’t agree, it would be escalated to POTUS. That’s the sum total of each agency’s power. None had the say so.

            someone that had Swillary come into his office one day and tell him this was a done deal.

            I don’t suppose you have the teeny-tinyest bit of evidence this is true.

            Apparently you don’t understand law.

          • No I know the law and the clintons have evaded it and there’s a wake of dead bodies in their wake. To many people associated with them that have died under suspect reasons. …

            Naive must be your middle name. With just what has happened with the emails and the shuttering of that investigation…..sorry, to many have gone to jail for much less. I’m a Marine 1973-83 and if I to this day were to email someone with ANY information on any deployments or missions I stand to see a minimum 15 years in Kansas at Leavenworth… It isn’t even who she sent the classified material to, it’s how.
            So seeing what she got away with that the public knows….just her getting $1 million between her and Willie boy during this time…only an idiot would say it’s a coincidence.

          • No, you don’t know the law. You just say you do.

            “Only the President has the authority to suspend or prohibit a covered transaction. Pursuant to section 6(c) of Executive Order 11858, CFIUS refers a covered transaction to the President if CFIUS or any member of CFIUS recommends suspension or prohibition of the transaction, or if CFIUS otherwise seeks a Presidential determination on the transaction”


            You must be referring to the “Clinton Body Bag” in which many “close associates” died under “mysterious circumstances”.

            One of those “close associates” was the ex-boyfriend of the ex-wife of a former Arkansas trooper.

            The word “mysterious” comes up on that list even when there is no mystery. For example, Vince Foster was confirmed by his family to have attempted suicide before he succeeded (Same for John Wilson) and was prescribed an antidepressant in the days before his suicide. The family also decry the right’s continued use of his death for political purposes.

            The list ignores autopsies (Paul Tully died of a massive heart attack, Stanley Huggins died from pneumonia) and any evidence that counters the “mysterious” or “suspicious”.

            The Clintons had a far wider range of contacts than most of us do. The list includes people that they probably wouldn’t even recall meeting.

            The people with the most damaging information on Clinton (Paula Jones, Monica Lewinsky, Ken Star, Linda Tripp, Gennifer Flowers) are still vertical and breathing. Why kill your sign language interpreter (Paula Grober) and leave these others unscathed?

            This list is bogus from beginning to end.

          • You should read up on what happened prior to them finding Vince Foster. Hillary is quite the C–t….if it had been me she pulled that crap act, she would have been the one they found with her brains blown out. Just what she did would serve fact that she shouldn’t. be in charge of an out house, let alone the White House. Oh, and the last one that was to testify against her….yeah a 70 something weight lifting by himself…death by

          • I read the FBI and the Ken Starr Investigation reports on Foster. These included years of his life prior to his death.


            What do you think I missed? The stuff that was made up to make the right happy?

            No, John Ashe was not set to testify against her. Pre-trial hearings in his his own corruption case were soon to begin, but in reading the case information, absolutely nothing about Clinton. Show me the case if you believe otherwise.


            You need to read more than from Breitbart, Newsmax or WND.

          • So far you’ve given me what the “official” word is and to tell you the truth I believe that as much as Hillary stating all those deleted emails were personal. What that report doesn’t say is Hillary berated him mercilessly for some time during a seated meeting of his peers. Told him he was a hick town lawyer and that was all he’d ever be…by the way the clintons and fosters were considered good friends. This didn’t go on for a little while but continued for some time. Knowing they were friends and that he was depressed it gave good cause for her to let up….but no, that bi–ch wouldn’t have it….she was the First Lady…only in name of position, she’s no lady. How convenient for them to find he had committed suicide. I was in the Maines 1973-83 and had attained the rank of MGySgt three months prior to having my shoulder rearranged by an RPG while deployed. I’ve fired 100’s of thousands of rounds from a pistol (both semi auto and wheel) and unless I had shot a minimum of 30 rounds from a wheel gun I could see any residue on my hands. Yet they say they saw gun residue from one round!!! Sorry, but you’d need a swab test for residue from one round.

          • You know there’s a reason that the fake news sites wrote primarily for Trump supporters this election cycle. They knew if they made up stuff that really made Hillary look bad, they’d make thousands on a “per click” basis. And the fake stories worked if they targeted her. They made very little trying to scam the Hillary supporters.

            Your story about “berated him mercilessly” fits that mold. Isn’t it convenient that the stories out there talk about that in the FBI files but that “disappeared” from the files.

            You guys are hopeless and gullible.

          • Apparently you don’t read the whole report you sent. Notice all the discrepancies? Did you see when they went back and looked for evidence it was missing? They also said that the evidence they did have was slipshod and unprofessional. How does the FBI have evidence go missing?? Hillary didn’t need any body to tell us she was crooked. Just seeing the McDougals go to prison for contempt of court was enough to start with…yeah, they went because they wouldn’t testify against the clintons. Everything between that and her missing emails…. Funny how she was told to bring everything ALL EMAILS and she was late in doing that. Then to top it off she doesn’t do what was court ordered, she didn’t bring all emails. Then the FBI released the first round and they were so heavily redacted you couldn’t make head or tails out of them…because of their sensitive or classified nature. Then when asked…and this should have been under oath!!! If she had anymore and she flat out lied to them. Her pay to play is fact… politifacts has proven that, not some right wing blog. Pull up her tax returns…funny how they donated $1,000,000 to charity– THEIR OWN !! But to top everything off
            But to top everything else off as o said before I’m a Marine and gave my oath August of 1973…to the Constitution and as we’ve seen with all you crybabies you want that changed…been good for well over 200 years. I also gave an oath to protect my country from enemies both foreign and domestic. You folks want a socialist?? Move to a socialist country…our country is not a socialist state!!! Obeyme and Hillary are socialists…Obamacare is the biggest pos hoisted on the American taxpayer yet. I don’t have to read what this pos has done I look at what I’m paying now over what I payed before. 145% higher healthcare premiums and they are set to go up again this year. 210% higher deductible. We had to change from a ppo to an HMO just to keep it down to that much….guess what? Yep, couldn’t keep my same doctor….
            The hopeless and gullible are you dopes. I’m tired of paying for you clowns. Wish they would get rid of every handout out there… Set up shelters for those to lazy to work and have the soup kitchens right there. Go to any area that has section 8 housing..please.
            Yeah they give them gov assisted housing and all they do is turn the whole area in a ghetto. Socialism doesn’t work, just turns all you mush heads into slaves.

          • Apparently you don’t read the whole report you sent. Notice all the discrepancies?

            Which one? I included three links.

            Pull up her tax returns…funny how they donated $1,000,000 to charity– THEIR OWN !!

            The Clinton Foundation is a legitimate 501c(3) charity that has the top ratings for efficacy by the two charity watchdog organizations using almost 90% of what it raises for charitable causes, far above the national average. What’s wrong with using their money to advance the causes they believe in. Better than Trump who used his charity’s money (that we don’t know if he gave a penny to since he refused to release his taxes) to defend himself in lawsuits and buy a life-sized portrait of himself.

          • You are brain Dead aren’t you?
            Trump is Well known for his charity works. As for his Tax’s. They are non of your or My Business at ALL.
            As for what he spends HIS money on, admit it your SO Freacking Envious that is is Killing you.

          • Trump is much better known for promising charitable giving and never following through.

            As POTUS, his taxes are our business. We have no idea what foreign entanglements that may influence his decision making. He has already said he is above the law when it comes to conflict of interest. He has already mixed his personal business with US concerns.

            And you were concerned with the conflict the Clinton Foundation might cause? I guess it’s not our business what was on her e-mail server, right?

            Can you say “hypocrite”?

          • Not only I able to say it. I am able to recognize a person that is not only one, but is sadly ill informed to the point of being a complete idiot.
            I thought better of you.
            I will agree with you upon one point:
            As POTUS his Tax’s are of interest to the American People. As a PRIVATE Citizen, As he IS at this TIME. It is Not the Purview of the American Public.

          • Oh, you’re right in that he has no legal obligation to release his taxes. But every POTUS candidate for the last half century has done so. Why not him? He hasn’t even provided evidence that he IS in fact, being audited. The IRS sends its targets a letter that it is doing so. He has been asked for that at least, but won’t provide it. What is he hiding?

          • What is he hiding? I wood say his PRIVACY.
            If ALL your friends were jumping off a 10 story building ? Wood you?
            There is no EVIDENCE that he IS not, Either. I have received one of those letters myself. They found out that they OWED me.
            Same reason that he has not produced his TAX form. I wood suspect.
            Any more Dumb questions? I’m just Full of Dumb answers today.

          • I guess you are full of dumb answers when you don’t know the difference between “wood” (noun: substance beneath the bark of a tree) and “would” (verb:a simple past tense and past participle of will).

            That being said, if Hillary hid her tax returns and finances from the Foundation would you be that forgiving? Somehow I don’t think so. This is not a matter of principle for you, it is tribal and you support your tribe no matter what.

            Whether the IRS owed you or not, you got the letter. I think he is lying that he is under audit. But that’s OK with you.

          • Does my use of Wood rather than Would Really bather you that Much? To Bad. Cute thats WHY I DO IT.
            My Tribe is sitting in the South end of Oklahoma, other than that I am of the Human Tribe. What do you belong to?
            As I have said I do not know if Trump has done anything wrong or not, I do not make decisions on Rumor. I have seen proof that hellary and her Hubby have done illegal things with their foundation. It is NOT my position to Forgive or NOT forgive Clinton or any other person for their deeds. They have done nothing to ME. Had the, than I wood be in a Place that I wood have to decide to Forgive or not.
            Yes, you are correct . It is OK with me that you THINK that he is LYING, howsoever it wood not in my belief be Thinking that you are doing. For I believe that you FEEL Not think.

          • I have seen proof that hellary and her Hubby have done illegal things with their foundation.

            Show me said proof. (In a court of law?)

            Yes, people who do not know how to use the English language correctly bother me.

          • Show me the Proof that you have seen. Then I will show the proof that I have seen , unless it is the same proof ,then I will not show you mine ,for you have seen it already.,

          • No snowflake, that’s not the way it works. You said YOU have seen proof of Hilliary Clinton’s illegal acts. Now you’re backing down because you really haven’t. Lying (about her especially) is what you right wingers do best.

            It is impossible to show you something that doesn’t exist. I claim proof that she did anything illegal doesn’t exist.

            I claimed Trump used its funds illegally and gave you a pdf of the Trump Foundation’s form 990 as evidence. You got anything close?

            I didn’t think so.

          • And you use “bather” when you meant to say “bather”!!
            LOLOLOL! You’re really kind of know-it-all who doesn’t know a hell of a lot, eh?? Funny to watch you though!

          • Wish I were a Know-it-ALL. If ,I were, your Bitch ass wood be out of here. You WOOD be Blocked.

          • You act like a total idiot. What for?

          • And it is against the law to spend a charitable foundation’s money for personal expenses

          • Has there been a Ruling by a Court as to the Fact that he did this?

          • It was admitted by the Foundation on form 990. See part VII-B


            Has there been a ruling by a court that Hillary did “pay to play” in the Clinton Foundation? Has there been a ruling by a court that she did something illegal regarding the e-mail server? Has there been a ruling by a court that she did ANYTHING illegal?

          • Has a Court Ruled on it?

          • When you check the little box that says you gave money from the foundation to a non-qualified person, you have admitted guilt.

            If you apply the same standard to Hillary Clinton, I will accept that you have principles. But you don’t.

          • Has a Court Ruled on it?
            I ave no accurate information on HOW< WHAT< or WHER the Alleged moneys were misused by the Trump Foundation. More importantly, Neither do you.
            The standers between the two do not even come close. He put money that he had made himself in his foundation.
            If you wish to believe a Rag of a Alleged news paper go ahead. Just don't bother me with Bull Shite.
            She had money that people gave her so that they could meet her in person, in Her job as SoS. From countries that are very rough on women, she and her hubby took money from Russia for 22% of this Nations Uranium supply.
            They use Money for the Foundation for travel, pleasure, and other things. ONLY 25% goes to what it is collected for. Charity's.

          • rom countries that are very rough on women, she and her hubby took money from Russia for 22% of this Nations Uranium supply.

            Nope. You do not understand the law and how this process works.

            Like most people here “outraged” over the Uranium One issue, you probably have no idea how that works.

            Nine US agencies (known collectively as CFIUS) approved the sale. None had the power individually to stop the sale. The only person who COULD stop the sale unilaterally was POTUS. If she wanted to hide involvement, all she had to do is disagree with the sale knowing that the only fallout for her would be that she would have to explain to Obama why State disagreed
            when the others approved.

            “”Only the President has the authority to suspend or prohibit a covered transaction. Pursuant to section 6(c) of Executive Order 11858, CFIUS refers a covered transaction to the President if CFIUS or any member of CFIUS recommends suspension or prohibition of the transaction, or if
            CFIUS otherwise seeks a Presidential determination on the transaction”


            That being said, Jose Fernandez, who represented the State Dept on CFIUS, said that she never interfered with his duties on that board. Had there been a difference of opinion, he could have escalated it to her, but he didn’t.

            Show me your proof (court of law anyone) that the Clintons took that money.

            I ave no accurate information on HOW< WHAT< or WHER the Alleged moneys were misused by the Trump Foundation. More importantly, Neither do you.

            If they tell us, by checking that little box on the 990, that they misused the funds, I believe that. There is not reason for them to say they did when they didn’t.

            They use Money for the Foundation for travel, pleasure, and other things. ONLY 25% goes to what it is collected for. Charity’s.(sic)

            Wrong. If you look at Charity Watch and Charity Navagator, the two top watchdog organizations, the Clinton Foundation uses almost 90% of their funds for charitable causes. What you probably don’t understand is the model used by the CF is unusual. Unlike most foundations, they don’t just give grants. They actually do the work themselves. If you read your Brietbart and or wnd article from which you got your information, you will see they use the word “grants” when talking about the lower percentage. That is true, but it doesn’t account for the bulk of the work CF does.

          • Just Full of it tonight aren’t you?

          • Full what? Facts, evidence and truth? Sure…as usual.

          • Billie Boies speaking fee rose doing the time she was SOS.
            She after leaving the SOS job made 1,000s speaking to Bankers, {no report on what she spoke of} for 25 mins.
            There IS 6,000,000,000, missing from the State dept.
            Trump will find it.

          • Nope. She gave no speeches for pay while she was in public office. None, zippo, zero. I defy you to show me any evidence otherwise. Her tax forms for decades are on her campaign website. This is not something a person could do and then keep secret from the IRS.

            However, her tenure as SoS did make her in higher demand as a speaker. Why do you blame HER or the fees that people were willing to pay? If she wasn’t worth it to the payer, then they wouldn’t give her that money.

            I imagine you have no problem with Trump as president-elect lobbying Scotland to stop putting wind farms in the view of HIS golf course. Or, as president-elect reaching out to dignitaries attending the election so they pay the Trump Hotel rates in Washington DC. Let’s not even discuss his business meetings with India and Venezuela. And you probably were outraged at the fake “pay for play” news put out over the Clinton Foundation. Hypocrisy much?

            You also need to get your news from other than Breitbart, WND and Newsmax. They are the only one who said that money was missing. The original alert (that they claim to use as a source) said nothing of the kind.

          • She ,after leaving the SOS job made 1,000s speaking to Bankers, {no report on what she spoke of} for 25 mins.
            They organization that pays the Speaking Fees. Pay the Fees that the Speaker Demands.

            I imagine you have no problem with Trump as president-elect lobbying Scotland to stop putting wind farms in the view of HIS golf course.
            No, Wind farms Kill Birds. I even give you one Back on that . How about the Kennedy’s no allowing a Wind Farm off shore from the Homes in Mass.?

            Let’s not even discuss his business meetings with India and Venezuela.
            Let’s do. He is a Businessman. Why should he not have business meeting in other parts of the World?

            And you probably were outraged at the fake “pay for play” news put out over the Clinton Foundation. Hypocrisy much?
            No, What makes me Sad about something like that, Is the Fact that you have NOT the Intelligence to understand. Fallowing people like the Clintons, 99% of the Democrats, is Truly harming most of the people in this country.

            Actually, I get my News from English, German, news Papers.
            Along that a half dozen american news agency.

          • They organization that pays the Speaking Fees. Pay the Fees that the Speaker Demands.

            And if the organization decided the speaker is not worth the money s/he demands, they don’t hire that speaker.

            No, Wind farms Kill Birds. I even give you one Back on that . How about
            the Kennedy’s no allowing a Wind Farm off shore from the Homes in Mass.?

            The bird thing is true, however that is NOT the reason Trump gave for not wanting them. He, like Kennedy, wanted a nicer view. And, I agree, Kennedy was equally wrong.

            Why should he not have business meeting in other parts of the World?

            As POTUS he is providing no safeguard that he is not using the office for his own enrichment rather than to the benefit of the American people. It’s called “conflict of interest”.

            No, What makes me Sad about something like that, Is the Fact that you have NOT the Intelligence to understand.

            What is it you think I don’t understand? In the last eight years, unemployment is way down, the markets are up, gas is down, Americans are not dying daily in a war started over non-existent WMD, people can get health insurance that actually benefits them, the GDP is up….I could go on. What about ANY of that is “harming most of the people in this country?”

          • I had not heard the Trump had any trouble with his view from his home in N Y because of a Wind Farm. Wind Farms, for your information are very Cost ineffective. Very.

            As POTUS, Trump WILL NOT be in any business, as his Business’s will be in a Blind trust ran by his Children. He will BY LAW have nothing to do with them.

            In the last 8 years, there have been more people go on Welfare than at another time in History. There have been more people receive Food Stamps that any Time in history.
            the only way that the unemployment is down is when amp persons unemployment insurance runs out , they have not found a job, they are not COUNTED any more. There are 96 MILLION americans OUT of Work in this Country.

            From the time that o’bummercare has been in effect, I have had 5 doctors, because they can not make money in Medicine any more they Quit.
            I am arguing with the Heath Ins. Comp. that I now have as to the FACT that I have COPD. Have been an Asthmatic from the time I was Four years old, That I have had Prostate Cancer two times, if I have had two Heart attacks, a Stroke, and had a Stint placed in my Heart. I believe that they would drop me if they were allowed to. But that is ONE of the FEW good things to come of this Shit You call Health Insurance.
            Over half of the people on o’bozo care are on it because , They could not keep the Doctor that they Liked, could not Keep the Insurance that they Liked.

            As for the GDP!!! You HAVE to be kidding. The GDP has never grew more then .2 points in the 8 years that he has been office. todays 1.2 % GDP is lower than it was during the Depression of the 1920’s and 1930’s. The GDP has never been over 3.%

          • If the business is run by his children it is by definition NOT a blind trust.

            If you haven’t heard about his conversation with Nigel Farage over the golf course view, it is possible you need to check additional news sources. BTW, I didn’t say New York – the wind farm was planned in view of his golf course in Scotland.

            Regarding unemployment. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, you definition is incorrect.


            No , I did not hear the conversation
            I do not care where it is to be. Your Kissing a Dead horse if you think that I care about anyone else’s view of the Countryside.
            Semantics, out of work means out of work no matter how some Idiot counts it. The REAL Unemployment rate in this country for the LAST 8 years that o’bozo has been in the presidency is 24%.
            You are truly an Idiot if you believe anything that o’bozo, the democrat party says.
            There is a T.V. show on Called Brain Dead. Have you seen it?
            You would REALLY Enjoy it.
            Matter of Fact you wood fit rite in as one of the Cast.
            Your a Very Boring person. Did you know that?


            I must be missing something. Can you expand on what “them” is?

            I do not care where it is to be. Your Kissing a Dead horse if you think that I care about anyone else’s view of the Countryside.

            I know you don’t care. Does it matter that Trump is using his position as POTUS for personal enrichment? That’s the issue here. So much for the “blind trust.”

            Semantics, out of work means out of work no matter how some Idiot count sit. The REAL Unemployment rate in this country for the LAST 8 years that o’bozo has been in the presidency is 24%.

            No, it really doesn’t. I retired a couple years ago. I am out of work. But it is totally voluntary. I planned for being out of work, I saved for being out of work. So, I shouldn’t count. And right now there about 1000 baby boomers a day doing exactly what I did. They shouldn’t count either. But, I bet they do in your figure, wherever you got it from.

            What you appear to believe is that the unemployment rate put out by the BLS is purely a political statement. It is way more than that. It is a statement on the economy that is relied on by many parts of industry to make business decisions. The methodology for figuring it has been consistent for decades. It HAS to be the same no matter who the president is.

            If presentation of facts and evidence are boring, I plead guilty.

          • I know you don’t care. Does it matter that Trump is using his position as POTUS for personal enrichment? That’s the issue here. So much for the “blind trust.”
            How is he doing that? He is Not POTUS.
            As you are retired you do not count. As you are you , your posts are asinine. You do not count.
            I , for I too am Retired, have been for 10 years. I too do not count in the figures for UNEMPLOYMENT
            The ONLY people that do count are the people that want to work, that CAN NOT work because there is no jobs for them to work at, because of the policy’s of o’bozo and the Democrat party.
            Facts or no Facts.
            Your Boring.

          • And you accuse me of using semantics? He will be the next POTUS. He has asked Great Britain to appoint the guy who he thought could lobby against the wind farm as ambassador. Do you expect him to stop what he’s doing on January 20, 2017?

            So, where do you get your 24% figure from? You throw that out with no source.

          • I found it. Maybe if you do some research you will find it too.
            Some of the things that he is doing now. Yes, I expect him to stop., others no.
            If you do not know it ,I am NOT one that believes in Man MADE Global Warming OR Climate Change.
            I do not really care if he does not like a Wind farm overlooking his Golf course anywhere.

          • Anyone can make up a number and post it on the internet. If you need to believe lies simply because they sound good, go ahead.

            Why do you expect him to change at this point? He has lied and lied all along the line. He only cares about Trump.

            He is not going to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the biggest scandal since Watergate. Disappointed?

          • Funny thing about that. He does not need to. The Congress is still working on her crimes, as is the FBI. The State Department will sone be looking into it also. When there is New Leaders in All of those Agency’s you will not Enjoy the Music that will be played. The “ONLY” Hope that Hillary has is that o’bozo Pardons her. Anything else she is in Graybar Hotel.

          • So, still no source for your 24% number. I see, but am not surprised.

            Nope, Trump said today regarding prosecution of Hillary….never mind.

            Maybe that’s because his “foundation” has admitted to what it falsely accused the Clintons of doing.

          • Do your own research.
            Thats not what was stated.
            Not anywhere close.
            On Top of that. He does not have control of his Foundation.
            That is ran by others.

          • I did do my own research and your claim of 24% is totally bogus. Point settled.

            After stating over and over that “Crooked Hillary” was going to jail and that he was going to get his AG to hire a special prosecutor, that her server was the worst scandal since Watergate, he said yesterday that it’s “just not something I feel very strongly about.”

            Trump himself signed the forms for years under penalty of perjury.

            And, of course, you would have accepted that same answer about the Clinton Foundation, right?

            As is the wont of the right, your outrage is selective.

          • Your wrong.

            He does not have to do anything. going after “Crooked Hillary is the Job of The Dept. of Justice. The man that he wants in there does not like hellary one little bit.
            Do not Crow so fast.

            As Figure head.

            The Clinton Foundation is in trouble from both the fed. gov. AND the State of NY.

            No , my want is for the Justice that you and I have to abide by is applied to the Clintons and every one else.
            “IF” they are able to come up with facts about Trump that states he BROKE the Law than HE too should tried.

          • (btw, the word you mean is “you’re”, not “your”)

            That being said, I agree that it’s the DOJ that has the power in this case. My point was how Trump led you guys by the nose on several key issues and is now backing down from his promises.

            The Clinton Foundation is in trouble from both the fed. gov. AND the State of NY.

            Do you have any more evidence of this than you did the 24%? I didn’t think so. WND, Breitbart, or Drudge are not evidence. Give me a release from the two entities you name. I won’t hold my breath.

            Do you use the same standards of evidence for both the Trump and Clinton Foundations? Or is mere rumor good enough to convict the Clintons and proof that meets Federal Rules of Evidence the only type you will accept for Trump.


          • In today’s world of political correctness, if you correct a persons spelling or pronunciation,
            you are violating that persons 1st amendment rights to free speech.

            My point is , I believe that you are counting your Chickens before they are hatched. Trumps not in office yet. Trump is electing his people for his cabinet, I am sure that he is discussing his promises to them at that time. Time will tell.

            Just what the Ag of Ny and the Head feds Att. In Ny, NJ, and Florida has said.

            Yes, I do. Only thing is Trumps is not Fed, just NY.

          • n today’s world of political correctness, if you correct a persons spelling or pronunciation, you are violating that persons 1st amendment rights to free speech.

            How about if I correct a person’s understanding of the 1st amendment? That right means you cannot be legally prosecuted for your words. It has NOTHING to do with any individual’s opinion of them.

            Why can’t you ever provide your OWN sources?

          • I could. Howsoever as YOU FEEL that you are So much Superior to myself. Better Ejakated, I FEEl that YOU should be so much better at finding my sources than I.
            Do So.

          • Which is your ultimate problem. You FEEL about matters. You do not learn, research or understand.

          • OK, I think I finally figured out where your bogus number comes from.

            There are about 320 million people in the US. 93 million of them are not employed. That’s close to your %.

            However, that 93 million includes those retired. It includes my 87 year old mother. Includes my 17 year niece and all her friends who focus on school rather than get jobs. Do you come out with a number close to yours? Yep. If a job was available, would the people over 70 or high school teens take one? Probably not.

            But you keep loving that number since it says what you want to believe.

          • You fingering is NOT even close.
            Hint, Retirees, school aged children are not even counted in the figures.

          • So, you say. But you have yet to come up with a source and/or methodology for your figure.

            Are you going to? I won’t hold my breath.

          • I WAS Hoping!

          • You sound hurt that you were not invited to the party. How dumb can one be? Vaginas have been on sale since they invented money and vaginas!!!

          • She doesn’t read much on real history or she would know it’s the oldest profession. In her case, if she didn’t have one there would be a bounty on her head.

          • Or hers is just truly nasty. Either way, she is a whore beholden to Bernie Sanders ancient penis.

          • We pray that your vagina remains safe!!

          • May I offer a suggestion to all following the line, please, please , may we use bigger nicer words instead of gutter speak. Your foul language says all of you are sounding like street trash. I am sure none of you want to appear that way.

          • No,? There have been many, Men, Women, that have gotten very well to do Selling Vaginas, over the years. I believe that I heard that the SELLING of your Vagina is the Worlds Second Oldest Profession.
            How much is yours up for anyway?

          • So your husband left you for another woman. Can’t say I’d blame him. It sure explains why you’re so bitter and hateful. That green-eyed monster called jealousy consumes you. You should consider seeing a psychiatrist for it. Or are you afraid they would put you in a padded cell?

          • Eleanore!!!!! How ’bout “Under My Thumb” as a great song to sing?

          • How about $50,00 for your?

      • Yeah trump ratted bill out for what he dose and you blame trump. Hiliery defends bill for being a crotch grabber and you love her. Hi

      • That is they way many think, but as the Father of a daughter You do
        not want me to catch you making that mistake. The results will not
        be to our liking IF and WHEN I find out about it regardless of age.

        • We are a vanishing bread of men. Today’s fathers are becoming more and more wusses, and we turn our children over to the state school (indoctrination) systems, and mandate that both boy and girl teens and preteens shower together – even sleep together on over night road trips. This is just part of the Obama’s Democratic Party eight-year legacy. The problem? About half of this nation’s voters agree with this perversion.

      • Haven’t been watching the news lately darling? Looks like you trolls are nothing but a bunch of illegals that use gang style techniques. They jump a Trump supporter using a mob on one….typical of you inbred morons.

        • Haven’t you and Daddy stopped screwing each other yet inbred? My Dad was not an illegal and you are. You came from those indentured white English and Irish slaves on those Puritan ships. Trump will be dead at the hands of another Republican fukbag assassination and then, they’ll try to blame the Dems like you pigshit right wingers always do. Not this time ASShole!

          • By the way, get in line for your pussy grabber. He’s got dozens of his hick women wrapped around his Penthouse Suite.

          • Better than having those same women wrapped around Swillary’s suite

          • Another lie? Once again, you bossy shit right winger open your big lying mouths. So tell me, when YOUR Shitbag Trump is opposed by ISIS and then attack your ass? What then?

            You assume Trump can just rule the world? You think Trump for one minute will cut off all trade with allies who dare to oppose his right wing fukkbag BS?

            Right. You and your dickbrain boys and MANdependent women are going to get exactly what YOU asked for: An ISIS attack and we in the DEMS states will make sure they did that al Qaeda did to NY City…turn you, your kids and your twat selling wives to ASHES. There will be an attack. Because, fukkbag..That’s how goddamn you fukkers are.

            You actually believe you and Trump can control the world? So Hitler and he put a bullet to his own head. Do us all a favor. Do the same.

          • Wow!!! You really need to see someone about your condition. You sound exactly like all the other kooks that do the mass shootings.

            If they do it to almost any big city it would relieve us of a bunch of you twisted nut jobs. See honey where I live we are spread out way to much for them to do much good. Plus we are all well armed and they don’t like it when they have to work at trying to kill us. But in a big city where there’s millions of you little trolls that hate guns and love mudslimes, yeah your low hanging fruit for them….lol

            The funny thing you groupies of the left don’t understand is …..the left are the Nazis …they want to rule every step of your life. They want to tell you what you can and cannot do. They want control and you little sheep just want to be told what to do…it’s your life. Your masters tell you what they are going to give you and you kneel and say thank you. And when you don’t get your way you riot and call for the assassination of Trump..

          • Oh you mean all those White fukkers who are SERIAL MASS murderers like Okie Timothy McVeigh? or that asshole that shot the Congresswoman in Arizona? Or that Texas fukkbagger who picked people off from a Dallas tower, Charles Whitman?

            Why is it that there has NEVER been a mass murder in NJ or NY? I’ll tell you why you shitbag. It is your fukked up southern and midwestern gun toting assholes who teach your kids so much respect for guns that a VA Tech shooter took out 32 people on campus. Want more you pig brained jackass?

            EVERY fukking mass murder occured in YOUR fukker states…NOT mine. The only mass murder that occurred up north was at Newtown. Shove your guns, your Trump, your whore Dixiebells and Corn Pone Queens up your asses.

            Trump’s big mouth will end up bringing ISIS to your states. Good. I hope so. That way you can know what hell it is like to see human fly ash floating over your heads like we all did. Eat shit and die.

            You trailer trash pigs love to dish it out but you damn sure don’t have the balls to take it.

          • Again your to retarded to read. I live in one of your cesspool states California. Yeah the same place that loves those mudslime scumbags like you dopes on the east coast. Yep, same ones that shot up the place in San Bernardino. Sorry but you dumbass morons still hold the record for the most mass killings…just look at the twin towers….oops, they aren’t there are they. More mudslime crap. Most of the mass shootings were done by looney lefties. Sandy Hook….liberal mom with a nut job son..ooohhh, my little baby couldn’t possibly do that!!! Let’s see, another state of lunacy Colorado ….yeah columbine.. Illinois, now there was one of the first states that showed how stupid you clowns are. Chicago has its no gun zones that die black on black at as high of a rate as DC. Here in LA they shoot each other –black gangs, Mexican gangs and other minorities….happens every day!!! Haha…yeah that Virginia Tech shooter…another of your beloved foreigners…

            As far as my guns go, 2nd Amendment gives me and millions of others the right. So when 450,000 die each year from tobacco…where’s your rage? Half again that many because of alcohol…again, crickets from you hypocrites. So just stfu….

          • Eleanore!!!! I have already taught you that McVeigh was not an “Okie”. He was born in Lockport, New York and raised in Pendleton, New York. Are you so stupid as to not remember that or did you intentionally misrepresent the facts? Which is it? Are you a dumbass or a lying POS?

          • To TOP it off. He was a Democrat, as has been 99% of all the Mass Murders.

          • Twataker, The people that you mentioned. Were ALL Democrats.
            ISIS is already here. We have 5 Cells of them here in Arizona.
            Two in Tucson, Three in Phoenix.
            The First Bombing in NY City were at the World Trade Center, The 9/11 Mass Murders were in NY City.
            San Bernardino is in Calafornicia, A Democrat State.
            Thanks to people like you..

          • It’s because if it happens in your own states that you couldn’t blame it on us. You would have put the where it really belongs, on yourselves. GTFU

          • No trailer trash. It is the DEM states who pay $1 in federal taxes and only get back 55 cents. Your Republican live off all manner of tax subsidies not to mention forcing us to help pay for your putrid pollution and your pollution fines. That why you fukkups want to ban the EPA? So you can kill everyone else? Do yourself a favor shitbag..go fukk yourself. You think you have it all with Trump? You have shit. I should know. I know what all about his money laundering to the terrorist he allowed his Muslim high rollers to pull off. Then to pay that FinCEN fine, he had to fire 4400 people. So come on scumbag. Tell us..that what you think is right? Figures. Time to let Trump grab your mommy’s pussy.

          • Your just plain sad

          • You are dumber than a box of rocks

          • Don’t you wish? Your kind of man hates intelligent women and you know why. We don’t let you get away with those Mr. Man Gamer games do we? We are onto you like skin on your dicks.

            As for dumb…Think Trump will evade the Constitution on those 100 businesses he owns in 118 countries? Think again shitbag.

            When it comes to dumb, pricks like you are dumber than donuts. Most assholes like you are.

          • You just confirmed Alan’s statement ,

          • I confirmed nothing. Prickface. All you cocks and pricks always side with each other until one of you wants what the other has …usually the choicest pussy in the south and midwest right Dick Boy?

          • I don’t need to stoop to your levels to prove that your the problem not us. Lmfao. You just said the dems are behind the bs going on. How many more crimes you going to admit to in your stupidity of ranting. Like I said box of rocks are smarter than you. LOL

          • You can’t stoop to my level. Your level is already as low in the slime as it gets. So..go Heil Trump you nazi fascist.

            You are not going to turn this country into your personal piggy bank on MY or anyone else’s tax dollars. Get off that lazy bum ass and get a job.

          • You know what Eleanor I’ve worked hard my whole life, I now can not work but at least I am not in line for government handouts like a lot of your party is. Get over yourself. I’ve probably paid more into the system than you have so just shut your piehole and troll somewhere else. I DGAF what you want or think. Come to Findlay, Ohio if you have the guts try spewing your BS face to face. I bet you won’t show up since you are all blow and no go………

          • Lets see, You do not like Trump because he had stated that with stardom you could grab a woman by the crotch and they would not care but you like Obama the cock sucker. Sounds like you and Obama have a lot in common.

          • Why don’t you change your name from Whitaker to “Toilet Tung”

          • Eleonora go play with your 12″ dildo ; you need it .

          • only if you measure the diameter 12″.

          • 12″x12″ ; WHOAHHHHHHHHHHH

          • ……..and that would be down her throat.

          • Tell you the truth, if someone does try and assassinate Trump….just gives us the right to start taking you idiots out. Even if it is someone on the right….sure looked like a lefty to me lol… Oh and as far as me being an illegal…my great grandfather was half French half Iroquois and was born in Maine. So gfy… The rest of you crybabies….you got your asses kicked and you lost. Just like everywhere else “To the winner go the spoiles”

          • Expatriate Conservative

            Only thing I’ll miss 1 million fighting age veterans with no ROEs

          • You filthy whore, STFU!!!

          • Interesting concept I noticed your name whitaker. Is that a give or take name? No matter we have had 8 years of muslim leadership beheadings of christians all over the world in the name of Allah? My heritage is german & american indian and this is my country.Half has been here since the late 1700s! The rest came over by foot long a mellenium before that. You muslims dont want to assimilate, and you dont turn in the radicals.I now look at all of you as expendable. You are someting that stopped growing mentally centurys ago. I wouldnt worry about the Donalds sex life. Why go out for a over rater McDonaalds hamburger when hes got steak at home. I would look at the MUZZ camp though? You wanted a lesbian female converted muslim and her pedophile husband back in the white house? You have a tranny , and a cork sucker thats now residing in the white house now. The only building he really wanted was a third bathroom so you jerks could go to and contemplate your own being.
            You were an @$$hole baby.

          • You are absolutely right Dennis…the Muslims do not want to assimilate. In Minnesota right now the Somali community do not care to learn English, they teach Sharia law in the schools there..yes right hear in our country. It ought to not be allowed. Send them back to Somalia where I bet they would be happier. Two from that area have joined ISIS…

          • You haven’t learned English either “right hear”. UGH!!!! Is English your second language too?? Where are you from.

          • What nonsense. Have you EVER said anything true?

          • Dennis B Anderson

            Sometimes words arent enough for some people they dont get it. They are going to arm the citizens of Great Britian & Germany. Let the locals round up rat bashastard muslims and kick them out. Aint life grand once again. What can you expect from a group of people whos IQ is in the 70s. Is it possible they got run out of there own country because they are lazy.? Sure as hell wouldnt fight for it! Alot of them are headed for Marseilles because the benifits are greater. Deny that you empty suit? Maybe you should vacate before your deported, and beat the rush. Shame on you for over staying your visa.

          • There has been no talk that I know of about arming the citizens of Great Britain and Germany. They have the most successful gun control in the world and are by far the safest. Why would they give that up and become a gun crazed third world country like us?

          • Dennis B Anderson

            You can vision what the USA would be like without any fire arms?
            The birds, and the trees, and the flowers, and the bees, and wow mannnn. You wont be rejoicing while theyre bringing in the sheeps

          • It would be as safe as Europe, where your chances of dying a violent death are a fraction of your chances here. We have a dangerous place to live. They don’t have a second amendment preventing them from being safe. As a result, they are MUCH safer.

          • Well when the muslim terrorist get the same mind set as you this will be rainbow land. Are you going to show them your neck you had tatooed? It says cut on the dotted line? I grew up in Los Angeles you dont have a fucking clue to what youre talking about. Maybe if you and Oblowme get together you can give them the rest of our posessions. You can watch them rape your daughter while they are cutting your sons head off. These muslims arent going to change their mind set? They want to kill you and america.

          • You are talking about ISIS, not Muslims in general. You are confused. You obviously haven’t met any Muslims, so you have NO idea what you are talking about. You are only repeating what you have been told to believe. Sorry for you.

          • Dennis B Anderson

            I am talking about Muslims, and you have no fucking idea you cartoon charactor. Theifs & liars all of the ones I had to beat the $cheieit out of. They dont fight one on one either.

          • ISIS, does as it DOES IN the name of Allah.
            I have read in the Quran, that ALAH is the “GOD” of Muslims.
            As you are Soooo well read,.
            I ask of you, is that so?
            I understand from reading other Tomes , that ISIS , Hates Cowards.
            If as you state that you, believe, that “ALLAH”, WILL Rule, here in this country, soon.
            As you have so Stated.

            Do you, NOT ,Feel that your Ass, is in DEEP Shit, if they Do.

            I do.

            I believe, that 9 out of 10 persons on this Site,

          • If you read the Qran, then you know that Allah is the Arabic name of the God of Muslims, Christians and Jews (as Mohammed put it: People of the Book). I for one don’t believe you read it.

          • Oh Ya. I neglected to write. Your Ignorant Ass is Blocked.

          • Blocking the truth is tone of the ways you remain ignorant.

          • Your so full of it your EYEs are brown.
            Tell us about those “Indentured” and “Irish ” slaves.

          • Please don’t feed the TROLL… just BLOCK HER. These idiots thrive on getting on these websites to stir people up. When they post their blather, use that little arrow and spare us all the trouble.

          • Oh, Ok… Just having some fun. like ta play with my game for I down it.

          • Pappy is right..nothing but a troll. Ban them and make them go back to loser…err, I mean newser. That is where all the oddities gather giving themselves reach arounds. 82nd Airborne

          • You are so full of lies, the shit coming out of your ass, comes out of your mouth instead. You’ll get yours. You got it once before Big Mouth. When ISIS gets you, don’t you fukking dare ask for help from Dem states. I’d rather they see all of you incinerated.

          • If I were not afraid that I wood surly receive a S.T. D. like A.I.D.S. from you .I wood tell you to “Kiss My Round White Ass.”
            So I will just Report you for Harassment.

          • Chill fuck out .. You and you’re lightweight losers need calm fuck down

          • You truly are a bigoted asshole aren’t you?

          • No YOU are the bigot pricks and twats. NC got their ass in trouble. WHY? For trying to reduce the number of minority voting districts.

            Which CONfukkerates states had ALL the lynchings? Bombings of black churches? KKK rallies and cross burnings?

            Which fukker state just recently bombed a black church and painted the words, “VOTE TRUMP” on it?”

            You are not a man. You are PRICK with no brains. When ISIS attacks us this time, we will make sure it is YOUR states that get it. Not ours, you lying, lazy ass PRICK.

          • Profanity is the crutch of the ignorant. Your post shows you to be an imbecile.

          • Really SHITBAG? Guess you never heard the Mongrel Elect’s profanity then? Right? Shouldn’t you be out there grabbing pussies?

          • Love it when you show your true demoncratic character. And with your foul language what are you running for—or is it running from?

          • Bring your ass to Ohio

          • Eleanore, your language leaves much to be desired, are you really a lady ?

          • Sorry prick …if that’s all you have…better protect your dick. The gangs of very angry women are heading your way to rip your balls off and make this whore wife of yours watch.

          • That sounds Like the Mouse that Climbs an Elephants Hind Leg with “RAPE” on it’s Mind.
            Only in your Case. You are Sorrily UNQUALIFIED to Accomplish the Act.
            As for my Balls and Ample Cock. My Wife is very protective of her Toys.
            Any Interloper, would come up very Short of their desire.
            Just because You and your Mother, as Well as the rest of the Women, and men of your Family have Practiced that Profession from Time Immemorial .
            Do not Feel that other women do.

          • Give it up shitface. You boozers and druggies having to go “cold Turkey” think we will tolerate your nasty bastard attitudes without feeding you to hungry lions?

            I am more qualified than you have ever been. I got an education. YOu got to fukk your Mommy at age 5 and forever after hate women. Your mommy was a whore and you can’t admit it. But then, most lazy bitches like your mommy in the south and midwest, always sell themselves for a fast dollar right Prickface?

          • Ewe, WOOD no the First hand. Woodent ewe?
            I must say that before I WOOD even contemplate Bucken you I WOOD have to be DEAD Drunk of 6 months before I Even Thought of it.

          • Nothing I’d love more than ISIS lopping off your dick. Or your Asshole in Chief’s head for opening his lying mouth.

            You are dead Prison boy. So..what did they send you up for? Pedophilia? Not to worry. Trump raped a 12 year old girl, threatened her life and now the most famous US lawyer, Gloria Allred is defending her. How’s that limp prick of yours? Not doing too well? Try Melania Trump. She performs hundreds of blow jobs for Republican men every day. If that isn’t you sicko bastard proclivity…there’s also Ivanka…I understand her pussy has been grabbed by her daddy…that ought to get you off asshole.

          • I have figured you out.
            You write all this stuff, out of Fantasy. This is your Deepest Desires. The Things you Want the Most to Happen to you.
            I believe, you keep coming back to me is “I”I am your Greatest of ALL Fantasies.
            Knowing in your Little Black Heart that I wood NOT Touch you with Obama’s Little Bitty Dick.

          • Eleanore Whitaker

            You can’t figure out how to use your dick. Try again asshole. You are a liar like your Prickhead in Chief. You condone and teach your kids that lying is just “alternate facts.”

            You couldn’t be any woman’s fantasy prickface. Not when you can’t put a sentence together that anyone can prove is FACT. All you have is a limp useless dick.

          • Such Animosity for the Men.
            How long have you been a Carpet Muncher?
            Is All this Anger, from an Unrequited Love of a Man?
            Maybe it is from the Fact that you were Born, without the Objects of your Greatest Desires?

          • First of all, you are not a man. You are a 2 year old who pulls tantrums like Trump does when you don’t get your way.

            Everything I know was taught to me by the army of men who have always outnumbered me my entire life. You bet I know how to kick in your balls before you can take your next breath. You can thank my 5 brothers and half brothers, 2 sons and their army of males friends, the 21 salesmen I worked with from 1985 until 2013 and the 15 engineers whose shoes you couldn’t lick if you were starving. I worked with the best and I learned from them how men like you go over the edge.

            Pyschologically, you are damaged goods to any woman. And, no woman is going to obey you. Time for you to take your balls and put them in a blender so you can’t spawn any more like you.

          • No WONDER your SOOO Good at Blowing. You have Had a great bit of Training. 21 at one time?
            I’ll bet that ,that is some kind of Record.
            Is it in Guinness?

          • Eleanore Whitaker

            Wrong asshole. Unlike you lives on the food from your Mommy’s twat, I hold myself to a much higher standard. I have ethics and morals. The very fact that Trump thinks grabbing pussies is okay and is well known in NY City’s Club 54 as “Old Coke Nose” and has a proclivity toward kinky sex, makes you the laughing stock and a low life. Time for your Mommy to breast feed you.

          • Your , just to Filthy . Of Mnd , Body, Sprit to Contend with any more.
            May God Bless You.
            Although I do not Believe that Even He would Lay Hands upon you.
            Your Out of My Life.

          • Yep. I am. I am as dirty a fighter as you are…Dirtier even. And you can drop that Christianity BS. I know damn well you run for the Christian card the minute you know you lost an argument.

            Men and women who go for that GOD card are people who have more sins than the entire population of planet earth. YOu know? Like all that womanizing? All that grabbing pussies? All that cheating, lying and stealing?

            So you think going for the GOD card now saves your ass? As I recall, nearly all religions don’t erase sins. YOu pay for it after you die asshole.

            My ex’s darling little southern grandmother had a saying, “I don’t trust a damn man who gets religion.”

            I said, “Grandma, why?” “Because yall know they got more sins than any woman ever thought of commitin”

          • Are you still so angry because hilLIARy LOST THE ELECTION, Eleanore?

            I have not decided whether I am more pleased that hilLIARy LOST or I am more pleased that YOU ARE SOOO ANGRY!

            I dedicate this video to YOU and all of the other trolls, Eleanore:


          • You can tell by your language what a lady you are…a true demoncrat–you must be related to someone in Arkansas.

          • He IS not a Lady.

          • Oh dear this lady Eleanore, from her foul language is not really a Lady at all, she is an out and out supporter of the mendacious Clintons. Try to maintain a civil tongue in opposing those who fail to agree with you. Mrs. Clinton lost because she was seen for what she obviously is. You saw her for something she never has been – now she is a hasbeen.

      • I voted for Trump because he like pussy just like i do .. Bwaaa Haaa Whaaaaa

      • Not any worse than United States of pedophiles or sex fiends islands!

      • Marines Are Well Known for their Love a woman.
        I happen to know that You Women are just as Grabby as Men.
        I wonder how many that you, yourself have Grabbed ?

      • What a pathetic attempt of an insult. We are in the USA, the USA we are meant to have not some failed 3rd world socialist dystopian Marxist leftwing nanny-state.

      • better than the state of idiots

      • And if killary was in it would be pussy lickers.

        • Go back to the desert you ISIS prick. How many blow jobs can Melania perform for your Republican pussy grabbers? Do yourself a favor…eat shit and die you sad sack of shit. Or doesn’t your twat face mother allow her ISIS boy to do more than stay on your knees while you service her?

          • What an angry shemale you are. Killary was known for her sexual preference at Yale……

          • You bet…And as a shemale…I chew up and spit out dickheads and pricks like you every day. Have to…That’s how I protect myself from Pussy Grabbers like you and Trump. Try grabbing mine and I’ll rip that limp noodle off its base.

          • Well you finally admit it if you’re spitting out dickheads you are a cocksucker. And that qualifies you to be a demoncrat.

          • Well you finally admitted it..You are a twat eater. Better go tell that trailer trash wife of your to get a shave. That Bush of hers is all over your face. Eat shit and die you asshole.

    • HOOAH! From a retired 1SGT…Like & agree!
      I don’t remember how many times I sent this on but it will never be enough; especially when we already have them in the current administration. I was in Saudi Arabia for three years and I can vouch for the below accounts of their so called religion and have seen some of the stoning’s of people at a considerable distance because of the fact I could have been stoned just from being an American watching the process.
      Please keep this circulating through the Internet even if you have heard it before. It’s one small thing we can all do to help educate both Muslims and Non-Muslims about the evils of Islam. The Muslims have not heard the truth of the one true God who loves and died for all of us. They have only heard of Allah who encourages murder and suicide and the horrible oppression of their women.

      If you don’t stand behind our troops,
      PLEASE feel free to stand in front of them!!!
      ALL gave some………some gave ALL!!!
      Politically Incorrect and PROUD!!!
      Don’t blame me, I voted for the American!!!

      This is a true story and the author, Rick Mathes, is a well-known leader in prison ministry.
      The man who walks with God always gets to his destination. If you have a pulse you have a purpose.
      The Muslim religion is the fastest growing religion per capita in the United States, especially in the minority races!!
      Last month I attended my annual training session that’s required for maintaining my state prison security clearance.
      During the training session there was a presentation by three speakers representing the Roman Catholic, Protestant and Muslim faiths, who each explained their beliefs.
      I was particularly interested in what the Islamic had to say. The Muslim gave a great presentation of the basics of Islam, complete with a video. After the presentations, time was provided for questions and answers.
      When it was my turn, I directed my question to the Muslim and asked: ‘Please, correct me if I’m wrong, but I understand that most Imams and clerics of Islam have declared a holy jihad [Holy war] against the infidels of the world and, that by killing an infidel, (which is a command to all Muslims) they are assured of a place in heaven. If that’s the case, can you give me the definition of an infidel?’
      There was no disagreement with my statements and, without hesitation, he replied, ‘Non-believers!’ I responded, ‘So, let me make sure I have this straight. All followers of Allah have been commanded to kill everyone who is not of your faith so they can have a place in heaven. Is that correct?’
      The expression on his face changed from one of authority and command to that of a little boy who had just been caught with his hand in the cookie jar. He sheepishly replied, ‘Yes.’
      I then stated, ‘Well, sir, I have a real problem trying to imagine The Pope commanding all Catholics to kill those of your faith or Dr. Stanley ordering all Protestants to do the same in order to guarantee them a place in heaven!’
      The Muslim was speechless! I continued, ‘I also have a problem with being your friend when you and your brother clerics are telling your followers to kill me! Let me ask you a question:
      Would you rather have your Allah, who tells you to kill me in order for you to go to heaven, or my Jesus who tells me to love you because I am going to heaven and He wants you to be there with me?’ You could have heard a pin drop as the Imam hung his head in shame.
      Needless to say, the organizers and/or promoters of the ‘Diversification’ training seminar were not happy with my way of dealing with the Islamic Imam, and exposing the truth about the Muslims’ beliefs.
      In twenty years there will be enough Muslim voters in the U.S. to elect the President!
      I think everyone in the U.S. should be required to read this, but with the ACLU, there is no way this will be widely publicized, unless each of us sends it on! This is your chance to make a difference….


    • What a stupid statement.

  2. Dale F Winans, Cpl, USMC
  3. Yes, as the Democratic party sinks slowly into the cesspool it is fitting to place a Muslim in a position of power to demonstrate how very representative the party is for ALL those Hispanics [primarily Catholic], Christian blacks, homosexuals who are a clear Muslim target [Orlando was just a beginning], women [Sharia law gives them permission to live past their twenty-fifth birthday and to smile when their children are turned into bombs] and the Evangelicals who showed up to vote this year. What astute leaders the Democrats have, not.

    • Expatriate Conservative

      Since you don’t have a picture or a name we will call you Jackass. As a Conservative Republican Vietnam Vet and CATHOLIC you sir shouls sit down and STFU

      • Hey, E.C.,
        With all due respect, I think you should read 3B’s post again and, while you’re at it, pay attention to the punctuation.

        • Expatriate Conservative

          The grammar police strike again

          • Do you ever read a full post ?
            Grammar was not the point. Nor was spelling.
            I could be wrong , but it seems to me that you have wrongly interpreted 3B’s post.
            You have attacked 3B for his opinion in a vile way for being exactly what you are.
            That is , if you really are a “Conservative Republican Vietnam Vet and CATHOLIC”.
            He/she shares your political views, nitwit.

          • Expatriate Conservative

            I read the entire response and see it as an attack on Mexicans, homosexuals, Christian Blacks, and Evangelicals. As for you you don’t know me so to insult me by calling me a nitwit is affront to my education and service to this country. So take a hike my time left in this mess made by the prevous administration is less than 90 days

          • You made a mistake.
            Your misinterpretation of 3B’s post does not make you a nitwit. Your refusal to admit it does.
            You owe 3Bs an apology

          • Expatriate Conservative

            I think you missed me sa anythig is possible.

          • He says it’s an affront to Hispanics [Catholics] Christian Blacks and Homosexuals. Do you know why? Muslims don’t like any of those three …none, nada, zilch. Do you get that? As a Marine 1973-83 sir you are making us look bad by not being able to comprehend what he said.

          • Expatriate Conservative

            Marine how many blacks and hispanics had your 6 during your deployments? I had quite a few along with orientals and Philippinos. Regarding homosexuals they shouldn’t be thrown off roofs. The Democrap party is going to screw them over. Maybe its time we gave them a party to belong to.

            Quite frankly I don’t care what you do. As of 1 February I take my 3 years of military service and 23 years as a LEO and my 2 pensions and Expatriate. Have fun cleaning up the mess left by people who don’t deserve to be defended.

            Your opinions don’t effect me I heard it all as a decorated LEO.

        • Expatriate Conservative

          I did and don’t change my opinion.

      • Here’s a vote for Trump

        • Love his laugh, it is infectious, in a Great WAY!! I’ve thanked this BRAVE MAN before, & told him to STAY SAFE..

        • Here’s my middle finger you bigot ASShole. Sit on it and rotate. Trump will be dead in 3 months. Count on it. When you piss off all the wrong people, you ender the kind of anger and sense of betrayal that ends up with his balls stuffed in that big mouth. gonna be another volunteer Lone Wolf assassin jerkoff?

          • I stayed up all night during the election and I had the same response as the guy in the above video. Y’all still butt hurt over the election? YOU BETCHA!! 😎

          • Eleanor I have seen pictures of you and that finger of yours is quite fat…so start sucking on it because it will be the closest thing you ever get to resembling a cock. Yes, the old àpiring author that sold 4 books…

          • HAHaHaHaHaHaHa Sticks & stonesHoHoHoHeeHee.In the future I see Gitmo for thee

      • Think You read the POST Wrong?? Just my thoughts..

  4. How progressive of them. Might as well rename the party DNC to Allahu Akbar.

  5. So the Democrats want to make a Muslim, with alleged terrorist connections, the new party chairman? He’ll certainly lead them into more trouble with working Americans. Add a devout commie who calls himself a socialist, and we’ll soon see the end of the Democratic Party. Then top it off with another run for office by the Clinton Crime Machine boss, and the nation will go totally against them – except for the welfare-parasite class. They will create such hatred of themselves that they won’t win another election for 20 years if then.

  6. This just shows you how brainwashed the left has become!

    • No …it shows how we flip the bird at you bossy ass m en who think you can use our tax dollars to do as you damn well please.

      You Confederates lost the Civil War and oh boy is Trump going to stick it up your asses.

      • What an ignorant statement.

      • Eleanore you have serious issues

      • And another Feminazi with no concept except that Hildabeast got
        her ass handed to her. Trump is not concerned about the
        battle found won and or lost but about restoring the rule of law to
        our nation and our economy so all can make money and live a
        safe and secure life.

      • At it again ehh, Zika head girl? You make no sense. Chill out before someone strangles your comfort puppy.

      • You do realize that Lincoln was a republican and the south were Dems??

        • She doesn’t realize anything. She has the brain of a lemming. Lets see what the Dumborats say when Ellison starts throwing fudge packers off of skyscrapers.

        • This never was about party. It is about YOU hicks not admitting you lost the Confederacy. Why in the hell else do you Mutton Chops and Corn Pones still fly that Stars and Bars if not because you stupidly believe it will scare the hell out of blacks? You do not live in a Confederacy on MY tax dollars. Stick your dumbass yall alling up your butts. We don’t speak your alien language up north.

          • Bwahaha yep I live in an idiot state for sure KALIFORNISTAN. Land of the fruits and nuts. Talk about tax dollars being spent on the lunatic fringe…time to get rid of anything spent on colleges that is liberal. Time to get rid of that socialist crap obeymecare!! No more welfare, no more wic, no more ebt…time to get rid of hiring quotas and go off of ability and smarts.
            Oh, almost forgot….ship all illegals out…that includes you.

          • How about we all agree to ignore Eleanore? Her unwise, fomenting, leftist drivel is not worth wasting any more time on.

          • Do you think the old hag and Bubba will finally retire to Dog Patch Arkansas? What y’all think?

          • I am an educated woman that lives in NJ that voted Trump. What were you saying about yall living in the south? So I guess every one that voted Trump was from the south? Didn’t you see the beautiful post election map that was mostly red?

          • Expatriate Conservative

            Wow what a mess here time to leave again. But not without saying this. I am the only redneck, cracker in the world to Be born on Kings Highway in Brooklyn and raised on Long Island.

          • Well you have such a foul mouth to claim to be from the north. I have been from the north all of my life and for you to speak the way you does not make very much sense of someone claiming to be from the north. Do you kiss your children with that mouth? Shame on you

          • As the saying goes, “You aint seen nothin yet.”

            You are the ones who thought your big foul, lying bastard mouths were all so privileged. Now you play your little boy victim card?

            My children are grown professional men. Not scumbag lazy loafers like you.

          • Really? Did your professional children as you call them serve in the military? I know mine did. I did my time. Then drove truck for 30years. I am now retired and not by my own choice either. I have done more good in my life than you would even ever thought about.

      • The stock market has been at record highs since Trump won the election. Trump will bring the economy back YOU BETCHA!! 😎

  7. That will buy them a lot of hate from those of us who went for Trump. Think again you losers.

    • I want these IDIOTS to do this.. Then we can refer to Demowits in the Past Tense :>)

      • I was thinking the same thing. I used to be a Democrat, but the way they treat and thumb their snuttie noses towards working, taxpaying Americans is dispicable! Let the Dems run their party into the ground.

  8. Go for it Demodunces..You think Democraps were hurt this election,I have news for you. Put this Muslim POS in as your leader and in a few years there will be no Demowit party. Only Republicans!

  9. If bernie supports ellison, then he is an idiot. Ellison is an anti-American muslim who supports all the muslim organizations that are our muslim enemies. It’s absolutely insane to elect any muslim to any level of our government. They are still trying to confiscate our nation and leadership is the largest way they do it. All of these muslim transplanted woman are popping out kids while encouraging young American women to abort. They want to out-populate our citizens to confiscate the vote and take over our nation. Thank God, bernie didn’t get elected and isn’t fit to become our president!

  10. They just love to self destuct, & then blame us. What a bunch of loonies!

  11. Have they really not recognized the message that was sent to them on Nov. 9th, 2016. We the people are only one state government away from the majority of carrying constitutional amendments to fruition peoples. So if they are dumb enough to sign their own party demise papers let them be.

  12. Angela Camden-robertson

    All Muslims should be deported from America

  13. The biggest mistake they will every make, an they have made some DOOOZEEE,S

  14. Last night, I watched Dennis Miller and he made an interesting observation. He was talking about the election “protests” i. e. riots, and he said ignore them and let them keep destroying their own brand.
    The left is now in tatters, as they continue to slither further to the left they expose their true characters. They are evil, hateful, tyrants, who now see their power and influence abating. Sit back, and allow them to destroy themselves.

  15. Great! The DNC is in real trouble if an avowed religious bigot is in charge.

  16. Has the DNC just become another front group like CAIR, for the Moose-limb Brotherhood? No Sharia law or in-vetted refugees in America. Label CAIR, Muslim Brotherhood and any other Islamic Supremist group terrorist organizations and therefore illegal.

  17. the libs are showing how they make dumb ass moves. dems may implode.

  18. Keith Ellison only uses that name when he runs for office. All the time when he is with his friends, he uses Keith E. Hakim.

  19. Expatriate Conservative

    All muslims must die

  20. Beeotchstewie the deplorable

    If this does not show everyone that the Democrats have now become the Shariacrats, nothing will.

  21. DONT DO IT! Ellison tried to insert proPalestinian anti Israel planks in the party platform. Hilary Clinton stopped him.

  22. Better still, lets just send the DNC to Iran for political asylum from the Right.
    Then we would all get what we deserve

    • Like all absent minded politically correct liberals Demonrats have ignored the genocide of Christians in the Middle east, the attacks on women in Germany and Europe, terrorist attacks, rape and slaughter of Christians and Yazidis. The burning alive of Yazidi girls who refused to be Muslim sex slaves, the attacks by the Muslim brotherhood on Coptic Christians, burning of their churches and murders by Muslims on Christians, the taxation of Christians and other religious minorities, the honor killings and acid attacks on women, the murder of anyone who converts to Christianity in Islamic countries, the enslavement of women under Boko Haram, ISIS and other terrorist groups. The list goes on and on. Yet Dimwits scream Islamaphobic at any one who dares criticize their new Muslim pets. last but not least they have turned on Israel to appease their newest pets, Muslims.

      • What should happen here is: Obama does not import Christians from the middle east that have been displaced “only Muslims” Trump should import ONLY Christians from the middle east and not the Muslims.. Now that is “SOCIAL JUSTICE” LET’S HAVE SOME OF THAT…

  23. The democrats are totally of SATAN and as such will only get worse and move so far left (into SATAN’s camp). We the Christian conservatives must be ever vigilant to this and stop them everywhere they try to push their crap on America!

  24. How stupid can these dopeocrats be if they elect Keith Ellison the muslim! They are truly a misguided party which is why they ran the crooked Clinton for president…a worse candidate would have been hard to find!

  25. …..and they wonder why they got such a resounding SLAP from America this past election. Seriously there is some brain damage in the Democratic party.

  26. Bringing radical Islam to the house is how dems will destroy freedom

  27. OK, Senator Elgin a muslim of Minn. is the true bigot and ant Semite not Bannon, who is pro Israel as well a pro minorities and has many bulletins and articles demonstrating it. While elgin has the same but derogatory to Jews and minorities. He is a phony in our mist. I wouldn’t trust him with Hillary’s Server. I know his name is Ellison

  28. All these actions of the democrats is just a continued ideology of evil that Obama intensified in his attempted dictatorship to take America to Shari law.

  29. As I have said before, Liberalism is a brain disorder and this would continue the proof. Islamic leaders have said to destroy America they need to get on the inside and destroy from the inside out. Put people in key positions through out the administration, education and all parts of government. Liberalism allows this process to work. This is the same agenda of destruction for America that the progressive(Communist) party has also. Who is going to win?

  30. Put bullets in all those Muslim motherfuckers foreheads

  31. The Dumb Nerds confederation is a classic in stupidity and brainlessness and best thing could have happened to save this nation from any more em=baer=assing for ever!!

  32. Seems as though the Demo’s have one thing in mind and that’s to self destruct which is too bad as is does have a few good people in Congress. Oh well, SOS.

  33. Lead them to what, extinction? The silent majority is sick of their Socialist crap.

  34. It fits the Democrats well. The Koran’s latest revised edition, still says kill all infidels.


  36. Islam is based on a false revelation, and will, in the long run, produce the fruits of its source.

  37. Dems are turning their backs on the very Constitution they swore to uphold—-bluntly put—they have let the fox into the henhouse with full permission to cause all the damage he can!

  38. The Democrat MB Party is not going to go over well, but it will give the Republicans a 2/3 pus margin in Congress. This will be, and than the fun begins

  39. This shows how far out of touch with reality the Democrat Socialist are in real life.
    At one time the could be somewhat trusted to represent the Working person in
    America then the Unions gained control over them and from that day forth they
    have failed to represent the actual workers in America. The Republicans also
    represented the Workers of America but had a problem getting their message
    out. During the 60’s the Democrat party was taken over by special interest
    groups and Communist who fermented revolt in our nation against our laws
    and morals. Today you can see the results with the lack of morals, religious
    values, murder of the unborn children which are our future. The democrats
    value people like Margaret Sanger (Founder of Planned Murderhood) to
    control the Black population, One of the big leaders of the KKK which was
    founded by Southern Democrats after the Civil War to control Black people.
    It was the Republicans who passed bills to make Black full citizens against
    the opposition of the Democrats, it was the Republicans who pushed and
    forced thru the desecration of the South and allowed Blacks to attend
    schools and Universities in the South and eventually in the Northern schools
    also. Yet the Black population for the most part is ignorant of this fact and
    continue to be as LBJ said with his Great Society welfare scam he would
    keep them on the Democrat Plantation for another 200 years. It is all in
    our history if you go search for it. Of course this is never taught in our
    schools which are for the most part overrun by Socialist and Communist
    who know that to overthrow our Nation they must brainwash the youth
    from kindergarten through College and make them believe they are
    entitled to things rather than having to actually go out, get a job an d
    work to have what they want out of life.

  40. PLEASE!!!!Keep going down this Path!!!!!
    Continue to circle the DRAIN!!
    The American public has told YOU, WE, HAVE, Had ENOUGH!!!!
    Did you NOT SEE??

  41. It is no wonder the Democrat Party lost and is in turmoil. A MUSLIM to lead the Democratic Party. Well that’s all for me, the Democratic Party has reached the lowest of the low. Until MUSLIMS denounce the extremist elements in their cult following and update their teaching to the 21st century from the 1600″s, no MUSLIM should lead anything. WARNING If you thing the democratic party is shaking now, watch the defections when a MUSLIM leads it. NO HATE, JUST FACTS, UNTIL ANY RACE PROVES THEMSELVES BY THEIR ACTIONS AND DEEDS THEY WILL ALWAYS BE UNDER SUSPICION.

    • Hell a Muslim has been leading the democrat party for the last eight years….Valerie Jarrett.


        • No Muslims period — there is a reason they have been isolated for 1400 yrs. It’s not a religion it’s a hate and terrorist organization. Their Quran Instructs them to kill all non Muslims ( Complete trash and over 51% follow it word for word – poll result). They have sworn to divide and conquer from within. They will never fit within our constitution and life style and will try pushing Sharia law on our society. Their clothing ( Burkas etc) pose a threat to national security ( easy to hide bombs/weapons and hide ones identity). Their Mosques must be torn down, their Quran banished From all civilized societies ( corrosive-Complete trash- it could never be the word of God), and they must be sent back to an All Muslim Society. Common Sense 101.

    • Failed Democratic Party

      It could not have come at a better time that people really start to realize the Dems do not serve everyday Americans; nor are they our friends who care for us! They will lie, cheat, steal, take bribes, allow our enemies to get stronger as we get weaker BY THEIR HAND, and they will destroy people or have those they consider threats to their warped version of the ‘greater good’ put ‘away’, one way or another (Vince Foster, Ron Brown and many others)! They consider God and our Constitution as obstacles to their twisted agenda as both the Diety and the Document both hold them to account for their actions. Republicans are not perfect but with our assistance we can move them to where they are serving U.S. and a greater future, one with Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness as the main points of focus! Now, if we can only get the numbers required to push back all the Illegal and terrorist voters which they are trying to add to their ill-gotten voter contingent.

      The democratic platform has done way to much dammage to our country and those within to ever trust that platform again. The icing on the cake was their selection of a devout Muslim ( OBummer) to serve as our POTUS ( Who swore to be a Christian- nonsense). And now they want to put the most corrupt and lieing candidate
      To ever run – Hildabeast in charge. Their is no end to their corruption and destruction to our values/constitution/Allies. They promote: gay rights, abortion ( responsible for 100 million deaths of fetuses), athiesm ( taking God out of America),illegal immigration, Muslim immigration (people who will try to destroy our way of life- sharia law), socialism ( sponsor is Sorros), communism, ignoring our constitution ( all swore to support it before taking public office), world order/takeover, corruption, and cheating at the polls to get their ways— they are the “SATIN” within America and have lost their way. No wonder a record amount of democrats are abandoning this platform by the thousands after showing its ugly head.

  42. Yeeesss…the American citizen’s should just come a flocking if we move to Sharia law for the states….??? After all the British did…after all the democrat’s think everyone wants to be just like Europe…

  43. There is no legitimate American way a devout Muslim can lead the DNC or even qualify for a House or Senate seat. Devout Muslims are sworn to follow Islam, Sharia Law and their Qur’an—–with a death penalty for any deviation and the Muslim hierarchy has openly declared they are going to take over and destroy this great Republic and freedom way of life. Yes, they can (and do) take our oaths of office, as the Qur’an permits them to lie if doing so “furthers the cause of Islam”—-and they not only can so lie, they are obligated to do so. How do we as a Nation ignore those issues? Too many people don’t understand that Islam is not a religion per se, it is a complete barbaric way of life—the Qur’an even dictates “which hand to use” when using the toilet and how to brush one’s teeth. They still use slaves, can not own dogs, except for those who “work”., i.e., watch dogs, sheep herders, etc., They disallow drinking of alcohol, dancing, music except for a few religious purposes Women can not drive a car in many countries, It takes two women to out-vote a male Muslim, If a woman is raped, she must have 4 male witnesses and if she fails to prove her case, she can be stoned to death, Women can not leave their residence, unless accompanied by an adult male relative. They have a Holy Book, the Quran’, that is completely lacking in chronology, and contains many later “abrogations”, also undated, that make it completely unreadable. That document contains a Surah that dictates anything “revealed” later in their Qur’an that supersedes earlier revelations, takes precedence —yet non are dated. For instance, Surah Nine (out of 114) is recognized as Muhammad’s “death-bed” revelation. It is very lengthy and “abrogates” about half of the original Qur’an—-most all of the peaceful understanding, equality, forgiveness revelations have been abrogated. Once, all of the abrogations are properly placed, the Qur’an become a clear declaration of war against all non-believers (infidels). Muslims have been taught their god “Allah” and the Christin god are “one and the same”. Any grade-school child can read both Holy Books and see they are as different as night and day. I don’t hold any of this against the rank and file Muslims as they are merely adhering to a document that degrees the death penalty for disbelieving.. Because of that 7th Century barbaric death penalty for non-believers, there are few if any admitted “moderate Muslims”. I admit I am not sure how we can approach the billions of devout Muslims other than by civil and cordial discussions, along with clear and enforced notice that in this country the death penalty or violence of any sort for being a non-believers or killings “for honor” will not be tolerated.—when in Rome, do as Romans do”.

    • There is no legitimate American way a devout Muslim can lead the DNC or even qualify for a House or Senate seat.

      You need to read the US Constitution. (Article 6, clause 4)

      “no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States.”

      • Jan, I am well aware of what the Constitution states, but a “religion” is not a religion merely because someone insists that it is. Islam is a barbaric cultural “way of life” as It dictates most all aspects of day to day living without regard to geographical location, weather, available food, including which hand to use when in the restroom, how to brush one’s teeth, and how women must remain fully “garbed” (head to toe) in public, The latter creates serious Vitamin-D deficiencies as such garb hinders natures way of using the Sun to get that necessary vitamin, which is essential for life. As for using which hand while performing toilet necessities, the revelation ignores that about 5% of the world’s population is left handed. Also, the Qur’an permits a male Muslim to be angered by his wife giving birth to a female child. I learned in Biology class in high school that the male’s “X” chromosome determines the female gender. Also, the Qur’an reveals that the Sun “sets” in a cloudy pool of water,” surrounded by “peoples” (Plural).. That Holy Book also states if a Muslim women claims she has been raped, she must have 4 male Muslim witnesses to prove her claim and if she does not prove her case, she can be stoned to death. And, there are reams of other such “non-religious” issues, but I trust these few clearly document that they do not qualify as religious issues. I believe it is commonly held by the majority of the world’s peoples that their God(s) is (are) omnipotent and can do anything and everything, even beyond all people’s comprehension—and such a god, being “all knowing” would not make mistakes that would later have to be “corrected”. Also, an “All Knowing God” who had the ability to communicate with people, would have the capability of speaking to the “masses”, not just a handful of “Prophets”—and such a god surely would not select a Prophet who could neither read noir write and was of a very barbaric uncivilized nature. Now, to “really rain on your “parade”, the Qur’an, due to its complete lack of chronology and its many later “abrogations”, also undated, is completely undecipherable by lay people as they can not correlate the revelations with a time period. The Qur’an clearly states that any later revelations than change (abrogate) earlier revelations, takes precedence over the earlier revelation—how does one do that, when none of the revelations or abrogations are dated? The Muslims recognized this problem and published an “approved” manual, “Reliance of the Traveller (sic)”, A Classic Manual edited and Manual of Islamic Sacred Law”, reprinted several times. It is edited and translated by N.H.M. Keller, printed in Arabic with English “Facings”. It is clearly written, well indexed, cross- referenced to the Qur’an and most importantly, is not encumbered by chronology and abrogation issues—a must have document if one is to fully understand Islam, Sharia Law and the Muslim “way of life”. I will close with the idea that “Truth and fact” cannot be blasphemy, slander or phobic. And, don’t hate Muslims, as they are just following that which they have been taught from a very early age and reinforced to the tune of 5-times a day, throughout their lifetimes.

        • Islam as a religion has existed longer than Christianity. In the last few decades, some followers have perverted it, creating the attitude you espouse in many.

          Regardless, it is a legitimate religion as you acknowledge at the end of your post. Even if it wasn’t, the Constitution does not require that a person hold ANY religious belief.

          • UR ejekatshun jest made ya fall on your Face. It is NOT older than Christianity.

          • Please read the bible to learn about the beginning of Islam

            Genesis 17:19-20

            See how this works? I make a statement and tell you my evidence. You might do well to find out sources too.

          • Tell me, What is the Derivation of all three religions that we , or a good part of this world fallow?
            The Jews, Christians, Muslims?

          • The one God.

            As I showed you from Genesis, Islam came from Abraham’s son Ishmael, Judaism came from Abraham’s son Issac.

            Christianity is descended from Judaism. Early Christians were Jews.

            Easy to find out if you look…so why do you ask?

          • I did not ask. I made a statement . You Illiterately corrected my statement. Judaism does indeed decent for Abrahams son., as does the Muslims. The Christians were not Jewish, They ARE JEWISH, Today. No matter what they call themselves.
            After all that Bull Shit!
            There IS Still only One ;

          • When you end a sentence with a question mark, you have asked a question.

          • No? No, shite? Really? Well I’ll be! Didja learn that just recently?

          • Well, you haven’t learned it yet. You posted two questions that ended in a ? but said you didn’t ask a question. You really need a course in remedial English.

          • No thanks. I do not have a need to learn Old German.

          • Jan. You either have an Islamic propensity, or you are very uninformed about Islam and its Holy Book, the Qur’an. There is a Surah in the Qur’an that dictates (paraphrased), “No Muslim may change a single period, word. sentence or Surah (Paragraph).of the Qur’an under penalty of death—-and it is so enforced. The final draft of that Holy Book was compiled and edited about 50 years after Muhammad’s death, by a group of mere mortals and that group had someone in charge (also a mere mortal) who would dictate what would and would and would not not be included in the final document. And, Surah Nine,(out of 114) which is acknowledged as Muhammad’s several “death-bed” (last) revelations, abrogates (changes is many ways) earlier revelations and takes precedence, especially those revelations involving peace, love, understanding, equality and forgiveness —and there is a revelation that dictates any later revelations or abrogations that change earlier revelations take precedence. Also, if the Qur’an’s abrogated material was removed and an the remainder placed in chronological order, that Holy Book would be a clear “declaration of war” against all “non-believers” (Infidels). Jan, I challenge you to refute me saying; “The Muslim’s Holy Book, the Qur’an, is completely undecipherable due to its complete lack of chronology, and its many later abrogations, (also undated), render that Holy Book completely undecipherable for most lay people and even some “experts” who do not have the detailed history of Islam, I maintain, that “truth and facts” cannot be blasphemy, slander or phobic And, you misunderstood me. I do not acknowledge that Islam is a true religion—-it is a barbaric cultural “way of life”, when compared to all of the other handful of acknowledged religions in the world—-The reason it has so many followers, is the Muslim citizens are threatened with beheading, if they do not adhere to the Qur’an, as exactly written—which is an impossible task. Keep in mind that Surah nine abrogates almost half of the original document,

          • What Islam IS has nothing to do with the US Constitution.

            The US Constitution is clear and refutes your statement that “There is no legitimate American way a devout Muslim can lead the DNC or even qualify for a House or Senate seat.”

          • Jan, we need to know more about you before we can really address your contributions. Seriously, would you want or permit anyone to become a member of congress, occupy the Oval Office or have any important job in our government who has a previous sworn duty to another entity, to destroy this great Republic and freedom way of life? I take it you believe the Qur’an and Islam is a “Religion of Peace”. Nothing could be further from the truth. You don’t need to be an authority on the Qur’an if you just read and analyze Surah Nine, and apply its revelations and “abrogations” to the rest of the Qur’ans earlier “revelations”. And, if you are a Muslim, do you really believe male Muslims are superior to all female Muslims? Also, how do you respond to the dictates of the Qur’an that when a Muslim woman is raped, she must have 4 male Muslim witnesses to prove her claim—and if she fails to prove her claim, she can be stoned to death. And, do you believe a woman should be prohibited from traveling to a town without an adult related male escort? How about feminine “attire”. Do you believe a Muslim woman must be fully “garbed” (from head to toe) when outdoors? If so, do you know that such attire inhibits the body of a woman (or a male) from absorbing natures essential Vitamin-D from enhancing the human body? Do you know that a male Muslim can be angry and punish his wife if she gives birth to a female child?—do you know the combination of male and female chromosomes that it takes to form a female “fetus”—it comes from the male.. Do you support beheading all persons who deny the existence of the Islamic God and of Islam, the “Religion of Peace”?—-in other words, having one’s head removed merely for what one “believes”? And there are reams “more” of similar issues.

          • I take it you believe the Qur’an and Islam is a “Religion of Peace”.

            How you “take it” is irrelevant. The Constitution does not allow a religious test. Period.

          • Seriously, would you want or permit anyone to become a member of
            congress, occupy the Oval Office or have any important job in our
            government who has a previous sworn duty to another entity,…

            Like Jesus? How many so called “Christians” refuse to follow their oath of office because they have a sworn duty to another entity?

          • Jan, I sense you are a “dyed in the wool” Muslim, or a paid troll to create off-subject issues to take the readers’ focus off of the critical issues at hand. I was speaking of oaths of allegience to countries or groups, not religion—-and you know that. However, the Muslims oath of allegience to Islam is dictated by the Qur’an, which clearly states, (paraphrased), “No one shall change a single period, word, sentence, paragraph (Surah) or meaning of the Qur’an, under penalty of death. There are good religious people in all faiths, who can take our oaths of allegience to our great Republic and freedom way of life, without violating their religion—-except the Muslims, can take an oath of a state, the military or government in that a Muslim is not only permitted but directed to lie, if doing so “furthers the cause of Islam”. I can understand your confusion about oaths in that the Muslims so called religion is actually a “cultural way of life”, which I have earlier discussed in detail.

          • Well, you sense wrong. I am a lifelong Catholic. And I accept your compliment that you believe I am a paid troll (please let me know how I could get a job as one, right now it is an amusing hobby) because that means my arguments are solid and sound.

            Hey, I understand your feelings about Islam. I disagree with them as I have several female Muslim friends (one is a physician, another a nurse, one works in IT and two others who are less professionally employed.) and your descriptions of their faith couldn’t be farther from the people I know.

            I was speaking of oaths of allegience (sic) to countries.

            So, a Muslim who has no oaths of allegiance to any country but the USA is OK? Let’s say one who was born here.

            But the bottom line is any Muslim CAN be a US Senator or Representative due to the US Constitution.

            I am not confused.

          • Jan, a “rank & file” male Muslim can kill someone for a violation of their “honor code”—no judge, jury or attorneys, just the “executioner” and, it has been done on several occasion here in the U.S. and is a “way of life” in Muslim countries. Muslims don’t permit dogs as pets–only working dogs, such as sheep-herders, watch dogs ,etc.. They also dictate that male men are superior to women and if a female Muslim is raped, she must have 4 male Muslims as witnesses—and if she cannot prove her case, she can be “stoned”—(if there were 4 honest men present, the rape probably would not have occurred), for having enticed the rapist. A female Muslim, can not appear in public unless properly dressed and accompanied by a male family member. In many countries, they cannot drive a car and must be at the “beck and call” (snapping of fingers), when a husband desires sex (not allowed to have a headache). Also, the Qur’an permits a Muslim male to be angry and punish a spouse for giving birth to a female child—-last time I checked, the determining factor for the birth of a female, is the male’s “X” chromosome. There is much, much more but this should convince you (and others) to obtain a copy of the Muslims, “Reliance of the Traveller (sic): A Classic Manual of Islamic Sacred Law” 1991 Edition, translated by N.H.M. Keller. It is printed in Arabic, with English “facings”, well indexed and is not encumbered by chronology and abrogation issues. You will be amazed at the section concerning women. Get that manual, read it and then get back to “we the followers” of this post.

          • None of which changes the US Constitution. Please separate your opinion of Islam from US law.

          • So, it only took 70 years to put the Qur’an together after Muhammad crocked?
            Beats the Christians, It took them 800 some years to do that.
            The reason that I quit attending any Church’s is because of thoughts such as yours, some of my friends. To wit, IF YOU DO NOT BELIEVE IN “GOD” AS I DO , YOUR GOING TO “HELL”.
            Bull SHIT.

            Were you to get down and dirty , look to the FACT that ALL three of those religions come from the Same Writings.
            The Old Testament.

          • Jan, I have posted twice already to your misguided posts. You say there is no “connection” between Islam and our Constitution—-that is the very center of our disagreement. The Qur’an and its brainwashed followers have supported the Islamic philosophy of taking over this planet and beheading all non-believers of Islam They developed that very barbaric concept in the 7th Century and it has not changed one iota over the eons. Those battles now ongoing in Syria and neighboring countries all revolve around Islam, and is part of a well orchestrated effort to take over the entire world—and heads are being removed there everyday by both Muslim factions.

          • If the US Constitution clearly states that no religion test can be required, how can that mean except for Islam which is not allowed?

            I understand you disagree with its tenets. But that does not change the words of the Constitution.

          • The Heads that are, by the way, being removed are mostly Muslim.
            I have a question. You continued the the muslim rem. and the Constitution have a connection.

          • Still have not researched as to when each started . Huh?
            The Muslim have advanced their religion the same way they are doing it now from the 7th century. Periods of Peace, with periods of scorched Earth War.

          • Yes, I did and I gave you the biblical reference that Islam is traced back to Abraham and his son Ishmael.

          • So, I know about Ishmael. Very likely I know more of Muslim history than you also.
            You have stated that Islam is older than Christianity. How much older?
            When have the Scholars place the years that each religion started?

          • If Ishmael was Old Testament and Jesus the New, that should give you enough of a timeline that Islam is older than Christianity.

            Hebrew is a poor language in which to express numbers. That’s why you see so many instances of 3 (Maji, Trinity, days in the tomb) 12 (apostles, tribes of Israel) and 30 (years in the desert, days fasting) in the English translations. English is a very precise language (which is why it is the international language of commerce as well as the international language of airline pilots) and it uses precise numbers that were not in the original.

          • Jesus is a JEW. Bout the Jews and the Muslim foretold of Jesus’ coming.
            The Bible has been Translated INTO english. Not the other way around.It was not even until the 8th century that what is now the Bible was even write down.
            There were collections of BOOKS [ writings of individuals], these were collected place together. From that we Now have the Tora, the Quran, and the New Testament.
            As for your reasons that the language of record is English, thats full of Bull Also.

          • How could Muslims have “foretold of Jesus’ coming”??? Islam didn’t even come into being until the 640s A.D…. 6-1/2 centuries after Jesus was born… and it was founded based on Christian teachings. Just a little reality & history for you.

          • Not for me, Bucho. I knew that other of your friends do not however.
            It was not founded on Christian teachings it is an OLD TESTAMENT Religion.
            Just a Lot of Facts and Factual History for you. Bitch!

          • Oh, well, if ignorance is bliss YOU certainly must be ecstatic!!

            I am American, U.S.-born. I have extended family in Russia which includes a small family branch who are Muslims. And, at times, I’ve lived among them and some are very close family, at that. So I know a great deal more about the REALITY of Islam and Muslims than you do… OBVIOUSLY.

            Your personal “reality” aside, however,… take a look at the REAL world. Here you go, pay attention…

            Despite concerns about reliability of early sources, most historians believe that Islam originated in Mecca and Medina at the start of the 7th century. A century later, the Islamic empire extended from Iberia in the west to the Indus river in the east.

            History of Islam – Wikipedia



            About this result •

            Origin Of Islam – Religion


            Origin Of Islam – What do Muslims believe? How did the Islamic religion begin? What is the Qur’an? Does it contain truth?

            History of Islam – Wikipedia


            Jump to Islamic origins – Despite concerns about reliability of early sources, most historians believe that Islam originated in Mecca and Medina at the start of the 7th century. A century later, the Islamic empire extended from Iberia in the west to the Indus river in the east.

            ‎Timeline · ‎Early sources · ‎Islamic origins · ‎Rashidun Caliphate

            Islam Origins, Islam History, Islam Beliefs – Patheos

   › Library

            Islam is a monotheistic religious tradition that developed in the Middle East in the 7th century C.E. Islam, which literally means “surrender” or “submission,” was …

            Origin‎: ‎Arabian peninsula Sacred Texts‎: ‎Qur’an

            Formed‎: ‎622 CE Followers‎: ‎1,500,000,000

          • Ever hear of Genghis Kahn?
            As for your family great for you, it is never boring is it.

          • Genghis Khan? Well, yeah, he was born in the 1100s and died early in the 1200s. But that’s the Mongol Emplire (what’s known as Mongolia today) Has absolutely NOTHING to do with Muslims or Islam. A totally different part of the world, a totally different part of world history, and a totally different period of time. Thanks for the laughs though!!!

            As for Mongolia, I’ve been several places in Russia that were minutes from the Mongolia/Russia border. How about you — ever been anywhere or done anything of any interest?

          • Then you do know of his Father.
            As for what he had to do with Islam. When he Concord 75% of the Known World . At that time the Muslim Country’s were in that group. He Had them , The Chinese, Indians as his Father had one. Had it not been for his Father, in all likely hood islam would not have spread as it did. His Daddy, Found that the Muslim Clerics would do as told, were Honest. He set them up to control the Moneys from the enslaved country That lasted for hundreds of years.
            If you have Muslim family y=they will be able to let you know more of where, how, and why, the muslims are today what they are.

          • How old is the religion of Islam?

            Muhammad began preaching Islam around 610 AD. This puts Islam at around 1400 years old, making it one of the world’s younger religions. Islam is a monotheistic religious tradition that developed in the Middle East in the 7th century C.E.

          • I have been told that it started as it is today in the late 700’s. It was older smaller before that. As I said it was a small scattered religion in the times of Genghis Kahn and his father before him. I also understand that it is third in line for the oldest.

          • Obviously whoever “told” you was misinformed as history shows, “Muhammad began preaching Islam around 610 AD. This puts Islam at around 1400 years old, making it one of the world’s younger religions. Islam is a monotheistic religious tradition that developed in the Middle East in the 7th century C.E.”

          • What is Obvious is, You do not know any thing but the Basic facts about the Muslim Religion. Very likely anything else for that matter.
            I will not argue with an illiterate, some one that refuse’s to learn or research a subject.
            Do not bother to reply.

          • Looking at your incorrect grammar and errant punctuation and improper use of 3 different words, I’d say that YOU’re the ILLITERATE, donkey!
            Thank YOU for all the laughs! You’re quite a laugh riot, as braying jackasses go! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeheeheehee!!!

          • Trump Election Hate Crime and Violence List: State by State Round Up

            Muslims and others reported hate crimes after Donald Trump won the presidential election. Trump supporters reported attacks. Here’s a state-by-state round up.



            Want more great stuff from Heavy? Sign up for our daily email:


          • What you say is such blither and babble that much of it doesn’t even make any sense at all. Try writing in English with a little bit of grammar, punctuation and correct spelling.

          • Look it up yourself. I don’t think that you are able to.

          • Genghis Khan (correct spelling) was leader of the Mongol hordes who invaded the Russian Far East. I know several Indigenous Asian Russians who are descendants from the Mongols — Buryati people, etc. It’s one of the really fascinating parts of Russia to travel to or live in.

          • You really can’t read, can you?

            I said that we had “English translations”, not “Hebrew translations”. That being said, I agree with you that the bible was pieced together over the centuries. First by oral tradition, then eventually in writing.

          • I know what you said. Its I know that you do not know Shit about Any Religion. especially just how many languages it has been translated from or to. I do not value your OPINION any more than I wood a fly buzzing my head.. All it is ,is a nuisance.

  44. More proof that the Democrats are evil Satan worshippers.

  45. Makes sense to me….They are all NUTS anyway !!!!

  46. The Republican bulls are pretty stupid and do not know Trump at all. He is not a politician. He is a billionaire tycoon. The minute he rewards them with his whore Melania’s sexual favors, he will have effectively silenced them. All he has to do then is haul out his army of lawyers and do what he ALWAYS does…sue sue sue sue sue…Boy are you people assholes and STUPID!

    • You rant like a lunatic. Been taking your meds or are you just on med marijuana like all the rest of you loser potheads?

    • Glad you brought up Melania. I am so looking forward to a beautiful 1st lady without the man parts. What y’all think? Y’all think she’s pretty? YOU BETCHA!! 😎

  47. The dnc is going to be completely dissed, ignored, and despised if they go this route. We Americans want nothing to do with any islamic leadership, at all! They will lose voters in droves!! AND that’s a good thing…..

  48. So, the Democrats want to crown their series of recent bad decisions by making a Muslim the head of their
    party! If that doesn’t totally scuttle their political ship I am sure that Mr. Sanders will continue do his best to s total ruination. It just seems that the Democratic party and its members have yet to understand nor accept that they had it ALL wrong! Positive signs abound that the new president and the new direction he is taking our nation will prove themselves to be the positive. It will be a correct direction towards freedom from government tyranny and on to national prosperity.

  49. Beware that we do not repeat the failed policies of the past. We have many issues to solve most of which never should have been in existence if we had had a government that was making sound decisions with legislation and ‘strokes of the pen’! In the future, I think the most important and relevant goals we should have would include every effort to avoid ‘the sins’ (mistakes) of the past. In other words, avoid recreating the failures or anything remotely resembling them. We need leadership in our government that will adhere to the Constitution and with branches, Legislative, Judicial, and Executive, each of which will strictly follow the perameters that are set in the Constitution. Also, when the will of the people is clearly evident as with Obamacare and the government ignores the people’s voice, the government must be held accountable and be replaced. We need our population to be educated and informed legitimately, not brainwashed with propaganda. The sources of education and information should make every effort to teach and report the facts unhampered by personal opinion.

  50. Stupid Democrats still handing America over to Muslims

  51. I hope they do put this Muslim in as their leader. If they do, the Democrat Party is dead, thank God!

  52. The real issue is Sharia Law.

    It’s not just a matter of religious freedom…Here’s why:

    ISLAM and Sharia Law are 180° opposite from American values, traditions and our Constitution.

    Sharia Law is the religious law governing the members of the Islamic faith. It is derived from the religious precepts of Islam, particularly the Quran and the Hadith.

    Sharia Law demands that it be the only law.

    Sharia Law requires the elimination of our Constitution and all federal, state and local laws.

    Sharia Law requires the elimination of all non-Muslims unless they convert to Islam.

    Sharia Law is treasonous and seditious under our Constitution and laws.

    And then there is Islam’s secret: Hijra … jihad by emigration.

    FACT: Sharia Law is why Muslims DO NOT assimilate well into Western culture.

    FACT: Everywhere Muslims have immigrated or resettled as refugees, they have established Sharia Law and their own courts…in defiance of host countries’ laws.

    FACT: In England, Muslims have set up 85+ Sharia Law courts…against English laws…80% of Muslim marriages are not recognized by English law.

    FACT: Muslims do NOT WANT to assimilate…Take a look at Europe. If anything, “No go” zones in some places…and the mayhem and rapes perpetrated by Muslim refugees across Europe.

    FACT: Muslim refugees don’t want to be Americans either and have NO idea or care for our laws and way of life. They just want to continue life as Muslims and follow Sharia law…They have absolutely no intention to be integrated into the America.

    FACT: Case after case of young Muslim men in the UK and America have been siding with ISIS…proving these Muslims living in the UK and here are not loyal citizens.

    FACT: Islamic ideology is to rid the world of NON-MUSLIMS. If you doubt, read the Koran. It is written.

    FACT: Muslims conquer when they can. If they cannot conquer, they integrate . . . until it is time to conquer.

    FACT: We Americans have NO responsibility to let anybody into our country. Yet, no country has taken in more refugees and immigrants.

    WHY allow immigration or refugee status to groups trying to take way our freedoms and completely erase us from the earth?

    ••• Some comparisons of our Constitution and Sharia Law: •••

    The Constitution is the supreme law of the land

    ~ US Constitution

    Allah’s word is the government

    ~ Sharia Law


    The right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed

    ~ US Constitution

    Non-Muslims cannot possess weapons of any kind

    ~ Sharia Law


    No unreasonable searches and seizures

    ~ US Constitution

    Seize land, houses and wealth of non-Muslims

    ~ Sharia Law


    No cruel and unusual punishments

    ~ US Constitution

    Cut off the hands of thieves

    ~ Sharia Law


    Congress Shall allow Freedom of Speech

    ~ US Constitution

    You shall not insult Allah or his Prophet

    ~ Sharia Law


    Congress Shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion

    ~ US Constitution

    Those who reject Islam must be killed

    ~ Sharia Law

  53. Islam has no place in America…period! It is anti-American, anti-Democracy, anti-Christian! They have zero intent of becoming American Citizens…they intend to convert us instead! Wake up America…

  54. Bill De Blasio under arrest at this hour.

  55. Make him disappear !

  56. BigKhuna, I couldn’t have said it better or more eloquent than you. Thanks

  57. This is a great move on the part of the Democrooks, as it practically guarantees an 8-year Trump Presidency.

    What an incredible bunch of out-of-touch Libtard Whackadoodle morons.

  58. These are the same Demented Democrats which shouted down included a generic “God” in their party platform. They are following the example of Obama which refused to include many Christian refugees in the 100,000 plus he imported with taxpayer money (hundreds of millions) and now supports in our communities on taxpayer money. Continually, the Demented Democrats give patriotic men and women reasons not to vote Democrat again.

  59. Now, now, y’all be nice. Poor libs can’t help if they lack any kind of common sense. Hillary thought her ticket to the white house was pandering to illegals and reminding us about women’s rights while she cozy ed up to Muslims. Problem was illegals can’t vote and Muslims don’t believe in women’s rights. Not one Muslim country allows women’s rights. All women are one step above the dog, subject to honor killings, acid attacks and arranged marriages. Now they want to make a Muslim the head of the party. I just know that is really going to go over real well with voters in rural america they lost. Marchers shouting racist rants, watching marches with demonstrators hoisting red hammer and sickle flags and Mexican flags is really going to bring them flocking in. Now they are going to add a Farrakhan supporting Muslim to the stew. They just drove another nail in the Demonrat coffin.

  60. Their whole platform is now one of “victims” the very victims they created with their horribly failed policies. It’s rather ironic.

  61. The Democratic Party has now pretty much become the Communist Party U.S.A.. No surprise here!

    • You noticed that also huh? San Francisco area counties are now going to teach that Trump is a racist and so are his followers, the idiots on the left just keep coming. Makes you wonder why all these so called minorities beat down the doors trying to get into white “racist”America. You would think they would run in the opposite direction.

  62. What America needs is no more Muslims in our government. They do not believe as we do and they hate America and Americans. They do not accept our way of life in any way shape or form, therefore their goal is to change us and not conform to our ways. Maybe we need to get the democrats out of government. (kidding, sort of)


  64. another nail in their coffin

  65. Why would blacks even consider putting a Muslim in head of anything when they particularly wants to kill American and their considered infidels. There was an article in todays press that the Muslims in Germany want their country to turn into Islamics because of their presence there. Americans I warn you keep these Muslims out of high offices. There gain is to take over America.

  66. Scrap the Dem-Marxo-Commie-Socialist ‘Party’. They are too far gone and there is no hope for them to Support and Defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and THEMSELVES (domestic). They are our greatest threat to Freedom and to the Republic. I also wonder who the USEFUL IDIOTS ARE – who keep putting these insurrectionists into office where they can continue to ruin the lives of their constituents – and the country!

  67. So, the policy of the Muslims is to kill infidels. In turn the democrats are thinking about putting a Muslim in charge of the DNC. And you people belong to and voted for democrats? All the democrats have wanted since before the civil war was slavery. I am going to assume that the democrats want death to Americans (who are not democrats) like the Muslims want to kill infidels. You dems are crazy, absolutely crazy.

    • So, the policy of the Muslims is to kill infidels

      That is in the bible also. See Deuteronomy 17

      And hath gone and served other gods, and worshipped them, either the
      sun, or moon, or any of the host of heaven, which I have not commanded;
      17:4 And it be told thee, and thou hast heard of it, and enquired
      diligently, and, behold, it be true, and the thing certain, that such
      abomination is wrought in Israel; 17:5 Then shalt thou bring forth that
      man or that woman, which have committed that wicked thing, unto thy
      gates, even that man or that woman, and shalt stone them with stones,
      till they die.

  68. Why is it that politicians that are Muslim are identified by thier religion? So Why don’t politicians that are Christians get called a ‘Christian’ Politician???

  69. The Democrat Party politicians are becoming “spooked” after their one and only, favorite candidate, was rejected. They had all planned a big celebration. The quiet and lawful Republicans did their own type celebrating which never involves property damage or gangs of wild dog-type packs of paid morons taking revenge upon the peaceable people for doing their constitutional duty of voting.
    Besides, she still has the law to answer to, that woman did believe that she had license to do what other Americans know is bearing false witness, stealing, and racketeering. Obviously, Democrats hesitate now to opt for leadership, a perfect moment for Minnesota Rep. Ellison to volunteer his services. Not only will he be backed by the faltering DNC, but also CAIR and quiet Saudi money will be available to him.
    I never thought I’d ever see the day that quiet, industrious, and law abiding Minnesota would somehow become Somali Center for recruiting terrorists to ISIL. But, that day is here and this nation was warned of the possibility years ago. I suppose now “seeing is believing!”

    • The Democrat Party politicians are becoming “spooked” after their one and only, favorite candidate, was rejected.

      Yes, she lost the electoral college, but how does getting almost 2 million votes more than Trump become “rejected”.

      • President, House of Representatives, Senate, Supreme Court coming, 33 Republican Governors, Only 5 states remain with Dem. Governor and Senate/House of Reps.
        That is rejection and well deserved. Damages= One very neglected nation.
        As for counting long past a deadline, if additional innings could be added to a baseball game by the losers, maybe they’d get lucky. At least we’d see the true scoring. Democrats seem to be able to generate votes at will and I’m sure they’re phony. They’ve always been! Don’t look now, but you’re standing in quicksand.

        • There is no deadline for counting. There are only votes.

          The courts are starting to realize that the reason the Dems can get more votes for POTUS and congress while still losing elections is because of how GOP gerrymanders districts.

          Don’t get too complacent too quickly.

          • No complacency here, bud! ‘Just thankful that Trump is President-elect, and not taken by surprise that you leftists are so childishly vindictive. Republicans have lost in the past and never went berserk trying to get even by thuggery or subverting..

          • Oh yes they did!

            In 2009, on the day of Obama’s first inauguration, GOP leaders got together to decide on their strategy. The answer? Obstructionism. The late GOP senator George Voinovich put it best, “If (Obama) was for it, we had to be against it.”

            At least Obama also won the popular vote. Right now Hillary is up almost 2,000,000. If she had won the Electoral College and lost the popular Trump even SAID he would not accept the results. You guys would have been no different.

          • Damned good thing they did obstruct this guy’s whims! Did that hurt your feelings, sonny?
            Perhaps he didn’t affect you, but about 94 million people are unemployed and welfare has never been greater. GNP about 1.5%….wonderful, right? The Republicans wouldn’t have reacted like you poor losers and raised the issue, but would have adhered to the Electoral College. It’s in the Constitution and they abide by the Constitution, you may have heard about it. It’s a document undersigned by the nation’s Founding Fathers!

            The biggest small word in the English language is “IF.”. Absolutely, Obama had to be obstructed. As it was, he near wrecked the country and screwed up foreign policy with his “deals.” Trump will have one helluva task voiding all of Obama’s E.O.’s BHO lied to implement his benchmark, Obamacare. How ignoble of him! He has enabled Iran, and if fighting with Iran breaks out, you won’t be anywhere near it.

            Plus the corruption of his DOJ appointments revealed itself via the activities of H,.Clinton’s bending all requirements of office for “convenience,” plus some big-time stealing via her own conniving, plus A.G. Lynch and her slick “secret” meeting with Bill Clinton on an airport runway. Good Lord, what a bunch of vipers you people are!
            In the interim, Hillary blew it in Benghazi and four good Americans died as a result. Then, she lied to their families. I suppose you’d call it quick thinking. Benghazi means nothing to you, a win anyway you can get it, through any means, is all you care about. And, what for? The nation is the last thing you’ll care for,’s just a large parcel of land that will be here tomorrow as far as you’re concerned.. All you’re about is any way not to accept your loss, stealing and lying to change it are included.

            I’m not surprised that you would defend so marginal a way of life, obviously you’re devoid of any morality and given to lying and cheating….the gist of your comments are that lying and cheating are acceptable in order to secure a desired result. No honor!
            There is not a thing the Democrat Party can offer that enhances America’s position here or in this world and the deficit starts with your own dishonesty multiplied by the number of Democrat-Socialists. By the way, Trump said he would accept the election results “if I win.” He felt sure that the Democrats would do what I personally know they’ve done in my locality for 50+ years. They have dead people still voting more than 20 years after they died! All via the efforts of the “honorable” Democrat Party.

          • Damned good thing they did obstruct this guy’s whims!

            But we’re supposed to give Trump a chance right? And you’re talking whims? He has changed his positions as the wind blows.

            Right, 94 million unemployed. Right wing obfuscation of truth as usual. Each day, about 1000 baby boomers retire. Voluntarily. They are counted in your number. My 87 year old mother is in your number. In addition high school kids 16-18 are also included in that figure.

            Hillary blew it in Benghazi and four good Americans died as a result.

            If that was true, why didn’t at least one of the eight GOP led congressional investigations find her culpable for that? Oh, I know, you read it on Brietbart, so it must be true.

            Then, she lied to their families.

            Up until recently, only one of the four families (the woman the GOP trotted out at the convention) agreed with you. Then half of another family joined in. The other half said no mention was made of the video maker.

            the gist of your comments are that lying and cheating are acceptable in order to secure a desired result. No honor!

            OMG! How many lies did Trump tell? He said during the campaign that he would get a special prosecutor on Hillary. Yesterday he said he’s not really interested in that. He claimed he was going to repeal Obamacare, now he wants to keep its major tenants. He said he would put his business into a blind trust. Now he is lobbying foreign dignitaries to stop them from putting in a wind farm in view of his Scottish golf course. And that’s just the big lies he told. No honor? Look at your POTUS in waiting!

          • Ever time a party takes over a State After an election, they,that party , changes the voting lines. gerrymandering. that has happened for more years than you or I wish to admit.
            In the last 8 years the Dems[You] have lost most of the country to the Repubes. do to your moving this country toward becoming a Communist or as you are want to refer it to a Progressive country.
            If you will look at the Map of this election, past e;actions, you will ind the we have slowly turned this country into a Red [ Conservative country.
            The Blues[you] are , have been relegated to the coastal areas.
            There is an Old song called “Their coming for me” . You may want to find it and listen to it.
            For Your NEXT.

          • And in this case it’s “They’re” not “Their”.

            And Trump is a conservative? He is merely a blowhard.

          • In today’s world of political correctness, if you correct a persons spelling or pronunciation,

            you are violating that persons 1st amendment rights to free speech.


            Thats Mr President Blowhard to you.

            I could say the same of you.

            Oh? Ya! Did you find your song? Fits you to a “T”.

      • Fraud, comes to mind.

  70. The message is simple. The democratic party is embracing the Islam ideology. Gain in population until we become the majority. Infiltrate the political system by winning in local, state, and federal elections. Steps one and two are now facts.

  71. Let’s see what else can they lose…choosing this person as the DNC chair will assure far more losses than they can even nominate.

  72. Democratic party is really the “Anti – American party ” lately. And should become almost nonexistant because of it shortly. They can’t even win an election with massive voter fraud and media manipulation. Elitists kick rocks.

  73. No muslims allowed. Muslim is not a religion but rather a person that believes in the Quer’n, which is to kill non believers and believe in sharia law, and NEITHER are welcome in America let alone in Congress. The democrats are all insane! They still don’t get it! Get rid of Pelosi hold each liar accountable for their lies and fraud and made up excuses. Only people with common sense need apply.

  74. I believe it is about time to call the Demonrat Party what it really IS: THE ENEMY WITHIN!

  75. I hear the Devil himself is looking for that position, ahh, he is already there, my bad!

  76. Hear that sucking sound? That is the sound of the unDEMOCRATIC Party getting flushed down the toilet. Bon voyage. 82nd Airborne

  77. Of course. Democrats have been taken over by the muslims, now a muslim party not a democrat party. Democrats love muslims and anyone who could use anything for free.


  79. We need to heed this warning! Remove all muslims from our government, grid, infrastructure, military and law enforcement, NOW! With huma abedin as a 20+ year terrorist spy, there is no telling how much sensitive information they have on the US!

  80. Let’s get the muslim brotherhood out of our govt. This will help slide the dem party to its end if they elect Ellison.

  81. Well, we have had 8 years of anti-American politics and it seems it will continue with the demoncratic party. Wake up America. Don’t put up with dems, Soros, and all the politics that are against decency, patriotism, and self-reliance.

  82. Robbert Hoekstra Azusa

    NAZIonal Socialists are really scraping the bottom of the cesspool, eh? OUR enemy is within our borders. Stand by your man, America! Donald Trump, that is. EVEN THE TEA PARTY REPUBLICANS and the undecided, or you will be selling out your country
    What legacy do you want to leave your children and the children of their children?


    • I do not believe that he will be given that Position.
      Howsoever “IF” he is. The Democrat party will not be anymore. There will be few in this country that will call, or be Democrats.

  84. So what. Democrats want to turn the country over to muslims anyway. They love muslims and hate Americans.

  85. Shows that the people were right about Ovomit and Kil-liar-ry with their ties to the muslime’s! If the DemoRAT’S haven’t learned yet,then they are STUPID! Half of our government is frigging muzzies now,time to “drain the swamp “and send All these asswipe’s packing ! Too bad the DemoRAT’S are too stupid to realize this !

  86. Give me a break, Eliason is a fucking nigger muslim who brought the muslim Somalia terrorists to Minnesota. We should string him up from a “hanging” oak tree

  87. We need any muslim like an extra hole in the head. Can’t be trusted because their Qu’Ran rules them along with all the rules set forth by their wonderful NOT! Mohamed and they can do what he did: pedophilia, rape, murder, rob, you name it. 1400 yrs. of having to marry first cousins has affected their brains to be even more primitive and mean.

  88. I hope they do…we will rip him a new asshole….he is a racist, ameriphobe, zenophobe, homophobe. all the phobes that can be named…lol lol lol…just giving back in the name of social justice…lol lol lol

  89. This ought to just about seal the fate of the most corrupt and anti-American political party that ever organized in America.

  90. Good for the liberal densocrats further away from mainline AMERICA and what the majority of AMERICANS think,muslims and Christians are not the same.islam has a very different objective for AMERICA,please,please all AMERICANS,BE AWARE,BE VERY AWARE.

  91. As an X Democrat I feel as though the Islam Man should be VETTED, as was never the case with the present President, as We are a Christian Nation and need to know if this believer feels as though Islam means SUBMIT or DIE. Gary

  92. He is not just a Muslim -American , Mohamed Ali was a Muslim American. This guy has associated with Farrakhan. and the Muslim Brotherhood, and supports Hamas. Beware, Obama should be a lesson we never forget.

    • Is a American born Muslim? Was He born in some other country as a Muslim, came here, became a Naturalize Citizen?
      There is a Difference.

      • Muslim = Quran – Islam. Please explain the difference to us..

        • Muslim, one whom Fallows the Islamic Religion.
          Quran, The Holy Book of Islam that all Muslims fallow.
          Jew, one the Fallows the Jewish Religion.
          Tora, The Holy Book of the Jews, that All Jews fallow.
          Christian,one whom fallows the Christian Religion.
          Bible, The Holy Book of All the Christians.
          That do it Well enough for you ,Frosty?

        • Frosty—-just the spelling!. But keep in mind the Qur’an is undecipherable due to its complete lack of chronology and its many “abrogations” which are also undated. The Muslims recognized this problem and printed a manual; “Reliance of the Traveller: A Classic Manual of Islamic Sacred Law” was printed so that the lay Muslims could understand the Qur’an and Sharia Law. I recommend getting a copy of that manual. It is translated and edited by N.H.M.Keller and is printed in Arabic with English “facings”, well indexed and cross-referenced to the Qur’an—A must have document if one wants to understand the Muslim Culture, the Qur’an and Sharia Law.

      • I can’t see the difference between where one person was born, as a difference of being a citizen. Each citizen has the same rights and protections. A citizen is a citizen, regardless of all else.

  93. Like John Wayne said: ”Ya can’t fix STUPID!” The Dems just lost a presidential election & want a muslim to lead ’em???

  94. THE BIGGEST MISTAKE the DUMBOCRATS could ever make, would be to nominate this muzze to head their party, surely they can do better, even if they hired back , wasserman schultz , it would be better. He is TROUBLE, an BIG LOUIE ,has string attached to this one

  95. This muzscum terrorist will put the final nail in the Democrats coffin He makes Hitler look like Mr. ROGERS LOL

  96. To look at this mans history, and background, to even consider him for any position is ludicrist. But then Democrats have an agender, not not for the people, for what? That’s the question.

  97. Demoncrats have such a hatred for Christianity that they are willing to embrace Islam.

  98. A Muslim is for everyday people?? Maybe it’s time we get some reality here. The Muslim is clearly just another communist. This person like Paul Ryan is the very last this country needs.

  99. change the Democrats to Muslims in America

  100. Can’t those stupid Demorats get it through their heads we don’t want Muslims running our country and we sure don’t want Sharia Law. We already has a Muslim in office and what did it get us, a broken country.

  101. I sure hope they appoint the FRINGE UNHINGED LEFTIST MUSLIM KEITH ELLISON. They also need to Appoint Polosi to the house and lets pull Harry Reid out from under his rock and put him back in the Senate. While they are at it don’t forget about Debbie Wasserman Shultz and Donna Brazil. ALL THE CRIMALS TOGETHER AGAIN FOR ONE LAST HOORAY. DONT FORGET THEIR UNHINGED LEADER BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA… THEY ALL NEED TO GO TO JAIL… TOGETHER AGAIN…

  102. At last we can sensibly list the DNC as a Terrorist Affiliated Organization if they select a Muslim to be their leader ?
    Are they just that stupid and daft ? A major part of the problem in this country during the past eight years has been having a Muslim Leader in the Whitehouse as President. I wouldn’t feel comfortable even if they were only in charge of an Outhouse..

  103. well they can appoint who they want I guess… just like we can vote them out of office if they do…but you know dem. they’ll cut off there nose to spit there face …shows how much they care about there voters dem.or rep.

  104. Just considering Ellison show that the Democrat Marxists have not learned a damn thing.

  105. This should be no surprise to anyone. Muslim infiltrators have guided the democrats ever since Obama took over. Muslims control the democrat party, that along with gays who the muslims will eventually eliminate, and blacks.

  106. Trump Election Hate Crime and Violence List: State by State Round Up

    Muslims and others reported hate crimes after Donald Trump won the presidential election. Trump supporters reported attacks. Here’s a state-by-state round up.


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  107. They are showing alot of stupidity lately and if they go through with this one, they will get what they deserve,

  108. Note that the Republicans have to find a platform that will attract voters. They won’t have a loser like Hillary to face next time. And they lost the election but were able to get in the back door because of the electoral college. Next time they lose an election, they will lose the electoral college also. Note that Republicans have been voted AGAINST in six of the last seven presidential elections. They just don’t have a good vision for America. Their vision of “Make the Rich even Richer” just doesn’t sell. Hillary gave it to Trump (with enormous help from Putin). Trump underestimates Putin. Putin is the smartest and most ruthless world leader. Many people have underestimated him and lived to regret it. Others haven’t. He desperately wanted to face Trump, not Hillary. He has had enough of Hillary just as SECSTATE. He doesn’t want to face her as President.

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