Democrats Will Pay a Price for Their Anti-American Pouting

We didn’t tune into President Trump’s first State of the Union address expecting congressional Democrats to jump out of their seats every time the president mentioned tax reform or the building of a great wall across the southern border. In fact, to be honest, we expected exactly what we got: A sullen, defeated party of losers, pouting and sulking their way through a triumphant, victorious, hopeful speech. But sometimes, even when you “expect” something, it’s still shocking to see it unfold. The Democrats, ensconced in their liberal bubble, don’t realize how much political damage they did to themselves on Tuesday night.

Their reaction to Trump’s insistence that Americans stand for the national anthem? They sat and sulked. Their reaction to record African-American unemployment? Same. Their reaction to a round of applause for America’s veterans and police? Well, they did finally get up and clap for that one, but you could see the reluctance written in each and every one of their faces. It was a sad display, worthy of a kindergarten class that just had their field trip canceled.

Many wise Democrats have noted the need for the party to change. They cannot simply cater to coastal elites and minorities if they ever want to regain national power. These Democrats have implored the party’s leaders to open up their arms and their eyes, embrace the economic issues that trouble working class families from Iowa to South Dakota, and get the hell out of their Washington D.C. bubble every now and then. It was apparent on Tuesday night that very few elected Democrats have taken that advice to heart. They played the State of the Union speech as though deeply concerned about what Vox and Slate might have to say about it the next day. Ooh, can’t stand up and applaud the flag, what will the racists over at The Root say about it tomorrow?

Well, if the Democrats want to play that game, that is the game they will win. They will dominate in November’s midterms as long as the only people who come out to vote are people who spend all their time social justice warrioring on Twitter, people who come out and march when elections don’t go their way, and people who need their welfare checks to keep coming in on time. Granted, they can always count on that last group, but we’re not so sure about the rest of their constituency.

We didn’t expect the Democrats to cheer Trump’s every word anymore than we expected Paul Ryan to go nuts about “family leave,” but we have the right to expect a minimal amount of patriotism and decorum from our elected representatives. The Democrats are going to pay a political price for their insolent sulking – just wait and see if they don’t.


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  1. All Luis Gutiérre, who represents the 4th congressional district in that sewer of corruption known as Illinois, has to say is:
    He is obviously out there trying to uncover the truth!

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      • Flagged and reported you to Discus you scum puppet.
        Use invisible dropdown box top/right side of post to flag comment.
        Enter scum puppets full profile, click picture to open, then on blue dots to report.
        Then downvote for fun.

  2. Luis likes it in the ass.

  3. Dems refused to stand for:

    In God We Trust.

    Lower taxes for us all
    Restoring Jobs
    Booming economy
    Securing the Border
    Lowest African American Unemployment rate ever recorded.
    Improvements in Serving the Veterans
    Nor would they stand for the Police.

    Which only means they do not stand for God, or lower taxes for us all, or restoring jobs to the middle class, or a booming economy, or for a sovriegn state with secure borders, or low unemployment rates, or helping our Vets, or for our Police, and certainly they do not stand for LOWER TAXES….

    Kind of sounds like they STAND for Communism…..

    • No reason to stand for God – secular.
      Lower taxes and greater debt. Not really a win-win.
      No booming economy – bigger debt!
      Unemployment has been stable since 2015 – nothing new!
      Nothing like communism.

      • You just up voted yourself😂

      • No reason to stand for God? Do you realize that a majority of Democrats (PEOPLE) believe in God?
        Lower Taxes means more money in my pocket. Greater debt means the Politicians will have to tighten their belts. I live by a budget, how about you?

        BS show me proof of bigger debt. Perhaps this was true under 0bama, but Trump ain’t no 0zero.

        Let me know if I missed the $1000 chicken feed raise during 0zero’s regime. The ONLY people that got rich on 0zero’s watch was 0zero and Hillary…. Well maybe union bosses, Insurance Companies…. Anyway, wages were down during 0zero.. We will just have to watch what happens to unemployment numbers….

        Big Government is like Communism…. You just lack the vision to see the similarities.

        • I don’t really care who they believe in as long as they don’t bother me with it.
          Greater debt means you’ll all have to suffer later. Duh!
          Republican forecast for tax cuts was $1.5 trillion to be added to the debt – am sure they were being conservative. The Democrats will come up with another figure and it’ll end up in the middle all being well. Google it, it’s everywhere.
          Unemployment has been stable since 2015.
          Should think fewer folk got rich during Obama – economy was stuffed when he arrived and remains so. Few gimmicks if you’re first, musicians and “stars”, most folk struggling and will continue to do so for generations. The joy of repealing the Glass-Steagall Act – America consigned to debt and no longer a “super” power.
          Suck it up!
          Big government would imply a large public sector (employees) – US ain’t bottom, but most of its peers are above. Some, as a percentage of population, by a lot. Fail!
          So more of your silly arguments
          TRIED, TESTED & OUSTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Don’t exchange posts with mrpoohead. Whatever he/she/it is it’s not worth it. When someone posts ‘nothing like Communism’ as a comment, this is a person who is naïve and ignorant. My in-laws lived under Eastern European Communism until escaping. People don’t jeopardize their lives and the lives of their children to escape a Republic or a Democracy. US citizens don’t get shot at for trying to leave the United States of America. But my in-laws heard the sound of bullets whizzing past their heads and the heads of their children to flee Communism. The face of Communism is a human soul crushed into submission. Don’t waste your time with this piece of human debris.

          • I agree with you. Just like the idiots that call everyone and everything they don’t agree with “Nazi”. They don’t have a clue as to what was done by the Nazis, and I hazard a guess that they really don’t care; just sounds cool to say it. These idiots that demean everyone that they don’t agree with should be made to go live in a Communist or Socialist country such as Venezuela or Cuba or North Korea for five years. Then they can get back to us about their “beautiful” experiences. I am sure their silence will be deafening.

          • I’ve been to Dachau and seen what was left of the camp and the fully intact ovens. You can’t even utter a sound because you are taken back to the sounds of men, women and children knowing they are about to die at the hands of their fellow citizens.

          • You’ve got that right. I rolled with a Cuban partner for several years as a Police Officer. His father, who was arrested, jailed and “interrogated’ by Castro’s thugs, escaped from Cuba with his wife, my then adolescent partner and his sister to America.

            Some of the horror stories he told and those my partner remember would be mind-opening to these pro-communist idiots.

          • They wouldn’t believe the stories. That’s why they’re liberals. Anything, & anybody that agrees with them, is just fine.

          • I have to disagree that they would be mind-opening to these communists.. Nothing is going to open poos mind. believe me, I have tried. He/she/it is either pure stupid, or pure evil. I think the latter.

            I used to think poo was a victim of ideological subversion, but I now think it is beyond that. Perhaps the dude is here attempting to ideologically subvert others.


          • Believe me we are discussing this Poo creature too much. I will state this and no more. This Poo thing is a phony. Everything it writes about its escapades is pure fiction and subjects it has read in novels or magazines. It’s its fantasy world to seem to be important.

          • There are numerous trolls/Leftists/poos on these posts. They all spread lies and deceptions. They all use the same basic alinsky radical ridicule and deflect method of posting. This method used to be very effective way of silencing conservative conversations and dividing.

            These creatures are evil, they are our enemies, and we must understand them in order to combat their ideology and methods.

          • Please list your last fact based missive, please refute one thing I have ever emitted. What!? Nothing!!!!!!!!!!
            There you have it folks – the nutters are the fake news Alt-right.

          • Frightening message. Assuming this was about 30-35 years ago, the United States of America is well along the path to ideological subversion. We are fighting literally for the survival of our culture and country.

          • I agree! They have been at war with us since WW1. We on the other hand, have not kept our eye on the ball. We do not act as if we are at war..

            We are at war, and in order to defeat our enemy, and the first step is to recognize we are at war. Then we must understand our enemy.

            Old Yuri says that the ideological subverted will not accept anything that goes against their ideology, regardless of the preponderance of facts.. They dismiss the facts without consideration, they dismiss the source the second they figure out the facts come to a conclusion that goes against their ideology. The trolls on these posts fall in line with that statement.

            The Yuri video brought up more questions than answers. How are they brainwashing? What are they doing to the indoctrinated? Is it non-reversal like Yuri boasts? Are these trolls really worthless human beings and will be squashed like cockroaches when their purpose is done?

            Anyway, the video didn’t make a lot of sense to me until, quite by accident, I saw this video.

            The Backwards Brain Bicycle


            Now I view Ideological Subversion as a form of being taught to ride the backwards brain bicycle. These trolls have been taught to live and think like Communists, and to HATE capitalism.

            Note that once the guy learned how to ride the backwards brain bike, the only way for him to get back to reality was to force himself to live with a real bike.

            Your thoughts?

          • I think the first thing you need to do is stop taking drugs and then have a mental health assessment.

            At least you’re funny to the 99.99% of the population you don’t represent.

          • The macro view of this is that each of us has conditioned beliefs about what is acceptable and not acceptable. These come from what we are exposed to at a young age (< 5 years old). Like Communist brainwashing, learning to ride the backwards bicycle combines a reconditioning of the brain to convert these reconditioned thoughts into reconditioned actions. As the engineer proved however, the brain can be re-reconditioned to convert re-reconditioned thoughts into different actions or motor skills. So in the face of different facts (eg. turn the bike left to go left, turn the bike right to go right) the brain, and subsequent actions, can be retaught. What does all this mean? Most, but not all, of the misguided people who embrace Socialism and Communism have never seen true Conservative values and policies enacted. The last time the US experienced anything resembling Conservatism was during Reagan's 8 years. One would have to had been born at latest in 1970 to have any mature sense of the Reagan years. George W. Bush was certainly not a strict adherent to Conservative policies. If we believe it takes years to warp a mind into believing in Socialism and Communism, then we have to believe that it will take the same amount of time to recondition the same brain into believing that Conservative beliefs and policies do work! So what do we do? Some say all politics is local. If that is true, then we must do whatever we can to ensure that people who have Conservative values (through speech and action) are elected to political positions of leadership.
            The family is crucial to this epiphany. These misguided people have never experienced true Socialism or Communism. Nor, have they experienced true Conservatism. Theoretically, Socialism and Communism are very seductive. Is this country headed towards another internal war? This time pitting 'right against left'? If we continue to 'rollover' and let Democrats win, then these answers become obvious.

          • Thank you for clarifying my thoughts…

            You way with words is far superior to mine.

            I would really like to share this with others, would that be alright with you?

          • Feel free to share with whomever you wish.

          • Lovely, Only problem with your drivel is that Democrats by policy are conservative and Republicans are Conservative. Means you have no understanding of political ideology.

          • P.S. Considering W Europe, Canada, NZ and Australia all have better social disparity and mobility, healthcare and education systems, plus a homicide rate a fifth to a tenth of the US’s and strong socialist parties for a hundred years it would seem a good dollop of socialism isn’t that bad.
            Funny as! None as daft as the ignorant.

          • Fail! Both parties are conservative, just varying degrees of. What is the difference – LGBT, abortion and gun regulation. Irrelevant!
            Your idea of conservatism is Reagan? Democrat House, Democrats steering economy, law and policy. Ha, ha, ha!!!!!!! President merely plays cards dealt. Funny as!!!!!!!!!!!! You happy memory is based on a good, mostly, economy. You’re a dill!!!!!!!
            Think you’ll find your ideas are more Nazi-like.

          • I’m here to correct the hyperbole and BS you list. I have no specific ideology – contempt for the lot really, but mostly for the Far right idiots like yourself.

          • And, George Soros betrayed his Jewish people repeatedly, & got wealthy by doing it. I just hope he’s ready for what will happen on Judgment Day!

          • Oh yes I know about Gyorgi Schwartz. The fact that he’s still sucking in oxygen and exhaling CO2, IMO, is criminal!

          • All they actually “know” about the Nazis is that they were the “bad guys”, nothing of what they stood for or were about. If they did know, they’d realize it’s they who are behaving exactly LIKE the very Nazis they label others to be: that they’re just projecting.

          • Thank you for the comment. I have a real hard time ignoring people like poo. I view the feces as a bully hurting others with words. I just can’t walk by without doing something.

            The conundrum with poo is that if you ignore it, people may believe the dribble he craps out. Unchallenged, these guys will cover up facts with their propaganda.

            And if you engage, well you know, you can’t touch either end of a piece of shit without getting dirty…

          • I already blocked Mr poo poo head. Nice and quiet now

          • Yeah, stay in your world of lies and BS. Truth hurts!

          • Funny as! You can’t touch me as I only emit facts – something you are devoid of.
            Have you ever refuted anything I have said? No!
            Whereas I regularly walk all over your drivel! Facts rock! You ain’t got any!

          • Your recurring claims of only posting facts is belied by your posts, over and over again. But as the folks your posts support do the same, at least you are consistent.

          • Then refute something.
            Don’t support anyone other than the wife and kids and football team.

          • I think the poster who posted “Nothing like communism” was being SARCASTIC! (Meant the opposite, or reverse.) The first parts of his/her post suggested good, strong conservative principles. Don’t write him/her off too quickly!

          • The “face” of communism was clearly imprinted on my 7 y/o mind while watching the film coverage of Stalin’s lying in state and funeral; I didn’t understand it fully then, but I’ve NEVER forgotten it, and when I did understand what it was, it infuriated me. You see that same “face” on abused children in the presence of their abusers. Your family were fortunate; many who tried didn’t make it out alive.

          • I’ve been to Moscow, stood in Red Square and walked between the yellow pedestrian lines inside the Kremlin to visit the Russian Orthodox church. Soldiers with kalasnikovs ready for anyone who dared pass a yellow line. I’ve seen a changing of the guard in front of Lenin’s tomb. I’ve been inside The Gum and seen the empty shelves. Visit the open market and you can purchase whatever you want. The only problem is the Russian people had no rubles to buy fresh vegetables, fruits and meats. I’ve been to the Pizza Hut in Moscow where there were two lines. One wrapped around the block. These were the Russians. The other line was for anyone with Western currency. The wait? None, walk right in. How would you like to experience this at the Pizza Hut nearest you? This is the ‘boots on the ground’ face of Communism. I’ve seen it!

          • Yes, it is. And I know several people, over the course of my lifetime who’d back you up 100% on that. Many who got to experience both Nazis’ and Communists’ ruling their homelands, as well.

          • Doesn’t resemble anything like the Russia I went to and never asked for other currency once.
            GUM is not empty, full of fashion house – they never put much on the shelves. Obviously you don’t shop at Armani or Boss normally. Duh! Plenty of business when I wandered the markets.
            Buckingham Palace, UK, have a changing of the guard too – they have guns as well. Duh!
            Plus I doubt you went , if at all, before Perestroika. Definitely no Pizza Hut before then anyway.
            TRIED, TESTED & OUSTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dummy!!!!!!!!!!

          • I blocked him, so I don’t have to read his posts. He is definitely a liberal troll! While none of my family ever had to live in a communist country, I still don’t want America to become one. And, I bet a dollar to a donut, that, if Muslims, or communists, such as Rocket Man, take over this country, liberals will be begging us to come rescue them. Since liberals don’t believe in having guns. And, THEY will be the first ones taken out, before Christians, Jews, & conservatives, since the communist regimes, or Moslim regimes, consider the liberals to be traitors!

          • Excellent post.

          • You are right, sick person.

          • Excellent post he is just a waste of time and brainless.

        • You can’t buy your way into heaven and the inferno is not where you want to be for eternity.

          • Correct me if I am wrong, but belief in God and repentance of sin is the price to get to heaven.

            Acknowledging “In God we Trust”, is a start. I think that is why the evil that controls both political parties wants to destroy this motto.

            What I don’t understand is why the God fearing people within the Democrat party aren’t standing up for God….

          • Respectfully: No gets to the Father (God) except through Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. One must except Jesus Christ is the Son of God. The Living God.

          • I agree, Isn’t that what I said?

          • Fiction is not fact, at least this highlights why you are so ill informed.

          • Actually, yes it IS what you said, but wasn’t understood. There are THREE persons in the Godhead~God the Father, God the Son, & God the Holy Spirit. They are 3 separate persons. For people that don’t understand that, I always say, it’s like you & your family. No matter what your name is, you are still part of that family. Just like Mom, Dad, Sis, Jr, & you all have different names, you’re still the Jones, or Brown, family, just different members. Trying to understand the Triune God, can be overwhelming to the human mind. My explanation isn’t exactly ALL that is included in the Godhead, but, it’s a simple enough explanation that most people can understand. All 3 of them are God, but all 3 of them are a different part of the Godhead.

          • I try very hard to be concise with my language, yet on this case, I have no idea how Encore came to the conclusion he/she came to.

            Perhaps if I had said belief in Jesus and repentance might have cleared the confusion.

          • The aforementioned bullying, most likely. Look at what happens to anyone who “strays” from the res even a little on a single issue.

          • The Left eats their own when they get week.

          • They remind me a LOT of a flock of chickens; ever see what they do with 1 that’s got a wound of any kind, or is a little different from the rest?

          • Very intelligent so consistent with all your posts .

        • Poophead is an idiot. Block him and let him talk to himself.

        • Unemployment numbers are lower than in decades, especially for the African American community. And, that’s why the Pres’s approval numbers have doubled in the African American community

        • I had an atheist friend who also believed in God but hated to admit it until she was on her deathbed. That’s like your dems. God’s presence is everywhere so you can’t ignore it.

          The $1,000 was not chicken feed, it was crumbs according to Pelosi.

        • mrpoohpoohhole lacks a lot of things, mostly an adult perspective of the real world….that communist indoctrination that stalin got going in the late 1920s has really come to the forefront since the radical jump start in the streets in the mid was so successful that a huge amount of morons thought it was time to elect a color, then in 2016 another huge group of mental midgets thought that it was time for a vagina…is a tranny next ??

        • Excellent post but your dealing with a typical moron without any brains. He is just a rable rouser, he is just like Pelosi who is like chicken little .

      • There is always a reason to stand for God. Without Him we are nothing.

      • Aww, poor delusional mr. sheethead, needs to get his tinfoil adjusted the strange voices are getting through.

      • WOW, $hit for brain$. You really are stupid aren’t you. You’re stuck on the bull$hit that Buhrok Insane Osama did anything that wasn’t for the purpose of destroying America, and turning us into a third world SH**HOLE, like the one where he was born. Unemployment has NOT been in single digits, since Osama was put into office by Soros and lying cheating DumbocRATS, like your dumb a$$. You’re too f***ing stupid to waste any more of my time talking to.

        • Pragmatic reality. Don’t believe any politician.
          Don’t believe any President destroys – no power! Duh!
          Hawaii, Third World? Means the U.S. is – duh!
          Unemployment has been stable since 2015, it recently fell a further 0.1%. Either way, nothing to do with the President. No power!
          Amusingly, Soros funds both sides.

      • Really mrpoohead. Have you EVER lived in a communist country. Did’t think so. Open mouth, put in foot. You do not know what you are talking about. Don’t respond, won’t reply.

      • If ignorance was bliss, you must be in seventh heaven,

      • Typical liberal mind set—-maybe you will refuse your bonus and give it to the U.S. government?????

      • Like Communism, then move the hell to Russia

      • You’re a sicko. Go sick your head in the sand.

    • That maybe true, but I think that they stand for NOTHING, literally.

      • That is their conditioning… They are victims of Ideological Subversion. I believe that over about 70+ years the Communists of old have been slowly injecting Socialism/communism into our society.

        In short the enemy is within, and they are teaching our society to hate capitalism so as to run towards communism.

        • They’re also teaching it to our kids in school. From kindergarten up through college. Any parents that can, need to work out a way to home school.

        • And you are a victim of Sean Hannity and Co. Some of us can think for ourselves. Try it! Look for facts, not excuses.

          • oh no it is mrpoohpoohhole slithering out from under the rocks again to grace us with some more socialist manure and blather about moron ideals that were left by the wayside when the USA finally put an adult back into the WH after getting rid of the african rag loving communist racist ahole from kenya and NOT electing that arrogant incompetent criminal $lut from Illinois by way of Arkansas and now living in new dork…

          • Represent no one, just pragmatic facts. Refute if you can.

          • HE JUST DID .

          • Refute, to prove a statement or theory incorrect. So, no! Helps if you understand English. Duh!

          • So far haven’t seen any cognizant thinking coming from you so take your own advice and try it.

          • Based on your post you definately can`t think for yourself because if you could you might learn something.

          • Never refuted, seems I have all the facts!

    • MAHB001, Not standing for God is dangerous because with a wave of His hand they could all be destroyed. All the other goodies are great for our people. That’s what Trump does, take care of our people–America First!

      • Amen…
        There is an evil that lurks at the top of BOTH political parties…

      • Remember this is the party that rejected having anything to do with God in their platform back in ’12 at their convention. I’d say they’re LUCKY God hasn’t blown them all away already; that it’s just not the time yet, for all that time is very close and getting closer by the second when that will happen, according to His prophecies.

        • Bravo and long live King Trump. He will save us all from the evil of the world. Just trust him, really trust him and very much trust him. Remember all the red carpets put out for him all over the world. These countries know a king! Once the democrats give up we’ll get on with real business of an oligarchy!

          • Seriously??? You’re that ignorant of the customary protocols extended by 1 head of state to another, regardless their respective titles? That several did NOT follow that protocol with O was merely a measure of their contempt for the usurper in our WH for 8 years, not because anyone is “recognizing” Trump as a king.

          • Says the one who couldn’t tell when Hillary was lying.

            I suggest you attempt to control the politicians in your own party before you cross the isle and try to help us…

    • When they need the police to help them for anything at all the police should not show up to help them. I am a officer and my buddies agree with me.

      • You are correct but let’s be honest; unlike the democrats, when the time comes, you and most of the others will stand up because you have taken the oath to protect and serve….

        • Actually I have 2 brothers who are Policement, and their stance is that their job is To Serve and Protect every American under the law; not to Serve some and protect some.

          And I really think that you and your buddies, when called upon, will first Serve and Protect and then worry about political beliefs.

        • I agree. However many retired police officers such as me, and many active duty Police Officers will not intervene when off-duty, unless for life-threatening situations, or to defend and protect the elderly or children.

          If there are stats available for off-duty arrests by active officers, or retired officers, IMHO, they’ve declined.

          • Thank the legal system for that , the Cop gets interagated more than the Criminal .

          • Please, Ponder this for a bit. What “pseudo-educated”, word-smith incorporating, overstaffed, shit talking, and sentence bending profession, makes ALL there income OFF other peoples salary???

          • democrapo politicians ?? like maxi headwaters ?? chucki schooooomster ??? nance pe$lutsi ??? kenyan african boyo ?? bern “socialist” ahole ???

          • Kent2012: Why do the Democrats still have their jobs and still collecting enormous benefits? They should not get paid for doing NOTHING but obstruct.

          • You filthy Russian pigs need to stay out of our politics. You need to figure out how to rid your self of your murdering dictator Putin before he gets you all turned into crispy critters that glow in the dark.

          • You filthy Russian pigs are going to get the attitude adjustment you deserve. 13 of you just got indicted. a few days ago 200 of your spastic nasties got what was coming to them in Syria.

          • Well American John I hope your are referring to the filthy rooosahn pigs on cnn and those filthy rooosahn pms pigs on the view…MAGA…

          • No just the low life lying cowardly s**t eating dick sucking PsOS like your self that are posting in support of your murdering dictator Putin and his goober gobbling, golden shower butt boy the orange headed fascist maggot out of St Petersburg Russia for the IRA

          • first chance you get their commie johni clown go screw yourself…then you and everyone else will be a lot happier…then borrow a BB gun so that you can blow both of your remaining brain cells out…..helping to cleanse the gene pool and help folks all over the world to enjoy life more..

          • Sorry to take so long to get back to you but I was busy fluckng your Wife. I was 23rd in line but at least I was ahead of that guy that had his donkey for her to service.

          • Marlene Marty Fowler-helfrick

            A politician.

          • And who can blame any of you for doing that? It’s not appreciated mostly. And this former EMS 1st responder who is now a senior appreciates that attitude.

          • especially in certain areas…

        • You are right, the loyal patriotic officers are bound by their oath to protect and serve. they have to know who they are protecting from whom in order to serve the true Americans. It’s not always clear who the bad guys are in these community battles. The devil is often hiding among the righteous.

          • Yeah, that proverbial wolf in sheep’s clothing.

          • I don’t think the filthy orange headed fascist maggot ever spent much time among the righteous but I agree he is the devil at least a prominent lieutenant of Satan.
            Good God fearing Americans must unite and stand against Lucifer’s lieutenant the tangerine turd. We must not let our nation .go the way of NAZI Germany tRump must stopped.

        • That’s true, they will honor their oath because they are great people.

          • I wouldn’t say great for the Bible tells us that apart from Christ there are none who are holy nor good… I would however say that they are men and women with integrity and that seems to be a rarity today…

      • OH, do show up, in time to write up the report that whatever the incident was happened, and insure it goes viral, please; just don’t hit the lights and sirens, or rush and risk your lives getting there, as theirs aren’t worth that. And don’t strain anything seeking the perp of whatever the crime was.

      • I’m not an officer, but admire all of you greatly. And, I agree 100%! They should have to do something similar to the letter that Middle Eastern Christians have to paint on their doors, so y’all know who to skip. But, I know that the majority of you all won’t do that, since you’ve taken an oath to protect & serve ALL! God bless ALL of our law enforcement, the men in blue, our border agents, ICE, and, any honorable still left in the DOJ, FBI, NSA, & the CIA.

      • Better yet show up and shoot them all.

      • Good for you and your buddies! Guess they don’t realize cops are team members like the military, one for all and all for one!

      • Liberal Tears Are My VICTORY!

        Blue Lives Matter…the most !🇺🇸

      • Marlene Marty Fowler-helfrick

        Sadly one of you will be noble enough to do the right thing because he believes in serve and protect. Not everyone is so politically minded. Oh I agree it would be nice to at least delay in answering their calls, but it would just make you as bad as the democrats. It’s a no win situation.

      • Sure you are an officer you would not make a pimple on a LEO’s a** posing POS fluck off.

    • MAHBOO1, All the Demorats Want is WORLD POWER, One World GOVERMEANT, And All The Financial $$$ Dollars That Goes with It. POWER AND MONEY AT ANY COST.. SO Glad TRUMP Will Stop This. We as Americans Will Get A Second Chance With DONALD TRUMP..
      BOBBY ~!~.

      • Bobby,

        The President needs our support.. Keep fighting the good fight. As WE are making America Great Again…

        • If WE don’t stand up, & be counted, the liberals are going to destroy this nation. Even if we DO, it’s going to be close who wins the day. EXCEPT for the fact that God is on OUR side, & what HE says goes! He’s who allowed Mr Trump to surprise the liberals, & win the election. Every time I think of how much they cheated, & what lengths they went to, in order to win, but Mr Trump won in spite of it, I get the giggles. But, Pres Trump needs our support and our prayers. I don’t trust the CIA, or the FBI, & they are definitely gunning for the President.

          • Thank God we have a president who truly cares and has the backbone to puts America first. We would never have known how corrupt the govt. has been for many years.

          • Right…I remember a guy named Nikita Khrushchev said the U.S. would fall and not a shot will be fired…That all of our rights would choke the life out of us…Our only hope is Trump right now…

          • “Our only hope is Trump”

            I can see why youn filthy Russian pigs would think that.

          • You think Putin “truly cares” about you filthy Russian pigs You are so full of s**t it is coming out your ears.

          • Very classy reply you are the one that has S;;; coming out of your ears. get your head out of your ass.

          • The FBI has shown their colors, IMO. By all means—-MAGA:)

          • Another filthy Russian pig posting for her murdering dictator and his golden shower butt boy the tangerine turd.

        • He is a criminal and a traitor and needs to be in prison for the rest of his life. Good freedom loving, God fearing, hardworking, and honest Americans will stand and fight this fascist pig. We will drive this filthy POS from his illegitimate squat in our White House. You filthy Russian pigs will not prevail.

          • The problem is God fearing, hardworking and honest Americans are STANDING WITH President Trump.

            And you are the dishonest pig spreading lies.

          • Just the retards.

          • Nah, mostly dummies too ignorant to see the lies and bile.

          • No they are not and never have. Like all filthy Russian pigs you are a chicken s**t cowardly liar
            You filthy Russian pigs are going to get the attitude adjustment you deserve. 13 of you just got indicted. a few days ago 200 of your
            spastic nasties got what was coming to them in Syria.

            another of his top aides rolled over on the tangerine turd and agreed to
            testify against tRump at his upcoming criminal trial. He will not be squatting
            in our White House much longer

            filthy Russian pigs need to stay out of our politics. You need to figure out
            how to rid yourself of your murdering dictator Putin before he gets you all
            turned into crispy critters that glow in the dark

          • Kopy and paste eh Comrade?

          • You ass holes lost the election get used to it Trump will be around for two terms all you people do is cry and lie.

          • Yesterday another of his top aids rolled over on the tangerine turd and agreed to testify against tRump at his up coming criminal trial. He will not be Squatting in our White House much longer.

          • That just goes to show you how stupid you are there isn`t any trial against Trump. You are just a clueless ass just like your democrat party is. You and your party lost the election and will lose the next one cry baby, you need a pascifier or call your mommie so you can calm down . Your stupidity is incureable.

          • 13 of you filthy Russian pigs just got indicted there will be more.

      • Good post I agree 100% all the democrats and RINOS care about is the cushy jobs they have and not about our country just as you mentioned the power and money. Thank god we have a president who will clean the swamp of all the rat`s that are in it and then add the clean water to it and people who care.

      • filthy Russian pig fluck off.

    • What a Bunch of KBG A$$ HOLES

    • they denied God 3 times at their convention

    • I could’t have said it any better myself!

    • They are also the ones who’s party members voted to kick God out of their standards, & even Obama had to finagle that one away.

    • It kind of looked to me as if they all neglected to wipe their asses before presenting themselves for court.

    • BINGO…why the Communist Party USA funds ALL their candidates

    • or kenyanism…and their messiah kenyan boyo..they await his return to the throne with his white mistress by his side….the ho clintoney, keeper of the royal “shaft”, senior ho in charge of the harem and the secret police…suicide division..

    • The democrats hate the US Military and cops. The democrats in America are all evil people.

    • Did not the dimbocrats vote to take God out of their Convention some years ago or they at the least tried to take God out.

      • Yes they did. They almost did it in 2008 when 0bama “won” his first primary. But the people within the party were not ready for such a drastic change when Fox News started reporting that the Democrat party was a Godless party.

        So they did it very quietly the next time around.

    • The blacks didn’t react in glee over lower unemployment rates in their communities so they must be demos also and were directed by Schumer not to respond. That’s okay, if you don’t appreciate what this country has done for you, leave while you can and make us happy.

    • William Edward Smith

      Exactly ! Socialism is only a small step from communism.
      The libs want to control us and have us become political prisoners to be used at their will. They have been very clear about how they feel about the American people.

    • Kind of sounds like they don’t have a leg to stand on!

    • Most of those Dems are funded by George Soros who hates America and everything it stands for. This piece of shit is the worst human on the planet worse than Hitler, Mau and Stalin put together. Look at this asshole Adam Schiff whose sister was married to Soros’ son. Obama and Clinton are owned by Soros. Donald Trump is the only person standing in Soros’ way from the new world order that he is trying to establish. Only the Russians in Europe have not fallen under Soros’ evil spell. There are probably more reasons this Russian Collusion bullshit keeps going. It makes it harder for Trump to work with Putin to stop Soros. If Clinton had won that election we would no longer have a free Internet to discuss these things. We deplorables would be doomed. Soros has been behind all this hate crime and funding riots and protests to turn Americans against each other. Anyone with a half a brain knows the USA is not a racist country. If we were there is no way a Homosexual Black Muslim Communist male married to a Transgender, Barack Hussein Obama could have been elected President.

      • Really? Adam Schiff’s sister was married to Soros’ son?

        Anyway, the real reason for the Russian collusion hoax is to draw our attention away from the real rigging of our Elections. The DNC controlled by the likes of Soros, is now counting the votes in America. The American People no longer know who counts our votes, and even if we did, we can no longer trust them. They are as corrupt as the FBI.

        Elite D’s = Elite R’s = Elite MEDIA, and all collude. They count the votes. Soros and his cronies will stop at nothing to keep this hidden.

        “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes
        decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”
        —-Joseph Stalin

      • Is that why he funds Republicans too?
        What would it matter if a President was owned? They have no power! Duh!
        Congress makes law and policy not some moron in WH. Duh!
        America is the most racist country on the planet. Next are China and Russia.
        How would Clinton control the internet – no power!
        You have to be one of the dumbest morons on this site. And that’s quite an amazing feat!

    • Marlene Marty Fowler-helfrick

      They stand for money in their own pockets. They stand for their own power over the ” little people”. They stand for Nazi ideals.

  4. I read today the ACLU thinks Trump’s repeated use of the word America is ‘exclusionary’. I’m guessing they forgot their own name contains the ‘exclusionary’ word. Not exactly sure who’s supposed to be excluded by calling our country its actual name though, probably they aren’t either. This bunch of nitwits make themselves look more ridiculous by the minute. It’s like watching the Three Stooge’s fight for ‘social justice’. Funny, but ultimately so unrealistic you just can’t take it seriously.

  5. According to this picture the Democrats came to the SOTU Address as if it were a “Come as You Are” Party…

    Maybe that should become their new slogan: We Are The Democratic Party – The Come as You are Party.

  6. This is not pouting, this is an ongoing communist revolution. The party of Marx, Mohammed and Mexico did not accept the elections of the last three Republican presidents of the 20th century, and has rejected the legitimacy of the first three elections won by the Republicans in the 21st century. The party of Andrew Jackson and Harry Truman had by 1972 transformed itself into the party of Michael Jackson and Truman Capote, and proceeded to carry out a coup d’etat against Richard Nixon very much like the one they are trying now. Ronald Reagan was derided as demented and dangerous from the moment he entered office and stopped American trucking to the Soviet Union. Now that the Obhammunists are admittedly the party of Marx, Mohammed and Mexico, the relentless demonstrations and impeachment demands against George W. Bush by kooks and cucks in the streets have given way to an increasingly violent insurrection, now with clear evidence of a planned coup by democrat operatives still infesting the government. The only way to stop this is to put the party of Hillary, Hodgkinson and Hatred where history now stores the Fascists, the Nazis, the Soviet Communists and the Khmer Rouge.


  8. The Democrats have their own agenda and it is obviously not one that involves Americans. They cling to the historically
    Out dated philosophy of government in control of its citizens. Dosnt work

  9. Those mourning dressed democrats are pouting like a kid who has had their ice cream cone taken away from them.
    Wah! Wah! Wah!
    Time for us to give them the boot.
    I am sure North Korea will accept them citizens.

  10. The democrats rude & childish, No mind of their own & this is what we have running this great country. & they cost the American taxpayer a fortune with their salaries & perks. Remember the only work ONE THIRD OF THE YEAR FOR ALL THAT

    • We should protest in front of their homes and offices that we are supporting for them to live a nice life and get a great pension while we work our as..s off to get very little from them.

  11. I think that they created the best ad for the RNC to use in 2018, it is a gift from heaven. They have come out of the closet and EXPOSED them selves for exactly what they are, America/American hating POS.
    “JUST KEEP ON TRUMPIN”—– Viva La Trump

  12. LUIS & his ilk should be removed from congress from where i observe he only supports illegal foreign nationals not American citizen. Did you all see him run out of the well of congress?

  13. I agree with the article that dems will pay. American people are not stupid or blind. They saw what the dems did at the SOTU address, which by the way was wonderful, especially the part that recognized those wonderful heroic people. So voters if your candidate is a dem, and he or she loses, blame Pelosi and Schumer.

  14. Democrats today are Communists and only interested in Illegals,Muslims ,Criminals and other non Americans.Destruction of our country is the main agenda the Muslim FRAUD initiated

  15. Anthony J Manzo
    Lets get ONE THING STRAIT! These are NOT DEMOCRATS, FDR, TRUMAN and JFK, were DEMOCRATS. How do I know? I am a third generation Democrat. I cut my political teeth with FDR, I matured under HARRY S. TRUMAN and went to graduate school under JFK. When Oswald shot JFK, ha also killed the Democratic Party. It’s gone downhill ever since. It is now the Socialist Party of HATE !!! Just look at the group of sick UN American pieces of flesh glued to their seats. Not one sign of cooperation, just hate. Look at their faces. I don’t know what you are planning but I am against it. And further more I will fight for these breakers of american law over the rights of American citizens. I have one QUESTION for chucky, nancy, dicky boy and the rest of their gang, just how many innocent AMERICAN LIVES are you willing to spend to allow these people into our country????

  16. Shocking display of hatred for everything Americans hold dear!

  17. They will only “pay” if “WE the PEOPLE” keep this narrative going right up to the November elections, to keep showing what a bunch of ANTI-AMERICAN, SPOILED BRATS the DEMOCOMMINISTS are. I guess they didn’t appreciate the “verbal spanking” they got from “daddy” TRUMP. If WE keep these “displays” of “temper tantrums”, video-game playing during the speech, hissing like evil snakes, and the one idiot walking out, as “USA” was being chanted FRESH in the minds of the AMERICAN People by continually posting it, we just might end up with a “super majority” in BOTH houses of Congress. (as long as we can get the VOTER FRAUD “problem” taken care of.)

    • Yes! Let’s also remind our friends, relatives, neighbors, and coworkers about the lawless demonicrats support and encouragement of BLM and anti-fa riots and demonicrats opposition of tax reform that is bringing job-providing manufactures back to the USA, lowering income tax rates, and boosting wages.

  18. Anyone who votes for Democrats votes for taxation without representation, unless they aren’t an American citizen but an illegal border invader, then they vote in violation of our laws and for undeserved representation and benefits without taxation.

  19. I think this was the best SOTU message I have ever heard. The President knocked this one out of the park.

    It is completely unbelievable to see the actions of the Democratic party at the State of the Union (SOTU) address! If you watch Schumer and Pelosi, you can see by their show of non-expression, indifference and ignorance, they could care less about anything the President says. You can tell by the video’s all the Democrats are waiting for a signal from either Schumer or Pelosi before they dare to do anything. They sit glued and paralyzed and it appears a hundred percent in line with the party bosses. THAT IS WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE DEMOCRATIC CONGRESS. They are controlled by dinosaurs, old school politics, back room deals, passage of bills that would keep the poor obtaining free benefits to enhance their voting base, perverted party loyalty and outright disrespect for anything or anyone that won’t conform to their philosophy. I understand the party B.S. but when you won’t give acknowledgment of a kid putting flags on veteran’s graves, or recognizing the parents of two murdered girls, or the black Democrats not acknowledging black unemployment. The Democrats care nothing about the DACA’s except it will broaden the voting base. They care nothing for the citizens of the United States and are willing to put the legal citizens of America’s lives in harms way. ILLEGALS, ARE ILLEGALS! Look at their arrest records, their actions, their demanding of the right to stay here. ILLEGALS HAVE NO RIGHTS except to turn themselves in and be deported or be captured,
    jailed or fined and then deported. How many legal Americans are going to have to die before the idiots in Washington do the right thing. The DACA’s average age is 23, they are old enough to go home and make it on their own. Republicans will lose a large part of their base if they and the president reneges on his promise. Let the Democrats shut down the government and they will bury themselves almost to extinction.

  21. use the pictures in the campaign ads

  22. Instead of showing their commie asses individually as they always do they showed their asses collectively as a whole (HOLE). Super glue on their butts & hands & the scowls on their mugs looked like they swallowed arsenic! Their despicable display of their arrogant, ignorant, anti-American, attitudes spoke volumes without them speaking a word! It is no wonder their symbol is a DONKEY (an ASS).

  23. I hope they pay dearly, maybe finally people will see them for what they are, Communists.

  24. William L. Ramsburg


  25. They are going broke. They have chased away all of the former Democrats that used to pay the bills. They are left with “entitled” and the hand-out people. They are already paying the price and it will just get worse for them – But – just like the NFL – they just haven’t realized it yet.

  26. …just a quick reminder of why the mention of “God” is so important, and it really has nothing to do with religion, per se. The Constitution says our rights come from God. This is critical, that our rights do not come from a government or party or king or emperor or dictator. The government is only here to recognize, serve, and defend those rights. They were never the government’s to give, or take away. They come from the highest authority, in whatever form one might conceive of that, and the government is only here to honor them.

  27. Trash is trash… can’t fix it!!!

  28. If Hillary won they wouldn’t have Bash Trump for a Platform !!!!

  29. Can you imagine Pelosie and Shumer being married…HAHA…If Pelosie were in an animal shelter as a pup she would still be there…

  30. Voters should vote those boycotting the SOTU and those that were all very disrespectful at the SOTU out of office in 2018 and 2020!
    They are a disgrace to our country!

  31. THE STONE HEADS of the GALAPAGOS show more LIFE and Brains that the SUM total of the ENEMIES THE REPUBLIC AKA the (D) COMMUNIST party .that the best thy can do is show their true COLORS ….( BLACK) still unable to SEE what Successes Amarica is experiencing under CIC Trump while too much of an enemy to accept the Corruption of the Obama Administration via their Corrupted B?OJ/ STATE DEPT…..BUT Gitmo is OPEN ad may be some ofObama left over MOLES will be going there …

  32. This Anti-American influence runs rampant among the COMMIE Libturd Party with the likes of the Anti-American COMMIE WETBACK Rep. Luis Gutierrez had to walk out during the USA Chant and the Anti-American NIGGRO CAUCUS hates everything about the American Way of Life as it’s all RACIST toward the NIGGROS and the rest of the Party with their HATE WHITEY with his American Dream is just handed to him because of the Color Of His
    Skin. This COMMIE Liberal Party is the main reason why we are very close to a Civil War and it’s not a situation that should be taken lightly.

    • And we strictly have the Democrat Party with their racist, bigoted, mentally deranged way of thinking, to blame for the strife and unrest in this country. They are an ungodly bunch. Methinks it’s the root of all their problems. If they were Godly people, they wouldn’t be harboring intense hatred, and they wouldn’t be so unattractive with the evil they exude.

  33. It’s really very sad to see grown adults carry on like spoiled, rotten to the core brats! This is the 1st time in my life I am going to campaign against Sen. Donnelly from Indiana. He does NOT hold true to HOOSIER VALUES!!!!!

  34. It is truly shameful the way these people who were elected to represent their respective constituencies have betrayed every voter in their respective district or state.

    I think that any chance that the Democrats had of retaking the House or the Senate in the November elections evaporated at the SOTU address. They made themselves a laughing stock.

    They will get what they deserve and given their penchant to hate the President, the voters will register their dislike and disdain for their current elected officials in Congress, by voting them out of Office when they come up for reelection.

    As far as I am concerned, all of them need to be shown the door and replaced with good people who will support the President’s agenda to make this country not only great again, but remain great from now on!!

  35. I hope that democrats pay for their disrespect to flag and citizens of America. This party needs to be decimated and rebuilt to reflect real Americans and not the political elites and costal liberals. I hope the Joe Manchin’s of the democrat party can gain enough traction to change direction of this hate fill party????

  36. keep showing these pictures before the elections , shows what demonrats STAND FOR

  37. I am old enough to have seen the BEGINNING of the problems we now face! Lyndon Johnson’s “great society”!!!
    Johnson took away control of welfare from the states – number one HUGE mistake! But it sure helped the democrats! Johnson said vote for Goldwater and we will go to war. I vote for Goldwater and he ESCALATED Vietnam, many believe by a very questionable gulf of Tonkin incident.

    These actions and many more were taken by a man who never left the US during WWII. But he made a lot of money from Vietnam. He pushed thru the civil right act of 1966 because he thought along with welfare expansion it would guarantee blacks would vote democratic for MANY years to come. This from a man whose property deeds in Texas prohibited his land ever being sold to anyone of african descent.

    We can trace the growth of many of the problems we now have to “democratic” politicians pandering for votes! Wake up and realize that all the liberals (democrats) want is your vote so they can steal your wealth and health and leave you enslaved!

    • The democrats have really moved more left; but they were always a more hateful, intolerant, treating some groups like victims – which sends the message that “they have no responsibility for their own lives”, which causes hate/anger; AND THEIR POVERTY AND FAILED LIVES ARE BLAMED ON WHITES – and these voters NEVER look into what politicians are doing for them – who only want to keep them voting dem.

      But, southern dems. fought to maintain slavery. Dem. Pres. FDR, during WWII, gathered up all Japanese Americans, forced them out of their homes/businesses, with only what they could carry, into intern camps for years, of the war. At the end, they were given one-way tickets to ANYWHERE BUT HERE. These were Americans – and their homes, businesses, assets were not returned to them. Dem. politicians got pretty wealthy from those properties. While, my father-in-law elected to serve in the U.S. army, and went to Germany to fight. THIS ISN’T HIGHLIGHTED IN OUR SCHOOL BOOKS. Also, Planned Parenthood was founded by Eugenics believer (woman), whose intention was to keep the black population down, to keep them in the minority, controlled, so our dem. politicians wouldn’t have to compete with them for leadership. By the way, these pink hats, protestors, hateful women who EXCLUDE PRO-LIFE WOMEN; are concerned they may lose the right to abort A PARTIAL BIRTH BABY!!!!!

      Dems. have always been very good at hiding their real agenda and media and universities support them. But, they are a hateful and anti-Christian group. 11/2018 we need huge voter turnout – all new GOP to receive support.

  38. They won’t lose if their standard cheating methods continuel

  39. Hmmm – I saw them especially the San Fran Smut – given beautiful speeches about – The Military – Law Enforcement – National Security and their families – THE WHOLE TIME THEY COLLUDED WITH RUSSIAN AGENTS (even McCain) – SOLD THEM OUT TO ANTIFA – BLM – PANTHERS – NAACP – LA RAZA – ISIS – HEZBELLAH – instructed them NOT to enforce the law during riots – Berkeley – Baltimore – St Louise…

    NOW – they fight NOT to have revealed the EXTENT of their treason…..

  40. Simply stated, democrats are anti-Americans.

  41. The Democrats are laying the groundwork for the 2018 mid-term elections, and their only platform is, “We hate Trump!”. That is all they have, and it is a sure road to disaster. I wish them all the luck in the world, but luck has nothing to do with being stupid.

  42. It appears the Democrats have allowed the Communists and the Socialists to be in control of their party, JUST for their votes. They have admitted they want the illegal immigrants just for their votes. That is Anti-American. It seems all they care about is being in control, Control of YOUR life.

  43. The NFL has lost supporters because they didnot stand for the antham and now the democrats show their disrespect for our flag and song by refusing to stand, I hope others who still respect our country refuse to vote for them.

  44. Angry anti-America demonicrats sulking because PRESIDENT Trump has begun to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN in only his first year. Let’s hope demonicrats continue their childish behavior at least until PRESIDENT Trump’s 2020 re-election.

  45. The Dems put on a disgraceful show at the SOTU. Proved once again that they are all sore losers just like their matriarch, HRC who still hasn’t gotten over the 2016 election which was almost a year and a half ago. They all sat there like bumps on a log with their sour pusses appearing on the TV screen, despite good news being announced by our president and people honored who deserved attention and respect. Shame on them. Hopefully voters will remember them in November and vote them out of office.

  46. How do you say communist answer Democrats.

  47. Americans hope the dimbocrats will, the idiots o n the left think that the dimbocrats will sweep the House.

  48. Don’t be lazy in November. Get out and vote these anti-American politicians out of office. Don’t expect your Republican neighbor to go vote and believe you don’t need to.

  49. Yep, the terrible display by demos at the SOTU address may cause the party to lose some elections. The SOTU was wonderful. The demos didn’t even clap for the young boy who put flags on the graves of fallen veterans. What a pathetic bunch of ignorats!

  50. Blue wave my ass. They can’t raise any money, their ideas, well there aren’t any except to bash Trump and republicans. When people realize they are way better off now that under Obozo the democrats are going to have a tough time. Maybe they should all move to Venezuela. The political climate their is just their cup of tea.

  51. Hope that African Americans will stand for America and vote against giving yours rights to dream to the oppressors who are the demoncrat party . Mexico first .No

  52. They still have their dye in the wool followers of the corrupt greedy.

  53. Can hardly wait for the next election. I believe voting for a democrat, any democrat, is nothing less than treason

  54. Democrats are not the Democrats of 50 years ago ! “FAKE NEWS” said they thought PRES.TRUMP had Dementia ! I’m not mad about them for saying that ( BECAUSE THEY DO NOT HAVE ANY TRUTH IN THEM) ! But since they brought it up , stand back and take a very good look at Democrats ! If you don’t think ( Shumer,Peolsi,Waters,the Black lady that wears sparkles on her hat and 90% of the rest of them ) THEY ACT LIKE A BUNCH OF LOONEYS !!!!

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